To Build or NOT to Build – A National Conversation is Required

Submitted by David Comissiong, Concerned Citizen
To continue to build on the beaches of Barbados or not to build — that is the question! (And whether or not to start the practice of constructing towering buildings along the coastline of Barbados — that is an associated question!)
My own personal position is that we have already done enough building on the most prized beaches of Barbados, and that we are in danger of killing the proverbial goose that lays the tourism golden egg.
And so, whether I oppose the building of a 15 story monstrosity of a Hyatt hotel in the law courts of Barbados or through an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process — inclusive of Town Hall meetings — the fact is that I, in my capacity as a Citizen of Barbados, intend to continue to oppose it ! Those who would suggest otherwise either really don’t know David Comissiong, or are simply engaging in opportunist partisan politics.
Surely, the main reason why tourists choose to come to Barbados is to enjoy the beauty and comfort of our natural environment — with our beaches taking pride of place — and to experience the heritage of our country and the warmth and hospitality of our people and their social culture.
I would therefore like to urge all Barbadians to seriously consider whether we really want to construct towering hotel structures along the magnificent beachfront of Carlisle Bay, or to accelerate the process of transforming a Bajan people’s beach into an alienated coastal zone in which locals feel uncomfortable.
Fellow Barbadians, what is wrong with establishing extensive “windows to the sea” along the most beautiful beaches of Barbados , so that these beaches can remain uncluttered and readily accessible for both citizens and visitors alike, while future hotel development takes place on the land-side of the coastal highway ?
It is important that we recognize that Barbados possesses a unique natural, socio-cultural, and historical / heritage environment, and that we must therefore be very wary about engaging in so-called “development” that ends up doing permanent damage to what is truly unique and valuable about our environment. You see, once we do any fundamental damage to our unique Barbadian environment, we will never be able to restore it and it will be lost forever.
Indeed, in this regard, we need to pay special heed to the opinion of Mr Peter Stevens, the President of the Barbados National Trust, who has gone on record and has warned us that if the proposed Hyatt Hotel is constructed (as currently designed) it will almost certainly cause Barbados to be stripped of its UNESCO World Heritage site designation. And this would be a terrible tragedy, because the real future of Barbados’ tourism industry lies in the development of cultural, heritage, health , and educational tourism!
I also feel very strongly that as we go forward with tourism in Barbados that we should seek –more and more — to indigenize the industry. Let us, therefore, commit ourselves to a future of locally owned hotels and related facilities that fit snugly into our national environment , and that radiate the unique personality, charm, culture, and hospitality of the Barbadian people.
In conclusion, please permit me to say that the issue of “to build or not to build” on the beaches of Barbados (or the issue of whether or not to build towering hotels on our coastline) should not be pigeonholed as David Comissiong’s issue. Needless-to-say, I will continue to advocate and fight for my own personal position on the issue, but it is really a national issue and it is time that we have a comprehensive and responsible national conversation about it.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with tall buildings in the lower Bay Street/Pierhead area, in fact the location is ideal for a cluster of tall buildings and intensification of uses. The KEY, however, is getting the architecture, layout, materials and distribution of height and massing right. Additionally, those sites have always been developed therefore their redevelopment would not be changing the status quo. The built environment is as important to the aesthetics of a city/country as its natural attributes. Tourists like sand and sea, but interesting buildings too. Land side development for hotels sounds good, but given the settlement patterns in Barbados they would create other, maybe even larger, issues in terms of their impact on existing residents and surrounding areas. Cue the development opposite the Cuban monument.

  2. Next time you drive along Bay Street, have a look at the old dilapidated General Hospital and ask yourself if that eyesore would not a better site be for a Hyatt Hotel? How about having Hyatt build an elaborate new Government Headquarters building somewhere else and release that land for a better economic use?

    • Shortly before the DLP left office did they not vote a sum to remodel the government offices at Bay Street? Is this still on the cards?

  3. Pay me now or pay me later. Too many rotten leaves of river tamarind are finding their way into the aquifers and feeding Sargassum which drifts from East to N. East. Barbados sits on Sub Terrania rivers under the natural coral. Barbados is unique in the Caribbean Sea (MSc. Marine biology.) Sugar cane roots once filtered water and other flora before it entered water through the coral. Sargassum is non toxic when dried and is added as an excipient to act as a base. Base should not be confused  with R + NH, where NH is the base and R+ is an acid. To phrase it differently, H is a charged ion. World environmental changes have affected oceans and seas where flying fish have moved and survived the biological mutations. Flying fish have been seen as far north as Latitude and longitude – 68.36 & 133.72. Barbados is not a dormant speck in the Caribbean Sea. It is dynamic and therefore is subject to mutations. As more and more desalination plants emerge, the homeostasis of the water will change. I suggest UWI would easily get assistance if their focus was shifted from year round Sweet Soca and Bashment to Marine biology. The infrastructure is already in place. Haynes Darlington (M. Pharm. D)      

  4. Small hotels just will not do the trick when you need to move/use a lot of imported cement and precast construction products. IT JUST AINT GOING TO BE ENOUGH THROUGH PUT FOR A WRONG SIZED PRECAST PLANT AND CEMENT IMPORT BUSINESS IN BARBADOS.

  5. Take a look at another approach and Google Ladera Hotel in St Lucia. This is one of the hardest hotels on that island to get a reservation with and it’s not cheap! They went an entirely different direction to 15 storeys of identical cubes.

  6. How about having Hyatt build an elaborate new Government Headquarters building somewhere else and release that land for a better economic use?


    What about remodeling Glendairy as a site for the future Government Offices!!

    Frees up Bay Street site!

  7. Hotels should never have been built on the seaside in the first place, and now they want more?

    Now they seem to believe “may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.”

  8. Beyond the emotion, cynicism and sarcasm; this is one of the critical
    national conversations we must engage.
    Having lived in Canada for the past few years after living all my life in Barbados,
    I appreciate even more what we have as a country.
    The Barbadian brand is unique and special.
    The heritage and educational and cultural planks upon which we rebuild our economic fortunes going forward should not be sacrificed on the altars of the high rise brands of the Hyatts of this world.
    Barbados is already world-class without such an imposition.
    We need creative thinking in our economic and social engineering and the political will to build a new society and economy that restores Barbados to being the preferred place to live, work do business, vacation and study.
    We have all the inherent ingredients to make this happen.
    So when Canadians ask me where i’m from.
    I, as a proud Bajan respond,
    ” Barbados,
    The best place to live.,
    Work and do business. ”
    And trust me,
    Lots of us are returning home to make this goal a reality.

  9. Commisiong not all people think alike and visit the country for the same experience…outside of beaches barbados have nothing to offer
    The govt intention was to use the HYatt as a commercial hub for bridgetown inclusive of its surrounding environs
    Whereby the attractiveness of beaches including the Hyatt would be the selling point by which to lure the business minded person who is seeking fun surrounded by a business enviroment which is a stepping stone to a commercial hub into coming to barbados
    Now Mr. Commissiong you have done your job you have been rewarded
    The baystreet corridors remains ugly poor and desolate thanks to your efforts
    As one who grew up on that stretch of land i say thanks for nothing
    Go and enjoy your huge bowl of fresh porridge and i hope it last you a long time
    In closing i must remind you that God hates an ugly soul and from my vantage point your soul is very ugly.

  10. Paul July 13, 2018 9:01 PM

    “We need creative thinking in our economic and social engineering and the political will to build a new society and economy that restores Barbados to being the preferred place to live, work do business, vacation and study.We have all the inherent ingredients to make this happen.”

    Leftist always believe that all you have to do is wish it and it is so…Where is the money coming from, who is going to invest with a Government Raising Taxes. No Locals are going to invest with a Government Raising Taxes and making it harder to do Business!

    You obviously have not reside in Barbados in the Last fifteen years or you would have noticed that the Buildings on Bay Street are deliquesce, there is Rab Land all over Barbados, the Black Belly Sheep Population is at a 1/3 of what it used to be. The Roads are in a Deplorable state and the heritage of the East Coast the roads are wonky and Bumpy worst than a cart road and the country roads like cart roads now narrowed by over grown bush. Houses are unpainted for many years. Construction is at a Stand Still. The only New Hotel built is Sandles and they have been given Duty Free and Tax Concessions.

    What you think Barbados was it was it is not so now. Bridgetown is like half a ghost town. The only Buildings using upstairs Office Space are the Bank Buildings.

    Read what Mariposa says about Commie Sing Song…True to De Bone!

  11. RE I, as a proud Bajan respond,
    ” Barbados,
    The best place to live.,
    Work and do business. ”
    And trust me,
    Lots of us are returning home to make this goal a reality.


  12. Commisiong Tell Mr. Peter Stevens that his concerns for an Unesco image of barbados must be one not formulated on one single image but a portrait complete and inclusive of the peoples happiness indictive of and supporting their livelihood and well-being
    When Tourist visit that dilapidated area they also intend to see a side that is representative of humanity and not representative of a few cheering self centred soul whose only interest is self and a need to control the destiny and dignity of others whose lives are shattered with hungry bellies looking for hope from inside the corridor of a delipated area

  13. First the Barbados Courts ruled that David Comissiong had standing to bring the case.

    Second, th Barbados Court agreed that the government did not follow the correct process.

  14. First second or third all with the efforts of one David Commissiong whose motives were known but most recently brought to light with his turncoat appeal in the form of an olive branch to the blp govt
    Yes the courts did side with David Commisiong
    But what if motive was introduced? The public would have seen another side of this so called gladiator mischief even if the court had given him the benefit of the doubt
    But life be as it turns wrongs into right in so much that David Commisiong has all but convict himself evidence now shows that he has been sitting deep inside the bosom of the blp so much that he was rewarded for his galliant efforts at taxpayers expense
    In the meanwhile as David Commisiong collects a hefty paycheck all the way to the bank the people living inside the bay street corridor looks forward to nothing

  15. If my memory serves me right, some time ago I read in one leading Newspaper, an article alleged by an Ex-prime minister, who stated, how sorrowful he felt when travelling from his home to teach at the lone university, not being able to see the sea on his travels.
    IN 2009 this topic was aired by the Guardian Newspaper, regarding the development of land on the seaside in Spain.

    2009, “The European Parliament has said that Spain is not doing enough to protect individuals and the environment from abuse by developers, the construction firm and local government involved in its property Sector….”

    • @Roosevelt Sobers

      The Spain scenario was featured on BU, there are parallels. Will try to locate the blog. Vision and leadership is required. Will the real leaders standup!

  16. Look Mr. Roosevelt this issue is more than looking at beaches but stretches beyond and looks into the reckless soul of a man David Commisiong who dare to compete against the humanity of people looking and seeking relief from an uncomfortable life and his vindictive singular opportuinistic view of snatching hope away from the grasp of people living in the delapidated corridor of baystreet
    Dont get caught up in the trap of self centred elitism having no real feelings for those things that pertains to humanity while pretending to care about the enviroment when occasion fits into their agenda

  17. The stoppage of the Hyatt will live on in infamy. Desirable foreign investment with a win win profile for the macro economy and the downstream sub sectors in Bridgetown rejected. Commercial activity for taxis, ZRs, vendors, businesses, entertainment, food and beverage, watersports, craftspeople, churches et al sacrificed for a braying jackass. Building on the old Harbor Police site is perfect to bring unemployed youth from at risk city areas into the work force. However you look at it this is a massive opportunity lost. It not only hurt the economy and society the fallout will haunt us in the future

  18. The real infamy is 30-0…that is the stuff of legends, to be repeated each election cycle.

  19. The real infamcy is about to happen Mia tricks are about to turn to bricks
    The IMF would have the last word
    Cat piss and pepper is taking place at the NUPW all that was bound to happen
    Freundel Stuart must be laughing.The NUPW is about to implode

  20. The average Barbadian will not evaluate the issue of development of the beaches of Barbados in the way you suggest. As gleaned from BU pages or a walk about Barbados these matters are distillery mainly in economic considerations. It is why the country is in the a current state and the electorate rejected the DLP in unprecedented manner with the 30-0 result.

    Now that the electorate has tasted what it is capable of, the BLP if it cares about its legacy should take careful note. By the blogmaster’s estimation PM Mottley has about 3 years to implement policies to show movement to give time to build momentum to win the next general election. Lest we forget, political parties are in the business to win elections.

  21. Correlating barbados image to spain is foolhardly .
    Spain can afford to take the risk of holding on to its beaches
    Spain productivity outspaces barbados in miles long and can hold on to its pristine beaches if it chooses to
    Barbados has zero productivity barbados is in no postion to place the well being of it peoples livelihood in favour of a few political opportunist
    A country is made up of people whose lives are dependant on jobs even before and after the tourist come and go

  22. Mariposa,

    You are wrong. We need a window to the sea. No building should be allowed on the coast. Barbadians should be able to travel right around the island viewing the sea as they go. To allow seaside developments will be, in reality, creating private beaches. Barbados is nothing without its beaches.

  23. That is what happens when ya too dumb, programmed and slave minded to know that Blacks are renowned for having the centuries old, millennia old gifted skills and ability to CREATE and INVENT better ways to survive without being solely dependent on the parasite attracting tourism brand….which has run its course.

    Slaves would not know that, because they are still slaves.

  24. Hal my position is one borne out of humanity one that says the survival of the people way of having a good and contented livelihood supersede Windows of the sea. The sea would survive whatever it is thrown its way but for mankind to survive their must be a concerted sense of truth in the way we treat all of humanity
    In my mind the inhumane way the people were treated on baystreet was wrong whilst tied to a political gamesmanship of interference which now has shown to serve many purposes for some people whilst leaving the people of baystreet out in the cold
    Also Commmisiong self serving attitude borne on selfishness towards his survival to higher political aspirations i found offensive in more ways than one

  25. A recent decision by the government to cancel a crop over bashment fete scheduled on the Drill Hall beach was interesting because it gave some indication of the government’s perspective how it will manage development and the environment. The BU household is a big advocate of inhabitants of the planet working to be in harmony with nature and the environment. History is replete with example how nature will comeback to ‘reward’ insensitive behaviour.

    The differentiating feature of Barbados and the Caribbean at large is our unique natural space.

  26. Until a Cat 5 hurricane or a massive wall of water in the form of a tidal moves in and washes the coastline into the sea, these disrespectful to nature retards will continue to push their greedy for paper money agendas without seeking out alternatives that exist..

    But Mother Nature knows the time and place to take all of them with one wave.

  27. I am no Commie fan but I agree with building on the land side and leaving the window to the sea. Whose land is it anyway?
    As far as the height of the building is concerned, to restrict building heights in Barbados is myopic. We have little horizontal space. But we have unlimited VERTICAL SPACE. Let us use it.
    The same space solution applies to housing. Everyone wants their piece of the rock, but we must build skyward. If we persist with horizontal everyone-owning-their-piece-of-the-rock mentality we wil run out of land. No agriculture produce; no animal husbanfdry; no park spaces; and the list goes on.

  28. What is the reason Town Planning limited high rise building to 5 or 7 stories to begin with one must ask….there must be a reason and a valid one.

    Am no geologist but I do know the island is made up of the fragile coral stone snd dead fish bones etc combined and accumulated over millions of years…it does not take a genuis to recognize what that entails.


    I — David Comissiong — asked a Judge of the Supreme Court to REVIEW the manner in which Freundel Stuart, the Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning, had processed Maloney’s application for Town and Country Planning permission to build the Hyatt Hotel, AND if it was found that the processing was defective (because of the failure to order the carrying out of an Environmental Impact Assessment) to cancel the permission.

    Maloney has had his permission to build this hotel since February 2017, and both he and the then Minister of Tourism , Richard Sealy, were continually promising that construction would soon be starting.

    Why has no construction started ??

    Simply because Maloney knows that the Regulations DID require the undertaking of an EIA, and that the Judge would eventually rule that the processing of the application for permission was defectively carried out, and that the permission to build would be cancelled. And , as a result, Maloney would lose all the resources ploughed into starting the construction.

    The really intriguing question is this : I wrote to Freundel Stuart in August 2016 pointing out to him that the Law of Barbados required the carrying out of an EIA as part of the procedure for processing Maloney’s application, and I requested him to order the carrying out of an EIA. WHY DIDN’T STUART SIMPLY CONCEDE THAT I WAS CORRECT AND ORDER THE EIA ? What is wrong with simply following the Law and applying it equally to everyone?


  30. Mariposa
    Stop talking pissery! Is there any obligation in the planning permission to employ/train/procure services or goods from the people of Bay Street you’re trying to scapegoat? Commissiong did what was right and the Courts acted accordingly. The suitability of the design is subjective; but not tge EIA and Freundel should have simply asked Maloney (he very quiet) to do one instead of grandstanding. If there’s one thing I hope will be changed after the upcoming review of the planning process is mandatory public consultation.

  31. 30 to 0 sow (I played table tennis ) ” hitting the ground running ” watch muh ”

    The PM and her government could stop all construction on beachfront land in Barbados.

    The PM and her government can create new sustainable industries and businesses as replacement for lost “Tourism” revenues.

  32. @Hal

    “No building should be allowed on the coast”

    GREAT IDEA and I agree, unfortunately it’s TOO LATE. One of the few places the sea can be seen from is APES HILL, now there’s a name every Bajan should question.

    APE, hummmmm. Question was/Is COW expressing an opinion.


  33. Barbadians could get a closer insight into what plans the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is proposing for the government to improve the island’s economic situation, when Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley addresses the nation tomorrow.

    In a brief comment to questions from The Barbados Advocate yesterday, the PM, who returned on Wednesday from the Caricom Heads of Government meeting in Jamaica, outlined that she would be speaking to the country on several matters come Sunday, including those issues arising from the abolishment of the road tax and the removal of tuition fees at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill.

    Later on her Facebook page, the Finance Minister revealed this would be done through an interview with veteran journalist David Ellis at Ilaro Court at 6 p.m. and would be carried via CBC TV 8, social media and various radio stations.

  34. Hants,
    We are six weeks in to the new government, one ‘mini’ Budget and two IMF visits, and we are still waiting for an economic plan by the BLP. A plan does not mean initiatives, but a roadmap, a vision, and so far it has failed to come up with one.
    Yes, government should stop building on the beachfront, giving the nation a window on to the sea. Every time I go to the seaside I see buildings on the opposite side to the beaches and it does to detract from anything. Guests can walk across the road to the beaches and the calming attraction of the sea is there for everyone to enjoy.
    Also, as to an economic plan to reduce our over-dependence from tourism, after ten years in opposition, an economic ambassador, an economic consultant, a senator who has an ‘impressive record of finance’ and two junior ministers of economics – all this along with a bloated Cabinet and consultants – not a whisper from the government.
    All we hear from apologists is that we must give them time to settle in; which is fair. But what is the master plan? Time is running out.

  35. Wily,
    We can get round that problem. No new buildings, put a block on any planning applications to development those already built on the beachfronts and if any of those properties come on the market then government should buy them t through the proposed SWF and immediately re-sell them on the market. Job done.

  36. It is instructive to note as political partisans and others want to ignore the importance of informing a decision – in this case with an EIA to support the construction of concrete on a beach – to ensure our activities are in harmony with the environment, in a more enlightened jurisdiction of the UK 200 million pounds have been invested so far to equip a ship to perform research in the polar region to understand how it impacts the planet. The ship is named after the well known environmentalist Sir David Attenborough.

  37. David Comissiong July 14, 2018 8:14 AM
    “Maloney has had his permission to build this hotel since February 2017, and both he and the then Minister of Tourism , Richard Sealy, were continually promising that construction would soon be starting.
    Why has no construction started ??”

    Simply because there was No money to stimulate the physical erection of the hotel.

    M M & Co had no intentions of putting their own money in a concrete failure of a tourism project.

    He was quite prepared to do just that (start construction of his concrete behemoth) had he secured the financial backing of the NIS funds or taxpayers’ money just as he did with the security for Valerie and Dalkeith Woods upon- the-Cave aka the Grotto.

    Ambassador–at-large, why don’t you just put this matter to rest, finally, by driving a stake through the Hyatt project’s vampire heart to spill its ‘black’ financial blood?

    Why not use your silver bullet and ask the imaginary financial backers of Hyatt to reveal their money hands?

    Hyatt hotel is just another Hotel California scam just like the Pierhead Marina ‘Redesign’
    Project where millions of taxpayers’ dollars were checked in but not one high net-worth individual ever checked out awaiting the arrival of a super yacht from Dubai.

    Man David, stop wasting your time with this Hyatt figment of your imagination.
    You have much more difficult challenges facing you like getting the rest of your Caricom sisters to join the CCJ before 2020.

  38. John July 13, 2018 7:14 PM said
    “What about remodeling Glendairy as a site for the future Government Offices!!
    Frees up Bay Street site!”
    Hell hath just frozen over… I agree completely and enthusiastically with John.

  39. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    ammmmmmm you said and I quote “…A recent decision by the government to cancel a crop over bashment fete scheduled on the Drill Hall beach was interesting because it gave some indication of the government’s perspective how it will manage development and the environment…”

    I ent in these sorts of things so I would not have access to that sort of information but would be grateful if you might point the ole man to same.

    But de ole man would hazard that given that the Drill Hall is so close to the Defence Force that given what might be occuring at the Defense Force (or is that Defence – noun as opposed to verb) that the government’s perspective, WHICH YOU NOW SEEM TO BE VOICING with greater regularity (your comments to Enuff here are noted), that perspective might be informing the reason for the cancellation as opposed to any development and environment management


    [[ square brackets time – De ole man notes the “liberties” dat people is tekking using de ole man name regularly in dem blogs and ting heah pun BU.

    Jes dis morning one “John Carter” was using it, twice in he submission and ting!

    I is very alarmed at this pattern and would like to know if Enuff of Lorenzo would speak to dat fellow and leh he know dat, in the same way dat one is to genuflect to the name of Madamoiselle Prime Minister and not say anything contrary to what is allowed in the vein of tekking Mottley name in vain, dat de ole man would appreciate similar reverence.]]

  40. WW&C&P

    Re your query above:
    “What is the reason Town Planning limited high rise building to 5 or 7 stories to begin with one must ask….there must be a reason and a valid one?”

    I have visited some south Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands (like Mauritius and Fiji) where building heights on beaches were restricted to 3 or so stories and I was told that the rationale for that restriction was based on traditions that no building should be taller than a full grown Coconut Tree. I have been told that the restrictions on building height in Barbados were based on the same (even if unwritten) traditions.

    It makes perfect sense to me.

    You also said “(I) am no geologist but I do know the island is made up of the fragile coral stone snd dead fish bones etc combined and accumulated over millions of years…it does not take a genuis to recognize what that entails.”

    That also makes perfect sense to me.

    The Old Natives and Colonialists knew all the above and regulated their building to be in tune with their environment. If the same tradition (buildings should not be higher than a coconut tree) was in place in the Caribbean as well as the Indian Ocean, we should not ignore it but ensure that we modernize it in such a way that high rise buildings on beaches here are allowed only after extremely stringent EIA’s are conducted.

  41. The relevant aspect of such EIA’s would exhaustively determine if the foundations were adequate for supporting the proposed buildings.

    One other memory from a few decades ago. I once worked at a building on River road, Bridgetown, where the building vibrated and shook everytime a large truck passed. At one time when I worked there a new building was being constructed right next door and I was totally amazed when they reached the water table at just about 3 feet from the surface and proceeded to pour concrete directly into the water into moulds.

    The proposed Hyatt hotel is not very far from where I worked.

  42. John; Re your post at July 13, 2018 7:14 PM;

    I totally agree with you. But I suspect that the ghosts of former activities there will ensure that it will not happen.

  43. I lived in that area for most of my younger years . i am hearing that the Hyatt or hotels should be built on the other side
    Given the limited land space and those who owns property on that side. How does govt proceed to act on such an idea when those properties are personally owned most likely by people where the estate owners are hard to find
    Furthermore given that govt had once proposed for a similar project to be built on that site it is in all probability that getting home ownership approval to build on the otherside might have been hard and coming
    I suspect that David Commissiong might also know that building on the other side of baystreet govt might have ran into more problems which would not have been advantegous in their pursuits in the long run to such projects
    This last election have opened my eyes to how political mischief can be use through the court system effectively in the agendas of some without even having to worry about a moral and distinct code which addresses humanity needs
    Also to my recollection there were only four open spaces known as windows on bay street
    All other land space was occupied by business or houses
    Out of the four only two were accessible to the beach area brownes beach being one was not as opened as one would think of it now
    All this hoopla about open windows is just a red herring by Commissiong who had bigger fish to fry
    So what now is the end result a tug of water btween open windows and political gamesmanship for political gain and the people of baystreet all but forgotten whose livelihoods is all caught up in the twist and turns having to live in a dead and decaying baystreet

  44. Are-we-there-yet…….that is why I cannot understand what was the exgovernment’s hurry to build a monstrosity on a fragile stretch of beach without EIA’s to ensure they know what to expect in case disaster struck…the cave in at Britton’s Hill comes to mind when a whole building was swallowed killing a family….. even before the hotel building was completed..they are too dumb for their own good those slave leaders.

    There should be no building of some ugly hotel on that beach.

    “Was the concession on the GLC Mercedes for the HYATT Sales Director revoked?”

    It’s amazing how adept they are at mouthing these promises to the people to take action to undo wrongs and corruption and then you hear nothing after..I am sure the 40 day period to revoke that scam of the exgovernment ministers is long gone.

  45. To answer the question…Maloney, Cow and the Gang of Thieves were waiting patiently to steal more taxpayer’s and pensioners money, but both them and the exgovernment ran out of time and the people massacred their tiefing plans….at the polls

    ….the new government would do well to keep that Gang of Thieves far away from taxpayers money, contracts and the pension fund.

  46. A few weeks ago, Bajans were discovering whose navels string were buried on the beaches. Surely you can remember the esoteric
    discussion of where the beach ends, where the beach begins. and where beach chairs should be positioned.

    I will forgive you, if you do not remember. It happened well outside of our attention span of 30 days. Proof: one man already forgot that the elections were held more than 30 days ago and that FS was no longer the Prime Minister.

    An outcome of the beach/beach chair discussion, should have been a strategy on preserving access to and the use of beaches. But it seems as if we want our cake and eat it too. We would sell off the beaches (almost our last remaining birthright), act surprise and talk about navel strings when the new owners try to push us off the beaches.

    On a next post, a blogger is pushing citizenship by investment.

    One morning you will all wake up and find yourselves on Mount Hillaby, surrounded by a barbed wire fence and some fool negotiating to sell the Mount as it has the best views on the island. I am beginning to believe WW. You all would sell yourselves into slavery if you were allowed to do so,

    Notice that in a way, I have sidestepped the pointless discussion. Pointless? Yes, we will be having it until the Good Lord come for his world. We like is so.

  47. Well, well you may have missed the point. A next gang of thieves will surface and the nonsense will continue. They have aligned themselves with both parties so that no matter who is in power they are taken care off. The D team may be out, but the B team will take center stage.

  48. Historically, Barbados coastal areas have been urbanised-from Christ Church to St.Lucy. Building on open space should be a no go or carefully considered; but the redevelopment of already developed sites should be encouraged with the intention of improving intensifying use through height, views, public access, greening etc. The EIA is not necessarily to prevent development, but more so to identify possible environmental/social impacts, they mitigation and monitoring.

    • @enuff

      Was an EIA done at Dover, Sandals project? You have seen the impact from Google Earth of the land area not to mention seaside? A man of your smarts should be aware there hhas been impact down the coastline?

  49. Communist/Statists… Aim is to Destroy Free Market Capitalism the Greatest Wealth Creating System EVER…That is the True Form of Slavery and Bondage no matter how Commie Sing Song Paints the Picture, “By their Fruit you Shall Know Them”.

    Anti-Free Market Capitalist like ‘Commie Sing Song the Bajan Pied Piper’… Commie is an Avid Supporter of Totalitarian Governments. His Utopia of Barbados is Mirrored after Cuba & Venezuela!!

    Success Comes because of Fearless Individuals who take Risk…

    Commie Sing Song Article that does not lift up Barbados but stops it in its Tracts…and he is determined to continue to make it a National Conversation so that he could be the owner of this National Conversation so he can big up himself in the Eyes of Everybody.

    Commie Sing Song knows little about Real Estate but a whole lot about IMPOSING HIS WILL ON OTHERS.

    Why don’t readers of BU give Constructive Ideas of how to move Barbados Forward rather than take away other people’s ideas that may? Not all vision might be desirable but we would like to hear yours.

    Commie Sing Song they are no “Real Solutions” and the “Real Strategies” proposed to get us there, are all blatant lies, for they are never the end-goals. Again, “Real Solutions” actually act to impede those like Commie’s work and design. Only the governed chaos of dissension and ‘un-solutions’ propel them forward.

    Those like-minded in the Ideology as Commie Sing Song, true intervening objectives are always to sow continuous discord, foment confusion, erupt dissatisfaction, and encourage grievances between the citizenry. This is how they scheme to move their ball forward.

    Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer. Communist/Socialist like to DIVIDE the WEALTH they do not know how to MULTIPLY the WEALTH.

    The ENTREPRENEUR is a Boon to Society while Communist like Commie Sing Song are Anti-Free Marker Capitalist …There method is CONTROL, CONTROL!!!

  50. How many of those braying about building the Hyatt without an EIA will be interested or participate in the stakeholder consultation to reform and modernize the Barbados Town and Country Planning Act next week?

  51. “Well, well you may have missed the point. A next gang of thieves will surface and the nonsense will continue. ”

    Theo..only if ALLOWED…we know well that the bottom feeding, well known sell outs in the Mia government would hide and take bribes from Cow et al…we know who they are, it is known which negros of government are owned by the likes of Maloney et al..the usual gang of thieves who owns house negros, they sell out their people and themselves to the highest bidder, whether it’s Cow the Ape or whichever foreign person who makes them believe they got money…Del Mastros of Canada comes to mind………that is what slave leaders do, their roles in life and aspirations are limited to selling their own people for whatever they can get..

    The hardest thing is to know and since we know who they are…and since the last time they made up the government…there was no social media, this is the perfect time to have both the Gang of Thieves and the sell outs for slave leaders…star in their own productions, the corruption of their own making..

    So, rest assured, I did not miss the point, I just know the twists and turns their thievery and sell out games will take next..

  52. “You all would sell yourselves into slavery if you were allowed to do so,”

    They are already enslaved, stagnated and movement curtailed with the mental programming of being patriotic to a small island surrounded by water….

    ……effectively jailed on tiny islands……

    …..their negro slave leaders sell them out at will..

    Cow the Ape always call them slaves, his slimy, sell outs for black lawyers would have told him, but would never tell their own people, the contents of the constitution…so the minority thieves would know and have exploited that for decades…

    Slavery even refined, is still slavery.

    Notice how none of them can think above or beyond the tourism slave brand.

    It is a lock.

  53. David
    The Sandals project involved the development of undeveloped woodland, which like I said above should be a NO. What is the source (s) of the impacts? That is what an EIA would have determined and like I said above, how to prevent/manage those impacts. The CZMU is also involved in beachfront projects to look at impacts.

    • @enuff

      A harmonizing of controlling legislation and better inter-agency cooperation on these matters? The stakeholder consultation to transform and modernize Town Planning legislation is timely then.

  54. David Commissiong in reference to your comment which highlights your insidious “why’s”
    The answers lies in your objections to having the Hyatt built
    A clear and profound attack to stall the. Project
    Now all of a sudden you are throwing olive branches all over the place….. Why?

  55. Most on Here Propping up A Communist Dictator Wanna-Be with Fermented Ideas that can only Destroy a Nation

    Take Note People… Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight Statism. Marxian’s coined the dictum: “If Socialism is against human nature, then human nature must be changed.”

    What Ideas have you got to Bolster Barbados and make it Great, including David BU, Hal, Piece? You have been absent where it Counts… “The Building of our Nation”.

    Are you Simply Obstructionist?

  56. So Enuff…why no investigation into the very valid concerns in the Auditor General’s report has started yet after 6 weeks of pure talk from AG Dale……it does not take that long for any investigation to get off the ground anywhere else.

  57. Dale don’t have to answer to me, he gotta answer to the electorate though…

    And here I was thinking you have the answers from May 24th, stupid me.

    Ya may want to stop giving us that impression.

    Shit is already meeting fan and it’s only been 6 weeks, unless you don’t mind shit splashing on you, some people don’t mind.

  58. Noo, I don’t have time to waste with you talking igrunce; but then again Rolerick Hinds was MP for St.Thomas and I should know better.

  59. lol….yeah ya should shouldn’t you, but don’t worry, the IMF will want to know too, you are acting like I will be there…I answer to no one.

  60. It is all dejuvuish isn it.

    High Octane West Coast Development May Sabotage Barbados Economy

    Posted on May 22, 2008 by David 11 comments

    The BU household will hold former Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Minister of Tourism Noel ‘Barney’ Lynch guilty of permanently disfiguring the West Coast of Barbados. We will stretch it further and state that it will be the legacy of the former Barbados Labour Party government. It has become an every day occurrence to hear Barbadians and visitors alike refer

    Read more

  61. David
    The West Coast is still far more attractive than the South Coast, better architecture, better landscaping etc. It would be useful to compile a list of all the projects on the West Coast (beach side) from 1994 to now and separate them into redevelopment of sites and development on views/open space.

  62. @ Freedom Crier

    You said and I quote “…What Ideas have you got to Bolster Barbados and make it Great, including David BU, Hal, Piece?

    You have been absent where it Counts… “The Building of our Nation”…”

    First of all at time I hear the words “…made it great…” I get real scared and get flashes and start perspiring. You know what fear does.

    Secondly, I do not ever hear you commenting on information system architecture, my point being that you stick to the subject matter that you a comfortable with and comfortable in.


    The things that I know WILL BUILD BARBADOS BELONG for the most part TO THE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY

    Many of my proposals don’t even exists or if they do exist, don’t fall into the domain of accustomed knowledge pools and usually meets with downright idiocy, palpable incredulity but mostly FEAR.

    MINE is the belief that the mono economy that you are promoting is based on consumerism

    What you are constantly advocating produces nothing yet consumes 80% of the little resources our country generates every year.

    You and others with the capitalist chant, support a system that is inherently self destructive

    I, in all honesty, while i understand why you do what you do, cannot be a part of that.

    My mission, as difficult as it continues to be, is to assist in producing other sustainable income streams for our country

    I cannot in all honesty wish you well since that would mean I am promoting “make Barbados Poor Again” through practices that have brought us to this predicament.

    Having said that I do enjoin to see how Come Sing Along Citizen with Nexus in this Hyatt matter, will ultimately extricate himself from this matter against the GoB and his cousin Mia

  63. • Hal Austin
    July 14, 2018 12:44 PM
    Freedom Crier,
    “You have not answered the question. I do not support any political party in the UK.”

    Those that stand in the Middle of the Road are in grave danger of getting knocked down by traffic coming both ways even more so when they cannot tell the difference between right and left. I will be happy to carry on this conversation if you and Peace can humble yourself to do so here …

    Hal Austin

    “There is a fundament difference between a nationalist and a racist/bigot. The same way there is a vast difference between a right-wing nationalist (ie Hitler) and a left wing nationalist (name any black nationalist of the 1960s) and a social democratic nationalist (ie the Scottish National Party).”

    Freedom Crier @ Hal Austin…

    There was Nothing to the Right with Hitler…The Name of Hitler’s Party was National Socialist Party. It is high time we realized the dangerous threat to America and the rest of the world including Barbados of Creeping Socialism as the Ruthless Comrade to Atheistic Communism. It is high time we recognize creeping Socialism for what it really is—a Red Carpet Providing a Royal Road to Communism.

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