Sandals MoU? Part III

Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond continues his piercing examination of the Sandals transaction – David, blogmaster

The previous article delved into the published information on the three existing State-owned hotels and juxtaposed that with the proposals for a Tobago Sandals. Apart from the unsatisfactory position with the State’s existing hotel investments and the reluctance to give details, I also updated readers on the missing MoU for the Tobago Sandals project.

My dismal readings were based on the very limited publicly-available information, nothing else. I did not refer to any rumours or ‘inside information‘, my work is all based on the published record. The PM and his colleagues surely have ready access to a better quality and quantity of information than the public. That being the case, it begs the question as to what is really happening here.

If indeed, the Sandals project has significant upsides and benefits, those ought to have been estimated and shared by now. If the existing State-owned hotels are doing well, why aren’t the management agreements or accounts published? If those hotels are doing poorly, why are we persisting with that same model?

We need a proper examination of those existing hotels so that the Sandals negotiations can take place on the basis of sound information. That is all I am saying.

“In fact, she told a gathering of industry stakeholders…that what it had essentially done was to create three classes of hoteliers in the country.

“Those like Sandals that get everything without consultation, . . . those who have to come to the Ministry of Tourism…which is nonsense, and then those who don’t even get anywhere near the Ministry of Tourism…and as a result therefore they are precluded from being a beneficiary of any of those concessions,”…

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4 thoughts on “Sandals MoU? Part III

    • You appreciate that Afra Raymond is a Trinidadian who is borrowing from concerns expressed by Barbados about the lack of transparency shrouding Sandals deals in the Caribbean? Do not be myopic.

  1. David
    Sandals is planning a Tobago operation.If I’m not mistaken it’s on land owned or formerly owned by either Clico or Duprey.Of course the customary hijacking of the treasury revenue would probably be on the usual take it or leave basis with the promise that it would be the star of the Stuart firmament and the unemployment in Tobago would disappear overnight.

    • That is correct Gabriel. The issue continues to be lack of transparency and the level of concessions given.

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