From Whence Cometh a Viable Third Party Movement ? …

Submitted by Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

@ Pachamama it is fellows like you dat de ole man doan like to read te self searching admonishment you write cause it does cause de ole man to search meself AND INVARIABLY I come up wanting.

I promise myself many times TO STOP READING WHAT YOU WRITE causing it

does mek me recant even my most solemn oaths but den I does click each one of your submissions and live to regret it, each time.

The Honourable Blogmaster has, on another submission here, asked de ole man to create a blog as it relates to The Third Party Movement.

But where can one begin such a discourse Pachamama?

Do we start with the issues that have dogged our country continuously for over 51+ years of independence?

Do we then include any analysis of the existing parties or entrenched duopoly?

Do we then progress to the frightful, and critical, issue of the dearth of the requisite people needed for a viable Third Party Movement?

Do we go on to mention the piss poor campaigning mechanisms AND MESSAGES?

Start at any of these “apices?” and we most assuredly will end up at the same points where you Pachamama (and Brother in Arms Bush Tea) constantly state is the destination of us Brass Bowls – doomed to failure.

De ole man got a likkle understanding of people specifically de 15 second bajan electorate which is incapable of conceiving, then implementing and finally sustaining a Third Party Movement.

I am sorry to have said incapable but what this election would have shown us is that “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Either which way we have seen that those persons offering themselves for national service are “9 week sojourners in the constituencies” hoping that a weekend stint of purported “bonding with de poor people in the community cause we carry food for an elderly man for 5 days”.

Simpleton politics and even more childish campaigning.

But what is a fellow to do Pachamama?

The facts are that “the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few”. But de ole man believes that there is a different kind of Third Party Movement that is evolving. And it is going to come from the most unlikely of sources. Prime Minister Mia Mottley is going to be the catalyst for such a necessary and critical evolution of Barbados ‘ governance system.

You see gents I will share something with you all.


Mottley is already wealthy so UNLIKE THE OTHER POOR RAKEY INCOMING BLP implementing things like a DECLARATION OF ASSETS AND THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION regulations becomes a strategic mechanism to CONTROL THE DEEP FISSURES.

Let the ole man explain.

Prime Minister’s power lies IN THE ELECTORATE and for the next ten years she has the latitude to quash those internal power uprisings that we both see. This is ” The Pre-emptive Strike” which will endear her to the bajan populace to do that which none have done before her.

BUT PACHAMAMA such will cripple all those “deep figures” which you speak of that are within the BLP. Then once she has done those two actions in 60 days de ole man would launch a referendum on “The Power of Recall”.

At the end of her first five years i would suggest that she implement that action and then launch another referendum on “Reducing the Period of Representation” from 5 to 4 years. Through these actions, Prime Minister Mia Mottley would have done what any Third Party Movement might promise to do, in her tenure, and effectively silenced any external, or internal, pretenders to the throne for three terms, WITH THE PROVISIO THAT SHE ALSO IMPROVES OUR AILING ECONOMY.

Watch and we will see what PM Mottley will do


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Brilliant Piece…I appreciate all of Pacha’s concerns.

    Mottley is now responsible for changing the narratives on the blogs, which will be vigilant and watching.

    She is responsible for all the actions of her ministers and others, the electorate will be watching.

    She is no fool…her reputation, local and worldwide, is at stake, so is her legacy.

    She was responsible for helping set up CCJ…and will now have to act on their concerns regarding the destroyed local supreme court….if it is not overhauled and extreme upgrades and changes made to what now obtains..because it cannot continue as is…I myself is thisclose to calling in human right orgs.

    She and her ministers got a lot of work to do, and have a microscope trained on them, because much is expected.

    Mia has to perform, her ministers et al…have to perform, there are more than enough of them that their performance significantly benefits the majority population and can be seen as doing so….starting in 3 to 6 months time.

    There is no excuse that only the few who are already wealthy because of carelessness, callousness, recklessness and uncaring attitudes toward the majority populations by both governments in the last 52 years………to continue enriching those who are already wealthy.


  • Why is Frustrated quite now?

    Has he already moved his assets to another island? Didn´t he predict everything gets better after elections? LOL.

    Capital flight will continue soon …

    And: What is Baloney´s and COW´s share in the taxpayer´s flesh, the new slave of the 21st century? Any new plantations like Coverley?


  • Mottley will pursue a political agenda similar to Trump her message to the public after winning the election contained Trumpism wording
    Her agenda to give Barbados back to the people although might be well intentioned are words which can cause division and question to be ask which barbados and whose barbados


  • Youth ain't all bad.

    Tron I also noticed since the red wedding that the other poster Miller has disappeared along with businessman. Probly happy with their new pick. In regards to our new pm I just want to see her keep her integrity legislation promise. That will tell us her intentions .


  • You commenters will do well to make your comments and forget about searching out the identities of others, a feature of BU is that we afford contributors the option to post anonymously.


  • Many former commentators on BU are now very busy ordering their new Mercedes Benz at the taxpayer´s expense. Also their Miele washers and Hans Grohe showers.

    No wonder Germany is the superpower of international trade.


  • Youth ain't all bad.

    Heard and respected David.


  • TheophiliusGazerts

    With the 30-0 drubbing, third parties have a chance to wrest one of the arms of the duopoly from the BDLP, or establishing themselves as a strong alternative to the BDLP.

    “9 week sojourners in the constituencies” hoping that a weekend stint of purported “bonding with de poor people in the community cause we carry food for an elderly man for 5 days”. is a perscription for failure. Hibernating for for four years and then waking during the fifth year is laziness and ignorance.

    Having three or four third parties only benefit the entrenched duopoly as theses parties are often competing for the same voter; voters who seek an alternative to the duopoly.

    Parties unable to launch a full slate of candidates are, at the start, competing for second or third place. Can they be trusted if elected ? Will they form an alliance with the devil just for a taste of power?

    The solution is fewer third parties and five years of campaigning…..

    I nominate you to write a post on the impact of social media on the 2018 campaign.
    When I looked at the campaign on FaceBook, the BLP had much larger crowds, the BLP presentations appeared smoother and in one case I saw where DLPites on a podium were engrossed with their phones and not the message. What about a DLP document that had 3,000 misspellings?


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    As usual the exministers were too concerned with what was being said about them on the blogs, they found it to be more important than doing their jobs, they should have changed the blog narrative, but did not have the intelligence required to get the island out of the quagmire they created for it to begin with….and the rest is history.

    Bloggers will blog and attack anything, the more ammunition you give them to work with, the more deadly they become, only fools fall into that trap.


  • Youth ain't all bad.

    Theo the blip dominated social media easily. The one time I remember the dlp having more than 2k viewers in a stream at a time was during that first horror show opening. It was only downhill from there. I don’t even think the former pm had a Facebook page until this year…? It clearly showed that even with cbc giving them blatant favoritism it didn’t matter in the end. Social media> traditional media . You also can’t expect to run a campaign attacking a women with an electorate where women vote more and then only run four women candidates.


  • An interesting side discussion is whether the BLP is covering off St. Thomas by adding Rawdon to the Senate.


  • The thought of paving way for Rawdon Adams to enter the House of Assembly is one of the most offensive perversions of public service imaginable. That alone suggests that if it were to take place this new BLP government should be one-term wonders.
    Bringing someone without any obvious merit, just having been born in the right bed, will be t he biggest contamination of our constitutional integrity.
    Let him go off and play with his cryptocurrency toys until some regulator raises serious questions, if appropriate.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Hal, what exactly gives Adams merit or lack of it when compared to any other potential MP or prospective party leader?

    He went to school and completed his academics competently like others, not so….He then completed further studies and used that to develop a successful career, it appears….Now as an experienced businessman he can surely offer his acquired skills, knowledge and financies to his party, if he so chooses dont you think?

    Your petulance on a possible return of a son of the soil with a storied political name is really more of a selfish grouse… and makes no sense.

    If you know tgat the man has some bad acts that would disqualify him then let’s discuss that otherwise use your pen more rationally…


  • Rawdon Adams look like Bloodline


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Other people are raising a different kind of concern about Rawdon’s rise to parliament, it has nothing to do with him personally, I do not know why Hal is concerned, but those who know are concerned about the local people he is now aligned with…in the crypto business, people who do not have the best reputations or characters on the island, those known as shady business people.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Before i am accused of plagiarism de ole man will ascribe the fillowing excerpt to the Luminary Jeff Cumberbatch.

    He says and I quote “…The PM of Barbados is nearly as powerful as a King or Queen of ancient times and thus few would be willing to engage him or her publicly, especially when one is dependent on him or her for a Cabinet position or even the ability to be a future candidate for Parliament…”

    Few of you will know and even fewer of you will care that de ole man was writing this early Thursday ? morning immediately after the Honourable Blogmaster ‘s invite.

    I don’t know how many of you really appreciate what this 30-0 win means to the programme that Madamoiselle Prime Minister Mia Mottley is going to implement.

    Since de ole man ent no authority pun nuffin I will borrow heavily from the authority embedded in the words of The Luminary

    “…especially when one is dependent on him or her for a Cabinet position or even the ability to be a future candidate for Parliament…”

    Now leh de ole man explain the operationalizing of that statement.

    All uh wunna who tink dat wunna going do a ting and run wunna ministries like serfdoms tink again

    The fact is dat wunna serving at the discretion of The Prime Minister AND THERE WILL BE A SERIES OF CHECKS AND BALANCES IN PLACE to ensure dat wunna going implement the plan of MAM

    So all wunna smart As s tricksters dat scheming as to how wunna going do wunna ting wheel and come again…


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I want to know if Tron would like me to tell the blog why he is desperate to see the taxpayer NHC in the hands of Altman, complete with land bank, which will never be returned to the hands of the majority population again, for centuries.

    There are some really vile and nasty traitors in existence.


  • TheophiliusGazerts

    Sometimes I wonder if you are a real Bajan.

    Don’t you know the mindset of a Bajan

    At the present time, Rawdaon Adams, his son, his grandson, his grandson’s son has a jump on your son and and all of his offsprings.

    Unless one of the Austin’s manages to pull a dove from an empty hat, so is the ending of the story.


  • TheophiliusGazerts

    I am trying to give Mia a chance.

    But to be fair, “30-0” could be one of the best or worst things that electorate ever did. It can turn either way. And given the tone of the few BLP yardfowls who are still on the battlefield, I am beginning to fear the worst.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @The Blogmaster, these remarks are from de udder blog but as I am here so I will drop them here….

    It was said : “The results of the election must be interpreted as a vote against the DLP. Mia will have to show that her team is equipped to make good use of the opportunity.”

    Regardless of which side of a valuable coin you present there is no reduction in value!

    Mia won and has the value coin of victory and whether it was DLP disaffection or BLP affection that gave her this awesomely priceless currency she STILL has to perform well and truly invest with high returns.

    That’s obvious, right!


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    This very powerful statement demands continued action.

    “The salaries of a few extra ministers are relatively insignificant, given that there will be tremendous savings on the containment of wastage and the curtailment of corruption. ….”


  • re de pedantic Dribbler May 27, 2018 10:36 AM

    In addition, unlike Trump, young Adams has not broken commandments 8, 9 or 10…right? So thjis makes him worthy….right?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Never said it made him worthy or unworthy, Prof Doc. In fact I have no knowledge of the man’s life re broken rules or commandments.

    Currently, he has every right to a Senate seat or role in a local party as that of any of your children who like him were well educated here, gained further knowledge and excellent work experience and then returned to the island and sought such a role.

    His name gives him a big boost surely but if the child of a certain Bajan scholar who had gone to the father’s alma mater and since then had developed his or her own solid resumee and now returned to Bim with similar financial heft and connections to the monied class I am fairly sure he/she would enjoy acceptance and an invitation to the inner circles if he/she were so inclined …as this man seems to be.


  • Reducing the size of the public service
    Attrition or restructure
    The unions


  • Hal
    Sometimes I wonder if you are a real Bajan.(Quote)

    It is the Bajan love of mediocrity, which they then dress up to suit their own biases. What special education did Rawdon Adams receive? What successful career did he go on to build?
    He is just an ordinary guy, the son of a lawyer/politician, the grand son of a lawyer/politician, the great grand son of a headmaster. What is so special about that?

    The chair man of the BU board once referred to this as heritage, or in simple language, breeding. This warped view was abased on the belief that there were always books in the house, he overheard important conversations as a young man at the family dinner table, and he went on to build a career outside Barbados. What codswallop. He had an ordinary job outside Barbados nothing special.
    What has he done to justify being a senator, apart from a feeling of entitlement? His appointment is the worst kind of nepotism – 50 years after independence. It stinks. If this is an indication of the new Barbados, then we are in for a rough ride.


  • Most Barbadians that work outside of Barbados have ordinary jobs be it at the World Bank, IMF or on Wall Street though they would have you believe the jobs were special – those with special jobs…


  • @ Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service May 27, 2018 10:57 AM

    Don´t mix up my cynism and the many lies in real politics! We all know that won´t happen. However, YOU know as well that after devaluation COW, Baloney et al have the necessary means to buy up all the rest of the land. I just speak out what will happen. A cabinet with nearly 30 ministers, special-special ambassadors and 5,000 new public servants won´t work.

    Or do I see light at the end of the tunnel for Barbados??? …. No, it is a train.


  • TheophiliusGazerts

    We share similar ideas.

    That is the Barbados I know. A few get a free pass to everything.

    All the big mouth talk you seeing and hearing these past few days don’t mean anything. They have their Carrington equivalent and he is a minister, Soon he will be advised ‘to get a lawyer’


  • Experience

    Company Name Bitt
    Dates Employed Oct 2017 – Present Employment Duration 8 mos
    Location Barbados
    The Bitt group of companies has positioned itself at the forefront of financial innovation in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. The Company has leveraged blockchain-based distributed ledger technology to produce the most efficient financial services ecosystem to date. Bitt has designed a protocol that can enable digital currency issuance and transactions while maintaining 100% solvency for all client funds.
    ArbMaker / HedgeTec SAS
    Company Name ArbMaker / HedgeTec SAS
    Dates Employed Mar 2008 – Sep 2017 Employment Duration 9 yrs 7 mos
    Location Saint Ismier, France
    Founder and creator of the ArbMaker arbitrage software range.
    Product development and commercialization lead of firm's relative-value range of financial software products.
    Sparrow Holdings, LLC
    Investment Analyst
    Company Name Sparrow Holdings, LLC
    Dates Employed Apr 2000 – Mar 2008 Employment Duration 8 yrs
    Location Saint Ismier, France
    Privately held equity investment and arbitrage software development vehicle focusing on relative value strategies.
    • Developed/managed value-driven & relative-value arbitrage strategies
    • Financial/performance reporting
    GE Medical Systems
    Inventory Analyst
    Company Name GE Medical Systems
    Dates Employed 1998 – 2000 Employment Duration 2 yrs
    Location Buc, France
    Finance-lead controlling US$150m of equipment inventory for GEMS Europe. Scope of duties included negotiating budgets; control to budget; variance analysis; timely reporting; and managing in-year challenges issued by the US pole.
    · beat total year Operating Plan in 1999 by US$7m;
    · beat inventory turns target of 12 in Q4 1999
    GE Medical Systems
    Financial Analyst
    Company Name GE Medical Systems
    Dates Employed 1997 – 1998 Employment Duration 1 yr
    Location Buc, France
    Finance-lead controlling US$55m of European engineering R&D “base costs”. Scope of duties included operating plan preparation; timely reporting; controlling to plan; variance analysis; and 6 Sigma financial support to 350+ engineering staff.
    · beat full year 1998 Operating Plan by US$2m
    · overhauled engineering inventory process resulting in 40% lower inventory requirements and a working capital gain of $US 900,000
    Rank Xerox
    Revenue Analyst ­ Xerox Production Systems
    Company Name Rank Xerox
    Dates Employed 1995 – 1997 Employment Duration 2 yrs
    Location Uxbridge, United Kingdom
    Lead analyst for the Financial Controller of XPS. Scope of duties included preparation, analysis and presentation of XPS management accounts to operating team managers.
    · automation of reporting process leading to a 3 day reduction in the reporting cycle
    Her Majesty's Treasury (UK Ministry of Finance)
    Executive Officer
    Company Name Her Majesty's Treasury (UK Ministry of Finance)
    Dates Employed Jan 1993 – Jan 1995 Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo
    Location London, United Kingdom
    Aid & Export Finance Division. Analyst responsible for monitoring and promoting value for money in specific expenditure activities of the Overseas Development Administration (ODA).


    The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    Degree Name Msc
    Field Of Study Political Sociology & Development
    Dates attended or expected graduation 1991 – 1992
    Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III
    Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III
    Degree Name Diploma
    Field Of Study French
    Dates attended or expected graduation 1990 – 1991
    University of South Carolina
    University of South Carolina
    Degree Name Bsc
    Field Of Study Economics
    Dates attended or expected graduation 1985 – 1989
    Harrison College, Barbados
    Harrison College, Barbados


  • What is an MSc in political sociology. Everybody has a qualification in sociology. Further, I am familiar with buffing CVs. Nothing exceptional about his CV, apart from the fact that in little Barbados anyone with a degree and a job looks exceptional.
    He studied in France because, I believe his wife is French. I repeat, the man is ordinary and has no record of public service in Barbados. Mia has either promoted him to get rid of a potential challenger, or because of a belief in entitlement.
    I say this is 2018, if you wat to reach the top you must show your brilliance. So far Rawdon has not. Political sociology heck. Not worth the paper it is written on.


  • David, some salary figures might convince Hal


  • Not trying to convince anyone. The guy attended reputable universities, he has made is way in the world up to now without tarnishing his reputation. Here is the clincher _ there is now qualification required to be a politician except to be a Barbadian and possess a good certificate of character.


  • All universities are reputable. What he hell is political sociology? Stop the genuflection and be a proud man. What world has he made his way in, a middle manager in the UK civil service. There are ten of thousands of people like that. Stop promoting mediocrity.


  • Hal, your concerns are the usual ones in these circumstances. The young man is well positioned to carry on the good work of his dad and granddad in the future.


  • Bernard Codrington

    Very interesting.


  • Is this carrying on the good work biological or cultural? By the way, I am a big Grantley Adams fan, disliked the role Tom played in public life, and cannot see a role fore Tom’s son until he proves himself. Just getting a job is not enough. We have a had jobs.
    Undergraduate economics and political sociology do not make anyone ‘educated’. He must prove himself. No he is messing about with cryptocurrency, next his fans will be saying he is a top financier.
    In a little island with a limited talent pool, anyone leaving Barbados and getting a job suddenly becomes world class. But we must get real. His only saving grace is that he is not a lawyer.


  • Again shades of Trumpism raring its ugly head in Mia cabinet those similar to how family members of Trump became instant beneficiaries to his victory and was rewarded with white house jobs


  • Who are the family members of Prime Minister Mottley?



  • Mariposa,

    Nepotism, the core of third world corruption. Within 48 hours we have seen an indication of the net five years. We want transparency and integrity in public life. Rawdon’s appointment is not proof of this.


  • How does his appointment differ from the other appointments to the Senate


  • Hal dont pay them no mind. These are the same people who did not stop criticizing Lashley with pointing and accusing fingers saying that he had hired a family member
    Now that they have rule of country the rules changes
    That is why i continued to point out that there is a Trump rule book raising its ugly head in this govt the players and plays all look eerily familiar


  • “However, YOU know as well that after devaluation COW, Baloney et al have the necessary means to buy up all the rest of the land. I just speak out what will happen.”

    Tron…I don’t know any such thing.. …I know they have the connections to the local lawyers who would help them tief that land, one just got promoted to chairman of the senate/parliament or some such, correct me if am wrong….one is now minister of lands or some such.

    …and the and others did the same under the now stripped former government, they all only do so because they have been allowed to by both government and lawyers for decades..

    Your concerns like everyone else’s are being noted, whether tongue in cheek or not..

    Altman would be the last person on earth hands you would want that land bank in, the evil little state of Israel has been chomping at the bit to spread their poison, death and destruction to Barbados and the Caribbean for years, this would be the perfect opportunity and whomever allows any such crimes against Bajans and Caribbean people to take place…should be hung.

    I am hoping the central bank board is removed and replaced immediately…particularly that demon bjerkham…start draining the filthy sewage trap, their replacements may not be much better, but they will not be unknown, the island is too small.


  • Have to agree with Hal here. There is nothing particularly impressive about the man’s education and/ or work experience to date. Seems quite normal to me. Perhaps the old good fashioned Bajan sycophancy is more driven by the surname than anything else.


  • It is the parogative of the political leader to select who she wants in the Senate?

    It is the decision of the people to vote for the candidate to represent them in the lower house?


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Let us not weep that the DLP are finished and that there is only one party in town. Apart from being extremely corrupt, what of merit did the DLP bring to the table when in power? With a little bit of luck under Czar Mia, Barbados will become more autocratic, more disciplined and less amateurish. Sadly, Bajans need to feel the whip in order to perform. It is in our D.N.A.

    Perhaps Mia will model herself on the the legendary Singaporean ex-leader – Lee Kuan Yew.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

    Unfortunately your statement “…Perhaps Mia will model herself on the the legendary Singaporean ex-leader – Lee Kuan Yew…” may not be too bad after all

    How many times have you seen us, black people, employed by either bajan WHITES or overseas WHITES or Syrians or whoever ent niggers like we, working our fingers to the bone for de white man WITHOUT MASSA DOING A TING?

    Just be serious for a moment and examine our snivel servants and army of occupation

    Most of them feel that they can ef you up cause you begging them to do their job.

    Dat shy*e dun wid cause ALL DE LAGGARDS FINALLY GOING HOME like Fumbles and his group also have gone home.



  • @Hal A
    Mia has either promoted him to get rid of a potential challenger, or because of a belief in entitlement.
    “Potential Challenger”? That is poppycock this is Mia’s Party and many of the 30 owe their seats to her, the notion that she would face an internal challenge within the BLP is preposterous given she withstood OSA. As to entitlement it is what it is, wasn’t this brought up during the Election about Mia and formerly about Thompson? The offspring of people who are successful in their field always have a leg up if they enter that same line of business.

    Leh me play a bit of a devil’s advocate, it could be Machiavellian cunning at work, may- be she appointed him Senator to keep an eye on him.


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