Barbados Stares into the Abyss

Submitted by DAVID COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados

When a governmental administration wilfully disregards and disobeys the rulings of its own Chief Justice and Court of Appeal judges, the very structure – judicial, political and moral – of the State is in danger of being destroyed!

And when such wilful disregard and disobedience relates to a Constitutional right as fundamental as the right of the people to vote and to determine into whose hands the powers of governance will be reposed, it means that what used to be a legitimate Constitution-based nation-state is in danger of implosion!

It means that the Rule of Law no longer exists! It means that the Bill of Rights contained in the Constitution is no longer of consequence! Indeed, it means that the very notion of legitimate constitutional government has become irrelevant!

It has now become absolutely clear that the Freundel Stuart led DLP administration has undergone a degeneration that is absolutely unprecedented in the history of Barbadian Democracy!

By exhibiting its determination to prevent duly qualified Barbadian residents from being able to exercise their right to vote, and by also further demonstrating that it is prepared to go so far as to willfully disobey and disregard the rulings of the Supreme Court of Barbados in achieving its illegal objective, the Stuart regime has provided irrefutable proof not only of its degeneration but of the degeneration of the regime’s very conception of government.

In other words, the regime has boldly informed Barbadians that it no longer considers that it is bound to operate in accordance with the democratic norms and principles enshrined in the Constitution or Supreme Law of Barbados.  Indeed, the regime has boldly declared that it is prepared to be a Mafia and to operate in accordance with the norms and practices of a Mafia.

And once this type of descent into unconstitutional lawlessness occurs, the society must prepare itself for violence – a “cracking of skulls and shooting of people” in order to either maintain an illegitimate governmental regime in power or to launch a counter effort to achieve a violent restoration of some sort of legal connection between the institution of government and the people.

My fellow Barbadians, if our eyes are open and if we are thinking seriously about the underlying implications of this determined effort on the part of the Stuart regime to deny the voting rights of Commonwealth citizens who are lawfully resident in Barbados, we will recognize that the Stuart regime has brought us all to the edge of the abyss !

It is the same type of abyss that several of our fellow CARICOM states have been pitched into in the past – namely Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Suriname and Jamaica. We have often said that it couldn’t happen in “our” Barbados.  Well we were wrong, and our day of reckoning is here.

Let us bestir ourselves and ensure that we do not allow the regime to pitch us into that awful abyss! The Freundel Stuart regime is playing with fire.  Let us ensure that we take decisive steps to  extinguish that fire before it consumes us.

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  1. I got a real problem with Barbados governments signing on to treaties, charters and human rights protocols and then have the nerve and audacity to ignore and refuse to honor them…

    I have a problem with Barbados governments who dont share these basic human right laws and treaties and charters with the citizens they serve.

    I really, really got a problem with the many lawyers on the island who do not even hold free clinics to advise and educate citizens, especially senior citizens and parents of children about these special human rights they are entitled to because Barbados and other Caribbean countries are signatories.

    How could so many lawyers basically ignore their client’s rights, the rights of citizens signed under these conventions…and actually pretend they don’t exist.

  2. The court collapsed along time ago taking with it the rule of law.

    I keep thinking about the Biblical story of Sampson every time this court crops up.

    It was God’s power that pulled down the House of the Philistines.

    The level of corruption existing is Barbados is beyond belief … it is totally ugly.

    God does not like ugly!!

  3. Gabriel

    I was shocked to read you were “shocked to hear CBCTV will be carrying a DLP political meeting followed by an Arthur press conference this evening.”

    Obviously, the DLP believe they have enough ammunition to combat Mottley and will use any means necessary to deliver their message.

    Unfortunately, Barbadians seem to be comfortable with the manner in which the DLP is exploiting the resources of the state owned enterprise, CBC, to broadcast their political propaganda at the expense of Barbadian tax payers.

    Essentially, we are financing the DLP’s campaign through CBC and GIS……and this is unethical and wrong.

  4. The unwillingness of many Bajans to stand up and speak up in the past 10 years has been disconcerting.
    This silence has aided and emboldened a ruthless government to push the envelope and infringe on and subvert the law abiding culture that has been the hallmark of our society.
    This coming election among other things is about, reclaiming our voice and definitively saying to those who govern,
    Never again will you dare to fly in the face of the power of the people.

  5. Bush Tea

    Do you mean the Electoral Commission & Boundaries Commission….. or is there some other “Commission” that is sponsoring political broadcasts?

    If that is the case, then…….perhaps I “spoke” too soon……..I did not know of any such arrangement. But to conveniently broadcast that particular DLP meeting first…… is rather “suspicious.”

  6. Not surprise an issue like this will be ignored amongst the noise. It typifies the mindset of Barbadians to be sucked in by the narratives of politicians. Listened to Nicholls discussing the matter briefly last night- not refuted by Hal Gollop et al- and was embarrassed the CCJ had to insist that the Chief Electoral Officer be represented by legal counsel. Also the feeble representation offered by Hal Gollop. How many times must the CCJ be forced to expose the quality of the legal work offered by Barbados?

  7. David BU

    Or did you mean “How many times must the CCJ be forced to expose the quality of the legal work offered by Hal Gollop?”

    • Another example where the local Bar Association should be vocal. Doesn’t that Association have a responsibility as a stakeholder in the system to represent, always?

  8. Obviously the citizens will have to wait until after May 24 to hear a statement from the Attorney General’s Office about the fiasco that occurred with how Barbados through the EBC has handled this matter.

  9. Now in one case a person has to hire an attorney from another Caribbean island to fight for those inalienable rights because they simply do not trust any of the lawyers on the island, naturally the defendant, an insurance company will want to fight until the matter reaches the CCJ because they are stupid like that…with the claimant more determined than ever to make it internationally exposed, if the matter is not resolved…..once again embarrassing the island and the governments who do not acknowledge, observe the rights of citizens, or the UN treaties they sign the island on to.

    Why have they allowed everything to reach to this low level…the bar so low, the minds still so small…the result now being, no one has confidence in or trusts any lawyers or the court system on the island.

  10. Wily rarely if ever agrees with David Commissong but this time his call to take up arms I agree with. Civil unrest is now needed for Barbados to move forward with corrective action on numerous fronts, Barbados needs a modern day Busa to shake things up.

  11. This Article sounds so Believable except that when you know that a bitter fountain does not bring forth sweet water and you understand that Socialism is Communism with Patience and the Author of this piece is a known Communist even by name and what he continuously espouses (Commie Song). Then one looks at this Pied Piper to hear the tune he is Playing to intentionally lead willingly and joyfully to his Abyss, to which most here willingly follow because they are entrenched in Socialism.

    How long did it take Guyana trying to Recover from Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan. How long has it taken Jamaica and it is still reeling from Norman Manley? What did they all have in common that Commie Song neglects to say…and yes they were all Chums who were entrenched in the Communist Doctrine in University. But you need to understand that the Socialist pill seems so palatable at first while Promising everything and eventually delivering, Poverty, Starvation, Misery and eventually Death of a Nation and its people. The only people who get rich are the leaders of such regimes because they fatten themselves off the Sweat of we the people. (Castro makes the Forbes 500 list, Chavez daughter is the Richest person in Venezuela). But he omits his favourite Regimes that is the Castro and Madero Regimes.

    @ Willy de Coyote this is where the Left tactics of bringing in violence that you are agreeing with Commie Song to want to take Barbados? Is this Hope & Change you want for Barbados? And where on top do you think you will land with all this violence? Fifty years after the Castro Revolution the people driving the same cars. That is what you envision of Barbados. May God help us and protect us from such!

  12. @David C.

    Perhaps you meant to write: “BARBADOS [already gone] IN TO THE ABYSS [and enjoying it]”

    @Either David
    Just curious, what’s the general situation in the other Caricom states with respect to residency requirements and voting rights? Is it basically a simple 3-5 yr sojourn?

    @David BU
    “How many times must the CCJ be forced to expose the quality of the legal work offered by Barbados?”
    Good question boss. It’s time that outside legal firms are allowed to compete on the island. As it stands there are at most 5 reasonably competent lawyers in the entire place.

  13. @ A Dullard
    As it stands there are at most 5 reasonably competent lawyers in the entire place.
    There were three.
    One died.
    One does not practice.

  14. One has to ask what Role Commie Song the Pied Piper sees himself by playing his Fiddle for the BLP? Cousins make Political Dozens!

    Liberty is meaningless if it is only the liberty to agree with those in power.

    Some think that they will exercise power for the general good, but that is what all those with power have believed.

    The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men. The worst evils which mankind ever had to endure were inflicted by governments.

    Every extension of the functions and power of the State beyond its primary duty of maintaining peace and justice should be scrutinized with jealous vigilance.

    The state is essentially an apparatus of compulsion and coercion. The characteristic feature of its activities is to compel people through the application or the threat of force to behave otherwise than they would like to behave.

    “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of a society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power”.…

  15. @ Artax
    Do you mean the Electoral Commission & Boundaries Commission….. or is there some other “Commission” that is sponsoring political broadcasts?
    Truth be told – Bushie don’t give a fart.

    Bushie just happened to hear David Ellis make the announcement on VOB that the broadcasts would start last night at 8.30 pm with a DLP broadcast.

  16. @ David May 15, 2018 1:05 AM

    Which “AG” are you thinking about? The one who still has to report on MAM’s LEC status or his replacement under an alternative administration?

    If that Constitutionally-enshrined regulator of all things electoral can go to such lengths to prevent from voting in the upcoming elections a few eligible well-educated professional Commonwealth citizens who have met all the residency criteria can you imagine the extent to which this politically infected agency can be subjected to in order to meet the demands from their ministerial master?

    For, on the other hand, we would hate to think that such level of blatant incompetence lies so perversely at the top of the administrative tree.; a tree which was planted long before Independence.

    What role was Hal G trying to play in all of this? Amicus curiae or amicus Fumble?

    Do you think that the early warnings given by the old BU sage PUDRYR about the consulting role to that agency by the Don of the local political Mafia called Johnson were made out of ‘pure’ mischief?

    There is a possible plan afoot to make sure there is more in the electoral contaminated mortar than a few Commonwealth citizens in the voter register for a corrupted woodpile.

    If not, how else can that deceitfully destructive lying party expect to be returned legitimately and morally to office after 5 years of abject incompetence and blatant abuse of the electorate reflected in the deliberate and arrogant breach of promises made to the same electorate and the naïve trust given in return?

    Do you think the hitches and frustrations being experienced with the DLP’s Privatization programme or the South coast sewerage disaster are occurring out of mere accident and not retribution?

  17. “Bushie just happened to hear David Ellis make the announcement on VOB that the broadcasts would start last night at 8.30 pm with a DLP broadcast.

    Bush Tea

    I heard the program last night……actually, while I was listening to Life 97.5fm.

    Apparently, this doesn’t have anything to do with CBC broadcasting the DLP’s meeting on TV8 last night.

    And of course….. David Ellis can’t speak on behalf of CBC.

  18. David Mr Blogmaster, this ‘residents right to vote case’ is really no more alarming that the other Caribbean citizens’ rights issues examined under the Myrie case: that is to say the DLP govt flouted the law when it suited them and continue to do so repeatedly.

    I was a bit perplexed by your remark that “[you were] embarrassed the CCJ had to insist that the Chief Electoral Officer be represented by legal counsel”.

    Why were you embarrassed and about what exactly? According to the CCJ press release “The Court then ordered the Chief Electoral Officer, who participated in the hearing, to ensure […] before 12 noon on Monday, 14 May 2018. If this is not done, the CCJ President, […] warned that she may face contempt of court proceedings, which could result in imprisonment and/or fines.”

    Isn’t that latter possible contempt of court concern the context for the recommendation to HER to ‘be represented by legal counsel’. The issue stopped being just a national concern and became gravely personal for the Chief Electoral Officer (which she certainly would not have necessarily anticipated) thus the strong recommendation I presume.

    Incidentally has the BLP govt-to-be issued any proclamations on their plans to rescue our justice system in order to alleviate and prevent “… the CCJ [from being] forced to expose the quality of the legal work offered by Barbados”!

    @Artax, is there anytime in modern Bajan history when “…the DLP [or BLP, did not exploit] the resources of the state owned enterprise, CBC, to broadcast their political propaganda at the expense of Barbadian tax payers.”

    The short answer is NO, of course.

    Fortunately unlike times past when it was an onerous disadvantage it’s a mere irritation now with the awesome PR reach accorded politicians to reach our personal communications devices…CBC and GIS are anachronisms…still useful in their old years but definitely not vibrant or relevant enough to match social media!

    In a time when everyone and anyone can basically call the mothership and tell Scotty to ‘beam them up’ (in this case send me an UBER/taxi to my exact coodinates) should we really be bothered by those who are thrugging along on an old bicycle!

    • You guys don’t get it do you. As a signatory to the Revised Treaty of Chaguramus this is what we signed up for. You only become aware when the intent of the laws around you conflict with some narrow personal viewpoint?

  19. @ Kevin May 15, 2018 9:42 AM

    Jackass, it is not a matter of what you “think” but what the LAW says and requires of the ECB.

    What you should be concerned about are the many dead people whose names still appear on the electoral list of the ‘living’.

    But since you are brain dead we don’t expect you to see anything wrong with such.

  20. The law also states that if daddy Mottley wanted a tax waiver amounting to millions because he feels entitled, that only the PM with the approval of Cabinet has the authority to do so.

    • You missed Miller’s point, the law says it had to be administered by the civil service and ratified by parliament?

  21. Am sure that is the same thing the dummy exministers said….they dont think noncitizens should vpte…many of them lawyers, ignoring the treaty the island signed up for IN 1973….and the folling revised versions over the years.

    These are the same clowns who love to boast how educated they all are.

  22. Miller/David BU

    Maybe I’m “brain dead and have “some narrow personal viewpoint” as well, because I agree with Kevin re: “I think citizens of a country should only be allowed to vote in that country.”

    Successive prime ministers seemed to have signed these CMSE treaties, perhaps with the vision of Caribbean unity in mind, but not taking into consideration the resulting implications.

    So far, Barbados has not gained anything beneficial from these treaties. We have a “bunch” of foreigners in Trinidad, parading as the CCJ………. dictating to us who has a right to be allowed entry into Barbados and how long they can stay, irrespective of our immigration laws.

    They are insisting we should allow St. Lucians, Jamaicans and Montserratians to vote and have a say in our future development….. while these same people could return and vote in their country.

    They are reducing sentences for heinous crimes committed by Guyanese.

    We have Guyanese and Jamaicans illegally squatting and holding land for their relatives and friends……operating illegal stalls in the condemned compound of the old Fairchild Street market, selling food and alcoholic beverages WITHOUT the appropriate health certificates and liquor licenses.

    And they are ably assisted by Barbadian lawyers.

    It appears as though other CARICOM nationals are exploiting “gray areas” in our laws to reinforce their mindset that they have a right to live in Barbados. Yet, these same people have some very disparaging things to say about this island.

    I believe any future administration should explore the idea of withdrawing from CARICOM and the CCJ.

    • @Artax

      We are debating different points. There is the law which the appellate court was forced unnecessarily to rule and portray the Barbados Court in a poor light. Then there is your personal position which we can debate. It is important not to conflate and confuse the simpleminded among us. It is the silly season after all.

  23. David

    We had decided to suspend judgment on these types of articles, until after the silly season.

    Once we started reading we thought its aim might have been Donald Trump or Theresa May.

    And yes, the irregular delay by FJS in taking the election into a no-mans land, while highly questionable, was a more serious issue than this alleged denial of voting rights to Commonwealth citizens, by a man who is as committed to monarch as the Queen herself.

    To us, it is clear that DAVID COMISSIONG has descended into the role of political hack. For as guilty as FJS is, of all manner of evil, certainly, any denial of the rights of less than a few hundred Commonwealth citizens to vote, is a marginal issue within the scheme of things.

    There are hundreds of thousands of Bajans, if not millions, living abroad who have never had a right to vote. The government of Barbados does not even know they exits. And this raaasssoul political pimp, DAVID COMISSIONG wants us to believe that this issue, of deny a few commonwealth citizens a right to vote, is to be of some relevance.

    We don’t know why these people’s ‘right to vote’ is being denied. Comissiong did not put the other side. This represents a gross disrespect for readers and could only be understood as craven partisanship.

    No body should expect this writer to be critical of, even Lucifer himself, because they say so.

  24. And to add another consideration .Barbados’s population is declining at such a rate as to affect NIS future benefits.The country needs to have an Immigration policy to counter that development.

  25. Well stated David Mr Blogmaster. I started a previous response and aborted after being sidetracked by other matters but indeed that my central theme wss bourne … I had started to say:

    —–@Miller, you are being harsh as there are thousands of JAs out there… as many more would agree with Kevin because as the Blogmaster says they don’t freaking get it or really dont want to get it.

    Can we really and truly believe that the DLP AG does not appreciate the basic concord and the manyfold sequential agreements of the Caricom market…yet he and his govt pursued this matter to the CCJ! ———-

    This is a matter of law but as a political statement it meets the standard of emotional angst and that will always trump facts and reason. The squatters or higglers whether from Jamaica or Guyana or where ever are doing nothing wrong UNLESS facilitated by Bajan operators and our teribly lax enforcement…why berate and blame them other than for emotional gratification as easy targets.

    Frankly its the BLP or opposition that should be upset as why wouldn’t the immigrant community benefiting from poor govt enforcement not vote DLP…if allowed. The whole mess seems counter intuiative.

  26. Plse remind me: is Barbados the Caribbean nation that had an English-born prime minister of Guyanese heritage with a St Lucian wife?

  27. Who is the former prime minister who admitted knowingly employing an illegal Guyanese to work on his home? Was that itself illegal?

  28. @ Artax May 15, 2018 10:24 AM

    The kernel of this issue lies not in our views about ‘other’ Caricom/Commonwealth citizens but what the Constitution expects and the requirements enshrined in Statute law in the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 12 of the Laws of Barbados as set out in Section 7 below:

    “7. (1) Subject to this Act and any enactment imposing any dis- qualification for registration as an elector, a person is qualified to be registered as an elector for a constituency if, on the qualifying date, he

    (a) is a citizen of Barbados or

    (b) is a Commonwealth citizen (other than a citizen of Barbados) who has resided in Barbados for a period of at least three years immediately before the qualifying date and

    (c) is 18 years of age or over; and has resided in that constituency for a period of at least 3 months before that qualifying date…”

    The vital plank in the practice of Democracy is based on adhering to the agreed laws of the land passed by the people representatives in a National Assembly aka Parliament.

    It ought Not to be based on ‘popular fears born out of jingoistic prejudices and racist xenophobia as demonstrated in the recent treatment in the UK of West Indian immigrants of the Windrush fiasco.

    Remember the advice of both the calypsonians Black Stalin and Chalkdust:

    You are all immigrants brought to the Caribbean on the same ship with only sea water and sand to keep you here.

  29. Barbados does not have an adequately functioning judiciary, hell, not even the government respects the Chief Justice they changed the island’s laws to bring in from NYC to preside over the courts, the government does not respect or acknowledge any decisions of the Supreme Court…particularly their own judges decisions.

    eg…Justice Cornelius’ decision that Michael Carrington ex speaker of the house repay the money and return the property he took from the 76 year old wheelchair bound Michael Griffith as lawyer for Mr. Griffith was met with…”get a lawyer, from the noe ex prime Minister of the country.”….to the thief…despite a judge’s decision already being made.

    that is but one repulsive example, the EBC ignoring the supreme court’s decision, another..

    the CCJ is trying real hard since it dawned on them that the lawyers on the island do not follow the law when representing clients, collude with each other to destroy the lives of those seeking justice from the courts and ignore procedures and have no respect for the court, judges or decisions made either, hence the reason they had to chastise Haynes, Smith and Gollop all QCs when they appeared in front the CCJ with their nuisance cases to waste the court’s time….. neither do some judges apply precedents and guidelines when making decisions, which ends up as happened recently with the young girl’s murder, wasting the time of the CCJ which has to then apply the correct sentencing guidelines so justice can be served….

    delayed judge’s decisions which in and by themselves take an unfair amount of time to be made; no claimant, defendant etc should have to wait 2 to 5 to 10 years to never for a judge to make a decision in any case…..decisions should be timely and not exceed 6 months.

    The citizens have suffered tremendously for decades because of the dysfunction and clear corruption in the Supreme Court that has rendered it toxic and not capable of delivering justice…has made the lawyers notorious and now people are being warned to use other Caribbean lawyers who reside outside of Barbados for all their legal matters.

    So just imagine, no more CCJ and a nonfunctional Supreme Court unable to dispense justice fairly, lawyers who have no interest ins seeing real justice served unless they can fill their pockets with unethical and dishonest behaviours reverting to the London Privy Council as a court of last resort only to be told the same things that the CCJ says in admonishing the management, lawyers and judges of a clearly useless court system…who despite many warnings by the CCJ is still not functioning at an acceptable level..with governments who are lawless and disrespectful of the same court they should respect……that alone will breed anarchy…but maybe they prefer the white man in London to tell them they are jackasses and to fix their own court system..

    hopefully everyone will stop using bajan lawyers for anything, cut them completely out of the equation since they are a major part of the problem in the Supreme Court.

  30. Miller
    Thanks because I was a bit confused about how CSMW and the RToC got injected into the issue, unless it was about the CCJ, which continues tobprove the naysayers wrong. The court is far more accessible and appears to be fair and efficient.

  31. This is what you do when you cannot shake a resign, if you have any integrity and dignity, but no…after

    Cahill Fruendel
    Michael Carrington
    Michael Lashley
    Dennis Lowe

    They all just kept holding on and haunting the place until they became repulsive to everyone…Ascot had his scandal, he tried to hold on, realize there is too much evidence tying him to a bigger scandal…and he resigned finally…ah wonder who the other Caribbean politicians are

    “Article by
    Sandy Deane Published on
    May 15, 2018

    Source –CMC– Trade and Investment Minister Asot Michael has tendered his resignation from the newly formed Antigua and Barbuda government, amid speculation that he was among Caribbean politicians who had received bribes from a British investor.

    Prime Minister Gaston Browne has already indicated that he has accepted the resignation and asked Governor General Sir Rodney Williams to revoke the appointment.

    Michael’s departure from the Cabinet is the second occasion within a seven-month period that he has had to forgo his ministerial position. Last October, he was arrested in London while on his way to a conference in France.

    Prime Minister Browne subsequently removed him as the minister of tourism, economic development, investment and energy, but the 49-year-old rebounded to successfully contest the March 21 general election on behalf of the ruling Antigua and Barbuda labour Party (ABLP).

    This time round, Michael, who was born in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, has denied the accusation that unfolded in a British High Court last Friday in a matter involving British financier Peter Virdee, whose telephone conversations with his business partner, Dieter Trutschler, in 2016, had been recorded by German authorities.

    According to the transcript of the document revealed in the High Court, Virdee alleges that Michael had asked him for two million dollars, as well as to buy a car for his mother.”

  32. ”When a governmental administration wilfully disregards and disobeys the rulings of its own Chief Justice and Court of Appeal judges, the very structure – judicial, political and moral – of the State is in danger of being destroyed!”

    Well, someone GETS IT.

    Do you ALL get it? Do Barbadian voters get it YET????

    You dig? Comprende? Has the light bulb clicked yet?

    But on another thing, you see alla dem big army trucks at de Garsun? Let us hope that they stay parked.

  33. PS – Now you know why there is no foreign investment in Barbados now (Butchie does not count), and there WILL NOT BE UNDER THIS ADMINISTRATION!!!

    You think investors are stupid (as the idiots who continue to vote for this lot)?

  34. Gabriel
    May 15, 2018 11:44 AM said ”And to add another consideration .Barbados’s population is declining at such a rate as to affect NIS future benefits.”

    That is because the smart young people are getting out while young. They see no future are are using whatever opportunities come to go.

    Do not blame them. The corrupt prosper, so those with brains, willing to work hard, get out.

  35. @Artax May 15, 201810:24 AM Miller/David BU “I think citizens of a country should only be allowed to vote in that country.”

    As a Bajan, who can show you the tree right under which my navel string is literally buried, and as a resident of another Commonwealth country for a period of my life, let me tell you that I had the right to vote, and that I exercised that right on multiple occasions. I work. I pay taxes. I obey the law. I live in a place for more than 3 years. I vote.

    How can you in good conscience take my labour, my tax money, my all I have to give and then deny me the right to vote?

    I raised this issue wit hone of our sillier cabinet ministers while at church a few years ago, and he gave me such a silly cock and bull excuse that I had to terminate the conversation.

    I knew then that he was wrong.

    And that I was right.

    He was.

    I am.

  36. @Artax May 15, 2018 10:24 AM “They are insisting we should allow St. Lucians, Jamaicans and Montserratians to vote and have a say in our future development…while these same people could return and vote in their country.”

    The Jamaican woman in the CCJ case has lived in Barbados for all but one year of her adult life. Does she go home to Jamaica to vote? i don’t know. I would consider that to be unethical, to vote in a pace where you do not have to live with the result of your vote. Even so it is up to Jamaica to prohibit her from voting. All of our countries need to get our act together. If you cannot prove that you have been resident in your own country for X number of years, 3 or 5 or whatever each country decides, then you SHOULD be denied the right to vote in the country of your birth.

    There is a dear friend of mine who is insisting that my siblings who have been continuously absent from Barbados since, 1955 and 1960 should have the right to vote in Barbados. I say “no” I love my siblings dearly, and if they need a kidney they can have one of mine today, but they should not have the right to vote in Barbados after a continuously absent for 63 and 58 years respectively…because they will not have to live with the result of their vote.

  37. This is I where I miss Tom Adams. Under no circumstances would CCJ not be packed with Bajan judges while we are one of three countries signed up. Without Bajans on the judges panel its taxation without representation. Barbados is being taken for an expensive ride without benefits. Tom would’ve kicked the Saint Lucian twit in the ass and out the country along with the rest of low island wankers including Commisiong .

    Finally to cap this bullshit Tom would order Barbados Underground closed for good. It wouldn’t be the idle threat that came from Mottley. Miller and the various lackey yard fowls could fondle themselves or suck salt. The return of Barbados to peace and tranquility would be assured.


    ..”The kernel of this issue lies not in our views about ‘other’ Caricom/Commonwealth citizens but what the Constitution expects and the requirements enshrined in Statute law in the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 12 of the Laws of Barbados as set out in Section 7…” …MILLER

    BARBADOS became independent in November 30th,1966 for all to see. The UNION JACK was removed and the representation of THE BARBADOS FLAG was raised.

    That being so, we became an Independent and under the guidance of a newly written Constitution of Barbados.
    You are eligible to vote per the Constitution IF one…
    (a) is a citizen of Barbados or
    (b) is a Commonwealth citizen (other than a citizen of Barbados) who has resided in Barbados for a period of at least three years immediately before the qualifying date and
    (c) is 18 years of age or over; and has resided in that constituency for a period of at least 3 months before that qualifying date…”

    Where (B) is applicable, Commonwealth Citizens do have a right to vote according to the Constitution of Barbados.

    Was there thorough consideration done to the creation of the Constitution? Did not Barbados relinquished the Monarchy and its tenets (to become Independent) which must also include being citizens of the Commonwealth.. especially pre-Independence.

    Where (C) is applicable, re..”and has resided in that constituency for a period of at least 3 months before that qualifying date…”
    It does not specify WHO or WHAT? It creates somewhat of a loop hole in that IMMIGRATION can grant “residency” to any visitor from anywhere or extend any stay by/to 3 months making them eligible to vote if they reside or is residing in that Constituency.


    Is Barbados an Independent Nation?
    Is Barbados under rule of the British Monarchy? (having a Governor General as Head of State)
    Is Barbados an Independent Nation under rule of The British Monarchy?
    Is Barbados part and parcel a Territory of the British Commonwealth?

    The CCJ should have made a sound determination of Barbados TRUE STATUS first and validate it by the Constitution.
    The CONSTUTION is in conflict with Barbados STATUS OF SOVEREIGNTY.
    The Identification card is the passport to the ballot yet one can obtain a ballot by submitting personal info at the poling station WITHOUT an ID card.
    Can Commonwealth citizens who are not holders of a Barbados ID will still be eligible to vote?
    Can “Commonwealth citizens” present their PASSPORT of their respective Commonwealth Territory having reside in Barbados 3 months?
    Should ALL registered Barbadians be holders of a Commonwealth Passport?

    Should holders of Dual citizenship be voters in the respective countries?

    What is the determination of STATUS?

  39. @ nine of Nine

    You forget to add the issue if the Ratification of the Revised Treaty of Chagaramus to your extensive list heheheheh

    Hmmmm while you are at revising your list 9of 9’s do you think it would be pertinent to enquire if Justice Anderson recused himself from the decision making process given that ***

    But we dun know that you is a high science man, baccalaureate-ly speaking that is, no necromancy involved, (note that i did not say necrophilia lololol), and dun got this thing downpack as to old boy networks and expeditious decisions based on nationalities


  40. If any incoming government, after this latest CCJ decision, still refuses to ENFORCE all the treaties, charters and human rights protocols that Barbados has been signatory to in some cases for decades…..treaties designed to protect their own people, well they will definitely deserve all that will be coming their way in the future for enabling human rights abuses, despite having the tools available to enforce and stop these abuses.

  41. Nine….you can guarantee there is still something nasty going on there with that monarchy thing that has been kept from the citizens for the last 52 years, too many lawyers, especially Fruendel are too damn proud to be slaves to buckingham palace in this day and age….and still worshipping a white beast.

    We have already recognized since Windrush scandal that there is a generation of Caribbean people stilll alive, myself included, who were born as british citizens and are entitled to dual british citizenship after the islands became independent. …that does not just suddenly disappear…ask PLT.

    If you check the british website on certain eligibilities…you will see what I mean.

    The negros of parliament and the bar association are wicked enough to hide that information from the public while taking aid from the UK…hence that unbreakable bond between UK and the Caribbean…

    So no surprise that no Barbados government can make up their minds whether the island is truly independent or not…given their mentalities.

  42. Where are the Trumpers?
    The Hon Judge is smart. The future will prove the past, want to build legacy? Put the cards on the table. A treaty is a future construct. Scenario not anticipated

    ENTITLEMENT to dual citizenship or multiple citizenship need addressing.
    FJS should address this entitlement.
    A rabbit hole of infinite possibilities to freedom of Sovereignty

  43. See, many will recuse themselves, many will resign, many demoted, many fired or
    retained under rules of plea-bargaining, many will be indicted and many nefarious covert businesses will cease.. It has started with judicial and intelligence…Why?
    A clean house is necessary.

    vote, dig…correct

  44. Nine…apparently only you and I can see the infinite possibilities to real freedom that exists once the dual citizenship matter has been addressed…it is decades past due.

    but these titled jokers are dummies, Fruendolittle is too selfish, self absorbed and small-minded, they all are or the matter would have been addressed and resolved decades ago….they are a nasty bunch.

    I await Hilary Beckles addressing it, but not holding my breath.

    Each individual to whom those entitlements apply may have to address it individually.

  45. WW
    Trust instinct,
    Why did FJS not attend the recent Heads of Commonwealth meeting?
    Was he inclined to attend, did it apply?
    Does he know and sent a subtle message?
    Wasn’t the new GG there in the same time frame?

    Likewise, our ancestors are African, are we entitled to citizenship of the place of our origination?
    What is the roll of the Birth Certificate?

    Luminaries will follow, discussion creates the momentum for action.

  46. Birth certificate is a contract.

    I just saw a birth certificate from a Caribbean island dated 1957, even the hospital was named Colony Hospital, which was an old battle Fort built by the French when they owned the island and they then ceded the island to the british in 1793, that is where that person was born, in a centuries old battle fort, , so the british could never say that person who is very much alive today was not born a british citizen on an island they acquired from the french in 1793……that birth certificate meant british ownership of that live birth.

    Certain countries in Africa some years ago invited Caribbean people over, offered them land and opportunities, some accepted, I have never heard of any African country refusing entry to any descendant of Africans living in the West….like the western countries do.

    The problem with the house niggas in the parliaments , their only intent when heading to UK is to go smile in the face of the beasts in buckingham to show that they can still be used to destroy their own people like good little negros, they were and still are the best slaves according to that dumb goat, Billie Miller, they are always willing to keep the black population in line for their white masters, and are always available to carry the banner of the slave with immense pride.

    ..not one of them will be willing to question the actions of the british as it relates to disenfranchisement of the rights of those born under the british flag in the Caribbean before any of the islands became independent, to the right to dual british citizenship….they are all too inflated with the false status that comes from meeting the beast.

    It was never more evident that something is amiss when theresa brasier with her arrogant disrespectful self, initially refused to meet the delegation from the Caribbean consulates at Downing St. when they requested a meeting to discuss the illegal human right violations of the Windrush generation by home office and Guy Hewitt had to publicly call her out and embarrass her and the government in the press…causing a worldwide outcry, to get the matter resolved…because they know they had willfully violated any number of UN charters under international human rights declared in 1948, same year as their Windrush scam..

    She flatout insulted and disrespected that delegation because she thought she could get away with it….never mind the fake apology later, not one word of that lie dripping out of her mouth was genuine.

    that is how low in esteem they hold the existence of Caribbean people, because Caribbean leaders did not have a history of demanding respect and cessation of human rights violations against Caribbean blacks by UK, before the exposure of the government with Windrush….you have to demand your rights or no one pays attention.

  47. WW
    How many do know that a birth certificate is a contract. That said contract is use by governments as leverage In obtaining international loans, similarly, contracts held with banks that are sold to international “brokers” for investment purposes.

    The national identity of the former slaves is African (entitlement by birth), therefore by reason, they were citizens of Africa FIRST.
    Now having been brought to the Caribbean under British Colonialism and under the guise of ownership, the British “owners” had to declare them as British “human property” , hence British Citizens, so “rightfully” entitlement is due accordingly.

    As Barbados has become “Independent”, this too is entitlement to citizenship by birth, so in essence the sojourn of the African is entitled to citizenship of the three countries, no denying that. DNA for Africa, colonialism and birth in the Caribbean, British by colonialism and immigration.

    The “Royal Wedding” has embedded black …that’s life eh

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