To Make a Mistake Three Times is Moronic

Submitted by Old Onions (back in time to vote)

Firstly, greetings and salutations to all my good people of the Underground. Just passing through…an decide to fire one cross d bow…here goes.

When people don’t make use of their history, they are bound to repeat mistakes. Recall the Battle of Waterloo, think for one moment how Napoleon would fall for a similar Wellington’s ploy of deception, and engage a third of his French infantry on a pedestrian bridge that led to nowhere? Obviously not, once bitten twice shy. We should always learn from our mistakes or we doomed to repeat them. The great Napoleon would.

Recall another famous general Hannibal,… think he would ever consider marching his army of ten million elephants and men, into the Alps in the near winter months regardless how lucrative the potential outcome? Doubtful indeed. We have the Greeks and the Trojan Horse, yet another to proffer. History is loaded with great men falling to mistakes while reaching for superior possibilities. Less we forget “All that glitters is not gold, often is the weary traveller told.”

We all at sometime make mistakes (to err is human), but we should at all cost avoid repeating them regardless of circumstance, no matter the potential outcomes. Beware of bearers of fine gifts, remember the dog and the bone. A bird in hand is worth three in the bush. The people of Black Rock and its echelons would surely sanctify that, as for them while streets promised were to be paved with gold… Paradise Lost was never re-found, all left was a debauched Four Seasons. A real bad omen that, when a leprechaun smell can be sniffed back to one man.

Now for the real shaft….Oh how I am going to beg the good people of Barbados (AGAIN) not to fall prey to these lamprey and mekk d same mistake ….cus this time boss man we never will recover. I managed to hear wid these two old ears… how they encouraging people to take money for votes. Now that is illegal and down rite wufflessness, the sorta ting that only Wild Boys would do….Take Owen wrong and ten years later, nuh find he right. Dey is no use.. and but a scourge on the now pillard woman Barbados, encumbered with bastard debt child….But nuh did not listen to the Ole man back in 2013.. so why would I expect nuh to listen to me now.

To err is human alright, but to make the same mistake three times is beyond moronic. Ask Georgie Buddle.

BTW…elections day looking like May 30th …don’t quote muh now, cuz he would change it.. Fire gine burn a bottie man!

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    BLP mistake 2 times

    DLP mistake 2 times


  2. Welcome back to BU, Old Onion Bag……..we missed you!

    Every way I go, people are angry with Fumbles and the dlp…………up to today I overheard some people cussing them as the Stinkliar was on the 12.30 VOB news.

  3. Did anyone see the photo of the PM sitting in chair at a recent function at Government House when all the other people were standing?

    Is he well? Why doesn’t he call the election and go and rest his sick soul?

  4. I was a bit surprised seeing the PM sitting while all the guests standing especially females. It was an odd moment.

  5. Wuh foolishness is this is I just read? I placed this in google translate and it translated into one word: garbage.

  6. Kevin

    You are a DLP yard fowl jackass……….anything that you perceive as being anti-DLP you would obviously “translate into one word: garbage.”

    Perhaps you have never re-read the shiite you post to this forum………garbage from an illiterate jack ass DLP yard-fowl!!!!!

  7. Why Froon forced to sit down. Why fear must have gotten hold of him and (as it was in the beginning when he first came to being)…he petrified like hell. l telling you guys the man either he s#it he self or fear got ahold of him.

    BTW Welcome back Onions…

  8. I would be surprised and disappointed if the leader of the opposition was a DLP parliamentarian in July. Donville is hoping he will be the ‘last man standing’ to rebuild the party and be PM in ten or fifteen years.

    The local currency is stockpiled in every corner of this country waiting for an opportunity to invest again. The Forex is not.

    There was never a better opportunity to invest in local production, especially agriculture, even if labour has to be imported to operate the industry (again).

    The DLP squandered the ‘new broom’ opportunity they were given by the people of Barbados in 2008. Let is hope Mia does not.

    “We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking that created them.”

  9. @ Frustrated B
    “We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking that created them.”
    We cannot solve our problems….PERIOD!

    It would take wisdom to achieve that goal.
    All we have in abundance is brassbowlery….. which created the problems in the first place.
    It can only get worse.

  10. Letting go of power especially when, the greatest event in ones life prior…. was being stood up at a wedding , is not by any means an easy feat. Why the man promised last time to carry the ting …to the last tether. That was when he was but a Sleeping Giant. Now, he like Forrest Grump,…. a Running Defiant.

  11. Wuh looka who de cat drag in! After hanging out de “gone fishing” sign an wukkin on his bajan recipes for de past few years OOB reappears asking people to vote fuh de BLP. OOB yuh shudda stick around to fight de battles not run and hide and friten to show yuh face all de time.

    I rememba you was an Owen man so yuh mussee letting bygones be bygones but don’t be a stranger we like nuff jokes.

  12. A third time says we have confidence in you. It says you have done well. I do not think the DEMS have done well. I do not believe the confidence is there for them to deserve a third term. Out of the other parties the only party that seems capable is the BLP. Solutions Barbados flat tax idea has not been well thought out and will only bring more hardship to the poor. UPP just are not ready and the others are even worse. Let us get the BLP back in and make sure they work. To go with the DLP again is to enjoy constant pain.

  13. Frustrated,

    “The local currency is stockpiled in every corner of this country waiting for an opportunity to invest again. The Forex is not.”

    And that is the main problem after June – provided elections take place, who knows …

    Overconfidence and too many investments with local BBD will definitly deplete the USD reserves very soon, since the foreign investors lack that confidence that anything changes in Barbados.

  14. Tron, a VAT-free holiday in all purchases made in Forex would solve the immediate ForEx problem in short order.

    It would also realise the true value of BB$ on the black and grey markets.

    At the end of the day, the problem is that BB produces not much other than hospitality. But any visit to any other Caribbean island demonstrates that we do that very well compared to the others, not just in hotels where it is easy, but throughout the land.

    As always, time, human and physical resource management is the key to success and the DLP’s total failure.

  15. Frustrated,

    Sounds promising! Attracting more foreign currency is the top priority. The duty-free deals in Cave Sheperd are not enough.

    Didn´t Sinckler promise duty- and tax-free deals in forex since 2016?

  16. Tron, why would Barbados, the gateway to the rest of the Eastern Caribbean and even the Caribbean Sea, not have a marina so large that it could support a work force of 10,000 people?

    The whole of Carlisle Bay should be a marina.

    Engineers, welders, machinists, fitters, fibreglass repairers, provisioners etc. all facilitating thousands of boats a month.

    Why has St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Antigua, Trinidad etc. all surpassed us in maritime services when something so obvious should have been a national priority decades ago?

    Travel to Mallorca, Monaco, Greece, Sicily, Corsica, US Eastern Seaboard and have a look at the untapped sources of ForEx laying idle.

    Bajans have had it too sweet for too long. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. We don’t even need creative thinking to move ahead, just semi-efficient, not-corrupt implementation of borrowed ideas..

    Barbados does not have big problems, just no interest in solving our small problems. We are suffering a crisis of laziness, nothing more.

  17. Frustrated Businessman: Animal Farm sequel playing out in Bim. April 24, 2018 1:02 PM

    Brilliant. Whatever happened to the dry dock? |Our post-independence leaders have failed the nation. Ironically, the very spot on which the Barbados Foundry stood (the leading engineering works of its kind in the Caribbean and the home of the Iraqi Gun), now stands the White Elephant of a law court that is now having sick building troubles. That building and its troubles is a metaphor for a failed nation.

  18. Frustrated

    Because we don’t think strategically!! We prefer to get on the radio and talk shyte bout exporting turmeric, aloes agro processed foods and black belly sheep leather. Products that we have no specialisation in, and in the case of black belly sheep leather can’t even supply Thani’s shoe shop. Stupse!!

    • @enuff

      Indra spouting ish as well.

      What is lacking from the discussion is the science of research and marketing to support any serious attempt to move the dial on agriculture.


  19. A massive marina project in Bim would not only employ people locally for construction and on-going service but give locals endless opportunities for long-term jobs on pleasure boats that pass through here.

    There are dozens of large marina constructors and operators around the globe that offer marina profit-sharing deals to governments and ask nothing more than permission to move forward and a business environment in which to make money.

    We are a nation of lazy talkers who can’t even make decisions, far less chance of implementation.

  20. David BU

    To be fair…..ALL the representatives were “spouting ish,” so much so that I tuned out.

    These political parties should send representatives that are au fait with the subject being discussed. So far, that has not been the case.

    I also heard a rumor that the Weatherheads are no longer associated with Solutions Barbados.

  21. David

    Like Artax I tuned out. Sadly, too many ill-informed and misinformed opinion shapers have access to the radio stations. The shyte duz sound good tho. lmbao

    • Agree, there was no feeling of anticipation listening to what was on offer. Clearly agriculture is not the priority for the political class they are trying hard to make out.

  22. Enuff

    All the representatives were clearly out of their depth and did not offer any reasonable initiatives to develop the agricultural sector. I believe this is a result of political parties placing agriculture on the “back burner” and many young people are not interested in the sector.

    The program became very boring……so I decided to tune off.

    Also check the number of secondary schools in Barbados that have agricultural science on their curriculum or have gardens, animals, etc……. for hands on experience.

  23. Since Parliament dissolved, Kellman has been “busy” promoting kitchen garden farming. Eleven years ago, yes 11, when Owen promoted this idea the same Blue Peter Shark and his colleagues decried the idea. Just imagine if they had agreed and encouraged Bajans to do so–11 years ago? Instead they were going to reduce the cost of living, which at today’s prices make 2008 CoL child’s play. Yet Sinckler, an inarguable failure, has enough gumption to talk about pelting licks in somebody in an election. A real comedy show.

  24. @ Artax ” I believe this is a result of political parties placing agriculture on the “back burner” and many young people are not interested in the sector.”

    Young Bajans could be motivated to ” agriculture ” if they had a financial / ownership interest.

    Bajans do not want be ” cheap labour ” for farmers.

    • @Hants

      Believe it will require more to jumpstart agriculture. There require a programmatic approach.

  25. Hants April 24, 2018 3:12 PM

    @ Artax ” I believe this is a result of political parties placing agriculture on the “back burner” and many young people are not interested in the sector.”

    Young Bajans could be motivated to ” agriculture ” if they had a financial / ownership interest.

    Bajans do not want be ” cheap labour ” for farmers.


    That has been tried several times. Spring Hall land lease, Land for the Landless etc. etc. etc.

    For four generations agriculture in this country has been demonised as slavery for black people and filthy wealth for white people. Racism has been as popular a political tool in Bim as it has been in Guyana and Trinidad. The campaign has been successful too, subsequent gov’ts have successfully and all but completely wiped out agriculture in Bim.

    No-one left to blame now.

  26. @ David wrote ” Believe it will require more to jump start agriculture. ”

    You could be right.

    As long as Bajans have the money to import food, agriculture will suffer.

  27. @ Hants April 24, 2018 3:50 PM
    “As long as Bajans have the money to import food, agriculture will suffer.”

    Jackpot! You have just won the lottery for the ‘Promotion of Commonsense among Bajans’.

    One more year and you will see what hunger can do to people. At least 80% of supermarket shelves are made up of imported processed or preserved foods.

    It seems the days of an abundance of supermarkets and mini-marts are coming to an end.

    Barbados, in the coming months, will be faced with the frightening situation of being forced to ration its dwindling foreign reserves and having to choose between imported oil, medicines and car parts on the one hand and a high foreign debt servicing responsibility along with a huge food import list on the other.

  28. Indeed. Farming is no shame, but national prudence.

    Barbados has to service foreign debts first. Otherwise Barbados will come to a point where Guyana was in 1985.

  29. Well we cannot exactly say that the minister of agriculture has shown any interest in the portfolio for which he was being paid handsomely. Instead he focused on what’s in it for me projects.

    I understand he is planning to pull a Don Blackman on the dems!

  30. Remember 4 June 1989 in China and do not take any elections for granted. Maybe we get another Chinese solution for Bim.

    There are no tanks, but the raging Kingpin of St. Michael North West can utilize his drug soldiers from Black Rock.

  31. @Prodigal Son April 24, 2018 5:16 PM “for which he was being paid handsomely. ”


  32. Instead of coming to the public and accounting for his stewardship, this jackass called Chris Stinkliar has signaled that he is going after Mia Mottley to share licks……….the gall of this idiot.

    This man has singlehandedly with the blessings of the moron called the PM……..has presided over the destruction of the economy of this country……..

    …….he imposed 40 new taxes on Barbadians
    …….had this country downgraded TWENTY THREE times
    ……..has used up nearly 80% of our NIS savings
    ……..owes the Barbadian taxpayers over 100 million dollars in VAT and tax refunds
    …… has a hospital in serious condition with millions of unpaid bills because of a cut in funding
    ……he owes contractors and businesses millions of dollars for goods and services

    …………..and instead of coming to the public with a list of Promises made and Promises kept…….he thinks he can come to us with ignorance….he “gine” put licks in Mia Mottley………… man leave the place!

    We have long gone pass that type of gutter politics………..leave the place!

  33. @Soldier Crab April 24, 2018 8:18 AM “Letting go of power especially when, the greatest event in ones life prior…was being stood up at a wedding>”

    SC you can’t drop a bomb like this without providing more details:

    Who was stood up?
    Who caused the “stood up”
    What caused the “stod up”

  34. Not a poor great poppet like some in the big house on Broad street, like some in the big house at Dodds. Not afraid to catch a ZR van. Not afraid to get hands dirty. Spend many hours a week working the land. Eats principally organic unprocessed foods. Blood pressure and blood sugar better than that of most 30 year olds. One day of hospitalization in my whole life. Still climbing ladders in my 7th decade. The old man continued climbing ladders way past his 90th birthday. None of the people in the big house n Broad street can do that. Lol. Some of them, mere boys, compared to me can’t even stand for a 2 hour reception. The fellas need to work harder and eat less. Much less. And hold offa de drinks too.

    Don’t look to the political class for guidance/leadership. Because them poor great poppets can’t teach me nothing. Most of them idiots are incapable of taking care of themselves, so why would I expect them to take care of me?

  35. My advice to all DEMS (and that includes political lackeys) is to stand down for this election and let the B’s win this and the next election. After ten years in power, the B’s would have had enough time to clean up your mess and return Barbados to economic stability once again. After ten years, you (D’s) would have been able to regroup, create more false narratives, develop more empty promises and convince the populace to give you another opportunity of raiding the treasury.

    Generally speaking, that has been the playbook thus far, right?

  36. @ David,

    Why is an LGBT issue on Page 1 of BarbadosToday and Page 3, Gays Welcome.

    And also on page 3, Solutions Barbados…..

    Politics in Barbados heating up.

    • @Hants

      As they say, we all have agendas, the difference is that some of us are more transparent with ours which is the honest position to take.

  37. @Hants
    from GPII in BT
    ““at the start of Solutions Barbados the standard of accountability was that everyone signed a contract where they pay a severe financial penalty if they don’t vote for the resolutions that they have agreed to when they joined us.”
    Not sure what these resolutions are…

  38. It was just a short while ago where parents were disowning their children, and no one openly fraternized with Bullers and Whickers. Now, every Rass hole idiot is out to foist this lifestyle upon the populace. Why can’t some of these fools look to take control of their island back from the small group that owns their ass before they look to give more of their ass away? Why can’t some of these women in positions look to buy a plantation or two and grow some shit, raise some livestock instead of trying to eat more pussy than me.

  39. @Simple Simon,

    Like you ain’t hear …the some like making history. That happen eons now. Gryner did always saying the ugly man from the hickey…and did know what he did talking bout.

  40. Northern
    A lifestyle? Funny how “foisting” is only threatening when experienced in Barbados aka God’s paradise. Many of the threatened live in society’s where “foisting” is legal and protected, while others often visit for pleasure and /or would snatch a green card without hesitation to live in these same threatening locations. 😂

  41. I am truly amazed that some of Grenville’s candidates though knowing that he was running an integrity platform and everyone knew about these integrity contracts, are already backing out because they thought the story he was telling about his canadidates being bound to integrity contracts, was just a story..

    Well if he don’t yet know who is just in it for the money and control of parliament as they have been paid to do, he will never know…what a

    Ah don’t think Barbados’ majority population needs anymore political parasites fronting for bigger parasites.

    “Solutions Barbados leader threatened with resignations
    Article by
    Anmar Goodridge-Boyce
    Published on
    April 24, 2018

    Leader of Solutions Barbados Grenville Phillips II is adamant that all candidates representing the party in the upcoming general elections must adhere to the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

    This after several candidates threatened over the weekend to quit the three-year-old movement, which is preparing to contest elections here for the first time.

    While not naming those at the centre of the internal dispute, Phillips confirmed that he was slapped with the resignation letters following a request made about two weeks ago by several Solutions Barbados candidates – many of whom own businesses – for a review of a clause in their contracts.

    “We invited and continue to invite any registered charity in Barbados to be a beneficiary of the financial penalty. Over the past three years, many potential candidates have stumbled at this contract requirement. However, given the disastrous consequences for Barbadians if our policies are not implemented, it is important that Barbadians have some confidence that we have a high standard of integrity and accountability,” Phillips said in explaining the source of the disagreement.

    “We received letters of resignation which were retracted. There was some concern from a few candidates about a specific clause in the contract. Immediately after a result was known then we had a little bit of frustration but it settled down. It was an internal matter. Something was said publicly when it really shouldn’t have been said, but things are resolved by voting,” Phillips told Barbados TODAY while adamant that candidates must be held accountable.

    “There are people who say I would like to be a candidate, I like your policies, but I don’t want that level of accountability and that is ok, there are several political parties that they can join, the ones we have with us are those who agreed to be accountable,” he said, adding that “at the start of Solutions Barbados the standard of accountability was that everyone signed a contract where they pay a severe financial penalty if they don’t vote for the resolutions that they have agreed to when they joined us.

    “If they decided now that they want the corruption and the mismanagement that the other parties have perfected over the past years, then they must be a penalty. We can’t have people deciding we want the corruption now so we are going to vote for it. If they do that, there will be penalty,” he stressed.

    However, Phillips assured that despite this weekend’s events, Solutions Barbados stood united as a party and was ready for the upcoming general elections, due by the first week of June.

    He also assured that at the end of one week of “passionate discussion”, candidates voted to remain accountable through the provisions of the effective contract.”

  42. Apparently the pretend quitting part is a strategy in progress, once a con artist always a corrupt con artist, waiting to find a way to weasel out of paying people, upholding contracts, etc, etc.

  43. Nation Update: Road fix for New Orleans

    You can visit the Nation and see the video.

    That is what I call votes acquisition strategy. lol.

  44. All the last minute attending to fractures not doing a thing. As a matter of fact it shows up the administration as a last minute bunch of nit wits. Poor rakey government for real.

  45. Finally the people have been liberated for 28 days at least….we shall not make that mistake thrice to give Froon and his conpadres another chance to fuvkaluck Barbados ever again…. just look around and see the caranage. No vote Dem out..

  46. Interesting to note it was Chris who made the pubic revelation that there was a threat on his life- not sure what has become of the charge- now there is the report his constituency office was vandalize.


  47. Here it comes caller on VOB talking about how the DLP had a church service as if the BLP did not have one for its anniversary very recently….I thank Corey for correcting him right away as the lies and propaganda of the DEMS is becoming rampant. trying to make the PM and the DLP some moral people…..Moral people do not deceive and tell as much lies as the DEMS have in the past ten years

  48. “Chairman of the Opposition Barbados Labour (BLP), George Payne, says he is concerned by what he sees as a lasses-faire approach by the incumbent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) going into the May 24 general election.”

    Payne suggested that, in this election, the BLP was emboldened to seek a clean sweep of all 30 parliamentary seats.

  49. The Barbados economy contracted by 0.7 per cent for the first three months of this year.

    Delivering the disappointing news this morning at his quarterly media conference, Central Bank Governor Cleviston Haynes said the decline was due mainly to a slowdown in construction, a decline in tourism activities and the late start of this year’s sugar harvest.

    Haynes said the reserves grew by $14 million to reach $423 million for the period under review. However, this is still below the 12 weeks import benchmark.

    The Central Bank has revised its outlook for the growth between -0.25 per cent to 0.25 per cent.

    Well again no growth for about the 8th time in ten years! No pay increases for public workers in ten years. A downward trend in foreign exchange for ten years. Mounting debt for ten years. No real solutions to problems for ten years. TO MAKE A MISTAKE THREE TIMES IS MORONIC. To give this government a third term would be confirmation of our insanity as a nation.

  50. I am calling it now.

    DLP will not win the elections.

    We will get to see Miracles In Action and the Best Labour Party save Barbados.

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