A Heather Cole Column – Beyond the Boundary

Heather Cole

Cricket! Glorious cricket! CLR James wrote a book entitled ‘Beyond a Boundary in 1966.’ It was a book that describes cricket as the mirror image of what happened in West Indian Societies. So much so that it is the best medium for explaining anything that happens in our lives across the wide spectrum from politics to even instilling fear. The book was about politics explained through cricket.

A present we have a situation where Fruendel Stuart the Prime Minister of Barbados has decided to go beyond the boundary of the Parliamentary 5 year term and is refusing to call an election as is customary. As many other have called it Parliament has closed and Mr. Stuart and his merry men are still loitering on its steps.

Picture it, the last ball has already been bowled on the last day of a test match at Kensington Oval. The opposing team has left the field, so too have the umpires, the grounds men have taken up the wickets, the fans have left Kensington but a man is still at the wicket demanding to bat. His team members have gathered.

But truth be told there was nothing that this batsman did prior to close of play that was spectacular. There were no sixes or no fours. One did not hear Andrew Mason as he almost gave someone a heart attack say “straight through the covers! 4 runs!’ Or, ‘a mighty shot, clears the boundary, into the stands! 6 runs and the whole of Kensington erupts.’ There was none of that from him or any other member of the team.

As the crowd left Kensington one could clearly see disappointment etched on their faces. It was the kind of performance that one wants to quickly forget and bury in some box. The few that are willing to talk are upset because that batman refused to leave. There is no joyous celebration in the air and others try to understand what happened at Kensington today, trying to be consoled by believing that the batsman did not understand the game. Yet others are too upset saying they wasted their money and could have stayed home. The complacent say his stats were never good anyway. Yet others shake their head in disbelief. The batting conditions were perfect, nothing was wrong with the pitch and there was no rain to make the outfield wet; yet the entire team failed to perform. It was a dismal and embarrassing performance.

The commentators were left trying to explain the phenomenon. Truth be told, none of us understand this, it is perplexing to our psyche, outside of our narrative. All we know is the tale of the errant school boy, who when he got caught or bowled pulled up his stumps or took his ball and went home effectively ending play.

There must be a reason why Fruendel has decided to stay beyond the boundary of a close of play. Is it because of the length of time that it takes to convey land? I am referring to Clico’s lands and one must note that the judicial manger has not made public an audited list of the lands of that company. I am of the opinion that it is illegal after the close of parliament to create new laws, disperse funds from the public purse and share out government contract or conduct any business on the behalf of the government except in the case of an emergency situation. There is no transparency, no accountability and no recorded approval by Cabinet.

However, one is certain that Fruendel Stuart is starting to realize that beyond the boundary is a very strange place to be as no one can predict the sequence of events that will unfold. One wonders if beyond the boundary there is a cliff from which some of his Ministers will jump. Mara Thompson has already stated that she will not be a contestant in the next general election. One wonders if Denis Lowe will be available. It is significant to note that Fruendel Stuart is no longer in control of this situation. The best way to describe it is that he has opened Pandora’s Box. Not only has revelation are revelation occurred regarding the activates of his government; for example the giving away to Crown lands to Pharciple with the conveyance now in possession of Jada Construction, a London newspaper has written a negative but accurate assessment of the island’s situation and Germany is warning its citizens about the sewage crisis. Alas, stranger than fiction he is responsible for creating a spectacle of general elections as a person who is renowned for less than a stellular reputation has entered the ring to be a contestant for the City of Bridgetown and taken the spotlight from him. Another person has also declared his candidacy for Christ Church West Central on Facebook and one wonders if Tom, Dick and Harry will do likewise. That being said it is time for Fruendel to ‘ring de bell.’

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  2. Kick Fruendolittle and his gang of Donothings, except for themselves and those who bribe them, to the curb..

    …they are sellouts, return them to their lives of being nobodies, right where they belong and are most comfortable.

  3. Beyond the boundery in these circumstances is more about the emptiness of the team waiting to bat.

    Not the vacuousness of lame ducks.

  4. Ya right Ali…if Mia and her gang believe upon being reelected they will hide and continue to enrich the Simpsons, Cows, Bizzys, Bjerkhams, Maloneys, Tempros or any new white local or foreign crooks who smile in their faces, at the people’s expense and with the majority population’s money again, they got another think coming…

    Mia also has to work on rolling back the 40 years of welfare concessions of the Sandals crook until he can show that it is benefitting the island and it’s people and not just him only…if all Caribbean governments clamp down on that greedy pig, what can he do, where will he go, his reputation is already notorious worldwide, no one wants him around them.

    It is time the majority population put their feet down and burn these politicians and ministers for stealing from the people to give to their minority bribemasters and their personal friends like Leroy Leper et al..

    Stop allowing minority thieves and their business partners to believe themselves more important and special than the majority population, without whom there would be no treasury contracts or millions and pension fund millions to steal from……….that gotta stop, permanently.

  5. Is the Government just waiting for the Hilton sale proceeds so that the public sector one-off payment can be completed?

  6. @ David,

    The PM is doing what the law / constitution permits him to do.

    It does not matter what is normally done.

    I hope you will ask the incoming MIA BLP government to change the law to prevent a PM from “lingering”.

    After constantly and relentless cussin the DLP and the PM for the last few years you can wait

    a few more weeks for MIA to take a bite of the ruling cake.

  7. @ Hants at 11:17 AM

    You are quite right about the legality of the linger. But it is not cricket, is it? Being a gentleman is more important.
    But like most things British we threw the baby out with the bath water. We need to play the political game within our home grown political ethos. What is developing is political upmanship/tribalism.

    Out of evil comes good. Mia should use the added time to strategize and review what is unfurling. One thing is sure the future will not mimic the past.

    • Good response, time will soon tell how astute a decision it is, BU will not even venture to guess. We will continue to be a keen observer.

  8. PM Stuart is no ‘Gentleman’ Hants. A gentleman’s gentleman perhaps, but certainly no Gentleman. He is a bitter, spiteful, lonely old man who, deep down, is fully aware that he is a failure, and always has been. He covers it up with the superiority complex that will be his spectacular downfall. His only ‘friends’ are people like the illiterate thief, to whom he can feel easily superior, and a group of sycophants whose worthlessness he is aware of, but it matters not, as he can bask in the drooling and fawning which feeds his ego.

    He is delusional about his ‘place in history’ but will cling on to that even once sorely defeated.

    His appalling treatment of ordinary Barbadians, his oversight of the destruction of Barbados and the mutual contempt between him and his ministers will haunt him long after he is written off and forgotten by his countrymen and women. And so it should be for what he has done (and not done).

  9. @ Hants March 19, 2018 at 12:15 PM #
    “PM Stuart is a “gentleman””.

    Are you putting a new meaning to the term ‘A Gentleman’s Agreement’?

    Now who is supporting all the Privatization deals taking place behind the scenes with the obvious blessings of the same PM of a stool pigeon who- on a visit to the great cold North- told you and your fellow Can-Bajans that there will be NO Privatization under his watch?

    The PM Stuart is no’ gentle’ man in any form.

    Real gentlemen take ladies as their consorts, not yard-fowls, into court Ilaro or elsewhere in St. Philip.

    Gentlemen do not renege on their commitment to innocent naïve people like what Lord Fumble did to the working-class BCC students looking to pursue studies at the UWI of which he himself is the perfect example.

    Neither do Gentlemen tell contrived untruths to innocent school children about elections dates which have come back to bite him in his black backside like the bitch called Karma.

    If the coming elections date has not been written already on a piece of paper to be retrieved from his back pocket, then it has to be on the broken watch in the fob pocket of the Minister of Fine Ants who will soon be shitting his pants to find the forex to pay for the next shipment of oil and imported processed foods from Trinidad and Florida.

  10. From the GIS
    “The Ministry of Health is advising the public that the Branford Taitt Polyclinic, Black Rock, St. Michael, has temporarily ceased extended opening hours to 6:30 p.m. and will close at 4:30 p.m. daily until further notice. This is necessary to address challenges being experienced at the facility.

    According to the Ministry, there has been an escalation in unruly behaviour by some members of the public while on the compound, which has negatively impacted the ability of staff to carry out its duties, and has also affected other persons seeking care. Reported incidents have ranged from verbal abuse to acts of intimidation and threats.

    In response, the Ministry is working, in collaboration with the Division of Defence and Security as well as the Royal Barbados Police Force, to institute a number of measures to improve security for staff as well as members of the public.”

    The newly amended Police Act?

    But don’t call the newly minted GG, she is England to be knighted, and then ‘pun weeks’ until April 7th. The acting GG is The Hon. Sherman Moore.

    The dye testing results from the first injection well on the south coast have been delayed due to bad weather in the USA. (here’s hoping they didn’t freeze)The wells are to be used to facilitate the discharge of treated sewage deep underground, on a temporary basis. The dye tests to see the impact on potable underground water supplies, aka environmental assessment.

  11. @mitchlans March 19, 2018 at 12:50 PM “lonely old man”

    No need to be lonely. I am sure that there are plenty of lovely ladies out there who would love to enter into holy matrimony with a Prime Minister, or a former Prime Minister.

    And since I know that our Dearly Loved Prime Minister is a lover of the classics, let me quote the English writer Jane Austen “It is a truth universally acknowledged that single man in possession of a good fortune [or a real, real nice pension] must be in want of a wife”

    Our boy Bizzy took a new wife when he was about the PM’s age and according to all reports things working out nice, nice.

    If Dearly Loved Prime Minister is lonely, surely it is self inflicted.

  12. @NorthernObserver March 19, 2018 at 7:03 PM #

    Civil society starts to break down in Little England.

    Prepare for the worst, oil the machete, check the ammo and alarm, also the barbed wire and the detection lights around the house.

  13. Not one single thing beyond the boundary
    here. This article is well within the boundary
    No four here; no six a few short singles but
    nothing new …….,,,

  14. Simple Simon March 19, 2018 at 7:52 PM #

    “I am sure that there are plenty of lovely ladies out there who would love to enter into holy matrimony with a Prime Minister, or a former Prime Minister.”

    If indeed that is his preference…..

  15. @Northerner Observer, Just now the system is gonna turn this and all polyclinics into an armed camp, metal detectors as with the A&E at the hospital. In the meantime, the inordinate wait and callous attitude of all employees toward those seeking medical care will be ignored. 12 hours or more wait time at the hospital while the doctors sit or strut around like they are special. When one visits with a doctor in private practice it’s amazing how one doctors can move his patients along. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the patient’s advocates at the hospital? I have had on a few occasions utilized the service of the patient’s advocate ” over in away” with much help and success. These angry belligerent black women at the hospital working as patient’s advocates always seem to be too busy sucking up to the doctors and other staff.

  16. BT…”Describing the DLP as a sleeping giant which had awakened, Stuart cautioned DLP candidates and supporters to look out for pitfalls deployed along the way by the BLP.”

    At least FJS admits they have been asleep. Whether, the awakened will be a giant or a lilliputian, time will tell.

  17. @ William Skinner so much has happened beyond the boundary… after Parliament has suspended. The article draws an anology between the end of play and the end of Parliament. If I was on the PM’s it would be imperative that I would aim to hit a six over Kensington. Not one of them has done that. I am just a spectator.

  18. On another note, people remember odd things about elections. I have not forgotten Stella and the curtains for Illaro Court.

  19. @whiteHill March 19, 2018 at 11:58 PM “…the inordinate wait and callous attitude of all employees toward those seeking medical care will be ignored. 12 hours or more wait time at the hospital.”

    Wait times at New York Hospitals:
    Average time a patient spends in the emergency room of New York hospitals before being sent home. The times range from 57 minutes up to 282 minutes, that is 4 hours, 47 minutes.

    Times patients in New York hospitals spend waiting before being sent up to their rooms/wards, ranges from 12 minutes at River Hospital to up to 521 minutes, that is 8 hours 41 minutes at Good Samaritan Hospital.

  20. And here is the wait time data for Ontario hospitals:

    For complex conditions the wait time at the Hospital for Sick Children is 4.3 hours, and here all of the patients are children sometimes newborns, although for a minor or uncomplicated condition they can see you in 2.6 hours.

    At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center the wait time is 9.3 hours, although for a minor or uncomplicated condition Sunnybrook can see you in 2.7 hours.

    A hospital emergency room is not a like bakery, where you grab a number, the clerk yells “next” and you are outta there in a flash.

    As we can see from these data delivering care in an ER is time consuming. It ain’t like on TV where the doctors assess, treat and discharge half a dozen patients in the course of a one hour TV program. Delivering good care is time consuming in Barbados, in Canada, in the United States, and without a doubt in EVERY other country in the world.

  21. @whiteHill March 19, 2018 at 11:58 PM “Can anyone tell me the purpose of the patient’s advocates at the hospital? I have had on a few occasions utilized the service of the patient’s advocate ” over in away” with much help and success. These angry belligerent black women at the hospital working as patient’s advocates always seem to be too busy sucking up to the doctors and other staff.”

    Do you mean those sweet ladies who keep their cool even when angry belligerent black men show up?

  22. The young men [and it is always, always, always men] who go to tax funded medical facilities and misbehave themselves, need to learn some manners, some respect and some patience.

    Why the hell do they think that are called patients?


  23. I have not confirmed it, but one of my peeps informed that in the nationnews paper, the Shit for Brains Prime Minister is urging Barbadians that if bribe money during the elections is sharing out, to take some. I told people on here that usually, the one who says ahh ahh first when the fart got everybody reeling from the stench is usually the first suspect who probably did it. When this pretensive deceiver stated in the last election he saw vote buying and never did anything about it was because he knew, beforehand, that money was flying around to persuade persons to vote for his party. By saying that he saw the act of vote buying with his eyes was convince the general public that he was not a participator or an encourage. Therefore, what better way to remove yourself as a suspect then by confessing that you saw it happening, and condemning it in open confession. Freundel Stuart thinks that Barbadians remain the gullible and naive fools they always have been and that it does not take much to keep them blinded and believing stories. I hope Barbadians wake up to this fraud and understand the motives of the DLP fully since they are hoodwinked tactics. Get these people out, and get investigations on the way after they are out. Will the other pretensive deceiver in the form Mia Mottley do anything to bring the DLP’s crooked pigs to fine market?

  24. @whiteHill March 19, 2018 at 11:58 PM “When one visits with a doctor in private practice it’s amazing how one doctors can move his patients along.”

    A doctor in private practice is seeing patients who are less sick than those people who go to emergency rooms, so he or she can move patients along. The doctor in private practice has likely seen his patients many times before and knows the patients and is familiar with their medical histories.

    In an emergency room the doctor is dealing with “strangers” most of the time. The doctors are dealing with people who are severely ill: asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, traffic accident injuries, burns, near drownings, stabbings, miscarriages, unexpected labour, bee stings, children with dangerously high unexplained fevers, burn victims, people who have been raped, shot or stabbed (the rapes stabbings and shootings done mainly by men)

    It ain’t TV.

    People really need to read and to educate themselves.

    Instead of watching porn on their phones, they can instead use those same phones to read, read, read.

    • @ Simple Simon, come on, if you carry on like this not much is gonna be left for well well to say. You’re not playing fair, you’re hogging the show leave some crap for her.

  25. @whiteHill March 20, 2018 at 12:57 AM “Simple Simon, LOL I guess Well Well will be next.”

    Dear whiteHill: Please take your meds and call your psychiatrist first thing in the morning.

  26. SSS….the “shit for brains” Fruendolittle said that and even more, he even plagarized Michelle Obama’s well known phrase because none of them have a creative brain or an intelligence level high enough to come up with anything new to excite or entice anyone who does not have an 1Q above 45.

    We all know Fruendolittle is deceitful, the only reason he is encouraging voters to break the law and take bribe money for their votes is because he and his Donothing ministers are planning to buy votes. ..if the people listen to that idiot and sell their votes, they should be arrested,

    ..the people of St John believed in the useless DLP political party for over 50 years and were left in poverty for over 50 years still living in the 1950s, particularly in the last 10 years, with no progress to show for their blind loyalty..

    Bajans would have to be blind to not notice the neglect of St. Lucy, St. Peter, St. Thomas, Christ Church, St. Andrew, St. Joseph and parts of St. James by Fruendolittle and his gang of incompetents in the last 10 years….in reality they have neglected the island and it’s majority population, whose votes they now so desperately need, so desperate is he, that jackass Fruendolittle is reciting a bunch of ignorant nursery rythmes because he arrogantly believes he is not speaking to grown men and women of voting age but dumb five year olds.

  27. Mitchlan…speak for thyself, I have been blessed with a well functioning brain that can create conversations in most topics and in more than one language, which I have to make time for some days.

    .. commenters can freely post as many of their opinions as they can manage and there will always be room for more, that is the power of the information highway and our high speed developing knowledge pathways….there is no limit to what we can engage on conversationally. ..in this new eras if information explosion.

    Just in case you have not noticed.

  28. My questions are simple. Is there a difference between a whore and crook? Does their moral standing differ? If over time it had become evident that you had voted for a crook, could you hold ya nose and vote for a whore? Would you need to hold ya nose at all ? How far is Chapman Lane from Westbury Road? Just asking.

  29. Let’s hope desperate Fruendolittle dont get it in his empty head to hire this firm to interfere in Barbados’ election, I understand they hired them in 2013….they are messing with the islands of the Caribbean fair election campaign processes and are being investigated, hopefully who hires them end up in prison.

    “MENLO PARK, USA — In a surprise move on Friday, Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica (CA) and parent company, SCL Group, from using the social media platform pending further investigations into alleged abuses.

    SCL boasted on its website (until all such references were removed in recent weeks) of managing and/or assisting election campaigns in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago. According to a report by Bloomberg in March 2017, SCL has left a “long trail of subterfuge, dubious dealing” by using its “psychographic data models” to sway undecided voters by targeting people’s social media profiles and serving up messages and ads based on their perceived biases.”

  30. A document was posted to FB in spanish supposedly from the Dominican Republic for Antiqua’s current PM Gaston Browne to be extradited for money laundering and drug trafficking..

    .. yardfowls been talking about locking up for this that and the next, lets hope these idiot ministers know that they will get the shock of their lives if they try dumbshit that is not true.

  31. There are several people from Santo Domingo that were allowed to reside in Antigua during the tenure of the former UPP administration…….under questionable circumstances. I have been told of instances where these non-nationals exploited the lax registration laws by going into the grave yards, taking the names of deceased people, claiming them to be their grandparents in an effort to gain citizenship.

    Do you know many location signs in Antigua are in Spanish and the news is read in that language to accommodate the Dominicans?

    When the Gaston Browne ALP was elected to office in June 2014, his administration “corrected the wrongs.” I’m sure we all know, for example. about his stance on the tax free concessions given to Sandals by the UPP, which Butch Stewart was allowed to exploit and with-hold approximately EC$101M in taxes.

    When I take into consideration the lengths Stewart is going in attempting to ensure Browne lose tomorrow’s general elections……….. I’m not surprised about these money laundering and drug trafficking allegations.

    Many Barbadians (and Guyanese living here) are noticing the Guyanese and Jamaican cultures are slowly creaping into this island. The Guyanese and Jamaicans have taken over the entire compound where the old Fairchild Street Market was located, with illegally erected stalls and are selling food and beverages there WITHOUT the appropriate LIQUOR LICENSES or HEALTH CERTIFICATES. Each time the police order them to close because of the lack of these documents, they wait until the officers leave and reopen.

    If you read the pejorative comments Guyanese and Jamaicans make about Barbados and Barbadians in their respective newspapers, you would wonder why they come here and don’t want to leave.

    But when we highlight these activities, we are accused of being xenophobic or that Barbadians are living in the USA and Canada illegally as well.

  32. These are only 2 of a list of countries who had Cambridge Analytical/SCL interference in their election, unfairly winning the election, but when you are sleazy and corrupt as a government, it always comes out in the end….for the whole world to see…

    “St Kitts and Nevis

    In 2010, SCL managed the successful parliamentary campaign of St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) incumbent prime minister, Dr Denzil Douglas.

    St Vincent and the Grenadines

    SCL was present in St Vincent in 2004/5 when they discussed representing the New Democratic Party (NDP) prior to the 2005 elections. However, their demands were reportedly so great that the NDP leadership refused to engage them. They wanted a payment upfront, a payment on winning and control of selling Vincentian citizenships/passports if they won.

    At the same time the NDP discovered that its previous leader, Sir James Mitchell, had been appointed to their board and was engaged as the Caribbean political adviser to SCL. That was the final straw for Arnhim Eustace, the NDP leader, and the NDP refused SCL’s assistance to win the elections.

    SCL were nevertheless later alleged to have been behind the ‘Vote No’ campaign in St Vincent and the Grenadines in 2009, when current prime minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, accused the opposition NDP at a special press conference of using the services of SCL to run the ‘Vote No’ campaign against a constitutional reform referendum put forward by his government.

    Gonsalves further accused the NDP of courting, and being funded by groups who wished to expand the practice of citizenship by investment – which he called “selling passports”, and benefiting economic migrants and tax exiles – mentioning in particular Henley & Partners, specialists in economic citizenships in the Caribbean and elsewhere.”

  33. Someone posted the false extradition documents from Domincan Republic to facebook, it was very obvious from the language used, the stationary and the fact it never came through interpol, that it is the forces of demons and the Jamaican Observer Stewart et al behind it.

    We note Gonsalves protesting too much, but somehow St. Vincent passports are still being sold to criminals……who have recently been arrested in the US for a 50 million dollar tax/stock scam.

  34. @ Heather Cole

    Discerning” spectators ” are known to watch the entire game. Most of your efforts have been centered on corruption, much of it never proven or accompanied by empirical evidence. there have been some positive well played strokes by this lousy(DLP) batsman. The cricket purists , will inform you that even poor batsmen occasionally play some good strokes. I draw your attention to:
    Legislation dealing with sexual harassment at the work place
    Workers rights to appeal unfair dismissals etc
    Laws to bring child predators to justice
    More emphasis on children rights
    Highlighting issues of domestic , child molestation and abuse.

    Certainly not enough to guarantee them another pick but note worthy nevertheless.

    Remember the great Wes Hall. After he and Sir Garry had made an impressive partnership,that saved the West Indies, Wes was askedby a reporter, if at any time, he felt they would have lost their wicket. Wes replied: I was just hoping that Gary could hold on !!!
    As Pacha has suggested , we still don’t have any batsmen of any real talent to replace the present lot but……………….we must replace them . Que Lastima !!!

    BTW I also must state that when the opposition under Mottley is given a fair look, they have to get a passing grade..

  35. @NorthernObserver March 20, 2018 at 1:18 AM “A GPII convert? “Instead of watching porn on their phones,”

    Ok, ok. Maybe I should have said that in addition to watching porn on their phones they can use those same phones to educate themselves. I mean my boy whitehill could have found the publicly available information on ER wait times before posting foolishness and he would have discovered that hours long wait times in ER’s are pretty standard.

    Now go back to watching your porn. Have fun.


  36. People take videos on their phones of everything from school fights, to sex in bathrooms, to police arrests, to dead bodies, to cars and motorcycles doing shitee on the roads. Do you think for once they could take videos of things that actually matter, like DLP operatives handing over money for votes, or ballot boxes being tampered with or mysteriously appearing on buses?

  37. The following article was taken from Tuesday, March 20, 2018 edition of the Antigua Chronicle:

    The Supreme Court of Justice of the Dominican Republic has moved swiftly to denounce a false document, circulated yesterday on social media by the United Progressive Party (UPP).

    The Court issued the following statement in Spanish and it is attached to this release. The English translation is as follows:

    “Dominican Republic, SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE


    I, Cristiana A. Rosario V., Secretary General of the Supreme Court of Justice, Certify: That being 08:00am on the Twentieth (20th) day of the month of March 2018, and after verifying our files we can confirm that there is no record in this Secretariat of the Supreme Court of Justice, in the name of Mr. Gaston Browne, Antiguan, of legal age, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, holder of the passport No. DA000007, of any pending litigation, for or against the same, as of today’s date.

    The present is issued in Santo Domingo, National District, today Twentieth (20th) March 2018, at the request of the interested party. Exempt from the payment of receipts and stamps of the General Internal Revenue Tax (DGII).-


    Secretary General
    Supreme Court of Justice.

    Yesterday, the ABLP strongly condemned the wicked, low and desperate distribution of fake news by the UPP.

  38. Meanwhile former President Nicolas Sarkozy is experiencing the humiliation of detention by French Police initially for 48 hours on criminal charges of accepting €50 million in illegal campaign funding from Col Gaddafi of Libya.One day Barbados would make laws having the same effect on parliamentarians.

    https://www.the guardian.com/world/2018/mar/20/nicolas-sarkozy-police-custody-french-president-campaign-funding-libya

  39. @ Gabriel …as man..
    You understand legalese….
    Unlike Bushie- who thinks them all to be the scum of the Earth.

    If the six-month extension to the political term was put into the constitution to facilitate the odd case where a national emergency or some natural disaster forced us to postpone elections…

    …and if the resident Jackass utilises this grace period – simply because he is a retarded clown

    …and if some grave misfortune was then to befall this shiite place – say in May 2018…
    What the hell will we do…?

    More importantly,
    If a bushman can see the folly of this dangerous gamble by this ugly clown…

    How the hell do the resident BB legal elders (old fools) not see the serious potential exposure that this foolish action has placed the country into…? …and do something about it?

    Now that we have built that satanic monument at the Garrison -with the pitchfork emerging from the earth, who could be surprised if Jenny decided to kick – and wash way the Canadians’ power company?
    …or if the wells that BWA digging to dump the South Coast shiite turns out to be connected to the Belle ….and get nuff brass bowls lick’ up?

    …or is this where the emergency powers come in?

    Where on Earth are there more genuine brass bowls?

  40. These stinking dirty corrupt government ministers. Vote them all out.


    “Carson C. Cadogan
    March 21, 2018 at 12:37 am
    C.O. Williams should be doing the road for free considering the the tens of millions of taxpayers dollars they have received in contracts from the Govt. over the past eight years.”

  41. legalese BT …that is like when you first notice a tube of k..y..jelly on the desk..you know someone is going to take a phucking.

  42. @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service March 21, 2018 at 4:42 AM #

    I like the attitude of these people doing their own road.

    Barrow´s deep state with the many lazy civil servants is no salvation for Bim, but gloom and doom.

    We pay the highest taxes and food prices in the region and get no proper benefit in return for it.

    As long as Barbados has more than 20,000 civil servants, the country will be a non-developing country on the level of South America and Africa. They simply cost too much. Cutting down the civil service is a national duty.

  43. ok to like it, but the negligent, careless government ministers will likely dig it up, claiming its illegal, while still not accounting for the hundreds of millions of taxpayers money they collected in 10 years in 20 different taxes or the tens of millions in taxpayer funded contracts lowlife Carson Cadogan confessed they gave to Cow the crook, within the last 8 years, just look at the horrible conditions of the roads.

    citizens should not have to turn around and take their hard earned money out of their pockets to pay the same crooked Cow to finish an incomplete road, they are paying twice.

  44. the civil service should be chopped in half, so too should cabinet, let them all get off their lazy asses and learn how to use their brains to survive for a change.

    the minority parasites Cow et al who have sucked the treasury and pension fund for decades have to be cut loose completely from living off the backs of black people, let them use their brains to find new ways to survive for the first time in their greedy, parasitic lives.

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