Barbadian Media Houses Must Go to Venezuela and See for Themselves

Submitted by David Comissiong, President of the Clement Payne Movement

From the left – Kaymar Jordan, Barbados Today, Anthony Bryan, Barbados Advocate, Anthony Shaw, Nation Publishing and David Ellis, Starcom Network

I have just returned to Barbados from a four day visit of Venezuela. My elder daughter — noted Barbadian dancer and choreographer Aisha Comissiong — accompanied me and we stayed at the Melia hotel in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

This last trip to Venezuela was my fourth visit over the past 13 months. And even though our stay was relatively short, we were still able  to get a general picture of the political and social condition of the country and to make a comparison with the image of Venezuela that the powerful Western news media is so determinedly and comprehensively foisting upon the people of the world.

It is against this background that I would like to publicly deprecate the fact that — unlike me — no Barbadian media house has found it possible to have any of their journalists make even one single fact-finding visit to Venezuela over the past four (4) years!

Venezuela — it should be noted — is a mere one hour’s airplane flight from Barbados if one is taking the shortest direct route. And if one is taking the Caribbean Airlines flight to Caracas via Trinidad and Tobago one is talking about a mere two and a half hour flight time.

Why then won’t such Barbadian media houses as the Nation Publishing Co., Starcom Network, the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, and Barbados Today simply send a journalist and a camera-person to Venezuela to see and assess the political and social conditions for themselves, rather than supinely relying on biased Western news agencies for their warped, propagandistic reporting on Venezuela?

Way back in the month of April 2014 I issued a public challenge to Ms Vivien Ann Gittens, the then Chief Executive Officer of the Nation Newspaper to send a journalistic team to Venezuela, and she refused to take up my challenge.

Subsequent to that, I spoke to the Nation’s current Managing Editor, Mr Eric Smith, and renewed my request for a Nation journalist and camera-person to go to Venezuela. Needless-to-say, he also rejected the request.

I made these requests extremely secure in the knowledge that any team of Barbadian journalists who go to Venezuela would come back with a story that is fundamentally at odds with the propagandistic reporting of CNN, Fox News, BBC, MSNBC, Reuters, Associated Press and all the other Western media conglomerates that have been enlisted in a campaign of “Psychological Warfare” against the Socialist Government of President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

And although I am not a journalist, please permit me to say for the record that I did not witness any violence on the streets of Caracas, nor did I observe any starving people eating out of garbage cans or surviving by hunting cats and dogs! So much for the ridiculous, sensationalist Western media reporting on Venezuela!

In fact, the situation that we experienced at the street level in Caracas was one of unremarkable normalcy.

Actually, the biggest controversial “talking-point” was related to the Venezuelan currency — the “bolivar” — which has been under attack by the formidable financial power of the US Government and financial establishment, leading to it sinking to a ludicrous exchange ratio with the US dollar.

This has led the Maduro government to respond by creating Venezuela’s own version of the “bitcoin” — a new so-called “crypto currency” known as the “Petro“. Hopefully, this innovation will bring some greater stability to the financial and currency situation in the country.

Of course, the currency situation, along with the trade and other sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the USA and other Western nations, and the machinations of the local Venezuelan commercial bourgeoisie, have combined to produce shortages of some consumer items within Venezuela.

And this, in turn, has led to some of the Venezuelan people — one third of whom were actually born in neighbouring Colombia or have direct family ties in Colombia — to travel back and forth across Venezuela’s border with Colombia to either shop in Colombia or to work for temporary periods (thereby earning currency with higher purchasing power) before returning to their permanent homes in Venezuela. This migrant phenomenon has been propagandistically portrayed as a “refugee crisis” by the Western media.

Aside from that ferment on the border with Colombia, Venezuela is quite normal and peaceful at the moment. After several months of Opposition orchestrated street-level violence last year — including the actual dousing with gasoline and setting fire to 29 human beings –President Maduro was able to bring peace to the country by invoking powers contained in the national Constitution to hold elections for and to establish a 545 member people-based “National Constituent Assembly”.

The elitist and fascist Opposition forces played their proverbial “last card” when they engaged in large scale orchestrated violence and intimidation to thwart the National Constituent Assembly elections, but came up against the might of over 8 Million Venezuelan citizens who were determined to cast their votes and thereby send a message that they had had enough of mindless, destructive, Opposition orchestrated violence, and wanted peace instead.

Unfortunately, none of this would be known to the vast majority of the Barbadian people, since all they would have heard from the biased news reports carried by our Barbadian media houses is that President Maduro is a violent dictator and that the Opposition forces in Venezuela engage in peaceful civilian demonstrations.

Actually, the very opposite is the case, but the Barbadian people will never get to know this reality unless their journalists actually go to Venezuela and see for themselves!

In just over two months time — on the 20th of May to be precise — the Venezuelan people will be going to the polls in a Presidential election that will pit President Maduro against former state governor Henry Falcon of the Progressive Advance Party, Reinaldo Quijada of the Unidad Politica Popular (UPP), and three independent candidates — Javier Bertucci, Francisco Visconti Osorio, and Luis Alejandro Ratti.

My plea to the Media Houses of Barbados is to go — go to Venezuela, go and observe the lead-up to the Elections and the Elections themselves — and report back to the Barbadian people what you see and experience yourself.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a member state of our Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and a sister nation of our Caribbean Civilization. Why then should we be depending on North  American and European media corporations to tell us about our own brothers and sisters? No ! Go and see the truth for yourself !

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  1. Lawson, I actually paid my own airfare. But what does that have to do with requesting that Caribbean journalists go and see for themselves and come to their own independent judgments ?


    • @David C

      Why do you bother to defend what is your democratic right? Other choose to travel to Europe you prefer to visit a country that is aligned to a cause you have been associated. Your question remains relevant whether you paid you own passage or not – should local media visit Venezuela to get a first hand view so that their reports are not influeced by Western media with obvious agendas/biases.

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  3. So you took your daughter on a holiday and you picked Venezuela ?? That almost defies logic but since I do not know you I will accept what you tell me. My wife lived in Caracas for years and my daughter in law is from Colombia on the Venezuelan border they do not find it great in the country at the moment.
    I will tell you what it has to do with it …if someone asks you for dinner you dont complain about the meal. But if you happen to meet at the restaurant well everything is fair game.

  4. There is no doubt that to oppose western liberal democratic capitalism is to invite the wrath of Anglo-Saxon vengeance.
    But my concerns about Venezuela, and the rest of Latin America, is the lack of representation of black people (those of African descent). The only time that Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and the other South American countries choose to be represented by black people is in sport or music.
    Since the 1959 revolution, the socialist republic of Cuba still finds it difficult to provide equality of opportunities for black Cubans and in Brazil they wear their racism with great pride.. This is intolerable.
    Black people must not compromise with the coffee-coloured racist of Latin America, on any condition. Loyalty to each other comes before loyalty to an ideology.
    As someone with Cuban and Panamaian relatives, this concerns me. Until change happens, and soon, they fight their battles on their own.
    The |Bajan media has two urgent functions to perform: first, improve the quality of their journalism; and, second, report with honesty and professionalism on the Bajan condition..

  5. For the benefit of Lawson– I went there to participate in events commemorating the fifth anniversary of the passing of Hugo Chavez on 5th March 2013 and paying tribute to the great man.

    David Comissiong

  6. @ Hal,

    I agree with you 100% and i also understand where David Comissiong is coming from.

    However, it is a bit rich of David, to ask our media houses to send their jounalists and photographers to report on Venezuela when they do such a poor job at home. The Caribbean region needs to form a credible regional media platform a la Al Jazeera.

    The Barbados media lacks credibility.

    I most certainly am not an insular person, nor do i believe are you. But i am no lover of South and Central America. These are racists regions and we should never forget this.

    • Doesn’t the local media report on international news events. If the the answer is yes- and we know that it is- it has a responsibility to be fair in how it executes. To grab ‘stuff’ of the wires compromises on its integrity.

  7. This article is serious food for thought. We would all agree that what David presents is the complete opposite of what we wee and hear from the US media. This is a case where one of the parties is closer to the truth than the other party. To me, more information is needed to form a definite opinion.

    “It would be fair to ask who paid for the trip?”
    I interpreted that as Lawson warming up for his comedic routine as it was followed by a gem…
    “So you took your daughter on a holiday and you picked Venezuela ??”

    • If you follow his daughter’s comments in the public space you should pick up that she is passionate about some of her father’s issues. All the man is asking is for the local media to be fair and balanced in reporting and don’t dump the wholesale views of Western media on the local public. What is so difficult to understand about a reasonable position as espoused by him? There is no need to take it personal.


  8. @Hal A
    “The |Bajan media has two urgent functions to perform: first, improve the quality of their journalism; and, second, report with honesty and professionalism on the Bajan condition..”

    You qualified your statement by the word urgent, but let me add that Bajans cannot become fascinated by just the lint in the belly buttons and accept their image of the rest of the world from the US media.

    As is clear from DC’s post, we need to also examine what is being reported by outsiders. Our journalist must be part of that filter.

    Personal to Hal: In my opinion, the quality of your posts has increased exponentially ( 🙂 Bajans like to use big words), should we assume that the madam is now reviewing your contributions befoe they are posted — that is one tough job :-).

  9. If referring to me, you misunderstood my comment about the daughter’s trip. I thought Lawson was as funny as ever. Got to enjoy the jokes no matter where they are embedded.

  10. Theophilius Gazerts 270 March 11, 2018 at 11:02 AM #

    The only obligation the Barbados media have to be ‘fair’ to the chaos in Venezuela is to properly inform their readers. They have no obligation to the government of Venezuela.
    Whatever the antics of the US is trying to undermine the Bolivar revolution, the fundamental duty any government has, even the Venezuelan one, is to its citizens.
    If people – mainly the poor people – are so deprived they have to escape from their country then things are bad.
    To put religious or secular ideology before looking after the welfare of its people is bad government.
    I do not like discussing the local press, as there is enormous room for improvement (and I realise they are not as wealthy as people seem to think), they also need to review their business models, but a press that publishes press releases in full is not fully aware of its duty to inform, educate and entertain; a press that runs long articles quoting a single person does not yet fully understand the difference between a press release, news reporting and journalistic balance.
    My question about Latin America remains the same: why are people of African decent treated so badly – by military juntas and by the socialist regimes.
    Until that question is answered, the press in Barbados should spend what little money they have on reporting on the enormous social and economic disparities within Barbadian society.

  11. In Barbados we have a situation where an opposition party is going into an election with the knowledge and assurance that the largest and biggest circulated newspaper in the country will never criticize them or their party leader but focus all their columns and articles on attacking and pulling down the other side.
    I understand the BLP now dicates what should the front page story in the Sunday paper and on which page their ads must come.
    Sounds a little like a dictatorship in waiting, doesn’t it?

  12. David C, since you are so convinced that it is all the West’s / America’s fault that Venezuela’ bolivar has been destroyed and that the “Petro” will work, I would strongly advise that you sell your Bajan properties—home, office etc and buy heavily into Petros. You should do very well considering that Maduro is so very accomplished at managing the Venezuelan economy. Even better than driving his bus in the past!
    The genius Damagement of Maduro has led to Oil production drops of serious proportions to the point that it is at a 28 yr LOW, dropping by 13% in the year ended Dec 31 st , 2017. Must be the Americans preventing the faithful from extracting the oil or more likely utter incompetence.

    Meanwhile donkey hunting is on the rise as the people are hungry.

  13. Venezuela has suffered from a precipitous decline in oil prices on the world market — some of that decline instigated by the actions of the US government and their Saudi Arabian allies.

    So far as the Petro is concerned, I don’t know enough about the intricacies of these new so-called crypto currencies to have a valid opinion. I will wait and see.

    The great “SIN” of Chavez, Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela– in the eyes of the US establishment– is that they resolved to effectively take control of their country’s oil reserves and the revenue derived therefrom and to use it in providing education, health care facilities and programmes, and housing for the poor masses of Venezuela.

    They also committed the “SIN” of sharing these resources with our Caribbean countries– an action that was derided by the Venezuelan elite as constituting Chavez “giving away” the country’s resources to foreigners.

    Venezuela is a terribly socially polarized country, afflicted with a very wealth traditional elite class that views the poor masses as virtually sub-human beings who should be content with living in slum-like barrios.

  14. Fact is that US oil production has increased to over 10mn bpd from 5mn just a few years back due to the use of Fracturing technology. The Saudis want oil prices up, as do the Russians, and the Saudis want to sell their mammoth energy corp Aramco via an IPO to the markets globally,so they are very incentivised to push oil prices up for superior results. They plan to raise over US $One TRillion which would be the largest by many multiples IPO (initail public offering ) in history! Indeed Alibaba holds the record @ $25 BN, so they are talking 40X larger.

    I do agree that Venezuela has been cursed politically throughout history and does require true leaders who can raise the entire country up to new heights. I very much doubt that Maduro is or can meet that goal. What is required is to raise up everyone not destroy incentive by dictatorial action. Socio/ Communist regimes will always fail until the understand human nature which is based on Incentive—carrot and stick. Cuba has had very unproductive agriculture until recently the leaders have been permitting some people to farm at a profit and productivity has soared. ( better techniques are also being used) They allowed private bakeries but if you are very successful you can not decide to open other outlets eg duplicate your success. Truth is that there are few willing to take risks and grow, while employing many people who need jobs but may not want to run their own business.

  15. @Hal Austin March 11, 2018 at 11:20 AM “My question about Latin America remains the same: why are people of African decent treated so badly – by military juntas and by the socialist regimes.”

    And not only the people of African descent, but the indigenous people are also treated badly.

  16. Let me know when is your next trip to paradise so I can send some humanitarian help. Venezuelans in Barbados are organizing a collection of basis medicines to send to our families and friends. Unfortunately we can’t send it the via regular ways because the regime is denying that there is a serious shortage of medicines in Venezuela and they will be confiscated by the authorities which will sell it via “bachaqueros”(regime black market) for unreachable prices.

    I do agree that the media houses should send journalists to Venezuela but don’t recommend it because they will have to report what they are told like you are doing, otherwise their equipment will be destroy or confiscated and maybe end up in jail.

    Mr. Commissiong I will also will like to invite you to meet with us, the Venezuelan community in Barbados and have a discussion about our very different experiences because I don’t know the Venezuela that you visit. We will like to see it too. My email: you can reach me via email to arrange the meeting.

    So easy to be a communist from the comfort of capitalism.

  17. My concern over Venezuela and its actions have nothing to do with Barbados or Barbadian News Agencies. I am an expatriate of Guyanese descent and I am fully aware of Venezuela’s claim to a major portion of Guyana, a claim that was settled many years ago through arbitration when Britain gave to Venezuela a large portion of the western portion of the then British Guiana. I am not a geologist, but simple common sense tells me that there is more oil in the current western portion of Guyana and off the shores of Guyana than Venezuela has. Question here is “Has Venezuela been secretly draining oil from the Guyanese soil?” Venezuela with a large well equipped military has even sent troops into Guyana in an invasion trying to take over the western portion. Only warnings by powerful Brazil and of course Britain and the United States caused to withdraw. Final decision has recently been sent to the Hague for determination. Meanwhile Brazil has told Venezuela in no uncertain terms that any future invasion of Guyana will be met by Brazilian military.

  18. We should all have learned by now to take the white man’s reporting on non-whites with a mouthful of salt. Don’t think that form of government really is the best though even if the West is making another example of them to make them fall in line as is their habit. Now the Donald has decided that the free trade isn’t working for them. Didn’t matter when we thought it wouldn’t work for us. It’s always all about them. Quite frankly, I am always happy for the thorns in their flesh. The Castros, the Chavezes, the Mugabes and even the Kim’s who annoy them if only for a little while


  19. @ Commissong

    I could not believe the shite I just read. Having met hundreds of Venezuelans who have fled the country after living there for their whole lives. You are full of sewage. Do us all a favor and leave everything behind for a fresh start in Venezuela for 1 year.

    I have met people who are professionals who earned less than US$25 monthly talking about the pain and suffering especially over the last several years in Venezuela before they fled.

    These people are now in US earning in 2 days what they earned in 1 year.

    Something has gone off in your head and you are too blinded in your ideology.

  20. On one of your trips if you stood on the bridge to cucuta you may see everyone is not seeing it as rosy as you do. Would it be fair that the meeting organized by the venezuelan ministry of of foreign affairs may have showed you things in a better light than they could be . Remember Dennis Rodman said Korea when he left they dropped the basketball nets to 6 feet so kim could dunk again.

  21. I agree with Mr. Comissiong, Barbados media should visit Venezuela, but not as he goes, as a guest of the Government and staying in a First Class hotel. They should go, as guest of any ordinary Venezuelan citizen, so as to see how venezuelans really live. They should have to go and buy basic, elementary items, ie;toilet paper, if a lady, sanitary napkins etc and see how people have to stand in line two-three-fours to try and obtain what they need to SURVIVE.

    I, join Mirna Hughes, in inviting Mr. Comissiong to visit the Venezuelan diaspora here in Barbados, and sit and have an open and frank conversation regarding Venezuela

  22. It is difficult for Barbadians who practice a two party political system in which both parties are multi-class organizations that subscribe to basic principles about the rights of all citizens to education, health care and a minimum standard of human well-being, to really grasp the type of divisive class-based politics that exists in Venezuela.

    These Venezuelan expatriates who express such trenchant opposition to Chavez and Maduro, need to explain to me how and why they contented themselves with the spectacle of millions of impoverished Venezuelans living in the most primitive slum -like conditions (in the barrios) for so many decades without raising their voices in similar howls of protest and denunciation.

    Perhaps they can explain to me how, in the year 1989, the elitist / capitalist President Carlos Andres Perez was able to unleash the Army against working-class Venezuelans who had taken to the streets to protest against draconian anti-poor policies, killing some 2,500 working class protestors, without them raising their voices in howls of protest.

    Or why were they were so content in the pre-Chavez years to countenance Venezuela’s oil resources to be so blatantly exploited by US multinational corporations like Exxon-Mobil and the local Venezuelan elite.

    Also, maybe they can explain what type of deeply entrenched anti-Black racist sentiments would permit Opposition activists to lynch mainly Black and dark-skinned poor Venezuelans by dousing them in gasoline and setting them on fire. (I invite readers of this blog to go back and read the article that I published here on Orlando Figuera, the first such lynching victim– a 21 year old poor Black Venezuelan).

    The truth is that there is a segment of the Venezuelan elite that has nothing but contempt for Black, non-White and poor people– a class of people who have enjoyed unchallenged social and economic privilege for so long that they consider that political and economic power in Venezuela belongs to them by birth-right, and they are determined to regain whatever privileges they lost as a result of the policies of Chavez by any means necessary.


  23. The truth is that coffee-coloured Latin Americans, not just Venezuelans, treat black people in a way that Europeans would not dare. So, this savage racism must be a central part of the debate, not peripheral to it.

  24. BUT……it is the Black, non-white and poor people who have lost on average 13 kg in body weight, who are experiencing increased maternal mortality (according to a former Health Minister under Maduro), whose children are stunted in physical and mental growth due to malnutrition, who are suffering under the “benevolence” of Mr. Maduro. The elite are still well fed, well housed, enjoying medical care AND doing business with the Maduro administration. According to Mr Commissiong the OAS, the UN, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador are all part of a grand conspiracy against Venezuela.

    I do not doubt that much of the western media may be antagonistic towards the Venezuelan administration but in July, 2016, CCN TV6 of Trinidad and Tobago did just what Mr Commissiong is now recommending. That TV station sent a team to Venezuela to interview ordinary Venezuelans and to observe the situation for itself. Of course the Venezuelan embassy in Trinidad accused TV6 of being part of the media campaign of lies against Venezuela. So why should local journalists waste good money to go to Venezuela? Just report that all is well in that socialist paradise because any other viewpoint will be dismissed as a western campaign of lies.

  25. Yes Gabriel Varvaro, you are exhibiting the type of contempt that I fully expect from a segment of the Venezuelan people. Why don’t you try answering the questions that I posed ?

  26. Dear Mr. Commissiong…stand your ground. I had two neighbours from Venezuela, they were native and after Mr. Chavez was elected, they went back home. What you outlined above matches everything they said about Venezuela and its elites. They came to Canada because things were bad for them there. They told me it was even worse for blacks.

  27. Whatever you said has no justification to what’s happening in Venezuela today. All these outdated speeches are not reasons for the regime to allow Venezuelans to die everyday for malnutrition and for not having medicines, not to mention the thousands of Venezuelans killed by the regime police during the protests. The hundreds of political prisoners.

    We will answer about CAP and you will come with a new set of justifications. There is so much happening in Venezuela that this blog is not enough. That’s why I invited you and invite you again, to to meet with the Venezuelan community (expatriates as you refer to us) and enlighten us about this country that we don’t seem to see. To show us how wrong we are. Believe me, we want nothing but to be wrong about the circumstances in Venezuela. We can arrange the meeting anywhere you want and have all the press and whoever you want to invite to witness and maybe participate. I’ll patiently wait.

    • While the blog will never create the opportunity to fully ventilate the issue of Venezuela it does not hurt to start to address a few of the issues here.

  28. @ Hal Austin March 11, 2018 at 8:53 AM
    (Quote): There is no doubt that to oppose western liberal democratic capitalism is to invite the wrath of Anglo-Saxon vengeance.
    But my concerns about Venezuela, and the rest of Latin America, is the lack of representation of black people (those of African descent). The only time that Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and the other South American countries choose to be represented by black people is in sport or music: (Unquote)

    Rather interesting observation here! Is this the ‘black’ socialist side on the loose in the Jekyll and Hyde play park for your massive alternating ego?

    “Govt45”, why are you in hibernation?

    Your ‘Psychoanalysis’ skills are needed as a matter of emergency to put hallucinating Hal back in his’ straight’ jacket.

    As a peace offering let us say you, Hal, do make a point whose gravamen has not gone unnoticed. You are in good company with Carlos Moore the Cuban-born Frantz Fanon.

  29. @ Ping Pong
    David C is on about justice, self respect and enfranchisement. These are all things that come (and are kept) at a huge price.
    Your analysis is purely based on the albino-centric philosophy of acquiring material things.

    If you interview the poor and disenfranchised – whose suffering is bound to be worse in any such confrontation, they will obviously reflect greater levels of suffering than their former oppressors in any fight against injustice.

    How do you propose that justice, self-respect and enfranchisement in Venezuela be achieved without a price being paid by the current and past victims?
    ……to bend over and smile – head in the sand …..Bajan style?

    Comissiong is light years ahead of the pack in his spiritual analysis of the situation…

  30. I must beg to differ with the author on this specific issue and de ole man will say no more that IF THEY WERE REAL JOURNALISTS AROUND, AND THEIR WAS A GENUINE DESIRE TO PROVIDE AN INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT ON THIS ISSE, THEY WOULD GO.

    I would advise that they did not announce who they were

    Just for general knowledge though would the author advise which floor of the gold gilded Melia Caracas he remained on?

  31. Bush Tea

    are you out of your RH mind? What material things have I mentioned? Adequate nutrition? Health care? Maternal mortality? Safe and sanitary housing?!!! These are the very things that Hugo Chavez was fighting to give to the people!! The clown Maduro is incompetent and corrupt. His administration controls the supply and distribution of food and medicines. Are the people getting them? Maduro is no Chavez nor Castro. He is condemning his people to unnecessary suffering.

    Maduro is about as faithful to Chavez’s cause as Freudel Stuart is to Barrow’s. Pick sense from nonsense and guh long do!.

  32. Posting this on behalf of Mrs. Jocelyn Hunte.

    (Lord Acton)

    Venezuela has been subjected to living an ignominious existence by a group of villains with gross economic appetites, feeding on an orgy of absolute power and wealth, bringing the nation which was once the envy of Latin America and one of the richest countries in the world, sitting on the largest confirmed oil reserves in this planet, to its knees.
    The President is an illegal puppet of Cuba, now sanctioned by the USA, EU, OAS, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Chile and Spain. His wife’s narco-trafficking nephews are in US jails. The Vice-President is a narco-trafficker indicted by the US, and the main cohort has been named the Pablo Escobar of Venezuela.
    The list continues of those who have siphoned 3 plus billion dollars out of the country. Meanwhile, the valiant people of Venezuela are opposing the despotic regime, marching and protesting at the risk of losing their lives. Up to the latest reports there are approximately 131 killed in as many days of protests: youths, women and the elderly. Valiant protestors fighting to regain their human rights stolen from them by an avaricious, narco-driven, Cuba-directed regime which has been corrupted absolutely.

    The beautiful land of my birth has been decimated, expropriated, its natural resources raped, leaving in its wake a bloody trail of death, anguish, impoverishment, forcing the populace to scrounge among garbage for scraps, even killing dogs, cats and rats in order to survive.

    Some data on Venezuela:
    – the highest inflation in the world
    – Caracas, the capital, is the most dangerous city in the world
    – kidnappings and murders are daily events
    – unemployment is above 70%
    – medicines and special drugs are nonexistent
    – 50% of hospital operating theaters are out of order
    – 6 million people are barely eating two meals or fewer, daily
    – 80% of the populace is against Maduro and the illegal Constituent Assembly which he has imposed, in order to remain in power
    – Opposition government officials have been jailed and tortured.
    Venezuela is on the brink of an unfathomable abyss and while grieving parents bury their children killed by Maduro’s own militia, we see the ridiculous spectacle of a president mocking them, dancing salsa……… It is unpardonable. I cry to God for mercy and justice, for the distraught parents burying their children, for those parents and grandparents seeing their younger generation fleeing, looking for a better life. I pray for my family and compatriots in my motherland, in fervent hope that this tyranny comes to an end.
    I implore all nations to beware the presence of the ominous socialist cloud that threatens to engulf us, and its catastrophic consequences.

    May God hear us.


    Jocelyn Steele Figueredo de Hunte
    Venezuelan Citizen – Barbados Permanent Resident since 1950”

  33. @ Ping Pong
    Bushie’s bad…..
    Was not aware that the choice was between Maduro and Chavez. The Bushman was thinking that the alternative to Maduro was the old capitalist players that created the poverty of the masses in the first place.
    Froon is no Barrow, but who would you choose ….between Froon and his jokers, and a return to the days of the plantocracy?

    It will probably take a moron of Maduro’s ilk to create the platform for a Chavez of the future.
    Perhaps he noticed that leaders such as Chavez, Arafat etc tended to die of mysterious cancers….

  34. If Commissiong thinks things are so rosy in Venezuela..I suggest he try living there for a month ..not in a Hotel paid for by Communist supporters..go to the markets to buy food, go to the pharmacy to buy medicines..A tourist visit staying at a fancy Hotel does not tell him anything about the living conditions of the people in Venezuela…he is an idiot!

  35. Maduro has never produced proof that he was born in Venezuela..hence, he is an illegitimate President!

  36. @yatinkiteasy March 12, 2018 at 8:23 PM “Maduro has never produced proof that he was born in Venezuela..hence, he is an illegitimate President!”

    A bit of American nonsense imported into Venezuela.

    Do any of us know for certain where we were born? Or to whom? or exactly when?

    All we have is a piece of paper and other people’s say-so.

    Isn’t it enough that he was raised Venezuelan, that he feels Venezuelan, that he was raised Venezuelan, that he is in fact Venezuelan?

  37. Bajan’s are Turning a Blind to Our Next Door Neighbours in Venezuela and the Rotten Fruit That Socialism Bears….

    These are the Horrific Side Effects of Full Blown Socialism …Humans and Animals Starving in Venezuela… You know why Bajan’s Look the other way…Because There Turn Has Not Fully Come Yet…The Average Venezuelan has lost an average of 25lbs…Images show people that you would believe these pictures were in Hitler’s Nazi Germany …Their Bellies Sunken in with their Rib Cages Exposed!

    Bajan’s are being Strangled by Fat Cat Bureaucrats who Fattened themselves off the backs of Bajan’s by Uncontrolled Overblown Taxation’s and their Kick Back Pay to Play Schemes… Besides Wasting the Peoples money because it was Not theirs in the First Place.

    Now one of the Major Problems Plaguing the Island is that the South Coast of the Island is in Crisis and Local Businesses are Dying through No Fault of theirs and in Addition One of the Main Bread Winners, the Tourist Industry is Threatened into Extinction…

    Mine is Only a Voice of Warning!!

    Wake Up Before Too Late!!

    Food Scarcity in Venezuela is Killing Zoo Animals as the Country’s Economic Woes Deepen

    Animals in Venezuela’s Zulia Zoo are Suffering from Starvation as the Country Dives Deeper Into a Food Crisis.

  38. This will be an excellent opportunity for Mr. Comissiong to show the Barbadian people the beauties of the XXI Century Socialism. I will like him to explain how Carlos Andres Perez and USA are responsible for the violation of Human Rights to Mr. Hinds and every single political prisoner in Venezuela.

  39. Mr Commissiong needs to let the Trinidadians know that all is well in Venezuela.

    “Driven by hunger, hopelessness and a search for a better life, Venezuelans are leaving their homeland and flocking to this country (Trinidad), some seeking asylum but most arriving here illegally.

  40. The Trinidadian newspapers must stop spreading lies about Venezuela. According to David Commissiong (who spent a really long time in Venezuela of a few days and traveled all over the hotel in Caracas), food and medicines are readily available to all in that socialist paradise.

    “My brother, who is an engineer, said he has to work two weeks to get enough money to buy a carton of eggs. My cousin told me that she had to boil the food they feed to chickens — chicken feed — to eat..

    Be very wary of those who promise the moon and the stars and everything nice…

  41. Sir on your nextv visit go out in the daylight hours and take a camera .Going out in the dead of night to find starving people is an exercise and futily and a fight against the cause.
    It is obviuos that your bias for truth is hidden beneath your security blanket not only does america tv show images of blood and mayhem and lack of basic toletries and food but othet foreign news outlets and by george they cant be all wrong.
    The govt of venezuela has closed its eyes to the suffering of the people and you Commissiong as a person who have always been quick to crticize democractic laws and principles which are founded on humanatarian and judeau christian principles you ought to be ashamed of yourself to devote an article to the Maduro govt of praise while being crtical of those journalist who sees a truth of neglect and suffering of the venezuelean people

  42. Sir on your nextv visit go out in the daylight hours and take a camera .Going out in the dead of night to find starving people is an exercise and futily and a fight against the cause.
    It is obviuos that your bias for truth is hidden beneath your security blanket not only does america tv show images of blood and mayhem and lack of basic toletries and food but othet foreign news outlets and by george they cant be all wrong.
    The govt of venezuela has closed its eyes to the suffering of the people and you Commissiong as a person who have always been quick to crticize democractic laws and principles which are founded on humanatarian and judeau christian principles you ought to be ashamed of yourself to devote an article to the Maduro govt of praise while being crtical of those journalist who sees a truth of neglect and suffering of the venezuelean people

  43. Us Latin American and Caribbean people must unite against the U.S. imperialists.

    We can’t let our imperial enemies dominate the narratives of our countries.

    Follow us for leftist Latin American and Caribbean analysis:

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