Patricia Inniss Report: For The Recovery of Barbados’ Failing Sewerage System

The embedded report authored by Patricia Inniss contracted by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) as a Water Quality Consultant in 2016- she is now in charge of the Waste Water Division of the BWA- is an indictment on on ALL those who have occupied leadership in Barbados post-Independence. We cannot refer to Barbados as a progressive Black country that is highly literate after investing billions in education, boast of punching above our weight class, aspiring to be a developed country by 2025(?), resting the economy on the pillars of tourism and international sectors that rely on an acceptable infrastructure, then allow our sewage treatment plants to deteriorate to the degree revealed by Patricia Inniss and not feel a sense of hopelessness. She is a professional but it is the silly season and the point must be made, she is a DLPite.

As a country we can find money to build edifices, purchase Mercedes Benz, pay legal fees in the millions to the Hal Gollops, Richard Byers et al, dump NIS funds in Apes Hill etc but NOT feel compelled to purchase garbage trucks, buses, fix our roads and now rising to the top of the pile- adequately maintained our sewage system. What does it say about us as a people? Yes this is directed at ALL of us. We are the Rh government.

The BU household calls on our political class to address the issue of sewage management frontally. In fact we go further and ask that a comprehensive waste management system be mapped for Barbados that will sustain our development for the next 25 years. This will be difficult with a protracted silly season now imposed on the country by a prime minister intent on playing politics at a time it is beseeching  leadership.

Read the report for those seeing it for the first time and weep for our country!

Click image to read the 22 page report.


53 thoughts on “Patricia Inniss Report: For The Recovery of Barbados’ Failing Sewerage System

  1. Indeed a sorry indictment on Barbados there is so much wrong in this report where does one start. If a general Manager in the private sector miss managed a Company like this they would have fired – equipment broken down since 2008 and not fixed, other simple items like a hose being to short and not replaced – yet money can found to build a new office block (while previous one lies unused ) and yet the political blame game continues.

  2. The thing positive here is that author of the report is NOW IN CHARGE, will anything CHANGE OR IMPROVE, not likely. This is Barbados sole problem, incompetent and corrupt miss-management not only at BWA but across the board in government. Must commend Patricia Innis for her comprehensive report about the sewage system she prepared in Feb. 2014. Now the question in March 2018, 4 years later is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN DONE.

    SAD, SAD, SAD.

  3. Would want to know then why the Cabinet in its wisdom opted to abandon the West Coast Sewage Project, which has phase one as the rebuilding and upgrade of South Coast and Bridgetown plants, in favour of spending money from the Chinese on Sam Lords Castle, why?

    Simple answer: Sam Lords Castle would provide money/revenue for a certain Great Northern group of ????

  4. Amazing that this report according to the title page was published in Feb 2016, but the honourable poppet Fumble still saw fit to prioritize his time and $7,000,000 of taxpayers’ money on planning how to celebrate 50 years of independence in a grand fashion. At the same time he apparently ignored the implications of this report (along with the periodic media reports of sewage leaks that were becoming a regular occurrence after heavy rainfalls). Clearly his head was in the clouds or perhaps parked somewhere else where sunlight can never penetrate and visisibity is severly limited.

  5. This report merely reinforces what the BAPE has been trying to explain.
    It is not a matter of understanding the challenges or of being able to fix these problems. The issue is the fundamental management system in place which effectively places a politician as the overall project manager once he happens to be minister of finance – and in absolute control of the purse strings.
    Clearly Ms Inniss understands what needs to be done. Obviously I f she had control of the needed resources these problems would never have arisen in the first place. The same goes in general for previous managers. The fact is that they are totally dependent on needed funds being made available.
    There are other issues to be addressed of course, but unless this fundamental weakness is solved, or unless we find a minister of finance who is able to perfectly balance the financial needs of this project, the road network, the sugar industry, the water mains, the transport service and the dozens of other challenges, – along with inevitable political biases, we are guaranteed to continue to see such failures continue.

    A specialized, professional, technical, management authority- with absolute control of finances, management, maintenance and with 100% public reporting transparency, is the easiest and simplest approach to properly addressing these failing entities.

    Net surplus funds from successfully managed operations can be deposited into the consolidated fund to be assigned to other matters of national development. Operations such as the road network, water supply system, sewerage system and transport system are much too critical to be on the same funding level as new administration buildings and hotel plant investments.

  6. @David

    I agree she is not a policy maker. As an Engineer I would not have remotely considered taking on the BWA managerial sewage job without the power to hire/fire and mega funds at my immediate disposal. This is a sure fail job in any jurisdiction without the above requirements being met. I guess Wily does not understand Barbadian ingrained acceptance of FAILURE. Patricia is starting to show and practice her prime minister attributes.

  7. So they are sending out dye testing to see if the sewage will be okay in the deep wells ,,,was it not long ago they had issues at harrisons cave from soap coming in from the houses nearby….news flash….the sewage water will move

  8. back page of the Nation newspaper reports that Govt has signed for a US$20M loan to “give Barbados ‘ tourism industry a needed fillip”.
    Front page of the same newspaper headlines scream Fed up with stink. Nine tourists speak about situation. Hopefully some of that loan will be used to fixed the sewerage system.

  9. Hate when people blame me for doing something that I had nothing to do with. When you David say “WE” you include me. If you want to accept blame for the all of this shite, be my guest but please just speak for yourself

  10. @BAFBFP March 6, 2018 at 8:21 AM #

    As the saying goes “if the shoe fits” your responsible for the consequences if indirectly/directly involved, I know blame dodging is a Barbadian specialty. Time to smell the roses and bare the consequences.

  11. Has anyone taken a stroll down River Road recently? Specifically in the vicinity of Starcom and the Bridgetown Sewage plant? It stinks!

  12. The DLP continues to prove that they know how to manipulate but not manage. Sinckler and Estwick are public enemies. Sinckler showing Estwick that he must be starved of any finance that would make him look good. Since Sinckler is a Garsun boy,that is said in the manner that Bajans say somebody is a Dodds boy,it matters not that Barbados is held up to ransom….so long as Estwick is made to ‘feel small’.

  13. tudor March 6, 2018 at 8:19 AM #

    Is anyone keeping check on all these loans and underwritten promises?

  14. Let’s deal with the DLP shite through the BLP. Let us ask what the BLP will do to make sure that the nonsense that the DLP has done does not repeat itself under a Mia Mottley administration. I cannot stress enough the need for public protest against these two parties for the level of financial mismanagement and corruption claims laid to bare at the fee of Deebees and Demdummies.

    David, I am so busy at the moment that the poster protest is dormant for the time being. However, rest assured, I will be back soon, and one interesting poster that will be coming is the Idiocy of Freundel Stuart and his foolish spending.

  15. Personally, I would like to hear what the current Opposition Party plans to do about the apparent disappearance of millions and millions of dollars from the treasury, contracts having not met the normal bid process, ministers personal worth having increased monumentally during the past few years and not in tandem with their declared income. Only two things could preclude the pursuit and prosecution of the guilty:
    1. Skeletons are in closets from administrations past.
    2. There is the intention to fill cosets with skeletons in the future once the current swine are replaced by new swine at the trough.

  16. [[[Time for square brackets …cause you know how dem fellers does be peeping especially dat trembling fellow…

    My dearest Princess Pulchritude.

    I have long missed you…let me count the ways smile.

    I am glad to see that you are still here and well

    Dem work a trick pun de ole man and get me email mess up but de ole man ent concerned with things like that no mo.

    It is my belief that Prime Minister Mia Mottley will rise to the occasion required to save this country from its predicament.

    She must resuscitate the country especially if she wants to leave a legacy.



  17. The 42nd Ontario general election is scheduled to be held on or before June 7, 2018.

    The Liberals could lose the Election.

    I hope the Barbados elections occur before the Ontario elections so that our current Premier will still be in office to congratulate Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

  18. Pieceuhderock
    The woman has spent 30 years in Parliament, 14 as a Cabinet member. The only thing left to do is create a legacy. MAM is coming hard as RH. #allyuhwait

  19. Piece my man…things are heating up…lol

    It would be fantastic if Mia recognize that it is her time to leave a long lasting legacy of cleaning up the island and making things right, she owes the people that much…and no would would grudge her being successful. .

    As long as she dont plan to drag that walking human parasite Vivek into the people’s parliament with her this time around, he too has done more than enough damage in the supreme court to many people on the island…right Enuff…Vivek is dead weight.

  20. Tue, 03/06/2018 – 12:00am Barbados1
    It has been confirmed.
    Mara Thompson will not be on the list of Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidates contesting this year’s upcoming general elections and has instead thrown her support behind the party’s General Secretary George Pilgrim to run for the St. John seat.
    On Sunday evening, Thompson informed her constituents in the Four Roads area of her decision to bow out of active politics, before urging them to stand behind Pilgrim, who accompanied her on the walkabout.
    It is still unclear however, as to whether Pilgrim has been formally nominated to carry the party’s banner for St. John.
    Pilgrim is said to have been one of two members of the DLP, desiring to replace the incumbent during this year’s polls, which are constitutionally due by May. The other was former Consul General to Toronto Leroy McClean.
    It would not be the first time Pilgrim’s name appears on a general election ballot sheet as he ran twice unsuccessfully in the 1994 and 1999 elections, in the constituency of St. Thomas.
    Often hailed as the DLP’s most secure seat since 1958, St. John was held by late Prime Minister Errol Barrow, who died in office in 1987. Former Prime Minister David Thompson, Mara’s husband was then elected for the seat, which he held until his death in office in October 2010. Soundly winning the seat in a by-election in January 2011, the widow again ran successfully during the 2013 general election.
    Thompson was the first female Deputy Speaker of the House. (JMB)

  21. Obviously they dont even care who they put in St. John, showing once again the disrespect and scant regard they have for the people of St. John….at least Mara will no longer be sucking on the taxpayer’s purse while doing nothing to earn it and being uppity and illmannered too………. good riddance.

    Am sorry. ..for those who dont know who Vivek is…

    As long as Mia dont plan to drag that walking human parasite Peter Vivek Kutappa-Harris into the people’s parliament with her this time around, he too has done more than enough damage in the supreme court to many people on the island…right Enuff…Vivek is dead weight.

    And I have not even mentioned the other nasty things he gets up to.

    I dont think the island or parliament can handle anymore hangerson from the minority business community…..owning politicians and ministers like slaves and messenger boys and girls, while waiting their turn to rob what they can from the treasury and pension fund….decades of that practice and patterns of behavior is more than enough….2 generations of the majority population have lost hundreds of millions of dollars to crooks because of slave ministers they owned.

    Keep the RH minority parasites out of the people’s parliament.

  22. Hello my Sweet Piece and Goodbye my sweet piece

    The same way how you left without telling me anything, leaving me to think that you were ill or worst yet, dead, you can take the same door you went by the first time and let it firmly plant itself on your ass when you plan to depart again. Just to let you know, I hardly comment on BU anymore because I am swamped and a bit tired of saying and seeing the same things on BU all the time.

    It seems that you have endorsed Mottley for change. I would like to know how you expect to believe that she will bring change when she has crooked arrogant shites like George Payne, Dale Marshall, and Glyne Murray in her line up. Do you not understand that whatever appearances Mottley decides to go with will only last until the corruption scandals come to the forefront. Mottley is prepared to go that far with her revealing of the DLP skulduggery and no further. She will not investigate, seek to uncover or reveal any malpractices worthy of police intervention against the DLP (though I would love the rogue to surprise me). Mottley’s head eyes are swollen big for Barbados’s first female Prime Minister and any other ball game would play as long as she gets that.

  23. Most of us do not give a damn about dlp internal politics but why would they waste a safe seat on a yardfowl, a pimp, a bag carrier and a lackey like George Pilgrim?

    Only today I passed by Forde’s Road and looked to see if Verla Depeiza’s campaign house sign was back up. I said to my spouse maybe she is really moving to St John.

    I still dont think that Fumble will allow Pilgrim to get that seat…….remember there is no democracy in the way the dlp selects its candidates………..Fumble will ensure that either Verla or his favourite Suckoo is in installed in St John. Not even Stephen Lashley may get a look in.

    Let the blood sport begin!

  24. We were so eager to give David Thompson a chance to lead, a man whom we all knew that his sole ambition in life was that would be a leader of the dlp and then a PM.

    We gave him a chance despite our mis-givings and found out that he was a liar, a thief and a scumbag.

    We need to give Mia a chance to lead when she is elected. Judge her harshly if she fails to live up to the Covenant of Hope.

  25. I never gave David a chance. I never trusted him. I never voted for him. I never could see what people saw in him. I am still puzzled as to what it was that other people saw and that I could not see and still do not understand.

  26. @Prodigal Son March 6, 2018 at 6:04 PM “why would they waste a safe seat on a yardfowl, a pimp, a bag carrier and a lackey like George Pilgrim?”

    I think that George, not Mara, should have been run in St. John in 2013. You call George nasty names. I call him a nice guy and a DLP loyalist.

    Just as you are a BLP loyalist.

  27. What of our pension funds will Mara be receiving.As the widow of a PM, as a former parliamentarian and as a former public servant in the teaching profession.Three pensions then?

  28. Oh oh

    Dear Sweet Sunshine,

    I am speechless lolol

    But let me see if I can entertain your reasoning for a little bit.

    Let us assume that these are but pseudonyms that we employ and deploy here on BU the possibility exists that in addition to all the many identities de ole man has on BU, I might be a pret3nd gender who masquerades here like many here on BU.

    Suppose I was like Fumbles or WeJonesing, pretending to be a male enamoured of you but my alter ego might be a female using the cover of our “affair” to obscure my real identity, this breakup and abandonment has scuttled that cover lolol.

    But what if Sweet Sunshine the alter ego was in fact so sick or so close to death that this interlude within the cyberhalls of BU might have been of major import or “a land of little interest” to one struggling to hold on to this transient thing called life?

    You mean that you would leave me then?

    I am much wiser now and realise what you are actually saying Suzanne.

    I do genuinely apologize and share with you that I was unable to do any better.

    I ask that you in particular understand that plea given your own substantive position and the realization that it is physically impossible to be two places at one time.

    Had I passed like Rok or Amused or Looking Glass none of you would have known for at least a year, believe me because my circle has contracted and there is no fallback here no common denominator through which you can be updated.

    My email was spoofed so I can’t reach you there any more and I don’t have your profile saved anywhere else so if you reached out there is no way we can speak

    But again i offer you my sincerest apologies

    If you are so inclined I will send a second contact to the Honourable Blogmaster and reestablish our rapport

    I will be more careful with that outreach Suzanne…should you be so inclined

  29. Posted to BU’s Facebook page:

    Roland Clarke This 2016 report is quite revealing and damming. The report seems to be a maintenance and management audit report, with mention of a water quality report prepared in 2015. It also includes pictures of diffusers at the end of the outflow pipes, but there ‘s no attribution of who would have taken these underwater puctures. It’s also interesting to note that the author of this report carries the title of Water Quality Consultant, hence I was a bit surprise at the scope of the report which goes well beyond her apparent remit. Nonetheless her report was quite well done and spoke to the dire issues at hand. Surely this should have prompted immediately action by the Barbados Water Authority.

    I do remain confused about one aspect of this report. Ms Innis reports that the there is an outflow pipe off Needham’s Point that serves the South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant. This seems to located quite a distance from St Lawrence, Christ Church. In fact, I seem to recall being informed that the Hilton Hotel has its own sewage treatment plant. Hence I would expect that their outflow pipe would be located off Needham’s Point. The basis of my confusion is as follows.

    During 2013, I had the opportunity to participate in the conduct of an energy audit at both sewage plants together with two lift stations (River Road and Bay Street). The audit also included 11 water pumping stations across Barbados, but this is incidental to my current comment here. My work was conducted under sub-contract to Econoler, an energy consulting firm from Quebec, Canada. Econoler was retained (I believe) by the Barbados Water Authority with funding Inter-Ametican Development Bank. (Actually the IDB might have done the contracting directly. I’m not sure).

    During the audit at the South Coast Treatment Plant, I observed that the outflow pipe exited the pump room and pointed towards the direction of the the entrance to St Lawerence Gap. Later, I went went to that beach location but could not see the pipe as it went out to sea. I therefore assumed it was not only buried under the road where it crossed, but it was also burried under the sand and sea.

    It is very important for the outflow pipe at the South Coast Sewage Plant to be propertly identified. Why? The effluent from the plant is not treated with air, hence it will take oxygen from the coral reefs at the outflow. This will kill the reefs and thereby have dire and far reaching environmental, economic and social impacts on Barbados.


    Roland Clarke PhD

  30. Dear SSS

    I shall try not to be prolix.

    Je regrette toute…and because it is my fault I must learn from those faults n’est-ce pas?

    The DLP was an atrocious experiment that failed.

    So what can our electorate do?

    Do you think that we can experiment with the ISO9001’s and the other Ill prepared Third Party alternatives now?

    Let me tell you what De ole man sees happening under Prime Minister Mottley.

    The country Barbados is in ducks guts.

    Bajans are going to decimate the DLP and the BLP will win every badword Seat.

    And yes you have spoken of the stragglers on and the parasites.

    Prime Minister Mottley will not let stragglers on run her administration, she reads people well.

    And already has an implementation plan for all contingencies particularly for stragglers on

    Barbados will rise again because Mia Mottley will not administer a legacy of mayhem.

    She is not David Thompson or Freundal Stuart, that was their downfall, they were prepared to rule fluff kingdoms.

    Her time in the wilderness has made her very much aware that it does not make sense to rule desolation.

    She has seen from up real close how incompetence has panned out under David and Fumbles and to a lesser degree former. Prime Minister Arthur of one thing you can be sure Mottley is not stupid.

    Mine is the hope and belief that the new administration n, led by Mottle, will introduce such changes and initiatives which will permit the country to rise and exceed the former donkey cart mentalities.

    Promised to be brief so I am done there

  31. @ Sunny Shine Shine

    I agree with your comments. George Payne and Dale Marshall are crooks. You can add Ralph Thorne and several others in the DLP.

    It is time locals elect a NEW Party as there will be more of the same skullduggery and graft/theft.

  32. Who is the Registered Professional Engineer responsible for the Sewage System?

    Who is the Engineer in Charge as referred to in the organizational chart in the report?

    Is Patricia Inniss an Engineer?

  33. “Eight major pieces of equipment are in dire need of repair to restore Barbados’ failing sewerage system,

    particularly the non-functioning South Coast Sewage Treatment Plant which,

    after years of deterioration, stopped primary treatment of sewage in January, 2014.”

  34. It may be the only way to get rid of, permanently, the most destructive among them, making way for new people, but first a prime, long lasting, memorable example has to be made so the others will learn from it and remember. …and stop doing the same shit, making the same mistakes over and over while expecting different results,

    Bajans have very short memories when it comes to their own welfare and wellbeing, they love shit titles and pretensive false status, that is why they are so very easily exploited…

    …..this is the best opportunity anyone has had in the last 50 years to bring it to their attention and try to reduce the damage going forward to a minimum, until it is completely eliminated.

    One can feel the anticipation, excitement and salivation from some on here who cant wait for the same shit to continue again under Mia, because then they would be the yardfowls getting all the attention and protecting their own demise and destruction……just like the recently disappeared BU yardfowls ac, fractured criminal, carson etc..

    Someone gotta drag them back to reality befire the election, or we will have the same battles to fight on BU after election, but just with differently named yardfowls.

  35. Wily can report the gushing manhole by Lanterns Mall is DRY and road repaired, hmmmm. Looks as if road maintenance dug out the collapsed area, including area under sewage manhole and backfilled and paved the area. Manhole no longer gushing or weaping as the sewage system is now totally blocked by backfill. The question now is what un-suspecting new sewage area will be effected. Bandaids make nice political press however the problem is now exacerbated.

  36. A June 2015 report analyzing eight (8) years of sampling results (2007 – 2014) on the content of influent and effluent at the plants has noted the reoccurring, over prohibited concentration levels, of chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants leaving the plants and being discharged into our marine water.

    The report also made mention to the fact that the BWA has not submitted influent/effluent sample analysis results to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) for many years.


    This tells you the project was a catastrophic failure since at least, 2007.

    Remember, its purpose was to reduce levels of contamination in Marine Waters!!

  37. Most of the Diffusers in the ocean outfalls are not functioning Examination of the outfalls in October 2015 has revealed that the areas are in dire need of cleaning, repair and maintenance. No cleaning has been done since January 2014 and this is in contravention to regulation stipulating quarterly cleaning and before and after cleaning video recordings which should be shared with the EPD.

    Of the 18 Diffusers discharging effluent from the SCSTP to the ocean outfall -off Needham’s Point, some 150 ft below sea level- six (6) are functioning, two (2) are functioning poorly and ten (10) are not functioning. Of the 16 diffusers discharging effluent from the BSTP to the ocean outfall -off Princesss Alice Highway (Travor’s Way), 1 000 ft length of pipe 50 ft below sea level- two (2) are functioning and fourteen (14) are not functioning.


    This tells you that Mia got her hands on the report back in 2015 when the catastrophe visited on Barbados was apparent and could become public knowledge.

    So, as any self respecting politician, she went on the attack and tried to lay the blame on the DLP.

    It gets funnier, two poppet DLP ministers went in the sea to show there was no problem.

    Why do we need these people to frig around with our country?

  38. Piece
    You wid Mugabe now?

    Shite man, if all the things said these expectations of yours seem ………. unworthy of your illustrious history here

  39. @ John

    I am reminded from a line in a Tale of Two Cities “Je t’accuse”

    I date meself with that old movie where two soldiers find themselves in the trenches during the war (WWI) and one is the lover of the others wife.

    It is not the story that is relevant but the words which roughly translate as “I accuse you” or which can refer to a self indictment of some major social injustice.

    You ask why these people frig around with our country?

    The fact is that our system of governance has not moved further than a failed duopoly of exchanges every five years which, IN A WORLD OF Artificial Intelligence, and Biological Warfare, DNA sequencing and cloning and all the things that the developed world are dabbling in, is not a healthy prospect.

    It is an antiquated system and represents a collective that is indicative of an inbred insular mentality.

    I go further and “I accuse you and me” because, in the face of the facts that besiege us, our realities for alternatives are few and fleeting.

    No government should be allowed to stay in power in Barbados for more than 4 years.

    The cycle of the world at large DEMANDS that our own voting regulations must change to ensure that administrations MUST PERFORM in mush less time.

    Such contracted time WILL DEMAND PERFORMANCE and will breed a more efficient and effective type of politician capable of delivering as opposed to the poppets that you mention above.

    Further, if you are not performing, like Mara Thompson or Joseph the preacher man or any one of them IS NOT PERFORMING, there should be the option for the power of recall.

    As to the report and its “sources” Your rationale and subsequent assumption as to who got their hand on what and when it integrally flawed.

    One accepts that the report might be beneficial to the interests of the BLP.

    However, being someone who knows about reports that fall of trucks one can easily say to you that the date of an internal report DOES NOT PRESCRIBE ITS RECEIPT.

    In fact, what it can in fact show is that, as of the date of the disclosure of the report, the fact that there is an earlier report showing the state of affairs in an organization, only suggests (a) that there is an individual/faction that has access to these documents (b) said persons may be disgruntled and (c) might have collected said items for selective dissemination at some unclear time.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” AND CONSEQUENTLY, it is my contention that there are other options through which this document became public, notwithstanding how it benefits a BLP administration.

    For example, any disgruntled employee (who may have suffered, under the DLP administration, these many years,) might done what anyone in those circumstances would do, get a copy of these reports AND SUBMIT IT CONFIDENTIALLY TO BU.

  40. Lolol

    No Lawson.

    I date myself by being in the cadre of those persons for whom they were a part of the visual diet one was exposed to like all Quiet on the Western Front and Requiem for a Boxer.

    Jes is an ole man dats all.

    @ Pachamama

    I seem to be disappointing many people recently with what is my belief.

    There are two choices facing us at March 2018.


    It is only a reasonable position that they MUST loose every single seat.

    In the context of Barbados, that desire is not because one wants a single party parliament but because OF TWO REASONS.

    And de ole man will share them with you Pachamama.


    But here is de ole man’s main reason

    Prime Minister Mia Mottley needs the room to be able to effectively manage the radical changes that she has to implement for Barbados over the next 5 years.

    She will need to have the latitude of what amounts to a De Facto Recall of the rejects and ineffective persons that may (euphemism for will) parasitically be included in the whitewash.

    Many here will speculate on what PM Mottley will do when she wins the government

    But I am a little further in my anticipation of what a new administration will mean for our country.

    But I am cognisant of what lack of latitude does with people who are infested by leeches and ticks.

    So before there is any instance of an Eager 11 Faction de ole man is telegraphing what WILL BE REQUIRED for her to quell those leeches.

    For Change to happen she has to address that going into the election.

    When people to win conclusively it give one that ability to manage the incompetents that will rise on her meteor.

    You are a wise sentient being Pachamama.

    You have long understood “cabinets and shadow cabinets” in the context of that famed chess move “en passant”

    I dun talk bout dat.

    De grandson sending me someting pun telegram so i going and see what it is….heheheheh

  41. You is rite Welly an ya always gotma bawlin wid de 24/7 monitorin o de blog. When do you get a moment to bathe? Perhaps you don’t.

    But ya gotma bawlin anyway et al o dat ilk we posit wuhloss an cricket’n’Bob o dat ilk.

    “Know what I like about the Bush [Tea bar]? No eminents. Me, Harold Hoyte, Patrick Maxwell, Bobby Pitcher, Jeff Broomes, a judge, lil baby jeebus de jooboy from Nazareth in St. Philip, and Moses the desert nomad 10-point plan guy – all at the same level.”

  42. Piece: you wrote:
    “…For example, any disgruntled employee (who may have suffered, under the DLP administration, these many years,) might done what anyone in those circumstances would do, …” I deliberately will conclude the sentence for you, and say that instead of taking a copy of the report to the BLP, he/she would do as detailed on Page 7, Figure. 8, DUMP CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL DOWN A MANHOLE AND SEWER LINE.” FIGURE 19 ALSO SHOWS THE EFFECTS OF ILLEGAL DUMPING AND INDISCRIMINATE DUMPING OF FATS, OILS AND GREASE INTO THE SYSTEM RESULTING IN THE REDUCTION OF WATER FLOW BY MORE THAN HALF. MS INNISS’ COMMENTS ON PAGE 15 ARE EXTREMELY PERTINENT AND SHOULD BE PRIORITIZED AND ACTED UPON.
    I HACE BEEN CRITICAL OF THE SOUTH COAST SEWAGE SYSTEM FOR A VERY LONG TIME, primarily because it has not functioned as it should have from the beginning; it was the wrong system for the area it was supposed to service, planning for growth in the number of interconnections, population growth, commercial establishments, and otherwise, were obviously not done.
    The type of system ; involving the use of bacteria for decomposition of the sewage; where the bacteria could be destroyed by dumping of chemicals inimical to their proper functioning, have not been taken into consideration, from the beginning. All sewage systems have to be subject to proper maintenance, and above all scheduled rehabilitation of the system have to be planned for and acted upon promptly.
    I have read the report, and there is blame to be spread around involving from the Minister; and thus the Government to the worker at the bottom of the scale;.

    The haphazard and untidy way in which the workmen leave; and presumably work in, the environment leaves much to be desired. ( Page 2.) Pipes run haphazardly, and dangerously all over the road. This points out that the supervisor or foreman is just as blind to the untidy environment as the workers who have to run the pipes. this points to inadequate supervision. Open walls where people can fall in should not be accessible without safety nett or some such thing preventing easy access. The pipes can cause injury to people walking in the area. Can’t the pipes be run against the side of the buildings tidily and leave the road clear. The stock laid out Fig. 23. without any seeming regard for exposure to the elements; theft or mishandling points to a severe failure of staff, especially supervisory staff.No proper company would allow this wastage of valuable material

    2.The need for a proper management system; so many years after the system was built, points out the failure of he system from the beginning. This indicates a lack of proper training of stag-at all levels- that has been exacerbated over the years Had this been done, the proper preventIVE Maintenance system, would have been in place, and could have been upgraded over time and periodically. Consequently equipment breakdown could have been anticipated, rectified and prevented in a timely manner, resulting in lower costs to replace or repair.

    Figure 5. Page 4. refers to the single Odor control unit in Deal Gardens Maxwell. Why was there not provision for at least two of these so that when one breaks down or has to be “rehabilitated” the other one would be available. Things like this; in a high tourist area where people are sensitive to doors, is too important to neglect.
    The construction of Bathroom facilities, for workers-no guests or others- leaves much to be desired. The environment is not conducive to proper cleaning, so workers are forced to use facilities that are less than ideal. The tiling on the floor, is obviously no amenable to proper cleaning, and is too constrictive. It would seem that the architects and constructors felt they could give the workers “anything” and they should be satisfied. Workers need to have proper surroundings to produce at their optimum
    You cannot have a proper functioning system where the diffusers for the effluent are not functioning optimally,or not functioning at all; more especially when the discharge pipes run into the sea, where they are subject to greater environmental effects and buildup of seaweed and coral buildup. There obviously has not been proper maintenance schedule of these outflow pipes over the years.

    There is much to condemn in this report, wherein the responsibility; as I said earlier, can be applied with a broad and heavy brush to everyone at the BWA; from the chairman, through the engineers, and ultimately the Minister and the government

    In my opinion complete restructuring and indeed rebuilding of the sewage system should be undertaken immediately. The Rehabilitation of the present system MUST take priority; beginning wish the laying of NEW PIPES OF GREATER DIAMETER, NEW MANHOLES AND NEW DIRECTION FOR THE PIPE FLOWS-ESPECIALLY THE OUTFLOWS. I have not examined the system in detail, but I REMEMBER YEARS AGO LOOKING T REPAIRS BEING DONE TO THE PIPES THaT RUN ALONG THE AREA OPPOSITE “LANTERNS MALL,” AND FELT THAT THEY WERE TOO NEAR THE SURFACE, AND WERE AFFECTED BY THE TIDAL CHANGES THQT TAKE PLACE IN THAT AREA.


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