Reverse Esoterics: The Arcane Transhumanist Deception Agenda, Digital Cosmology and Man’s Quest To Raise ‘The Immortals’

Submitted by Terence Blackett

“What the Empire fears most is the man who cannot be corrupted – bought or sold at any price” – Anonymous

The Blue-Bloods and the Black Nobility families of Europe have been solely responsible for all the corruption and evil that exist in the world today. They were the ‘Enlightened Ones’ – the ‘Illumined Ones’, whose core doctrines drew from the wells of Biblical, historical and anthropological antiquity – going all the way back to the sons of Ham (THE CANAANITES) and the sons of Esau (THE EDOMITES), to the fallen sons of Jacob (THE DANITES). These fallen sons of God (Bene-Ha-Elohim) including “THE POSTMODERN ‘ITES” in the land, would spread their tentacles of agathokakological wickedness and spew their puerile pus of evil upon the earth, in every form of Satanic and human worship, pagan idolatrous practices and avowed deception – entrapping countless billions of souls over four millennia.

In the clamour of the blood, guts and gore of the Protestant Reformation’s fervour of the ‘Dark Ages’, the Medici Clan of Italy by 1463 was one of the most Satanic and bloodthirsty elite bloodlines of the Black Nobility in Renaissance Europe – uncontested as the purveyors and custodians of “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus” – they created an unholy trinity of Hermeticism bred upon Mt Hermon by the fallen sons of God according to books of Jasher and Enoch – masked as man’s energumenical knowledge quest to be his own ‘god’’ through a network of “alchemy, astrology and theurgy”.

Thus, in the violent throes of the Protestant Reformation across Europe and the Catholic murder of over 50 million Christians, the time-tested maxim became clear: “if you can’t beat ‘em, subvert ‘em”, and this virulent ideology became as insidious as any which has ever graced the annals of mediaeval antiquity. By 1509 to 1513, Gasparo Contarini, one of the leading noble families in Venice, had created a group which became later known as (‘i-spirituali’) – who would set in motion the future stated goals of the New Age Movement to destroy monotheistic religion and return man to outright paganism by using the deconstructionist penchant of Aristotle’s philosophy, having previously rejected Plato’s methodological interpretations of perfection, that was thought to bring man closer to his Creator.

Today in the 21st century fragmented colloquium, (‘i-spirituali’) is now based on the reverse esoterics of digital cosmological and a patently narcissistic created world based on (‘i-Phone technology’) where human consciousness is being computationally and mathematically modelled to the point where the manipulation of quantum consciousness is no longer light years away but researchers have created a modem to the brain that will upload and download synthetic versions of technology in order to be able to control up to a million neuron pathways. DARPA projects like this, will not only create enhanced human capability but the end-goal is to create Satanic super-soldiers and super-human life forms – confirming the inviolability of Darwin’s survival of the fittest hypothesis!

This genesis of man’s quest for immortality at his own hands goes way back to the “Forbidden Tree” in the Garden of Eden based on Creation theology and some today, see Aristotle’s primordialist, pre-Neo-Darwinist hypothesis purported to imply that the Creator had nothing to do with the unfolding of the universe and/or the continuity of the creation-process. For Aristotle’s view saw that man’s progress, as merely illusory time/space distanciation, removing us from the ethereal world confines of a Creator God. Aristotle also believed in no right or wrong; as knowable truth was empirically, quantifiably, and damnably imperceptible – incapable of being measured. Aristotle believed only in ethics, but with no human variables housed in morality, but moreover, that ethics was merely a matter of [socially] constructed convention. Aristotelianism then became the prepubescent oligarchical disease that would mire classical, modern and postmodern Western society with the ravages of Occult Kabbalism and every other dubious evil known to mankind – a world of reverse esoterics based on an arcane transhumanist deception agenda – (a video that is well worth watching)!

Looking back at this 16th century culture war that would inevitably carpet-bomb England with the shrapnel fragments of freemasonry practices – creating an impenetrable fortress for the Synagogue of Satan to lay its destructive plans based on an ethos of conviviality amongst its adherents – using Britain as the hub from where circumnavigation of this specious ideology would proliferate across the then known world, to become propagated as the Venetian Deception. Nothing was spared! No institution, monolith, ideology or Enlightenment treatise remained uncontaminated by its ‘imago viva Dei – for the ‘gods of Mt Olympus’ had come down to wreak havoc upon the besmirched souls of ignorant men. It was Christianity (only) that asserted that all men were created in the image of Almighty God, but now the Venetian oligarchy was intent on creating a world created in its own image and dictated by its own nefarious likeness!

In the book by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam – “On the Path of The Immortals” he cites: “This is the ‘Secret Knowledge’, the scientific imperative, informed and driven by spiritual advisers that the Bible cites as key to the opening of the gateway to the ‘gods’.” It is Entemenaki, Baba-alu, the opening of the Abzu, the doorway to Hell.” Horn & Putnam’s book elucidates man’s vain quest for that secret knowledge of the ancients – Gnosticism and Alchemy which opened the Occult door to Rosicrucian theories and the birth of freemasonry; the multifarious backdoor sciences of Satan displayed in a posthumous velum of what we know as Hermeticism (the modern variant of all secret scientific knowledge of all secret orders and elite bloodlines). These Western esoteric traditions are no more questioned today as is the Genetically Modified Organisms in our food, medicines or in our spiritual spaces. This is how far down the rabbit-hole mankind has fallen! This is how “DUMBED-DOWN” we have become where we supposedly question everything (thinking we are “WOKE”) yet question nothing of any real serious import because the cerebral geo-engineering and nuanced programming brainwashes us into focusing on insular, localized and fluid geopolitical shenanigans which has precious little to do with the overall picture of our daily lives!

The transhumanist deception agenda has created a world where nothing that is framed as reality can be trusted. Fake money has become the foundational premise upon which mankind has built his monolithic structures including our daily, disjointed and disconnected lives. Men have moved from gold (God’s currency) to silver (which was as common as stones in the days of King Solomon) to cryptocurrencies (a Satoshi Nakamoto created algorithm platform with all its vagaries) where virtual wealth is now created from out of thin air. So men serve “mammon” in the hope that it will bring them into some concocted version of eternal bliss and salubrious comfort, but if history is any gauge of the future – the outcome is always one of eventual dire tragedy. Men put faith in fake banking; as a result, it has left those of us who are “SAVERS” with near 0% interest rates, while the said Banksters loan our money at exorbitant rates to those who need credit facilities to fund their projects and their daily lives. Fake pension pots and a fake stock market (where Bulls & Bears coexist in synergistic harmony) see bubbles ebb and flow like the waters at Miami Beach and only God knows the true extent of the Pyramid Scheme that has been created by the medievalist Black Jewish Nobility of “moneychangers” and money-lenders in Renaissance Italy of the 1400’s – orchestrated to rob us blind today.

There is more faith in fake economic theory postulated and computationally fed into Stata and “R” software programs, as econometric models housed in quantum algebraic formulas that would please Albert Einstein’s lesser self – while the captains of industry and entrepreneurship promise a 4th industrial revolutionary world, where cyborg science fiction becomes science reality fact – a two-tier world of fake politics run by a global elite of Blue-bloods and Black nobility operatives, who control every aspect of human life through the insidious harbingers of technology. So forget about localized polyTRICKS and the machinations of which political party will bring more VA-VA-VOOM to the table – it’s all a planned colossal CON!

Reverse esoterics means more fake elections! Your leaders are not ELECTED – they are SELECTED! The ‘dark forces’ which operate in the shadows decide who assumes power based on their capacity to sell-out the citizenry and line the pockets of their masters. So for those who place their trust in fake government – they will always be grossly angered and disappointed when those you defend turn your world into despair and despondency in not fulfilling their Manifesto promises to you. Any trust in the arm of flesh will be nothing more than a fool’s paradise – a place where beggars become princes and fools rule by their own decrees.

Fake history is now being rewritten given that the victors have always been the ones who have had the literary authority to decide what version of their story will be heaped upon the masses. Life is nothing more than a cricket match where the game is “FIXED” and those who “SPIN” knows how and when to bowl a googly.

Every facet of life is being controlled. Fake science has created fake agriculture which in turn has created fake Frankenstein foods which has led to fake medicine providing a Band-Aid for what is now an incurable condition – as the ‘gods’ of fake modern commerce profit off the backs of docile, DUMB-DOWNED humans who have place more trust in doctors, lawyers, LIAR-politicians, preachers and others, than they place in the secrets of nature which God has skillfully provided for the healing of the nations.

So while the ignorantly hurting languish in the cesspool of fake entertainment based on fake sport, fake news mediazation, fake sexuality and fake reLIEgion – the elites provide more and more fodder to meet the insatiable appetite of this carnivorous monster who gobbles up everything in its path with no visible satisfaction and no possibility of any end-goal in sight.

The foibles of reverse esoterics presupposes that fake education is the answer to our issues and ills, as young people rack up astronomical DEBT to fund brain warped academic courses which have precious little life application and ill-equips most for a world in quantum flux – heading headlong in a quagmire of fake consciousness about the world and the way it ought to be run for the many and not for the malevolent few.

Sadly, there is hardly anything that can be trusted in our world – for even fake advertising spins a tangle-web of intrigue that would please Edward Bernays – as propaganda is the insalubrious tool used by those who seek to wipe our consciousness of any rhyme or reason.

Even fake justice today is construed and constructed on the walls of fake law practice and fake jurisprudence! The quality of mercy according to Shakespeare is truly strained and in a world where fake money is the ‘god’ of the age – if your pockets are not lined with Bitcoins or 999.9 gold bullion, do not expect to solicit the fake legal justice in any court of law if the crime is embellished in the court of human opinion and the odds are stacked virulently against you, although you may be innocent.

In conclusion, the reverse esoterics of fake technology has not brought us together as a species – moreover, it has created a world where interconnectedness has never been more erratic, spasmodic, patchy, scrappy, bitty and piecemeal. After 1000’s of years of human existence upon this God-forsaken planet, mankind continues to show that it is virtually impossible for them to live together with any meaningful semblance of normality or harmony. Good luck to the dark forces that somehow believe that they can herd men into some kind of collective evolutionary sheep-pen given the creation of a hyper-reality world that would validate the postulations of Jean Baudrillard, where men can live as ‘gods’ – every man existing under his own vine and under his own fig tree.

Enough said!


  • Transhumanism: The Anti-Human ‘Singularity’ Agenda
    Waking Times

    In an excellent documentary called Google and the World Brain, WIRED magazine writer Kevin Kelly asked Google founder Larry Page back in the olden days, “Why would anyone want a new search engine when we have Alta Vista?”

    And Page replied, “It’s not to make a search engine. It’s to make an A.I.”

    The documentary also quotes Ray Kurzweil — before he was hired as Google’s Director of Engineering — saying – “We talked to Google about their quest to digitize all knowledge and then create an A.I.”

    Google’s corporate goal appears to be not only to steal all words, books, images, video, music, etc. through its search engine and other subsidiaries like Google Books, You Tube, etc. –but then to monetize this wholesale theft on a worldwide scale.

    This global library of information can then be transformed into a super-cyber-godlike Artificial Intelligence, which literally may become tantamount to SkyNet of Terminator movie fame.
    In Transcendence, the Johnny Depp character turns into an uploaded cyberspace version of his former human self. Disguised as a cautionary tale, the movie is presented as a fait accompli, since the mad scientists of Google and DARPA are undoubtedly working day and night to initiate the so-called Singularity — a confluence of the so-called GRIN technologies – Genetic, Robotic, Information processing, and Neuro-technological processing.

    By merging Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Synthetic Biology, augmented by geo-engineering and Genetically Modified (GM or weaponized) food crops, these voodoo priests and rabbis of transhumanism are attempting to create a consensual virtual reality in which humans have become irrelevant because they are not “augmented” like those who have A.I. enhanced techno-gadgets, granting them super-powers, super-knowledge or super-intelligence. These synthetic or artificial siddhis (spiritual powers), they believe, will make them much more than mere mortal humans.


    If ordinary, unaugmented humans become irrelevant and won’t be needed to flip burgers, drive trucks, sweep the streets, operate cash registers etc, who will provide food, housing and medical care for the mounting numbers of unemployable, useless eaters?

    Is the movie Transcendence mentioned above just a cautionary tale, or is it another example of predictive programming?

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  • @TB

    Thought provoking as usual for those who like the ‘heavy’ stuff.

    Like your reference to the fact others are able through the technology to ‘mind control’. Worth the discussion!

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  • The Blue-Bloods and the Black Nobility families of Europe have been solely responsible for all the corruption and evil that exist in the world today.


    All is a hard sell … maybe some!!

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  • millertheanunnaki

    @ T B:

    “Every facet of life is being controlled. Fake science has created fake agriculture which in turn has created fake Frankenstein foods which has led to fake medicine providing a Band-Aid for what is now an incurable condition – as the ‘gods’ of fake modern commerce profit off the backs of docile, DUMB-DOWNED humans who have place more trust in doctors, lawyers, LIAR-politicians, preachers and others, than they place in the secrets of nature which God has skillfully provided for the healing of the nations.”

    Very powerful statement there and presciently thought-provoking.

    Maybe the interloper ‘Oumuamua might just be the ‘messenger’ to warn of the cigar-shaped spoke that might soon be put in mankind’s technological wheel on his drive to become ‘gods’ just as ‘IT’ did 25 thousand odd solar years ago or at end the Great or Platonic year in a continuing cycle of destruction and replenishment.

    Maybe this is the coded message contained in the simplistic tales (plagiarized from earlier civilizations) about Noah and the flood and Lot and his incestuous daughters.

    Arthur C. Clarke must have celebrated his 100th solstice in ‘flying’ style and as a ‘go(o)d’ day to die.

    The ‘DOG’ (God spelt backwards) star in Canis Major must be looking on in barking excitement at what will soon be unfolding on the planet as the numbers of humans become clearly in ‘excess to Mother Nature’s requirements’.

    Would there be enough food for Orion to hunt to feed the billions of mouths on a planet that is changing climatologically and wars would be waged not over oil but water?

    BTW, TB, would you include marijuana (used in its natural form, no smoking allowed) as a plant provided by ‘God’ for “the healing of the nations”?

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  • Bernard Codrington

    David BU

    I thought Economics and Euro-centric Christianity were subjects of Doom and Gloom.

    Surely this Sci- Fi exposition is the script for a new film?

    Am I delusional ?

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  • @Bernard

    Let all views contend.


  • Terrance,

    Many will not resonate or even comprehend what you have disclosed here because they simply choose to remain in a 3D consciousness, rather if they rid themselves of that which doesn’t serve them, that they may give rise to a higher unity consciousness and elude the onslaught of those hidden agendas mentioned in your submission above.
    See, two things that these “Scientists and Engineers” are incapable of are 1. the inability to love and 2. to create consciousness hence to thrust to create the A.I., via genetic engineering, brain mapping et al.

    With the support of resident malevolent entities, these scientists and engineers have sprung the unthinkable with use of frequency, bio and geoengineering, but fear not, the Creator is Greater.

    See, all that has been disclosed has its purpose, only when you have had an experience, you become knowledgeable of variables. There will be a cleansing… yes, “Dark Forces” held control for millenniums, know that their end has come

    Quantum is the next frontier, those who have prepared will gradually exercise the quantum mechanics of their originality in being telepathic, intuitive, astral, cognitive, spatial, jumping, teleportation, hydrokinesis, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, time travelers, bilocating, invisibility among a host of other attributes of being Spirit Man.

    Also, having mastery in the physical as per the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, glands, chakras, aura, toroidal field, the spheres, light column, knowing how to communicate with the quantum field of the DNA, the stands and helixes…. all giving rise to the Quantum aspect of mans originality … we are here, it is now and we as humans has been longing to enter the “promise Land”… this is what the “Dark Forces” wanted us not to know, far less be whom we were created to be and out of LOVE our true inheritance is upon us.

    Your submission is well presented with much to contemplate by those who thirst for knowledge.


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  • Terence
    This is too much …and much too deep, for the consumption of brass bowls.

    Besides, what we are experiencing is NOT “man’s quest to raise the immortals”, but actually – the quest by dark immortal forces to destroy the unbelievable potentiality of mankind – to achieve greatness beyond our wildest dreams.

    Basically, the man “who cannot be corrupted at any price” (the righteous man) is the one who will overcome the quest of the dark forces.

    Recall that when the dark forces were confronted with the righteous one called Jesus, they took him to the mountain top and offered him great power over every physical thing that eyes could see…
    His response then was to ‘kiss ….. oops ….get thee behind me”.

    But we now live in a world where brass bowls rush, and queue-up to get up that mountain … with pre -signed contracts in hand…..

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  • What has this got to do with the price of breadfruits?

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  • Dr. Simple Simon February 23, 2018 at 11:46 PM #

    just imagine, breadfruits without a price.. abracadabra…


  • nineofnine


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  • @nineofnine February 24, 2018 at 12:57 AM “just imagine, breadfruits without a price.”

    Actually I always get mine without a price. Good loving people some living, some dead keep me supplied.

    My world is still FULL of good loving people.


  • Bernard Codrington

    Dr. Simple Simon at 11 :46 PM

    I recall my mother advising me not to lift any heavy loads because nobody buys breadfruits. am happy to learn you are still getting yours free from loving friends. LOL!!!!

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Elon Musk just had the idea that for human kind to remain relevant…they have to merge with AI….the most intelligent among us suggested that he goes first.

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  • nineofnine February 23, 2018 at 10:07 PM #

    Nine of nine, I have experienced some of the things in your post. I was advised as a little girl not to talk about it by my grandfather. However, I met some Native Indians who picked up on my gifts/curse, or whatever. There is one thing I do, without knowing when it is going to happen that worries me at times. I would like to talk to you. Get David of BU to give you my email.

    @David, Please give nineofnine my email.



  • For those of you who followed the Star Trek series, every episode was divulged in a cast of secrecy leaving those who are on the path to see beyond the veil and interpret the fundamental concept of what is. A fiction to many, to others, lessons of reality, a subliminal exercise to awaken the memory of consciousness which had been tinkered with by those whose ultimate purpose was to use humanity for resources, energy and takeover of the planet .

    The characters represented the attributes of Spirit Man (the original creation). The ship.. the vessel that house consciousness, The captain (controller) represented the director of consciousness.. mind, body soul, Dana …intuition and telepathy, Spock.. mind reader, the character “Q” .. showed ability to teleport, intangibility and invisibility, and could transcend timelines.. the time traveler, The Borg species… the collective of transhumanism, even DATA the character,.. the A.I. of collective information, could not assimilate love or emotions . Others represented the scientists, engineers and security et al as supporters to the cause.

    On the techno side , the intercom.. the android cell phone and apps, the replicator…the abracadabra of food creation, the phaser.. today pulse weapons.. the holodeck ..the abracadabra of creating experiences by spoken word, the transporter room.. bio location. et al
    It is all presented to us as fiction while being fed untruths as truth.

    Look at what they have given us so that our potential be forgotten or abased. The aircraft, boat and automobile to subjugate teleportation, the telephone, cell phone, all communication devices to subjugate telepathy, diagnostics for intuition, hypnosis to subjugate the ability to access complete memory and the akashic records… funny how the Far Sight Institute uses the African predominately in their remote viewing exercises.

    There is a huge difference between REALITY and ACTUALITY….it is the beginning of having the correct perception of what is.


    Musk exploits exploit the gullible for gain, the purpose is not genuine. and soon be gone. at a heavy price.


  • Interesting nine of nine, however, I can assure you, you would not want to know what people are thinking. it would be like a jumble of thoughts and not knowing where they were coming from, i.e., whose thoughts they were unless you were facing the person directly and looking into their eyes. You would find them very distracting and intrusive.


  • We are living in glorious times, though what surrounds us seem to be in a flux of chaos, with “bizare” weather, political upheaval, economic constraints, the fallout of family and societal structures… all by design, note that behind the scenes good is also playing its part that in “the twinkling of the eye” suddenly ALL will have a new and glorious import of a new and exciting existence going forward, that of which will commensurate the tipping of scales in humanity favor and that of earth.

    They are some who are so blessed at this juncture with the tools of heightened consciousness that they are at odds not “knowing/understanding” their true capabilities, potential and purpose and what it means, who will chart the course of enlightening those who will need clarity, help and insights, creating a greater understanding, existence and experience in their lives and others.

    We have been taught that we live in a world of duality, but is it so?… Opposites yes, but when we come to the realization that all of the multiverse is of energy, then we can grasp how easily the attributes of Spirit can function in this environment.

    Lets say you are having dreams, what does that constitute? Do you think its the conjecture of mind/brain? Know that we exist on many levels, being proficient to access many planes, dimensions and fractal universes just because we have the mechanics created within the 12 stand, 12 helixes unity. Sadly those were manipulated into the functionality of just 2 stands and 2 helixes (a designed and orchestrated dumbing down agenda you may say) to reduce us of our capabilities. BUT, because of DIVINE LOVE having given the promise “never to leave you or forsake you” we are on the cusp of the new revival via new light codings engineered from SOURCE to reactivate the 12/12 construct which are untouchable ( though the attempt to blanket the skies is fruitless). BE PREPARED to experience miracles. As per the atmosphere.. it is being cleanse.

    Now dreams exist upon other planes/dimensions with a realistic experience of foreseeable timelines and events, can be attained at will or via complete submission in a restful state. Know that it is akin to Astral Travelling or the projecting of consciousness. The power of focus can target any desired experience, or be GUIDED to an experience of notable importance…

    let me give a personal experience (which are constant and numerable) one which resulted in favor of our region.
    In the “dream state” repeatedly, there was an over whelming destructive Tsunami within the Caribbean region and in every episode an influential person of interest was present always, this insight led me to research the possible threats to the region, discovering that a clear and present danger existed from the Canary Islands in the form of a mountain rift collapsing into the ocean, another exist from the underwater volcano just off of Grenada and the possibility of a detonated device on the fault line of the Mid Atlantic Ridge…opportunity presented itself when contact was made with the person of interest…I shared my concerns, the effects that it could cause to his actuality, being appreciative he too for some reason had made investigations into the underwater volcano and responded by saying no present threat is foreseeable in the near future and there is nothing to worry about, I further identified the unpreparedness of the region and insisted that measures be taken, at that time no tsunami warning systems were in place throughout the Mid Atlantic Region neither any warning systems on land or communication networks set up for divulging data or quick response communications to the public. I then further raise the issue with the Department of Emergency Management throughout the Caribbean..

    Three (3) days later the Indonesian Tsunami engulfed that region taking some 350000 lives and colossal damage to those territories…

    Today we have an early warning system in the Mid Atlantic Region, with a Tsunami awareness protocol in our regions nations states.

    Credits to those who listen.


  • Bajans.

    nineofnine…. one word…. not that I’m

    You can break the contract (turn off) excess frequency receptors by allowing pure unadulterated frequencies to reach your auric field….just command it. There is information to the likes of having similar a experience from a distant position from the planet (earth) with a globe of “noise” emanating from it….


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “There is a huge difference between REALITY and ACTUALITY.”

    As long as people are unable to tell the difference because they have been mentally blinded for centuries and as things stand refuse to wake themselves up…they will never be able to access those special gifts and powers…not curse….that is their birthright from the beginning of time,

    That is what is being monitored in the hopes of stopping…but…..hopefully in another 3 generations ahead, they will not be able to stop that reemerging manifestation in millions more of the truly blessed, no matter how much distraction is used….despite all of that distraction, there exists people so mentally powerful in these times, that they still cannot be stopped by the evil of man in this era,.


  • Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service February 25, 2018 at 1:48 AM #


    ..”That is what is being monitored in the hopes of stopping”… it / them?
    YOU may be referring to STARSEEDS, EMPATHS and INDIGO CHILDREN… they are already here.. consciousness survives physical death, it is truly your birthright. that’s why the emphasis is on contaminating society.


  • @David – “Like your reference to the fact others are able through the technology to ‘mind control’. Worth the discussion!” Sadly, David, this stuff is already patently mainstream – HAVE A LOOK:



    “Basically, the man “who cannot be corrupted at any price” (the righteous man) is the one who will overcome the quest of the dark forces…”

    You have no argument from me brotha’ on that note!!!

    Forgive me 4 playing the “RACE” card here but as I am so well acquainted with your ideological stand on “ALBINO-CENTRIC” anthropological musings – it is noteworthy my brotha’ to see how & why we got here…

    In an upcoming piece currently entitled – “THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE”:- The central argument posits the narrative that most so-called scholars today refuse to accept the bastardization of the African worldview as a polysynthetic aberration of the Philosopher’s Stone of ancient knowledge written, and handed down through oral traditions by the progenitors & sons of Ham since antiquity…

    When the “plague” of ‘The Black Death’ (APTLY TERMED) was decimating entire population groups on the European continent – Africans on the Mediterranean shores of North & Central Africa were experiencing blissful prosperity…

    This historicist displacement theology became an endemic feature of medieval supersessionist European thinking at or around the 15th century, as the loci for a malicious counterfeiting of the primordialist theory of knowledge based on African people’s culture and their civilizations – today “DRAMATIZED” in a Marvel-Black-Superheroes flick called “BLACK PANTHER” (for all its cinematographic imagery & worth)…

    How the “ORIGINATORS” of world civilizations could have now become an oppressed minority incapable of ruling itself or making a real tangibly, lasting & ongoing contributions to this crooked world – boggle the mind!!!

    Maybe from the crucible & cauldron of your ancient tea-leaves BUSHMAN* you can maybe put a 1000 watt bulb on these issues as I know only you can!!!

    Be blessed…


  • @NineOfNine


    Your words, intent & warmth is received graciously & in the ‘spirit’ of truth!!!

    Keep “SHINING” the light – just maybe, some may follow!!!



  • @Miller

    “TB, would you include marijuana (used in its natural form, no smoking allowed) as a plant provided by ‘God’ for “the healing of the nations”?

    My own practical life experience with CANNABINOIDS* testifies to its authenticity & efficacy when my 30 year-old-daughter was afflicted with a “BRAIN TUMOUR”…

    Had I known THEN* – what I know NOW*, my precious wife & I would have “NEVER” subjected her to the neurosurgeon’s protocols…

    At the time of her diagnosis, I was in Virginia Beach on assignment & when I got the news on XMAS Eve 2009, I rushed to NY & hopped on the next Virgin Atlantic flight to London!!!

    By this time, the decisions had been made & the deeds done!!!

    In hindsight, had I been present, I may have done things differently but knowing what I know now – I would have taken her to India to Dr(s) BANERJI (2 brothers who are pioneering physicians) and I would have put her on the BANERJI PROTOCOL followed by 90 GRAMS of RICK SIMPSON’S CANNABIS OIL followed by the “GERSON THERAPY” done by Dr Charlotte Gerson…

    She may have had to remain on a “MAINTENANCE DOSE” of a rice grain per day for the rest of her life but our ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM relishes the “HEALING POWER” that is in the leaves of the tree which is 4 the healing of our physical bodies…

    That’s my experience brotha’ & I highly recommend that all those who are afflicted with any of these weird & wonderful modern lifestyle diseases – to get on the “CANNABIS OIL” ASAP!!!



    When Thomas Edison began wiring New York City with direct current electricity distribution system in the 1880s, he gave humankind the magic of electric light, heat, and power; in the process, he inadvertently opened a “PANDORA’S BOX” of unimaginable disease & death…

    The book “DIRTY ELECTRICITY” tells the story of Dr Samuel Milham, the scientist who 1ST alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease…

    Dr Milham takes readers through his early years and education, following the twisting path that led to his discovery that most of the 20th-century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure…

    Dr Milham also warns that because of the recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from CELL-PHONES & CELL-PHONE TOWERS, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max systems, broadband internet over power lines & personal electronic equipment, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality in next decade if not before…

    In “Dirty Electricity”, Milham reveals the steps we must take, personally and as a society, to coexist with this marvellous but patently dangerous technology…

    He also compared the urban populations that lived with electricity and the rural areas, which did not have electricity, which led to his discovery that most of the 20th-century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by exposure to the fields emanating from electrical wiring…


    EMF’s are biologically active…

    All the atoms within our bodies react to the presence of electromagnetic fields…

    Hundreds of scientific studies now exist showing the harmful effects of EMF’s on individual atoms & molecules in our bodies, such as DNA, Calcium, Mercury & hormones…

    Using “Darkfield Microscopy” to view blood cell behaviour & cell wall health, “SMART-METERS” always show a compromised view of cells, unlike analogue meters…

    One sees things like in cell degradation such as broken cell walls, the bottle-capping formation of the cell walls, or blood cells stacking up which prevents the cells from delivering oxygen. And not only are cell membrane damaged but cellular structures such as the mitochondria, and nucleus as well…

    Organs and tissues like the cornea of the eye, the heart, pineal glands, reproductive organs, and nerves are also compromised…

    In all cases, the human energy fields are obliterated…

    Electromagnetic fields have been shown to cause or contribute to conditions such as Cancer, Autism, Diabetes, Sleeplessness, Leukaemia, Alzheimer’s disease, Sperm Damage, and much more…

    Children are especially susceptible to the effect because of their smaller size, rapid growth, and because their tissues are not yet fully formed…

    EMF’s exposure during pregnancy is of special concern. Pregnant women working at computers with the contact current from the keyboard flowing through their stomachs, working as checkers in stores, sleeping close to smart meters, or Wi-Fi are very acceptable to birth defects or miscarriages…

    Cordless phones whose base stations radiate in an always-on mode, using 2.4 GHz or 1.8 GHz DECT technology according to the Bio-Initiative Report, when used predominantly on the same side of the head for 10 years increases the risk of “MALIGNANT GLIOMAS” (brain tumours) by 470%…

    Biological effects depend on the duration and intensity of exposure, as well as the frequency of the electromagnetic field…

    There have been over 6,000 published scientific studies on the health effects of Microwave Radiation since the 1930’s with the vast majority have shown that there is some biological damage being done…

    Any communication device that is not attached to the wall by a wire is emitting radiation!!!

    The fields are AMPLIFIED* and concentrated it into the bodies tissues with things like underwire bras with metal wires, metal-framed glasses, metal chairs, metal bed frames, and coil springs in furniture. These are just some examples of items that can cause cancer and other health effects…

    Some refer to this pollution as “ELECTROSMOG” because it is known to kill birds, bees, and mankind…

    Microwave Power Density: Health effects vs. safety standards: From Peer-reviewed published science – Radiation testing results & Public standards in micro-watt centimetre squared are as follows:

    0.0000000002 micro-watts centimetre squared, minimum for cell phones to work…

    0.000027 micro-watts centimetre squared caused the premature ageing of pine needles…

    0.05 micro-watts centimetre square, it is known that short-term exposure to children ages 8-17 can experience a headache, irritation, concentration difficulties, and behavioural problems…

    Baubiologie Biology (Germany), or Building Biology Extreme Concern 0.1 micro-watts centimetres squared are as follows:

    1.0 micro-watts centimetres squared, Laptop Wi-Fi bring about sperm DNA fragmentation & decrease in sperm viability in vitro: Also at this level headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and indigestion…

    2.5 micro-watts centimetres squared this alters calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells…

    4.0 micro-watts centimetre squared brings about changes in hippocampus affecting brain memory and learning…

    6.0 micro-watts centimetre squared causes DNA damage in cells…

    7.93 micro-watts centimetre squared was measured from a single electric smart meter…

    9.5 micro-watts centimetre squared is the set safety standards for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg…

    10.0 micro-watts centimetre squared is the set safety standards for China, Poland & Russia. At these levels changes in behaviour are altered, reflexes of avoidance after (30-minute exposure)…

    An apartment of 12 smart meters was measured at 19.8 micro-watts centimetre squared…

    600-1000 micro-watts centimetre squared is the set safety standards for Canada and the United States…

    Some markers found in 100% of those who are exposed to smart meters as follows:

    TGF-Beta 1 increase (inflammatory marker)
    MMP-9 increase (inflammatory marker)
    Copper increase (inflammatory marker)
    Hormone normalization
    Neurotransmitter normalization

    Measurements of common electrical gadgets as follows:

    “1.8 mG has been proven to be linked to childhood leukaemia”
    Eyebrow trimmer: 4.6 mG
    Baby Monitor: 4-15 mG
    Fluorescent Lights: 20-100 mG
    Electric toothbrush: 86-200 mG
    Hair Dryers: 300-700 mG
    Electric Shavers: 100-600 mG
    Blenders: 30-100 mG
    Can Openers: 500-1,500 mG
    Coffee Makers: 4-10 mG
    Electric Slow Cooker: 3-9 mG
    Dishwashers: 10-100 mG
    Food Processors: 20-130 mG
    Garbage Disposals: 60-100 mG
    Microwave Ovens: 100-300 mG
    Mixers: 30-600 mG
    Electric Ovens: 4-20 mG
    Electric Ranges: 20-200 mG
    Refrigerators: 2-40 mG
    Toasters: 5-20 mG
    TV’s 7-20 mG
    Electric Clothes Dryer: 2-10 mG
    Washing Machine: 4-100 mG
    Portable Heaters: 5-150 mG
    Vacuum Cleaners: 100-700 mG
    Drills: 100-200 mG
    Power Saws: 50-1,000 mG


    Most computers plugged into the wall are putting out somewhere between 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz of “Dirty Electricity”…

    This is within the biologically active range of 4 khz-100 kHz…

    If you are exposed to “Dirty Electricity” for 6 hours a day for 180 days a year, your cancer risk is increased as follows:

    25% if you are exposed to above 2000 GS unites.
    15% if you are exposed to above 1000 GS unites.


    Click to access Sam-Slides.pdf



  • nineofnine February 25, 2018 at 12:55 AM #

    I understand what you said in this post. I suppose it is like thinking of your favourite place. For instance, with myself, I would imagine I was sitting on the teacup and saucer listening to the Musics.


  • I agree with Terry re the marijuana. I don’t smoke, but I make oil and tea. I grow my own and always have a supply on hand. I mainly use it for arthritis but have not had to use any in over six months. The batch I grew last year is still in the basement on the bush the same way I brought it in. I find that the pain goes within half an hour of taking the oil or drinking the tea. I tried brownies but the relief is slower up to an hour.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @David – THE COMING AGENDA!!!


  • @TB

    Have been following this matter for a while with some interest. The lifeless society some are beginning to view it.


  • Will the future be as racist, sexist, and ageist as the present? It looks as though the sexbots and all young, skinny white women.

    Are young, skinny, white women the only desirable sexual partners?

    Don’t black women have sex too?

    Don’t 70 year old people have sex?

    Don’t fat people have sex?

    Don’t fat, old black women have sex too.

    What about the rest of us?


    Liked by 1 person

  • @ Terrence.. where art thou?

    …”Horn & Putnam’s book elucidates man’s vain quest for that secret knowledge of the ancients – Gnosticism and Alchemy which opened the Occult door to Rosicrucian theories and the birth of freemasonry;”……

    For the record, Horn & Putnam have attempted to reverse esoteric history, The Ancient Mystical Order of Rosicrucians (AMORC) predates Lumeria and Atlantis. They have establish that Freemasonry followed.

    No mention of the Original Name of the bearer and giver of the Emerald Tablets , THOTH, who by his status can “reincarnate for purpose of advancing civilization” or as a “walk in” ,or telepathically communicate … some refer to such ones as Ascended Masters NOT GODS, consider SANADA aka Jesus, SAINT GERMAIN aka Trump (one who is hated and debased by many)..but will deliver.

    Here Terrance is a quote from Facebook page January 12 …

    “Trump may have been the best thing to happen to Black people in a while b/c he’s going to cause ALL of us, Black Americans, Black #Africans & Blacks in the #Caribbean to all unite. We’re the global majority. If/When we ALL get together…we’ll be unstoppable! #BlackUnity”……

    Is this not an act (subliminally) to advance the Black Civilization?

    Difficult to digest…yes?

    More on THOTH and the Emerald Tablets… an accurate disclosure

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  • …..”do not expect to solicit the fake legal justice in any court of law if the crime is embellished in the court of human opinion and the odds are stacked virulently against you, although you may be innocent.”…..

    For the claim of innocence …not by solicitation but by commanding authority.

    Considering of the order of authority in the establishment of the court, understand that the license of the court is had of the Port Authority which is govern by the Postal Union.

    Upon affixing a stamp on the back of ones documents submitted/docked AT the clerk of the court and authenticating it/them with your signature across the stamp, with their acknowledgement by signature, stamp and issuance of receipt in their presence gives you sole authority over the court ( mail AN ORIGINAL the signed document(s) by registered mail TO YOURSELF) declaring you the representative of the Postal Union, chief judge, letter carrier and post master via your submitted document and the authority of the court which now having no jurisdiction over the charge must submit, facilitate, vindicate and vacate the document / vessel in the sea of space in your favor..


  • @DrSS – “Will the future be as racist, sexist, and ageist as the present? It looks as though the sexbots and all young, skinny white women…”


    Good observation!

    I am sure you remember that Microsoft created an A.I.-powered CHAT-BOT called, to test conventional research understanding into how we interact on a conversational level…

    Tay then displayed “RACISTS” underpinning based on her programming & MS had to abandon a multimillion $$$$ project…

    #ROFL – maybe that’s why BLACK FOLKS won’t do well in this particular genre of life!!!



  • I’d be happy to sit at my kitchen table and advise Microsoft on things cultural if they will pay me the same as they pay the young white men.


  • @NineOfNine – “No mention of the Original Name of the bearer and giver of the Emerald Tablets, THOTH…”

    Most will not even comprehend the “DEPTH” of what you are alluding to…

    Beloved, Adam fell to the knowledge of the SERPENT in the Garden…

    This shape-shifting EEL*, bearing the appearance of a dazzling creature known as SATAN* who carries many evocative names & a myriad of forms was none other than LUCIFER* ( that FALLEN ANGEL) whose covering of light was every precious jewel created by JEHOVAH (the 3rd in command in heaven) but “JEALOUS” for the THRONE & WORSHIP of JEHOVAH GOD…

    He was cast out from heaven & with him ONE-THIRD of his cohorts!!!

    These fallen ones became the ‘gods’ of this world and SATAN was allowed to deceive mankind a 2nd time by teaching him the “SECRET KNOWLEDGE” – introducing mankind to witchCRAFT & MAGICK (correctly spelled according to the ‘ole King James English) in complete disobedience to GOD’S LAW & against the dictates of THE MOST HIGH GOD…

    When these fallen sons of God (Bene Ha Elohim) were cast from heaven, they landed on Mt. Hermon according to (1 Enoch 6:1; 7:1)… It from where we get HERMES* (the Greek master magician) who inspired HERMETICISM – the SECRET KNOWLEDGE of the GNOSTICS or better yet, the secret knowledge of the “SERPENT TREE”…


    LUCIFERIANS – Aleister Crowley & Madame Blavatsky called him the ‘light-bearer’ but it was merely a manifestation of SATAN in his deceptive form!!!

    So from the knowledge of the garden to the knowledge of the fallen – spawn the mystery reLIEgions of Assyrio-Babylonian Kabbalism, demonology & divination! This same secret knowledge would thrive in the annals of Egyptologic dispensations based on mysticism & idolatry influencing the Greeks & Romans – passed on again & again (right down to our very time) birthing “NEW gODS” with different names but with the same foundational organizations & practices of astrology, witchCRAFT & theurgy (the DARK SECRET NOWLEDGE OF SATAN)…

    So again, there’s really nothing new under the sun!!!


  • And if the sexbot designers/manufacturers will look around the whole world they will see that there are more black and brown people in the world that white ones. This should tell them that black and brown people know as much as, or more about the practice of sex than white people and also that the black and brown market fot their products is potentially significantly larger.


  • @David – The “TRANSHUMAN Future is already here” and this is not SCIFI…


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Dr. Simple Simon February 26, 2018 at 12:43 PM

    Dr. SS the faker, don’t you think this robotic woman aka ‘SS Dummy’ (with ‘SS’ standing for Sweet & Silent) could be the answer to end the gender war?

    The women can then go to the sperm bank for their reproductive fix while the men who might soon be like bulls on dairy farms can order their ‘controllable’ partners over the internet for their monthly interruptible pleasure.

    Just remember you women started this revolution with your ‘toys’, false hair, boobs and bums.

    Men are just ‘aping’ their superiors.

    Let the men forget about the god in the Garden of Eden and create a sexual avatar in their own self-fulfilling image. At least there would be no snake to tempt her into naked sin.

    Oh Woe to men!


  • @DrSS – “sexbot designers/manufacturers will look around the whole world they will see that there are more black and brown people in the world that white ones…”


    But remember who is pushing the AI/Transhumanist Agenda…

    BLACK FOLKS over the age of 30 have a different kind of anatomical socialization…

    We are not PLASTIC* given our cultural foibles & moreover, unless the HIP-HOP industry & it moguls decide to use these “INSTRUMENTS” in Black videos to brainwash a new generation under 30 years of age – there will hardly be a CRAZE for anything plastic or phoney amongst people of colour!!!

    Black people will probably be the last to embrace this technology as tantalizing as it may be to those neo-fetishists…


  • millertheanunnaki

    millertheanunnaki February 26, 2018 at 1:08 PM

    “uninterruptible source of self-pleasure.”


  • Dear miller etc. Whatever makes you happy, as long as you are not hurting anybody.

    I didn’t know that there was a gender war on.

    Modern news takes a while to reach this little isle in the Atlantic.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Dr. Simple Simon February 26, 2018 at 1:16 PM


    Aren’t you a ‘real’ avatar in the prosecution of such an endless war where men have been forced to retreat to a ‘controlled’ environment on Mars leaving women to be like lonely goddesses from Venus living on Earth?

    If only men like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein (and a growing list of easy targets) had kept their money in their pockets and pecker in their drawers and had ordered as many silicone girls as they wanted they would still be icons like Trump in the eyes of women and some men.

    Maybe the promotion of the use of rubber pussycats might just obviate the need to enforce any provisions of the recently proclaimed Sexual Harassment Act making it just as useless as the Integrity in Public Office Act passed since 2012.

    And we all now know as a result of the latest PAC report why it was never made into effective law.

    One is left to speculate what effects this silicone ‘replicator’ of sexual satisfaction (including rubber dickey duckies) would have on the condom industry.


  • …”the end-goal is to create Satanic super-soldiers and super-human life forms”…

    How stupid is it to create super soldiers out of circuitry when an electromagnetic pulse weapon can totally make them inoperable and dysfunctional.
    Who gains and who cares? Like Microsoft A.I. this too shall be aborted.

    …..”Every facet of life is being controlled. Fake science has created fake agriculture which in turn has created fake Frankenstein foods which has led to fake medicine providing a Band-Aid for what is now an incurable condition…”

    No condition is incurable.

    What virtue is there that is greater, which nullifies any unwanted condition?
    Were we not told throughout the annals of time that …”If you can believe it you can achieve it” and who can say …”my word is my bond? Are we not progenitors of creating our world, our environment in our own rights as we choose too?

    @ Millertheanunaki February 26, 2018 at 1:37 PM #

    What do you make of the Separatist agenda?

    We SAW the slave trade, manufactured viruses and diseases, condoms, the inoculations (specifically the HVC), the laws on harassment, same sex schools, more subtle, the promotion of alcohol and drugs (hic), the sex trade, same sex marriages, rights of LGBT community, gun trade for drug and race wars.. now A.I sex toys…

    what is the goal?


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ nineofnine February 26, 2018 at 7:55 PM
    “What do you make of the Separatist agenda?
    We SAW the slave trade, manufactured viruses and diseases, condoms, the inoculations (specifically the HVC), the laws on harassment, same sex schools, more subtle, the promotion of alcohol and drugs (hic), the sex trade, same sex marriages, rights of LGBT community, gun trade for drug and race wars.. now A.I sex toys…
    what is the goal?”

    The goal is to ‘condition’ you guys for a brave new world where “1984” is just the stepping stone to usher in the ‘fluidic’ knowledgeable Age of Aquarius.

    Mankind in his current primate (apelike body) cannot exist biologically in the ‘Transhumanistic’ world ahead.

    The planet would soon become extremely difficult for the current form of biological man to survive.

    You are being prepared by the Ascended Masters like Kuthumi for the age of digital technology required to become beams of Light in order to travel in space and time.

    Just like the ‘manual’ age gave way to the mechanical age so clearly manifested in the “industrial revolution putting an end to serfdom, slavery and to some extent “peonism” so too will digital technology adapt mankind to a new age of enlightenment so ‘fictitiously’ portrayed by Arthur C. Clarke Gene Rodenberry and Carl Sagan.

    The day of First Contact with those far ahead of humans and of ‘Data and the ‘Q’ (current mankind ‘s version of God and Satan) is just around the corner right in the dawn of the coming ‘new’ Age.

    Read the first chapter of the grossly misunderstood book of Ezekiel to get a ‘peep of understanding. of the role of the early scouts.

    The Raëlians have been warning you for some time now about the coming age.

    Nine of Nine, is the ‘Above’ to heavily ‘below’ for your ‘Seven of 9’ terrestrial understanding?


  • millertheanunnaki February 26, 2018 at 9:04 PM # … in response

    …”Mankind in his current primate (apelike body) cannot exist biologically in the ‘Transhumanistic’ world ahead”…

    …”You are being prepared by the Ascended Masters like Kuthumi for the age of digital technology required to become beams of Light in order to travel in space and time.”…

    The general understanding seem to suggest that there is an association or rather an amalgamation of biological man with digital technology in order to survive this new dispensation.
    Former “ages” had no technical integration with mans’ anatomy, but because of advances in digital technology that enhancements to the biology is the requirement for the next frontier…..
    THIS IS LOGICAL THINKING. (predominately right brain thinking) and deceptive.


    The next frontier embody the greater understanding of the human genetic and quantum construct and the “know how” of how to engage and create the our environment WITHOUT any digital implants.

    TECHNOLOGY vs QUANTUM MACHANICS. for example , you reference ..
    “required to become beams of Light in order to travel in space and time.”…to achieve this via digital technology?
    Within the construct of quantum mechanics, this is achievable simply by thought in conjunction with optimum genetic functioning biologically and either teleporting or bio-locating.,

    lets venture a little deeper for greater understanding… say/see…there is a crystal planet 1mil. light years away with a myriad of color emanating from its opposite poles and cascading back onto the planet as fluffs of velvet bubbles as the surrounding landscape releases a fragrance that produces a state of euphoria. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO GET THERE and HOW MEASURABLE WAS THE DISTANCE….that is QUANTUM, what time and space what? do not exist…. NEXT you teleport to actuality or bi-locate/jump .. so where did we use digital technology. … remember the biological construct must be at its optimum in terms of DNA and GENETIC properties.

    SEVEN OF NINE (the Borg) was the representation of Transhumanisn . a simulated “race” that had one core mind and intelligence directed by the Hive… need I say more?

    nine is beyond the seven



  • Also Miller..

    To add,
    Contact has been ongoing for a long time at opportune times to individuals, via Crop Circles, Channeling, telepathically and in the dream State… but concur that very shortly will on a mass scale.

    Know that countless observers/visitors/helpers in crafts are in our skies at present decloaked, some visible at times to make a statement or with a specific beneficial purpose for humanity.. less we forget the Krulians (9D) protection zone from those who seek opportunity at this time…..

    remember this?


  • Terrence.

    ..”Our vision is to pioneer cutting-edge research into rare brain tumor primarily GANGLIOGLIOMAS* in children with emphasis on HYDROCEPHALUS & SHUNT MANAGEMENT”…

    FOR THE CHILDREN IN NEED and to shorten research..

    May I offer a perceivable QUANTUM solution to Gangliogliomas….. (neoplasmic growth/tumor of nueral and glial elements in the brain)

    GANGLIONS of the SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS TRUNKS (the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) (not referencing the spinal cord) are the regulators of nerve energy throughout the body, they control development and the maintenance of all organs, muscles and vessels of the body including the brain, an optimum balance is required consistently to effect normalcy, we are aware that it operates within the parameters of polarity, once the polarity is offset/out of balance, abnormalities develop…
    Hence the GANGLION/GANGLIA that controls Brain activity, function and normalcy must be targeted to normalize its polarity.

    It is the principle procedure for correction of all abnormalities.

    For the return of normalcy from Gangliogliomas of the Temporal Lobes in the Supratentorial regions…..

    The target is the ganglion of the Sympathetic Nervous System located at the left side of the SUPERIOR CERVICAL VERTEBRA at the top of the spine. For speedy recovery you may also use sound, that is…nerve notes (progenitors) C, D and E in conjunction with the musical note A, B and C all on 1st octave above middle C.

    How do you balance polarity?


  • I sometimes lose hours during the day… which they say can be a sign of being beamed up on an alien space ship for human testing and having all memory of it wiped out before they send you back to planet earth

    I’m on the Outside, Looking In


  • The latest digital technology in diagnostics… just out, but does it heal, cure or regenerate?





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