Call for a STRONG Voice to Curb “Misbehaving and Deviance”

The following was shared by Leslie P. Lett’s who is a Secondary School teacher of some repute to Facebook.

Many great ideas and recommendations came from our members who are the ones in the “trenches” daily…and they have been coming for quite some time. Surely, they deserve a hearing and an exploration by Officialdom.

I am very heartened to hear the news that the principals have now said that they, as an association – BAPPSS – stand ready to work with the parents of those children who are “misbehaving and deviant”.

Some questions, though?

  1. Haven’t teachers been engaging and earnestly attempting to engage the parents forever?
  2. Haven’t teachers called the parents on many different occasions to discuss their children?
  3. Haven’t teachers been meeting with the parents at Year level meetings?
  4. Haven’t teachers communicated to parents their willingness to meet with them and discuss their children?
  5. Don’t teachers write reports on these children every single term?
  6. Haven’t teachers voiced their serious concern about these children to parents and their principals many times before violent eruptions – reported and unreported in the national media?

Make no mistake about it…teachers have forever been engaging with parents about their children, ever ready and willing to work with them for the benefit of their children…our children.

Teachers had better destroy any false, misguided and perverted narratives otherwise that some people wish to present in a concerted and deliberate campaign to besmirch us! That is the teachers’ real struggle right there!
Sitting back and allowing oneself to be mischaracterised, maligned, disrespected and dismissed will lead to only one destination…and spawn an even more precarious and unsafe environment in which the most effective teaching and learning must be fostered.

Teachers, we have to join our hands, put our minds together, link our arms, and stand up and speak out against the many subtle and not-so-subtle assaults upon our integrity and daily commitment to our profession, to our charges, and to our country.

Because, make no mistake about it, these attacks will be coming with an increased frenzy and fury.
We will need to depend on our solidarity if we wish to be strong enough to counter and, ultimately, defeat them! And be a strong voice in any charting of the way forward of our system of education in Barbados.

The choice is ours. No one else’s. OURS.

FED UP! | Barbados Advocate


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  • RE Pachamama February 17, 2018 at 11:55 AM #
    That Barbados could produce an overtly backward JA like Georgie Porgie as one of its brightest is indeed a statement of profound profanity.

    No wonder with all these ‘island scholars’ produced no higher than average contribution could be shown in national development.



  • @Sargeant

    Your comment provoked a BU family member to share the movie file because you preferred to be selfish with it.


  • @David

    You melting sport right? Remember I live on de edge of the Arctic Circle and this is stale news by the time it reached me.
    Man confess that you had it all along and was waiting for the right moment to liven up a quiet Saturday afternoon


  • Is this the foolish Georgie Porgie trying to out Pachamama.

    Or can’t he think two steps ahead.

    We have done much for the development of more than one country.

    Will prefer others to so talk, write – like they do.

    When can the treasury expect the repayment of money wasted on you?

    We were ‘not educated at the public’s purse’, as were you!

    So your debt to Barbados must be times greater than ours, from jump street.


  • @Sargeant

    The internet is not constrained by a boundary you know😀.

    Yes it circulated in the Barbados space a few weeks ago.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Dr. GP

    I have been missing in action from BU for a while and when I returned and saw that you back I was pleased deep down

    And I will share with you “the why” and share with the others said why.

    Many here really don’t understand you, or your unique style, but I will hazard a perspective based on my observations of how you engage.

    Your are a superlative professional who has achieved much in your adopted clime.

    I believe that the burden of being such a talented person falls much harder on people like yourself people who, having been disillusioned with or by the morass that is the Bajan experience, leave and go on to live and contribute your expertise to other climes where you excel.

    There is a thing about leaving one’s native ecosystem, which de ole man will affirm is “administered by the blind” and going elsewhere to excel in the very thing that de Bajan hot shots decry you over.

    THe challenge is that “when your navel string bury right dey” you truly agonize when you see the rampant idiocy that is led by the Lennox Prescods’ of the Bajan National Health System landscape.

    All de ole man can tell you is that these prolific LPs are a product of this 2×2 rock so one can’t really blame him or the rest of them.

    “Water finds its own level” Dr. GP and therefore the institutionalized paucity of performance that is ubiquitous in several spheres in BIM perforce will accept similar underperformance

    THis is expected nay a prerequisite to be appointed to hold various positions across the cuntry.

    I purposely spelt cuntry that way because we are replete of chkvnts who are in the drivers seats.

    And like some pestilence or plague, they abound and promote their colleagues Dr. GP exponentially.

    A chkvunt WILL NOT HIRE A SMART PERSON AS A CO-WORKER or employee because they will be exposed, so you WILL NEVER BE HIRED IN BARBADOS kind sir (even though you do now want to be).

    NOw let de ole man extrapolate a likkle as it relates to your religious views.

    I am taking liberties but faith and religious belief, because of the very nature of belief, is personal and unproveable?.

    It is the sum of one’s socialization, exposure and aptitude, and becomes ultimately a matter of perspective, opinion, and conviction.

    The fact is that “no matter how real GOD is for me I cannot transfer that experience to you” nor vice versa.

    In short, what goes on between your two ears during our sojourn here on this earth is a personal thing, but, for some of us, GOD is real, for others Allah is real and for a few, there is no deity.

    Not everyone has a “Paul on the Road to Damascus” moment and for that matter many dont even believe in Paul or Saul or whatever.

    Ensuingly, when many get caught up in the sociopolitical issues of the day they do not have the benefit of such belief which does not defer to the lower rung of physical law but, for a few of us whose orientation is guided by our beliefs, the dross of political experience i is just prophesy coming to pass.

    Persons get annoyed with you and you do enjoy baiting? them, because, for you, having the comfort and conviction of belief you are assured that the issues and directions this is playing out in IS AS IT HAS BEEN FORETOLD.

    When you “shift” nonchalantly between Obama or Reagan or Trump, with scant respect or regard for the kings of this domain, you ARE NOT DOING SO FROM THEIR FINITE PERSPECTIVES using the limited situational involvement concept.

    The thing is, because you have reached a point in your life where you truly have accepted and are resigned to GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS and His Son Jesus the Christ you can easily speak without these vacillations and frettings

    You have achieved “nirvana” and await the more permanent experience of sentience in the Eternal Kingdom of GOD..

    Ergo your “bare sport in the rum shop” comment, ah lie?

    Like i said forgive my presumption but as one “starts to die” Dr. GP sometimes, something starts to dawn on one’s understanding that permits a better grasp of things.

    But then again, as i was saying yesterday when i started to write this submission, I am not too bright a feller and does write se good ingrunce when I hungry, so I going to eat some pudding and souse now heheheheheh


  • Piece
    All I can say Sir, is that you have a grasp of the subject.

    re Lennox. This man, whom I knew from boyhood went to study Pharmacy…….but did not ever see or interact with PATIENTS! Now it is thought that if you insert a suppository “high” in the rectum,a different result is obtained than if you insert a suppository “low” in the rectum, with respect to the quantity absorbed in unit time. That is OK Pharmacy or Pharmacology, but poor Pharmaceutics!

    A man who is wheezing, having inhaled cold air in far away St Andrew will be better served by having either a high or a low aminophyline suppository inserted immediately, than the same man from the same area waiting to be driven to Bridgetown to be nebulized!

    When the man(patient)tells you of his repeated benefit of the suppositories, why will you deny him this facility? …….except that your Pharmacy or Pharmacology knowledge and your position has gone to your head…..and that you have no real knowledge of seeing the magic of aminophyline.

    That is not to say that I dont understand the reason for the contemporary regimes.

    Up here folk are just as stupid, but you learn from past experiences to keep quiet, say nothing and just do enough to get by and”run with patience the race that is set before you” as taught in Hebrews 12.

    I developed a course for a school….after 2 years they give most of the students to a white man with a PhD who clearly does not know anything about the subject. I had just returned to the US after using my material to teach 5 classes in med school, and was about to insert certain things to benefit the students that I figured out while teaching live. Guess what? I have not bat an eye lid further.

    I have a cousin teaching up here for 25 years or so…….and he is relating the same stories or worse. People dont like ya if ya sharp.


  • @Sargeant February 16, 2018 at 8:21 AM “There is a video making the rounds lampooning the Min.of “Demons”,now we have this article headlined “Misbehaviour and Deviance” is it the messenger or was the Minister on to something?

    The Minister needs to stop blaming demons and giving the demons a bad name. The Minister, parents, children, teachers etc. have to accept their own too HUMAN, not demonic failings, and work to correct those failings.

    Blaming demons is a cop out.


  • @Hal Austin February 16, 2018 at 4:07 AM “People of moral strength must step up. Where is the church? Our lawyers? ”

    Not to malign all lawyers, but I cannot think of any lawyer whom I would permit to be in the same room as my child. Unless i was standing right beside the child.

    Just saying.


  • @Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right February 16, 2018 at 1:30 PM “the family has broken down, single family homes”

    There are no single family homes.

    However there are too many father absent homes.

    That is the new term.

    Not single parent.

    Not single mother,

    Father absent.
    Father absent.
    Father absent.


  • @NationBLPnewspaper February 17, 2018 at 12:25 AM “When a BLP politician intentionally inflicts criminal damage on his partner’s vehicle, what example is the BLP setting for young men in relationships.”

    Actually it is teaching young men that if you do that sh!te, that your woman will leave you. The women nowadays are NOT like you old mother.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Dr. Simple Simon February 24, 2018 at 2:50 PM

    Should that be ‘Fathers absent’ as in plural?

    Too many of these households headed by so-called single mothers have children from varying biological ‘staff’ sources?

    Now why is that or does the axiom ‘once bitten twice shy’ or’ fooled by one deadbeat dad, can’t happen again, again and again’ have no meaning to fertile ‘Barrow-educated’ women?

    Where is your evenhandedness?

    BTW, more men commit suicide over women they ‘falsely’ believed loved them back than the other way around.


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