Call for a STRONG Voice to Curb “Misbehaving and Deviance”

The following was shared by Leslie P. Lett’s who is a Secondary School teacher of some repute to Facebook.

Many great ideas and recommendations came from our members who are the ones in the “trenches” daily…and they have been coming for quite some time. Surely, they deserve a hearing and an exploration by Officialdom.

I am very heartened to hear the news that the principals have now said that they, as an association – BAPPSS – stand ready to work with the parents of those children who are “misbehaving and deviant”.

Some questions, though?

  1. Haven’t teachers been engaging and earnestly attempting to engage the parents forever?
  2. Haven’t teachers called the parents on many different occasions to discuss their children?
  3. Haven’t teachers been meeting with the parents at Year level meetings?
  4. Haven’t teachers communicated to parents their willingness to meet with them and discuss their children?
  5. Don’t teachers write reports on these children every single term?
  6. Haven’t teachers voiced their serious concern about these children to parents and their principals many times before violent eruptions – reported and unreported in the national media?

Make no mistake about it…teachers have forever been engaging with parents about their children, ever ready and willing to work with them for the benefit of their children…our children.

Teachers had better destroy any false, misguided and perverted narratives otherwise that some people wish to present in a concerted and deliberate campaign to besmirch us! That is the teachers’ real struggle right there!
Sitting back and allowing oneself to be mischaracterised, maligned, disrespected and dismissed will lead to only one destination…and spawn an even more precarious and unsafe environment in which the most effective teaching and learning must be fostered.

Teachers, we have to join our hands, put our minds together, link our arms, and stand up and speak out against the many subtle and not-so-subtle assaults upon our integrity and daily commitment to our profession, to our charges, and to our country.

Because, make no mistake about it, these attacks will be coming with an increased frenzy and fury.
We will need to depend on our solidarity if we wish to be strong enough to counter and, ultimately, defeat them! And be a strong voice in any charting of the way forward of our system of education in Barbados.

The choice is ours. No one else’s. OURS.

FED UP! | Barbados Advocate