Barbados Integrity Movement | Happy Errol Barrow Day

Our greatest challenge of recent has been that of finding positive leadership! We have lost our way when our very leaders and those reposed with the responsibility of taking charge of our great nation are found to be feathering their own nest at the pain and suffering of the masses. How can we exercise good conscience when our beloved country is rife with allegations of vote buying and bribery?

Disrespect for high office is demonstrated when a singular individual can defy the laws of our beloved country by erecting an illegal structure and yet though served notice by the authorities, continue in good stead having made public utterance that they will push the laws to the fullest extent!

Was Errol Barrow’s vision that of two (2) Barbados, where one law serves the Medes and the other law the Persian?

Read full text of statement HERE.

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  1. Happy Errol Barrow Day Barbados.

    Your legacy is being dismantled.

    Some say it should be to be relevant.

    The upside? Is that the remodeling of the legacy is being done by the DLP.

    If you were to send a message to your party what would it be?

    Send the people a signal please, there is a leadership vacuum!

  2. @David

    Your RED underwater is showing.

    Keep politics out of this discussion, it’s an ethics, morality and where does BARBADOS wish to be in the future. Present indications are that BARBADOS future ambitions are to move further down the 3rd world ladder. Country has been on a downward, dismantling spiral for the majority of their independent life. BARBADOS are now reaping the disastrous benefits of a corrupt mis-managed government.

    • How can you discuss governance and the relevant model Barbados should adopt without viewing through a political frame? The government has dismantled or is in the process of dismantling the Barrow legacy, do you know a better time than on Errol Barrow Day to discuss these matters?


  3. Barrow and independence are gone. The truth is revealed during these dark days for Barbados. The Barbadian taxpayer is the new slave and the ministers, judges and high bureaucrats act as the new plantocracy.

    Nothing ever changed. Independence was a wet dream for the clueless masses.

  4. On one hand and when it is convenient, we state “politicians are servants of the people”…..but on the other hand we talk about “Our greatest challenge of recent has been that of finding positive leadership.”

    Errol Barrow was a politician………… and taking Barbados into independence, as well as being “able to engineer what would become the freedom of a dependent territory to transform Barbados to become the Sovereign state it is today,” was a JOB he was PAID to perform by the tax payers of this island. So, I’m not one who is going to exalt him……OR ANY OTHER POLITICIAN….. to godly status.

    My opinion has always been ………. If I am expected by my employer to show initiative, be productive and efficient in performing the duties I am paid to perform…….there should be similar expectations of politicians.

    We need to stop living in the 1950s and 1960s. The socio economic environment during that era is vastly different from this current era. Hence, Barrow’s “vision” was relevant to those times. To state Barrow would not have done “this or that” in these times……….is perhaps “presumptuous speculation.”

    BIM mentioned: “the Barbados which boasted the best Social Services, Education, Industries, Sugar Industry, Cotton, Rum and Spirits….”

    Many of us don’t like to face reality but prefer to live “in admirable reminiscence on the glory days,” when Barbados had a thriving sugar industry. Times have changed and so too has people’s attitude to agriculture and cutting cane.

    What would Errol Barrow have done to keep the sugar industry thriving under circumstances where, in the late 1980s to present times, there has been a corresponding decrease in the supply and demand of Bajan sugar….. and people who are now by far more educated than their fore parents……… are not interested in cutting cane or toiling on plantations?

    Is it being suggested that remembering the “Great Skipper” is enough inspiration for us to return to the fields?

    BIM: would it not be BETTER for you to “take the opportunity to ask the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition the Hon. Mia Amor Mottley QC MP,”

    …………the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Hon. Freundel Stuart QC, MP….

    …………the political leader of Solutions Barbados, Mr. Grenville Phillips II……

    ………….the political leader of United Progressive Party, Ms Lynette Eastmond……

    ………..” to join BIM in a national debate so as to give the people of Barbados the opportunity to hear (your) visions for this our nation of Barbados.”

  5. @David Mr Blogmaster, you asked “… do you know a better time than on Errol Barrow Day to discuss these matters”. Interesting.

    That can be taken as a derogative just as easily as a positive!

    But every day is a good day to discuss the malfeasance of a corrupt, ill-focused government. That can be April 28th Heros Day, it can be Jan 15th MLK Day or frankly it can be Dec 25th..ahem, the day our former PM was born.

    All good days to discuss governance.

    As I recall the BLP leaders of the day were not overly happy about the inauguration of the EWB day as they saw it as an everlasting political advertisement for the Dees.

    As things now stand that advertisement is principally a sorry reminder of a corrupt, dysfunctional group of money grabbers whose interest and concern for the average citizen is directly related to selfish gains.

    So do let’s discuss governance on this day that the DLP wrought; let’s discuss that Mr Barrow’s pretend scion evolved to be one of the alleged most morally corrupt PMs of this country – and we have had some real winners who were accused as wife beaters, drug supplying abusers, murder cover-uppers and even ‘down-low’ back door users.

    Yes, David today is a good day – and every freaking day besides – to discuss these issues!

    I believe we have had way too many signs already…so I think we can end our lookout for one from beyond the grave, don’t you !

  6. Nevis has apparently placed a ban on fast food restaurants, using instead local cuisines only,
    with necessity being the mother of invention, they will also find innovative ways for job creation…

    I will not hold my breath that Barbados will do the same…, their loss not mine.

    “Remaining largely untouched and unchanged by growing tourism demands, Nevis reflects the Caribbean the way the region used to be. With its pristine beaches, lush greenery and beautiful natural surroundings, it’s an idyllic escape for romance.

    Due to the size of the island, all restaurants on Nevis use locally sourced natural ingredients to create truly unique Nevisian dishes. The deliberate ban on fast food restaurants has helped positioned the island to be one of the world’s healthiest natural retreats.”

  7. Everyday cannot be stock taking day. To do so we will not make any sales.

    But yes we can reflect today on whether the vision of Mr. Barrow is still relevant to our existing environment. We must remember that only those species that adapt to a changing environment survive.
    Yes, dpD you are right the geopolitical environment is different. Hence the need for constant reassessment and adjustment. BU must be part of that evolutionary process. One cannot move forward by staring into the rear view mirror.

  8. David

    Caught out what!! Stupse. Why do we like to obsfuscate, just to elevate mediocrity? I heard that exchange and Mia exposed Miss Undecided as programmed.

    • You can spin or intellectualize all you want, the public came away with the perception that Miss Undecided in her simple way caused Mia to be hesitant and this is an unusual even giver her fluency in delivery. What did Richie Haynes say again?

  9. Here is a snap of a Facebook conversation gong on between a group of English friends.

    Helen: Gorgeous pic! Love Mauritius. Have a fabulous time, Sarah☀️

  10. “Here is a snap of a Facebook conversation gong on between a group of English friends.” Helen: Gorgeous pic! Love Mauritius. Have a fabulous time, Sarah..”

    Pray tell me what the hell that nonsense has to do with recognizing Errol Barrow day?

    Bloody hell!!! Is Hal Austin some sort of sick bastard?

    • Enuff we know the current state of play but to answer your question requires venturing into the realm of the hypothetical.

  11. @ David ” MAM who was caught out by Miss Undecided ”

    What is this about ? where can I find a recording of the conversation?

    • Hants it was some months ago a caller known as Miss Undecided posed a simple question to MAM who called the show and ‘forced a pause’ from the usual fluent MAM. Perhaps Artax or enuff can elucidate, the detail eludes at the moment.

  12. @ Enuff at 11:13 AM

    I hope that an indepth analysis has been done on those two outcomes and similar tactical errors will not be made this time around. From your perspective” where we are now” is not a good place.

  13. David

    Lol!! I am not here to intellectualise the unnecessary, that results in the DLP winning twice and alternative parties being considered viable options.

  14. Andy Capp January 21, 2018 at 11:11 AM #

    Pray tell me what the hell that nonsense has to do with recognizing Errol Barrow day?

    Have you read the text of the BIM message?
    Here is a woman, and her partner, who twice visited Barbados and stayed at the chaotic Almond in Holetown. Then they visited Mauritius and now prefer it to Barbados.
    That is the direction in a couple of cases of the tourism business, but I am sure it can be multiplied many times over. This is our main tourism market. Maybe not Mauritius every time, but certainly an alternative destination.
    Tourism is the key driver of our economic progress. That is the relevance. It is the same relevance that if the government of Jamaica is fighting a battle against so-called gangs, and the UK authorities are issuing travel warnings, some people may opt to visit Barbados instead.

    Bloody hell!!! Is Hal Austin some sort of sick bastard? (Quote)

    Yes, for investing a level of common sense in some brain dead idiots.

  15. For a population to replenish itself, its fertility rate should be 2.1 children per female or more. Rates under 2.1 spell demographic collapse (extinction) for that population. At present the fertility rate for Barbados is 1.65!!

    Barbados is in economic crisis, environmental crisis and demographic crisis. How much longer will there be a Barbados as we know it?

  16. @ Hal Austin January 21, 2018 at 12:12 PM
    “Bloody hell!!! Is Hal Austin some sort of sick bastard? (Quote)
    Yes, for investing a level of common sense in some brain dead idiots.”

    Oh, what an altruistically beautiful act!
    Just remember, Native Son, home drums should always beat first and the first beat should start with you looking at the man in your own homemade mirror.

    Go home Hal, your country needs you to ‘invest’ “a level of common sense” by ‘heading-up’ the conjoined twins of tourism ‘duplicity’ where one body doesn’t know its bent elbow from the other body’s arse.

    BTA cut into two shares of the fatted calf. BTMI and BTPI same party like BDLP carved up among the political class.

  17. David
    I don’t recall the precise detail of the call to Brasstacks but I dismissed the simple minded Miss Undecided as not worth MAM’s time.Neither would I have discussed the matter with the DLP leaning nuisance contributor who prefers to call the other station.I place her alongside Arthur,Wesley,Mark,Straker’s tenantry and those biased callers of nuisance value who should be banned from talk shows as downright timewasters and nincompoops.

  18. Ping Pong January 21, 2018 at 12:16 PM #
    For a population to replenish itself, its fertility rate should be 2.1 children per female or more. Rates under 2.1 spell demographic collapse (extinction) for that population. At present the fertility rate for Barbados is 1.65!!


    Do you know what the abortion rate is?

  19. Gabriel

    The stupid dlp yardfowl who calls herself Ms Undecided called in while Corey Layne had MAM on the program…… I remember, the BLP paid VOB to carry a press conference. After the press conference was over, Corey invited MAM to stay on and take some questions from the listeners.

    Right on cue as if she she was set up in George Street, the simple fool as she is known on the chat called in…….Ms Mottley, we dont want to hear all of this criticisms of the government….we want to know what you are going to do for the people of Barbados.

    Mia did not tell her what she wanted to hear and the dems ran with the lie that she stumped Mia and that Mia could not answer her.

    The BLP was outsmarted in 2013 and will not fall for the dems stunts again. The DLP is the government, they do not nor did not want any solutions from anyone, why waste time to talk to them.

    MAM went on to broadly outline the party’s policies but these were above the simple woman’s head.

    VOB then aired her question in a promo and the attention went to the simple woman’s head…..
    so much so she called in one day when Dennis Johnson was hosting and was very rude and hung up the phone. The people in the chat went after her telling her to apologise. She eventually did in the chat, I dont remember what Mr Johnson said.

    Since then she did not call the program and that was months ago. Today was the first time I heard her since then.

    The woman is a dlp yardfowl whom George Street uses for their propaganda purposes. Undecided what? The woman is a dlp yardfowl.

    • Very interesting that VoB used her contribution in a promo which gave the issue a lot of wind under the wings.

  20. I guess the brain dead idiot comment was about the bloody fool Hal Austin.

    Because only a brain idiot, lacking basic common sense like the bloody idiot, would write such rubbish and then have to give a silly explanation to associate it with tourism, when there was not anything in the nonsense comment to suggest such.

    Is this bloke actually a real journalist or did he work for one of those rag tabloids where the quality of journalism is very poor?

  21. David,the occasion with ms Undecided was correctly recalled by Prodigal ms Decided Dem yardfowl as I call her spoke to Ms Mottley with Mr Layne I believe as moderator,whom I think is too frivolous as a moderator allowing persons like Ms mcClean to tie him up and when serious discussions are taking place likesto go to all these Whatsup,instagramand Facebook messages while keeping callers to a call in program waiting too long.However Ms Decided call in and I believe Ms Mottley did not want to embarrass the simpleton therefore she just spoke broadlynot to make her look like the fool she is.She would normally call the other program where she would be entertain by the uncouth Mr lovell or the know all Dem Ms Holder but unfortunately for her and the others like the Trini Dem,Arthur ,Commisioner,the returning National,Lolita,and the guy from St George South the programme is off and a few of them inching back to Brass Tacks which they bitterly critised as bias,can you believe them.

  22. Lorenzo
    I forgot the Trini woman who from the time ‘she reach’ Barbados has been critical of OSA and now MAM.Its this type of biased,convoluted thinking that betrays a deeper underlying type of belief in papal infallibility.It is the height of folly to mention MAM in the same breath as Ms Undecided.

  23. The Next Leader ?

    ” Public servants and Barbadians can expect a 23 per rise in their disposable income if Solution Barbados forms the next government, the party’s spokesman on economic affairs Scott Weatherhead has touted.”

  24. @ ac January 22, 2018 at 1:59 PM

    Sewer rat ac, Lorenzo is not Prodigal.

    Prodigal is not a deceitful lying pimp and two-name hypocrite like you aka “angela Skeete”.

    Why don’t you return to your feeding ground in the sewer on the South coast and breed like shite flies?

    Is it true that your Boss Rat the ugly shitehound will be throwing in the towel in the next two weeks since his Ch Ch cabinet colleagues are in total danger of losing their seats because the sewerage system is about to collapse completely?

  25. So anyone else heard the caller trying to correct Winnie about Sandals’ purchasing locally? Did someone say Cost-U-less? #openmoutstoryjumpout

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