71 thoughts on “A Heather Cole Column – Not an Easy Road

  1. Heather

    As far as I can tell this is the worst administration of Barbados since the time of the Arawaks. These people are not guided by what is in the best interests of this country. The best interests of this island demand that this administration leave office as soon as possible if not sooner. They simply have no idea how to turn this country around.

  2. “As far as I can tell this is the worst administration of Barbados since the time of the Arawaks.”

    That does not bode well for the population, maybe it’s a blessing for bajans Dean Del Mastro is locked up in Canada, that the Weare dude has been, depend on how you look at it, removed from the island’s landscape. ..it’s now to expose everything else going on in secret….so the population dont get anymore very nasty surprises that may endanger their lives, wellbeing and that of their future generations.

  3. Caswell Franklyn

    Your political panties are showing.

    The story was never and can never be as simple as you suppose.

    Yesterday, one BLP supporter was complaining that they want to talk about having an election. That that talk was being avoided by the DLP.

    Now, more BLP people, including you, are saying this DLP government is the worst since the Arawaks, ownership, of this country.

    The real situation is much different. These are party political positions geared to deceive. willfully, Caswell.

    Yes, we have long conceded that this DLP government is real bad and should put out of its misery. However, it will not be the worst by a long shot if one has a little vision.

    We say the next government of Barbados will be worse. And the one after that even worse.

    History is useless unless it gives us a clear vision of the future. And there is nothing happening now which can be ameliorated by the BLP. Look at the underlying forces.

    Are these not the same corrupted people thrown out of office just 10 years ago?

    What has changed since then to make this country to look forward to a BLP administration?

    Where would these regular BLP scribes be when we have their mal-administration?

    The truth is that neither the BLP, you Caswell Franklyn, nor the writer of this article even possesses a six months horizon, connecting the past to the present, the present to the future.

    If you did you will see the self-deception being engaged.

    • @Pacha

      There a lot of truth here. What we have in Barbados is an excitement as the ‘silly season’ draws closer. It is almost like religion where there is a blind loyalty to parties at the expense of commonsense and logic. The truth is though this is a feeling everywhere. Just that there are degrees of separation.

  4. “We say the next government of Barbados will be worse. And the one after that even worse.”

    Bound to be, inevitably, as long as they continue to use, misuse and abuse the old, tired template of a system created for them by dead demons…..as long as they refuse to use commonsense to create new realities and systems to benefit the majority population. …they are all doomed to fail.

  5. A very interesting article and the information contained therein is true.

    However, we shall await the responses from the resident DLP yard-fowls who, rather than respond with explanations to the issues highlighted in the article, would resort to their usual political rhetorical diatribe and:

    (1) What are the BLP’s solutions

    (2) Mia Mottley does not have a LEC

    In an environment that requires SERIOUS discussions about Barbados’ economic climate; escalating crime; an unreliable and inefficient transport system; people experiencing difficulties in receiving their NIS benefits; reverse tax credit, income tax and VAT refunds due since 2012, etc……… and charting a way forward for this island……………..

    ……………………this inept DLP administration, through George Pilgrim, asked the Attorney General to launch an investigation to find out whether or not Mottley is a legitimate lawyer.

    Another amusing development is the Minister of Finance saying the NSRL earned $50M in revenue during the 3 month period July 1 to September 30, 2017 (shortly after the 20th downgrade was announced) and the Prime Minster saying “once he had all the on the taxes collected he would address the issue.”

    “THE MINISTER CAN SAY WHAT HE FEELS LIKE SAYING, but I DON’T HAVE ALL of the data on the performance for the first quarter and when I get it I will speak on it.”

    Sinckler has been an abysmal failure as Minister of Finance, evidenced by the 20 consecutive credit rating downgrades and the failed economic policies.

  6. And this is why the electorate must never trust Black politicians, it was Maloney got the scam contract to build the Valery boxes, it was Maloney built the scam building WITHOUT the basic fixtures unless he got more money, in his usual ripoff style, but here is this wicked negro Kerrie Symmonds thanking Maloney for exposing the scam to rip off the new owners of the same building and same scam he is part of to rip off Bajand..

    …..It is plain to see Symmonds now needs election campaign financing, so he is shamelessly shoving his head as far up the ass of Maloney as it would go…to get that money…that would be one of the conditions, selling out his people to make Maloney look good in public.

    ….last election he was one of those bribing voters to vote BLP in Fitz Village…he now needs money to buy more votes to fool the electorate….hope he is arrested this time around, last time he ran from the police in St. James……..both him and Maloney both think bajans are so stupid it they can’t tell the difference.

    …..trifling, dishonest, bottom feeding mofos in Barbados, calling themselves politicians and ministers….I can’t stand those sell out negros.


    Govt was prepared to offer high rise housing without basic amenities, claims Symmonds

    Added by George Alleyne on October 10, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Controversial businessman Mark Maloney is being praised by an unlikely source for what has been described as “saving” ordinary people from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

    St James Central Member of Parliament Kerrie Symmonds issued the praise while charging that Government was prepared to put scores of low-income tenants into the Valery apartments at Brittons HiIl, St Michael without basic finishes such as floor tiles, kitchen units and bathroom cabinets.

    However, Symmonds said fortunately for the tenants, Maloney, who awarded millions of dollars in Government building contracts and who has been the target of ferocious Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) attacks, stepped in.

    Mark Maloney and Kerrie Symmonds
    Symmonds said Maloney saved the Valery high-rise project by ensuring quality finishes, though they ended up adding more than half a million dollars to the cost of the buildings.

    Addressing a BLP St Michael South branch meeting at Graydon Sealy Secondary School, Symmonds produced supporting documents dating back to 2012 when the apartments were built.

    He commended Maloney, the principal official of Preconco, for insisting that Government not open the apartments to occupants unless the floor tiles, kitchen units and other finishes were included.

    According to one of the documents, which was seen by Barbados TODAY, a letter to the National Housing Corporation (NHC) Chairman Anthony Wiltshire on a Preconco letterhead stated in part: “Valery: The tiling of the floors and the kitchen units were taken out of the original proposal when the NHC was funding the construction of the buildings . . . . We feel strongly that the units should be completed and handed over as a finished product and feel that if these units are handed over without them, that it will have a negative impact on the product and the NHC…….”

  7. On the issue of NIS……..

    ……….. I have a friend who retired from work medically unfit since June 2015 and as at October 11, 2017, she has only received TWO benefits from NIS.

    I also have another friend who retired medically unfit from the Fire Service and has not received his NIS benefit for last month.

    When both individuals call, depending on who answers their queries, they are told:

    (1) the cheques have to be printed

    (2) the cheque is in the mail

    (3) the printing machine “broke down”

    (4) the Director of NIS changed something in the system that prevented the cheques from being printed.

    They were also told that, rather than the usual “two cheques system,” they will be receiving one cheque per month.

    Dr. Justin Robinson said he was approached by many people who asked him about the recent credit rating downgrade (perhaps because he is a UWI lecturer) and this caused him to give Barbadians a “lecture” about the workings of rating agencies.

    However, Dr. Robinson is also the Chairman of the NIS, and judging from the difficulties people are having with receiving benefits over the past few years, I’m sure MANY more Barbadians would have asked him what is responsible for the delays in NIS payments.


  8. David

    We are talking about the possibilities of survival therefore we cannot be only guided by what happens elsewhere.

    And in spite of the religious fervor 40 – 50% of the people still don’t vote. They must be lots of reasons for that.

    • @Pacha

      You are that Barbados is plugged into a global ecosystem? Any system of government will have its warts.

  9. I’m hearing the leader of the Opposition and Mr Kerry S calling on Government to pay out large sums of money to Public Workers now that the NSRL has pulled in its first $50M. My understanding was that the NSRL would be a temporary measure to raise revenue rapidly. Should government accede, would this not make the levy a permanent fixture? Is this what we want? I know that the Opposition is playing politics but can we afford this charade while the country balances on the brink of economic disaster?

    • @Fearplay

      The government did promise that if the NSRL achieved the object by September they would respond favourably (?) to union demands? It would have to be a coping subsidy and not an increase for obvious reasons read fix vs recurrent.

  10. Symmonds should be exposing Maloney as part of the problem STILLZ…as the opposition has been doing for months….did Symmonds not go to school…as a matter of fact, did he not go to law school….what tongue in cheek what….they do not get to change the narrative the closer the election draws near.

  11. It is much worse than that and involves the banks. I know someone who retired from the UK years ago, he is now in his 90s, gets his pension from the UK monthly. He has been living in Barbados now for about 30 years, yet every month he goes to the bank, he has to identify himself (most often to a clerk he has known for decades) and, having done so, is told his money is not in yet. The one thing the Brits are is competent. The banks and central bank are stealing from the elderly.
    I also had an experience when I paid a UK cheque in to a local bank account on the day I was flying out; when I asked how long it would take to clear, I was told 14 days. When I arrived at Gatwick, I checked with an ATM and the money had already left my account. So the bank was going to sit on my money for 14 day before paying interest.
    Barbados is in a sorry state.

  12. Hal…..if it makes ya feel better, the electorate should not trust white politicians either.

    Do you trust Theresa the eraser May, how bout Tony the liar Blair, David the fraud Cameron……..

  13. Caswell Franklyn October 11, 2017 at 4:16 AM #

    As far as I can tell this is the worst administration of Barbados since the time of the Arawaks. They simply have no idea how to turn this country around.

    This has been obvious to anyone with a brain since 2010.

    It therefore follows that the people who re-elected them in 2013 are either as stupid as Fumble’s Fools, did not have accurate information to make the same assessment as those who could see ‘the writing on the wall’ or chose to ignore for the same old reasons: ‘all a dem does teef’ and ‘that don’ affect me’.

    As I’ve been typing for years, our great failure as employers and administrators has been to not pass down the negative effects to the working class so they also would understand in terms they could.

    Instead we have maintained the illusion that BDS is ‘business as usual’.

    There was never any chance of economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

  14. FearPlay,

    “I’m hearing the leader of the Opposition and Mr Kerry S calling on Government to pay out large sums of money to Public Workers now that the NSRL has pulled in its first $50M.”

    The next government will go on licking the a…. of the many civil servants. The trash bin for those lost souls who did not make it in private business or are too lazy to emigrate. Since they plan to use up additional revenue to lick the civil ants, downgrades to D and devaluation is inevitable. I do not see ANY plan to fire staff und to restructure the rest in order to consolidate the finances of Barbdos. Neither blue nor red. Hasn´t the opposition even considered MORE politicians in parliament, more consultants, quacks and judges?

    As I told before, the Barbados civil service is damaging the island to a greater extent than any form of slavery, hurricanes, termites and crime. With such a bloated public service, the island will never come back on track.

  15. Correct Tron.

    And the monthly civil service salary and wage bill currently exceeds BDS$40m. So how far is this NSRL $50m going to go? Just to keep voters employed until the next election.

    Meanwhile, businesses selling large-purchase items like appliances, cars, furniture will be laying off people next month.

    Five construction projects nearing completion will see 500 to 600 people on the breadline in December.

    As I said, our failure has been in not informing the public.

  16. The opposition has to look for myriad loopholes with which to sell out the majority population, whose votes they now need to be elected, but they are greedy and also want bribe money…… to get bribe money they have to sell their souls to the very same minority demons and criminals that the present government ministers have been selling their souls to for nearly 10 years……for the same money the minorities used the ministers to rip off from the treasury and pension fund..

    That faux lawsuit Mia has againt barbadostoday, is the single most devious way to get her hands on laundered money through the supreme court for election campaign financing from Harris….again a blatant misuse and abuse of the supreme court……hours of planning would have had to go into that scam……while they think no one is watching or have the intelligence to see through those scams now comes this fool with Maloney.

    ….the people should spread their votes around to all new political parties, make sure Kerrie Symmonds gets no seat…..not even a vote.

    The cockroaches aka minority criminals are starting to work on the dumb politicians, but the majority voters have all the power in their hands to derail both the cockroaches and the politician’s deviously corrupt, grand plans.

  17. I am confused by the surprise.
    The Bajan debt situation is tenuous and severe. Buying an “insurance policy” to access more debt, is like adding rope to the lifesaver ring. It is priority #1.
    My surprise is Dr JR hasn’t been removed for his explanation of credit ratings, for in it, he confirmed the severity of our debt funding. Plus he is a good scapegoat for the many NIS woes. The last time somebody spoke negatively, he was quickly removed from office.
    What we do not yet know, are the TERMS under which the LADB will lend Bim $US. Not that I imagine most care, for if the difference is between any proven sign of collapse, and business as usual, no interest rate can be ‘too high’.
    The apparent miscommunication between Minister’s is not new, control has always been in the hands of a very FEW. Albeit, re-election requires more than the controlling few win their ridings. The ‘rest’ have to be tolerant, for the other option, opposition or no seat is less palatable. Yet they must all show a renewed interest in voters, for voters are only truly valuable on one day, and that day approaches.

    • @NorthernObserver
      Didn’t we have the ridiculous scenario of the government having to borrow to buy membership to this LATAM financial institution to access the US500 million? Distasteful!


      The point to be made to cap the earlier exchange is to listen to the leading news story on the leading radio station this morning -the speculation about Maria Agard joining the UPP. Really? With the country in ducks guts? Why not lead with the news that the lower house would have been debating the domestic abuse act?

  18. What is ridiculous? When you need money, you have to play by the rules the lender sets. Beyond availability, what are the benefits of membership? Reduced rates? Is this a co-op? All we know, is the GoB has supposedly found access to money, the one thing they need desperately.

    • It is not good practice to borrow money to pay membership to a lender to be able to borrow. It is ridiculous from that view.

      On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 11:31 PM, Barbados Underground wrote:


  19. Unless we all wake up and kick out the Bees and Dees we will remain like this; same column every week regurgitating what happened last week: no new ideas, nothing to convince anybody that a change of government will bring any significant benefits.
    What is wrong with just giving the third parties a chance ? Imagine the negative energy that will disappear with the collective BLPDLP out of office. Why do we want the same drivel ? Why are we gluttons for punishment?
    Look around. All the problems have been there through BOTH administrations. 50 years to get one hospital right; bad roads; bad public transportation; all the pit toilets in Black peoples’ homes; all the unemployed Black.
    Anybody who will go in a voting booth and vote for BLPDLP is guilty of putting another stab in Barbados back ! Read all the articles from both BLP and DLP apologists not a scintilla of depth.No ideas. Pot calling kettle black-six and half dozen.
    Vote the BLP and DLP out. I fail to see how any new leader can match the indolence of Stuart and the vacuity of Mottley.

  20. “I fail to see how any new leader can match the indolence of Stuart and the vacuity of Mottley.”

    I can understand the need for a change in the “political status quo,” but are you suggesting Barbadians should go with Grenville Phillips II or the disgruntled Wendell Callender, David Gill and Mark Adamson?

    With the 2018 only months away, these “third parties” have not been able to name 30 candidates and the only parties that have been speaking to the issues are the United Progressive Party and Solutions Barbados.

    But that comment can be expected from someone who was a member of a “third party.”

    However, I would throw my support behind Lynette Eastmond’s UPP.

    Viewing Lynette’s response to the May 2017 budget should be a priority.

  21. Art…..keep reaching, while you reach and reach and reach, the bloggers who really understand the dynamics at play, will do our civic duties.

  22. All the new political parties should be allowed at least 20% of the votes from the majority population. …to shift the two old blighted parties and rock their hold on the parliament.

    It is time to stop give any one political party majority control of the treasry, pension fund, state entites and control over taxpayer funded contracts.

  23. Civic duty is defined as “an obligation or responsibility; the social force that binds an individual to the courses of action demanded by that force.”

    I believe if an individual loves his country and is in possession of valid information that can lead to the incarceration of those people or “minority groups” who are committing crimes, thereby ridding the society of those criminals, then performing one’s civic duty would mean giving that information to the police.

    But if one prefers to hide behind a pseudonym and use BU to accuse people of corruption, committing crimes and maligning the characters of others on a daily basis, without presenting any evidence other than innuendo……

    …………then I obviously do not understand the dynamics at play.

  24. At least ya honest enough to admit that you DONT understand the dynamics at play on the island…

    Ya get an A for honesty…Art.

  25. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come in Barbados and across the Caribbean for all the corrupt frauds, thieves, drug traffickers, money launderers, human traffickers and gun runners in the business community pretending to be upstanding citizens and friends and partners of politicians, in and out of parliament…a massive clean up.

    “Two life sentences and US$10 million fine sought by US prosecutors for Guyanese pilot
    October 11, 20170887

    Acting New Jersey US Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick (centre) is seeking life in prison for Guyanese pilot Khamraj Lall who was recently charged with trafficking five kilograms of cocaine

    By Andrea Fernandes

    GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Khamraj Lall, Guyanese businessman and pilot who is entangled in a web of troubles that has placed him in an uphill battle with almost every major US law enforcement agency including the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now has a bigger issue to be worried about.

    In court papers seen by the Guyana Guardian and confirmed by the New Jersey US Attorney’s office, it has been confirmed that US prosecutors are now pressing for Lall to be sentenced to life in prison on a battery of drug trafficking charges.

    Lall had first come into the media spotlight after customs officials in the US territory of Puerto Rico had unearthed more than US$600,000 that was stashed away on his private jet when he had made a stop there to refuel his aircraft on his way to Guyana in November 2014.

    After that incident, he was initially out on bail, but Federal agents moved in on him in July 2015, and arrested him on several new charges for which he was remanded in custody.

    That arrest had come about as a result of a federal investigation that had also seen eight other people being arrested for drug trafficking and money laundering, in addition to Lall, who was accused of laundering more than US$7 million.

    Ever since, he has been held in federal custody without bail, even after serving a one year sentence for crimes related to the cash that was stashed away on his jet.

    He was also ordered to forfeit the jet, and money in his bank accounts.

    But while serving that sentence, the US government was busy investigating and building several additional cases against him, which have since caused him to be kept in jail, even after the sentence has ended.

    And while he was originally being held on money laundering charges, prosecutors have now charged him with a much more serious drug trafficking offence.

    Acting US Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick has since confirmed that the Guyanese businessman was recently charged with trafficking five kilograms of cocaine on his private jet over a period of time via his private hangar at the Cheddie Jagan International Airport in Guyana to Florida in the United States.

    It is for those charges that the US is seeking a minimum sentence of ten years, right up to the maximum of life in prison for Lall, for two different sets of charges.

    The incident involving Lall has been attracting a great deal of interest in Guyana because of the fact that Lall had previously flown former President Donald Ramotar on presidential trips abroad on the same jet, and had also handled several other official flying assignments for the former government and several leading business figures.

    The Guyanese businessman, who also has various investment interests there, had said on his Exec Jet website that he has been a pilot with more than 15 years’ experience as a freelance flight training instructor at Ringwood Airport.

    However, authorities in the US have since said that the background claimed by Lall is fraudulent since such an airport does not even exist.

    Additionally, there is no known record of Lall ever serving as a flight training instructor at any US airport.”

  26. @Artax

    Like you, I have already decided to support the UPP.
    @ David
    Bajans will eventually embrace a third party. The problem with the third parties is that they are failing to appoint operatives, who will not contest seats, but deal directly with structuring the parties’ message. With the amount of voter apathy out there some success is very possible. I assure you that voter apathy today, is at least 500 percent more than it was when I ran for the NDP in the 1991.
    The failure of the UPP and others to directly go after a “protest” vote shows a lack of political strategy. They must appeal to the disaffected in both the DLP and BLP. They must go after the BLPDLP as ONE party. Do not blame either always blame both. Separating Stuart from Mottley or vice versa is a failed strategy. Lick up both off them at every given opportunity.

    • @William

      Yes, it will take time. People want change but as for right now the third parties have not commanded national attention. It is possible though that they could split the vote in favour of the DLP.

  27. Mia–vacuous? What a joke!! The woman is head and shoulders above Stuart, Lynette, Grenville and most of the current members of parliament.

    They will not vote for them because the parties are weak and offer no innovative and progressive policies. Lynettevis talking about cultural industries, remind us how long ago Mia was talking about culture as an industry. Anyone remembers when the interest of young Bajans from all walks in crop over expoded? I read Grenville’s eerkly article yesterday, and I was left confused! #lazarusredux😭😭😭

  28. Skinner you are adressing all the failures of D&B. Yet you not seem to realize that the third parties all at one time or another endorse the ideologies and philosophy of those parties. Very hard for me to understand how in a short space of time the very ideas and views which these third parties formally endorsed as members of either party suddenly vacates their mindset and replaced with new and improved formulas.

  29. David

    “It is possible though that they could split the vote in favour of the DLP.”

    This is their objective, but it will actually be the reverse.

  30. Wont many be shocked out of their drawers if the fed up electorate split the votes and capsized the two old cursed political parties, right out of parliament.

    Then yardfowls will finally have everything to fear, not only about exposing their favorite politicians and ministers as corrupt bribetakers and thieves.

  31. Here is a provocative and recently published article entitled “The case for colonialism” by
    Bruce Gilley

    For the last 100 years, Western colonialism has had a bad name. It is
    high time to question this orthodoxy. Western colonialism was, as a
    general rule, both objectively beneficial and subjectively legitimate in
    most of the places where it was found, using realistic measures of those
    concepts. The countries that embraced their colonial inheritance, by
    and large, did better than those that spurned it. Anti-colonial ideology
    imposed grave harms on subject peoples and continues to thwart
    sustained development and a fruitful encounter with modernity in
    many places. Colonialism can be recovered by weak and fragile states
    today in three ways: by reclaiming colonial modes of governance;
    by recolonising some areas; and by creating new Western colonies
    from scratch.

    Click on the link below. Then in the second paragraph click on the word “article” to access the article.


  32. Old news from some nostalgic colonial halfwit who can also be found on BU in pairs….

    …..the curse still lives from generation to generation.

  33. A follow up to Caribbean bitcoin. …


    “The Jamaican police is refining strategy to hit human traffickers “in the pocketbook”, says Deputy Superintendent of Police Carl Berry, even as the perpetrators are increasingly burrowing underground by switching to cryptocurrencies to hide their transactions.
    Related articles

    Berry told bankers that Jamaica is having conversations with global law-enforcement partners on how to follow the money trail.

    The policeman, who was speaking at the two-day Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Financing of Terrorism Conference in New Kingston, told bankers that the illicit proceeds were finding their way into the formal system and urged bankers to collaborate with law enforcement on efforts to track the money trail.

    But he also said that an emergent challenge occurring outside the banking system was that traffickers are increasingly doing business with cryptocurrencies. That’s happening alongside another looming problem ­ the use of the ‘dark web’ for transactions, which disguised the identify of those buying the services of the enslaved.

    “They are asking for payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a new factor which creates problems for law enforcers,” said the deputy superintendent. Typically, bitcoin transactions mask the identity of persons trading the cryptocurrency. But Berry said the Jamaica Constabulary Force has “crafted a plan to treat with the flow of illicit money”.

    “We will hit them in the pocketbook,” he said.

    Jamaica was successful in exiting an international watch list for human trafficking after securing four convictions and rescuing more than 70 victims. But Berry cautioned that there was a lot more work to do. (adapted from the Jamaica Gleaner)”

  34. @angela Skeete

    You should know that Barrow left the BLP and formed the DLP. There is no notable difference in philosophy between the two parties. Haynes left the DLP and formed the NDP and one cannot say that there was any great philosophical difference within all three parties at the time. The fear of the BLPDLP is that even with similar philosophies and policies a new party , if successful, could bring a new approach to governance and that would be a major achievement.
    However the major benefit would be a more activist citizen because the majority of citizens, now believe that niether the BLP nor DLP shoudl be trusted with the reins of government. I maintain that the current political landscape is perhaps the best chance for a third party or parties to make a significant difference. However, I really do not know which of the established parties would be really affected because it depends on the individual constituencies and candidates.
    As Lynette Eastmond’s profile grows as a party leader, people would obviously start to look at Mottley’s leadership because they are both women. Quite frankly Mottley could suffer a bit from such a comparison because Eastmond is an unknown quantity as a party leader and she could easily surpass expectations and as we say, “surprise we.”
    We are in for some interesting times.

  35. William Skinner October 12, 2017 at 9:53 AM #

    “They must go after the BLPDLP as ONE party. Do not blame either always blame both. Separating Stuart from Mottley or vice versa is a failed strategy.”

    Perhaps you should give Grenville Phillips II and Wendell Callender that advice.

    I like Lynette, her policies and the manner in which she articulates them. She presented some very interesting points about corruption and freedom of information, technology, the economy, international business and divestment.

    However, similarly to the other “third parties,” with the 2018 general elections only months away, Lynette has been unable to present 30 candidates.

    Another interesting observation is the fact that, according to Lynette, a UPP administration will reduce the number of constituencies from 30 to 15……. or less. In her opinion, so many parliamentary representatives have not been able to improve the quality of representation or the efficiency in the delivery of services.

    Obviously, to “stand a chance” in the 2018 elections, the UPP needs to “run” 30 candidates. Supposed the UPP wins the election…….. to fulfill the party’s agenda of reducing the number of seats in parliament, they will have to “drop” 5 (or more) candidates.

    How will she go about reducing the number of her candidates, especially when all winners will say they worked hard, spent money and deserved to win……….she may not have 5 candidates eagerly volunteering to “vacate” their seats.

  36. William Skinner i respectfully disagree with your assertion that Barrow did not carry a philosophy that which was different to the BLP when he formed the dlp.

  37. I guess the attorney general despite being a lawyer never heard the term plea bargaining with the ones you catch, the small fries, to get the information and evidence you need to lock up the big fish..

    Locking up the small fries is a waste of time on every level unless you can use them to get at their bosses,,,…lawmen should be given the tools they need, by the attorney general to go after the crime bosses from the minority community. …parading around a bunch of small time dealers to the public and unnecessarily filling up the prisons is not effective policing.


    “Police aren’t protecting the “big boys”. They just don’t have any evidence to arrest them.
    Related articles

    That simple explanation was given by Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite as the reason why lawmen had been having difficulty apprehending the kingpins overseeing the criminal activity in Barbados.
    He contended that while police was able to nab the smaller criminals who were more conspicuous, authorities simply did not have enough evidence to do the same to their “bosses”.

  38. Good question indeed….sell Barbados Transport Board to whom, the previous government just like the current government are both responsible for it’s destroyed state….seems as though the opposition already has a buyer in mind.

    First they gave the transport board contract away to a criminal insurance carrier who have for over the last 17 years flooded the supreme court with transport board liabilities through unfinished and unresolved personal injury claims, drastically reducing any equity the bus entity had…….as the insurance carrier intended.

    …..and the current government refuses to get rid of that criminal insurance company as TB insurance carrier.

    ……everyone of the politicians will now appear to be quick thinking genuises because of the rapidly approaching election……do not hand any of them a majority government.


    “Sell the loss-making Transport Board, suggests Opposition spokesman
    Added by George Alleyne on October 12, 2017.
    Saved under Business, Local News

    With the economy as it stands, an Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) spokesman last night returned to the vexed issue of privatization, while suggesting that the state-run Transport Board should be sold.

    Delivering the Eighth Tom Adams Memorial Lecture at the Barbados Workers’ Union headquarters last night, the BLP’s Christ Church East Central candidate Ryan Straughn warned that the island’s social and economic conditions had changed significantly since 1976 when Adams, as prime minister, had paired licensing of individually owned public transportation service with the existing state-run bus service.

    “Today there are more than 100,000 private vehicles in Barbados and such accessibility is no longer an issue as it was in 1976,” the economist said, while emphasizing the need for divestment of the loss-making national bus service.

    “I ask Barbados when will we recognize that the Government of Barbados does not have to own a bus to deliver subsidized fares for any of its citizens?” the former Central Bank economist asked, while suggesting that in a 21st century Barbados, Government’s role should be that of a strong regulator and not owner of public transportation.”

  39. I have to agree with Ryan Straughn……… “the Government of Barbados does not have to own a bus to deliver subsidized fares for any of its citizens” and “Government’s role should be that of a strong regulator and not owner of public transportation.”

    Privatize the Transport Board and let market forces determine bus fares or regulate the fares. However, I do not believe an individual travelling from town to Connell Town, St. Lucy should pay the same bus fare as someone travelling from town to Eagle Hall.

    The PSV operators are not the only people “speeding and over-loading.” This administration has been “speedily” issuing PSV permits, thereby significantly increasing the number of PSVs, to the extent that routes such as Silver Sands, Silver Hill, Airport (3D), Wansted and Speightstown are “over-loaded” with vehicles.

    This development has obviously increased competition to the TB and among the PSV operators as well. In an effort to increase revenue, the operators are engaging in dangerous driving, going off route, “dragging” and breaking many of the road traffic regulations.

    Former DLP candidate for the City, Abdul Pandor, is Chairman of the Transport Authority and interestingly, (and I’m not implying there is a connection) many of the PSV’s are owned by Indians or Pakistanis and certain members of society.

    For example, I caught a Wansted route taxi (“a #3 van”) on which the former DLP candidate for St. Michael East was the conductor. When I read the owner’s information posted inside the vehicle, Kenneth Best was the name of the owner. But Best the owner and Best the conductor may not be the same individual.

  40. Well, well yuh dead wrong on this one! Once government continues to set fares and routes, there is nothing wrong with FULL privatisation. We behave as though public transportation in Barbados is not majority private.

  41. Enuf…..read again, I did not say one way or the other whether TB should be sold or NOT, privatized or whatever….I simply asked….TO WHOM SHOULD THE BUS SERVICE BE SOLD.

    And gave a short truthful history of the collusion and corruption between both governments, CGI Insurance and the misuse and abuse of the supreme court in destroying any equity in the company.

    Even Art understood that…I believe

    So what was I wrong about….

  42. When ya finish reading what I posted, enlighten me, this time try to read without emotion.

  43. It is true that government does not have to own the buses, neither do they have to sell them to Simpson. They can turn the Transport Board in to a worker-owned coop, restructure the board and get rid of the corrupt ZR van system.
    Our public transport system was not always this bad. One benefit of having a good public transport system is that government can then control the number of private vehicles on the road – one car per household, no private vehicles in the city during the morning or afternoon rush hours, and the introduction of parking machine (with higher charges) and a dedicated traffic police department reporting to its own chief.
    Given that most car manufacturers are planning to get rid of vehicles driven by the internal combustion engine, it is a good time to be ahead of the pack.

  44. As a matter of fact I should also have asked, HOW MUCH should Transport Board be sold for, because if anyone cares to search supreme court records and see the amount of personal inury cases CGI Insurance and Peter Harris along with his dishonest attorneys have left stagnant and unmoving in the Supreme Court with deliberate delays after delays and no completion….you will find that the liabilities of the Transport Board to injured people are now many millions of dollars.

    I dare any of you to do the research.

  45. ….have left stagnant and unmoving in the Supreme Court with many years of deliberate delays after delays and no completion…

  46. Has the Opposition done the research at the Supreme Court before jumping out to mislead the electorate, has Mia Mottley done the research to see the negativity attached to the Transport Board’s CGI Insurance piled up liabilities at the supreme court, especially her since she now has a faux lawsuit against barbadostoday……her friend and advisor, none other than Peter Harris.

    ….well I have done the research.

  47. @ Hal Austin October 13, 2017 at 9:24 AM
    “Given that most car manufacturers are planning to get rid of vehicles driven by the internal combustion engine, it is a good time to be ahead of the pack.”

    Sometimes a scintilla of enlightenment can peer through a dense cloud of intellectual mediocrity.

    Here is one of those rare moments of intellectual conjunction.

    As has been argued before, no developing country can break through that barrier that leads to planned development suitable for the 21st Century environmental realties and pending challenges unless its public transport system is designed and constructed as fit for purpose.

    The excess of poorly maintained vehicles overburdening a road system built for donkey and mule carts is one of the biggest problems confronting Barbados not only in terms of its forex leakage and productivity implications but also in terms of environmental degradation resulting in increasingly deleterious ramifications for the general health of the resident population.

  48. ……It is true that government does not have to own the buses, neither do they have to sell them to Simpson. They can turn the Transport Board in to a worker-owned coop, restructure the board and get rid of the corrupt ZR van system.

    Miller….2 in one day. a virtual record..lol

  49. The third parties have no ideas alnd no philosophy. The long and short being the continue to regurgitate the same political rhetoric
    These third parties cannot be measure in the same way as a Barrow . When placed under a phiolsophical meter they failed miserably

  50. I don’t take public transportation in Barbados but a few of my relatives do and after I was “volunteered” to take a sibling to an appointment during rush hour, when it was time to go to another appointment he said he would take a ZR.

    The transportation system as operated by the TB is essentially dead and someone should put it out of its misery, for every TB vehicle I saw about 20-30 ZR’s zipping along the road, blocking traffic, belching noxious smoke (like TB vehicles) and violating both written and unwritten rules of traffic. Would this Gov’t bite the bullet and get rid of the TB? Given the track record of this Gov’t it seems unable to repair the buses and it would be unwise to think it could replace the TB; they won’t put so many people on the breadline when there is an election on the horizon. I await whether the scrapping of the TB is just Economist Straughn’s personal opinion or BLP policy if and when they capture a majority.

    I am supremely aware that taking a politician at his word is a mug’s game and this cat has been around too long to be misled by a kitten.

  51. Enuff…where did I say it should NOT be sold, is that your excuse, I am waiting for you to show me where I said it should not be sold…

    … you got emotional because I did not jump on the BLP bandwagon….ya will not find me creaming myself at any politician’s or minister’s words, I like to think for myself….it’s called being FREE to exercise free thoughts.

    Oh you know Harris’ middle name s Vivek…lol

  52. It appears that neither you nor Angla Yardfowl knows what is really going on leading up to the election or both of you would be throwing it at each other…lol

    I am certainly not going to spoil the fun by telling ya anyway, there is more than enough time for yall to find out…4 months to February, 4 months to June.

  53. Enuf…look, Carson Yardfowl and another commenter with an opinion, if I did not know anything, I would swear that yardfowls want the entity sold to get some of the crumbs that may or not, fall of a table…lol

    “Carson C Cadogan
    October 13, 2017 at 7:28 am
    Ryan’s address shows how little he knows.

    Is this the best that the Barbados Labour Party has to offer?????


    October 13, 2017 at 9:22 am
    The last B L P administration had the perfect opportunity to sell state entities, but instead they added more to the wage bill in the form of statutory corporations. So Straughn need to sell this concept to his party, not to the people.

    The state will need to maintain a share in all the social services, so only part selling should occur, some mergers are needed, and others can be closed. This first, but the critical thing is to make them profitable prior to selling. Increase the value of the entity.”

  54. “… you got emotional because I did not jump on the BLP bandwagon….ya will not find me creaming myself at any politician’s or minister’s words, I like to think for myself….it’s called being FREE to exercise free thoughts.”
    Look woman i ain’t care who you support or don’t support. Y’all always fast to assume that people want wunna to support one party or the next. Let me repeat, I do not care! I musse know him better than you. 🤣🤣

  55. If by him you mean Vivek, I am sure you do, now run along and tell him we know everything is crumbling around him and it only just got started.

    If ya meant the newbie who made the statement, I still have not commented one way or the other if TB should be sold or not, cause I know, no one is buying a government entity with millions and millions in liabilities, unless they get it for a song……, read, for free……or…it starts having value, read, it starts being equitable again, which TB is not at this stage because of the millions and millions of dollars that CGI and Vivek used the supreme court and created for the bus service.

    So that is what yall have to deal with…reality v. Lala Land…lol

  56. ..or…it starts having value, read, it starts being equitable again, which TB is not at this stage because of the millions and millions of dollars worth in LIABILITIES that CGI and Vivek used the supreme court and created for the bus service.

    BTW…if you and Vivek are that tight, ya may want to let him know that I heard he will be a star in the not too distant future, because of his greed and hatred for paying out genuinely injured people…..

    …..that should really brighten his day.

  57. Now I know yall like living in ya fantasy world devoid of reality, but simple math dictates. .

    If equity is to be rebuilt in the Transport Board to make it attractive to potential buyers…FIRST….ya gotta get rid of the millions and millions of dollars in existing LIABILITIES……sitting in the supreme court.

    In order to get rid of all those liabilities….all those Vivek/CGI piled up personal injury cases have to be resolved and completed……and taken out of the supreme court system in order to rebuild equity in TB…., but ya know how yall already set up the court system to move real slow….lol….basic math.

    Yall will have to give away TB…if those many, many cases are not resolved, tell that to Mia and her advisor Vivek, she is a lawyer and should have already known this, but chose to allow the electorate to be deceived thinking that the TB can just be sold off……good luck.

    I will tell ya another time why ya need it.

    Don’t you think someone should tell ALL the Claimants with personal injury cases that yall plan to sell TB.

  58. Enuff…..tell Mia and her advisor Vivek/CGI that someone suggested a class action lawsuit against both governments who enabled CGI/ Vivek to destroy ALL EQUITY in the Transport Board turning it into incomplete and unresolved LIABILITIES sitting in the supreme court as personal injury cases..

    ..as they pointed out, the defendants should read as follows…

    Government of Barbados….First Defendant

    CGI Insurance…Second Defendant
    Peter Vivek Kutappa-Harris
    Bruce Bailey
    Edmund Bailey

    Here is the reasoning, the government failed to stop CGI Insurance/Vivek and their agents, through lack of regulation, from maliciously and deliberately over the last 17 years or thereabouts making sure that personal injury cases between CGI Insurance and injured Claimants were never resolved and have lingered unnecessarily in the Supreme Court for an unconscionable period of time…despite knowing of CGI’s track record over the last 2 decades.

    Or some such language…what do you and BLP think now.

    Not one of you considered the plight of Claimants who Vivek and his dishonest, wicked lawyers tie up in the supreme court with personal injury cases for years, cases that can easily be resolved.

    Yall are too inconsiderate.

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