Property Matters – Tobago Sandals

by Afra Raymond

Is there a link between the Uff Report and Tobago Sandals? Is Tobago Sandals such a unique opportunity that we ought to adopt unique standards to assess its costs and benefits? What are the various benefits being proclaimed by the supporters of that project? This article will examine some of those claims against the factual background.

I returned to the large-scale and controversial proposals for Tobago Sandals by using that important Uff Report recommendation as my opener. The Uff Enquiry into the Construction Industry arose due to strong protests and complaints from the JCC, T&T Transparency Institute, myself and other individuals. One of the most decisive voices calling for those operations to be probed was Dr Keith Rowley, who was at that stage at loggerheads with his colleagues in government. I think Dr Rowley gained considerable kudos for taking a stand against the improper practices of his colleagues in that area.

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  • BU must stop its program of economic sabotage because the Caribbean is on its knees and can’t afford to alienate international investors.

    Sandals is a great asset to the region. Other than the Jamaica Tourist Board, no other organization has done more to promote Caribbean destinations ro North American TV audiences and newspaper readers.

    This article repeats the ridiculous claim that because its bookings are made on the Internet it couldn’t be bringing much foreign exchange to host countries. Whoever believes such nonsense should read a good book on the economics of tourism. Ignorance is a bitch.


  • @chad99999

    You need to make contact with the point that transparency is a key part of a democracy. The government was elected to serve. There is a track record of non performance by Caribbean governments to be concerned.


  • Transparency is not a West Indian value. It is a value for Western and Westernized elites.


  • @chad99999

    Shouldn’t the citizenry aspire to transparency and good governance?


  • Absolutely. But in a democratic system in which elected politicians represent the thinking of the masses, you can hardly expect transparency.

    If you can coax it out of the Government as a special favour, consider yourself lucky.


  • How do we (citizenry) disrupt chad99999?


  • Property Matters – Tobago Sandals part two

    by AfraRaymond

    This Season of Reflection closes with yet another Sankofa Moment in which I will contemplate our past efforts so as to better understand our future. This huge project is being promoted, at the highest levels, by highly-optimistic and quite ambiguous statements. The entire effort is based on notions of government having nothing to hide and […]

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  • “BU must stop its program of economic sabotage because the Caribbean is on its knees and can’t afford to alienate international investors.”

    Is this arrogant, narcissistic joker suggesting that international investors use Barbados Underground as their guide to make investment decisions?


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