T&T Extreme Prejudice For Citizens Fighting with ISIS –Never Happen!

Submitted by Tony Humphrey

Major General (Ret’d) Edmund Dillon, Minister of National Security

Is this a reality check for PM Dr. Rowley or is this absolutely unacceptable, unconstitutional and flat out wrong. I can hear the Bajan progressives screaming bloody murder even as those who sit in the conservative seats raise their eyebrows with a smirk.

The headline read: French Special Forces Targeting French Citizens Fighting for ISIS in Iraq. The story quoted: “The motive for the secret operation is to ensure that French nationals with allegiance to Islamic State never return home to threaten France with a terror attack [….] France has been the target of several deadly attacks either inspired by Islamic State or orchestrated from the militants’ Middle East strongholds, including the November 2015 Paris strikes.”

The mother of a Trinidad & Tobago ISIS combatant said about her son, “This is his choice. Nobody is going to love him less for his decision.”

Would we condemn the government and love them less if they help him truly fulfill his choice like the French. Ideally not. Would Bajans accept our government doing similar? Ideally, yes.

But no progressive or law-abiding conservative would ever abide ex-judicial state sponsored execution so the Trinis would have to tread very carefully if they ever adopted that extreme measure of the French (the Americans and others).

If you are suffering continuous terrorist attacks on your home soil is it unacceptable to target one possible source of those attacks and sever it close to the root. Or are these heads of a Hydra!

In every democratic environment it is expressly forbidden under the law to execute/condemn a citizen without trial for a crime they ‘may’ commit.

When that citizen engages in warfare and training – in a foreign land – directly contra the express directions and regulations of the country of which he is a citizen do circumstances change?

Cautiously we tread, because as we have seen under draconian ‘Patriot Act’ styled national security regulations that in periods of national terror disarray actions are implemented impetuously and almost imperially.

After the November 2016 attacks in Paris then President Hollande directed a state of emergency and it was common to have warrantless raids of homes to root out possible terrorists. This period of official ‘ex-judicial’ state supremacy was as severe as it was vital and necessary.

Even then after various extensions were issued there were loud voices from UN human rights panels, AI (Amnesty) and others which harshly denounced Hollande’s directives; but these human rights appeals were rejected by the French courts with the admonishment that there was still ‘imminent peril’ in the country.

The president and some lawmakers have also pushed for citizenship to be stripped from any convicted terrorist who is a dual citizen. And others in Europe has gone one step further and demanded that citizenship be denied any terror convict who gained citizenship via birth-right – ‘jus soli’- or via naturalization.

Bluntly stated this would seek to deny the international law which asserts that a person cannot be rendered stateless. But accordingly and with grave irony, the French Special Forces actions does appear to consider rendering them lifeless for the same offence as more acceptable and definitive!

Now, surely the disaffection in the region driving the Islamist radicalism does not have the same deep seated hatred that is evident in France and her sister countries but still our youth are attracted to the ISIS appeal.

They too go forth to become soldiers in this deadly war and on their return they too recruit others to the cause and indoctrinate more youth like themselves. Their threat is still grave. Only those who studied the T&T disaffection of the 1980s could have fore-seen that the T&T Red House would be under siege by force of arms from Islamist Jamaat-al-Muslimeen extremists.

A reminder that nothing is impossible.

It’s worth noting also as experts have highlighted, that to this day Trinidad & Tobago is the only western nation that has endured an Islamic insurrection. The infamy of that 1990 coup attempt cannot be forgotten as we dissect possible future actions by any of the reported 50 plus ISIS mercenaries of T&T birth fighting in Syria.

Thus the Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister is very much aware of this threat. He said that his government has “very serious decisions” to make about the “several nationals now linked to the [ISIS] group” regarding the return to their homeland. Rather innocuously he also said that they were “looking at the formation of a counter-terrorism unit to deal especially with these matters”.

Considering that T&T has a long history of establishing specialized units to deal with serious national security issues his remarks are rather understated.

We must also recall that some of these ISIS fighters were implicated in the T&T 2011 plot to foment assassination and terror even as other T&T nationals were implicated in allegations of extremism terror activities in 2014 in a plot in Venezuela.

Regardless of these past affiliations, however, the laser focus must be the possible future terror and mayhem to rule of law in the region.

The ‘imminent peril’ remains with us as a very foreboding and realistic eventuality.

59 thoughts on “T&T Extreme Prejudice For Citizens Fighting with ISIS –Never Happen!

  1. I certainly would not be amused if my grands joined this band of religious idiots who are destructive, I guess it depends on the parent.

  2. Too bad enough people are not yet aware ISIS and the like are just the patsies for the New World Order planners using the “problem,reaction,solution” approach to get their much sought after, totalitarian style, New World Order final solution implemented and locked in place by popular demand.

    How Britain Helped Create ISIS

    Sadly, most people in Britain are still completely ignorant of the real truth of the Syrian war, and the role that the British establishment has played in supporting an array of terrorist groups, including ISIS. Even if we accept for a moment that all the official stories of the last three terror attacks are 100% true (something I don’t believe, see here for instance), a significant portion of the blame should still be directed towards the British establishment for the policies it has pursued overseas.

    The Syrian proxy war has provided fertile ground for the rise of ISIS and other extremist groups, with ISIS claiming responsibility for the last three terror attacks in Britain; namely, the London Bridge attack, the Manchester Arena attack and the Westminster attack. Britain has been part of a nefarious troika that have supported an array of terrorist groups in Syria for years now, a fact that legendary journalist and documentary filmmaker, John Pilger, highlighted in an interview at the end of 2015. In response Afshin Rattansi – the host of the RT show, Going Underground – asking “how are ISIS the progeny of Washington, London and Paris?”, Pilger said:

    They are not only the progeny, they are the fully grown-up, manic, adolescent creature belonging to Paris, London and the United States. Without the support of these three countries, without the arms that have been given to ISIS – either they have been given directly to Jabhat al-Nusra and have gone to ISIS; or they have gone the other way; or they have gone to the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia or in Qatar- but the French, the British, the Americans and the Turks have all supplied those that have kept ISIS going. You know, <b>if David Cameron had won his Commons vote a couple of years ago, ISIS would now be in charge in Syria … The Middle East’s most multi-ethnic, multi-cultural state, would be finished, and these fanatics would be in charge, and that would-be thanks entirely to Western actions.

    (my emphasis /GM)


    May Pushes for Internet Regulation

    In the wake of the most recent (at the time of writing anyway) terrorist attack at London Bridge – which, as always, was carried out by extremists who were known to the authorities – the British Prime Minister has advocated internet regulation. May said that the internet provides a “safe space” for terrorist ideology to spread, and called for governments to “reach international agreements” to regulate the Internet:

    We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed; yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services, provide. We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace, to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning.

    The truth may never come to light regarding these three terror attacks, but we know for sure that the establishment will exploit these atrocities in order to further their agendas. May’s call for Internet regulation has been an objective of the British establishment for years, with May’s proposal further proving that the elite never let a crisis go to waste.


  3. These islamic filth need eliminating wherever they are cornered. Barbados better watch out – plenty Saudi money here and creatures in black binbags.

  4. May is a joke…terrorism was around befire the internet, it’s bred by governments and politicians like May.

  5. What we have to appreciate is that we are not fighting ISIS as an enemy there is the dysfunctional societies being created that allow for those living on the fringes to seek comfort in their bosom.

  6. Is it not fair to assume that since citizens from Trinidad and Guyana, two of our Caricom partners, have featured in international reports on Islamic terrorism, and since there is nothing exceptional about Barbados, the least our security services should do is take a precautionary approach to the problem and keep all suspects under close scrutiny?

  7. Guyana and Trinidad have hindus and moslems.Abu Bakr in Trinidad has been able to threaten the State with his band of thugs and criminals.Only Trinidad.Not one other Caribbean State has this element like Trinidad seem to have in abundance.The prisons are filled with these vagabonds.Politicians use the voting bloc Bakr dangles as a bait and switch tool to wring concessions from the UNC and the PNM,which they all three deny.Stupid black asses can’t think for themselves.

  8. Greenie
    No matter how strong your proofs.

    The leading idiots would prefer the official lies than known truths.

  9. Why don’t we keep out of the business of those miserable Middle Eastern people, and their equally miserable European cousins, and their misogynistic religions?


  10. @Tony Humphrey The mother of a Trinidad & Tobago ISIS combatant said about her son, “This is his choice. Nobody is going to love him less for his decision.”

    Ok. Since Mother’s Day has passed, I think that I can safely say that this mother is an idiot.

    We see idiots like her in the courtyard all the time bawling and saying how their son is “a nice boy”

    When everybody knows that he was a trouble maker from small, fortunately such idiots (stupid boy and equally stupid mother) don’t tend have a long life expectancies.

  11. @Hal Austin June 10, 2017 at 2:33 PM “since there is nothing exceptional about Barbados”

    But there is.

    Barbados is a small place, a very, very small place.

    We know where everybody lives.

  12. I don’t know who this Tony Humphrey fella is but a badly written essay.

    A very badly written essay.

    Send him back to class 3, and let him write the 11+ in 2019.

  13. US soldiers sent to train “moderate” Syrian rebels shocked to find out they’re mostly training jihadis.

    Veteran Green Beret and Special Ops Soldiers Admit U.S. Trains Our Enemies in Syria

    “Nobody believes in it. You’re like, ‘Fck this,’” a former Green Beret says of America’s covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian militias. “Everyone on the ground knows they are jihadis. No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort, and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘Fck it, who cares?’”


    Seems a strange approach to take, to send your soldiers to train terrorists, presumably to make them more efficient killers, if you really are fighting a “war on terrorism” – unless, despite all the high-minded platitudes and regrets over the beautiful children losing their lives to terrorism, you find keeping terrorism viable to further your own geo-strategic goals is more helpful than actually bringing terrorism to an end.

    Re your post above: The Mockingbird Media lives on, and although not as influential as before thanks to the internet, it still has a strong influence over the general public’s perception of the issues. See video:

  14. @ David at 2:10 PM re “What we have to appreciate is that we are not fighting ISIS as an enemy there is the dysfunctional societies being created that allow for those living on the fringes to seek comfort in their bosom.”

    Absolutely correct. Unfortunately the youth taking comfort with violent elements like ISIS or drug gangs is an ongoing problem which will blow up in our faces.

    But what caught my attention are the reports about the ex-judicial killings of French citizens by French authorities. When we consider that France does not have capital punishment on their legal landscape that is a significant point even considering that these citizens are engaged in illegal warmongering completely outside French jurisdiction.

    The US and Brit authorities also carry out these executions of their citizens in similar circumstances.

    These guys and gals deserve whatever bullets come their way.

    @Simple at 7:33 PM …you are often succinct but still rather incomprehensible at times. Who this fella Tony Humphrey proves to be is irrelevant…but what you consider badly written is grist of blog debate. So expound on that.

    There are a number of take-aways in the piece. The fact that the French are conducting these brazen human rights violations is instructive for our little islands that we need to act seriously and with alacrity on this problem.

    As @Hal says above at minimum we at least need to “keep all suspects under close scrutiny”. They are dangerous people. We can recall that at least two of the British terrorists were reported to have been under the radar of MI5 and the Italian services yet they completed their acts.

    We have some serious work needed to save our islands.

    • The world has moved into new territory with the rise of Trumpism. What caught BU’s eye is the recent bold face lie by Trump when he wrongfully accused the Muslim Mayor of London and has since refused to retract. Add the fact that the government has refused to withdraw the invitation for Trump’s visit. It seems the right thing to do is for the government to support Mayor Khan to send the right message to Trump. The world audience remains enthralled by the performance.

  15. That isnt going to happen, uninvite trump ..well there is a recipe for disaster ..dont be alarmed ??? all britons should be alarmed and mad the only way to deal with an enemy is to make it super painful on them till they understand who not to screw with. Let Allah sort it out and deal with the winners.

    • The point is Trump embellished or lied what Sidiq Khan stated -in the public. Khan’s government should without any prodding support the man. If he was not a Muslim one can only speculate. Then again May and Johnson have a full plate at the moment.

  16. Was it a ‘lie’ David…?

    …or is Trump a completely clueless idiot who happens to have made a lotta money and been made to feel ‘entitled’ …and that he is actually some kind of ‘success’ as a result?
    This is the danger of albino-centric thinking. It equates ‘dollars’ with ‘sense’.

    Don’t we have the same malady here in Barbados ..where we have a lotta ‘baloney’ shiite being perpetrated based on the idea that since he now controls lots of money he must ‘know’ what is best for us all….

    It is the culture we have endorsed…
    …and it is going to be our undoing VERY shortly.

    • @Bush Tea

      The Mayor assured the public not to worry by the increased police presence, that it was necessary given the heightened state brought on by the recent incidents. The idiot in the WH could not allow the opportunity to pass by deliberately attacking Khan- a Muslim- by saying his comment trivialized the issue at hand.

  17. The mayor made a statement that seems okay …carry on as usual …but in the bigger picture accepting this as the new norm is asinine . I for one would appreciate someones prespective on how the people feel who is actually living there such as Hals before anyone second guessing from the comfort of home myself included.

  18. Lawson,

    Thank you. Sometimes we miss nuances, which I have already talked about. Trump may be an autistic buffoon, but that does not mean he won’t get somethings right. He has got Sadiq Khan spot on. I do not believe that Khan is a friend of Caribbean people.
    I will tell you a story: a long time ago, as a young man, I was in the Black Star bookshop in Pinfold Street, listening to the late great Leroy Harewood and Dr St Clair Drake in conversation.
    Dr Drake (whose father was a Bajan Drakes) was talking about the black power movement and how he was a supporter. But, he said, he wore his black power sympathies under his clothes. All supporters did not have to be out with clinched fists.
    With militant Islam we get a lot of that; doctors, lawyers, professors, who condemn the suicide bombers, with caveats. They always qualify their condemnation.
    These are the same people who donate hundreds of millions to UK mosques in untaxed funds which, I suspect, go to fund the bombers.
    I am not saying Sadiq is one of these, but he has a senior management team with not a single black person, apart from a mixed race lawyer. On the other hand, Boris Johnson, the right wing Tory, had one of the most integrated senior teams in UK local government.
    Sadiq, a Sunni Muslim, is from Tooting, his father was bus driver, he was born and grew up in a district with a huge Caribbean population. He went to Ernest Bevin school which had and still does a huge black student population; he went to North London polytechnic, again with a big black student population. He lived on housing estate.
    In his recent book, Islam, one of the leading Oxford Islamic scholars Tariq Ramadan, has written an apologia for the Muslim Brotherhood thesis, which was founded by his grandfather. It was the Brotherhood who murdered Anwar Sadat.
    What is also interesting about the Brotherhood, and I am not suggesting that Sadiq is a member or sympathiser of the Brotherhood, is the many front organisations and ‘sleeper’ members it has who can be activated when the right time comes.
    At the very least, we ought to be cautious and be on our guard rather than let our thinly veiled liberalism lead us down the wrong track.
    We have just been through a massive political campaign, and not once did I see Sadiq campaigning with the leader of his party, Jeremy Corbyn.
    Sadiq sees himself as being strategic, positioning himself to be the first Asian leader of the Labour party and, thus, prime minister.
    In his ignorance Trump called him out.

  19. David,
    It trivialised the issue. On this occasion Trump was right. The mayor was exploiting liberal tolerance and, of course, differentiating between the Jihadists and ‘true’ Muslims. It is all smoke and mirrors.

  20. @Hal, at 10:50 AM …If I were a man of salacious word usage I would launch into a volley of four-letter words as a response to that blog.

    Suffice to say that you are an extremely DANGEROUS scribe. Extremely.

    Emanating from a reasoned and well formed remark from the blogmaster that Trump “embellished or lied what Sidiq Khan stated” you have definitively informed the blog of how Khan wears his racist and radical agenda “under his clothes”.

    Mr FT Editor that is a slur and unacceptable deconstruction of the man’s character but heh you NEVER say nasty things about people…or something like that you said a few moons ago.


    @lawson at 9:32 AM …help me out here with your assertion that “The mayor made a statement that seems okay …carry on as usual …but in the bigger picture accepting this as the new norm is asinine.”

    The man is quoted as saying the same basic feel good verbiage that President George Bush said in NY after 9-11. Similar to the ‘we will beat this’ motivational remarks that Mayor Rudy Guiliani made. How now is it ‘asinine’?

    The NY Mayor was a polarizing figure as he ended his mayoralty in 2011. But on that fateful September day he became a US hero and of course went on to be a veritable national star …Time magazine ‘Man of the Year’, no less.

    This rock-star mayor said at one gathering during the time; “You really don’t know how strong you are. This strength doesn’t come from me – it’s yours, and the city’s going to go on, and it’s going to be a great, great city.”

    In practical tone, substance and intent how does that differ from Sadiq’s:

    “Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. No reason to be alarmed. One of the things the police, all of us need to do is make sure we’re as safe as we possibly can be,”

    If only we could be honest and note that this man Trump is an absolutely petty and vindictive disreputable boor, we would be ok. His retorts against Khan are linked completely to the mayor’s endorsement of Clinton and his previous scathing remarks towards Trump.

    With all that in mind it would also be insane for the Brit Government to disrespect a US President with a dis-invitation because of an unseemly spat with their London Mayor. That will never happen.

    • @Dee Word

      If we follow Hal’s lingo through the years on BU read ‘the Guyanese born DPP’ it should therefore come as no surprise to read his interpretation of Trump’s remark.

  21. Dribbler just because bush said it doesnt mean I agreed with that either, sure dont give in to terrorism but just to go along with it without getting pissed off is stupid. I like the israeli way you do a terrorist act we blow your house up there has to be a penalty for the family. Yes the sins of the son should be visited on the father and vice versa and if you dont think it will eventually happen you dont know the brits.
    Hal explain to me if true the mayor of london is muslim the mayors of birmingham,luton,leeds,oldham,oxford,sheffield,rochdale,blackburn are muslim over 3000 mosques in uk how can people think everything is same old

  22. Lawson,

    Mosques also collect over £1bn a year in tithes. That is a lot of money. Before people in Barbados form opinions they should talk friends and relatives living in the UK. Things are not what they seem from 3000 miles away.

  23. Hal all the mosques cant be the same so money will be going to sunni back fighters and others will support shia fighters, the only thing that unites them is their hatred of us, has there been in fighting in britain

  24. David you have no skin in the game …yet….wait till sharia law takes effect in clermont, and it becomes a no go district .

  25. David,
    What is a Guyana-born DPP got to do with the mayor of London? At you insinuating what I think you are?

  26. Lawson
    You got it in one. The problem with some people is that when they are wrong they become abusive. It is in the Bajan genes.

  27. @David at 1:14 PM. Spot on. To quote Mr Austin.

    And @Hal, the blogmaster need not insinuate anything. His remark is direct and clear.

    You use your pen as a sword and wield it very indiscriminately to cut deep into the skin of those you do not like whether from their tone or beliefs.

    The fact that you use euphemistic pejoratives as you brandish that sword is NOT lost on those who went to school and actually listened to the Whartons or Symmonds or Paynes who taught them.

    One does not rise to become an editor at a major world newspaper without being adept at subterfuge and too having one own’s form of ‘isms’…along of course with great skill and smarts.

    No one can take the latter two from you but any attempt to portray yourself as some saintly scribe who never speaks ill is demonstrably FALSE..by you won words here! That too can’t be taken away.

  28. Not even David with a majoritarian position has the energy to stymie the torrent of bile from the ugly man in London, who like Trump, but with a misguided, and uniquely west Indian, reactionary position is intent to find other than normal meanings from the innocent words of a mayor who happens to be Muslim

  29. We wonder how such fools will confront certain truisms.

    That the USA constitution is based on Islamic law

    That it were the Muslims who brought Europe out of the Dark Ages.

  30. @ Hal AustinJune 11, 2017 at 1:31 PM
    “The problem with some people is that when they are wrong they become abusive. It is in the Bajan genes.”

    The necessary step towards contrition is first to look into the mirror and see who is the major one carrying that pathologically faulty switch in his Bajan genome.

    Your xenophobic rants against the ‘Guyana-born DPP’, the Muslim communities in Bim and the UK along with your staunch advocacy in defence of the human rights of Leroy Greenverbs compared to your flippant dismissal of the gravamen of the injuries inflicted on the exploited victims of the CLICO scam ought to paint a complete picture of what is reflected in the same mirror and for you to ponder on.

    Messrs Morris, Cuffley and Greenidge would have been ashamed of the moral stance taken by a former charge of theirs who likes to boast of being a graduate of that Ivy league of an all-boys school whose main catchment was once that well-talented neighbourhood with similar ‘Ivy’ league credentials.

    Don’t you think Sir Grantley Adams and Sir Wesley Hall would have wished greater things for that son of the St. Giles soil and who (like George Lamming, a fellow Combermerian of outstanding literary accomplishments) journeyed to cold old England to seek his academic fortune which, now in his ‘golden’ years, is turning out to be a ‘missed’ fortune?

    If you have stayed in Bim you would have made the perfect assistant to “Bottleneck” in the Tudor undertaking business.

  31. Jethro,

    Wow! Had I been a lawyer you would have executed me. It is nonsense, of course. I have never ‘ranted’ – your word – against the Guyana-born DPP, apart from mentioning his place of birth. Is that a rant; otherwise I have pointed out prosecutions that I would not have taken: for example, taking school children in their early teens to court for fighting, and even worse, having them identified; if opposing the criminalising of school kids is a rant, then count me in.
    And, further, prosecuting rasta parents for not sending their children to school when clearly the fault was that of the state and its failed agents (from teachers to welfare staff) and, again identifying the children in court. We can go on. If raising doubts about some senior actors in the criminal justice system is a rant, then count me in.
    Also, if refusing to crucify Mr Parris because he did not go a ‘proper’ school, often by people who themselves are not very bright, and defending his right to be innocent until proven guilty and not being railroaded by a bogus so-called judicial management system, when the real guilty people were incompetent insurance regulators and supervisors, then I am happy to rant.
    Finally, in terms of Islamic fundamentalism, all I have said is that we should take a precautionary approach in Barbados and not assume that our Muslims are all moderates; young people are often radicalised through the internet.
    If I am wrong, please tell that to the parents of the innocent little girls attending a concert by their pop star hero in Manchester, and people in London having a Saturday night out and being targeted by heartless mass murderers for some medieval religious reasons.
    I hope I am wrong, but history will decide.
    As to Messrs Morris, Cuffley, Greenidge, I know they loved St Giles as much as I did (and do), they all taught me.
    Sir Grantley, Sir Wes and George Lamming, among many others, were and are proof of the quality of that little school in the Ivy, the district that has produced some of the most outstanding professionals and sports men in the nation’s history.

  32. We could never see how those who went to London to work on Transport could now want to question claims of others to live there. To be

  33. @ Hal AustinJune 11, 2017 at 3:09 PM

    It seems the cutting words of the miller have finally gotten under your skin (in a transformative but enlightening way).


    If only- like a true fellow graduate of both Ivy league Bajan institutions of ‘proper’ academic learning and moral shaping- you would heed the advice of your intellectual shepherd you might just be able to get Pachamama along with the bullying Master Bush Tea to leave you be.

    The old meeting place in Peckham, the Montpelier for grumpy Bajan–born men once managed by the old Bajan geyser Culpepper is no longer there.

    Now, next time the miller is in South London we can arrange to meet on some summer afternoon at the Beehive in Brixton; (if that too it is still around) for your ‘mentorship’ lessons.

    The miller is scared of North London or even Ladbroke Grove; too many Christians pretending to be Jews and a potential magnate for the final apocalyptic clash of those three misguided branches of faith in a mythical man called Abraham who fathered, seemingly, very genetically-violent children in his 90’s.

  34. Jethro,

    I have the skin of an elephant. But nice try. I am not a frequenter of Peckham or Brixton or, indeed, Ladbroke Grove.
    But we can certainly meet – I prefer Oistins – you will have to remove your mask, however. As to mentorship, it is American nonsense, I don’t do mentoring.

  35. When taking a rather wider view and looking at the terrorism forest instead of just focussing more narrowly on the terrorism trees, it becomes evident that the West is using terrorist actors that it and its rich Arab friends and arms purchasers, like the Wahhabis Saudi Arabia, covertly support and control, not only to destabilize governments that refuse to kowtow to the US/Israel/NATO agenda but just as importantly, to set the stage for much tighter regulation of the internet which would include wider government snooping powers over internet traffic, reduced privacy and a widespread crackdown on free speech. My personal belief, you can take it or dismiss it as you like, is that this is in order to accomplish the long term goal of remaking our world along the lines of the dystopian, totalitarian state Orwell portrayed in his novel 1984.

    See also this:

    Theresa May’s Plan To Regulate The Internet Won’t Stop Terrorism; It Might Make Things Worse

    Even if the U.K. government got the expansive new powers it seems to want, there’s no reason to think it would stop terrorism in its tracks. Researchers have found that suicide attacks are a social phenomenon involving support networks that radicalize the perpetrators. Most people in these networks aren’t themselves terrorists. Allowing them to operate openly makes it easier both for moderating voices to intervene and for intelligence agencies to track. If the communities are forced underground and offline, they’ll be harder to infiltrate and monitor.

    Moreover, there’s no way to create communications backdoors that only apply to bad guys. While committed terrorists could easily adapt to open source or analog means of communication in response to a government-mandated backdoor, law-abiding civilians would be exposed to new cybersecurity risks and have their economic and civil liberties compromised. Experience has shown that backdoors inevitably will be hacked, making everyone less safe. As the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee noted in its report on the topic, all of the proposed solutions to access encrypted information “come with significant trade-offs, and provide little guarantee of successfully addressing the issue.”

    The policy also would have serious consequences for the United Kingdom’s global competitiveness. As the MIT report “Keys Under Doormats” notes, mandating architectures that allow access to encrypted communications “risks the real economic, geopolitical, and strategic benefits of an open and secure internet for law enforcement gains that are at best minor and tactical.” One of the factors behind the West’s dominance in technology and innovation is that its apps are not government-sanctioned, as they are in China or Russia. After all, what consumer would want to buy an app or device that had a built-in backdoor?


  36. @Hal Austin June 11, 2017 at 1:10 PM “Mosques also collect over £1bn a year in tithes. That is a lot of money. Before people in Barbados form opinions they should talk friends and relatives living in the UK. Things are not what they seem from 3000 miles away.”

    And how much do churches collected every Sunday for thousands of years?

    I talk regularly to my close U.K. based relatives and they are carrying on smartly, as usual. They are not afraid, and I am not afraid for them.

  37. @millertheanunnaki June 11, 2017 at 4:04 PM “those three misguided branches of faith in a mythical man called Abraham who fathered, seemingly, very genetically-violent children in his 90’s.”

    Old men should not get children…and I always wonder about young women who are willing to lay down with old men.

  38. There are reports out of UK that Donald Trump visit to UK in the summer is under pressure. Good fr them!


    In other news we see Macron in France doing it his way. He has been able to garner a significant majority in the Assembly with a NEW party. It looks like he and Merkel will create a power bloc on the world geopolitical stage.

  39. Lawson,

    I see that some people are raising pertinent questions in the Nation. It seems that only on BU we are not allowed to raise contrarian views without personal abuse.
    I do not read the other online media in Barbados, but will be surprised if similar questions were not raised.

  40. Former US Marine and Gulf War 1 veteran Ken O’Keefe explains the secret and not-so-secret backers of ISIS:

    “I hope it’s a wake-up call for us to realize that we are Isis. That the western governments are in bed with Saudi Arabia, who is the primary funder of ISIS, along with Qatar and other Gulf States. We not only provide political cover and military assistance to Saudi Arabia while it slaughters innocent people in Yemen, but we also give provide the cover for them to go ahead and do their dirty dealing with these psychopaths who are running around Syria and Iraq.”

    Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/ken-okeefe-in-another-epic-rant-on-paris-isis-and-media-lies/

  41. Persona abus wha

    Bajan demand the cussing of those promoting ignorance

    Under any guise

    Love Bajan? With only its English warts

  42. @David
    There are reports out of UK that Donald Trump visit to UK in the summer is under pressure. Good fr them!
    Of necessity, you mean. Remember when the unelected leader of the UK paid a hastily arranged trip to Washington to pay homage to the tweeter in chief? Hand in hand like a besotted school girl (if women are not taken seriously in politics or the boardroom it is because of antics like this) she extended a State visit in the name of ER 11 to DJ Trump.
    There were reports that for security purposes the Brits wanted to transport DJT in an armoured limo when he visited Buck house but DJT wanted to be driven in one of those horse drawn carriages that the Brits use for certain occasions e.g. coronations and jubilees etc. no doubt he fancies himself as a king e.g. his golf club has a coat of arms that was purloined from one of the previous owners (who happened to be a Brit and which was granted by the British Royal family).It was going to be unpopular visit with the British public and DJT can’t help himself so he got into a spat with the Mayor of London who suggested that the invitation be withdrawn. Mrs. May is fighting for her political life and she doesn’t want to further antagonise the British public or her Parliamentary colleagues so she is not inclined to press on with the invitation and DJT doesn’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows (apologies to Nobel laureate Robert Zimmerman) is feigning disinterest in the trip.

    A worthy outcome.

    • @Sargeant

      What is happening in the world?

      The irony here is that many who are anti Trump because of his bombastic and fake ways have not problem supporting Michael Carrington and some of this lot who make up the political class.


  43. Mr Blogmaster at 12:44 PM re ” The irony here is that many who are anti Trump because of his bombastic and fake ways have no problem supporting Michael Carrington and some of this lot who make up the political class.”

    You call it ironic. I actually consider it a revelation. The insidious ability to speak untruths so eloquently and prodigiously flows across the Caribbean sea and washes our pols as it washes that head fabulist in Washington.

    And on your Macron 6:09 post….well that is a real eye-opener for political fans…

    As a proud card carrying member of the local ‘drain the Fruendel/Mottley swamp’ surely you support Mon. Macron….in fact we all wish that we had a local wonder-child like him.

    But his ascension – for an outsider glancing in – is inspiring as it is frightening.

    In two short years he has moved from precocious young finance minister to President and leader of a nascent French national party now on the cusp of taking a majority of seats in the French assembly. Inspiring.

    As the spear-head force of change he has invigorated a nation so fraught with economic and security distress that the citizens have turned their back on all the seasoned politicians to embrace him. Yet we should be cautioned as suggested in The Atlantic.

    According to them he can be categorized as none other than a Trump pro-business type who gained the ‘anyone-but-her’ vote from those vexed with the La Pen candidacy.

    His reforms include reducing market regulations to “liberate energies”; reducing corporate taxes from 33.3 to 25 percent; removing ‘safeguards on the 35-hour working week’ and more.

    Certainly no joys to the progressive left and labour.

    Additionally, just as Trump lost the popular vote Macron’s victory was based on the ’lowest [French] voter turnout in 50 years’.

    And his working class love-fest is wobbly at best. He only secured 30 percent of their votes whereas a larger 32 percent abstained from supporting him .

    All very frightening quite frankly.

    But I am sure that despite all that Grenville or Ms Eastmond would love to be in his position.

    Wouldn’t we Bajans be jumping and waving if either could replicate his dramatic rise based on a strong ‘nay’ vote against the Stuart and Mottley wuk-up nonsense. We could only wish!!!

    • @Dee Word

      Yes it is refreshing to see new blood forcing its way to the front, of course, he and his party will have to be judged by how it governs. Not sure Barbados electorate and or landscape have achieve the same level of thinking to take risk to uproot the duopoly. The question for some still is whether we have viable alternates.

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