Transport Board Video Resurfaces With a Twist

transport-video1There is a widely held view that the ‘Transport Board’ video played a significant part in the return to office of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Informed political pundits suggest it was one of many events that worked in the favour of the DLP government. Of course there was the now famous second poll by Peter Wickham of CADRES.  What we know for sure is that current events have given lie to what was broadcast in the video and endorsed by the DLP reported to have been produced by the personal aid to the late Prime Minister David Thompson.

It appears that Barbados Labour Party (BLP) sympathizers have responded to the fact it was outmaneuvered by the DLP in 2013 and floated what BU now describes as an Oped Video.  The General Manager of the Transport Board (TB) Sandra Forde was forced to issue a statement disassociating the TB from the video and shared that the bus seen in the video was rented.

Why has BU reposted the videos?

There is a propaganda war members of the political class will unleash in force on the public in the months ahead. In fact some will agree it has already started. Will the majority of Barbadians demonstrate the intelligence to be able to withstand the onslaught? The BU household has serious doubt.

43 thoughts on “Transport Board Video Resurfaces With a Twist

  1. That BLP ad is NONSENSE, below the standard of the DLP’s “pension ad,” and is indicative of a political party that lacks innovation and originality of thought.

    If the DEMS were able to convince the electorate (which no one has been able to present substantiating proof, only assumption) that the “pension ad” was primarily responsible for the DLP wining the 2013 election, surely the BLP should have began their campaign dealing with serious issues affecting ordinary Barbadians, rather than engaging in reciprocal “Laff it off” type comedy skits.

    The BLP has demonstrated they are not equipped “politically” to compete with the DLP. There are so many issues they could exploit, but prefer to remain silent, perhaps hoping to win the 2018 elections by default.

    I am convinced the DLP will win the next general elections.

  2. The PR of both parties is only as good as the campaign manager.

    This add suggests a light hearted opening salvo by some group/person sanctioned by the party but not of the party.

    Rumour has it that the 2008 campaign manager of the Dems is now with the Bees.

  3. David,
    The Pension Ad I saw told no lies. The ad showed a pensioner having a dream in which she had to pay for her bus ride, only to wake up and realize it was a dream The reality was that she did not have to pay for her bus ride. That is the truth. Pensioners do not have to pay for travel on a Transport Board bus. Not true?
    If this video is an example of the types of videos the BLP is going to “unleash”, they are wasting their money. It is wily and asinine, and is definitely not qa credit to that party. At least the DLP video, and not of the quality of the DLP ad. And David why do you give the impression that this was one of the DLP videos. (Why has BU reposted the videos?) This is an “alternative fact.

  4. In the VOB evening news, the General Secretary of the BLP denied that the party had anything to do with this ad.

    • Who would rent a whole bus to do this ad?

      Is it a case of kite flying?

      In the same way Lisa Marshall’s personal info was leaked from the TB the same can be repeated to identify who rented the bus.

  5. Artax what a load of crap, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. With all of the ammunition available this is the best they could do?????

  6. Prodigal Son May 8, 2017 at 5:49 PM #

    “In the VOB evening news, the General Secretary of the BLP denied that the party had anything to do with this ad.”

    @ Prodigal

    If your above comments are correct, then I offer my apologies to the BLP.

    However, you must admit the ad is poor.

    As Tudor correctly mentioned, this inept DLP administration has given the BLP and the other “third parties” so much ammunition to launch an attack. But rather than use it to their advantage, the BEES have remained silent, giving some lukewarm responses.

    Solutions Barbados, United Progressive Party (UPP) and Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) are concerned with attacking the BLP and giving the DEMS a “free pass;” while the disgruntled former BLP Wendell Callender led Citizen Action Party (CAP) is focused mainly on attacking Mia Mottley.

  7. To the DLP: HA HA HA HA, turn about is fair play!

    To the TB: What said you in 2007/2008 when the old woman get on the bus?

    Someone should do a skit now bout the gas prices rising and falling. Rum & Coke, hint hint, nudge, nudge.

  8. Artax

    I have seen the “bus driver” in some funny skits before. He did a skit impersonating Ronald Jones that was hilarious, another one featured Richard Sealy and the PM.

    Soon after there was a feature on the same “bus driver” in the Nation. He said he was teacher and is actually a dem.

  9. I have noticed the same modus operandi with these emerging parties, Artax.

    BIM’s leader was on Brasstacks one day, all he did for the three hours was to bash the BLP. Grenville Philips does the same to MAM as if she is the PM who is leading Barbados down this path of destruction.

    Forget Wendell Callender, he is a successful failure. He was a dem, then a bee and then mid stream left the BLP and went back to the dems…….possibly lured away by the dead king. I remember OSA saying that Wendell Callender is the only man who tricked him……..(until Darcy Boyce did).

    Lynette seems to have gone underground since OSA said that she is not fronting for him.

    My take is that if people are satisfied with the lies deceit and propaganda, the destruction of our country on all levels……..if they are happy with the dems, then take their money and vote for them.

    They would wake up the day after and realised that Barbados is no more.

    Somehow I have faith in the majority of Bajans that they will vote these morons out for good!

  10. Prodigal Son May 8, 2017 at 8:54 PM #

    “BIM’s leader was on Brasstacks one day, all he did for the three hours was to bash the BLP. Grenville Philips does the same to MAM as if she is the PM who is leading Barbados down this path of destruction.”

    @ Prodigal

    There is merit to your above comments.

    This is evidenced, for example, by a Solutions Barbados article entitled: “Solutions Barbados blames BLP and DLP for high debt to GDP,” in which the author gave a rather simplistic analysis of debt incurred under both administrations, but more so the BLP.

    In MY opinion, the comments would have been much more credible if an in depth analysis was given of the debt incurred by the BLP during 1994 and 2008, including debt brought forward from the previous Sandiford administration and the debt incurred under the current DLP administration between 2008 and 2016, also including debt brought forward.

    I don’t know if you remembered, but the “Trini Woman” called “Brass Tacks,” using the SB article, which gave her some “ammunition” to advance her usual political agenda, since the article was more an attack on the BLP.

    Ironically, I also remember when this same woman used to frequently call the program, sounding hysterical, while ranting and raving about “cost over-runs.”

    But under this inept DLP administration, “cost over-runs” are a thing of the past, since she, Sinckler and Denis Kellman have sought to justify over spending by saying that a project cannot be confined to a specific cost because prices may increase as construction progresses.

  11. You are so right, Artax…………I heard the Trini fraud that day. She has lost all credibility so no one takes her seriously.

    No wonder this inept administration has blocked every effort the Opposition leader has made to get the PAC to function………….they have a lot to hide.

  12. I saw the video, but it would not influence me to vote for one party or the other, just as I was not influenced by the other one last election.

    Both parties need to get real.

  13. @Vincent Haynes May 8, 2017 at 4:24 PM “Rumour has it that the 2008 campaign manager of the Dems is now with the Bees.”

    And is he/she recycling campaign ads? And getting paid fresh money?


  14. @Artax May 8, 2017 at 9:42 PM “the “Trini Woman” used to frequently call the program, sounding hysterical”

    Always sounds hysterical.

    Somebody needs to tell her that we Bajans are cool as cucumbers. We don’t do hysterical.

  15. This new ad is not as good as the old one.

    In the old ad the old lady is a much better, much more realistic actress, and the driver is wearing his seat belt.

    In this new ad no seat belt. Why? And the movements of the young guy playing an old man are too exaggerated. Could not the ad agency find a genuine old man? And please make the driver wear his seat belt. We want to set good examples don’t we?

  16. @David May 8, 2017 at 6:36 PM “Who would rent a whole bus to do this ad?”

    A political party with deep pockets?

    Or their equally deep pocketed friends?

    Just because you and I are hand to mouth, doesn’t mean that there are not people with plenty of money.

  17. @Artax May 8, 2017 at 4:01 PM “surely the BLP should have began their campaign dealing with serious issues affecting ordinary Barbadians.”

    The people don’t want to think about serious issues.

    The people want bread and circuses.

    And the political parties know this.

  18. @Prodigal Son May 8, 2017 at 5:49 PM “In the VOB evening news, the General Secretary of the BLP denied that the party had anything to do with this ad.”

    I am sure that the General Secretary is a scholar and a gentleman.

    But in this instance I don’t believe him.

  19. It’s kinda funny………. but too much so to be an official piece from the BLP I think..

  20. Most of our young comedians are good. Sometimes we need to relax and have a good laugh and that is how I see the ad family

  21. The damn ad is sweet as shiite… “families”…
    Bushie like the part with …..”PLUS VAT”!!!
    ha ha ha

    It is worthier of notice than the lotta shiite hounds parading as politicians bout the place.

    Imagine Froon blocks Mia from operating the PAC …and she has not made the matter a public issue – NOT called for public support; NOT sought to educate the public via call in shows…. NOT been making a fuss in parliament …..NOT ONE SHIITE!!!

    Makes Bushie think that she and her pal Stinkliar got together and arranged THAT comedy act to dupe Brass bowl Bajans…
    …BUT not stinking Bushie.

  22. Families, though the ad is too long its message is clear–don’t trust the Dems–and the messenger is currently very popular on social media. Did it evoke a response from Donville?

  23. @Curios May 9, 2017 at 7:09 AM “Most of our young comedians are [very] good. ”

    @Bush Tea May 9, 2017 at 8:09 AM “The damn ad is sweet as shiite “families”

    @London Morris May 9, 2017 at 10:12 AM “Who is the driver? He is really funny and should be encouraged to continue in comedy.”




    I would like to see one or more of our young comedians make it as big as Rihanna.

    It is my impression that the best comedians come out of having been an oppressed people.

    Note the black comedians in the U.S., the female comics, the Jewish comedians, the Muslim female comedians.

    All funny as s!@#

  24. @Hants
    that is come-sing-a-song….with an “if I cannot do it” then ‘you cannot do it’. The same one who before announcing HE is leading a media tour to Venezuela, so the media can see the Venezuela he is so passionate about, pens the media should go and check things out for themselves.

  25. Based on the Facebook link there has been some 125,000 views of this video. Wow………that is amazing.

  26. The irony of the DLP ad is that the lady in the ad which many claim won the election for the DLP (detrimental to us all)…………….the lady’s daughter was one of the first to be sent home after the dems won.

    Talk about irony!

  27. But the “old lady” is a good actress. I hope that she was paid very well. As a matter of fact she should be collecting her royalties all like now. If she had got 5 cents every time somebody clicked on the ad she would not have to care whether her daughter was laid off or not, because she could sit at home holding her daughter’s hand, while laughing all the way to the bank.

  28. Artax that Trini Dem is a hyprocrite of the highest order,prior to 2008 this lady used to call Brasstacks and Tell it like it is everyday to criticize the BLP,She believes Bajans have short memories.She calls another Dem Maureen Holder lambastes Brasstacks as being negative,and then goes over to Brasstacks and butters up Mr Ellis ,Mr Lane ,Mr Johnson and others to speak uninterrupted but does not call Mr Wickham who she knows will challenge her as Ms McClean found out when she called mr wickham.The Trini lady claimed she is not a member of any party,unbeleivable,she also promised to stop calling the call in progrms a promise I hope she keeps.

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