Barbados Integrity Movement – Happy Easter Barbados

Neil Holder, Political Leader of BIM





Thursday, April 13th, 2016

Today Barbados celebrates what can be constituted as one of the most significant events of the Christian Faith; “EASTER DAY/RESSURECTION SUNDAY”. Most Barbadians have come from or eventually gravitated to a religious background which has been known to have shaped the fundamental principles from which we are guided today.

While the Barbadian landscape is representative of numerous cultures which may not all share the same religious beliefs; our country for the most part has a deep reverence for GOD and the tenets that are representative of such a belief system through examples of godly living.

These principles are the very bedrock that we as Barbadians have grown to expect in each other irrespective of cultural diversity; principles such as respect for fellowman, respect for law and order, courteous behaviour, helpfulness, respect for elders, discipline and many others too numerous to mention.

Today, let us reflect as a Nation on where we have gone wrong and how we can work hand in hand to recover our very brilliant past and the legacies of our forefathers and in so doing plot a new chart for our tomorrow by the grace of the Almighty God!

Can it be done? Yes, together we will achieve this and together we must!

Let us embrace each other along with all those who have chosen to call Barbados home and in so doing, let us rebuild our society one precious person at a time.

Easter is the message or characterization of the impossible (from death to life) being evidenced by the reality of the power of GOD to change everything negative into a positive for His good.

Dear Barbadians let us accomplish what seems unrealistic to the human eye by fully committing our country’s future into the hands of the Almighty GOD.

Let peace, love, hope and nationhood prevail in every aspect of our society so that we as good citizens can one day soon proudly proclaim “Alas, Barbados has risen again”, with the hopes of never returning to dismal days of deep despair.

Fellow Barbadians we are ready to serve and grow with you; we are ready to chart a new unprecedented course of Nation Building that will enable and empower our generations to come!

Happy Easter and GOD Bless Barbados.

From the BIM – “Together We Will”!

26 thoughts on “Barbados Integrity Movement – Happy Easter Barbados

  1. When you see all whats happening or not happening on the island. How everybody seems to be bickering over this or that . when there never seems an agreement on anything can be reached Remember your stronger together Remember everyone’s opinion counts Remember the words that have propelled barbados to punching above their weight ….look buddy its puff..puff..pass

  2. And to You Pachaman I say Faith comes by hearing and understanding the word of God No need for you to try to ram down the throats of christain believers the santanic views of a bitter man

  3. Start wrong end wrong…….Bim according to its constitution is a Secular society.

    Easter is the message or characterization of the impossible (from death to life) being evidenced by the reality of the power of GOD to change everything negative into a positive for His good.

    We keep sending false hope signals to the sheeple based on myths…… how do we expect our society to turn around?

    We must be brutally frank to the sheeple as to who we are,what we intend to do and the road to be taken to achieve it… opposed to this 2100 year old marketing ploy to control sheeple,whose sell buy date has long gone.

  4. David, Angela Skeete, Bushie

    You are the ones who always seeking change, transformation.

    When confronted with the foundational lies implanted into the minds (DNA) of African peoples

    You continue to talk about change and transformation as though there is no direct connection

    Not based on transforming self but transforming others to your lies.

    Even when presented with truisms to consider

    In the light of known lies from White people you resist.

    We the disbelievers are to be changed and accept your lies as they arise through the most devious means.

    The truth is that nothing you hope for either inside or outside your religious dogma will ever come to fruition because there are rooted in deliberate lies.

    Don’t you see how Pachamama is punishing you for acceptance of these lies of biblical, koranic, torahic proportions.

    On this day we invite Afirkan peoples to burn their bibles, legally burn the churches, burn those who continue to act as instruments of White domination.

    Throw this lying baby out with the bath water!

    • @Pacha

      One thing we have learned and it is enshrined in the Constitution -we must respect people’s religion /faith. You maybe onto something that all things are connected but until the epithany moment comes to each of us we can only believe what is our reality.

      Sure you believe in a creator over big bang? You must believe in something Pacha? Even the Atheist believes.

    • The politicians from all sides posting on social media about the value of Easter to humans. A pity the values espoused by bible doctrine is cast aside when the season passes.

      Anything to catch a vote?

  5. Pachaman on this glorious Resurrection Day seems as if i resurrected the the soul of Lucifer that dwells within you
    The Christain teachings are rooted in Goodness and subjected to moral values and not one day of tradition. You might want to dig up those areas of Christian traditions which are suspect to logic however what you cannot removed from Christian belief and doctrines are those values which are rooted in religious principles which even you would prescribed to your daily way of life

  6. Don’t you find it more than passing strange that the Barbados Labour Party is partnering with the MUSLIMS of Barbados?

    Barbados is a Christian country, why is there this love affair with MUSLIMS?

    MUSLIMS don’t believe in Jesus.

  7. We keep forgetting history and are doomed to repeat it for thousands of years into the future.

    “Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary after the trip to the Americas, “The Indians are so naive and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it. When you ask for something they have, they never say, ‘no’. To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone.”
    “They would make fine servants. With 50 men, we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”
    I guess Native Americans have a lot in common with Africans when it comes to being naive and “too nice”..

  8. Many living today lives have been intercepted at some time by some form of
    a belief system mostly rooted in religious doctrines many of those doctrines started out with a concept based on faith transceding to a belief in a God
    and moral values
    Rather one belief in God or tradition one cannot get away from the fact that our lives in its totality are joined and propelled to act and do good. The foundations of all religious teachings

  9. Religions………the crutch and control of mankind from time immemorial.

    Why would any one think with a world of 7B people and counting,that all are idiots and most comply to an illogical belief system based on mythology.

    One must congratulate the political class of Bim for using it to the max on the credible sheeple……truly students of the Prince.

  10. If reality opens just one black person’s eyes, the effort was well worth it, nit trying to convince anyone, everyone has to know how they are looked at and what they are preceived to be..

    “Reverends, Fathers and Dear Compatriots:

    The task that is given to fulfill is very delicate

    and requires much tact. You will go certainly to evangelize, but your evangelization must inspire

    above all Belgium interests. Your principal objective in our mission in the Congo is never to teach

    the niggers to know God, this they know already. They speak and submit to a Mungu, one Nzambi,

    one Nzakomba, and what else I don’t know. They know that to kill, to sleep with someone else’s

    wife, to lie and to insult is bad. Have courage to admit it; you are not going to teach them what they

    know already. Your essential role is to facilitate the task of administrators and industrials, which

    means you will go to interpret the gospel in the way it will be the best to protect your interests in

    that part of the world. For these things, you have to keep watch on disinteresting our savages from

    the richness that is plenty [in their underground. To avoid that, they get interested in it, and make

    you murderous] competition and dream one day to overthrow you.

    Your knowledge of the gospel will allow you to find texts ordering, and encouraging your

    followers to love poverty, like “Happier are the poor because they will inherit the heaven” and, “It’s

    very difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.” You have to detach from them and make

    them disrespect everything which gives courage to affront us. I make reference to their Mystic

    System and their war fetish – warfare protection – which they pretend not to want to abandon, and

    you must do everything in your power to make it disappear.

    Your action will be directed essentially to the younger ones, for they won’t revolt when the

    recommendation of the priest is contradictory to their parent’s teachings. The children have to learn

    to obey what the missionary recommends, who is the father of their soul. You must singularly insist

    on their total submission and obedience, avoid developing the spirit in the schools, teach students to

    read and not to reason. There, dear patriots, are some of the principles that you must apply. You will

    find many other books, which will be given to you at the end of this conference. Evangelize the

    niggers so that they stay forever in submission to the white colonialists, so they never revolt against

    the restraints they are undergoing. Recite every day – “Happy are those who are weeping because

    the kingdom of God is for them.”

    1 – The letter which follows is Courtesy of Dr. Vera Nobles and Dr.

    Chiedozie Okoro. Letter from King Leopold II of Belgium to Colonial Missionaries, 1883 2

    Convert always the blacks by using the whip. Keep their women in nine months of

    submission to work freely for us. Force them to pay you in sign of recognition-goats, chicken or

    eggs-every time you visit their villages. And make sure that niggers never become rich. Sing every

    day that it’s impossible for the rich to enter heaven. Make them pay tax each week at Sunday mass.

    Use the money supposed for the poor, to build flourishing business centres. Institute a confessional

    system, which allows you to be good detectives denouncing any black that has a different

    consciousness contrary to that of the decision-maker. Teach the niggers to forget their heroes and to

    adore only ours. Never present a chair to a black that comes to visit you. Don’t give him more than

    one cigarette. Never invite him for dinner even if he gives you a chicken every time you arrive at

    his house.

    “The above speech which shows the real intention of the Christian missionary journey in

    Africa was exposed to the world by Mr. Moukouani Muikwani Bukoko, born in the Congo in 1915,

    and who in 1935 while working in the Congo, bought a second hand Bible from a Belgian priest

    who forgot the speech in the Bible. – Dr. Chiedozie Okoro

    We should note:

    1] that all missionaries carried out, and still carry out, that mandate. We are only lucky to

    have found King Leopold’s articulation of the aim of all Christian imperialist missionaries to Africa.

    2] Even the African converts who today manage the older churches in Africa (the priests,

    bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals etc of the Roman and Protestant sects), and especially also those

    who evangelize Born-Again Christianity, still serve the same mandate. Which is why they

    demonize African gods and Anglicize African names, and drop the names of African deities which

    form part of African names; and still attack and demolish the African shrines that have managed to

    survive, e.g. Okija.

    3] Those Africans who voluntarily converted to Christianity before the colonial conquest

    such as Affonso I of the BaKongo in the 15th century probably did not discern the purpose of the

    brand of Christianity that was supplied to them. Which was probably why they fell easy prey to the

    missionaries and the white traders and pirates who followed them.”………………”

  11. This should sound quite familiar to blacks in Barbados, it is still practiced on them by the halfassed minorities in Barbados daily and has been for decades, enabled by dumb black ministers/politicians/the churches in a black majority country.

    ” And make sure that niggers never become rich. Sing every

    day that it’s impossible for the rich to enter heaven. Make them pay tax each week at Sunday mass.

    Use the money supposed for the poor, to build flourishing business centres. Institute a confessional

    system, which allows you to be good detectives denouncing any black that has a different

    consciousness contrary to that of the decision-maker. Teach the niggers to forget their heroes and to

    adore only ours. Never present a chair to a black that comes to visit you. Don’t give him more than

    one cigarette. Never invite him for dinner even if he gives you a chicken every time you arrive at

    his house.”

  12. Carson

    The slave traders who bought and sold slaves to the New World believed in Jesus so what is you point?

  13. Bernard Codrington April 16, 2017 at 8:46 PM #

    Chuckle….good question….from all accounts a Roman invention……then again Rome was a polyglot society so we will have to determine the ethnicity of the master mind who used Saul/Paul’s marketing strategy to subdue the masses.

  14. Mama, you have NO idea what you are coming up AGAINST; you are playing with FIRE, the FIRE of Almighty God, the ONE True and living God, you will BURN IN EVERLASTING FIRE!

    Millions of AFRICANS, Mama, yes, Africans have come, and ARE coming to Jesus Christ, with amazing testimonies of the Joy, Peace, and Purpose for living, and most importantly, KNOWING for SURE, through Christ, that they have the Gift of Eternal Life, through Him and His Historic Resurrection.


    Al-Jazeerah: 6 Million Muslims convert to Christianity in Africa alone each year
    Posted on December 14, 2012 by ADMIN 135 Comments

    According to Al-Jazeerah’s interview with Sheikh Ahmad Al Katani, the president of The Companions Lighthouse for the Science of Islamic Law in Libya, In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity.

    Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity in Africa alone so you can imagine the worldwide numbers. How many others of them convert to Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or just plain atheism? MILLIONS.

    After reporting this Al-Jazeerah has since removed the interview and details but we got the screencap from the original story.

    Islam, SVM News, 1 January, 2007: Millions of Muslim converts to Christianity celebrated Christmas throughout the world. According the reports of the various missionary organizations and news medias.
    The Salem Voice Ministries evangelizing Muslims in India and many other Muslim nations. There are about 500 evangelists ministering among Muslims in different African, Middle East and Asian countries. A vast number of Muslims finding the truth and attaining Salvation of Jesus Christ day by day.
    ‘More Muslims converted to faith in Jesus Christ over the past decade than at any other time in human history. A spiritual revolution is underway throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. As a result, a record number of ex-Muslims are celebrating Christmas this year, despite intense persecution, assassinations, and widespread church bombings’. These are the words of Joel C. Rosenberg, the author of the New York Times best selling political thriller.
    He said, he and his wife and kids were lived in the Mideast for three months. During that time, he had the privilege of interviewing more than three dozen Arab and Iranian pastors and evangelical leaders throughout the region. The picture they paint is one of Christianity being dramatically resurrected in the region of its birth.
    More than 10,000 Muslims accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour throughout India during the last year. The Bible Society of India publishing thousands of New Testaments for the Muslims with their own terminology and vocabulary in different Indian languages and Tazi language. Pastor Paul Ciniraj Mohamed, the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries is one of the key persons of the Bible translators of the Bible Society of India to reach the Gospel to the Muslims. He is in the midst of persecution. Recently also he was threatened by the extremists to count down his days along with the whole family.
    In Iraq, more than 5,000 Muslim converts to Christianity have been identified since the end of major combat operations, with 14 new churches opened in Baghdad, and dozens of new churches opened in Kurdistan, some of which have 500 to 800 members. Also, more than one million Bibles shipped into the country since 2003, and pastors report Iraqis are snatching them up so fast they constantly need more Bibles.
    Thousands of Muslims turned to Christ and worshiping Lord Jesus in Morocco, Somalia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Maldives.
    Around a million believed in Jesus over the past decade in Egypt. The Egyptian Bible Society used to sell about 3,000 copies of the JESUS film a year in the early 1990s. As per the figures taken from the Millennium campaign in 2000, they sold 600,000 copies, plus 750,000 copies of the individual cassette tapes (in Arabic) and about a half million copies of the Arabic New Testament. Ramez Atallah, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt informed Pastor Paul Ciniraj by email. “Egyptians are increasingly hungry for God’s Word,” he said.
    ‘Last Christmas, I had the privilege of visiting the largest Christian congregation in the Middle East, which meets in an enormous cave on the outskirts of Cairo. Some 10,000 believers worship there every weekend. A prayer conference the church held in May 2005 drew some 20,000 believers’, Rosenberg told.
    There were only 17 Christians from Islam in Afghanistan on 2001. But there are more than 10,000 believers at present. Every week dozens of baptisms being held there.
    In 1990, there were only three known Christians in Kazakhstan and no Christians in Uzbekistan, but now more than 15,000 in Kazakhstan and 30, 000 in Uzbekistan. There were only 500 Christians in Iran on 1979, but more than one million Iranians believing Jesus Christ today, most of whom meet in underground house churches.
    In Sudan, more than one million have converted since 2000, and some 5 million have become Christians since the early 1990s, despite a radical Islamic regime and an on-going genocide that has killed more than 200,000. Seminaries are being held in caves to train pastors to shepherd the huge numbers of people coming to Christ. Why such a dramatic spiritual awakening? “People have seen real Islam, and they want Jesus instead,” one Sudanese evangelical leader said.
    In December 2001, Sheikh Ahmad al Qataani, a leading Saudi cleric, appeared on a live interview on Al-Jazeera satellite television to confirm that, sure enough, Muslims were turning to Jesus in alarming numbers. “In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity,” Al Qataani warned. “Every day, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.”
    Stunned, the interviewer interrupted the cleric. “Hold on! Let me clarify. Do we have six million converting from Islam to Christianity?” Al Qataani repeated his assertion. “Every year,” the cleric confirmed, adding, “a tragedy has happened.”
    One of the most dramatic developments is that many Muslims — including Shiites in Iran and Iraq — are seeing dreams and visions of Jesus and thus coming into churches explaining that they have already converted and now need a Bible and guidance on how to follow Jesus. This is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy of Joel, “in the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days….And everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” (Joel 2:28-32).
    Within few years all of the Muslim nations will come to Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit. Satan knows it, that’s why he tries to discourage and destroy the Christian workers and the believers through the persecution and brutal murdering. But our Lord Jesus will have the final victory. Pastor Paul Ciniraj said.
    Idris Salahudeen, the Pastor of the Salem Voice Ministries said, hundreds upon hundreds ordinary Muslims believing Jesus and secretly converting into Christianity by seeing brutal behaviour of fundamentalists towards Christians. Maybe this torturing is a purification of nominal Christians to have more faith and courage.

  15. The Manuscript Evidence of The new Testament.

    There are now more than 5,300 known Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. Add over 10,000 Latin Vulgate and at least 9,300 other early versions (MSS) and we have more than 24,000 manuscript copies of portions of the New Testament in existence today.

    NO other document of antiquity, NONE, even begins to approach such numbers and attestation. In comparison, the Iliad by Homer is second with only 643 manuscripts that still survive. The first complete preserved text of Homer dates from the 13th century.

    F.E. Peters points out that “on the basis of manuscript tradition alone, the works that made up the Christians’ New Testament were the most frequently copied and widely circulated books of antiquity.

    John Warwick Montgomery says that “to be skeptical of the resultant text of the New Testament books is to allow ALL of classical antiquity to slip into obscurity, for NO documents of the ancient period are as well attested bibliographically as the New Testament.

    F.J.A. Hort rightfully states, “…in the variety and fullness of the evidence on which it rests the text of the New Testament stands absolutely and unapproachably ALONE among ancient prose writings.

    J. Harold Greenlee states, “…the number of available MSS of the New Testament is overwhelmingly greater than those of any other work of ancient literature. In the third place, the earliest extant MSS of the N.T. were written much closer to the date of the original writing than is the case in almost any other piece of ancient literature. (EVIDENCE That Demands A Verdict, Historical Evidence For the Christian Faith, Vol 1, pp.39-41) Emphasis added.

  16. The miseducation of African leaders…which extended to African people which has extended to Caribbean politicians/ministers….which has extended to Caribbean people, 500 years of brainwash and mindbending mindwash…..most people do not even know they are just sheeple programmed to carry on the centuries old European design….that Black people chase their own tails for as long as they refuse to open their eyee.

    “The beginnings of this miseducation go back to the beginnings of the exploration of the African coast by Europeans who had been hemmed in by Arabic power for six hundred years. In 1481, when the Portuguese arrived at the Congo-Ngola area, they initiated the process of miseducation of blacks as an instrument of exploitation.

    The Portuguese invaders persuaded the royal and noble families of the area to send their sons to Portugal for a European education. When these sons returned with Christian names, they began directing African society in the interest of the Portuguese.

    The physical slavery which the Portuguese started was facilitated by the mental slavery of the African leaders who had been educated by the Europeans. This model has endured for five hundred years as the most successful method by which Europeans defeat, control, exploit, and annihilate Africans.” Jacob H. Carruthers


    The Aeta people of the Philippines
    Whatever the migration path was, they are without a doubt among the first – if not the first – inhabitants of The Philippines. They are considered to be Negritos, who are dark to very dark brown-skinned and tend to have features such as a small stature, small frame, curly to kinky afro-like textured hair, small nose, and dark brown eyes. Aeta groups in northern Luzon are known as “Pugut” or “Pugot,” a name designated by their Ilocano-speaking neighbors, and which is the colloquial term for those with darker complexions. In Ilocano, the word also means “goblin” or “forest spirit.They have survived as forest dwellers and as hunters and gatherers for thousands of years. The Aeta people are a peaceful and non-violent indigenous people with their own traditions, customs, identity, and their own language called Sambal. The Aeta have suffered racial discrimination and receive little recognition and support from the government, and during the past fifty years they have lost much of their ancestral domain to land grabbers, loggers and mining operations backed by corrupt politicians and officials.
    Philippine Tribes: Aeta, Agta, Ayta, Ita, Baluga, Ati, Dumagat, Mamanwa, Tagbanua and at least 25 other ( Pygmies Pygmy )Tribes of the Philippines .
    Locations: Luzon, Palawan, Panay, Negros, Cebu, and Mindanao
    Totaling an estimated 15,000 people.

    Further Research……
    Global Black Roots

    ALL of Asia (Li Hui DNA Study) Black Empires: Shang, Xia, Tang, Khmer,Chenla, Indus, and More. People:Yayoi, Jomon, Ainu, Semang, Mani, Andamans, Indian/Dravidian, Pacific Islanders Aborigine and More. India: The Dravidians were Proto Saharan People
    In 2005, DNA testing proved that the first inhabitants of China were Black Africans. The study was conducted by a Chinese DNA specialist named Jin Li and a team of Chinese and other scientists.

    The Americas Olmec as well as Other Black Tribes and Moors in America.
    Recent discoveries in the field of linguistics and other methods have shown without a doubt, that the ancient Olmecs of Mexico, known as the Xi People, came originally from West Africa and were of the Mende African ethnic stock, From the archaeological evidence gathered both in West Africa and Meso-America, there is reason to believe that the African Negritics who founded or influenced the Olmec civilization came from West Africa, Clyde A. Winters, Dr. Wiercinski

    ALL of Africa (North and South) People: Original Hebrews (Lemba Tribe), Palestinians. Kingdoms and Empires: Kush, Egypt, Ghana, Mossi, Mali, Axum, Benin, Ethiopia, Songhai and Nubia Sudan (Meroe) has more Pyramids than Egypt.

    Blacks are the Roots of Europe(Grimaldi People in Pre-Europe) Greece,
    Russia (Black Abkhazians) Siberia (Early Saami, Sami, Lapps)and Moors
    General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Will begin teaching that Blacks were in what is now called Britain, far before the English.

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