Let Us Support Our Trade Unions!

Submitted DAVID  COMISSIONG, President, Clement Payne Movement

I am making a CALL  for all patriotic and right thinking citizens of Barbados to stand in solidarity with the leaders of the public sector trade unions of our country and to give them principled support in the monumental battle that they will soon be engaged in.

You see, at this very moment, the social and economy elite of Barbados — the big private sector business interests — along with their collaborators and “fellow travelers” in the Freundel Stuart Administration (and to some extent in both major political parties) are gearing up for a fearsome assault on the public sector workers of our nation, and on the jobs that they depend upon for their livelihood.

Thus, such critical national trade union leaders as Akanni Mc Dowall, Roslyn Smith and Asakore Beckles of the NUPW; Toni Moore, Gabby Scott and Linda Brooks of the BWU; Mary Ann Redman of the BSTU;  Pedro Shepherd of the BUT; and Caswell Franklyn of  the Unity trade union  are in for a monumental battle and will need all the support and solidarity they can get.

If you listen very carefully to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Finance Minister Chris Sinckler, Minister of Industry Donville Inniss, and the leaders of both the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and the Barbados Private Sector Agency you will note that they are all talking the same language of “privatization”, “down-sizing of the public sector”, “retrenchment of public servants” and “pain”.

In other words, they are all active participants in  an “Open Conspiracy” against our public servants and the jobs that they depend upon for their livelihood . And amazingly, they claim to be devising this recipe of bitter pain and destruction in the interest of saving Barbados from economic crisis.

But the first question we must confront is this :- if an economic crisis does exist, who and what is responsible for it ?

Let us start with the current Democratic Labour Party (DLP) governmental administration! After the DLP came to power in 2008, the international economic recession caused the opening up of a 400 Million dollar deficit in Government’s finance. And to their everlasting shame, the DLP Administration sat idly by for nine long years and did nothing of substance to correct the fiscal imbalance. Indeed, rather than correct the imbalance they actually indulged in reckless spending that exacerbated it!

Furthermore, not only did they permit the fiscal rot to gradually worsen year after year, but they also failed to devise any new ideas or measures for promoting growth in our economy.

The sad truth is that Messers Stuart and company exhibited little or no energy or initiative in tackling the festering fiscal and economic cancer, and thereby became the chief authors and manufacturers of the current debt and economic crisis. Truly, the combined David Thompson / Freundel Stuart Administration has been a “know nothing, do nothing– except fatten themselves” Administration !

Yet, in spite of the fact that they are the one who bear fundamental responsibility for the sad state that Barbados is currently in, their shameful attitude is not only to greedily reinstate their 10 per cent increase in salary, but to also callously settle upon the scapegoating and savaging of public servants and statutory corporation employees as “their” solution to the crisis.

As far as these political miscreants are concerned, they need their 10 per cent salary restoration in order to live, but it is okay to throw thousands of low level public servants on the dump-heap of unemployment without a concern as to how they and their dependents are to survive.

But the truly critical point I would like all Barbadians to appreciate is that when a political directorate tells you that the way forward is to divest and privatize state enterprises, abandon social welfare programmes, and retrench public sector workers, it is in effect informing you that it is ABANDONING  any aspiration that the future of our country will be based upon the educated and trained masses of our people owning and controlling the major institutions of our nation.

And if the future of the nation and its economy is not to be based upon the empowerment of the masses of people, then the plan must be to base it upon a continued and enhanced empowerment of the traditional white Barbadian economic elite and the predominantly North American, European and French Creole (Trinidadian) “foreign investor” entities that they are wont to align themselves with.

But none of this should come as a surprise to any of us! We already possess stark and painful evidence of the shameful way in which the current Governmental Administration has prostrated itself before the likes of Mark Maloney, Bjorn Bjerkham, Bizzy Williams and the Da Silvas, and has conferred a series of outrageously privileged governmental contracts on these and other members of the traditional business class.

There is no doubt that Barbados is in a state of economic ctisis, but the way to solve that crisis is NOT to treat trade unions as “the enemy” or to savage public sector workers and their jobs. Nor is it to dismantle the critical educational, health and social welfare mechanisms that are required to produce a mass of trained and empowered citizens who are capable of appropriating and undertaking responsibility for the development of their nation.

The way forward for Barbados CANNOT be to go backward to an era in which ownership and control of our nation’s economy was firmly and squarely in the hands of a traditional white oligarchy !

On the contrary, we must continue to hold on to the notion that the economic and social development of Barbados has to be based on the foundation of a highly educated, cultured, healthy, employed and empowered mass population.

The economic situation that faces Barbados is severe but it is not insoluble. The first order of business is to re-establish the soundness of the finances and credit of our Government, and this can be achieved, but only if the public sector trade unions are treated with respect by the Government and are permitted to use their extensive and intimate knowledge of the Public Service to craft appropriate strategies. Nobody knows better than the public servants  and their  trade unions where the waste, duplication and inefficiency resides in the system . They are therefore much better equipped to craft sensible and humane strategies of change and improvement than clueless Government Ministers!

We all need to remember that when the “Movement” for the upliftment of the Barbadian masses started in earnest in the 1940’s, it was a “Labour Movement”, with the political party and trade union working together, hand in hand. The spirit of this Movement needs to be revived, but this can only happen if the trade unions are given the respect that they are entitled to.

The other major item on the national agenda has to be the devising of economic strategies to grow and develop the economy. And here again, this is not beyond us! But first of all we need to jettison the self-negating idea that either the traditional white Barbadian businessman or the so-called foreign investor is required to be our saviour. (There is a place and a role for the traditional elite Barbadian businessman and the foreign investor but it CANNOT be a place and a role of primacy!).

Secondly, we must commit ourselves to the notion that we — the tens of thousands of Bajans –will assume the primary responsibility for establishing and developing productive enterprises in our own country, and that we will do so on the basis of elevated standards of education and training for our people in general and our youth in particular.

In other words, our nation’s economic development must arise from our people’s human development, and vice versa. These two spheres of development must therefore be symbiotic and must mutually propel each other. And none of this will be possible if we demolish the “human development” of tens of thousands of our citizens by throwing thousands of public sector workers into unemployment, or if we dismantle or disable the critical human development programmes and structures that public servants man.

Indeed, the Clement Payne Movement and its sister organization, the Peoples Empowerment Party, long ago outlined the parameters of such a developmental strategy :- the development of the Education sector as a foreign exchange earning industry; the construction of a Manufacturing industry comprised of a  cooperative, centralized domestic sector and a high technology export sector; Cultural, heritage, health and sports tourism; cultural or Arts-based industries; the development of a cooperative or people’s sector of the economy; a public / private sector partnership in the development and commercialization of unique, indigenous national assets; and the list goes on.

The ideas are numerous and powerful, but their validity and potency will only become clear if one is philosophically committed to the construction of a truly democratic and egalitarian Barbados that is owned by the masses of the Barbadian people.

This was the original vision and mission of the Labour Movement. And this must be the vision and mission that we fight for when we line up behind our trade unions and their leaders in the weeks and months ahead.

42 thoughts on “Let Us Support Our Trade Unions!

  1. There are A FEW trade unions leaders in Barbados I respect, however there majority are dinasors and as such should be extinct.

    In these present economic state of them country trade unions are part of their problem and not part of their solution.

  2. David Comissiong

    While our hearts are with you, totally

    Our minds are not, so much so

    You have casted the trade unions as paragons of virtue. Representative of an exalted ethos. The halcyon of social history in Barbados.

    Your one-sided analysis totally excuses the treasonous acts of these organisations you here would want to deploy in a game of personality politics, not for the PEP, but centrally in matters of consanguinity.

    The recent Akanni McDowell incident is but one example where the elites within the movement were not dissimilar to elites in economy, for example. Capitalist behaviour where the NUPW was to fight a war on behalf of one man, shut down the country in a time of recession.

    And there are any number of cases as such

    The civil service in Barbados has been bloated for decades.

    Successive governments have used this and other state enterprises to benefit supporters

    Of course, this writer has no desire to see anybody loose a job in hard times

    But maybe, these hard times could represent a ‘come to jesus’ moment for unions which have entered ill-advised partnerships with their natural enemies.

    We put it to you Mr. Comissiong that the trade unions themselves did more damage to their legacy than government, employers.

    Why would trade unions enter social partnerships unless in exchange for ownership stakes for workers, everywhere? Of course, unions bosses benefited greatly.

    These are the workers’ organizations which were more interested in getting closer to the economic elites, not fighting for workers’ interests.

    And now that these unions have been spurned by their new best friends you have the audacity to try to garner public support for them.

    We say no! Let this judgement for their wicked ways, over decades, represent justice.

    On the question of causation, we noted that you seem to have skillfully avoided any attribution to the BLP, how ironic, how contradictory!

    When it was OSA, under whose regime you served, who carried neo-liberal economics to a place which laid the foundation for all the social ills you can now expertly adumbrate.

  3. The trade union leaders are shady, when they all have a mercedes mentality it does not bode well fir their members, they must have a half million dollar car to show boat…..trade unionists of many years ago were humble, hard working people who got results for their members., the new aged ones are way too materialistic.

    I will not soon forget Trotman and the royal shop, sandy lane hotel employees debacle, he came across as useless to the union members, despite his mercedes.


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    I want only the words that hide behind
    My dreams and in the shadow of my mind

  5. Everyone is failing to see the selfish 10% returned to the ministers and the layoffs by the Government and rehiring (and stacking the deck so to speak) with DLP faithfuls that is so unfamiliar with the JOBS they are placed in. We can’t be all taken for fools forever. Hence the trade unions have to stand up for the workers (or fall for anything they shove down out throats) and it is up to the Government to negotiate in good faith.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the Union leaders must step up To The plate and remain focused.

  6. A very interesting political strategy. One that has been successful in times of Yore. Is this time different?

    I love the analysis that preceded the call to arms.

  7. abajanhowe,

    At least the 10% hike and rehiring of lost souls accelerates the inevitable. Better a crash before than just after next election.

  8. CUP.Violet Beckles Plantation Deeds from 1926-2017 land tax bills and no Deeds,BLPand DLP Massive land Fruad and PONZI on said:

    Lets call for the lawyers and Ministers to tell the truth and stop all the lies,

  9. This post makes no sense. It is gorgeous in its 1970s economic illiteracy and wild in its deployment of infantile exclamations. Wunna hav heah!!!!

    Where’s all that money coming from, to empower me [sorry, forgot to mention that I have much more melanin than you]. Wunna gunna tax de ‘masses’?

    Where is the money coming from for this, er, empowerment?

    Wunna gunna print it, borrow it, or juss pretend it doan exist? Murda ah lie, wunna have hear cricket patrioism silly mid off.

  10. I understand clearly DC’s lament and prescription.I too want to see the 95% peoples fully empowered.The process has begun.What we need to develop is a ‘can-do-will do- approach to changing the warped plantation mentality of the naysayers and snobs both of which seem to be in abundance.That NCC dismissal of 200 led by a maudlin corrupt minister is a nasty blot on present day industrial relationships in an enlightened Barbados.Lowe and any who support his filthiness should be imprisoned.If I had the power his fate would be sealed for that decision.

  11. Once more the Political public relations
    is taking Centre stage. Is the public
    being asked to defend the unions or is
    It being asked to further the cause for a
    change of government ? Any call for
    true militancy on the part of the citizens
    must be a call to decimate the BLPDLP.
    The days of hunting with the hound and
    running with the hare are done. Why tell
    the public of your own PEP philosophy
    and then refuse to politically destroy the
    BLPDLP duolopy ? Something is missing

  12. Comissiong has now given the public another reason not to vote blp he has now become the mouth piece for Mia and her clones and has now taken centre stage for all their known vocal dissents against the dlp

  13. Extracted from BU’s Facebook:

    1 Beverley Sievewright-Anderson


    Beverley Sievewright-Anderson

    Beverley Sievewright-Anderson I am a retired public servant and retired member of PCS union in the UK

    Most of the calls for privatisation of our services will come from the rich members of government, who will be on the boards of these private companies. Look at what’s happening in the UK to out public services, privatisation does not work, you need to re invest in these services, create jobs.

    Austerity is happening because of bad decisions from the government, the only people to benefit from privatisation are the members of parliament who support it and their rich friends.

    Workplaces must organise and fight this, membership must be increased and if necessary action taken. Many public sector workers are not well paid, have not had pay rises like others.

    Stand with your unions as I stand in solidarity with you all. Remember a union is only a strong as it’s membership . Sign up get involved

  14. Ms Anderson be admired for her loyalty to the public sector union even in her retirement, but I too have been a member of a number of UK unions, including the National Union of Journalists and often had been a delegate at the union’s annual conference, but my memory is not the same.
    More importantly, I am old enough to remember how the unions reacted after Enoch Powell’s River of Blood speech in the Spring of 1968.The largest unions, including the dockers, marched in support of Powell, so much so that the Brexit vote on June23 brought the memories flooding back to me.
    In fact, when the docks were closed to build Canary Wharf, many of the dockers became taxi drivers and their treatment of black would-be passengers is part of the folklore of black London.
    Any black Londoner would tell you of the problems black people have with black taxis. Its history is rooted in that old trade union racism. It is also one of the reasons why inner Essex- the home of old dockers – was the biggest supporter of Brexit in London and is the home of Ukip.
    We also had similar problems in Leicester and other parts of the country. The trade unions in Britain were not the best friends of black people. So, we cannot give unqualified support to trade unions. What about the Police Federation?

  15. What a lame line of argument from Hal.
    You leave Barbados, where the notorious Slave Code was invented, …and go to live in the land from whence racism originated…. and then complaining that some union was racists…??!!
    What the hell were you expecting boss? …all hail to Hal?

    Mrs Anderson is right about the need to resist the underhanded ploy by crooked politicians to promote the privatisation shiite – as they join with their businessmen cohorts to get their hands on the people’s profitable assets.

    So because the police are racists up there, do you avoid calling them when a crime is committed against you?
    Do you avoid the NHS when you are ill…?

    Give us a break man Hal.
    The history of racism with the black taxis is an important blight in your adopted homeland, but it don’t have one shiite to do with the moot….

  16. David Commisiong is a political harlot and hypocrite. He is marching up and down with his cousin Mottley who has not rejected privatization but he has the audacity to come on BU and write this garbage. well well well/

    When the elites like Allan Fields were doing the dog under the last administration , Commissiong took his hush money at the Pan African Commission like a true yard boy. He is willing to turn a blind eye when it suits him and sing for his supper when he needs to.
    Donald Trump has more principle and integrity than this publicity seeking , self serving nuisance.

  17. Progessive thinkerswarned all those who were embracing
    privatization that it was not a viable
    economic policy for an economy like
    ours. A few years ago Progressive thinkers said that the
    Social Partnership will weaken the
    workers movement. Progressive thinkers am also convinced
    that going to the IMF will be a big mistake.

  18. The genocide in Rwanda was base on prejudice,the genocide in Ireland and Serbia was also based on prejudice……..racism is prejudice or pure ignorance……but we love being th3 victim so we use the word racism….typical.

  19. The grass growing elsewhere the horse starving in Bimshire.

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    Hyatt has entered into a management agreement with Pelca Development V.B.A. for this latest hotel venture.
    “We are delighted to be working with Pelca Development V.B.A. to bring the first Hyatt Place hotel to Aruba,” said Camilo Bolaños, vice president of development and real estate – Latin America and Caribbean, Hyatt.

  20. Bang on target Bajanfuhlife truer words have been said. We didn’t know the commie is family to Rugged, Barbados Most Successful Failure, suicide man Ghandi, Mia et al.

    Bajanfuhlife April 3, 2017 at 9:08 PM #
    David Commisiong is a political harlot and hypocrite. He is marching up and down with his cousin Mottley who has not rejected privatization but he has the audacity to come on BU and write this garbage. well well well/
    When the elites like Allan Fields were doing the dog under the last administration , Commissiong took his hush money at the Pan African Commission like a true yard boy. He is willing to turn a blind eye when it suits him and sing for his supper when he needs to.
    Donald Trump has more principle and integrity than this publicity seeking , self serving nuisance

  21. William,

    Here is something you should consider when discussing our politicians. An article in the journal, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, claims that angry and aggressive people have smaller brains.
    Researchers found that an area in the lower frontal lobe called the orbitofrontal cortex had smaller volumes in those individuals.
    I have a theory that Barbadian discursive culture is very aggressive and can often drift over in to violence. Opponents must be the enemy. I am not a scientist, but can this be true.
    I am sure like me you red the angry commenters in this forum and wonder.

  22. @ Hal

    I recognize that there is some anger on BU
    but it’s just that with anonymity some folks
    throw caution to the wind. I don’t think that
    we are doing enough justice to social discourse
    because almost every major topic is hijacked
    by BLP or DLP operatives. I think Carl Moore
    made a valid point some time ago, when he stated
    that BU could be a greater force in public discourse
    but that was being handicapped by some of us
    who use anonymity to be abrasive . I don’t know
    if anger and being dramatic are the same. In the
    broader society, public discourse is now controlled
    by basically uninformed and party motivated
    journalists and others. I often ask myself who are
    our high school students looking up to these days
    in areas such as journalism, politics and do on.
    As the elders say : The pickings are very slim…..

  23. It makes one wonder how can Comissiong dictate what barbadians should stand for or against when the communist and social countries he supports and the views with which he has alligned does not tolerate and are diametrically opposed to Unions.I guess it is always easy to pick on low hanging fruit when it fits into an individual political agends

  24. Chuckle….the operatives appear to be rattled not only on BU but in Barbados Today with alt-facts on Akanni being spread.

    He does ask a very good question…….Why is it so important for the DEMs to take back control of the Union at this time?

  25. It seems to me that political interference is playing a major part in destabilizing Unions in Barbados. Unionism is no longer controlled by geriatrics – thank God, but by young eager leaders who are fighting to save members. Why are we having past leaders from both Unions trying to dictate the way forward? At least, the Duke of York was man enough to make his members and the country march for a cause, while the Alternative Maloney fame was upfront in allowing the sending home of hundreds of Civil Servants, but now have the guts to challenge someone with being more militant than him. Adams and Walcott must be disappointed with the hypocritical stance of this fake former Unionist with a distinct political hat. I salute Shepherd, Redman, Franklin, McDowall, Smith and the fighting Moore for putting workers first. The changing of the old guards is a step forward.

  26. If one wants to speak of great Union leadership look to people like Sir Frank Walcott which in the overall structing of workers right he stepped up in a way that did not make the country interest and a verbal and economic punching bag none of these modern day so called union leaders would ever come close to his achievments.
    Most of these new so called leaders are self motivated by selfishness which have reach a level of vindictiveness which is completely opposite to the betterment of country and workers.

  27. Most of these new so called leaders are self motivated by selfishness which have reach a level of vindictiveness which is completely opposite to the betterment of country and workers.

    Chuckle…..I love this one by the operative…….could be a mirror image.

  28. Interesting comment coming from contender Greenidge for the post of president of the NUPW. He plans to start the wages negotiations with government at 10% and he is of the view why the Macdowall administration does not encourage cooperation from government is a lot to do with the adversarial relationship is seems comfortable.


    Are the contenders pro government?

  29. Why would a contender declare at this stage what he would be asking for from govt…..is he privy to the true financial situation of the govt?

    My understanding has always been that Akanni placed those figures as a guestimate based on the several mouthings of the MoF and the PM as to how great Bim was performing and that it was coming out of the recession…..he said that he was willing to negotiate based on the real financial situation we found ourselves.

    • @Vincent


      The government attracted an aggressive posture from the NUPW when they restored the 10%. They will have to deal with the shakeout from that decision.

  30. While you are pontificating – and correctly so – at the DLP, Mr. Commissong, your words would be very much more credible if you were to give the other side of the truth.

    That is, the truth that the BLP holds 100% of the same blame that the DLP holds – although the DLP may be a little worse off in that they are now irrevocably holding the stick and have nobody but themselves to blame. But the BLP were as responsible for building the debt to the point where the DLP took over the government, and no amount of avoidance or bluster can hide that away.

    May I respectfully suggest that you move your efforts away from blaming the DLP to that of joining or helping form another political Party or Parties to replace BOTH of these ancient braying jackass monuments. The chains that bind today are paper debt, no longer iron, but they hold us to the ground or a stake just as tightly.

    These two historical Labour parties (1966 = over 50 years) no longer give a damn about Labour OR people, and I think if Errol Barrow knew how his successors would behave he would have emigrated and left the running of the country up to whoever had the biggest stick.

    Sir Erskine Sandiford was rewarded for being possibly the WORST PM in Barbados’ history. As Trump is now to Bush, Freundel Stuart has already eclipsed Sandi’s terrible record and seems to be “going for broke”. There is NO doubt in my mind that the DLP will have their latest silent jackass knighted, too – else the BLP will surely knight him for making THEM (the BLP) look good. Sir Frumble Stuart, Esq., QC, NJ (National Jackass).

    My suggestion is for Bajans to vote every single last one of the current Administration and Opposition out of office, and put those two ancient fossils into permanent forever storage. If they can be buried three miles down in a maosoleum, even better. Let the DLP and BLP be consigned to history books, and schoolchildren be required to spit on the ground every time either one is mentioned.

    Yes, I am that disappointed in our “representives”. That people who go into politics on the back of electoral promises and then abandon their backers and promises as soon as they are elected is a disgusting, unethical and immoral practice which should be punishable by jail time. Excuses should not be tolerated – before they make promises for personal reward they should be required to ascertain whether they can even fulfil such promises.

    But the people who MAKE the laws are the same people we are speaking of, so THAT is never going to happen, is it? These are “special” people, and – from “1984” – these pigs are “more equal” than any other pigs in the country.

  31. @ David C

    THE SOCIAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT from its inception and initiation was a misrepresentation of the idea of collective agreement between Government, Public and Private Sectors and Unions.

    Form the onset, each entity MUST retain its individualism, SO THAT NONE, not to be corralled, coherent OR prejudiced but on Principle, predicate that which is being sought as a solution or betterment by negotiation, by integrity of representation and of intent, notably producing unilateral agreement.

    The Constitutional Rights and Privileges must be ALWAYS at the forefront and upheld as the oversight document of direction and rule.

    Today we find many infringements being exhibited on the working class, on systems for development, on instruments for sustainability, abuse and assault on the livelihood of the sovereigns of this nation.

    Where are you, UNIONS, when Government ratifies stealth measures without debate?
    when the private sector alienates employees’ value and contribution to their profits and expansion, while violating them in the process. Where is the representation?
    By now it should have been law, making MANDATORY Union presence and representation in both the Public and Private Sectors.

    Yes, to the support of Unions for these reasons and any violation of our Constitutional Rights and Privileges and by extension any gross violation/threat to our livelihood and existence.

    Time to stand up and be counted.

  32. Unionism Under Threat:
    I have been following politics, union matters and yardfowlism for many moons. I can remember the great Union Leader – Frank Walcott publishing the Union Speaks every Sunday in the Advocate. He condemned both political parties and fought fearlessly for workers. Let it be known that he was a staunch DLP but a great leader. We must also look at Ronald Jones, a former president of the BUT who now wears the hat of the Employer and now finds himself at loggerhead with the same union he once represented.

    This is 2017. Henry Ford cannot match the technological skills of today’s car manufacturers. Alexander Bell would be wondering how these Android and iphones can operate without wired connections. Old antiquated Union leaders are now obsolete and must detest from criticizing these eloquent modern day Unionists,

    This brings to mind the youthful leadership of the BSTU; BUT; NUPW; BWU, Unity etc. fighting the status quo for recognition of workers.

    McDowall should send a “thank you” card to Maloney for assisting him in his landslide win. I cannot believe a past president of the same NUPW who wears a governmental hat and who constantly lambasted the present leadership because he is of the believe that this president should use workers as sacrificial lambs ready to be slaughtered.

    Errol Walton Barrow must be restless in his grave seeing how his beloved party is allowing party faithful to abuse the sacred political stage for personal cheap political gains.

    These political rustybowls are destroying a party with rich political history and should be silenced.

    Akani McDowall, I salute you for fighting the good fight for your members and winning by a landslide. Ms Moore, I congratulate you for your stance in supporting the BSTU. Fight the good fight for workers’ rights.

  33. . —

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