The George Brathwaite Column – Rejecting Youth, Pillorying Women?

Submitted by Dr. George C. Brathwaite

Last week, Barbadians were exposed to several alarming political utterances when Members of Parliament (MPs) debated the Appropriation Bill 2017. Barbadians heard frantic reactions to the state of affairs. The Bill was theatrically delivered by MP Christopher Sinckler, arguably, the most unpopular Minister of Finance in the history of Barbados. The gravity of the socio-economic circumstances, and providing few realistic answers, prompted Sinckler to request help as both the economy and society came under the microscope of public scrutiny.

Sadly, Barbadians received the typical false narratives that serve to further divide a polity at odds with itself. The abject polarization that was on show, particularly by Democratic Labour Party (DLP) MPs, appeared disrespectfully desperate. Knowing that they were being seen on television and being heard on radio, the politicians postured and panted; they agreed and disagreed. The DLP MPs accused and angered persons inside and outside of the public gallery.

DLP MPs were at pains to be convincing even if this meant taking political rhetoric and grandstanding to extravagant extremes. By Friday night, Barbadians preferred to filter the folly, frivolity, and farcical ferocity that fanned flames of fury. Put differently, Barbadians although burdened to listen to the debate, readily denounced the unfolding social constructions that were recklessly spoken by absent-minded legislators. The politicians, for the most part, all looked serious although some signalled nothing useful or edifying in their contributions.

The posturing and the discursive practices merely exposed a refractory majority when compared with a more thoughtful minority. These phenomena have produced a cacophony of adversarial approaches and entrenched antagonisms that stretch across Barbados. Surely, with general elections now in the foresights of those gunning for a seat, the caustic tones and insults were anticipated to increase. Such infractions featured multiple times during the debate.

Ironically, the dear loving people made several controversial remarks and displayed strings of irrational behaviour. Barbadians are questioning whether the DLP used offensive statements purely for amplification or dastardly for distraction. Clearly, there was sheer worry by the DLP to the point of rejecting the youth and later pillorying women. There is the perception that a couple MPs crudely reverted to threat and bullying, instead of reasoned and logical statements of fact.

Firstly, Social Care Minister Steve Blackett sought to intimidate more than appreciate the positives of Barbadian youth participating in national affairs. An infuriated Blackett gave a stinging rebuke to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and the parents of 13-year-old Khaleel Kothdiwala. The teenager had addressed a rally immediately following the national march of disgust on the previous weekend which attracted over 10, 000 persons. Notwithstanding, Blackett stepped into the chasms of stupidity when he showed a lack of reasonableness or clarity of thought regarding parental guidance and support.

Blackett stated that the BLP “had a young man, 13 years … parading across the stage with or without the permission of his parents, in full glare of all, exploiting the young man.” Shooting from the hip, Blackett made the illogical claim that Khaleel’s youthful presence on stage “is equivalent … to sexual abuse or physical abuse.” What an absurdity! Many persons have since dismissed Blackett’s sinister statement and more generally, pointed out his proclivity for not going after the real targets of sexual and physical abuse.

Ironically, the very Steve Blackett made another disturbing but hypocritical pronouncement. Badly hatched from his pious posturing, Blackett chose the identity markers of religion and racism to wrongfully condemn the oldest political party in Barbados. Blackett contemptuously complained against the strong signals sent to the DLP regime on March 11th. Blackett remonstrated by mockingly praying “that every single Christian, every single Muslim, every single Hindu get on their knees and pray for this country because the Barbados Labour Party is heading the country down a particular avenue that will cause bloodshed in this country based on how they are behaving and how they are conducting themselves in public life in Barbados.” It is a load! Clearly, Blackett was in a mistaken chamber.

Blackett’s unconvincing behaviour has subsequently done more to refocus the national gaze on the prolonged failings of Cabinet under Prime Minister Stuart than on the Queen’s College student who is presently preparing to fly to Bali, Indonesia. Khaleel Kothdiwala will represent Barbados at the World Schools Debating Championships in August this year. Given Blackett’s sordid judgement and erroneous condemnation, it may be best that Barbadians never again vote for Steve Blackett to sit in the House of Assembly.

With some pull back, although leaving it to interpretation, Minister Ronald Jones spoke and carefully suggested that he was not in Parliament “to condemn the 13-year-old youngster or the parents.” However, Jones did insist that “it was a bit unusual” to see outstanding teenagers take to the civic space afforded, given the politics of Barbados. The Minister of Education contended that Khaleel’s appearing on the stage of the political rally “would appear to be exploitative.” One can only hazard a guess as to the use or meaning of the term exploitative.

In fact, the DLP’s style of combining partisan invective with a redefinition of words and terms are by no means novel. So, as one moved away from the irate silliness invoked by Blackett, there was but short relief. Next came extreme pills of verbal bitterness from the MP for St. John. Mara Thompson; she contrived a display of feigned caring for the young. She may well have forgotten that her children were present and visible at many cat fights in and outside of the campaign trails in St. John and Barbados. Mara Thompson pompously cluttered in a level of ignorance that does not sit well with all those who became familiar with a teenaged David Thompson.

Damaging and inexcusable, Mara Thompson sunk to a vile low by disgracefully castigating the ‘childless’ females who are legitimate representatives of the people in their respective constituencies. In effect, Barbadians came full-face with Mara Thompson’s disdain for embracing reality. The public gallery saw upfront her insensitivity towards other women appearing not to be blessed with children of their own. Disgracefully, Thompson’s resentful tenor offended the youngest Member of Parliament. Thompson had to be scolded and reminded that her more fortunate electoral circumstances, practically guaranteed her a seat in the Assembly. Surely, such luck does not give Mara Thompson hegemony over other women in parliament or across the Barbadian landscape.

The damage was more implicit than explicit. Nonetheless, the hostile attempt to degrade the ‘Honourable’ women for being ‘childless’ is sufficiently vexing that Thompson ought never to be re-elected to the chamber. Regrettably, Thompson’s spineless spectacle reflected an attrition of goodwill. Her spiel of being ‘childless’ was too grave an insult to all the women in her constituency. It was very chilling for men that support the thousands of Barbadian women who never gave birth to a child. Yet, those women are known to have sacrificed in the interest of this nation’s children.

Moreover, the question must be asked whether Mara Thompson’s childless insult was yet another haughty proposition purporting that women need to have children to be complete human beings? I hope not, for that would be the height of ungratefulness to the Parliament and country. Clumsily, Thompson’s dishonourable behaviour happened while the DLP is busy erecting a self-determined moral high-ground. Nothing less than a public apology ought to be forthcoming, and it serves no purpose by repeating: “Mr. Speaker, I want you to stop looking at my daughters.”

(Dr George C. Brathwaite is a political consultant. Email:


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    “JUST ASKING January 28, 2013 at 11:01 PM”

    “Final Result as revealed to me on Sunday
    BLP = 26 SEATS
    DLP = 3 SEATS
    WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE though is
    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEAT”


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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    “Is Bounty the drug guy Lashley gave a job to at NHC?”

    Yes and boyfriend to one of Mara Thompson’s daughters, that’s one of the people Adriel Nitwit should be telling the EU rep to also check for gunrunning…since he is asking EU for help.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    Carson C. Cadogan July 5, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    “Five more years on the opposition benches get familiar with the thought BLP.”


  • Black people are sick

    We spend time trying to keep White supremacy in place.

    Trying to protect the 10% Whites from the invasion of the 90%.

    Nothing, nothing, is worst than White supremacy

    Two things …………………

    One, Afrikan peoples must fight White supremacy in all its forms

    Two, while knowing that all lighter peoples think that they are better than Afrikans, including lighter Africans, we must seek to bring them to a Father’s correction.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    I agree with some of what you said.

    The first sentence, I am not sure. You are painting everybody with the same brush.


  • Artax

    We know how hard it is to read nonsense which irks you and you feel you have to respond.

    Much as you feel the need to eviserate the dlp yardfowl stupid rants, ignore him and he will go away like he did for a few years….and boy, were we happy.

    You did a great job on ac………so much so she has to use a new name but this character will never go away if we answer him even since he was unmasked as a yardfowl of ignorant Steve Jacket who took a light bill of an old lady, promised to pay it, the lady voted for jacket and her bill was not paid. She reported this in the Nation.

    Ignore the yardfowls, they are desperate.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    So the government ministers are planning to hide and pimp votes from the 2 or 3,000 muslims on the island, they should be ashamed of themselves, hopefully they and their yardfowls are recorded trying to buy votes.


  • Prodigal Son March 21, 2017 at 7:42 PM #

    “……he was unmasked as a yardfowl of ignorant Steve Jacket who took a light bill of an old lady, promised to pay it, the lady voted for jacket and her bill was not paid. She reported this in the Nation. Ignore the yardfowls, they are desperate.”

    @ Prodigal

    I remember reading the article in the Nation, which also highlighted comments from a Rasta-man who was also duped by Carson C. Cadogan. Unfortunately, I forgot to keep the article for future reference.

    However, I take advice from you and David BU.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    “….and boy, were we happy.”

    Happy to wallow in your own BLP ignorance!!!!!!!


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    “Woo hoo let’s hear it for MAM as PM hip hip ho wait just a second she was one of the longest serving MPs in parliament but what’s her claim to political fame let’s examine it here. She was Deputy PM and have done nothing to accentuate this position,have brought nothing to outstandingly to bare on it,haven’t elevated her position to make others emulate her or the position. She was Minister of Education she brought an edutec/edutek programme which was a failure. She was Attorney General which she also failed at it was alleged she was informed of rumblings at the Glendairy prison,of mounting tensions and that it was a bomb waiting to explode and what did she do absolutely nothing and we all saw the end results. For those who may not be aware there was a prison riot and the prison or part of the prison was burnt which gave birth to the $700 million prison dodds. Also saw a story written by a former policeman now lawyer who spoke of wiretapping police officers phones to find out who was Bees from Dees which played a serious role in some police officers not being promoted which gave rise to a law suit hmmmnnnn signs and wonders.”


  • @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger March 21, 2017 at 5:24 PM

    What you tell us here is the GENERAL system how public jobs are distributed in Bim. From SC down to sanitation.


  • @Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger March 21, 2017 at 5:24 PM

    The EU representatives here in Bim are fully aware that every cent they give to local politicians is a lost investment. Not so long ago, companies in some EU countries got a tax allowance when they bribed non EU-officials. Reasoning: No crime, but local customs! Take this as an example for EU priorities: They hand over money to promote foreign trade, not to develop good governence in the Deep South.


  • @ Artax
    It takes GP to properly explain Carson…
    …something to do with a Taxi man….


  • The Ole Man was Missing in Action (M.I.A and not Mia Mugabe though she has been missing in parliament for twenty nuff years) rather “Unauthorized(ly) Absent” UA and for those of you military men here you would know the subtlety of the difference.

    I have been battling with the Hounds of Hell i.e. the chaps have been busy and getting better with their “incursions” compliments of their friend and champion and the ***

    But, while i know that i was much missed by many, it was a necessary absence to review and revamp ones ammmmm type of engagement.

    Imagine if one were full stream and this were to have happened?

    But then again wunna is not chess players and wunna is not led by anyone who is a strategist jes spiteful despots.

    The point that Blackett is making about the direction that Mia is heading in is lost on all but a few of you.

    But de ole man will share with you all the direction that they have decided to go so that wunna understands these pronouncements.

    An incident will be staged at *** and that will cause many people to (a) back away from the polls (b) cause a few persons to get apprehended and held without access to counsel and (c) in the ensuing vacuum that WILL FOLLOW the DLP will deploy their coup de grace.

    So in anticipation of all this planned melee the despotic Leader of the Opposition should immediately ask that Election Observers be coopted to observe our General Elections.

    Ohhhhhh lest wunna thinks that de ole man is supporting Mugabe please view the following.

    Wunna have been noticing that they have been followint the old man’s directions and doing the Stoopid Cartoons, and Tshirts, and Placards, and Video Skits and all de rest uh de ole man suggestions heheheheheheheh

    Here be another one for wunna


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Tron….ah know.


  • That entire submission i made a few minutes ago just mysteriously disappeared but that is par for the course

    De ole man knows that he was missed but previously shared that the “faction” have been, and continue to be, very busy with their shenanigans

    Not being chess players wunna could have waited until the General Elections and wunna would have seen the full spectrum of the arsenal but….wunna is not braniacs

    Blackett is telegraphing to the public in his pronouncements about blood like Ronald Jones did.

    Here is what is going to happen

    There will be an “incident” where (a) during the period of the General Elections people will be assaulted and that will lead to (b) the invocation of the Emergency Powers Act and (c) it will also cause and inordinate amount of people to stay home on election day which will affect the voting results (irrespective of the March of Disgust (d) certain persons of interest, specifically those who are disrupting the political process will be arrested, without access to legal counsel and (e) in the ensuing melee there will be a strange occurance with the ballot boxes.

    So to the Despot in Waiting you would be well advised to have the Observer Team of the Commonweath Community engaged WELL BEFORE THIS planned melee cause dese feller doan want to leggo the reigns of power.

    In short dem is jes like you

    So that you are aware that I am aware I produced this item jes for you


  • Oh dear Carson C Cadogan

    You could at least be original with your pronouncements!!!

    You come here and repeat the exact things dat de ole man been saying bout MUGABE Mottley all along.

    People blish to believe that I am working for wunna ?

    You want to discredit de ole man?

    Bout dat work ting doah

    Effing wunna was to pay de ole man about $15M up front i could still salvage a few uh wunna seats,


    Not one effing seat Carson, not fuh you effers nor for Mottley

    Third part will dislodge wunna scvunts


  • @Carson C. Cadogan at 5:22 PM # I ‘liked’ your comments because of the final sentence that “ALL OF THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR …”

    That political operatives find it necessary to plague BU with these diatribes during this season of tricks and trouble is comical.

    The more you post then the more it becomes obvious how absolutely dysfunctional and disturbed you are about your political future.

    And your lies become more fantastic and transparent.

    It is so repetitive to read this BS every five years, but one assumes you must do your thing to serve your masters.

    When will any of you ever try to serve Barbados and Bajans! Steeupse.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    Thanks for the poster with Ms. Mugabe

    Real nice.



    POLICE HAVE ARRESTED and formally charged Fabian Alyson Bryan in connection with the March 16 murder of 33-year-old James Alleyne.


  • This the Carson Cadogan story. A political pariah.

    Unpaid light bill shock

    Maria Bradshaw,

    Added 30 May 2013



    An election gimmick. That is what a man is calling an offer of assistance to his elderly mother from the St Michael Central Constituency branch of the Democratic Labour Party. The man, who would only give his name as “Ikie”, told this newspaper, that six months after constituency representative Steve Blackett personally collected the bill from his 84-year-old mother and told her that he was going to look after the payment, a crew from the Barbados Light and Power turned up yesterday to disconnect her service for non-payment. The bill was over $300 in arrears. The angry man told the DAILY NATION that last November, while Blackett was campaigning in Waterhall Land, Bank Hall, St Michael, with another man named Carson Cadogan, they visited his mother, Muriel Haynes. “Mr Blackett asked my mother if she had any bills that she wanted help with and my mother said the only bill she had that wasn’t paid as yet was her light bill,” Ikie said. “He took it from her and told her that he would get the Welfare Department to pay her bill. ” Ikie said they did not see another light bill come to their house until April when a bill arrived with arrears of $381.

    Related article

    – See more at:

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  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Steve Blackett and Carson Cadogan…two lying, hahaha.

    The electorate should keep stale pee handy for these 2 liars next year when they turn up pimping and lying to get votes.

    What happen Carson, cat got ya tongue……lol

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  • @ Hants
    …and it will only get much worse.

    Boss, Bushie DOES NOT know everything…
    But have you taken the trouble to do, even a rough analysis of our situation – before (bad as THAT was) 1 Dec 2016, and AFTER that date???

    You are an intelligent HC man who understands that google can be your friend.

    It is the monument Boss…. that Satanic alter that formally handed Barbados over to the demons of Hell…. thanks to the DLP JA’s and their blind idiocy.

    Calls for more care on the road; for new traffic laws; for the Breathalyzer laws, and even prayer warriors ….are all a waste of time against the SPIRITUAL assault that we are now facing.

    The ONLY way out is to:
    1 – DIG IT UP.
    2 – National sackcloth and ashes (repentance, restitution, and a new national commitment to righteousness).
    3 – Reconsecrate the Garrison as the island’s centre of power, justice, Law and Order.

    We are living in a spiritual REALITY. Ignorance of the REAL SPIRITUAL LAWS provides no escape from its unrelenting consequences.

    In any case, wunna BU crowd CANNOT say that Bushie did not warn wunna donkeys of the dire consequences of building that shiite…..


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    Dont believe everything that you read in the newspapers.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    There is more than one dog named BOB. Just remember that.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Carson…ya know you and creepy Blacket lied to that senior citizen to get her vote in 2013, yall are lpwer than snakes, hpw much low can you go, ya know ya lying now, ya know ya will try to lie to elderly, helpless voters again in 2018, but not only are they on to yall lies, but I hope many houses have that stale pee ready a week in advance…yall lowlifes.


  • Bushie

    The ONLY way out is to:
    1 – DIG IT UP.
    2 – National sackcloth and ashes (repentance, restitution, and a new national commitment to righteousness).
    3 – Reconsecrate the Garrison as the island’s centre of power, justice, Law and Order.

    We are living in a spiritual REALITY. Ignorance of the REAL SPIRITUAL LAWS provides no escape from its unrelenting consequences.

    Chuckle…….wuhloss…….BIM,in ducks guts when dis obeah man going to save us by exorcism……lookah ah wuh dis once proud nation has reached.


  • Our Social Minister should have realised that Lil Rick children appeared on stage during Crop Over and during school days wukkin’ up and singing calypso. We applaud their performance and not a man complained. We had a youngster wukkin up like an adult on a woman and no one was charged. But alas, a poor intelligent 13-year old who will be representing our country as a debater is being blasted by spin-less people who lacks his oratory skills. What a shame!


  • Wild wild east!

    ” a public service vehicle driver, was parking a minibus when he was approached by an

    unknown man, who shot him during the course of a robbery attempt. He was rushed by

    private vehicle to the QEH for medical attention. His condition is listed as stable.”


  • @George Brathwaite “Mara Thompson sunk to a vile low by disgracefully castigating the ‘childless’ females who are legitimate representatives of the people in their respective constituencies. In effect, Barbadians came full-face with Mara Thompson’s disdain for embracing reality. The public gallery saw upfront her insensitivity towards other women appearing not to be blessed with children of their own.”

    Some people call it child-free.

    And I don’t know why people keep saying that children are a blessing…we have children because we have sex, not because of some other worldly “blessing” Please note that people who do not have sex do not have children, regardless of how blessed they are. I mean Mara has children because she had sex with David Thompson, not because of some mysterious blessing.

    If the MP’s (both parties) were piss parading last week, then I am real, real glad that I did not turn on my TV.


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