NCD Story to be Told

Submitted by Bentley

Professor Jean van den Elsen and Dr Omar Kassar in the laboratory. They have worked to reveal a molecular link between sugar and Alzheimer’s Disease Credit: AP Commercial Photography

Have a read of this article. Ten years ago I outlined the link between diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer, erectile and other sexual dysfunction and other NCD’s. I identified the common cause as Chronic Metabolic Collapse Syndrome or (CMCS), a condition characterised by the body’s inability to effectively metabolise blood sugar. More and more research over time support my assertion. Until we can maintain our bodies in a state where they can efficiently metabolise sugar and carbohydrates we will have the scourge of NCD’s with us. The document titled “A Rational Approach to Diet, Exercise and Health” can be viewed at Barbados Underground, Item 27 in the Library, and was posted some 7 years ago. Is it because I’m not a member of the medical community that nobody’s listening to me? I’ve also posted several other 3rd party articles outlining the dangers of sugar consumption on this blog.

Relevant link: Sugar’s ‘tipping point’ link to Alzheimer’s disease revealed

2 thoughts on “NCD Story to be Told

  1. They will not listen to you, they would prefer die than to listen to what makes sense.

  2. Very useful paper Bentley. It’s never too late for anyone to start. I had bypass surgery last year and have since taken up bio-motor exercise and healthy eating and everyone is incredulous at the rate of my recovery. Neither is it ever too expensive in relation to long-term ill-health in which death is the most merciful outcome if we could call for it !!

    Fitness/diet should be given much higher focus as a school subject – and not just in PE sessions.

    I would even recommend the Church take the miracle of our physical existence more seriously and become actively involved in saving our bodies, since, almost as a corollary, we would be more inclined to take life less for granted and perhaps in this way “save our souls” as well !!

    The article is a keeper !

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