The Adrian Loveridge Column – Call to Remove VAT On Accommodation and Breakfast to Spur Growth

Adrian Loveridge

Adrian Loveridge

The Government of Argentina has taken the bold move to remove, with immediate effect, the 21 per cent VAT (value added tax) on accommodation and breakfast, where included in a package element on hotel stays for foreign tourists. There are of course conditions. To qualify, payment must be made by a foreign credit or debit card and the name, address, residency and passport or ID number supplied. If bookings are made by travel agencies or tour operators, they will need to provide this information on behalf of their clients.

According to their Tourism Minister, Gustovo Santos, it is estimated that it will cost the administration around US$38 million annually, but the projected additional 95,000 visitors that it could attract will generate around US$70 million.

He added that ‘the measure emphasised the importance of tourism to the Argentine economy and the need for a simple, direct and automatic mechanism to reimburse VAT to foreign tourists to improve the competitiveness of the Argentine tourism industry’.

Already the decision has had an almost immediate effect of increasing airlift into Argentina with a new code sharing agreement signed between the national carrier Aerolineas Argentinas and Air Europe making new routes a reality and opening up greater parts of Europe.

Dynamic fast growing low cost carrier, Norwegian Air has formed a new holding company Norwegian Air Argentina S.A with plans to position between six and ten B737-800 and B737 Max 8 aircraft in three cities including Buenos Aires, Cordoba and possibly Mendoza. The idea is to feed into the long haul routes with a Gatwick/Buenos Aires service planned for a November 2017 start-up.

The Max 8 variant which Norwegian will operate has a range of 3,515 nautical miles giving almost infinite two city connecting possibilities. The airline has learnt from their Gatwick transatlantic flights that around 20 – 30 per cent of passengers have transferred there, mainly from Scandinavia, so they clearly are looking at the bolster potential.

The anticipated increased number of visitors to Argentina will also drive additional hotel and accommodation plant construction, restaurant patronage, car rental and all the other requirements they will bring including generating thousands of new jobs.

Whether our Government is brave and bold enough to follow the Argentina example remains to be seen, helping offset our reputation as a high cost destination and grow new markets, but a 21 per cent decrease in the accommodation portion cost of a holiday certainly sounds compelling, especially if it can be offset by a greater spend and occupancy overall.

Currently many of our registered hotels enjoy a reduced room rate of VAT at 7.5 per cent, but there has been increased pressure by the non-traditional accommodation sector including what many consider the hundreds and possibly thousands of alternative lodging options like those offered by Airbnb and alike, to garner equal benefit.

I can understand their point, but with privilege comes responsibility and perhaps this presents an opportunity of embracing companies like Airbnb and their vast resources, to finally have a minimum standard of licensing for every accommodation provider. The trade-off could be modelled on the proposal made by Airbnb last month with Costa Rica, where the sharing economy platform has offered to collect sales taxes on behalf of Government from the stated 5,500 Airbnb hosts it represents in that country ‘according to company data’.

78 thoughts on “The Adrian Loveridge Column – Call to Remove VAT On Accommodation and Breakfast to Spur Growth

  1. @Adrian

    You are too focused on the failing tourism sector, what Barbados needs are more inclusive ideas to get the economy moving forward rather than side-wize. Barbados is ergently in need of a comprehensive short, medium and long term plan for recovery, which includes devaluation and loans from IMF. IMF will also have to be invited in to take/supervise control of the finances and recovery plan. You think Greece has suffered, nothing compared to what Barbados could expect. It’s time to PAY THE PIPER.


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  3. @ Wily Coyote

    I very rarely write on Loveridge’s blogs.

    I am glad that you have submitted your comments at 10.5 am BECAUSE they embody exactly what is the Loveridge’s contribution to Barbados by he and his ilk.

    They bring nothing else to the table NOTHING

    I will make one observation and one only which is that anyone who can find 100 comments on Barbados today where Loveridge makes one single contribution to any other topic on Barbados Underground ON ANYTHING ELSE and I shall recant this accusation.

    And it is an accusation that is endemic among him and his ilk, to continuously rape the country of everything under the guise of Tourism is We Business, leh we do we part.

    You have been kind in your observation of this his blinkered vision and sole focus.

    Loveridge ent care bout Devaluation, nor Issues within the Education system, nor a Black Bajan Woman being killed by rampaging dogs, nor the Supremacy of Parliament NOR ONE SHYTE ELSE heah pun BU possibly with the exception of BREXIT

    These are the habits of outsiders who come to rape us under the pretext of supporting tourism and creating jobs while adhering to one specific objective, tekking what is to be taken from the country.

    But Coyote, we are an ingrunt people whom, having toiled long under the shackles of overt slavery find it very difficult to break away for Massa’s new configuration of the plantation, and are proud of our black skirts/pants and white blouse and shirt while we wuk (up) pun de new plantation pun the silver sands.

    Join me now good sir as we sing the refrain proudly “….Oh island in the sun where my people have toiled from when time began, long may whitey laze as we sing his praise and dead penniless and poor in this blazing sun….”

  4. Piece et al

    Tourism is the islands number one earner of what little fx we get,this institution has been around for over 100 years,succesive govts support and depend on it,this govt ensures tax free concessions for large international operators in this area with little fx coming back from them.

    …….yet you are going to cuss a man who runs a small operation pays taxes to the economy of Bim and who is presently owed his tax returns,who stood up in a room full of your ilk and was laughed to scorn when he was trying to save fx for the country………the only thing that can be seen for the venom you spew is his pigmentation that you refer to.

    Why dont you restart your poster campaign highlighting the need for a mugabe like govt in Bim,lets get rid of all the ones of lighter pigments and stop complaining about this dark pigment government as pigment is all that matters…… can go to the top of the class.

  5. @ Vincent

    It is a if you are saying that because tourism is the so called number one earner of FX then, even in the face of the obvious problems of having our eggs in one basket, one’s single chant must be about Tourism.

    You my man does come to BU and speak about everything under the sun, “you contribute to the whole”

    Mine is an observation that, you got to walk the walk ACROSS ALL THE ISSUES IN BARBADOS and until then you just are being a parasite albeit in the number one FX generator of Barbados.

    This is what Wily E. Coyote said when he spoke here earlier AND this is what I gine repeat till i dead Vincent.

    “What is your skin in the game?”

    Suppose I was a coconut vendor or the relative of one Violet Beckles

    Imagine if I was to come heah every day and talk bout my coconuts or the land that David Simmons and the rest of lawyers teif after a while you would do like whu Wily E Coyote do and what I doing and ask a question.

    What is it bout Loveridge dat give him a “free pass” Vincent?

    Ohhhhh, de ole man forget, jes like that woman Pat Brayshaw, “because Tourism is the islands number one earner of what little fx we get…” they are to be given a free pass!

    Sorry, but of one thing you can say bout the ole man is that “I spew venom” irrespective of your colouration WHEN IT IS EVIDENT THAT YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN NATION but in your neck of the woods alone.

    I hope that puts you at ease as you rise to protect ammmmmmm…..let me lef dat out.

    But tell me doah, you ever see the FX earner talking here about something else?? Fuh Real Vincent, answer me that??

    “Peradventure there be fifty (other comments arising from Loveridge on any other BU matter but his “neck of the woods”) righteous within the city: wilt thou (forgive the ole man for making this observation like that of Wily E. Coyote that he is self centred and doan care bout a feller?) also destroy and not spare the place for the fifty righteous that are therein?

  6. In the larger scheme of Argentina economy those figures are miniscule. They can afford it whether the gains are positive or negative. Argentina is NOT a tourism -dependent economy like Barbados. Their economy is mostly commodity driven. Tourism earnings is a very small component of their national income. Therefore, using the Argentina situation is not fair. The assumption that removing the 7.5 % VAT will drive more traffic ….is reasonable. However, there is no guarantee that it will make up for revenue loss.

  7. Piece

    My skin in the game is fear play……I note that you have not acknowledged his efforts to save fx in a room full of your ilk laughing at him.

    For the BU record I have proposed evah long time since that we have to look at developing niche areas of manufacturing,agro-industry,IT and a revamped tourism industry along the lines of Airbnb where the majority of Bimmers would have a stake in the pie and take a greater interest in keeping the island clean.

  8. Adrian Loveridge ? Dont be mad at this man for being white, he act white and thinks white its a status and not a skin problem,No Matter how dark a person he can still think and act white,
    A. Lover only thinks of himself and his business to caters to Tourist, And to make as much USD$ as he can , He is in Barbados a place where is now a slave and Slavery state for the world.
    Now he can see that his greed can not work unless others also see again,

    Remove the VAT, We Agree has under Plantation Deeds we also said for why? VAT was there for the UDC and to move people from land rent to land ownership to where they can own a part of the rock to hand down to their Heirs,
    VAT was to be until, or temporary , But the money that came in was so great that the Ministers Owen / Mia et.Ali want the money for self and look for ways under the UDC to launder this money ,
    Most People forgot all about the intent of the VAT, UDC now done and move and gone and still paying fools in the IDC office to Big Up the PM ,,,, UDC/NHC /CLICO ran under the same plan as FIRST CARIBBEAN / CIBC for this is the line of fraud and PONZI Masters Sir Richard and Sir COW, as in America BLACK LIVE DONT MATTER, Now in America we will see if WHITE LIVES MATTERS MORE OR MOST?
    THERE is now all 3 branches of the government ran by WHITE FULL PARTIES,,
    SO Here as we now all watch WHITE ON WHITE CRIMES OR =WOWC,

    NOW EVEN the A.Lover also will have to go against his white greedy friends that he sides steps with the government, While a lawyer maybe holding a non ” Clear Title ” deed in his office not recorded a they wait for time limits , By paying taxes until he can go to court and Say under Oath ,, I dont know who the land belong to but i have beeing paying taxes for so many years to get a Good title of fraud,
    All land have an owner ,, and for this type of fraud the Banks now dead ,

    No Loans, No interest, nothing on savings, the island is now Stuck ,
    This was our warning and still bloggers want to talk she-it and not study banking,
    No clear title , no economy ,no banks, , no loans , no jobs,
    Taking 1.5 billion from China ? another 1 Billion to buy votes right before elections will put Barbados in a 2.5 billion dept ,that will make taxes and not needed VAT go up ,, all to hide the massive land fraud in Barbados, Buy Nothing Build nothing until all these crooks out of office,
    Good Luck Mr A. Lover,,,Bajan will not be fooled forever,

  9. tourism industry is to be the icing on the cake, You all seem to have it backward,
    Damm shame as i repeat myself ,

    If you have to wait for 90% white people to land at the air port and sea port to have an economy then you all are very stupid,
    Then the same people get Duty free and VAT/ TAX free and leave you all with the Bill,

    Have you all lost your Minds????? While making $250BDS a week ?
    road tax for me was $1600 van off the road, Insurance $1500 maddness, We saved more than $75000 being off the road from the last elections,fuel, tires, oil, repairs and to maintenance ,

    Vote CUP , we know who the crooks are and where the money is hidden,

  10. NorthernObserver February 6, 2017 at 3:54 PM #

    Yes,he has said that on BU a number of times which is why he could do with his returns.

  11. @ Vincent

    Let me ask you this.

    How soon would his suggestion, albeit a possible incentive “kick in”?

    There is a need for use to reinforce the lateral linkages in our speech and in our actions Vincent.

    I am not one who wants to scalp all the palefaces in the fort BUT being that I am among the ‘indigenous people” among those that “are held to be inferior, while another holds itself superior” I going be at “war” verbally, socially, economically and physically speaking.

    You is a man who comes here and throws down in all areas of our discussion and while you have your “allegiances” one thing a man or woman will say it that you employ “fear play” in your engagements.

    Let de ole man share a ting wid you.

    A long time ago, de ole man felt that there was a need for expanding community tourism, that was 1994, 20 years ago, then de ole man suggest that in 2002 and i got de Wordperfect 5 file to prove it too. AND THEIR RESPONSES.

    We cannot be so one “pistoned” that we focus on one industry to the exception of all others.

    Even these BDLP masqueraders have nuff ministries in different sectors, and while that is not a model to be relied on as being successful you and i know that Tourism needs Transport, read roads, planes, boats, food, security and a few more.

    BU-ians contrary to what Carl Moore thinks DO NOT COME HERE to mek themselves look big, it is because we use their virtual rumshop to exchange with the hope that there might be some spark or catalyst that gets a new movement going.

    You and I can agree that WE ARE IN SHYTE STREET

    AND WE CAN BOTH AGREE THAT IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER WHAT COLOUR WE ARE, but we have to fix this or it is going to get worse.

    How many people dead already for this year Vincent? and the year has just begun irrespective of how rosy Fumbles painting the picture of peace and prosperity.

    14 years before them we had Owen and Mugabe & Dale Marshall, he too was Attorney General and he is a impotent as Adriel Nitwit and they collectively were all part of the same pony express called Tourism.

    You with me?

    Loverige ent even champion a “Separate at Source Waste Disposal project in the Hotel Sector or something that shows some “skin in the game” and that he is not a tourism parasite with a “gimme another VAT free incentive something”

    Here is the thing, he is owed VAT returns for years, but his millions owed are no less important than the income tax that a poor man like me and de fellers in Marl Hole are owed.

    Why do we collectively come here? we come because it is our home, (he moved here) and our land (he bought his 30 something years ago)_and our lives (his too) and we want to contribute to the betterment of the nation, NOT JUST OUR HOTEL’S BOTTOM LINE.

    Not every white person is a racist nor is every black man who talks about slavery is alive in 2017 in Barbados a racist either but, the fact is that when the MP was cussing the non white in the business class of the Virgin train telling her that she did not belong there, all the rest of the white passengers kept quiet and only one, the train manager, spoke out.You do speak out for “fair play” but to all intents and purposes, Adrian speaks out for hotel subsidies

    • @PUDRYR

      You are entitled to your view of course, one which BU disagrees. Adrian almost singlehandedly prior to 2008 was a prickly thorn in the asses of the BLP government. He obviously feels comfortable advocating on-behalf of a sector he has some expertise. It is worth repeating that the idea to launch BU was born when David Ells and VoB took a decision to locate Adrian in a separate studio to comply with then minister of tourism preference to not debate issues in the same space as Adrian. It was a very dark day in the media and one we will never forget.

  12. Piece

    Hmmm….not bad…..but yuh still ain deal wid your ilk laughing at de man trying to protect Bims forex,that to me shows skin in de game……yuh ain git de point?

  13. One thing is certain as the last quarters figures show Bim is loosing out int the tourism market and I would posit high prices,poor service attitude,bad roads,poor plant and no new attractions are all factors involved in it that no vat reduction will change.

    Many suggestions have been made here and to govt offering ideas as to its revamping,my personal preference is with community involvement,fully develop the Scotland District tourist plant and lower our import bill and prices by growing more food.

    • @Vincent

      Are you sure the declining numbers is not because of the poo and rumours of poo on the South Coast?

  14. The people on the island should not be paying for breakfast for all those broke ass tourists who visit, the financial burden will be passed on to the majority. It is an island with people trying to survive not a goddamn soap kitchen for white people.

    Loveridge.., cant you think of anything that will benefit the majority blacks in Barbados and not just minorities and tourists.

  15. SuckaBubby February 6, 2017 at 5:10 PM #

    Sorry to break it to Mr Loveridge, this government and any successive government’s only plan is to ride the high end tourism nag till it drop dead.

    This link you post is another scam that was put out there back about 2009, ,,Marshall of Frist Homes who took money all the way to court , He was charged and never seem to come back to the court as yet to answer for his crimes, Church members bail him out and I , We, saw him at Dist, A Police station,
    Before even getting happy about all of this vote buying CONstruction to be going on , People better get a grip for many will fail right after elections,
    All builder will need Clear Title,
    Clear title , CLEAR TITLE , clear title to the land and a deed to whom they got the land from , remember the government dont have any crown land that did not pay for,

    Being elected do not come with land titles . dont get caught up in the Hipe,

  16. Violet C Beckles, in the history of Barbados from slavery until now, no large project has served the interest of the people.Fraud, theft and other various forms of skullduggery has been part and parcel of this sort of thing.No hype sir.

  17. Well Well & Consequences February 6, 2017 at 5:46 PM #
    Actually Barbados seems to be fast becoming one big open Almshouse for the majority of people here. And who are mainly responsible for putting us all in the Almshouse? The new Plantation Watchmen and Drivers (big stick type)

  18. Can’t disagree Colonel, but the suggest of removing vat for tourists and putting more burden on the majority who will have to make up that shortfall and who are already struggling is not only adding insult to injury, but shows blatant disrespect.

    The useless ministers have stagnated the island to the point that it will be a welfare state.

  19. SuckaBubby February 6, 2017 at 6:03 PM #

    Violet C Beckles, in the history of Barbados from slavery until now, no large project has served the interest of the people.Fraud, theft and other various forms of skullduggery has been part and parcel of this sort of thing.No hype sir.@@@

    I have been posting and posting all about all things on BU , Nothing you say can be wrong for its much much worse than you can type.

  20. “can you think of anything that will benifit the majority blacks on the island and not just minorities and tourists ”


  21. @Lawson
    Probably correct too… and not surprising …after having gone through 4 centuries of being brainwashed with the albino-centric philosophies with which your ilk is so comfortable…

    Can you name another set of people (race),..who could even have SURVIVED such an ordeal – under your grandparents?

    As to what could REALLY benefit the majority group of Island brass bowls….???
    How about you invite all the ones of your ilk to move up to Canada …and help wunna up there to drink the water…?

  22. Ordinary taxpayers should not be compelled to subsidise tourists. Make them pay their own way. Hotels must compete, and inclusive prices should include VAT.

    • @Hal

      Yes hotels must compete in the market but the country must be competitive as well.

      The incident at VoB with Adrian was with Barney Lynch during cricket world cup.


  23. Lawson…believe it or not I agree, but that therapy should be paid for by the US, UK and Europe, the countries solely responsible for and who benefitted economically for 400 years from the generational destruction of those black psyches, they should be made to pay for 400 years of psychotherapy for Caribbean blacks..

    The minorities like Loveridge on the island need psychiatrists for their own fcked up mental illnesses, no one in their right minds would be doing such nasty things to others if they themselves were not mentally unstable.

  24. David,
    Lynch’s behaviour does not surprise me. Only recently I said that a fundamental part of Barbadian discursive culture was that if anyone had the temerity to agree with a colleague/friend/ that person becomes the enemy, someone to be eliminated. It is our educational system.

    • Bottomline is this, Loveridge has been a champion of many causes over the years, he has been attacked by political operatives from both sides -BU can defend Loveridge based on what we know but we will suffice with a warning. No more racial slurs .


  25. LOL Bushy the problem is your story isnt sorry enough, 4hundred years of real and institutional slavery blah blah blah is old hat every island or colony is pulling that one you have to come up with something different , geez we just gave 200 million to iraq and that is just the tip wait till the middle east settles down and watch the money flow in you have to get a new schtick. Or maybe help yourselves like try and get some of that underground economy money, put meters on cabs or go some kind of uber, give tax break for renovations for homes , like The hotel owner said somehow tax the people renting homes , maybe like Adrain says go volume and longer stays by certain reducing taxes, putting in a white prime minister . you know simple common sense things.

  26. @ David
    The REAL bottomline is that as Hal says, one does not ask the girls in Bush Hill to PAY the customers… Shiite man… is that not carrying a joke a bit far…?

    It seems that we do not even understand that the whole POINT of our nefarious business is to make money. These people now get carried away with the NUMBERS of persons visiting the brothels …and are even willing to pay those who cannot otherwise afford the fare?

    Warped!!! …even for THAT business…

  27. Lawson,
    Skippa…you cannot even detect that your curse lies in you INABILITY to see anything but money…. every ‘solution’ is about money… poor fella…!!
    Boss, when you invite your ilk up to Canada… tell them to bring along all their money too… THAT is the specific curse which currently afflicts our black donkeys…

  28. “putting in a white prime minister ”

    Lawson….you must be talking about my fairminded Justin, otherwise ya will never see that in your life in Barbados, the last bajan white senator they had I believe onè of the Goddards…went snìtching out all the black people’s business to the US EMBASSY. …lol….they are snitches and cant be trusted.

    Black majority on the island only need to survive, they do need monèy hunģry, paper hungry white people like Loveridge always dreaming up ways to make black people pay for white people’s survival. ..find other ways to pay for your own damn miserable survival.

    Does Canada pay for breakfast for its tourist guests….no….taxpayer’s in Barbados cannot afford it and if the majority is not benefitting financially. …it is not worth the burden to their pockets.

    …tourism is supposed to benefit the majority financially in exchange for the island experience. …not just benefit Loveridge and his ilk while the majority are the ones paying and losing.

    • @Roverp

      What do you suggest we replace it with in the short to medium term before we do away with tourism? Bear in mind it is all you have and do not fool yourself the offshore/international business is an offshoot from the tourism sector.

  29. Bushie

    Which is why the oldest money earner,prostitution should be legalised and taxed like they do in Curacao.

    Time for a progressive govt to impose taxes on churches,car washers,coconut venders,etc,etc

  30. David

    Some of the contributers here enjoy picking of low hanging fruit but not a word on this particular post by them on the 40 year tax free concession to Sandals or the latest threat to the enfranchisement of the average Bimmer through Airbnb by a member of the hotel section.

    The Airbnb has been operating unregulated for years without a problem as opposed to a recent controversy at a regulated west coast operation.

  31. Vincent,
    I won’t go as far as taxing religious organisations, but they should be made to account for their finances through regulated auditing.

  32. Roverp…no it does not, it’s common sense, that is why despite the large countries have tourists pouring in by the hundreďs of millions annually, they will never subsidize it, where is the benefit, what’s the point….rigid advertising is quite good enough….giving away ya ass for tourists to eat freely is psychotic. …which is Loveridge’ demented plan…to benefit him, not the majority population, but paid for by the majority.

  33. Tax the damn churches, they are useless to the people and have been parasitic and sexùally abusive to children for centuries…..drain the earth of the scum.

  34. @ David,

    There is no reason to “do away” with Tourism.

    What Barbados must do is create and develop new Businesses/Industries.

    Barbados must also make agriculture / food security a priority.

  35. @ Hants

    THis was the point that Wily E Coyote said on commencement and de ole man sought to support in my long winded way.

    Look let me be clear.

    Minister Sealy in 2013 launch a voucher stupidness ting the details of which can be seen at

    These subsidies and so called Special Development Incentives for tourism have been as numerous as the sands on the beaches of barbados island in the sun.

    Yet, and here is the clincher Hants, careful analysis of their respective benefits show them to be useless scams that are designed to augment the bank account of successive Ministers of Tourism.

    Let me give you an example Hants

    “The provision of a Bds $10 million window for the retrofitting of air conditioning and lighting systems in the tourism and hospitality sector. Sealy noted that this will be the first phase of the $150 million Energy Efficiency and Hotel Refurbishment Fund and further aspects of the find will be rolled out over the upcoming months.”

    But this is not the scourge of the Demonic Labour Party of Fumbles Stuart alone

    Behold i give you their predecessor the BLP under Owen Seymour and Mugabe Mottley

    “Barbados has passed progressive legislation such as the Tourism Development Act (2002) and the Special Development Areas Act to offer an excellent range of …”

    Scams where friends of the ministers can bring in Cars and household goods and all sorts of items under the guise of Special Tourism Incentives and stuff like that

    Look i isnt no econmist nor actuarial scientist but let me see if de ole man can suggest whu is common sense.

    I got a hotel with 10 rooms and i employ 20 people.

    De ten rooms does mek 10,000 dollars per year and my expenses, which includes de peeple salaries and taxes and all de utilities and ting is $7,500 and my profits is $2,500 before taxes.

    And wunna hoteliers cant fool me cause i was running GEMs and I know de deal.

    We going work a point system.

    For every Bajan (emphasis on bajan) dat you employ, and which we confirm, via NIS etc, you earn a credit of $$ x

    For every $$ you spend in renewable energy initiatives or other import substitution initiatives e.g. agriculture or indigenous manufacturing in support of your hotel, you earn y credits.

    Of course such investments in RE etc are confirmed by the GoB ICT backbone that links the farmers and the suppliers to this Business Intelligence matrix.

    If you bring FX from your tourisessses dem into the country that confirms your level of occupancy, as opposed to dem tourists dem paying de money overseas, you also gets credits

    And what my system does is to apply these credits to your taxable income.

    A nex ting is dat you can do your own marketing as you please BUT if you subscribe to any of the GoB WORKING campaigns you also get credits.

    When you reach an agreed threshold of verified metrics we, the GoB will individually assign sweetheart incentives to your specific establishment because you have met all the published requirements and metrics

    This is simple and probably simplistic but I believe that a rewards system that is based on verifiable criteria, like the terms and conditions of an IDB loan agreement, will augur well for this hodge podge beggarly assembly that like Butch, continues to rape our tourism sector with the sanction of both the BLP and the DLP.

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    2008 for Loveridge’s fighting in the trenches is note worthy and your commendation of the man is noted.

    But to all intents and purposes this is 2017 and we as a country are in the midst of the greatest depression that we have known in all our years of our questionable Independence.

    That one track record which he is playing right now is distinctly selfish and needs to show some of what you suggest he employed here 9 years ago “for there arose a King that knew not Joseph…”

  36. Piece

    Chuckle…….Yuh is a real stubborn gully boar doh,like my jack russel wid a bone,wun leh go.

    We all agree that we have one engine running tourism and those with knowledge in that area must be encouraged to speak on it……likewise those who are encouraging the mechanics to start the other engines should be encouraged and some of us have knowledge in more than one area……what is so difficult to understand about that.

  37. Barbados isnt all high priced I talked to a guy who has been staying at the caribbee hotel for the last 6 months and found it very reasonable

  38. lawson February 7, 2017 at 12:37 PM #

    Barbados isnt all high priced I talked to a guy who has been staying at the caribbee hotel for the last 6 months and found it very reasonable@@

    What madness are you posting? 6 months at American rates vs Bajan pay rate, that is the problem you look at all things base on where you from now where you are and the people it affects,
    The prices are based on US rate but We earn only 2.50 yes an hour to 7.25 to 15 usd,
    You got to be a DLP/BLP member,
    Unless that hotel is free?

  39. Chuckle…….throw out a sprat and catch a whale…….lawson has exposed those who do not Bim know.

    Hahaha……..Caribbee hotel has been closed for years and lies derelict was even in the Nation newspaper with Lawsons picture asking that it be bulldozed.

    I wonder who the vagrant is??

  40. It’s an open secret across the region that the tourism industry is the biggest recepient of government subsidies. Not one, big or small, pay income tax.

  41. Again…it was Lawson’s good buddies staying at Caribbee….or Lawson himself….lol

    Fortyacres…….and Loveridge still wants to get more subsidies for a sector that can never effectively pay the countries debts.


    Barbados does not even have the benefit, like all their tourists do in their own countries, of having a soup kitcken or food pantry in every parish…maybe Loveridge might want to consider opening a few food pantries for bajans, give back something to the people, instead pf taking, taking, taking from the taxpayers for the last 25 or 30 years.

  43. If the owners of Caribbee make the mistake of knocking it down,it will follow the pattern set by knocking down Ocean View next door and the Royal just up the Worthing Main Road… to the sea.I can recall the time when these three hotels used to rule the roost on the South Coast along with Blue Waters and the Marine and on the East Coast Crane,Sam Lords, and Powell Spring

  44. Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) and Airbnb sign partnership agreement

    by caribbeantradelaw

    Photo credit: Pixabay Alicia Nicholls The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has today signed a partnership agreement with one of the most visible faces of the global sharing economy, Airbnb. This is according to a Press Release on CTO’s website posted today February 7, 2017. According to the release, the agreement, which establishes a basis for mutual […]

    Read more of this post

  45. According to news reports, “as part of its efforts to achieve greater profitability and improve efficiency,” LIAT will no longer be servicing the United States Virgin Islands beginning March 1, 2017 when it ends flights to St Croix and service to St Thomas will end on June 14, 2017

    Additionally, the airline will also “suspend its flight between Guadeloupe and Dominica, and would introduce instead a return service between Antigua and the French-speaking island.”

    I agree with LIAT’s decision to “cut” unprofitable routes. However, I believe LIAT should reduce the number of flights to Caribbean islands such as Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Lucia. The governments of these islands refuse to invest in the airline, but complain about the service.

    At the end of a meeting of shareholder government held at the Barbados Hilton in August 2011, Chairman, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonzalves threatened cut air services to unprofitable destinations where governments are not supporting the airline.

    Six (6) years after, citizens of the shareholder countries are still, unfairly, carrying the burden for citizens of those islands.

    • @Artax

      Note the cuts to these ‘fringe’ routes do not contradict the argument usually forwarded by the Barbados government that LIAT Is pivitol to regional integration. It is therefore unlikely we will see cuts to the routes you identified.

  46. If Redjet did the right thing they could have been snapping up those routes instead of trying to scam their way into competing directly with the established airline.

  47. @ David

    St. Lucia’s PM Allen Chastanet said in July 2016: “Not a dollar from St. Lucia going to LIAT,” yet, he and St. Lucians criticize the service, for which they expect the taxpayers of the shareholder islands to finance. and against the background of St. Lucia currently receiving eight (8) daily scheduled services.

    Additionally, Grenada’s PM Dr. Keith Mitchell said he would not “pump taxpayers’ money” into LIAT, but called for the airline to improve its operational efficiency. Mitchell, Chastanet and the other regional PMs who refuse to financially support LIAT, expect their islands’ tourism industry to benefit off the backs of taxpayers of the shareholder islands.

    I understand the “fantasy” of regional integration, but the reality facing LIAT is that it expected to service a number of routes which are uneconomical from a business perspective, but deemed necessary from a social viewpoint.

    My point is, LIAT should REDUCE the NUMBER of flights operating from Grenada, St. Kitts and St. Lucia.

    • @Artax

      Nothing wrong with your position on the service. Do we know if the Grenada and St.Lucia routes are/have been unprofitable?


  48. @ SuckaBubby

    REDjet experienced a number of hurdles, which, in the end, caused the demise of the airline. REDjet was denied permission by the Jamaican government, when the airline sought to register and establish its operational base in that island. Management subsequently shifted operations to Barbados. The only CARICOM territory that readily gave REDjet license to operate was Guyana.

    The then government of Trinidad & Tobago’s Transport Minister Devant Maharaj, for obvious reasons, was more supportive of CAL’s intention of servicing the intra-Caribbean routes that were serviced by REDjet.

    At that time, Maharaj said he met with Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation and Tourism Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Ricky Skerritt and the Tourism Minister of Barbados, Richard Sealy, both of whom were “in agreement with CAL’s plans for flying the intra-Caribbean routes.”

    Additionally, T&T government took some time before granting REDjet an operating license to fly into Trinidad’s Piarco airport, also revoked the airline’s air operation certificate when it began to experience problems. Maharaj said he saw little prospect of it being renewed in the foreseeable future. Therefore, Trinidad was also instrumental in the demise of REDjet.

    The same Caribbean governments that are now not supportive of LIAT, were not of REDjet then, saying it was competing against LIAT.

    In other words, Caribbean governments, including that of Barbados, contributed to the “effing up” REDjet.

    • At the root of the problem can be tracked to Caricom and the inability of the players to create a single airspace.

  49. In a world where there is so much hate and division , Santia Bradshaw did not do much to heal but went on a rant yesterday in Parliament using the Jewish community as an operative to make a wild and crazy accusation against govt proposal for the restoration of the Jewish synagogue
    Barbados a country which is mostly dependable on Tourism can least afford to agitate a group of people who holds plenty influence in the financial world with vexing words uttered by an immature politician

  50. Here is the report on what transpired in the debate. The sensible and the literate can glean that Bradshaw did not oppose the measure but…

    Treat us all like Jews, says Bradshaw

    Added by Colville Mounsey on February 8, 2017.

    Saved under Local News, Politics

    If Opposition Member of Parliament for St Michael South East Santia Bradshaw had her way it would not be ‘one rule for the Jews and another for the Persians’ in terms of access to tax exemptions and duty free concessions under the Cultural Industries and Development Act.

    Speaking in the House of Assembly this afternoon on a resolution for the vesting of land at Pinfold Street to facilitate restoration of the Jewish synagogue, Bradshaw called for a level playing field, saying even though she supported the measure, she was still not satisfied that there was equal access for all under the legislation.

    She lamented that many applications for funding were still languishing before the Cultural Industries Development Board, while suggesting that Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler should graciously facilitate the cultural Industries’ entrepreneurs in the same way he was facilitating the Jewish community.

    “It is all well and good to promote cultural heritage to encourage persons who have been involved in this particular project to continue to do projects of this nature,” Bradshaw told members of the Lower House of Parliament.

    However, Bradshaw, an entertainment lawyer, lamented that many of those who represent Barbados on a daily basis were still not able to make an income in the cultural industries.

    In response, Sinckler said it was simply wrong for the Opposition to suggest that Government had passed this piece of legislation and forgotten “all of these people and are not assisting them”. In fact, he said it was downright untrue.

    However, he admitted to being overwhelmed with applications for concessions.

    “There is no concession factory in the Ministry of Finance. We have a revenue section to deal with concessions, a meagre staff of about five persons and that’s the standard number . . . I often make the point that those five persons have to handle every application that comes in for a waiver or concessions. From the smallest project, like the taxi man, right up to the biggest project like Sam Lord’s or Sandals, you have the same number of persons,” Sinckler said.

    “If you take this case for example, the persons who were putting together this wonderful restoration applied to the ministry and we realized that given the challenges of the Cultural Industries Act in terms of getting some of the processes through, we indicated to them that they should apply to the Ministry of Finance . . . so that we could facilitate in a speedier fashion and that is not just for them.

    “We have done it for other industry practitioners, who we know can be accommodated under cultural industries, but because of challenges, we have said apply directly to the Ministry of Finance. So to make the point that we have passed this piece of legislation and forgot all of these people and are not assisting them, is not true,” Sinckler stressed.

  51. No David her comments were inflammatory and insensitive and insulting to a small community of jews living on the island
    What she meant spoke volumes more than what she said.
    In this era of social media where everyone can have a voice and opinion most would not care how her words were meant to appease but would frown on her wild accusations to insinuate that the jews were given preferential treatment when others were overlooked or deny faster acesss.
    Americas politics should be an eye opener to any politician that words no matter how well intention or supported by many can be harmful and deadly to one political aspirations
    The need for Santia to single out Jews to make a point was foolish and show her immaturity as a young politician

  52. Thanks, David, for posting the article, which gives a completely different perspective than the version the ACs presented in their attempt to mislead BU.

    And the ACs are the same people who always come to BU writing about “facts” and “truth.”

    “However by injecting and inserting unfounded and untruths all accountable to their own words of interpretations is dishonest and tantamount to deception.”

  53. Not expecting agreements here but one should first consider that this tiny island depends on Tourism of which the jewish community makes up a valuable percentage and if one wants to play politics there first interest should give regard to any influences when attack that can hurt or harm barbados economic interst
    Santia Bradshaw words to the effect Treat us all like Jews had portions and where descriptive of racist rants

  54. Why do you find it necessary to politicize every article presented in this forum for discussion, while applying your usual DLP rhetorical political diatribe to every topic?

    The main point here is that Bradshaw SUPPORTED the MEASURE.

    However, as an entertainment lawyer, “she lamented that many applications for funding were still languishing before the Cultural Industries Development Board” and asked that Sinckler “should graciously facilitate the cultural Industries’ entrepreneurs in the same way he was facilitating the Jewish community.

    Essentially, Bradshaw was asking for “equal access for all under the legislation.”

    Under these circumstances, what is wrong with Bradshaw’s request and what in her comments suggest they “were inflammatory and insensitive and insulting to a small community of Jews living on the island?”

    Sometimes when you do not know what to write, just keep to %$#@&* out of this forum!!!

    Yuh mean yuh gine mek yuh self an ass all 365 days every year?

  55. So what if she supported the measure
    Her support does not take away her obnoxious political rant to cause division and intentionally negatively brand a group of people who have contributed to barbados economy in similar ways others have done
    There is nothing which can be said which can justify her political rants to appease and furthermore her comments were without facts or merit which was brought to her attention by MOF

  56. could not care less what you think
    The fact remains that Santia political immaturity was reason for her insipid language lashing out at the jewish community in her exuberance to fish for political favour.Her unfortunate choice of words if in short term moves across social media can be detrimental to the country
    Somebody ought to pull her aside and explain her the art of diplomacy

  57. Artax February 8, 2017 at 3:45 PM #

    You proved the point I was making in a more eloquent informed style.Redjet admin lacked vision.Look at how the Guyana economy grew and is growing with significant Barbadian investment, with travel for business and pleasure.There were other emerging destinations where Redjet could have flown with smaller aircraft.Redjet could have been a success if not for the usual shortsighted greedy ignorance of its main protagonist.

  58. While one man is calling for the reduction on VAT for tourists, another is calling for an increase in water rates for householders in Barbados.

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