Bahamas Ranked Least Corrupt CARICOM Country

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transparencyAccording to our analysis of data released by Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index 2016, Bahamas is the least corrupt CARICOM country ranked at 24 with a score of 66. After Bahamas, Barbados ranks 31 with a score of 61, and St. Lucia ranks 35 with a score of 60. For comparison, Denmark is ranked number 1 with a score of 90 and Somalia ranks 176 with a score of 10. The information in the table below shows data on CARICOM member and associate states only, and was extracted from the publicly available table on Transparency International’s website.

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8 thoughts on “Bahamas Ranked Least Corrupt CARICOM Country

  1. Data for the Caribbean looks OK, but still have a problem with this Index.

    Is Venezuela the most corrupt country in Latin America? Are countries like North Korea, Sudan and Afghanistan more corrupt than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Honduras and Haiti?

  2. A bad joke. Fake news,
    The Bahamas has got to be one of the worst places to do business. They have lawyers who are magicians, they can switch the ownership of companies with not the slightest shred of proof, other than a lawyer and some cash. Their shipping groups are known to be amongst the worst anywhere.
    Go through all the Caribbean conglomerates and note how many do business in many places EXCEPT the Bahamas. That is no coincidence.

  3. Smaller countries generally are less corrupt because they have less resource and a smaller economy. There is nothing much to steal. Plus people tend to know each other notwithstanding the incestious political relationships that might exist. With that said , I tend to view these perception index with a grain of salt.


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