Sewage on the South Coast and TIDES

There was a very lively town hall meeting held yesterday to further ventilate on the vexing issue concerning the deterioration of the environment on the South Coast of Barbados to follow the well attended BLP political meeting held on Sunday night. Successive governments have invested heavily in education and health, the unfortunate and protracted situation playing out on the South Coast begs the BU question if the heavy investment has provided an adequate ROI.
The following comment was posted by John, a prolific commenter on the issue.

Barbados Underground

John commented on Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Assessment Report and the South Coast Sewage Plant Connection

So, here’s my thinking at the moment.

There is a standard 3 foot increase in underground water level due solely to tidal fluctuations.

The rain falls … 6 inches plus.

The sluice gate is nailed shut for whatever reason.

It’s operation is the responsibility of the owners of Graeme Hall Plantation … GOB.

The 3 foot fluctuation now occurs on top of 5 feet due to the inability of the water to drain through the sluice gate.

So underground water levels can vary from 5 feet above a zero datum to 8 feet above that datum.

Before, the most it would increase to was 3 feet above the zero datum and that was due to due to an act of God.

Water now “springs” from unlikely places due to an act of man.

Manholes, backyards wherever it is forced by the sea it comes up.

The sewage issues, both from the plant and the development in the watershed make a bad situation worse.

Is Government liable for its handling of the sluice gate?

There is the 1945 conveyance which specifies how the owner of Graeme Hall Plantation is to operate the sluice gate.

Here is what has happened with Mrs. Burke.

She knows instinctively at 84 that the operation sluice gate has been mishandled and is one of the causes of her problems.

Her residence looks like it is closest to the zero datum

…. and then there are businesses

It is possible that like Mrs. Burke, this business is also a victim of the handling of the sluice gate?

If it is where I think it is I believe it is a victim too.

Clearly it is suffering loss and it is easily quantifiable.

Does the decision regarding liability of the GOB to the GHNS only apply in the case of the BIT or does it have implications for locals seeking redress for loss through the courts here?

Would the GOB be strictly liable to those suffering loss under the laws of Barbados?

Probably phrased it all wrong as I am not a lawyer but just applying logic which might not be legal!!

… maybe that’s why spring tides are so called!!


  • Political division is not only fuelled by the media, but by dishonest, hypocritical political operatives such as you as well.

    “Political division” and “political ineptitude” are created when DLP politicians and their yard-fowls cuss critics of this inept DLP administration, calling them BLP operatives. It’s either you are for us (go on one side), or you are against us (go on the other side). This “is political division.”
    [The BLP is also guilty of this practice].

    “Political division” and “political ineptitude” are created when you PRAISE and DEFEND all actions undertaken by this inept DLP administration, even when there is overwhelming evidence of wrong doing. Case in point, you sought to defend David Estwick and Denis Kellman, ABSOLVING them from taking responsibility for the financial improprieties and mismanagement, as revealed by the Auditor General’s special audits into BWA Headquarters and the Grotto Housing Project.
    However, you raise your “hypocritical voice” in calling for Mottley to be HELD RESPONSIBLE for ALL cases of financial mismanagement perpetrated by the previous BLP administration.

    “Political division” and “political ineptitude” are created when you and your ilk don’t see anything wrong with the Speaker Michael Carrington being ordered by the Court to reimburse funds he with-held, for his personal use, from a former client. You hypocritically and purposely chose to use “political gymnastics” to mention Carrington is not a thief because Griffiths DID NOT file a CRIMINAL SUIT against the dishonest lawyer.
    But you found pleasure in calling Gregory Nicholls dishonest, because a SIMILAR civil suit was filed against him for money he owed someone for TWO WEEKS as opposed to Carrington owning Griffiths for TWO YEARS.

    Interestingly, the Advocate does a similar undertaking in favour of the DLP. I guess in your books the Advocate has “recognized and accepts its responsibility as being guardians of truth and ethics in journalism and removed itself from being jolly riders of political ineptitude.”

    I nominate the ACs as the most DISHONEST contributors to BU.


  • @ Artax
    …but to be “DISHONEST”, one would need to be credited with the intelligence to understand the issue …and be genuinely seeking to mislead.

    In a case where we are dealing with a hard-headed jackass ..who clearly has no use beyond being a load-bearing creature of the party, can you REALLY ascribe ‘dishonesty’…?
    AC is a simple jackass….. a female rabbit….

    Bushie cannot second your nomination in the circumstances….


  • @ Bushie

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Point taken.



    Would the BU hypocrite David…..blame the DEMS for the above story too? !!!


  • No, we blame you lot for what is happening in Barbados. If in any doubt please refer to Minister Boyce.


  • Bush Tea
    Empty vessels make the loudest noise.All u can do us cuss and swear and stick out yuh long mout.


  • @ ac
    ….If only you knew the things that Bushie can (and does) do…. 🙂

    But yuh right…
    The bushman does like a likkle cussing and “sticking out of ‘e long mout”…..
    ha ha ha ha


  • Fractured blp don’t pay David any mind he is sooo desperate he has to rely on the nation only sewer pit of journalism for his news


  • Unless one is a political yardfowl steeped in jobby one would believe the words of the nationews over Dr. Mwasana expert scientific finds and advice.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Mwanswa sad there was no sewage leak, for a whole week he denied it, now he says there is a 2 million dollar raw sewage leak…so which of his scentific mutterings is correct, there is a leak or not…it cannot be both.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ ac December 20, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    Doctor my donkey!
    Doesn’t Dennis the Lowedown menace also carry the title doctor before his name just like a cart can drawn by a jackass without a name?

    This is the same man who told the ‘nation’ that the reason for the sewage leaking onto the streets is because the residents of the area were tampering with the manholes and not as a result of (as the truth eventually will out) the blatant managerial and political incompetence, neglect and total disregard for the absolute maintenance of public sanitation and the health of the nation.

    How can you keep a big birthday party in a house that is overflowing with shit on the streets and garbage beautifying the pavements? Clean up the shitty place and then hold your big ‘bashment’ do.

    Don’t be surprised if there is a massive outbreak of viral infections bordering on epidemic proportions among the residents of the country especially those in the Ch Ch communities on the South Coast served by the same collapse sewage system.

    Let the jack of an ass fix the leaking mains where 50 % of the water expensively pumped from aquifers end up in Maxwell pond and leave the sewage talk to the other jack of all shit talk the other Denis the menace from Sin Lucie.


  • So, what is the fecal coliform level inside Graeme Hall now?

    Well, we don’t know!!

    So, let’s take a look at the report for the GHNS done in 2010 and see if this might shed some light on the level in 2010 … search for fecal coliform!!

    Attachment 15 shows the levels at monitoring stations.

    This one caught my attention, it was the worst!!

    “Western Offsite Sample 4F
    Offsite sample 4F was obtained from a stormwater swale behind a restaurant/bar on Highway 7. The water, directed there by a stormwater gutter, contained debris from the restaurant and
    mosquito larvae. It was cloudy gray with no visible sheen and had a sewage smell. Water depth was 0.3 m (1.0 ft), temperature was 24.6° C, and salinity was 0.4 ppt. Other areas of the swale were dry. (A review of field collected results and analytical data is shown in Attachment 15.)

    Bacteria results showed fecal coliform too numerous to count — no other sample station had
    higher levels — with fecal streptococcus at 4500 colonies/100 ml and enterococcus at 1600
    colonies/100 ml.”

    … and then there is this summary

    “At 8 of 20 sample points in the Graeme Hall lake and pond system, fecal bacteria concentrations exceeded the proposed water quality standards for Barbados’ marine protection (Appendix F: Marine Pollution Act, Proposed Discharge Standards, 2004), which would limit fecal coliform to 200 col/100 ml. These results dictate that no swimming or human contact with the water is advisable. A study conducted along the West Coast of Barbados in the mid-1990s showed that 80% of the beaches sampled should have been posted “closed for swimming” for exceeding national bacteriological beach bathing water quality standards (Arriola, 2008). “


  • “Pets, especially dogs, can contribute to fecal contamination of surface waters.

    Runoff from roads, parking lots, and yards can carry animal wastes to streams through storm sewers.

    Birds can be a significant source of fecal coliform bacteria. seagulls, and other waterfowl can all elevate bacterial counts, especially in wetlands, ponds, and rivers.”


  • There are 1150 plus acres that comprise the catchment area which drains into the wetlands.

    The sewage plant is but one source of contamination

    We’ve got a very big problem we need to understand!!


  • 8 of 20 stations were out of spec in 2010.

    If we assume the Sewage plant was functioning properly in 2010 then even after we spend the $2 million in repairs, we may still have the problem of high levels of fecal coliforms in the wetland.

    Could we use the distribution of the of the points where high levels were found in 2010 to figure out a likely cause, other than the sewage plant?

    The other thing I noticed was the upper limit for the level in 2010 was 200 per 100 ml.

    Now it seems to be 400 per 100 ml.

    Why the change?


  • @ David
    Personally, Bushie is of the opinion that you need to put John on moderation….. or ban him altogether….
    At the very least see if you can steer him back to the topic of Quakers and wills…anything but water quality in ‘Paradise’.
    …Is life ’bout here not depressing enough as it is…?

    Has no one as yet made any correlation between the quality of life in Barbados before, and after, the unveiling of the shiite monument at the Garrison?
    …and can someone PLEASE give some kind of logical reason for this monstrosity being placed in the middle of this historic open space?
    …..this would at least provide a counter argument to Bushie’s informed assessment that it is a monument established to concretise our complete subservience to Satan, and imposed on the Jackasses running this country without them even knowing what they are being led to do….


  • The enviromentalist in the video is stating what Peter Allard had warned the govt of barbados when they insisted on deveolping swamp land for commercial and residential use
    His warnings have come true but as usual the same blind bats and hardheaded political yardfowls of the blp who refused to heed the warnings and take ownership are out in force looking in every nook and cranny trying to place and as usual found the gutter rag for refuge
    The latest findings by Dr. Mawsana were convincing and conclusive enough to underscore why the plant should not have been built on swamp land because it was at high risk for failure brought about by flooding cause by torrential downpours
    Now today in the dirty rag called the Nation a miniters statements on the sewer plant were published and deliberately placed out of context to further divide and infuse partisian politics


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…they are only just realizing what their little shit ritual caused to manifest, when ya stupid, ya stupid..

    ……of course the yardfowl class will never see it, they are stuck on thumbs downing every comment……

    …..the buried pitchfprk is working for and..on all of them…lol


  • There are different guidelines and standards according to the report.

    “For primary contact recreation, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) recommends fecal coliform counts of less than 100 col/100 ml for 50% of the samples collected. The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines are less stringent, recommending that 90% of the samples show less than 1000 col/100 ml. The Blue Flag Organization, an international nongovernmental organization, uses a fecal bacteria count of 100 col/100 ml as an international bathing standard. Barbados unsuccessfully sought Blue Flag certification for Worthing Beach in the early 2000s.”


  • So, back to the distribution of the testing points in the GHNS.

    The map on page 73 shows where they are.

    Hang on a minute … The map shows the GHNS was bracketed between lands of the GOB on the east and lands of CLICO on the west!!!!

    C L I C O !!!!!!!

    How C L I C O get in all this??

    C L I C O is an absolute curse on Barbados so I guess it is not surprising to find it in all of this!!


  • In 2010, the highest levels of fecal coliforms were found at S4C, S4D and S4F.

    These are all along the South West boundary of the GHNS, close to Gentle Breeze.

    Now look closely at the label along this line in the diagram.


    And it is into the wetlands.

    The problem Gentle Breeze faces may have nothing to do with the Sewage plant.

    It may be at one or more commercial business and it may have to do with the connection to the sewer!!

    Raw sewage may have been coming into the wetlands for ages.

    It would have have moved due east to the sluice gate so Gentle Breeze never saw it.

    When we had the 6 plus inches the level of the water in the wetlands rose.

    The sluice gate was nailed shut.

    So there was a lateral flow due west, to Peronne Gap via Gentle Breeze.

    Fish Kill in the pond!!

    May be related.

    Authorities need to check the sewage links of businesses along the western and south western boundaries.


  • The other big one was S10.

    That is diagonally opposite in the North East Corner of the GHNS.

    Now that one would be close to the Sewage Plant.

    My analysis is pretty simplistic!!

    The plant and Sewer connections in the South West corner of the GHNS.


  • Except for S4B, at 1300 coliforms per 100 ml, all of the others are below 1000 coliforms per 100 ml.

    S4B could be related to the first three I mentioned but would need further investigation.

    Obviously, if there is a body of water close to Worthing beach with concentrations above 400 coliforms per 100 ml, then there is every possibility that with tidal fluctuations, Worthing Beach will be out of spec and need to be closed.

    So, we need to find the sources that cause the elevated levels in the wetlands after we have fixed the sewage plant and sorted out the south west boundary of the GHNS if that happens to be a problem.

    We need an ongoing sampling program in the Wetlands!!

    Thank goodness for the engineering report done by the GHNS!!!!


  • We may actually be able to get Blue Flag Certification for Worthing Beach in the near future with a rigorous sampling plan and solid detective work!!


  • ac December 20, 2016 at 7:54 PM #

    “The enviromentalist in the video is stating what Peter Allard had warned the govt of barbados when they insisted on deveolping swamp land for commercial and residential use. His warnings have come true but as usual the same blind bats and hardheaded political yardfowls of the blp who refused to heed the warnings and take ownership are out in force looking in every nook and cranny trying to place and as usual found the gutter rag for refuge.”

    @ ac

    Was Richard Sealy the consultant engineer on the South Coast Sewage Project?

    You need to answer that question!!!!!!!


  • So for argument sake lets say sealy was a consultant. It doesnt mean that
    1. He gave advice that govt followed
    2. Depending on the consultant area of expertise his involvement can be limited to only those areas where his knoweldge can be helpful
    Your constant brow beating about sealy involvement is shaded with perceptions and close to grabbing at straws


  • You have been arguing sewage plant should not have been built in its present location and it is ENTIRELY INADEQUATE.

    “So, for argument sake lets say Sealy was a consultant.” Yes, we can agree that “Depending on the consultant area of expertise his involvement can be limited to only those areas where his knowledge can be helpful.”

    However, taking into consideration “your constant brow beating” the INADEQUACY of the ENTIRE PLANT, surely you must agree that his knowledge COULD NOT have been helpful. If, according to you, the entire plant is inadequate, then “the consultant area of expertise (of) his involvement” also comes into question.

    Your response “about Sealy’s involvement is shaded with perceptions and close to grabbing at straws.”


  • @ Artax
    Surely Sealy would have declared his interest ….(had he been a paid consultant on the original project,) ….BEFORE his protestations that there was no problem and the water was safe.

    Would it not look suspicious to find yourself being advised about the ‘safety’ of the Titanic by one of the engineers who designed the structure? …What ELSE could he be expected to say?

    Bushie doubts that Sealy would sink so low as to encourage Bajans to swim in shit …without admitting up front, …that he was involved in building the toilet….


  • @Bush Tea

    Did Sealy declare his interest on th Barrack building project?


  • @ David
    Was Sealy involved in any successful engineering projects…?
    It does not seem that his change to the political arena is doing any better either…


  • Bush Tea December 21, 2016 at 9:17 AM #

    He built St.Saviours anglican church at the bottom of Baxters Hill in St.Andrew,many years ago which is still standing….he may need to go back and do the lords work.


  • Nation columnist Pat Hoyos comments on the Dolittle administration’s head-in-sand approach to dealing with the South Coast sewage crisis.

    It is the preference of this administration, as I have noted before, to take a passive-aggressive stand in the first instance when it finds itself facing an angry constituency, political or otherwise. 

    So, in the Cahill Energy matter, it ignored and ducked all questions, and then in May, at the Prime Minister’s Ilaro Court solo performance, sorry, Press conference, he let it be known that the writing was on the wall for Cahill.

    And then suddenly, it was announced in Parliament that the whole thing was off. But that took at least a year of public outrage and criticism before the Dolittle administration conceded defeat.

    But when unsightly things are gurgling and bubbling in your backyard and in your bathrooms and even on the streets where you and the visitors live and move about, I knew it wouldn’t be that long. 

    See more at:


  • Tell pat Hoyos the stink is originating from right under the signatures of those who approved the building of the Sewer plant on swamp land


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol, hahaha, lol

    “But after experiencing this Dolittle administration’s snubbing of an entire community last Tuesday at the Carib Beach Bar,. –

    See more at:


  • Today looks like rain all day!!

    So far 84 parts here, a ways off the 6 plus inches but wouldn’t be surprised if this is a 2-3 inch day.

    The tide has peaked at the moment at 2.1 feet but tonight will be the next peak, 1.8 feet.

    The level in the Wetlands may rise so somebody better decide if to either run quick and open the sluice gate or else be keep both eyes on the two low points, Mrs. Blackman and Gentle Breeze.

    If by this evening Mrs. Blackman’s property looking threatened, open the sluice gate because the tide will push up the level between then and 11:35pm even if the rain has stopped.

    Tonight is a good night to open the gate.


  • @John

    Are you suggesting if the rail holds expect more poop on our highways and byways IF the government does not borrow COW’s heavy equipment to lift the sluice gate?


  • Domiciled in the US
    Gonna retired to Florida
    Gonna hit Barbados on January 4th
    Would like to talk with a few of ya.
    Good for at least one free beer. Can buy more than one beer.
    Not B or D, just a Bajan.
    Going to visit HC around noon on the 5th.
    See Ya there?
    ]Married, but like the dumb ac 🙂 Haaaaa


  • John for the past week or so they have been sending an excavator pretty much every evening to clear the sand from around the sluice gate to allow the outflow of water and sending it back early each morning to block in front of the sluice gate with sand to stop the flow of water out. remember the sluice gate ha not been operational (move up and down) for 10-12 years.

    I was told by a very reliable source that at 6:30 am this morning they had not sent the excavator back and water was flowing out. Don’t know if they decided to allow the water to continue to flow today because of the rain.


  • @TheGazer,

    I visited HC in 2009 and was stopped by a security guard.

    Told him I was visiting from Canada and just taking a “nostalgic” tour.


  • Wasn’t thst dam thing upgraded in 2012 at a cost of thousands of dollars
    The South West Sewer plant has turned out to be a bottomless pit ay taxpayers expense


  • This is Flooding on the west coast infront of Holetown monument…….Worthing must be in trouble by now….the rain is still falling…..our aquifers must be smiling.


  • Rain like it held off … 94 parts at the moment now I get back

    If all the poop has already flowed into the sea or decayed all that will flow now is naturally discoloured water because of the vegetation.

    The problem with the sewage plant has been rectified in early November so if we continue to see poop it is either because there is a second source probably on the South West Boundary or all has not either flown out or decayed.

    … or more problems with the plant.


  • This sewage mess brought comments from a few government ministers and senators, including: Denis Kellman, who played the DLP’s usual “blame the BLP” game; Richard Sealy taking a swim to reassure Barbadians and tourists that the water was safe for bathing; Donville Inniss rightfully stating that someone should be held responsible for the over-flowing sewage; Harcourt Husbands giving an “erroneous” cost of $1B to overhaul the system; and John Boyce, who basically dismissed Inniss’ and Husbands’ comments as rhetoric, while saying both gentlemen “do not what they are talking about.”

    However, seeing that sewage is also an environmental issue, I am yet to hear comments from environment minister Denis Lowe.


  • And what was the comment out of Mottley mouth FIX IT . I hope she is able to swallow the cost of fixing it
    ACost stacked on many other cost that most likely has grown to a billion dollars over the years trying to fix a pit toilet built in the middle of a swamp


  • And I hope Richard Sealy is able to swallow the cost as well, since he reaped financial gains from “a pit toilet built in the middle of a swamp.”

    A point that a DLP yard-fowl like you conveniently overlook.


  • Any minister who should be speaking about the negative impact on the enviroment resulting from leaking sewage brought ablout because of the plant inability to handle glooding.
    Any body who should be speaking out eith an spology should be the ministers of the then govt who perpertrated this unconscionable act I’m the enviroment which includes the habitat for wild life and mitagory birds
    Nobody in there right mind would have gone beyond logic and rationale to build a sewer plant on swamp land. Nobody


  • Academic Polspoyov


    It was the DLP that conceptualised the need for the project and its broad perameters dude. The issue her is that wanna ain’t maintain it since 2008 and the whole thing screwed.


  • The idea is not the problem but on a broader side the execution of the idea and what measures were taken that does not present conflicts to the betterment of society.
    So far there is exhibit A which shows there is evidence to prove there was a high disregards for enviromental concern during the initial planning


  • “Nobody in there (their) right mind would have gone beyond logic and rationale to build a sewer plant on swamp land. Nobody….”

    That may be true.

    However, it is ludicrous for you to suggest that a minister, who may be a lawyer for example, from any administration would wake up one morning and decide to authorize the building of a project (that is outside the realm of his/her profession), without at first consulting someone who has expertise in the given field.

    Since you have knowledge of EVERY POSSIBLE THING, you should be aware that a consultant is usually hired to liaise with clients to plan and design construction projects.

    Therefore, “nobody in their right mind would have gone beyond logic and rationale to build a sewer plant on swamp land,” unless they accepted the professional advice and recommendations of the consultant to the South Coast Sewage Projects.

    And would that consultant be Richard Sealy?


  • It is interesting to note that financing for the South Coast sewage System (Project # BA0036) was provided by the Inter-American Development Bank and the contract signature date was March 8, 1993.

    Before you continue to spew your usual “rhetorical party political diatribe,” you should avail yourself of the requirements to receive funding from the IADB.


  • Sir i read all the requirements which must include environmental reports beore approval
    However the reports and findings are done solely by those firms approved by the govt and not by the financier


  • ac December 23, 2016 at 6:31 AM #

    “However the reports and findings are done solely by those firms approved by the govt and not by the financier…”

    Yard-fowls are a special or unique breed of “Gallus Gallus Domesticus.”

    Where in any of my contributions did I mention “the reports and findings are done solely” “by the financier?”

    But you, however, are not that clever and have brought yourself around to essentially admitting what you were actually trying to avoid.

    Based on your above comments and constant criticisms of the sewage plant, you are suggesting government should have rejected the consultants’ recommendations to build the plant in its current location, because such advice was inappropriate.

    Therefore, BOTH the consultants (including Sealy, if he was one) and government should SHARE blame for the sewage “fiasco.”


  • The BLACKman got his matter highlighted in the Nation Newspaper?

    They say perseverance seldom fails. >


  • The Drainage Division and MTW can restore the gully to its former state.

    This is not a million dollar problem.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ ac December 22, 2016 at 9:49 PM
    “The idea is not the problem but on a broader side the execution of the idea and what measures were taken that does not present conflicts to the betterment of society.
    So far there is exhibit A which shows there is evidence to prove there was a high disregards for enviromental concern during the initial planning…’’

    So why don’t you take a strong dose of your own medicine and advise the boss man- who himself is in need of a good dose of decision-making Viagra)- not to approve the erection of Hyatt’s Priapistic monstrosity in such an environmentally sensitive and potentially a culturally debasing location?

    When Bridgetown loses its designation as a World Heritage site whom would you be blaming?

    Mia and the BLP for causing the problem with the Bridgetown sewage system or for not objecting to the Hyatt or for not collecting the tonnes of garbage and filth ‘beautifying’ the ole fair city?

    Wouldn’t the erection of the tower for voyeurs give the guests a bird-eye’s view of the open daily toing and naked nightly froing of the denizens and clients of that red-light ghetto?

    Is that what would be on the visitors’ list of attractions; a towering spectacular called “a taste of Amsterdam by night Bajan Style”?


  • Artax you are intrepreting my words to fit your political agenda.No point in trying
    The long and short of the story being that if Sealy was brought in as a consultant his area of expertise would only allow his opinion to deal with that area
    So for u to imply that the consultants in question if having given any opinion on the project signfy an overall expert opinion of the project is disingenuous


  • Miller what is your problem why u keep mumbling and grumbling about projects that have not even hit the ground while the Sewer project initiated by your past blp govt has become an economic night mare and an eviromental disaster all at taxpayers expense
    Why dony u put pen to paper and emit your foul mouth gases on that issues


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