Private State?

In Privacy Pros and Cons, I considered the Parliamentary debate around the recent SSA Amendment Bill. Most of that debate seemed to be concerned with the limits on the rights of citizens to privacy, but my concern was that there was precious little comfort being offered in terms of the secret conduct of our public affairs.

If we are to evolve to developed nation status it is essential that the State seriously reform its culture of obscurity and secrecy, that is the contention I am advancing here.

Source: Private State?

One comment

  • Needs to stop invading human rights of privacy !!! by secretly spying on people in their bathroom, bedrooms. Especially when someone is not committing any crime. Such waste of resources when they should be investigating big corporations, and insurance companies that’s committing many organized crimes that is making people suffer and taking people money, pensions, everything they worked hard for … or the ones that are killing innocent humans, like in Florida.
    Stop this illegal invasion of privacy of innocent civilians that been hurt enough!!!! And go after the real criminals…


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