The Day the Local Media Blinked

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart it is reported held a four hour meeting with members of the local press corps and addressed several issues that have been stoking national discussing in recent weeks and months. It is reported he addressed the Cahill Energy issue and that  he confirmed the government has pulled the plug on the project, however, contrary to what some have opined, he rubbished the view that government is exposed to being held financially liable for doing so by Cahill Energy. He expressed the usual rhetoric about concerns highlighted by the Auditor General in his 2015 report. Of interest to BU was his lack of confidence in the laws of the land which permit those charged with heinous crimes to be released on bail. To quote the prime minister ‘’it struck him for six’’. He touched on several other issues during his surprisingly lengthy press briefing and only time will tell if this was a sincere leader addressing his people or whether it was about espousing the rhetoric one expects at the start of the political season.

To be honest the calling of a press briefing by the Prime Minister flummoxed members of the BU household. This is a man whose period of stewardship of the country can be characterized by the words taciturn, silent and aloof. The BU household must be given the benefit of a huge doubt about the true motive of the Prime Minister’s press briefing. How many press briefings has Stuart held since the mantle of the office was thrust on him? He has refused to honestly communicate with Barbadians except when he does it on his terms usually at constituency meetings. For those who believe BU is harsh in our assessment he needs only to refer to a few of his Cabinet minsters who have echoed a similar few.

When Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart invited members of the local media to Llaro Court yesterday it was the perfect opportunity for them to have declined and send an unequivocal message to this government that the Fourth Estate must be respected. Instead they all seemed to have been intimidated by the Office of Prime Minister or were directed to attend by the bosses.

What does the Prime Minister mean when he hints that an increase in public servants salaries is in the offing if the economy improves? On the other side of his mouth he communicates rationalizing of statutory corporations will be implemented shortly. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate that there will be job cuts.  Are we not living in a country where banks are paying .25% in interest yet the Central Bank of Barbados is paying a savings bond rate of 7.5% and engaged in the printing of money based on the most recent Economic Review. Did he say he will defend the issue of the return of the 10% for parliamentarians?

Who will hold the government accountable? This is a local media who refuses to share the Cahill Energy documents with the wider public. We have posted the Ionics Freshwater Agreement and local media again has refused to share with the wider public. We have asked for full disclosure of the SBRC agreement while local media remains silent. We are aware that Bizzy William’s companies are major advertisers with local media houses. BU has taken the initiative to send links and messages to senior reporters on Facebook. Yet daily we have to listen to representatives from FLOW, DIGICEL et al being given easy access to the public airwaves. What we have is a commercialization of media products. It is only news if it fits a definition of their making.

What is a known is that with the advent of social media the traditional media will have to reform or become irrelevant, it is only a matter of time. What is known is that our politicians will have to become more transparent in policy making or bear a tarnished legacy to the embarrassment of kith and kin.

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  1. Brathwaite or better yet Piece i post the comment on the wrong page but you can have seconds on the Tribute to Mohammed blog where it is repeated
    BTW i beat to my own drum never like bunches of any thing

  2. Brath….lol…I did not appear on Cozier’s blog for several reasons, one being it was his memorium and if he had done something as distasteful as the politicians tend to do…I would have lambasted him..but I thought it a waste of energy as well, hsd better things to do.

    Given the bajan mentality, I am not surprised that whether true or not, they would think that black players could not get into a club without a white person…or a cinema, or a school or anywhere on earth or in Barbafos, without a white person….more often than not, that is a fallacy and lie alwsys perpetrated by blacks on the island….that is their weakness and curse and why they cannot rid themselves of blight….most bajans only found out in the last couple years that there are less than 10,000 some less than 8,000 minorities on the island and that they themselves are the black majority….centuries of lies and misinformation has weakened their strengths….so when I hear stories about Cozier or any other minority…I take it with a pinch of salt because they are quite capable of spreading those falsehoods themselves with the help of black people and if the stories are true…it just proves my point about black weakness….that blacks take delight in cultivating for themselves and their future generations, no sense of self, no strenghth of spirit, no Ali spirit.

    We are on the blog to shout whispers…lol

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  4. Given the amount of weakminded people we have all encountered on this blog, for me, over the last 3 years and as being currently advertised on US channels…..It takes strong people to make strong people…in contrast, weakminded people make others around them, who are not strong…..equally weakminded. Just imagine what happens to the children and grandchildren of the weakminded.

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  6. In the euphoria over the election results in St Lucia,bearing in mind a Bajan contingent played no mean professional role in its outcome,today the ruling Dominica Labour Party triumphed over the UWP there in retaining the Soufriere seat by an almost 3:1 margin.
    Denise Charles of the DLP got 1342 votes and Higgs Adams of the UWP 560.
    Peter Wickham is in the Antigua Observer newspaper today lamenting the story of bribes and other inducements being offered to Dominicans based in Antigua to return home to influence the outcome of the bye-election.I am too,not in favour of overseas based nationals flying in to vote in the likes of Stuart and his Duncy Lying Pharts and then flying out and leaving the country to the mercy of Moody’s and Standard & Poors to become the downgrade capital of the Eastern Caribbean.Look wuh buhbaydus come to neh!

  7. Let me be very clear Brathwaite.

    Contrary to what you may think kind sir this BU site is not a “get some steam of my chest thing” as you have suggested by your own words.

    Many of us who come here do so at great peril to jobs, well being, social standing and in some cases life ergo the nom de plumes that we use, which the Blogmaster zealously guards.

    Unlike the other place(s)

    You need to step back a few steps and since you say you have been reading the blog for a while there is something that you may have noticed – Jack Bowman the Goader.

    It is not my blog but one thing that you might have seen is that this is not a Facebook spurious commentary about some “Like me or dont like me”

    When most people come here to blog we do so, not because it is an alternative to sex, or verbal flagellation, it is because many of us fear where the cuntry is going, when we sit and do the facebook thingy.

    Your style was distinctly like a Bowman variant, since it targeted certain posters.

    We dont play that sort of game or at least I dont. Things are too dire in Barbados now my man to “play” with people’s submissions

    That you have posted the various posters is interesting “for the enemy of my enemy is my friend” but for several of your entries, you were “goading” individuals and as for me, well the rapid sensitization that I employ, seeks only to say to “cyber-strollers”, THIS IS NOT A GAME.

    We all going die, this is true, and dogs will not live long like humans, but what I want you and others here to realise is that we doan come here to talk pretty, we are a part of Barbados that is tired of the DBLP shennanigans and seek to discourse how to change it.

    This BU is not about me, Brathwaite. If i should fall tonight, by these foul means, what I would hope that it does is to show where we MUST NOT GO, and that younger men like you and younger women like Hopi continue the fight until you dont have to hide your name brathwaite.

    Baptism by fire, you are a young mind that is pretty agile, but direct that skill set to solutions not goading old fools and menses who doan have long here.

    We seek serious men/women who can take us into the next 50 years and do not have time for the games while our cuntry is being junk bonded, and our nation is led by Fumblers and liars and visionless men.

    Do you feel me young Brathwaite?

    Believe me, when you get on their radar, you too going have to guard agains their terminate with extreme prejudice mindsets.

    Welcome to BU.

  8. I am reading comments in other forums Piece…and even folks who say they always vote DLP, want all the ministers gone from the people’s parliament, they do not want another DLP minister managing their affairs ever again…let them go eat their taxpayer fubded pensions and give the balance to doctors for their various upcoming ailments….useless blights.

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