The Grenville Phillips Column – Prospering During Sufferation

We are the victims of an intense propaganda campaign, designed to mislead us into thinking that mass-suffering is the only economic solution for Barbados. It is not. It is like an overweight person being advised by surgeons, that the only method of losing weight is to traumatise the body by surgically removing excess fat. There is a proven non-traumatic solution of diet and exercise.

The proven non-austerity methods of lowering taxes, eliminating corruption and properly managing public services, can conservatively achieve a surplus of over $1B in the first year. However, despite the Prime Minister’s promise that all ideas would be allowed to contend, only the most severe austerity methods proposed by the BERT economic surgeons were allowed to contend. So, families need to prepare to survive.

The advice that I am sharing in this week’s column was to be shared with the approximately 3,000 Bees sent home under the DLP administration. However, the all-aboard unions would not allow me anyway near their laid-off members. Now that it is the BLP’s turn to send home Dees, let me bypass the unions and make the offer public.

Whether you have left school with many or no academic certificates, or whether you have been laid-off, fired, or never worked, this advice is for you. We are offering a 4-month employment-preparation workshop, where you will be practically finished to be a productive employee or self-employed person.

Our training assumes that you dropped out of school in first form. Therefore, regardless of how poorly you performed at school, you can achieve a practical standard of competence and confidence in: reading, writing, speaking, drawing, calculating, reasoning, planning, managing, innovating and creating. You will also be trained to conduct business in Barbados, and to take advantage of favourable tax treaties with the US.

It will be an intense 4 months of training, where results are guaranteed to those who do the work. Therefore, only participate if you are serious. If you are participating, but there is no improvement, then the fault is not yours, but ours. The aim of the training is that every graduate will find employment, or become self-employed and earn foreign currency.

You may register anytime during October 2018 for a start date of Monday 5th November 2018. Register by sending an e-mail to giving your name. There is no cost for those who register.

Parents whose children are not working, should encourage them to register. Persons who recently got out of prison and cannot find a job, should register. Persons in entry-level positions who think that they will rise no higher definitely need to register. Employers who have unproductive but honest employees that they wish to retain should encourage them to register. Anyone who plans to pursue illegal acts because they think that that is the only way to make money better register.

Those Bees that were sent home under the DLP, and the Dees preparing to go home under this administration are encouraged to register. Every unemployed person on a block should register. It is time to prosper during this manufactured and unnecessary sufferation.

I will be responsible for your training. My approximately 30-year diverse engineering career, together with my 8 years of formal teaching as President of Walbrent College, including as a volunteer teacher to inmates at HMP Dodds, has prepared me to take highly complex information and explain it in a simple manner, so that everyone can understand. As the 2014 winner of the National Innovation Competition and a successful business owner, I do not just talk the talk.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, President of Walbrent College and founder of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • …(a) The cost of terminating 1,500 = severance pay + mitigation unit + error of terminating productive workers rather than unproductive workers
    …(b) The cost of reducing public service pay = $0


  • @Sargeant
    I am saying that the man should be given a chance to further outline and to inform the public of his proposal so far I have seen
    1. Some are already counting the cost. How do they do so?
    2. Some suggesting what the curriculum should be. Why not teach their own course?
    3. How success of the course should be measured?

    I could reread all the comments and make a longer list, But I will keep my eyes only on what the man says and will evaluate his words as he go.

    I will leave the making of assumption/hypothetical/providing instructions to Grenville up to others, Some are very creative.

    Have a great day (HAGD) —- to all


  • *proposal. So far


  • Grenville starts out wrong….. via

    “We are the victims of an intense propaganda campaign, designed to mislead us into thinking that mass-suffering is the only economic solution for Barbados. It is not.”
    Says who?
    It actually IS…

    Skippa, the wages of sin is death.
    The net result of doing shiite – stinks….. especially when accelerated by Stinkliar…
    …and brass bowlery ALWAYS ends in ‘mass suffering’.

    All your good intentions CANNOT change these REALITIES of Karma.

    Lowering taxes and ‘eliminating corruption’ cannot change reality. High taxes and endemic corruption are SYMPTOMS of the root disease – what Bushie calls brass bowlery – If you use your engineering brilliance to eliminate those symptoms, the patient will just die with OTHER symptoms – perhaps even worse…

    In a country that ALREADY spends 20% of its GDP on providing FREE education to its citizens, how exactly do you think YOUR very generous offer of free education will address the current problems?
    Are you saying that your program will solve the problems that hundreds of millions of dollars each year for the last fifty years in ‘eddykashun’ have been unable to solve (in fact which it CREATED)?

    The PROBLEM that we face is one of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS….. that is, of people CHOOSING to do shiite INSTEAD of what they know to be RIGHT.
    Do you have a plan to solve THAT?
    Do you understand what causes us to be thusly predisposed?
    Do you have the solution that addresses that weakness?

    If you do NOT, then perhaps you will understand the frustration of those who continue to be amazed at this world’s inability to address BASIC problems – in spite of the fantastic advances in knowledge, technology, communications and education……..

    Boss … just get a lawn mower or whacker ….and prepare to deal with the imminent grass in your immediate vicinity……


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing October 18, 2018 3:29 AM
    “I would urge GP to promote the teachings of Marcus Garvey on his curriculum as a core value.”

    It would be a welcome surprise if GP is of similar intellectual persuasion.
    MMG proposed black economic enfranchisement through greater self-reliance instead of the preaching any prosperity gospel based on some white man (albino-centric) god.

    No one is questioning GP’s altruistically ‘honourable’ intentions but is wondering whether he will not duplicating- at his own personal financial costs- what other well-established training institutions are already providing.

    Isn’t that the very reason the likes of BIMAP, TVET and the Cave Hill campus external programmes have been set up to do?

    What GP should be aiming for is the outsourcing of the functions of the Productivity Council, NISE and Public Sector Reform so that he can put into full effect his lifelong ambitious plan of ISO 9001 right across the public sector.


  • Interesting
    In a country that ALREADY spends 20% of its GDP on providing FREE education to its citizens, how exactly do you think YOUR very generous offer of free education will address the current problems?
    Are you saying that your program will solve the problems that hundreds of millions of dollars each year for the last fifty years in ‘eddykashun’ have been unable to solve (in fact which it CREATED)?“

    The elephant in the room, We come around to this over and over… the success/ failure of our education system


  • Is it not about all individuals and others contribute to making the society better anyway they see the opportunity? The collective effort is suppose to breed positive results.


  • @Theo,

    Does Barbados spend 20 per cent of GDP on education?


  • @ Grenville Phillips II

    De ole man will be brief.

    Do you ting, as you plan

    All de ole man has suggested in that there should be an M&E (monitoring and evaluation) component which will permit naysayers an opportunity to see what the measurable outcomes of your efforts are.

    Build in thie element of M&E to anything that you are doing so that hyah, kway and de udder fellow are able to see at a glance what you have been able to deliver.

    I again suggest that you engage those people who have publicly come here on BU and said that they will assist you with your campaign.

    De ole man would suggest that you draft a Public Services Document and Place it here on BU which will encompass the charter of this NGO effort and display how civil society can be engaged for meaningful programming.

    All dat drivel mean is that you got to draft a contract for Peter lawrence Thompson and Theophillus Gazerts dat allows these skillful men to mark dem “X” in a meaningful way and show how real patriots does gather round de Barbados flag and be a credit to the nations wherever they might be or wherever they go.

    Many here think that de ole man trying to break you down BUT all i really trying to do is to show you the glaring loopholes to your programming that you cannot see CAUSE YOU NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!! and this is an exercise of academic pursuit in you head, whereas whu i telling you is facts

    Build Programs that are build on Transparency and Accountability AT COMMENCEMENT Grenville and that will give you credibility going forward.

    This is the 5th time that the ole man stop and give you some advice


  • Grenville can’t say he don’t get advice, it is when he makes a cockup and then returns to face us is the problem..


  • Right now the BLP and floundering and the DLP is absent (poor Mariposa). I was wondering what the DLP could come up with that would make it relevant again .

    Prediction: 2022- A Barrow descendant will be drafted to be a part of the campaign.
    I can hear them already ……


  • ” Earlier this week the United States Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), hosted an advanced Mutual Legal Assistance Workshop for regional attorneys in Barbados. This workshop follows the first Mutual Legal Assistance Seminar, held in Barbados in April this year.”


  • @ Brother Hants

    That is an interesting article which is rather interesting at this particular time.

    I shall explain.

    It is as if the Government of the United States is sounding out the appetite of the Barbados government as it relates to the prison sentence that Pornville is going to get.

    This is like a presentencing evaluation, a classic setup to determine what are the thoughts of Bajans.

    Which is rather strange to say the least because they do not normally do that.

    Now here is another article that caught de ole man’s eye

    “…Barbados has suffered another credit rating downgrade, but the long climb back from “junk” territory has started. That bittersweet news came from international credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

    On Wednesday, S&P Global Ratings lowered its issue-level ratings on Barbados’ local currency issues outstanding to “D” (default) from “CC” on ten issues of Government debentures worth a combined $575 million…”

    Now this is very telling since CONTRARY TO ALL TEH PROPAGANDA BY THE BLP COOLAID DRINKERS it means that the international community is in the same mindspace as that of the naysayers here on BU who see all the PR about the 220% influx of IMF money as just plain talk since there is no corresponding meat on the table that gives any indication of what the BLP government plans to do.

    Dis is why de ole man like de white people dem, cause when we nigrs bout de place calling Mugabe de messiah, de white man does look through all the smoke and mirrors and say, dem only stroking de public doggie and we “doan want we doie stroked in public”


  • @ the Honorable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Brother Hants thank you


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    “Across Serbia, age-old traditions passed down through the generations are dying out. Those hit the hardest are people living in the rural areas who rely on skills like weaving, wood-cutting and pottery to make an income.

    Realising the potential, the Serbian state is now turning its attention to these micro-enterprises to bolster its economy, offering tax relief and other benefits to artisans.

    Nicola Kelly speaks to craftsmen and young entrepreneurs about the challenges they face and finds out how they plan to revive their crafts.”


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