The Grenville Phillips Column – Prospering During Sufferation

We are the victims of an intense propaganda campaign, designed to mislead us into thinking that mass-suffering is the only economic solution for Barbados. It is not. It is like an overweight person being advised by surgeons, that the only method of losing weight is to traumatise the body by surgically removing excess fat. There is a proven non-traumatic solution of diet and exercise.

The proven non-austerity methods of lowering taxes, eliminating corruption and properly managing public services, can conservatively achieve a surplus of over $1B in the first year. However, despite the Prime Minister’s promise that all ideas would be allowed to contend, only the most severe austerity methods proposed by the BERT economic surgeons were allowed to contend. So, families need to prepare to survive.

The advice that I am sharing in this week’s column was to be shared with the approximately 3,000 Bees sent home under the DLP administration. However, the all-aboard unions would not allow me anyway near their laid-off members. Now that it is the BLP’s turn to send home Dees, let me bypass the unions and make the offer public.

Whether you have left school with many or no academic certificates, or whether you have been laid-off, fired, or never worked, this advice is for you. We are offering a 4-month employment-preparation workshop, where you will be practically finished to be a productive employee or self-employed person.

Our training assumes that you dropped out of school in first form. Therefore, regardless of how poorly you performed at school, you can achieve a practical standard of competence and confidence in: reading, writing, speaking, drawing, calculating, reasoning, planning, managing, innovating and creating. You will also be trained to conduct business in Barbados, and to take advantage of favourable tax treaties with the US.

It will be an intense 4 months of training, where results are guaranteed to those who do the work. Therefore, only participate if you are serious. If you are participating, but there is no improvement, then the fault is not yours, but ours. The aim of the training is that every graduate will find employment, or become self-employed and earn foreign currency.

You may register anytime during October 2018 for a start date of Monday 5th November 2018. Register by sending an e-mail to giving your name. There is no cost for those who register.

Parents whose children are not working, should encourage them to register. Persons who recently got out of prison and cannot find a job, should register. Persons in entry-level positions who think that they will rise no higher definitely need to register. Employers who have unproductive but honest employees that they wish to retain should encourage them to register. Anyone who plans to pursue illegal acts because they think that that is the only way to make money better register.

Those Bees that were sent home under the DLP, and the Dees preparing to go home under this administration are encouraged to register. Every unemployed person on a block should register. It is time to prosper during this manufactured and unnecessary sufferation.

I will be responsible for your training. My approximately 30-year diverse engineering career, together with my 8 years of formal teaching as President of Walbrent College, including as a volunteer teacher to inmates at HMP Dodds, has prepared me to take highly complex information and explain it in a simple manner, so that everyone can understand. As the 2014 winner of the National Innovation Competition and a successful business owner, I do not just talk the talk.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, President of Walbrent College and founder of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

90 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Prospering During Sufferation

  1. Great opportunity for the young people of Barbados who more than anyone else must be convince that there is still hope in what once was the luminous diamond of the Caribbean.

    • Whatever stripes we wear there is a reality that life as we know has and will continue to change. Retooling is a way of ensuring we are productive citizens. Kudos to Grenville.

  2. First step – getting your hands dirty.


    Second step keeping them dirty – since you anticipate that your uptake will be sizeable one suggests that you have an online classroom to address the numbers challenges at Wabrent College

    And finally, more important than all two of the above.


    It will be required of you Grenville Phillips that you disseminate the results of this effort.

    Both you and the BLP clowns who have gotten US$30 million to splurge on Sandra Husbands’ imaginary training programs need to be made to report to the people on these revolutionary and life changing programs wunna recommending to the world.

    Where do you propose to display the results of this pretty sounding experiment?

    Of course, when de old man does ask wunna dese pertinent questions, like I ask Dr Greenidge about “when Mia fire 1500 government employees this year, what she plan to do about the 5,000 school leavers?” Wunna does get vex and hate de ole man more.

    But doan get vex, just answer de question.

    Where will you be sharing the results of your programme? Or you ent think about dat part yet right?

    • If Sandra Husbands is a minister how will she benefit from the training program?

      On what basis will a student judge the program was successful?

  3. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Grenville Phillips thank you

  4. Piece

    But you should, must and ought to give the man credit for his effort; the young people need hope even if it comes by way of idea or imagination.

  5. Quod scripsi scripsi (what I have written I have written about the back office machinations of these wives and husbands whose proxy training companies have been engaged go effect training and draw down on the IMF’s money)

    The students are not ultimately capable of making such a judgement.

    They are really only attesting that the list of benefits that Grenville stated above, worked for them.

    The true evaluation of the programme would best be done by a 3rd party other that the 3rd party who evaluated Grenville’s recovery plan and could not give his name.

    How many enrollees? How many will achieve Grenville’s stated goal which is “…The aim of the training is that every graduate will find employment, or become self-employed and earn foreign currency…”

    His words not mine.

    But then he makes ghd disclaimer of “results are guaranteed if enrollees do the work…” which nullifies his goal heheheheh

  6. @ Lexicon

    But I did give Grenville credit.

    That us the very first thing I said when I commended him for taking the first real step he has ever done since the General Elections and gotten into the trenches with to poor man to do something

    I then went on to say that, for him to have more reach, he might consider amping up the initiative by doing virtual classes.

    All I did with my final observation was to demand some public accountability from Grenville.

    That’s no different from what de old man is asking Mia for in my ongoing posts as are you and others of us keyboard warriors.

    We cant and should not be biased in the yardstick we are applying to our potential leaders.

    There are no free passes and even if he says he trained 100 people I for one, wang to be able to prove that!

    You remember how Big Sinks and Uncle Lookup Seal, former minister of touris, said how many people would be coming to Barbados to bathe in the south coast shy# coated beaches?

    Well de ole man ent forget and neither should you, or any other bajan who has suffered under the last lot of criminals

    Lexicon, if Mia Mugabe comes and does the same thing that Fumbles did, you and I deserve to be bulled.

    We have to demand more of these politicians and political aspirants.

    Or are you drinking the coolaid too?

    • Does it not make for better to support the opening of the classes and as we go along offer tweaking suggestions?

  7. @Grenville
    Congratulations on your plans for your 4-month employment-preparation workshop. I wish you every success. I am delighted that you have decided to walk the walk of national reconstruction. I am also gratified that you appear to acknowledge that entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of building a prosperous future for Barbados… your curriculum of “reading, writing, speaking, drawing, calculating, reasoning, planning, managing, innovating and creating” is a clear trajectory that sees “innovating and creating” as the destination.

    If there is anything that I can do to assist you in this endeavour please ask me.

  8. FREE VALUABLE TRAINING. Hope young people take advantage of the opportunity.

    4 months of training ” in: reading, writing, speaking, drawing, calculating, reasoning, planning, managing, innovating and creating. You will also be trained to conduct business in Barbados, and to take advantage of favourable tax treaties with the US.”

  9. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Which part? The part about the back office arrangements?

    Or the part about Grenville’s states aim about employment?

    I see that you are part of the BU BORG that is not the original David of old BU

    But de ole man has some gimd this morning and will spend it with you here.

    You need to understand dat de ole man does not do speculations

    Check the outlook.pst files, ooops they are encrypted sorry.

    But I will still help you here. Mugabe knows of the SBA shenanigans with its ammmmm additional line items.

    Do you think that she will permit a foot soldier’s known avarice destroy her legacy?

    Wife’s avarice is known and is legendary but you obviously are not privy to that side of her.

    Might I suggest that you speak to the more senior BU leader to confirm what de ole man is alluding to.

    Everything is not always what it seems externally.

    By the way, there is an item in suspense for Lexicon and I’d appreciate it if you can retrieve it thank you

  10. The next step…and this can be a follow up to Grenville’s plan in assisting these young disenfranchised people…but should and can be done by someone els/other equally interested people, is to cut out the parasites on the island who have unfairly USURPED all the opportunities that have for 2 generations been available to the high school and college/university graduates…but were STOLEN, thanks to both ignorant backward governments..

    ……also …it is time that the opportunities available to SCHOLARS who want to remain on the island and contribute…are returned to them, instead of being STOLEN by the same tiny percentage of PARASITES…maybe PLT with his vast knowledge and experience can drive that project…..

    …cut the parasites out of the equation….let them go continue to segregate and find their own opportunities OR co-mingle with the majority population and create better opportunities for EVERYONE..

  11. @ pieceuhderockyeahright October 17, 2018 8:14 AM
    “Quod scripsi scripsi (what I have written I have written about the back office machinations of these wives and husbands whose proxy training companies have been engaged go effect training and draw down on the IMF’s money)

    The students are not ultimately capable of making such a judgement.

    They are really only attesting that the list of benefits that Grenville stated above, worked for them.
    The true evaluation of the programme would best be done by a 3rd party other that the 3rd party who evaluated Grenville’s recovery plan and could not give his name.

    How many enrollees? How many will achieve Grenville’s stated goal which is “…The aim of the training is that every graduate will find employment, or become self-employed and earn foreign currency…”

    Master Piece, your perspicacity knows no universal bounds and will outlast your cyberspace existence.

    The same way you were able to perspicuously predict the 30-love electoral defeat of that damned disappointing deceitful lying party formerly called the DLP- through your ‘stoopid’ cartoons carrying the prescient slogan of “Not One F***ing Seat”- so too you can foresee the gathering of the training leeches to suck away the IMF-approved retooling fund.
    Expect also the hidden presence of the SBA to feed from the trough of easy money to help ‘retrain and convert’ those excess-to-requirement hands into skilled entrepreneurs and small business operators hawking imported trinkets.

    What we would like to see from GP is at least a few examples of those areas these ‘Wellbent’ graduates can venture into to earn foreign exchange.

    Will there be training in the local cultivation and production of hemp and its sister called Mary Jane to manufacture some of the hundreds of spinoff goods to save foreign exchange since every US $ saved in the underground economy is 200 Bajan cents earned in the ‘official’ economy.

    But we must give Grenville his jacket for being a real smooth and shrewd business operator by positioning his ‘business training academy’ in the political way of bought silence to profit immensely from BERT.

    Why not look on the bright side of BERT, GP11?

    For in every costly period of enforced austerity there must be profitable opportunities to drink the milk belonging to the ‘Lean’ calf called the BERT Training Slush Fund.

    Now where is the goodly doctor, “Springer”?

    “My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there.” ~Indira Gandhi

  12. Any money for retooling and training purposes for high school, college/university graduates…given by IMF in grant or loan form….or by any other EU entity…will be watched like a hawk…they already know what to watch out for from small island clowns..

  13. Sounds good but recent experience has taught me to be like Piece. We shall see. I shall reserve my thanks and praise until after the evaluations. I live in hope.

    • There is a reason why good citizens are dissuaded from coming forward to offer themselves for public service.

  14. Miller

    Bill Gates created a lot of the ideas for the computer, but was smart enough to employ those young men and women from MIT to further his original ideas. While he sit back and takes the credit for the ingenuity of these young people, and he is in the second group. So your quote falls flat on its face as far as I am concern!

  15. Whatever the intent, it does sound good, but let me tell Grenville something he does not know…as a warning.

    Some years ago, we found out that there were EU and other Grants given annually to the Ministry of Education to help with student development, we only found out because Ronald Jones is such a mule AND he tangled with me..

    ……well what we found is that the vital information was kept hidden from the general population for many years so that corrupt ministers and others involved could use it to grow yardfowls and fix up their friends and families with overseas education..ONLY…even the funds meant for exhibition/scholars were misused.

    Someone sent correspondence to EU officials and they immediately clamped down, that year Jones had to issue MORE students who qualified…they could no longer use it as a political tool and weapon AGAINT the majority population and their children..

    Some people even commented in certain circles that it was the most Grants they had ever seen coming out from the ministry of asses…to the general population..

    So a warning to Grenville should be sufficient…what you are projecting, do so genuinely, do not use it as a tool or political weapon cause the people who alerted the EU to what both governments have done for decades to their own vulnerable young black students…are still very much ALIVE.

  16. It takes little or no courage to masquerade behind verisimilitude of a computer and complain, criticize and condemn, but who amongst us has the testicular fortitude to hold up sign in the middle of Bridgetown to protest our discontent?

  17. Lexicon…ya better off staying behind the computer, it’s much more effective and BU’s track record can attest..

    You go trying to take on any of these marinated idiots and believe another Bajan got ya back, they will agree with you, even encourage you and then you will be the ONLY one standing out there alone in the sun or rain with ya sign..

    …it is a bajan mentality thing, cultural from centuries of being COWARDS with no ability to stand up for themselves or to stand up for what is right…afraid of everyone, except each other, they know well enough how to fight down and destroy each other…..ya playing ya don’t know…even Ha,Ha in UK all these 40 or 50 years still carries that mentality of cowardice..

    Was it not recently one man stood up outside the parasite Bizzy’s hardware store in solidarity with his fellow bajan because of the violent racism the customer encountered from one of Bizzy’s shitehounds, not one other Bajan had the balls or backbone to stand up for their fellow brethren with the sign.., ya playing ya don’t know.

    I got into a tussle with Jones because even his freaking voice annoys the hell out of me and he is an idiot.

  18. @PUDRYR
    Your assertion that the “…disclaimer of “results are guaranteed if enrollees do the work…” which nullifies his goal…” is not quite fair to Grenville. He did not specify exactly what those “results” would be, beyond the assertion that there would be “improvement.” He specified what the AIM of the training would be, but did not specify that the results would achieve the aims.

    I realise, of course, that your objective is to demand public accountability, but as in Ecclesiastes 9:11 “…The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; neither is the bread to the wise, nor the wealth to the intelligent, nor the favor to the skillful; rather, time and chance happen to all.”

  19. @ Lexicon October 17, 2018 9:48 AM

    Well, if you think Mahatma Gandhi was a joker, so be it.

    What you should be asking is for some Bajan versions of Bill Gates to step forward and put their monies where their large lexicon mouths are.

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

  20. Happy Cannabis Day Canada..

    Someone just sent me a link with ALL that is available in the Sativa and Indica strains…no wonder Lawson is spouting such rubbish..he is as high as a kite…lol

    Miller…if they had listened to you, to us, in the last 5 years about getting the Cannabis show on the road, they already had the medical marijuana legislation …legal…for the last 27 years…since excuse and instead of keeping it a secret while Fruendolittle and his gang of incompetents forced billions in debt on the people and Mia is now forcing decades of loans on the people with her 1950s styled nonsense…like Jamaica, the island would have been already reaping profits and clearing off every debt and on it’s way to profits only..because the island is smaller than Jamaica and what will take them another 25 years to achieve, Barbados can achieve in half the time using double the effort…

    Jamaica with it’s huge land mass and never ending supply of world class herb, does not have enough to supply the countries now needing metric tons of Cannabis, this explosion will last for decades.

    I have had the Bajan grown Canaibis in medicine form recently and that shit is real life potent..

    But ya also got backward ignorant government ministers who believe their people should be forever beasts of burden paying of debt created by tiefing, corrupt lawyers and ministers and their friends and bribers…that is where the island is at..and if we don’t voice it, they will all pretend it is not happening…but the default is there and so are the debts..

  21. Miller

    All I know of Mahatma Ghandhi is the fact that he thought very little of black South Africans … as most East Indians are taught to do with respect to black people…

  22. Let me repeat so it will KILL Alvin Cummins..

    I have had the Bajan grown CANNABIS in medicine form recently and that shit is real life potent..

  23. @ Lexicon

    I love that word verisimilitude.

    Let me pause and put mind in gear before fingers in motion.

    I have vowed to my God that, for as long as sentience remains in this shell, I shall do His Will as far as I frail man can do.

    He has been faithful to me and has given me several “talents” as His Son speaks of in that renown parable

    There is nothing that I put here and suggest of any citizen that I cannot and have not done.

    And therein lies the subtle difference in many of those whom you speak of , i do!

    There is no artifice of truth or dissembling in what i write here. I speak plain facts that i can and will verify.

    Grenville now been come tons wide this concept but some of us been dere AND DONE DAT long time and can write the blueprint by which he can do it.


    And what you and this third of the Honourable Blogmaster is conveniently missing is the fact that, if we are seriously talking about forging new ways to make change, said ways MUST PERFORCE BE ABLE TO UNDERGO EXPLICIT SCRUTINY

    Cause Grenville Phillips is behind the idea CANNOT MEAN THAT HE GETS AN AUTOMATIC PASS

    Remember, this is the same man who said he is going to peep in your bedroom to see if you using the missionary position or the backstroke, and is going to talk harshly to rapists and robbers about past crimes.

    I have purposely exaggerated his past statements about internet use and the punishment he proposes go administer to criminals but you get my drift.

    His weird ideas in other areas DEMSND THAT WE EXAMINE HIS SEEMINGLY SANE ONES.

    No one did and made Grenville God, did they, and de ole man ent get dat memo yet so WhatsApp it to me please…

  24. Miller

    Remember Ghandhi left England where studied law for South Africa to fight for the East Indian cause … he spent 21 years doing that before he moved back to his native India to continued the fight against colonialist British…

  25. @Lexicon
    Your assertion that Gandhi “thought very little of Black South Africans” is shallow and misleading.

    On the contrary “It is clear that he had multiple contacts with some of the founders of the ANC, that Gandhi respected them and that they respected him. He backed non-violent African struggles against restrictive laws.”

  26. I advise Grenville..ah know he don’t listen to me either because I do not play the games he is accustomed to…BUT…for his own sake and those young people he is now attempting to help…whatever he is doing…make absolutely sure it comes directly from his HEART…and is genuine…anything else will FAIL..

  27. @ the Sage Anunnaki,

    Somehow I am of the impression that many of the readers here have been smoking week long before this legalization in Canada!!

    I remarked how easily you were able to write the following submission

    You said and I quote “…Expect also the hidden presence of the SBA to feed from the trough of easy money to help ‘retrain and convert’ those excess-to-requirement hands into skilled entrepreneurs and small business operators hawking imported trinkets…”

    What was it that we were fed that permits us to see so clearly what our fellow bloggers cannot?

    Or maybe I should ask ” what is it that they are drinking that has them blind to the idiocy and trickery right in front their eyes?”

    Maybe it is Johnny Pad Soup oh Sage or maybe because of their adipose manipulations, things dat we are too old or too proud to do?

    You mean that not one of them have either heard or personally experienced the operations of the Smsll Business Administration?

    Fuh real?

    I like how you capped off that statement though “hawking imported trinkets…”

    I wonder how the IMF could have agreed to allocating US $30M to that outcome?

    How is it that you dun know what the outcome is going go be?

    Den, as per usual, you got one Lexicon grabbing onto the lesser issue of your Ghandi quotation as opposed to focusing on the resurgence of these BLP trough feeders, Senators Holdim and Wifes, now wearing the brown clothes of the entitled Mugage crew.

    Watch the sheep gather and say “baaaaaaaa…”

  28. “I have had the Bajan grown CANNABIS in medicine form recently and that shit is real life potent”

    Hmmmmm, I have never heard of it being used to treat antisocial personality disorder.

    What you should do is stop using the internet to self medicate and go get yourself some professional help

  29. Grenville I appluad what you are seeking to do.

    Dismiss the detractors.

    Unfortunately Bajans with ulterior motives for the most part don’t like good and will seek to tear you down.

    They are more comfortable with tricksters and thieves like themselves.

    They also like the obvious thieves and crooks among the BLP and DLP and that is why they thoroughly deserve the IMF medicine.

    The local broken education system has failed which is why 🇧🇧 is a failed island and now the laughing stock of the Jamaicans, Guyanese, Trindadians, St Lucians and others regionally.

  30. Peterlawrencethompson

    Soulik Biswas a Delhi correspondent wrote a book called:” was Mahatma Ghandhi a racist”

    In 1893 Ghandhi wrote to the Natal parliament saying that a general belief seems to prevail in the colony that the Indians are a little better, if all then the savages or Native Africans. It is also interesting to note that Ghandhi kept the Indian struggle separate from that of the black struggle in South Africa.

    Brother, when I first heard that Ghandhi was a racist I could not believe it until I did my own researched, and came to the same conclusion based on a lot of his writings.

  31. Peterlawrencethompson

    Ghandhi, went off the handle when the white South African authority compared the Indian to the black!

  32. @ Lexicon

    Why does it matter if Ghandi was racist or not?

    He is now dead and can’t defend himself.

    You have black Bajans currently practicing worse against other blacks on the island to suppress them, keep them in poverty and also keep them in permanent mental slavery.

    Many blacks are some of the most people in the world.

  33. “I have had the Bajan grown CANNABIS in medicine form recently and that shit is real life potent”

    Maybe if you tried a little bit of ya own home grown marijuana..Redguard…ya will lose the need to STALK me on has a calming effect on the mind..and puts you in a place where stalking will not be a temptation.

  34. @Lexicon
    You are correct that Gandhi was racist… as were all non Blacks with Eurocentric education of his generation. You need to have more nuanced appreciation of the man and his times. For an example from another century William Wilberforce, the English politician who led the British movement to stop the slave trade, was also racist, but it is simplistic to think of him as unidimensionally racist. Yes, Gandhi thought that Indian lives were worth more than Black lives, but he also sympathized with the struggles of South African Black people and assisted them in fighting against oppression.

  35. David Mr Bogmaster yours is a strange few notes this good day….you followed up the perplexing “Your last comment is a nonsense” with “There is a reason why good citizens are dissuaded from coming forward to offer themselves for public service”.

    And then the piece de resistance – for a poor pun 🙂 – this note about “enough about Ghandi”…. to follow your flow, it surely was a good thing he was not dissuaded from coming forward back then by virulent attacks verbally and otherwise, eh!

    But do tell, how exactly is the query about after class validation such a “nonsense”? Didn’t Mr Phillips himself not clearly broach that matter of measuring results !

    And considering that the man has been a very visible public figure (president of various organizations) for MANY years and is now forcing his way to a greater public reckoning as a politician I am confounded why you or anyone should need to defend him against reasonable critiques.

    Surely there are testimonials from students of his College seminars/classes (he said for some 10 years now) … surely those testimonials will attest how that course study prepared them for the world of work and life….And what of his students at Dodds…maybe not as extensive a course offered there but I would expect he used those sessions in much shorter format as a base level for what he is now produces.

    Mr Phillps is fully invested in selling himself as a savior to our woes and is convinced he has the template, format and formulas to solve the problems…..thus his offerings must be able to survive critical examination. He is surely NOT doing this for any mealy mouth back slapping about ‘good job’ or ‘isn’t he so charitable’.

    He has come out to deliver so like the Ghandis before him let’s examine and critic him seriously…good citizens come forward because they are BETTER than us average Joes and Marys …So let’s stop the silly pandering and treat the man as seriously and as critically as he demands…his GRAVITAS and commitment deserves no less!

  36. And to add (alas) to the Ghandi theme…..Yes, @Lexicon you are being less than nuanced re the racist trope.

    Did Ghandi in his racist mien act against Black enfranchisement in a protracted and purposeful way! Of course he can be broadly described as racist because of commentaries he made or even some acts he accepted but don’t WE ALL fall into that category.

    Didn’t Pres Lincoln speaks rather ‘poorly’ of the same Black citizens for which “ostensibly” in part he took an entire nation to war!

    Clinton, the president, made rather disparaging remarks about a certain significant Black man which surely painted him (Clinton) as a tad racist as well, not so!

    And on and on…

    We should only judge the true racist character of a person based on the entirety of their life’s work…not moments in time when they acted on poor impulses or for some stupid political expediency.

  37. LOL…I went to the standpipe Mr Blogmaster…he didn’t….but beyond that the bro is late forties I imagine … I am a bit past that.

    Never remember seeing the man in de bus stand, on a soccer field, a cricket match, inter-school sports, cadet event or scout camp nor nutting so….so nope, never rumbled that I can tell!

    But he is a good fella…a bit eccentric and ‘stubborn’ I think but solid as a person otherwise.

  38. @ De pandetic

    I must say I have previously dealt with Granville, and CEP almost a decade professionally and compared to Mia and Stuart he is night and day.

    Let it be clear I have also dealt with Mia not Stuart, but would have dealt with David Thompson a few years before he passed.

    Granville is a rare asset to Barbados and compared an honest and solid individual who have done great things in his career in developing 🇧🇧.

    Can that TRULY be said of Mia and Stuart who both themselves and their Political parties have been embroiled in filth and corruption over and over again like a revolving door.

    For 🇧🇧 to become great one will need an outsider who is not part of the ongoing mafia cartels posing as BLP, UPP or DLP who are all painted with the same brush.

    I applaud the upliftment of the youth, prisoners and other disenfranchised individuals locally.

    It is way way more than some others who critise and talk shit everyday on BU and not contributing to the island’s development but seek to tear down in classic crabs in the bucket syndrome.

  39. I have tied the weak leader of the UPP Attorney Lynette Eastmond as a part of the mafia cartel who also is a former disgruntled BLP senior member who never spoke once against the BLP when she was a Minister eating at the trough during Owen held reign and whilst major corruption was going on in the BLP and Mia Mottley was Deputy PM.

  40. If one subscribes to the notion of “never look a gift horse in the mouth” I would be loath to criticize GP for his offer to the unemployed, never work or unskilled.

    The question I have, will a “catch all” approach work? When people show up with different skill sets how will he/they reconcile the differences? The other concern is raised expectations, if at the end of this four month intensive training, the students are unable to find jobs or placements what then? There are very few job openings and it is folly to give people hope only to have them dashed.

  41. Sergeant

    The important thing is that these young people have the knowledge and the Skills to apply when the opportunity is available.
    I remember friends of mine leaving Secondary School in the 1980s and going right into the Skills Training Program when there wasn’t much in the way of work in Barbados at that time. But when the work was made available these young people were obviously prepared to apply what they knew or was taught.

  42. I stopped reading comments at 10:22 a.m. and will go back there.

    First they ask the man to put skin in the ‘game’.

    He came forth with a plan to help all Bajans. I expected folks to wait and then comment on his success or failure, but now they are demanding he first walk on water.

    Will continue reading and come back here later.

    Some people you cannot help.

  43. @piece
    🙂 Somehow I am of the impression that many of the readers here have been smoking week long before this legalization in Canada 🙂

    I now see the hazards of smoking weed and wearing tin foil at the same time. 🙂

  44. For what it’s worth I’m going to throw my hat into the ring and declare my admiration for GP’s outrageous idea. The dictator, Mia, has been in office for over one hundred days carping on about her predecessors whilst offering very little of merit to the country. Yet here we have GP in true “Barnum style” offering salvation to the many in a mere forty days. It sounds crazy but who knows the man could be on to a winner. Fortune favours the brave.

    Bon Chance mon ami.

  45. Well Parliament was turned into a comedy show today when Caswell accused govt of passing a law that extended God’s promised on longevity
    God promise mankind three score and ten but as if govt was not satisfied govt passed a law without certainty that pensioners would lived 15 years to.collect pension

  46. Mia should really be ashamed of herself, how disrespectful..

    To make matters worse she and her sidekick the disgraced Marshall still keep yammering on and on about DLP corruption, no one wants to hear it, we already know, we were on BU exposing it for years when Mia, Marshall and all ah dem ganged up with the Bizzy, Cow, Maloney, Abed, Harris crooks and were falling over themselves AND SPENT LOTS OF MONEY trying to shut down the Blogs and making threats against bloggers for exposing DLP and BLP CORRUPTION…how quickly they all FORGOT, now all ya hearing from Mia and Marshall is DLP corruption, DLP corruption over and over and on and on….

    ……so unless she and Marshall plan to lock up the former ministers and recover the people’s money…they both need to shut the hell up until they do..

    yardfowls can attack me now.

  47. GP
    Well played. A drive through the covers and not a man moved.

    By now you have learnt that you cannot pleased everyone. First they were saying that you were doing too little or nothing. Then they felt that you should be a human right activist and an umbrella for 17. Here you come with a ‘master’ plan and before it is implemented they are crying ‘failure’, or “Barnum” like..

    What is even worse that they have now decided to judge you on the number of folks who participated in your training and were then successful in getting a job. Suddenly, job applicants are not judged by their effort, perseverance and dedication in pursuing employment opportunities; instead their failure will be marked in your column.

    Things are already hard in the island; people are being or will will be laid-off; and the competition for scarce jobs will be tough.

    Volunteerism and effort at providing greater marketability should be complimented, but if GP is the source of renewed hope for some, we should cry it down. We need to move the goal post. The well executed shot should not reach the boundary.

    They are two things that I would like to leave with you
    (1) No one kicks a dead dog. Their resistance and criticism is a sign that you have given them food for thought. Be patient./
    (2) Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant;they too have their story.

  48. Mia and her crew are sticking to the script. This script was written and practiced for over 50 years. It has not failed the political class.

    The last administration stripped the meat from the bones of the fatted calf; they removed all of the silverware from the kitchen and sold what was not tied down. What we consider as a dismal failure, they consider as a whopping success.

    Well the bones has marrow; they will suck that dry.

  49. “It has not failed the political class.”

    Until now…both governments overplayed and overstayed for 52 mostly wasted years…they had become so lost that neither of them saw that the path they took in the last 30 years…was the death knell for any future progress on the island and given the rubbish the last remaining dinosaur era government is spewing all over the place…it still has not occurred to any of them that they have become as dysfunctional and ineffective as the Supreme Court they all destroyed…

    In another 4 years and 7 months the people on the island will become even wider awake…it’s the 21st century…not the 1950s, it is only 1950s in the minds of the last remaining government to be moved from the parliament.

  50. @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing October 17, 2018 6:45 PM
    “For what it’s worth I’m going to throw my hat into the ring and declare my admiration for GP’s outrageous idea. The dictator, Mia, has been in office for over one hundred days carping on about her predecessors whilst offering very little of merit to the country. Yet here we have GP in true “Barnum style” offering salvation to the many in a mere forty days. It sounds crazy but who knows the man could be on to a winner. Fortune favours the brave.
    Bon Chance mon ami.”

    Of course GP’s solution to the pending spike in unemployment and the inevitable massive increase in the number of the voluntarily idle sitting on the ghetto blocks is an excellent opportunity for his business skills-training factory.

    And the training and retooling doctor has every right to apply for the chance to put his skills to the benefit of the nation in its dire hour of much need’ if only a decade behind the times.

    But please bear at the back of your mind that, at the end of the day or in the final analysis, somebody has to foot the bill in GP’s noblesse oblige undertaking.

    There is no free lunch; not even the free (unhealthy) school meals rejected by the Chefette & KFC generation now looking for a daily stipend to top up their phones to keep abreast of social media events.

    Grenville- in all his altruistic desire and patriotic zeal of giving back to his nation- must confront the real financial costs which must be incurred in successfully putting on such a comprehensive training programme.

    Who will be paying the ‘retooling’ piper in helping that well-meaning training factory cover its overheads?

    That is the $2 million dollar question GP has to answer before one silver dollar from the IMF-underwritten training fund is applied for.

  51. I like how the Miller bowls…
    But Mr Miller I have a one dollar question
    I read Mr GP post and could find no mention of IMF or a factory? Could you point me to your source?
    You may proven to be right, but, so far, your clever spin is on the wrong wicket.

  52. interesting times ahead, someone should write a book about these 2 cockups for governments and their self inflicted 1950s time warp dilemma…which has now seen them exposed worldwide, while everyone watches in amazement.

  53. @TheOGazerts October 17, 2018 8:17 PM

    Ops!! Made a dreadful mistake by putting the GP trading cart before his financial training horse.

    Yes indeed Grenville, under the patronage of Well-meant College, will be absorbing the full cost of retraining and equipping for a brave new world the hundreds of public sector dismissed workers-and pari passu private sector workers- who would soon be on the breadline under the IMF-supervised austerity programme very much rejected by Grenville and railed against incessantly over the past months.

    Will the people who register with the GP’s training school have to pay for four months of ‘one-to-one reeducation and reorientation’ or is it like the Salvation Army?

    I am prepared to support GP in his financial beneficence to the unemployed; both voluntarily and enforced.

    But he has to give, at least one example in his retraining programme or retooling curriculum which, in a matter of 4 months, can prepare ‘students’ to acquire the art of foreign exchange earning and economic self-sufficiency.

    Now where are those BIMAP(s) and the Polytechnic(s) when they are most needed?

  54. @TheOG
    Miller is saying there is no free lunch

    You on the other hand are saying…..just what the hell are you saying?

  55. Miller
    This is a noble gesture by GP.I hope it is not just another Dale Carnegie Course which used to take three months to complete and which gave an inside look at how customer relations work and how the need to communicate clearly and intelligently might open otherwise closed doors to advancement in one’s career.

  56. I am convinced after reading the below Editorial 18th Oct 2018 published in Barbados Today that Bajans are the dumbest people in the world. Wunna should forget 98 percent literacy BULLSHIT.

    Then you have vile creatures like Prodigal, Gabriel, Lorenzo and others defending the crooked and equally thieving knights in shining armor.

    For those who like undisputed truths and facts in what has occured on failed 🇧🇧

    Below Editorial:

    “The Prime Minister or the Cabinet of this country has no power to fire any member of any statutory corporation or any public servant.” Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, February 9, 2008.

    Whenever political naiveté and polarization are mixed in any country, politicians walk on water and camels fly.

    Much has been said about the ineptness of the former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Government and much of it has been true. But certain fallacies have been perpetuated prior to and since May 24 that have been given impetus by the politically blinkered on social and traditional media, on street corners, in rum shops and in the comfort of homes.

    One day we might come to appreciate that politicians often communicate with their public to nurture political expediency and promote their survival. They play to their gallery knowing full well – as philosopher John Locke once said – that false and doubtful positions, relied upon as unquestionable maxims, keep those who build on them in the dark from truth. “Such are usually the prejudices imbibed from education, party, reverence, fashion and interest,” the Englishman noted centuries ago.

    There is this well-nourished notion that Barbados’ untenable debt situation started in 2008. That is nonsense of gargantuan proportions. There is a fallacy that has gained infantile credence that excessive spending and wastage of state funds started in 2008. There is a belief that questionable financial practices by politicians first saw the light of day in 2008. That is gibberish being fed to the politically gullible. There are some in the country riding white horses, battling windmills, spouting the word “corruption, corruption” in a holy crusade that has the dual purpose of not only dimming their own possible political indiscretions but feeding the polarization that exists in Barbados.

    Every successive Government since Independence has spoken about restructuring the economy. But it seems that restructuring gets no further than dismissals from the public service of those at the lowest rungs of the ladder. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has done it and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is presently engaged in the same exercise. No thought it seems is being given to reducing government. Instead, government over the past decades has become more bloated. Neither the BLP nor the DLP has seen the folly of having such a tiny country divided into 30 constituencies that simply provide employment for non-productive politicians at great cost to taxpayers. Serious restructuring seems not to apply to the reduction of food importation, dependency on fossil fuel, or the enhancement of domestic agriculture, cottage industry, and the like.

    The campaign underway with respect to corruption is akin to a smoke screen. There are laws already in existence that relate to theft, embezzlement, bribery, obtaining money by false pretences, misappropriation of public funds, fraudulent conversion and a range of other offences. There are already laws to fight corruption, political and otherwise. But do we have the will to fight corruption? Have political authorities over the decades been willing basically to go after themselves – or those in the public sector who sponsor them – wherever they are to be found? This is about a lack of will not a necessity for integrity commissions and public talk shows on corruption.

    A previous Auditor General report once showed where a top civil servant breached several sections of the Financial Management and Audit Act, or the Financial Rules, 1971. That official admitted his malfeasance, was suspended, and then in keeping with the best Barbadian traditions, he was returned to the same position where he had committed the breaches. There have been a multiplicity of examples where public funds have been spirited away or used in questionable fashion but no one has been held accountable for his or her indiscretions.

    In 2007 Barbados’ Audit Office chastised the then BLP government for disbursing the full $18.5 million payment for an incomplete Newton Business Park construction project. The Auditor General said then that it was “inexplicable that all the funds could be disbursed while the project remains incomplete”. That forgotten detail has remained unexplained publicly to this day. Significant public funds were also disbursed for an incomplete Crab Hill Police Station construction project. This has remained unexplained publicly by those responsible for the payments to this day. What was lacking here? The will to go after the truth or new legislation?

    And where Barbados’ debt and wastage headache is concerned, there are those who would seek to dismiss as an aberration the Veco/Dodds situation and the annual January multi-million-dollar repayments, Kensington Oval, Greenland, Gems of Barbados and the practice of major off-budget spending prior to 2008 that was subsequently brought to book. The printing of money by the Central Bank under the authority of the former DLP administration was heavily, and correctly criticized by the then BLP Opposition? Has it stopped? No one seems interested in that detail as previously loud critics now mimic inhabitants of Nirvana.

    Both the DLP and the BLP have had great accomplishments for Barbados. And both have contributed to the pain of the people. Knights in shining armour do not have to proclaim themselves; they are usually recognized by their deeds and achievements. But we must always be guarded against finding comfort only in their words. Often these remain inconsistent with their actions.

  57. Mia Mottley your new leader clean as white snow by her own words and past deeds involving Political Party has been caught with her panties down in 2018.

    I advise any young person with common sense that can leave Barbados and work in a develop country do so as soon as possible as these political crooks only have their best interests at heart and not the local masses.

    Leave the Politicians and their benefactors solely to payback IMF and creditors emanating from all their corruption and thieving from the masses over many decades.

    I wonder does shit smell any different whether it is excreted by DLP or BLP?

  58. @ Miller,

    GP did a poor job in promoting his party at the last general election. However he has wet my appetite with this course. Let’s not forget that the average Bajan has a risk-averse mentality. Perhaps GP’s intensive course may bring positive results that will benefit the individual and the country socially and economically.

    I would urge GP to promote the teachings of Marcus Garvey on his curriculum as a core value.

    It is futile for Bajans to wait for clueless MIa to turn the country around. She is merely there to insure that the practice of corruption remains undisturbed on the rock. A system that keeps her fellow black people firmly tethered at the bottom. She is a modern day overseer with a black face.

  59. That Barbados today editorial above in Dishonest Bajan’s post is the sort of articles I would like to see here posted by the blog moderator as well as the Nation newspaper – and discussed at VOB.

    Unless you are a thinking bajan you will end up among the kool aid drinkers of both the Bee and Dee – discussing the peripheral stuff – or spouting the lies and propaganda of Mia Mottley – that people like David Ellis (who seems to be on some paid mission) are promoting on his radio station – as well as people like Sanka Price at the Nation who brings no clarity or depth of analysis to his articles – but instead seeks to find some way to promote BLP Orthodoxy.That newspaper is not even good enough for fish wrap.

    The Advocate is almost invisible and CBC is as usual – the government mouthpiece.

    We are therefore left with Barbados Today which since Kaymar’s departure – seem more to be engaged in a ‘hit and miss’ exercise – but at least when they hit their target – it is well hit.

    We need honest and objective intellectuals. Not washed up,bought and sold ex lecturers like George Belle.

    Or so called political scientists like peter wickham or Tennyson joseph who are mere light weights.

    We need seasoned financial experts who know their stuff to discuss public debt,investment,diversifying the economy etc

    Barbados right now is in a frightening place.There are paid hacks in the Nation newspaper,on VOB,at Cave Hill and on various social media site who are polluting the air with their disinformation – to confuse the weak and not so discerning masses – while these hacks quietly collect their 30 pieces of silver and a piece of the bar – b – que fatted calf.





  60. Imagine government sending home 1500 workers but creating a unit called “Household Mitigation Unit” headed by Corey Layne with 4 other persons as his staff. This unit will take people’s cases and refer them to “welfare”.
    His salary starting at $6000 plus allowances monthly. His staff will be between 4000-5000 dollars per month. This going cabinet tomorrow to take effect from November 1st, 2018 after persons are sent home and “Mia Cares” 😏
    This is replacing the constituency councils. Wonders never cease with this lot

  61. …(a) The cost of terminating 1,500 = severance pay + mitigation unit + error of terminating productive workers rather than unproductive workers
    …(b) The cost of reducing public service pay = $0

  62. @Sargeant
    I am saying that the man should be given a chance to further outline and to inform the public of his proposal so far I have seen
    1. Some are already counting the cost. How do they do so?
    2. Some suggesting what the curriculum should be. Why not teach their own course?
    3. How success of the course should be measured?

    I could reread all the comments and make a longer list, But I will keep my eyes only on what the man says and will evaluate his words as he go.

    I will leave the making of assumption/hypothetical/providing instructions to Grenville up to others, Some are very creative.

    Have a great day (HAGD) —- to all

  63. Grenville starts out wrong….. via

    “We are the victims of an intense propaganda campaign, designed to mislead us into thinking that mass-suffering is the only economic solution for Barbados. It is not.”
    Says who?
    It actually IS…

    Skippa, the wages of sin is death.
    The net result of doing shiite – stinks….. especially when accelerated by Stinkliar…
    …and brass bowlery ALWAYS ends in ‘mass suffering’.

    All your good intentions CANNOT change these REALITIES of Karma.

    Lowering taxes and ‘eliminating corruption’ cannot change reality. High taxes and endemic corruption are SYMPTOMS of the root disease – what Bushie calls brass bowlery – If you use your engineering brilliance to eliminate those symptoms, the patient will just die with OTHER symptoms – perhaps even worse…

    In a country that ALREADY spends 20% of its GDP on providing FREE education to its citizens, how exactly do you think YOUR very generous offer of free education will address the current problems?
    Are you saying that your program will solve the problems that hundreds of millions of dollars each year for the last fifty years in ‘eddykashun’ have been unable to solve (in fact which it CREATED)?

    The PROBLEM that we face is one of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS….. that is, of people CHOOSING to do shiite INSTEAD of what they know to be RIGHT.
    Do you have a plan to solve THAT?
    Do you understand what causes us to be thusly predisposed?
    Do you have the solution that addresses that weakness?

    If you do NOT, then perhaps you will understand the frustration of those who continue to be amazed at this world’s inability to address BASIC problems – in spite of the fantastic advances in knowledge, technology, communications and education……..

    Boss … just get a lawn mower or whacker ….and prepare to deal with the imminent grass in your immediate vicinity……

  64. @ Talking Loud Saying Nothing October 18, 2018 3:29 AM
    “I would urge GP to promote the teachings of Marcus Garvey on his curriculum as a core value.”

    It would be a welcome surprise if GP is of similar intellectual persuasion.
    MMG proposed black economic enfranchisement through greater self-reliance instead of the preaching any prosperity gospel based on some white man (albino-centric) god.

    No one is questioning GP’s altruistically ‘honourable’ intentions but is wondering whether he will not duplicating- at his own personal financial costs- what other well-established training institutions are already providing.

    Isn’t that the very reason the likes of BIMAP, TVET and the Cave Hill campus external programmes have been set up to do?

    What GP should be aiming for is the outsourcing of the functions of the Productivity Council, NISE and Public Sector Reform so that he can put into full effect his lifelong ambitious plan of ISO 9001 right across the public sector.

  65. Interesting
    In a country that ALREADY spends 20% of its GDP on providing FREE education to its citizens, how exactly do you think YOUR very generous offer of free education will address the current problems?
    Are you saying that your program will solve the problems that hundreds of millions of dollars each year for the last fifty years in ‘eddykashun’ have been unable to solve (in fact which it CREATED)?“

    The elephant in the room, We come around to this over and over… the success/ failure of our education system

    • Is it not about all individuals and others contribute to making the society better anyway they see the opportunity? The collective effort is suppose to breed positive results.

  66. @ Grenville Phillips II

    De ole man will be brief.

    Do you ting, as you plan

    All de ole man has suggested in that there should be an M&E (monitoring and evaluation) component which will permit naysayers an opportunity to see what the measurable outcomes of your efforts are.

    Build in thie element of M&E to anything that you are doing so that hyah, kway and de udder fellow are able to see at a glance what you have been able to deliver.

    I again suggest that you engage those people who have publicly come here on BU and said that they will assist you with your campaign.

    De ole man would suggest that you draft a Public Services Document and Place it here on BU which will encompass the charter of this NGO effort and display how civil society can be engaged for meaningful programming.

    All dat drivel mean is that you got to draft a contract for Peter lawrence Thompson and Theophillus Gazerts dat allows these skillful men to mark dem “X” in a meaningful way and show how real patriots does gather round de Barbados flag and be a credit to the nations wherever they might be or wherever they go.

    Many here think that de ole man trying to break you down BUT all i really trying to do is to show you the glaring loopholes to your programming that you cannot see CAUSE YOU NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!! and this is an exercise of academic pursuit in you head, whereas whu i telling you is facts

    Build Programs that are build on Transparency and Accountability AT COMMENCEMENT Grenville and that will give you credibility going forward.

    This is the 5th time that the ole man stop and give you some advice

  67. Grenville can’t say he don’t get advice, it is when he makes a cockup and then returns to face us is the problem..

  68. Right now the BLP and floundering and the DLP is absent (poor Mariposa). I was wondering what the DLP could come up with that would make it relevant again .

    Prediction: 2022- A Barrow descendant will be drafted to be a part of the campaign.
    I can hear them already ……

  69. @ Brother Hants

    That is an interesting article which is rather interesting at this particular time.

    I shall explain.

    It is as if the Government of the United States is sounding out the appetite of the Barbados government as it relates to the prison sentence that Pornville is going to get.

    This is like a presentencing evaluation, a classic setup to determine what are the thoughts of Bajans.

    Which is rather strange to say the least because they do not normally do that.

    Now here is another article that caught de ole man’s eye

    “…Barbados has suffered another credit rating downgrade, but the long climb back from “junk” territory has started. That bittersweet news came from international credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

    On Wednesday, S&P Global Ratings lowered its issue-level ratings on Barbados’ local currency issues outstanding to “D” (default) from “CC” on ten issues of Government debentures worth a combined $575 million…”

    Now this is very telling since CONTRARY TO ALL TEH PROPAGANDA BY THE BLP COOLAID DRINKERS it means that the international community is in the same mindspace as that of the naysayers here on BU who see all the PR about the 220% influx of IMF money as just plain talk since there is no corresponding meat on the table that gives any indication of what the BLP government plans to do.

    Dis is why de ole man like de white people dem, cause when we nigrs bout de place calling Mugabe de messiah, de white man does look through all the smoke and mirrors and say, dem only stroking de public doggie and we “doan want we doie stroked in public”

  70. “Across Serbia, age-old traditions passed down through the generations are dying out. Those hit the hardest are people living in the rural areas who rely on skills like weaving, wood-cutting and pottery to make an income.

    Realising the potential, the Serbian state is now turning its attention to these micro-enterprises to bolster its economy, offering tax relief and other benefits to artisans.

    Nicola Kelly speaks to craftsmen and young entrepreneurs about the challenges they face and finds out how they plan to revive their crafts.”

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