The Silly Proposal of Mia Mottley

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mia mottleyMia Mottley, the opposition leader of the Barbados Labour Party, made an appeal with plenty of justifications, why the small 166 square mile 12 Parish island of Barbados should increase its current number of Parliamentarians. This appeal was made at a time when the island is suffering from serious economic problems that have resulted in services being depressed and neglected. It is due, mostly, to the poor management skills of the incumbent deceitful DLP government, and to a large extent, by the policies and poor oversight of government-spending by both political parties.

One would think that with the momentum in favour of the BLP, this fork tongue speaking silly woman would continue to ride on the wave of DLP nonsense and failures that is causing many to look upon the the opposition leader’s BLP party with renewed interest and wide eyes. But, as per usual, this indifferent, but very intelligent woman (I think) has a tendency to lean towards her alternative self that has landed many of the things she think are good into a lot of harsh criticisms. To present an articulate case for more parliamentarians at a time when bajans are very upset with their parliamentary leaders, especially the highminded Prime Minister shows that the Mottley level of confidence is causing her to not think things through, thoroughly. As a result, Mottley’s proposal was given a deserving tongue lashing, as the assumptions drawn is that she must make a way for her people thus ensuring that they can return to feeding at the Treasury trough after 8 lost years.

Bajans Can do a "Peaceful" Revolution

Submitted by PUDRYR

@ Exclaimer

And you said, and I quote.

If a businessman in the UK were to make such a statement he would have been held to ridicule. Here is a businessman who has outgrown this government. With each protestation from the William’s clan becoming more shrilled we have to ask ourselves who is in charge of Barbados…

I started to respond to that and then I said that my response would take too long for a post and I said that i would truncate it here and see if I could submit a blog for consideration titled How Bajans can do A “Peaceful” Revolution.

Many people here seem to think that my Stoopid Cartoon Posters are contra the DLP and that they are the extent, depth, breath and height of what this ole man wants to be a part of. And what is that?

Those black, white, nigger hunkie, buckra johnies, sambos, chinks, spics sand niggers who want real and equitable change for Barbados, our region and (unrealistically) the world. This scratching our our collective pooch and us congratulating ourselves in this BU Rumshop IS ALL WELL AND GOOD for us on a daily basis, but as Dr. GP points out to us so mannnnnnny times, the very incestuous interbreeding that we condemn our leaders for we practice here under the cover of this BUshel!!

I am going to provide a quotation from a document that, should you seek it out on the internet (and it is rather difficult to secure) you must be aware that it is rigged to follow every person in the world who download it. Part of it states and I paste it here.

“…The study of coup d’etats has been a mainstay of mainstream political science since the early 1960s. The numerous coups in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia and parts of Europe provided several case studies for scholars eager to understand the phenomenon.

“However, the bulk of the literature is concerned with an analysis of the macro-level socio-economic conditions that make coups feasible.”

“While this is useful, it exposes a huge gap in the literature because almost no attention has been paid to the intricacies involved in the actual planning and execution of a coup.”

Now every man jack, both DLP readers and BLP readers will rush to this article because “it look like de madman is advocating treason and sedition”. But they would be surprised to know that this, while it is “the discipline of choice, aforetimes” has taken a different route which I would ask you to waltz with me a few moments as I try to be wunna collective Huckleberry.

We ALL OF US, excluding the diaspora dwellers, face a common enemy of a government of inaction, a legacy of successive governments of graft and corruption, an army of occupation, and a group pf mercenaries like Bizzy Willliams and David Staples, who in the absence of direction ARE EFFECTING A DE FACTO COUP!!

Without bullets, and one which scum like Verla Depeiza and WeeffingJonesing, David Durant, Richard Sealy, Adriel Brafwit, Pornville and Stinkliar and Fumbles, NONE OF THEM EFFERS will come out and say that this is treason and sedition!!

But, like Mugabe, dem will say dat anyone who disrespects de institutions of law have to get locked up by Dale Marshall so wunna dun know where all we asses going.

But the ole man puts this to you that, as Well Well and Consequences is stating, as Bush Tea and The Sage and Pachamama and many others, of late RECOANTHONY and Mr. Kammie Holder, repeat every effing day, if we do not effect this “Revolution” we will be subjected to this Coup even without knowing it has happened.

Let me revert to the classifications of a coup for your edification AND MY OWN.

“….military intervention in politics [can be classified) into four levels.

“The first – influence – is the case where the military merely presses the civilian government to implement policies which the military deems appropriate.”

“The second – pressures or blackmail – is the case where the military seeks to convince civilian powers to do its bidding by threat of some sanction.”

“The third level – displacement – is the case where the military replaces one cabinet or set of civilian politicians with another more compliant set through the use of violence or threat of violence.”

“The last level – supplantment – completely sweeps away the civilian regimes and establishes a military one in its place.”

Now can de ole man speak at the macro level of what our Revolution should be??

“the first INFLUENCE – where we press the collective to adopt healthy people-centric practices which we deem appropriate (Dem Stoopid posters got a dimension dat de ole man frighten uh de shyt##e!!)

“the second PRESSURE or BLACKMAIL – a continuation of the first where “whistleblowing” becomes the exposure of corruption (currently the norm of our society) but one where Bajans interested in the betterment of the whole, expose these scum, as opposed to the Bizzy’s et al. being emboldened to make these claims to the crown jewels.

“The third level is DISPLACEMENT – displace their economic matrices, humble their asses by use of mechanisms and programs and AN ETHOC that they can never usurp.

“The fourth is SUPPLANTMENT –  the eroding and complete replacement of their socio, political and economic dependencies while we establish the BajansWantPositiveChange “regime” in its place

This is not rocket science.

It works for coups, in times aforetimes, it is working for Putin in Russia today in the Ukraine and for the other fellow in Syria and for Erdogan in Turkey and Duterte in the Phillipines.

I am speaking of a different type of “Revolution” that does not involve AK 47s nor SU 34’s but is of a much more “deadly ” nature to all these enemies of peace and prosperity and which enthusiastically? hope to provide an “Effing Piece of the Rock for every one of our Scvunts.”

@ Hants and GP
Periodically, Hants you highlight actions of others who “do things in and around Barbados” that are meaningful. Here is what de ole man would ask the two of you Rumshop clients if wunna would be disposed to “putting your money where your mouth is” No insult intended just a statement. The task is to buy a cheap phone with a SIM Card and a monthly plan for “Unlimited Text only” Their sims will only be used in disseminating the Bajans want Change Message. I our behinds are serious about this let us progress this matter with a fervour, the hour is near and “what thou doest do quickly”

All Bajans Need to Participate in our Democracy, Including LAWYERS

Poster designed by Pieceuhderockyeahright

For OUR democracy to work effectively ALL stakeholders in civil society must participate, advocate, agitate, support … to become DISENGAGED is not an option.

Join the Poster War – #bajanswantchange



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Crisis in Education

Submitted by Anthony Davis

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) today put Minister of Education Ronald Jones on notice for industrial action if he does not meet with members by next Wednesday. “BUT President Pedro Shepherd sounded the warning following a more than  three-hour long meeting with scores of teachers who were summoned to a 1 p.m. meeting at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium … On announcing the meeting  on Wednesday evening, BUT president Pedro Shepherd said the union had issues to discuss with the teachers but he did not ‘think the issues can last us for the entire day – Barbados Today (22 April, 2016)

You are very right, Mr. Shepherd!

You did not think period, Mr. Shepherd, because you are being paid to do a job from which you and others are going AWOL without the slightest care about that said job, nor those who will suffer from your dastardly absence. Both of these actions were wildcat strikes.

If you have “no dispute with the Ministry” why did you walk out on the students?

Is that the type of conflict resolution which you are teaching the students when you give Government an ultimatum  to meet with you, instead of asking for a meeting?

Pray tell me Mr. Shepherd why you called out  your members for a meeting at 1 p.m. on Friday 22nd April, 2016 when you knew full well that the students were preparing for the exam of their life?

Couldn’t you have met after school, or is the welfare of your charges irrelevant to you and the others?

Don’t you get enough time off during the year?

Don’t you get about 3 months holiday plus about 3 teachers’ days?

How come there are no:

Police Officers’ days?

Immigration Officers’ days?

Customs Officers’ days?

Prison Officers’ days?

You don’t seem to know anything else but strike, thereby interrupting our children’s education!

Every time they have important exams coming up you seem to think that that’s the best time to strike.

You and Mrs. Redman are being paid by the parents/guardians of the said students whom you are depriving of their education.

I wonder how you can have the gall to pick up a cheque for what you did.

It’s time the nonsense stops.

If one doesn’t work, one should not be paid.

Therefore you shouldn’t be paid for the time you wasted Friday April 22 and Friday April 29, 2016.

How many days do the primary school children have to study for the exams now, Mr. Shepherd?

You stole two from them which means that they didn’t have any tuition on two out of five days before such an important exam, leaving parents/guardians in limbo as what to do with the children.

That was the epitome of callousness!

“Children speak in the field what they hear in the house.” – Scottish Proverb

Final Nail in CAHILL ENERGY Project

cahill_flyerA few words to put this project to bed.

Barbadians were told by Ministers Chris Sinckler, Denis Lowe, Prime Minister Stuart and others singing from the same hymn sheet that the Cahill Energy project was the best solution to manage energy from waste (EfW). They peddled the position that plasma gasification is proven technology. What advocates against the Cahill scam have tried to push into their thick skulls is that hitherto there was no plant in the world operating at the same ‘’industrial scale’’ to model the Barbados design. Barbados was being used as a ‘guinea pig’. Luckily for Barbados a relatively small group of Barbadians lead by Kammie Holder of the Future Centre Trust supported by White middleclass Barbados and social media banded together to become strident and effective advocates against the Cahill project.

Why do we opine the Cahill Energy project is dead?

An article appeared in a UK newspaper today (28.04.2016), read it!


Twitter account – @budavid

Philip Nicholls and the Cottle Catford Matter, Questions

Philip_NichllsThe release of the book published by Philip V. Nicholls More Binding Than Marriage – the former partner of the once venerable Cottle Catford law firm – has only served to exacerbate public scrutiny of the legal profession. Those who read the book were astounded by many revelations shared by Nicholls. Until now the public has not been treated to a rebuttal to the tell-all.

BU shares the following documents received which put Nicholls on notice that offended and or interested parties intend to push back against some of his allegations. We invite others who have documents and a story to tell about the demise of Cottle Catford, the part played by Philip Nicholls and related other matters to visit the top of the BU page or click on the Contact Form located at the bottom of the blog (note the blog and NOT the comments section). Submissions via the contact page will be directed to BU’s confidential inbox.

Perusing the documents submitted we find it interesting that that upon the withdrawal of Allan Watson as a partner, he, along with Sir Neville Nicholls, were appointed by Cottle Catford whose sole partner was Philip Nicholls, to be consultants of Cottle Catford. If as at 01 January 2003, Philip Vernon Nicholls was the sole partner of Cottle Catford, why did he not have a taking of accounts? We invite Nicholls to elucidate on this matter in the public interest. In the book Nicholls pleads ignorance and a high level of naivete as contributing to highly questionable business decisions taken as a partner at Cottle Catford, can the scholarly and respected Sir Neville Nicholls claim to be of the same mind at that time?

A disclaimer: BU holds no brief for any of the actors in this affair. We will publish all documents received without fear or favour.

page 1-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 2-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 3-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 4-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 5-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 6-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 7-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 8-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 9-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 10-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 11-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 12-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 13-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 14-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 15-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 16-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 17-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 18-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 19-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 20-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 21-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 22-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 23-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 24-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 25-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 26-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 27-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 28-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 29-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 30-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 31-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 32-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

page 33-DelvinaWatson vs Cottle Catford

Moral Rehabilitation a Prerequisite to Achieve Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle

Extracted from Andrew Simpson’s Facebook timeline.

keep_island_cleanSo many issues need to be addressed, and in so little time – worsening political, economic, environmental and societal conditions are all connected. Everything we do, affects the whole. Numerous valuable offerings grace the pages of our media. Solutions are attainable. Trusted and committed leadership, to corroborate a common vision, is needed.

Wastage and pollution are my pet peeves so promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles is what I am most passionate about. I believe that we must do what we can, with what we have, now. Barbadians should fully embrace the idea of resource preservation and practice permaculture; converting green waste for soil remediation to improve food security, while reducing impacts of chemical fertilizers / pesticides on ground water and nearshore reefs. Such measures would save much foreign exchange; as would more renewable energy generation, recycling, etc.

A national beautification program, utilizing available ‘manpower’, crowned with a centrally located nature zone (surrounded by with affordable lodgings) and linked through gully eco-system trails to a coastline rim for hiking and biking, would greatly enhance our tourism product.

Adoption of the above values, within a super efficient cooperative framework, would positively affect employment /standard of living within a new ‘green’ entrepreneurial class; increasing GDP as we facilitate more local production and climate friendly options. Unused properties must be developed with private funds, with opportunities to invest shared as widely as is practical. Policy makers must limit public borrowing to support unnecessary spending, on luxuries we can ill afford at this time, with any deficit financing strictly reserved to facilitate project investments that have undoubted potential to repay our national debt. Less reliance on government, through adoption of basic policies that encourage cultivation of greater individual responsibility (including design of a more effective governance platform) is the key to national prosperity being obtained in a truly independent Nation.

The greatest challenge which must be overcome; in order for our island to flourish, is the moral rehabilitation of this present generation. I urge each fellow citizen to recognize the power of free will; and choose for yourselves this day, whom you will serve. We must acknowledge the poor choices we have made, often under influence; accept healing and forgiveness, and promise to live in love.

Poster Offensive Launched, #bajanswantchange



Th historically passive Bajan continues to explore non violent tactics to express disapproval to the myriad of concerns prevailing our once small proud country. With the emergence of technology and along with it the exponential growth of social media, two BU regulars have come up with the idea to create posters to graphically detail our concerns and to use social media as a vehicle to communicate those concerns.

Here are a few posters which have been created so far by Sunshine Sunny Shine and pieceuhderockyeahright and one other. BU posted a couple to Twitter under the hashtag #bajanswantchange. All creative Barbadians are encouraged to create posters and post to social media platforms using the hashtag #bajanswantchange or any other which resonates with the theme. What should be the motivation? A functional democracy calls for all citizens to participate 24/7. Once every five years is disengagement by any definition.

#bajanswantchange @budavid