Plasma Gasification Update Required Minister Denis Lowe!

Submitted by Colin Wakefield

Dear Sir,


Teesside. Plant

I have attached a newspaper article, which has a potential impact on Barbados. Firstly I should explain my own interest in both Barbados and the content of the article. My family and I have been very lucky to visit the beautiful island of Barbados over a number of years.

I have worked my entire working life in the UK defence industry, but have been involved in local politics in my home town. On one of our holidays I met Major Sam Headley and had various political discussions and have kept in touch over recent years, Christmas cards etc. My own interest in politics grew from a major environmental issue, which has negatively impacted on my home town of Houghton-le-Spring in the North East of England, unfortunately all the residents concerns with the landfill have materialized, dreadful smells, vermin and our greatest fear, pollution of our drinking water aquifers, which has now happened.
Since 1997 I have lead the residents fight against this environmental disaster and we have had some success, but sadly could not stop the landfill going ahead and take no pleasure in saying ‘we told you so’. As an engineer I was keen to support proper waste disposal/treatment rather than just saying ‘not in our backyard’ and have become involved in promoting better waste treatment and disposal of the what we all produce.

During a holiday in Barbados about three years ago I began to wonder how Barbados planned to dispose of the islands waste stream in the future (sad I know). After a little research I found the proposed plasma gasification plant proposal was well underway.

Through Major Sam Headley, I made contact with Mr Bizzy Williams, who I have kept informed of progress (or not!) of two very large plasma gasification plants, some twenty miles from my home on Teesside. Plant 2 was suspended just before Christmas 2015 and yesterday it was announce that Air Products are planning to walk away from the development, I have attached the article from today’s Newcastle Journal.

See relevant Links:

I continue to work part time in the defence industry, however the company I work for has an environmental division, which has just completed a large autoclave waste treatment facility, which in my view should form part of a better waste solution, more suited to Barbados and given the impending failure of the Teesside plasma gasification plant, are you aware of any change to the to the planned plasma gasification plant in Barbados, which now appears to have become very political.

I would be grateful if you could provide an update on the state of play with the plasma gasification plant planned for Barbados.

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77 Comments on “Plasma Gasification Update Required Minister Denis Lowe!”

  1. John Docherty July 6, 2016 at 6:30 AM #

    Why didn’t the plasma gasification plant work as proposed in Teeside? In my opinion feedstock was not of the correct quality for the plasma gasification process, the waste would have needed to go through a pre-processing stage to ensure that the moisture content of the finished prepared fuel (RDF) was in the 12-15% range otherwise too much moisture would lead to tarring of the internals of the furnace.

    The preparation of feedstock on plant of this type is one of the most important factors to consider.


  2. David July 6, 2016 at 6:44 AM #

    The bottomline – it does not matter how you twist it – the science is too young with a plant of the proposed scale to construct on a tiny island Barbados. Those who participated in this scam from our government must be held to account.


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