Solutions Barbados – The Case (Justification) for A Third Political Party

The following note received from the man behind Barbados’ latest political party Grenville Phillips II.


We would appreciate if you would notify the BU community of a free public presentation and discussion on Thursday 7 April 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Combermere School Hall.

Title: Solutions Barbados – The Case (Justification) for A Third Political Party.

Presenter: Grenville Phillips II

The planned event is to provide a forum where the Case can be presented in its entirety. We are looking forward to a rigorous discussion. The invitation is linked below.


  • Grenville would have us believe that the likes of Maloney,Bjerkham,Cow,Bizzy,Simpson,
    Hoyte,Broomes,Jordan,Bynoe,Branker,Mia,are cowardly business persons.Fat chance.I would associate that kind of comment with pretenders McDonald,NUPW,BWU.


  • Hello Grenville,

    Who else from S.B. – besides yourself – will be there, or is it only you?

    Is S.B. a one-man party in a two-party country?

    Where is your team?

    Good luck, we will be there watching and listening intently.



  • Good luck Grenville,

    Take a look at the article below


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Mr. Grenvill Williams

    The SSS wishes you the best of luck. I do hope, with all sincerity that you are able to deliver a stimulating speech that would gather interest.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Dear Grenville the Third

    It is heartening to see that you are venturing out of cyberspace with Facebook and Barbados Underground and your own website to the real world.

    De ole man send you best wishes but wants to axe you dis.

    Does you intend to stream you ting pun Sundey or whenever?

    De reason dat I axe dat question is threefold.

    Streaming from whu me grandson tell me does show dat you ent technologically challenged and dat you political savviness is up deah look up periscope and hangouts and fuze

    Two. Dat you ent only catering to de elite which udder people heah, including me heheheheheh, does strongly hint and elucidate.

    And three.

    While de ole man doan travel too much, of one ting dat de ole man sure bout is dat de BLP and DLP operatives gine gots people deah tekking pictures uh you audience. Me madam throw me floppy hat and me Bob Marley hoodie and say dat she doan wan no octogenarian thug in she house, which is a real shame cause I was did had de bop in me walk perfect

    Looking forward tuh seeing good things come from this, doan let down de people hopes you hear?



    It is Granville II.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    If the gentleman is serious re 3rd party, he needs to use social media to his fullest advantage and target age groups 18 to 35 specifically…the othrr age groups will follow.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Apologies to Granville II.

    No disrespect intended. I wrote without referring to the roman numerals behind his name

    Me grandson does do a likkle ting wid de internet AND i does watch he and tings.

    I would suggest that Granville II invest in some short video messages that deliver his message in a rapid dissemination way for young peeple tuh get he vision in de 8 seconds dat dem attention does be lock on to a subject

    Jes saying!!


  • The principal justification for a third party is that the BLP has lost its legitimacy because it is currently led by an individual who is unfit to hold the most powerful office of a Christian country. [The last time I checked, the majority of Bajans were not pagans].
    If we do not want to live in a one-party state, then a third party is absolutely essential.


  • Chad666
    But in our Christian society, a fornicator is now the most powerful person. So you’re too late. #alreadypagan


  • Was Grenville a hit our a disaster ? I hope that BU sent out her team of “experts” to follow the proceedings.

    Waiting for the rise of a third party is an exercise in futility. If you guys are serious about effecting change in Barbados I would take a conscious decision to target the day when we “celebrate” our fifty years of independence.

    If you can raise a rally numbering between ten – fifty percent of the Barbados population you can bring fear and anxiety to a complacent political class and her backers.

    I believe that Stuart has overplayed his hand by placing too much emphasis on our fifty anniversary. What is that saying: “The best laid plans …………..”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright March 23, 2016 at 6:58 AM #

    Dear Grenville the Third

    By George he got it wrong HA! HA! ROFLMAO


  • And whats in your wallet, Prime Minister and other Ministers of Government? How does our leader (s) matches up.


  • The Directors of GEL are not doing too bad,in relation to these world leaders salaries.



    Well, it is in need of a THIRD POLITICAL PARTY. Both political parties in Barbados, The BLP and DLP are tainted with mountains of mess. The BLP mess mountains are more immense and much more embarrassing. The DLP may not know what in the hell they are doing. The BLP administration with Owen Arthur at the helm also did not know what in the hell they were doing.



    Those responsible for the Flint, Michigan water crisis will surely face consequences. Those responsible for the Codringer Family tragety at Britton Hill in Barbados should also face consequences, mainly Dale Marshall.



    The Toyota Company faced consequences for faulty cars sold to Americans. The US government in 2014 fined it 1.2 billion. Those responsible for the Codringer Family tragedy should be persecuted alike Jessie Jackson Jr. in the United States. The former US congressman was persecuted and fined $750,000. The US government additionally conficated his retirement fund and two homes, one in Washington DC and one in his home state, Illinois.


  • It is the Codrington family you empty headed parot.



    The US will surely take action against German car maker Volkswagen. Barbados should take action against those responsible for the Codringer family tragedy, that and massive theft/Violet Beckles matter.


  • @ David or Grenville,

    When are we going to get some feed back on the meeting that took place on Thursday 7 April 2016?


  • Sorry mixed up the dates. I thought it was earlier last week!


  • Bushie is still waiting to hear a coherent case for a third party….
    The REAL case is for a NEW SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE. ….BUP is a proposal which seeks to create a temporary arrangement designed to impose such a new governance system – one based on the ONLY thing that has WORKED successfully in Barbados in the past 50 years.

    A new party ALONE, operating under the same flawed governance system will be the final straw that breaks the brass bowls backs….

    Grenville needs to address how he would address these glaring governance failures ….


  • @ Left De Union March 27, 2016 at 3:25 PM,

    Excellent video clip. It was informative, challenging and inspirational.

    @ The BU family,

    If you have two hours to spare I would advice you to watch this video clip and post it to a friend our a family member.


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