Focus Barbados Blog: The Sins of P.Antonio “Boo” Rudder


P.Antonio ‘Boo’ Rudder

The blogsite Focus Barbados is interesting. The focus of the blogmaster is on the elephant subject in Barbados, one of domestic abuse. The story which captured BU’s attention is titled The Sins of the Barbadian Father: P. Antonio “Boo” Rudder . We take this opportunity to invite parties identified to rebut through the following BU link – Send Confidential Message.

Barbados has a legal obligation to protect women and girls from domestic violence and sexual violence including sexual harassment. The State is required to put the necessary legal and administrative mechanisms in place to adequately protect women and girls from these forms of violence and to provide them with access to just and effective remedies. There must be sustained efforts by the State (such as continuous training of law enforcement personnel and judicial officers, sensitizing the media, educating the public) to challenge the stereotypical attitudes dominant in Barbados which help to perpetuate violence against women and girls. – quote via Caribbean UNWomen

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231 Comments on “Focus Barbados Blog: The Sins of P.Antonio “Boo” Rudder”

  1. a March 2, 2016 at 8:54 AM #

    this is a great rescource

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  2. focusbarbados March 13, 2016 at 9:15 PM #

    Hi everyone! While you all get back to your daily routines in this short attention span world we live in, I just wanna update you on how FOCUSED I am.

    The Barbadian Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development said that domestic violence in Barbados “‘is often fed by poverty, dependency, lack of education or capacity and the absence of empowerment’” (qtd. in Nation 30 Mar. 2011). However, sources note that the problem of domestic violence affects women of all stratums of society in Barbados (CADRES [2009], 14; Nation 19 May 2010).

    In response I started mixing the ingredients for my nuclear bomb!
    The explosion sounds like EMPOWERMENT to me! Check it out for yourself!
    This is a podcast I created:
    The Sound of Empowerment

    In Barbados, there’s a resistance to exploring new ideas that challenge traditional boundaries, to embracing change that offers the possibility of bringing overall improvement to the society, and to seeing issues from other than the mainstream perspective.

    Generally speaking, the average Barbadian is unconscious of this reality, especially if he or she happens to have spent their entire life here. It often requires the liberating experience of living abroad, thus becoming detached from day-to-day Barbadian society, in order to see the situation for what it is.

    Barbadians have been conditioned from birth, through a form of socialization grounded in our British colonial past, to place limits on ourselves and to accept being conservative as
    a defining Barbadian characteristic which others recognize.
    -Quote Barbados Today-


  3. focusbarbados March 14, 2016 at 8:42 AM #

    And……we have a new youtube page!!!

    Take care.


  4. pieceuhderockyeahright March 14, 2016 at 12:04 PM #

    @ FocusBarbados

    I honestly don’t know that to say.

    But i am going to say this anyways

    1) You have 5 really great themes here that commingling have done a slight disservice to any one of them as standalones

    2) The soundcloud podcast now enhanced to video of your encounters with the young man is interesting for a number of reasons (i) you gave aforethought to recording the session(s) which is good since it gives an insight into BOTH OF YOU. I would go further but suffice it to say that I will not diminish any victim of abuse but I will briefly say (ii) you enacted a scene that at 1.10 seconds to 1.12 seconds into the video displays a Jekyllian change that would support that word “enactment”

    3) Abuse is a standalone topic which while you tie it to the psyche and socialization and cultural dumbing down of the Bajan, trivializes the issue rather takes away the focus from the abuse matter.

    4) You have taken the very sensitive topic of abuse, some of which resulted in the deaths of people whose pictures and death scenes you have interwoven in your own matter and to that degree “too far east soon becomes west”

    5) As a topic in its own right, the sense of self and self development which impacts on the normal Bajan’s ability to “think outside of the box” is something that has some serious merits.

    While de ole man agrees with that theme/fact, I again revert to saying this is a topic of itself, one that could easily breed several documentaries that shed some alternative perspective on the national psyche and by extension on the “feeble exercise” that we are now pursuing for 50 years of Independence.

    6) There is too much text on the slide and this does not permit a viewer to soak up the message which you repeat when you are speaking.

    Each concept should be introduced separately and not “bunched’ and should “stay” in sight for enough time for the viewer to absorbs the text while listening to your words. You are not a cinematographer and neither am I but…this is sensory overkill, too much info to assimilate by eye and air, AT THE SAME TIME

    Grey font on black or red on orange DOES NOT PERMIT a viewer to see what is the message so for example where you show antonio in Qatar one cannot see what the words are and similarly Margaret Christopher’s ordeal is invisible because of the colours

    What starts to happen Focus Barbados is that with your commingling of serious topics, with your voiceovers of the Antonio matter, now starts to dilute your currency and makes both men and women who detest all forms of abuse pause, and view this in another light altogether.

    But doan mind me I is jes an ole man soon to depart with nothing to do during my retirement ok? and like we ole menses are wont to do, try to be relevant in our golden years and failing that make ourselves a bother to the world

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  5. focusbarbados January 29, 2017 at 9:02 PM #

    @pieceuhderockyeahright, HEY! U always going on about how old and feeble u are! Hope u still alive to receive this message! So much has changed since my last post here almost a year ago. After the podcast and video I stepped away for a while. I’m actually just now receiving YOUR BEAUTIFUL feedback! I so appreciate it. Thank u for even checking out my messages.

    All of your feedback is important to me. And YOU ARE SO RIGHT! The effect of all my experiences during the abuse, surviving with the PTSD afterwards to this day and trying to tell the facts about what happened to me as well as unselfishly include voices of those who don’t or can’t SPEAK for themselves or use creativity as I do, resulting in SENSORY OVERLOAD. And that’s exactly how I felt, feel and would want others to experience the truth.

    I am not a professional with audio and video in regards to knowing exactly how to do what professionals do, but I am an artist who only had ART as a form of therapy and activism regarding ways in which I could spread information about my experience and the culture of abuse in Barbados.

    I am happy that you see the THEMES that I saw because connecting dots is something I learned to do when I had no answers. It took time for me to get my mind back before I could do the research and understand what happened to me in all the various themes and yes, I MIXED ALL THEM ALL TOGETHER because at the time everything was one big jumbled mass of chaos and confusion that I or someone else who cares would be able to unweave, sort thru and produce more appropriately when the time comes.

    Maybe now is the time for me to revisit and recapture those themes, ONE BY ONE. Maybe not. Maybe as u r suggesting, the ABUSE of me by Antonio Rudder, should be the only focus.

    I found that narror view to be too hard to portray. I was abused but I also lived on the island. Protecting the children is the TRUE THEME. We are all somebody’s child.

    Thank u so much for everything. I will never forget what happened to me because it won’t let me forget. And I will always be ready to add to this blog, to the podcast, to the YouTube, Facebook page, books, albums, paintings, and every tool within my God given talents to raise awareness and seek redress.

    My case in a human rights court is open and under review. —–THIS WAS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN, the real bomb I had been mixing all along.

    Much love.


  6. focusbarbados January 29, 2017 at 9:28 PM #

    Reblogged this on Focus Barbados | Protect The Children and commented:

    Just updated a comment on this thread! It’s been a year since I’ve posted anything. I will be back soon.


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