Obama Cannot be Trusted

Submitted by Pachamama

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts – (Virgil)

A few days ago he came bearing gifts. A paltry Trojan horse to the Jamaican people. Today he is being quoted in the media as promising not to interfere in the internal affairs of countries in South & Central America and the Caribbean. The region the real and hidden Trojan horse is aimed at. Obama is no more trustworthy than any other US president has been. He is way more deceptive though.

This day’s grand promise is impossible for any US president to keep, there can be no seriousness for implementation, post 2016. For empire cannot help but subjugate. We believe it’s a trick, a head fake, a diplomatic war on the peoples of this hemisphere. That there is a darker, hidden agenda. That that agenda has to do with the TPP and the use of corporations as the newly burnished, unbridled, leading spear of empire.

The United Sates has interfered in this hemisphere over 100 hundred times in the last century alone. These incursions included, overt military invasions, soft coups, hard coup, the use of so-called international agencies to destabilize and the export of dual citizens to lead countries. Obama’s pronouncement, on its face,could represent a tectonic shift to the Monroe Doctrine which has guided US foreign policy in this hemisphere since, some say before, the infamous fifth president of the United States, James Monroe (1817 – 1825).

Virgil’s admonition is even more prescient when one traces the rise of western imperialism from 823 BC, through the Greeks, the Romans and now the Americans, in broad strokes, of course. Indeed, it would not be wrong to state than all the structures of the American imperium are clearly Roman. That the same maladies this here empire now suffers, in the troughs of its collapse, attended the Romans themselves. Some have even likened Obama and Bush to later Roman emperors, with some conviction. How apocryphal!

We were dismayed to hear a Jamaican prime minister publicly attesting to her ‘love’ for Obama and pledging the ‘love’ of her island’s people for this man. We wound want to know how many more children and old women will have to be killed by his drones for Portia Simpson-Miller to find him more brutal than his predecessors. Or how many more years must elapse to prove to her that this stealth candidate was no less vicious that the ‘loaded’ horse of the Trojan Wars.

This is the same sneaky fellow who, less than weeks ago, believed he had reason to designate The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as an existential threat to the United Stated. Of course, he has since backed off so as not to create the type of isolation he faced at his last meeting with this regional grouping. Then, for once, hemispheric leaders, to a man, told this Caesar that they will not attend any other regional meetings unless Cuba was present. Obama barely escaped facing the same crisis, of his own making, once more. This rabid old dog cannot behave any differently.

The same Obama who spies on people with whom he is negotiating, cannot be trusted. We are indeed thankful that the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff has the guts to treat him the way any woman is likely to when one peeps under her dress. We are encouraged that countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Bolivia will form a vanguard against American hegemony, presented under any guise. Unfortunately, sycophantic countries like Barbados and Jamaica will always revel in the notion that a titular Black man, as president of the United States, means less viciousness, is one of us. He is not and has never been! They will again me made fools of, as the content in the belly, of this Trojan horse reveals itself. Let’s hope it’s not too late for the minions


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  • Let’s hope it’s not too late for the minions
    Give Bushie a break!!!
    It has been ‘too late’ for YEARS now…..


  • We have Jamaica a beneficiary under Petrocaribe.

    We have the US exerting questionable pressure on Venezuela?

    We have Obama visiting Jamaica and the Caribbean. The US is a country rich in energy reserves.

    What is messing?


  • St George's Dragon

    ” We believe……….there is a darker, hidden agenda.”
    As with pretty much all your posts.
    I blame the Lizard people:


  • St George Dragon

    Imagine a self-defined ‘Dragon’ daring to suggest that ‘reptilians’ maybe of his slithering, slimy, ilk!

    Your ignorance knows no bounds. Maybe one time, just one time, you may find something to say that has even a tangential relevance.

    If yours is the specious case of reptilianism, you should make that case. You already have the appropriate name. LOL

    That is not our argument.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    What is missing is the People’s Republic of China.

    What is ostensibly a mission to Jamaica and the other clowns of the Caribbean who traipsed to Jamaica to attend this intelligence gathering mission is the fact that the USofA sought, and continues to seek, information of the nature and extent of the PRC’s entrenchment into these respective economies

    I say these because with the advent of the Nicaraguan Grand Canal US $50 billion slated for 2020, another project funded by the PRC, what we have is a world superpower with whom the USofA has serious problems, eating into landscape right next door to the grand 51 1/2 states of Amurica.

    We have been and continue to be an ignorant people.

    We are caught up in the grand pretensions of President Obama, leader of the War machinery of the Free West, orchestrating a military reconnaissance exercise into Jamaica, where the new enemy is, being courted by all us clowns.

    So Russia is no longer a threat, ergo “we the United States can remove the embargo against Cuba” but “since we fear China, we must renew relationships in and among these banana states, lest the Chinese get a foot hold in our backyard”

    But ye astute gents, of which you Pachamama number among the lead proponents, need to be aware of this critical thing.

    Our “just recently descended from the tree brethren” across the islands of CARICOM not only dont have a clue as to what is the real purpose behing the USA visit, the real thing is that they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LEVERAGE THIS GOLDEN EGG IN FAVOUR OF OUR ISLANDS!!

    After a while you tire of the SHYTE

    Besieged as we are with men and women with not fvcking vision…..


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Already we have commentary by one who is emblematic of the regional disease of blinkered vision suggesting this “lizard people” concept.



  • millertheanunnaki

    “Unfortunately, sycophantic countries like Barbados and Jamaica will always revel in the notion that a titular Black man, as president of the United States, means less viciousness, is one of us. He is not and has never been! They will again me made fools of, as the content in the belly, of this Trojan horse reveals itself. Let’s hope it’s not too late for the minions”

    So what are you saying here, Pacha? Not even when the same 50% “Black man” dons a tam and turns into a Bob Marley (another 50% black man) lookalike?
    One wonders what Obama would prefer to do on a visit to Bim. Visit George Washington House or pay homage at Bussa’s statue?


  • Miller

    We have always said that Obama represents empire, White supremacy and so on. That he is less than White has benefits for empire. A deception for the mindless sheeple. But nothing has changed under Obama, at the centre of empire. The reverse is likely true!

    One of the aims of empire is always to get people to act against their own interests. Obama has. The foolish Black people in America who voted for him twice have. This has really been an ‘Obama Deception’ from start to finish.


  • St George's Dragon

    Just in case it is not clear, I was being sarcastic. Pachamama’s view of the world is through a lens of paranoia. I do not share that view. Of course Obama is looking after his own interests – who wouldn’t – but I do not share this view that “there is (always) a darker, hidden agenda.”
    There are no lizard people.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ pieceuhderockyeahright April 11, 2015 at 10:24 AM
    “Our just recently descended from the tree brethren” across the islands of CARICOM not only dont have a clue as to what is the real purpose behing the USA visit, the real thing is that they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LEVERAGE THIS GOLDEN EGG IN FAVOUR OF OUR ISLANDS”

    Not a clue as to what is the real purpose indeed!
    The Chinese are waging a war on the chess board of geopolitics and the Caricom states are just pawns already captured and pocketed. Cuba is one of the knights China is after as it seeks to replace the USA as top dog in world hegemony.

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  • Are we not splitting hairs? The US like all powers is engineering a foreign policy in its best interest. Piece says China others say Venezuela. As Venezuela declines in power so too its support of PetroCaribe will wane.



  • millertheanunnaki

    @ St George’s Dragon April 11, 2015 at 10:50 AM
    “There are no lizard people.”

    I got your point of sarcasm at first read.
    But how do you know there are no lizard people?

    What makes you so sure? I would slither to your side of the argument if you can tell us why we share only 97% (approx.) of our genetic makeup with chimps. With whom or what do we share the other 3%, if not with those came from the heavens?

    Dragon killer you might just be a product of the following alien sexual contact:

    “When human beings began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. Then the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with humans forever, for they are mortal; their days will be a hundred and twenty years.”
    “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”


  • St George's Dragon

    And why did Venezuela start PetroCaribe? Was it pure as driven snow philanthropy, or could it have been part of a foreign policy which served their best interests?


  • John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.

    This is the only time a US President will come, Iran need to make a deal for they know they can not make deals with white president , Obama is a Moor and this is the only chance they have before the next President drop BOMBs on them and get the Dick /Bush Black Water killers loose,

    South America V,have made deal rice for oil, now its hard for them for one of the 2 refinery is down, oil no longer 150 a barrel and they wasted money on self and pockets , just like Barbados did,

    What the President is doing is what he promise what he would do by talking to Cuba, Iran and who ever else want to talk before the shooting begins,

    Peace is what he looking for , remember a leader will come from the East and he did by way of Sperm from his Father,

    USofA have been around for only 239 years and been at war some where for over 200 years , WAR is part of the economy and all level must keep the killer working as even guns on the street and jails to put the people, As now smoking POT now to be legal as we killed and jail many for what USA now want to to do,

    Now or never to visit , now or never for peace.


  • St George's Dragon

    Now I regret raising the Lizard People issue.
    I am on fairly safe ground when I tell you that the 3% of DNA we don’t share with chimps is the bit that makes us human, not reptilian (except in my case).


  • St George

    You can’t both claim that you were being sarcastic and within the very next sentence make a charge of paranoia. You can’t have it both ways!

    If you are to make the grand charge of paranoia you have to explain yourself. You have to make a case not just throw out epithets.

    We have made our case/s. Where are yours, stating the other view? Surely, if we are so fearful, as you claimed, where is the history of American – Hemispheric relations that proves your point. When has Haiti ever invaded north America? For example!

    You say there are no lizard people but yet you are both a Dragon and a ‘person” from St. George, another lizard person like you. LOL


  • Hello Pachamama
    Criticism is fine. But what exactly is your solution here. As for as I know when President Obama ran for president, he was only opposed by one other man. Is that the choice that you are suggesting would be better for us all? Please let us know your solution. We understand your criticism. Any of us could come with criticism. Please explain in your own words what would have been the solution had President Obama not been elected. Or are you one those folks who is still in the Plantation? I would welcome your response. Excited to hear it. I know of quite a number of uppity Bajans who are opposed to President Obama but that is because they view is that they are the only blacks who can be uppity. So President Obama should not have been afforded this opportunity. Their thinking is “America is not ready for a Black President”. They were made to look and feel rather stupid. It seems that you fit this category. But I could be wrong.


  • Why then do half of the population of the Caribbean go to the USA illegally, some even die trying to cross the seas. Obama has been one of the best President of The USA we have had for some time, do you want another Bush or some of his war mongering people None of us are perfect, remember most of his advisers are white Americans, can he go against all of them? I think he tried to do his best, when he came in as President America economy was in a mess, it is now rebounding, and we are begging for their dollars. Please give him some space.


  • St George's Dragon

    “You can’t both claim that you were being sarcastic and within the very next sentence make a charge of paranoia.”
    I did.
    You seem to believe that the USA is some Satan-like world power that can do nothing right. I don’t. They have acted as bullies around the world and I certainly don’t support that but Obama has been the least intrusive President around the world for years.
    I am afraid I just don’t get a world view where Putin is the man of the year and Obama is the devil.


  • Hello Pachamama,

    I felt obliged to write a second comment here. Not sure whether you are black or white. But if you are not black, I would say that you are somewhat irrevelant.

    But if you are black, my comments relate directly to you. I am of the view that any Proud Black Man, I repeat Proud Black Man (this means a black man who is comfortable being black, like myself. I would not want to be any other color for any reason) would be proud of President Obama only if for the mere fact that he ran for President of the United States of America and won. The blacks who have a problem with that and bring their criticism in my humble opinion are sick mf’s. I mean sick. They are entitled to their views but to me they should keep them to themselves or share them with likeminded people. I do not want to hear or see their comments or these people.

    President Obama has been a beacon of light all over the world for people of all stripes. There is a congressman in Germany who is the first black to be elected in that country and he directly attributes his success to President Obama being elected as President of the United States of America. There are youngsters in the United States of America at this moment who as aspiring to be the kind of people that they never thought they could be all because of President Obama.

    So you can stuff your criticism. It is obvious that President Obama’s being president of the United States is causing you lots of grief and it should. You do not deserve to benefit from this new wave of goodwil. You can join the ranks of the Donald Trumps and the Benjamin Natanyahus of the world, but you are with the losing group and you deserve that group. Good luck to you.


  • Say what you want President Obama will be remembered as the President who reached out to Iran and Cuba.


  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    “I am afraid I just don’t get a world view where Putin is the man of the year and Obama is the devil.”

    I admit that I don’t get the ole world, English aristocracy, braze knights in Armour conquest ting you got going on there, but I get your sarcasm and embrace your quote above.

    Btw, you don’t get hot in that tin suit in dis weather!


  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    “There are youngsters in the United States of America at this moment who as aspiring to be the kind of people that they never thought they could be all because of President Obama… It is obvious that President Obama’s being president of the United States is causing you lots of grief and it should.”

    Jim blogger, all hail.

    This is the first time I have seen here on BU (maybe there were others) someone here strike to the core of the most significant benefit of Obama’s presidency.

    As a politician we can criticize his positions and actions as much as we want because he will not act to satisfy all our needs but as a social phenomena the absolute push back by many powerful strata of white America is directly related to your quote above.

    In every class room in the US when a white teacher scoffs at a black kid’s answer of ‘Pres. of the USA’ to the query ‘what do you want to be’. He or She can look straight in the face and say ‘yes I can like Barack Obama’.

    As you suggest, that can be a very powerful elixir!

    Now, for all practical purposes and because of the Obama precedent we will never ever see another black President (if certain interests have their say) but that is another discussion for another time.


  • St George's Dragon

    @ David
    Meanwhile, Putin will be remembered as the President who reached out to Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Transnistria…….
    @ Dee Ingrunt Word
    Check the picture – the man in the tin suit is St George; I am the Dragon – naked to the world with some English aristocrat stabbing me with a sword.


  • Why are we making a big fuss with Obama visit because this summit was not about the Caribbean.We must understand the broader picture is to normalized relations with Cuba.The Caribbean at this point in history is of very little importance in the geopolitical dynamics as it relates to World Affairs. Global terrorism has dominated the agenda and it is where America has it eyes at the moment.Therefore the Caribbean leaders really need to craved a vision for the region and stop having the cap in hand mentality.President Obama visit is only about his legacy as it is about US and Cuba relations…where there is going to be
    vast amount of trade and investment.This is where the Caribbean need to capitalized on this great opportunity rather holding out their hands,it is there for the taking.

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    Submitted by Pachamama.

    Interesting submission.

    “Obama is no more trustworthy than any other US president has been.”

    Never understood why people thought differently.Have a key collection of scalps to prove it too.Bin Laden,Gaddafi,possibly Chavez,The Iranian Nuclear Power Plant and might be lucky to get a Castro.


  • In the 19th century,the USA came to the aid of President Castro of Venezuela in its border dispute with GB in the area known as Guayane Esiquiba.
    In the 21st century,President Putin of Russia,in retaliation of US and EU support in Ukraine ,on the border of Russia itself,sought to establish a foothold in Cuba literally on the border of the USA,but was beaten to the punch by President Obama’s superior political and diplomatic skills.Obama met Castro in South Africa at Mandela’s funeral service and sealed the deal much to Putin’s chagrin.Young Cubans and young Ukrainians want to life a life of comfort like the average Westerner.They are not interested in war.Its the same with the Iranians,young,well educated,and want to live a life of comfort,western style.The technological revolution is a wake up call and dinosaurs like Castro,Maduro,Putin,John Bolton,Dick Cheney the Bushes,O’Reilly,Hannity,Murdoch,can kiss the warmongering route goodbye.


  • Guayana Esiquiba


  • St George’s Dragon April 11, 2015 at 1:23 PM #
    And Putin will also be remembered as the man who is now causing Germany to buy back all of its redundant Cold War Leopard Tanks, which they had sold to enthusiasts on reunification and the end of the Cold War.
    There may be a Bundes Republik Deutschland once again under Putin’s reign.


  • PM STUART and PRESIDENT OBAMA are two of the most principled leaders in the world.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Fractured BLP April 11, 2015 at 10:50 PM

    PM Fumble a man of principles? Don’t make us puke with shame. Show us when and where President Obama ever lied to the people of the USA.
    But then again a liar need to be “principled” in his dogged determination to convince people with his lies.

    Wasn’t David Thugsom (a borrowed appellation from your “prodi gal”) a man of high principles who swore on the West Point oath to never to lie, cheat or steal (or tolerate those who do)? Now where does that leave Leper Parris? Certainly not in the cold of his frozen assets but within the warm loving protective arms of Fumble!

    Yes indeed Fumble is a man of principles who saw nothing wrong in lying to a little school boy right before the school principal.

    Again nothing wrong in promising the CLICO policyholders a return of at least the “principal” portion of the investments.

    Nothing wrong at all in lying to the students and public workers about their security of continuing access to tertiary education and jobs in the public sector if only they vote for him and his dangerous lying party.

    Why do the NCC workers frustratingly await the outcome of the principled stance taken by the same man of integrity on the ERT?

    We shall soon see if this “principled” leading jackass of Caricom has more bite than the P M of Antigua has bray with regard to the future of LIAT (lingering in Antigua tray).
    Maybe the principal jackass needs a real red bull to give him wings to fly to Antigua and back with LIAT.

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  • TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of (But the trade deal which Obama and the corporations that really call the shots are pushing for us to accept without letting us in on the details until it is too late to do anything about it.)


  • In 2014 Wikileaks produced a leaked document showing why the TPP (which Obama is trying his best to get fast tracked to avoid scrutiny of the deal by other elected officials and the public) “isn’t so much a free trade deal as it is a giant giveaway to monster, transnational corporations.”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Suckabubby

    You, and Pachamama have sought to underscore Obama’s “trustworthy” nature as citizens of the Caribbean the perspective of a non-US country/ies.

    The thing is that President Obama is an American first and while it may not be a position we agree with, we must not confuse his understandable national interests with his blackness.

    Therein lies the infinitesimally large chasm that we citizens of the Caribbean archipelago aways commingle and CANNOT EVER understand.

    When a Spaniard or Israeli or American says that they are we bajans, and west indians, CANNOT understand what is being said and why it is being said, at so many levels.

    Let me see if I can bring some perspective on what that concept of being an first means.

    I paused for a little while to think of a “state of being” that most people can identify with and sadly only came up with the following –

    “A eight forward gear car circa 2015”

    Again the ole man dont want to date himself by going back to the 1950’s, to preselector gearboxes and permanent 4W drive in Land Rovers but I wanted to give an simple, (simplistic??), example which presents a state where moving from 8th gear to let us say “neutral” takes some time.

    Certainlt each of you understand what you have to do to get into reverse.

    Being American, is like being permanently in eight gear, and being the president of the United States is the state achieved when you are always in hyperdrive!!

    The US, like all foreign powers, IS NOT REALLY INTERESTED in advancing the well being of foreign nations, bilateral aid DOES NOT MEAN putting the economy of a foreign nation in a better position than mine.

    While it is not the definitive Oracle of the Delphi on political matters, the editorial article of the Jamaica Observer gives minimal support to a topical belief that the region collectively was unprepared and continues to be unprepared in engagements with the USA at this and any time.

    The editorial is titled “Still so little information about the substance of President Obama’s visit” and may be read at http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/editorial/Still-so-little-information-about-the-substance-of-President-Obama-s-visit_18741202

    A parting remark to the Barbados Tourism Minister Richard “i can see spirits” Sealy.

    If it was hard for your Tourism Marketeers to get visitors come to Barbados over the last 20 years (and thereafter for the tourism arrival statistics to be falsified) now that Cuba has been opened as a tourism destination if the MoT and the hotels dont sit down and do some serious revamping of the Tourism Product, we in duck’s guts and will be shat out like so much swill…


  • Easy Squeeze (make no riot)

    Obama is in his lame duck period now and Hilary Clinton is the next Democrat to run and become the first woman president

    Obama was a target for Partisan politics and media and shut out by Congress


  • Using hokey numbers and neon lies to sell TPP
    by Jim Hightower

    Come one, come all! Step right up and buy your ticket for a ride on the splendiferous, phantasmagoric, supersonic, miraculous, “Trans-Pacific Partnership!”

    TPP is not some sort of futuristic flying machine, but yet another global trade scam coming at us like a volcanic eruption straight out of hell. This thing is a “partnership” of, by, and for global corporations – similar to NAFTA, only much, much, much bigger and far more destructive both to the middle class and to our people’s sovereignty.

    Negotiating in strict secrecy during the past seven years, a cabal of the Obama White House and corporate lobbyists are now ready to spring it on us, and Republican leaders intend to ram it into law before We the People can get a whiff of its anti-democratic stench.



  • @ Greenie

    Will like to thank you for help with this matter. We live in a time where there seems to be nobody in the Caribbean trying to read the future.

    If they think they have problems now, just let them wait until this thing kick in, by stealth. All the rules will change. The world will change. Not for the better, for the worst.

    Last evening we saw a TV program, a movie, where citizens of the USA were allowed to legally kill ‘unwanted’ individuals – to get the rid of the homeless, their enemies etc. For 12 hours!

    Combine these two things and we are in Barney, Barney Rubble!


  • A profoundly interesting interview.


  • @Ping Pong

    What do you find interesting about the interview? His views on immigration, China, India, Russia?


  • Pachamama April 12, 2015 at 8:20 AM #

    @ Greenie

    Will like to thank you for help with this matter. We live in a time where there seems to be nobody in the Caribbean trying to read the future.
    May I remind you that Statesmen look after the next generation. Whereas Politicians look after the next election,……….or becoming the first President of the Republic, whichever comes first.

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  • David

    the breadth of his understanding of many of the neighbouring countries is profound. However it is the command of details and the analytical approach to strategic development that is impressive. Lee Kuan Yew’s abiding concern was the continual development of Singapore and his observations and analyses were not just academic but were informative to his policy development. Lee did not whine about the external environment (like Stuart and other CARICOM “leaders”) but he sought to understand that environment and position Singapore to take advantage of opportunities and to mitigate the threats.

    I am NOT a promoter of Singapore’s development model for Barbados. We have to pursue a program that is sustainable by Barbadians. I am, however, an admirer of Lee’s intelligence, discipline, integrity and continuous dedication to improving the quality of living for Singaporeans and wish for Barbadian leaders that possess the same qualities.


  • @Ping Pong

    Agree with you, equally struck by the same qualities even as an octogenarian in the Rose interview which is recommended viewing for all of our barefoot politicians. He is obviously widely read and and has been able to distil his learning to ensure his country benfits in a real way. Not once in the interview did he quote Virgil or some philosopher. There is time and place.


  • Imagine a supposedly grown up PM Simpson hugging up Obama and telling him “I love you and Jamaicans love you.”?! While Jamaica’s IMF dictated debt repayment scheme is the MOST stringent in the world at 7% of GDP even more stringent than Greece’s at 3% of GDP.


  • @Ping Pong

    Actually you need to come home and recall PM Stuart’s cry directed to Obama read cap in hand. All this against the background of touting republicanism.


  • Ping Pong April 12, 2015 at 2:23 PM #
    Reminds me of the time when the same big head idiots were invited to the White House,some years ago, and launched into a shameful, “my island is better that his.” speech.


  • PM Freundel Stuart in Jamaica on 09 April, 2015:

    ““It is not states like ours here in the CARICOM region that can impose the GDP per capita measure by which small and still vulnerable countries are graduated from access to concessional financing, both from larger and more powerful countries and from the international financial institutions which they control.

    “Likewise, the small states of CARICOM have never had clout enough to determine the behaviour of those correspondent banks whose not too veiled threats now confront the financial sector in our countries with the prospect of certain, but we hope not too imminent, collapse.

    And this has not been the only threat with which we have had to deal. As offshore jurisdictions, our International Financial Services Sectors have been forced to defend themselves insistently, consistently and persistently, against the labelling of our domiciles as “tax havens” with all the pejorative connotations attached to that expression. This, in addition to change after change in the rules that apply to our jurisdictions,” he said.

    Mr. Stuart stated that the region continues to be seriously concerned about the grave challenge to the competiveness of rum, one of the region’s most significant exports to the US market.”


    PM Freundel Stuart in Panama on 11 April, 2015

    “While addressing the Seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama yesterday, Mr. Stuart said: “Dialogue between Cuba and the United States of America ended many long years of hostilities between the two countries. May the fruits of this V11th Summit be the undertaking of a frank and honest dialogue between Venezuela and the United States of America.

    “The peace and security of the hemisphere demand no less! It cannot be made to appear after all, that the United States needs at least one adversary in this hemisphere at any given point and time.”

    Mr. Stuart stressed that Barbados´ relationship with and support for the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela had never been up for negotiation. “Venezuela´s historical commitment to the integration of this hemisphere through the efforts of Simon Bolivar and a succession of leaders down to the present has always recommended itself to the people of Barbados,” he stated.”



  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    The US is absolutely the most complex place on earth. Because there is the wonderful, the obnoxious, the amazing and the distressing that happens in the land of the most millionaires and too many who are depressingly poor.

    After a black man was elected President the awareness of how actually deep seated racism still permeated the psyche of the nation surprised many.

    So how fitting and symptomatic of that distaste is this story from a tiny, little town that straddles the south and mid-west of the country: “Missouri police officers resign after black female mayor is elected ”


    Life as usual proves that fact is often stranger than fiction!


  • Dee Ingrunt Word

    Certainly there is more to the resignations than simply the issue of race, but the stark nature of the actions gives the impression of race!


  • @Word

    No surprises here. Racism and all that go with it will be jere until we die.


  • I ‘ve lived in some places where I had expected to come face to face with racism in its worst form, Germany and the Province of Northern Ireland mainly, but on my very first visit to Missouri, I understood what it meant to be black on the United States.


  • @Dee Ingrunt

    Save your indignation for those who occupy the place of sober second thought who have kept Loretta Lynch on ice for nearly six months, white male resentment is reaching its apex.


  • Not sure why comments on this blog are shooting to the moderator action queue.


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