Anal Adored by the Sexes

Do we misuse the gluteus maximus?

Do we misuse the anus?

The hushed issue of using the anus to extract sexual pleasure continues to hold interest for many. The expected reaction to this revelation will be one of alarm followed by condemnation by those whose heads are planted in the sand. But navigate to any reputable website offering insight into the issue and the message will be the same – an estimated 30% of males AND females have engaged in anal sex at least once. And what are some of the popular Internet searches? anal, booty, fat ass,   big ass, you get the drift.

Of interest is the fact the botsy or pooch, to use a Bajan term, as a source of sexual pleasure and general interest is pursued by BOTH sexes.  Yet it is a subject that is taboo even in the most liberal of societies. Many Barbadians associate anal sex and homosexuality. However, the volume of visits and hits to porn sites and specifically of male and female clicks to anal searches challenge the notion that there is only a moderate interest. So why the hypocrisy?  Why do males and females risk pain by penetrating the sphincter which is an anatomical feature to manage the flow of ‘waste’ from the body? Are male homosexuals attracted to the same sex because of an urge to have sex in the same way as the heterosexual? Is it a case of pursuing an emotional interest and having to settle with the anus because the female was the vagina by the great designer? To be frank BU is confused by this issue.

The big question is why is anal sex and matters related to anal rising in popularity among the sexes. If only we were able to commission a Wickham poll to determine the level of interest in anal sex among the religious in Barbados. We know that there is a healthy interest if we deduce from  revelations coming out of the Catholic church. Unfortunately the truth will never be known because of the taboo!

For many the fact that interest in anal sex is high among BOTH sexes is food for thought. It shatters the belief that it is an activity practiced mainly by men (MSM). Some argue that MSM cannot be viewed through the same lens as anal sex practiced by heterosexuals. While MSM is regarded as abnormal behaviour by the traditionalist and religious, the practice by women is often dismissed as fetish behaviour. It this a fair parsing of the issue?

Pornhub is reported to be the largest website peddling pornography on the Internet and if its analysis is to be believed, anal rules!


  • Miller, back to the topic of anal-sex which I believe is a personal choice by two individuals the civil law deems of sound mind. But where do we draw the line as far as our conduct go in a world where there is no moral -arbitor who exercises oversight over our conduct? Shouldn’t there be a moral-imperative as Kant has disscribed to inform our collective-conscience as to our limits with respect to our conduct? And shouldn’t there be a universal moral standard upon which to stand which would give us some kind of an indication as to what is Right and Wrong? Now, we’re talking about a world without the Concept of God.


  • Mill, how do we determine what is morally acceptable with respect to the choices we make with our bodies, in a world where everyone lives according to the dictates of his or her own conscience?


  • Here the finally question on morality as it relates to human behavior Miller: how would Hitler have known that what he had done to the Jewish people was wrong, without some concept of religious morality? Remember now, everything that was done to the Jews in Germany, was right in the Hitler’s own eyes. Now, with that being said, it seems to me that in a world without God, Hitler’s actions would have been justified because he would have relied on the dictates of his own conscience because had he had an understanding of God, he would not have done what he did to the Jews.


  • Bushie I didn’t want to let the dog outta the bag but those instructions were specially posted for you. But I can see you are not an evolved man , yuh still in the cave and don’t want to learn. Yuh is a selfish man a juck in an pull out person. LOLL Yuh wacker needs an oil change! Miller The Dr. Honourable has never seen one close up so the instructions are a waste of time. He gine run hard correction fast like Bushie.


  • @ Islandgal
    … see another reason why Bushie leaning heavily towards Irene? You always letting out Bushie’s bedroom secrets….

    …land leave Miller out if this…you will be surprised at the Miller’s REAL perspective 🙂 …. Ha Ha Ha


  • Bushie a REAL man will thank his woman for the instructions. A COWARD will run and criticize!


  • Yesterday we demanded that Bullen Robert Ross provide evidence that supports his false claim that turning a back channel into a pooooookey was with us ‘from time immemorial’. He has thus far failed so to do. Today we are prepared to widen are demand and will not be diverted by extraneous matters. At the same time we are prepared to accept any kind of evidence, historical placed. He should know the categories of evidence.


  • Now Pacha….you claim to be a “researcher”. In fact what you are is a semi-literate, hate filled wanker obsessive about asses, conspiracies and the enormities of the British and the Jews. You of all people are well known for publishing lies as truth.

    Now do remember poor Pacha that we are speaking of heterosexual ass play. I think that in your role as ‘hole digger’ you are ignoring that – conveniently I suppose because of your obsession with male orifices. Is it a case, as Island suggests in her video, of chronic constipation?

    You are also very stupid. I referred you to the Kama Sutra (research the date dumb head). You might also look at the two volumes of ‘Erotica Universalis’, the ‘Temples of Konarak’ in the text of Allan Watts, and (peripherally) Allen Edwardes ‘Erotica Judaica’.

    Now you might also consider what the ‘Preacher’ had to say about there being nothing new under the sun and ask your poor wee self whether Kinsey invented sexual fantasies or Robert Chartham the clitoris. You might also consider, anatomically speaking, why a woman might find pleasure in anal intercourse and whether a man really cares that much which hole he goes for. You might also consider Is. 36:12 and ask yourself whether this might just be an early reference to the scat fantasy actually practised by gentiles. And finally, you might consider something raised in the post – whether sex has only been relished for procreation and never for pleasure – not that I suppose you know much about either.

    May I also suggest you read Colin Wilson’s ‘The Misfits’. You might begin to see where you stand in the grand scheme of things.

    And finally poor Pacha I suggest you be a good boy, sit down with your comforter and write another piece of garbage on why there was a ‘NO’ vote in Scotland.


  • But where is the evidence that supports your position, pun intended? This not the time for pleadings. This is a court of facts. Where is the evidence?


  • Pach ha ha ha…you are playing games and remember we can all play it….. now go play with yourself….


  • @islandgal246 ,

    Thanks for the refresher course..


  • @Hants

    Do you agree that the repertoire of any man wanting to satisfy a woman must be guided by islandgal’s post?


  • Yes David.

    It is important to find out what satisfies your “wife / woman” or somebody else will. lol


  • ”Pach ha ha ha…you are playing games and remember we can all play it….. now go play with yourself….”

    We have no desire to play with you. As far as playing with ourselves is concerned we are afriad that might lead to being the likes of you, as warned by our parents LOL

    But you should still provide the evidence that makes the case you posited instead of getting hysterical and exposing your privates for the world to see.


  • Pacha the Prat

    One last time…

    You can read about heterosexual ass play in the KS

    You can see paintings/cartoons of it in the EU

    You can see depictions of it in the Temple images

    Ergo it took place.

    Ergo it took place since time immemorial and David need not be confused.

    Ergo yours is a sorry apology for a brain.


  • Hants you are welcome. Unlike Bushie and some others You understand that a happy wife means a happy life 🙂


  • Bullen Robert Ross
    These trite statements, though mostly true, are not enough to satisfy your claim that this behaviour is integral to ‘mankind’ and dates back to times immemorial. Indeed, the presence of such acts within the epoch/s cited still locate them within a reletively recent history. Not anywhere near the times immemorial you cited and centainly not a long enough period to explain differences in perceptions, behaviour or genetic formation etc. Further, you intimated that these acts where naturally located somewhere within the evolution of human, this a much larger claim yet to be addressed by you. Your minor concession, after being repeated pressed, surely does not amount to the level of permanence suggested by you. Indeed, your answer concedes that this is a recent practice. Given these circumstances, you are to either withdraw you unsubstantiated claims, unreservedly or in the alternative supply evidence to justify your outlandish claims.


  • Re Ross…..

    Shiite man Pacha….
    …yuh going to kill e’ ? 🙂


  • LOLL Bushie Irene say doan come back until yuh read the information I posted. She say DOAN come back!


  • @Colonel Buggy

    You obviously missed the gist of the blog. The children you seek to protect know about anal sex and the homosexual lifestyle. It is the elders who play taboo with these issues yet go on their computer and Google.


  • david now i know why u like the color pink…


  • @Pachamama “As researchers we know that everything that has happened in the evolution of mankind, no pun intended, leaves markers. In fact everything that has happening in the universe leaves markers. Where are the markers you claim establishes the universality of bulling.”

    Evolution has left a homosexual marker on mankind. Homosexuality helps to keep the birth rate down, This is important since there were no artificial contraceptives during most of human history. If every homosexual who has ever lived had had children, then those children and their descendants would likely add up to a billion more people in the world. And even on a micro scale homosexuality is useful. Since many or most homosexuals do not have children, the resources (food and car especially) which would otherwise have gone to their children can go to their nieces and nephews. I have noted that all around me homosexual uncles and aunts are often very generous to the children of their sisters and brothers. This helps to ensure the survival of the children of the sisters and brothers, and the survival of the DNA of the homosexual relative.

    Homosexuality is therefore both natural and biologically useful.


  • @millertheanunnaki September 17, 2014 at 8:01 AM “So what is your position, Mark on this painful issue?’

    So why do you think that anal sex is painful Miller etc.?
    Sex between HEALTHY CONSENTING ADULTS is never painful.
    What sort of monster would inflict painful sex on his [or her] partner?


  • So far no discussion about the fact a large heterosexual segment is believed to be interested and engages in anal sex. Instead we are off on the soap box about MSM.


  • so david why you seem to be having a titillating nervous anxiety attack .,any how what business is it of yours any way, what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom,but some how every time u post a comment on this subject ,i become a little bit more suspicious of what you have all covered up in your mortar,hush yuh hear,


  • so david what is your favourite color, i say pink as it has been your official decor of choice on bu website,. i also suspect that you are very kinky having a flare or fling for double dutch.. .


  • what ‘s up with pink


  • BT

    To Pacha the Wanker…’Ya going to kill ” him

    Now you know very well that’s been threatened and he didn’t have the guts to try. All – illiterate – asstalk..


  • Easy Squeez (Make No Riot)


  • Does anyone know why the respected Financial Times have selected PINK as their theme color?

    JAs indeed!


  • Wuh dawg gone.that,s where i would find most gays resting comfortably among the professional elite..wuh dawg that is no secret.


  • David, because the Financial Times is at liberty to do so. You should be questioning the fact that President Obama is contemplating whether or not to paint the White House Black before the end of his tenure.


  • What clueless not in this case.wuh dawg everbody knows that pink is the favourite color of gays..listen to the guy reaction on the video as if he was run over by a freight favourite color is red especially lipstick.don,t feel the need to defend dawg stick to pink.


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