World Soccer 2014 – It’s Anybody’s Cup

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FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

As we leave the round of sixteen (16) and move to the final eight (8) it is fairly clear that the homogenization of soccer culture has left the leading teams nearly equal. There has been few results with margins of more than three (3) goals. Indeed most matches, even in the preliminaries, were closer than was expected by most commentators.

As we enter the final eight, France vs Germany; Brazil vs Colombia; Argentina vs Belgium; Netherlands vs Costa Rica; we may indeed have unexpected semi-finalists and finalists. Certainly, Belgium, Colombia and Costa Rica have not threatened to go all the way in recent years or even before. While the others have more pedigree, if you will. Brazil has only shown fleeting displays of the brilliance expected. Germany has been, as usual, workmanlike and strong in defense, but unconvincing so far. They have been in this position before. Lionel Messi has shown up at critical times to secure a top quarterfinals spot for Argentina but he has not been the magician we expected and the rest of his team are just above par.

We see Belgium and the Netherlands, on their day, on par with the average displays of France, Brazil, Germany and Argentina. This normalization of standards leaves this world cup of soccer 2014 opened to, maybe, a Cinderella team. Maybe Colombia or Costa Rica if they can continue to surprise us with ball play. Colombia has drawn their last four (4) games with Brazil. The display of Costa Rica should give inspiration to small island states everywhere and may alter the algebra of control of world soccer.

Even money, may however find a safe harbour with the teams from Europe and South America which have won in the past. The world cup has always been a competition between the Europeans and the South Americans. The odds maybe better for a former winner to win, again. For the home country to somehow prevail. For a South American country to triumph on home soil. But our instincts are guiding us to a result which would represent a departure from form. Could we be right? Could an underdog really topple the gods and hoist the World Cup of Soccer 2014? Time will tell.

Who ever wins let us at least hope that the quarters, semis and final would be more creative, less defensive and more spectator friendly than the incessant wars of attrition displayed on screens for the past fortnight and more.

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  1. It is in Sth Am so history suggests a Brazil vs Argentina Final. Neither team has been spectacular although Neymar and Messi are class acts!

    Netherlands have 2 of the VERY BEST% Goal scorers on Earth and at the end of the day that is critically important. Robben has been good,indeed even his acting at times. Van Persie, besides the spectacular header has not woken up yet. Netherlands or Germany could be dangerous BUT the HEAT favours Brazil!

  2. Money Brain:
    The fittest team shall win!! All of the games are being won after the 70th minute or late in over time!! Strategy and set plays are also the name of the game: Messi drew four players towards the touch line; squared the ball and Argentina is now in the quarter finals!!

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  4. Johann Cruyff didn’t win it neither did Ruud Gullit but this group will win it for the Orangemen

    • The Dutch have a good chance, it will be a fitness issue with them. Also they need to keep tighter back formation.

      The match to watch is Brazil and Columbia.

  5. Suppose Belgium beats Argentina! They have a group of talented players. Have represented well especially in the 70’s with Dana. They now have as many leading players as any. Their Chelsea play maker may yet shine – Eden Hazard. Their defense is centred by the City captain.etc

    • @Pacha

      Belgium had an easy passage which is why they have escaped attention, you are correct, they have some world class players who if they step …

    • Belgium certainly could step up their level of play Hazzard, Company, Lukaku, Origi ( young black gent should be called OriGi which is a gazelle), Mertens et al have been the tiny Nation expected to do well. Remember Denmark came 3rd in 1994 and in the early 1990s won Europe.
      Belgium should not be taken lightly by any team.

      It will come down to which team has the absolute determination to win and can overcome the heat/ humidity.

  6. Yes, on the field. But off the field, we still vividly remember King Leopold and his most brutal ownership of the Congo. Of course it is the Congo which has fed the Belgium resurgence.

    • @Pacha
      I thought we were focused on Soccer here?
      Agreed that the Belgians were BASTARDS in the Congo.
      Leopold’s Genocide equates with Hitler’s!

      Pity that Mobutu and the Kabilas were little better for the populace.

    • @Hants
      The TOTALLY CROOKED and INCOMPETENT Liberals WILL HAVE NO CHOICE but to CUT back on their nonsense. I can assure you that I will arrange my affairs to keep my TAXes LOW when these bastards take it out on the populace to PAY for Liberal MISMANAGEMENT.

      Hants those who voted for them should shoulder the burden as your due.
      Have fun!

  7. Germany vs France was just as lackluster as the ‘mean’. Following the tread set from the beginning of the tournament. We are not hopeful that Brazil vs Colombia would be any better. Except, Colombia stages a likely surprise. Maybe soccer too has met the outermost extremes of its development, maybe!

  8. It would appear so. They have played well. The game has been very entertaining. Colombia’s form dipped badly in the last 10 – 15 minutes.

    They will have to raise their game early in the second-half, starting with a hugely disappointing performance from Curadrado. If he is unable to raise his game within the first 15 minutes than he should be removed from the game.

    We will see in the second-half if this Colombia team prove to be pretenders or challengers for this year’s world cup.

  9. Colombia blew it! They failed to play their normal game. If they had imposed their style as was expected they would have toppled Brazil.Poor referring. The manager messed up in his team selection. Quintero played well. Curadrado was a mere passenger. What a disappointment. Hopefully the Germans will eliminate Brazil in the next round.

    • Bim could win the WC ie water closet!

      Bim could win the WC if we hosted BUT did not permit the other team entry to Bim!

  10. We have a “united” cricket team consisting of several different islands who represent the West Indies. Why not a united football team?

  11. Brazil’s team doctor says Neymar ruled out of World Cup with fractured vertebrae.

    Very unfortunate.

    • @Hants
      Zuniga went in with venom and a purposely bent knee. He would be well advised to catch the first flight OUT of Brazil! Columbia was playing Neymar rough all game, the REF was from Spain. ONLY an idiot would put a Spanish Ref, from any Spanish country to Ref that game. I t should have been a Northern European Ref or someone of great experience and NOT Spanish speaking.

      In 1998 when Salazar made that ill fated back pass for Columbia, I told my family and fellow viewers that he would be killed in Columbia and so true he was gone within 24 hrs of his return.

    • The rough play started on Neymar from the Chile game and continues yesterday, it was inevitable someone would get hurt.

  12. This is a clear case where the referee was obviously instructed to let the game flow. Those instructions could only have come from FIFA officials. We have not seen such a badly judged game since we played on grassless fields in Buhbadus. We were astonished that scores of fouls were NOTt called. This idiot for a referee allowed too many harsh fouls by the Colombians and therefore set the stage for the possible career ending injury to Neymar. What a jack ass was the referee. He did not even give a free kick for this clear offense. You say don’t referee the referee. Well this one was a genuine ass hole.

    • @Pacha

      What you will observe today is the other extreme and of course Messi wil benefit.

  13. @ David
    Yuh see how these people in charge can change the rules to suit circumstances. Talk about fairness. FIFA runs soccer like a fiefdom.

    • Any Organisation or Ref behaving this way is taking a BIG Risk in Brazil. Please note that 11 of the Globe’s most violent cities are in Brazil!

      Would not take much to anger these peeps into harming a REF

    • Should have been 11 of 30 most violent Global Cities are in Brazil!

  14. What are you guys smoking? Brazil started the game cynically committing fouls early on and got away with it. Fernandino was the worst offender. You could argue that Brazil was fortunate not to have picked up a red card early on in the game. Incredibly the Brazilian goalkeeper avoided receiving a red card whilst conceding a penalty. Once the precedent was set Colombia followed suite. The treatment meted out to Rodriguez was disgraceful.

    As I stated earlier the referee was terrible. If he was in control of the match from the beginning, Colombia would have been able to express their style over a very limited Brazilian side.

    • The critique was about the standard of refereeing allowing hard ball, that is the point.

      Today’s games are two of the most boring to date.

  15. @ David
    That is the modern game. It takes just one moment of brilliance to decide it. There were several near brilliant moments in the second game. In the first, not so much.

  16. Costa Rica did well to escape defeat in during the game and the Dutch were unfortunate to hit the upright and cross bar etc. without scoring. Costa Rica seemed to be content to wait for penalty kicks but their plans went awry.

    I hate penalty kicks as a way of deciding the game but the Dutch coach should be hailed for substituting his goalie in the final minute of extra time which was the difference in the shoot out.

    Brazil without Neymar doesn’t stand a chance against Germany which will probably lead to some very unhappy Brazilians and since the matches are being played in Brazil anything can happen.

    • Robben MUST have Atomic power, that man run for 2 hrs in that heat/ humidity like a stroll in the park. Sneider and Robben could be the difference to break the Continental barrier and win the cup, surely they wont create so many chances without scoring against Argentina. Van P still has not shown up, besides being off side. but he did miss much of the season.

      Without Neymar and Silva, this Brazil Team is very questionable and forcing me to doubt my finalists Bra vs Arg.

  17. Final projection is Germany vs Argentina with a German win. The Dutch were not that impressive today, and Brazil will hurt with lost stars.

  18. This is just like watching the West Indies playing test match cricket! Time for the Germans to declare!

  19. 7-0! Twelve minutes remaining. Germany still look hungry for more goals.
    I stated in an earlier post that “Hopefully the Germans will eliminate Brazil in the next round”. Pathetic Brazil!

  20. Netherlands can beat Argentina BUT certainly have had a Psychological block playing against Germany in the past. Robben and Scneider cant wait!

  21. Brazil played with out Neymar and their captain.

    They would probably have lost but not humiliated.

    I guess the guy who broke Neymar’s back can never visit Brazil again.

    This Brazillian team looked like they smoked ganja before the game. Lethargic

    • Zuniga was lucky to leave Brazil alive!

      If roles were reversed I dont think Neymar would have got out of Colombia!

      Maicon was looking very energetic early on BUT most of the rest were envisioning the THONGS on the Copa Cabana or Ipanema!

  22. Oh Brazil! You got what you deserved. How long can you marginalise your black African population? Ramirez was the only player of pure African descent representing you. What of your supporters? I counted only a handful of African faces in the stands. And what of your child mascots who accompanied both teams onto the pitch? I did not see any! The result was justified and merited.

    Perhaps it’s time for this country (Brazil) to review its short-sighted policies on race.

  23. @ MoneyBrain | July 8, 2014 at 6:08 PM |

    I told you from the outset my money was on Germany.
    Bet still on? One thousand smackaroos Germany will win the Cup.
    Hopefully it would be against Argentina to make it more interesting and to make Mesi look like second rate player (LOL!!).

    • @Miller
      Smackeroos is the new name for the Devalued Bajan $$$????????????lol


  24. @ Exclaimer | July 8, 2014 at 6:20 PM |
    “Oh Brazil! You got what you deserved. How long can you marginalise your black African population? Ramirez was the only player of pure African descent representing you. What of your supporters? I counted only a handful of African faces in the stands. And what of your child mascots who accompanied both teams onto the pitch? I did not see any! The result was justified and merited.
    Perhaps it’s time for this country (Brazil) to review its short-sighted policies on race.”

    Well said!
    Africans in Brasil have been, over the centuries, the most sexually, economically and socially exploited people in the Western Hemisphere or so-called New World.

    They are the ones that made Brasil famous for its sugar, coffee, dance, music and football. They were probably the last to be legally manumitted in the 1880’s. Maybe they need a Marcus Garvey or Bob Marley to show the way instead of a Santa Maria.

  25. @ millertheanunnaki
    Imagine a West Indies cricket team without the flamboyant Kallicharan, the don Rohan Kanhai, the great Dereck Murray, the obdurate Chanderpaul and Larry Gomes. These men were the stalwarts of past great West Indian teams.

    If a cricketer of Indian origin represents the West Indies I support them. Kallicharan remains one of my favourite cricketers of all time. Brazil should take a leaf out of our book.

  26. Blacks and Native Indians,in Canada,the USA,Central America,the Caribbean and in South America,collectively called the Americas, are all marginalised people.This has been the case from the time of the misguided and ill informed Christopher Columbus.Blacks have to free themselves from the shackles of the religion called christianity,used by the european for centuries to control and subjugate these ethnic groups.Treat the european as he treats you,like the animal he is and you are.Don’t turn the cheek at all,let alone the other cheek.A white man slap your cheek and he say you must turn the other one for him to slap you twice?Haul ass man!If he surprise me by slapping me once,one gone!Jungle justice is the only language to be meted out to the caveman particularly one in a suit and a dog collar,the worst hypocrites in this world.Ask Ross man.
    Same justice to the bag blind bare foot hoars.

  27. I said Brazil didn’t have a chance without Neymar little did I know that the defense was going on holiday.

    This was an abysmal performance, they were running around like headless chickens and when they managed to get a shot on goal my grandmother could have stopped them. This defeat can only be described as ignominious the Brazilian psyche is irreparably damaged but at least they can bury the ghost of Barbosa from 1950, who will be the goat this time?

  28. Penalty kicks? What a bummer! My new pick is Germany because there are a few brothers on the team but wouldn’t it be something if they failed to beat Argentina after pouring in all those goals against Brazil.

    • Nothing would upset Brazilians more than an Argentinian victory on Brazilian soil and in the Maracana!
      I guarantee they will be backing Germany!

    • World Cup refund

      After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that traveled to Brazil.

      He said he just needs their bank details and pin numbers to complete the transaction. lol

  29. Argentina hasn’t fared very well against the German team whether they were competing as the former West Germany or Germany and Argentina’s last two matches went to extra time so perhaps the Germans have the edge, it would be rubbing salt into the Brazilian wounds if Argentina won on Brazilian soil.

    Back to the match, the Dutch coach said the first two players he approached to take the opening penalty declined so he was faced with picking someone who didn’t shirk from the job. He also made his last substitution during the middle of the extra period but I wonder if he had kept that substitution for the goalie (the strategy that worked in the previous match) would have produced a different result.

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