Land of the Walking Dead

Submitted be Beresford
 Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

The tantrum thrown by the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. DeLisle Worrell is just more clear evidence that the DLP and its political appointees are not serving Barbados. The unbelievable sideshow of issuing a haughty ban on a media house is a distraction from the much more serious issues of the Worrell’s unfitness to hold the position he occupies. The focus must be on his twists and turns, much like Chris Sinckler’s, which only cause confusion and derail confidence.

Cocooned by a large salary and perks, his construing that all is well while every fact and figure announced by Worrell himself point starkly to the contrary and isolates him as totally unconnected with reality.  This condition is not associated with the top floor of the Tom Adams Financial Centre but another place in a certain well-known street in another part of St. Michael.  This is buttressed by his history of foolish statements and reports on developments in Barbados pulled from thin air.

At no time, but in Barbados’ most critical period, should a Government serious about reversing the slide to the precipice abide the knots and the long string of clowning from Worrell?

How does a Governor pick an unseemly fight with the IMF head? How does Worrell publish that Barbados is about to invest in and benefit from a US$265 million ethanol plant? And survive? How does Worrell be an integral part of the circus of the failed bond issue, that borrows at excessive rates from Credit Suisse and then spews a charade that it was not necessary to borrow the money in the first place?  How does Worrell criticize the VAT, the introduction of which in Barbados by the BLP has been widely praised and, more importantly, which underpins what is left of tax revenues in Barbados? How does a Governor preside over such missed projections, including another $265 million gap unattained in losing the deficit? And how, faced with an economy that gets worst with every quarterly report, does Worrell demonstrate seriousness and priorities by spending time talking about someone whose PR is outsized to his business credentials and an entertainment show – not even one can match some of the house parties being held – as evidence of hope?

Worrell’s high jinks are a blight on the country.

It is part of the decomposing body of Barbados that the DLP continues to countenance nonsense from people like Worrell when it is in their power – and the country’s interest – to include them in the termination of public servants.

Barbadians going home should not be the hardworking citizens made to die a thousand deaths because of people like Worrell, but should be the non-productive like Worrell himself. Sometimes, you have to dismiss the messenger. Especially where the messenger is responsible for the message. It is Worrell’s failure as a Central Bank governor that renders him unsuitable for office. As one of the main apparition’s in the cast of the walking dead occupying positions that should not be contaminated either by idiocy or political posing, he should be removed. But as is said, the blind cannot lead the blind. Nor can the walking dead assist the living.

In the netherworld of the DLP, the stoic detachment from issues and the deliberate manipulation of Barbadians through propaganda continues to devastate the country. The DLP’s aversion to truth and renewed tack that as the country worsens, citizens must not speak the truth about their circumstances and their country is as destructive as their lack of ability in solving any problem in Barbados.

Barbados has not been let down by Mia Mottley. It has not been let down by the BLP as some blind conjurers wish to project. The country has been let down, virtually abandoned, by those appointed to lead. The sharpness of the DLP’s lack of patriotism and xenophobia is in their inability to simply face the truth.

And act responsibly.

Who is responsible for losses at the Central Bank, unheard of even in previous periods of economic decline? Who is responsible for Ministers still flying all over the place on innocuous long hauls when the seriousness of Barbados situation requires that attention should be focussed on Barbados?

Is the DLP seriously speaking about an increase in water rates, after the massive 60 per cent raise in July 2009 that was supposed to fund a water mains programme and bring an end to water woes? On top of the heavy taxation across the board already?

Was it responsible to put up yet another building instead of putting resources to delivering water? Can Barbadians drink a building?  How does a responsible government have the Arch Hall Fire Station inoperable for a year?

How many public servants have been sent home? Have the 4000 or so before the official announcement of the chopping programme to be added to the 3 000 to go this year? Does that includes Suckoo’s 300 plus? Maybe if the DLP and those who are now wearing political stripes were forthright, there would be no ambiguity about whether 60 or 80 are going from the Central Bank.

Why is the Freundel Stuart allowing the mess at the NCC due to Lowe’s political interference in sending home people and against the stated principle of last in first out announced by the Prime Minister himself?

Has there been a fix to the $15 000 a month rental for equipment while the SSA’s machinery that would only take $20 000 to repair lies inoperable?

Why is Lowe still a Minister when, to use Serenader’s calypsoes, wherever he turns up there is Breakdown and Steel in There?

Governance is dismissed for the expedient. This is what occurs in the land ruled by the walking dead.


v The Christ Church East  branch invites you to a meeting this Sunday May 18, 5.00 p.m at the St. Christopher Primary School, St. Christopher, Christ Church.  Guest Speaker will be Mr. Kerrie Symmonds, M.P.

v The St. Michael South East  branch invites you to a meeting this Sunday May 18, 5.00 p.m at the St. Giles Primary School.

The St. Michael West  branch invites you to a meeting this Sunday May 18, 5.00 p.m at its Constituency Office, Advent House, Advent Avenue, Bank Hall, St Michael, at 4:30PM.

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45 Comments on “Land of the Walking Dead”

  1. Well Well May 17, 2014 at 5:20 PM #

    Yeah well, just let me be the first to say, it is as i suspected, the article was correct, the amount of workers at central bank to be severed may have been incorrect, may have, could there have been more to be laid off???lol……the nation printed a retraction, so they say, Worrell made himself look foolish, we all can


  2. racehrse May 17, 2014 at 6:00 PM #

    Fundel Stuart hasn’t a clue in whats going on! Stinkler is so full of shite his eyes are brown. They missed their real calling ” Circus Clowns”.



    To , Us it does not matter who speak truth , Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. DeLisle Worrell is now telling more truth than before elections,

    What we are dealing with today is the cover up of the BLP under Owen and Mia VAT+UDC and Massive Land Fraud , Many lies had to told to stay in power by the DLP and by Worrell to stay in power, Now the fraud bought elections are over . Worrell will speak his mind , for he knows he is ratting out with truth about the BLP and not the DLP , No one will remove him for the damage is long long done.
    Chris Sinckler is a crook liar and scumbag , but this is the BLP mess they DLP looking to cover up and they now see the play on the PONZI game.

    Aduit General is in line with Worrell , The IDB is also in line, What is out of line is Audits that need to be done on land registry , land tax , Archives we are on out way to freedom of information by way of fights on the floor and in the news.
    People on this blog need to read between the lines, We Bajans are the last to know. IMF , Moodys, S&P and WB already know the truth base by the numbers, The rest of the world watching how stupid the Bajans are to be the last to know, With Party yard fowls running up the asses of party pride.

    Sit back and watch the show and see what is going on and the causes,

    We at Plantation Deeds already know for we have the proof that Barbados also running from and looking to blame all others but the BLP and the DLP and lawyers and the pimp title holders.

    Lets see if this info will help you all .next post


  4. ac May 17, 2014 at 10:22 PM #

    steupse,,,,,,,loud and hard,,,,,,


  5. Kevin May 17, 2014 at 10:59 PM #

    @ Well Well

    The only ones making themselves look foolish and have for quite a while is the Nation. Just how many retractions and mistakes can a newspaper make without losing its credibility. About two to three times a week you open the Nation and find a little article at bottom of page telling you about mistakes and inaccuracies they made.


  6. Redman May 18, 2014 at 12:46 AM #

    Seems to me the politicians live in another world (alternate universe).Everything is good for the elite (politicians etc) so dem don’t give a shite about anybody else. A culture of casual indifference permeates the land! Lordy Lordy, this is Bim in 2014 ?


  7. Brief May 18, 2014 at 12:53 AM #


    After reaching the fourth line I said this sounds like Breresford writing. Boy people don’t change. I mention your name because I saw that (your name) first and had to relook at the beginning for ‘Submission by.’

    I am now at peace that you David have not changed.

    Thank goodness.


  8. Brief May 18, 2014 at 12:58 AM #


    I cannot speak of the rest of your article but the Governor has the right to share his opinion on VAT like the rest of us.

    I find it healthy that he disagrees and the PM continues to use it. It offers alternative thinking to the layman who questioned why Commissiong is so oppose to any Tax and who often explains why he would not use Taxes.


  9. Sunshine Sunny Shine May 18, 2014 at 1:17 AM #

    Aye AC baby you good? How is my boo Well Well. You miss me Pumpkins???

    Work got me tied down; can’t get on here like before. However let me make one contribution before I had to the city. The article obviously is written by a pimp operative. It ignores the fact that the goodly economist in his vexatious spirit responded without thinking and for me – rightly so. The nationnews yet again deliberately produce a piece of misguided newspaper reporting that was bent come hell or high water, on presenting facts that were tweaked to sell papers and to present a subliminal message to the reading public that this DLP government must be subjected to relegation and further scorn. I mean is it not obvious by this PIMP that wrote this article?

    Anyone who believes that the nationnews print that piece in error is a nanny-plume of the highest order. The nation news print that piece deliberately. The retraction in the face of the aftermath cannot take away from the impression that has already gone out into the minds of thousands of readers.

    You know the SSS, I am going call it as I see it and the truth is I do not blame the good Dr. of Economics for his actions. He felt that he needed to do it even though his method was short sighted by his emotional state and frame of mind that led to his bad judgement call. But you see where the nationnews is considered, those sons of bitches are worthless is shite. Believing anything that they write is made even worst by the fact that they are part of the despicable ruthless cartel of the corrupt and crooked. The nationnews and all the other goats who spew the mooted freedom of the press as part of the transparency and enlightenment bandwagon for the people, must understand that the nation is a covert operation with an underground of collusive activity that is darker than hell itself. Their true nature, like the nature of many of the politicians and high flyers in Barbados, is all done in the secrets of the dark.


  10. ac May 18, 2014 at 8:42 AM #

    u see the problem with the BLP yardfowls is that there are the clueless ones here,,,,keep jumping out of the frying pan into the fire,,,,,,,,spinning cart wheels like doo doo birds,,,,,,,maybe we ought to say or do something foolish to gather a response , for e,g the gov,,comment on VAT,,,,,,there is nothing absolutely wrong with what he is saying,,,,,,the gov is making a proposal one that would be fairer than vat and brings in more revenue and is hassle free saving govt money,,,,,,,any every body baulks ..vat might have reached a stage where it no longer produce its full potential for the economy and people,,,more so stiffles and overwhelms certain sections of the economy and govt inabilty to collect,,,,change for most is hard,,,,,and for the gov,, the selling of a new tax system one which would fairer and equable would be some what hard,,, we are well known for storing old wine in new bottles ,,,,,,,,,hate change,,,,,,,until reality stares us in the face,,,,,,,


  11. Dompey May 18, 2014 at 8:47 AM #

    Maybe I am too much of an utopian- ideologue, but
    how little do we talk of the resiliency and resourcefulness that bought us through the turbulence of the past. We may not have been down this particular road before but the good news is we have the testimonies of those who have, to sustain us in our moment of desperation. How about relying on Hope and Optimism rather than despair, hopelessness and the incessant negative critique of the current state of affairs, which seems to infused the thinking of many these days.


  12. David May 18, 2014 at 8:52 AM #

    Again we read comments by those on this blog whose asses are parked offshore but have the gumption to lecture about resiliency etc.



    They send home the Other CC members from Barbados and now they want Bajans to go to a war zone?

    well send some lawyers over , i hear they shooting the bad ones,




    This June 1967 Official Gazette House of Assembly Debate certifies Barbados Prime Minister Barrow
    knew Frank King was studying Law in London, note, in this debate Barrow makes no mention of Chief
    Marshal Frank King whereabouts or for a Report from the Provost Marshal regarding this Public Auction
    Provost Marshal attempted Judgement Sale of Wolly Land Water Street House and Land by Chief Marshal
    Frank Decourcey King whom had commenced Law Studies at the Middle Temple 5th May 1967 in London,
    the recorda reveals (Johnny – Richard Cheltenham) also passed his Bar Exams in 1970 in London, are you


  15. Code Name Octopussy May 18, 2014 at 11:31 AM #

    After reading the stats in the NCC tale where Christ Church dominates in people who have been retained , it is now clear -more than ever that people like Denis Lowe -and his ilk do not mean well for Barbados. These people are doing what is political expedient in such a brazen way that it should draw the ire of all right thinking people including the CHURCH which seems to be strangely silent. The continued attitude of these set of politicians can only result in a violently divisive situation a la Jamaica. All the ingredients are there and when politicians , who should be setting good examples, -when politicians resort to the type of behaviour seen in this particular case and in general from the Government in power and its appointees, it is only a matter of time before the country and its people degenerate.



  16. David May 18, 2014 at 11:39 AM #

    Denis Lowe is an unswerving supporter of the Prime Minister, nothing will come of it.



    Denis Lowe,is a low down crook liar and scumbag , he is not alone, we can not pick one when all know the truth ,

    Code Name Octopussy | May 18, 2014 at 11:31 AM | @ we are glad you get it or getting it,
    DBLP is such a fraud base government , If they were in TnT there be a whole lot more shootings,
    Back is gone all we have now is snakes exposed from the grass


  18. Colonel Buggy May 18, 2014 at 4:34 PM #

    The only noble thing that the Prime Minister can do now to re-instate some credibility into the Democratic Labour Party is to fire Dennis Lowe as a Minister of Government. I would not go as far as to ask for him to be ousted from a parliament ,that we are always describing as operating under the Westminster Model, as it is a foregone conclusion that come hell or high water, Mia or Owen, this administration intends to serve out the full period, even if it means driving this country further into the mire.
    At this juncture as far as the DLP is concern, its all about themselves, and to hell with this myth about a Government by the People ,for the People and of the People . As long as these politicians and their cronies are looked after,good and proper and guaranteed , pensions, kickbacks and drawbacks, its a matter of the working class can kiss my arse, I’ve made it big at last. But how arrogant can a so called leader get when he states in an “honest conversation ” to,not with, the public, that according to his last pay cheques,his standard of living has been reduced by some 10%. And this is the same man who is presiding over the many merciless job losses, that have reduced the standard of living of many people in this country by 100%.
    This is also a government that is asking our people to have a bundle of children. Last week we saw one of those unfortunate people who Dennis Lowe has sent home,the sole breadwinner with many children and grand children who now has no means of support.
    Perhaps after the next 9 months , people who find themselves in this position should turn up on the door steps of Ronald Jones and demand some support.


  19. Smooth Chocolate May 18, 2014 at 5:02 PM #

    i know u are not using the term “Walking Dead’ figuratively…who is really Governor of the Central Bank? the man Delisle Worrell or some ‘Alter Ego’ living inside that ‘walking dead’ body’? …and people cannot understand why Barbados is sinking in economic woes so ferociously.

    remove those people who hold high positions, who at 2 and 3 a.m. are conjuring up evil schemes for this island…

    remove people like Bjorn Bjerkham is who now a Director of the Central Bank

    remove those lodge people who choose to worship a Baphomet while wearing a white apron…you are all destroying this country


  20. Smooth Chocolate May 18, 2014 at 5:48 PM #

    Someone asked me last week if the Prime Minister was dead..i had to reply that i did not know …we both agreed that we have not seen or heard him since this storm with the NCC have exploded

    i am sorry for those going home….i was told only recently that it is not over yet. I wonder how those who voted for that short runt of a snake Dennis Lowe feel now that he has ensured that his family who just came into the NCC were appointed tand also that he ensured that Ch Ch workers were not sent home? those stupid false tears he pretended to shed did him alot of good.

    when members of the BLP and others were trying to point out the deficiencies of the DLP leadership and the mishandling of the administration of this country’s purse, they were laughed at. now that the full magnitude of the DLP’s crazy handling of the economy is hitting us in the face, even the naysayers could not have predicted the state we are not faced with. I do not know if people really understand that this government has taken this country way back to the 1950s when education was a privileged for the rich and scholarship holders and to have a job that pays the bills with some left over was like having a gold nugget.

    when the father of the country Errol Barrow advised Barbados to watch Singapore, many must have taken him lightly but he was a visionary. Singapore was independence in 1965; Barbados in 1966; Barbados is 166 sq mls while Singapore is 274, but that island is one of the most prosperous islands in the world. where did Barbados go wrong?

    at what point in time will this administration admit that they have failed and decide to just leave the running of the country to those who really want to take this country forward?


  21. Smooth Chocolate May 18, 2014 at 5:51 PM #


    even the naysayers could not have predicted the state we are NOW faced with.



    Smooth Chocolate | May 18, 2014 at 5:02 PM |@

    Reign of the English started in 1066 , Who Ruled in 1065 and before?
    Now Barbados Independence was set up for 1966. The Numbers 1066 and 1966 are the same =13 or a New .
    Everything is by the Numbers and some see a way for them to Rule Barbados with Fraud and greed , To make us all slaves under the Queen .

    Babadoes Penny 1788 shows what was what , Google,
    Barbados is the new word with the “e” removed , Broken TRIDENT king on water horses removed the Bajan Kings from Barbadoes renamed Barbados.

    These crooks liars and scumbags are not dealing with Law and Must be removed.
    With the PENNY 1788 AND 1792 now replace with CENTS and now they remove the CENTS “sense” IN 2014

    We all need to take a 2nd Look

    Who puts niggers , slaves , or blacks on coins,
    Free Persons the Bajans are Kings and removed from the History Books to have us look up to PIMPS QCs and Sirs ,, Know thy Self
    Sir Hilary Beckles need to be removed , He got his Knight hood from hiding the truth , and then to talk of Slavery and flying fish, Rethink the books you read by National Trust that can not be Trusted , Lead you to the PLANTATION DEEDS true Her-tory , leads you to the His-tory of lies by MIA and OWEN, to VAT and UDC 15% Vat that took in Billions and what to show for it. Now 17.5% because of garbage men need more money , When the Police, Customs, Army, and other who work for the DBLP , Will they add 2.5% more for each group in VAT?


  23. Dompey May 18, 2014 at 6:31 PM #

    Colonel Buddy

    I recalled with some residue of anger, when the late PM Errol Barrow regained power in the middle 80’s. And fulfilled his campaign promises to cut the salaries of the members of Parliament in haft as well as to rid the government of the top of the line Mercedes Tom/ St. John and his troop of cronies drove at the expense of jobless Barbadians. So don’t’ piss on my foot and call it rain buddy.


  24. Hamilton Hill May 19, 2014 at 6:57 AM #

    @ Dompey…please use your imagination if you can, and work with me here. I have three hungry children whose noses are being assaulted by the aroma coming from next door, as the neighbour fries her pork chops.I must now implore them to just enjoy the scent, go to sleep and by tomorrow everything will be alright. That Sir, is the gist of your post dated May 8:47am.What good is hope? Hope does not work. How do I know this? For quite sometime now I kept hoping that you would stop writing so much shit.


  25. Lemuel May 19, 2014 at 7:04 AM #


    That was big political platform talk. The cars were parked but by the next day they were driving again because they are part of the people’s contract and conditions of service. Stop misleading people with nonsense!


  26. Colonel Buggy May 21, 2014 at 10:45 PM #

    Recently we heard the Prime Minister in a speech making reference to climate change and the need, among other things, to address ‘the ingress of saline water into our aquifers.”
    I have always respected the present boss of the BWA, Dr Mwansa, as he from years back taught the Barbadians much about our water network, and the one thing that I can clearly remember him saying , is that those springs on the eastern side as well as those on the western side of the island, flow freely into the Caribbean Sea, and this action helps in keeping the saline waters from the Atlantic Ocean literally at bay and from seeping inland into our aquifers.
    But lo and behold ! we have allowed C.O Willians to divert a significant number of those supposedly vital streams in the Scotland District into a huge dam in Farmers, St Thomas.
    Now that the horse , or rather COW, has bolted from the stable, we are talking, mind you,talking , about addressing the problem.
    Bajans ,we are , ………true to form.
    Dam at Farmers St Thomas


  27. Skwierzyna May 23, 2014 at 1:20 PM #

    This just in: pointing out that a country with a history of prioritizing people of a certain nationality is likely to stick with what its been doing is now racist.


  28. I am Ram Goat May 23, 2014 at 1:30 PM #

    And how, faced with an economy that gets worst with every quarterly report, does Worrell demonstrate seriousness and priorities by spending time talking about someone whose PR is outsized to his business credentials and an entertainment show – not even one can match some of the house parties being held – as evidence of hope?

    Wanna think only Ram Goat duz piss ee self. Is cud be a doctor too wanna ent know I cud relieve myself now? Ting I one isa shoite hound? Bushie butt in nah

    Meakkkkkkk ! Meakkk!


  29. Dompey May 23, 2014 at 3:32 PM #


    When the DLP regained power back in 1984 /85, I can’t quite remember now but I hope I am correct. In any event, I heard this well respect patriarch of the community lamented that, ” He could now walked with his head held high.” Lemuel, this man was obviously speak about the BLP handling of economic as well as the political affairs of the country at that time, as well as the blatant disregarded for the suffering and concerns of the masses. And his words some twenty- seven years later, still echoes within the dark domain of my mind today. That’s what despotic as well as dictatorial power, does to those who operates outside the periphery of reality.



    Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank there is nothing he can do at this point ,
    The DBLP government must now do what the IMF tell them, so they may get more money to play PONZI fraud o the people again.,

    Worrell all he can do is watch and get his pay check, at this point all is stuck in fraud,


  31. old onion bags February 20, 2015 at 8:47 AM #

    Barbados…….the land of the walking and talking DEADS…..nothing is working HERE, except improprieties and friends in high places covering UP friends who flop…. Yet Bajans have no reliable bus service, no reliable garbage collection, no last years income taxes cheques for workers, All We seeing these DEADS still in place drawing $17,000 salaries…..NUff taxes on taxes, layoffs on layoffs….a failed administration if ever there has been one…GIVE IT U Laffables…Why wait for the nxt 3 years?


  32. old onion bags February 20, 2015 at 9:07 AM #

    I recall a man of the cloth pleading last elections to give DEM a chance to FINISH what they have STARTED that one term was insufficient time to see results…..WE HAVE, now what?…..Same shoite as the first term, only difference…IN GREATER AMOUNTS…..nothing from NOTHINGS….dah is all !


  33. old onion bags February 20, 2015 at 10:29 AM #

    How much longer will we sit here..DOING NOTHING…ADRIFT?….Wait even fisherman friends would tell U the worse ting one can do is DRIFT….as you will always get yourself\boat \crew in a more difficult situation the longer you fail to take action.There is no difference with a Government….wanna courting more tragic circumstances.


  34. Due Diligence February 20, 2015 at 11:30 AM #


    DD is just a tourist from the Great White North, who regularly visits de Rock and has an interest in things Barbados.

    I follow BU to try keep informed about the truth of what what is happening (and not happening) in Barbados – not the TRUTH according to ac..

    Much of what I read goes over my head, and what I am able to understand causes me great concern.

    And you OOB, by dredging up these old blogs, including the Lets Pour Concrete blog makes it even more depressing – reminding us how nothing is done and de Rock is adrift while Government is doing nothing to right the ship.

    Tragic circumstances indeed


  35. old onion bags February 20, 2015 at 1:06 PM #

    Dear DD ( so sorry I went to town)

    Take it from Me….I duz be REAL….ask anybody. No FRILLS nutting aint happening bout hay…Bridgetown like D QEH Morgue…..Business is non existant….D cruise ship tourists duz just walk bout and sometimes doan even want to take a $10 taxi ride back to the ship. All these blighters from the Dem’s doing is bare smoke n mirror tatics…they have nothing to offer to rekindle the economy…TAXATION KILLIN WE….like they don’t realise simple economics….You have to “put WOOD in a fire to get heat”….Over 6,000 people get lay off since 2012 and they planning to fire even more….what dez people gine do I don’t know…..I talk to a DEM the odder day and dey saying ..they don’t want to hear nutting negative and told NOT TO READ BU….imagine dat. Heads in D sand mentality. When a big able MP could stand up in Parliament and say nuttin wrong wid keeping lil stocks and a lil blackbird soup eva now and again…you can understand the non-empathy towards the lil man…..Just D odder day they lock up a fisherman for pickin $325 in sea eggs….but BIG ABLE hard back criminals dat thief MILLIONS gettin all kindas advise and walkin bout hay like King Dyals….


  36. Due Diligence February 20, 2015 at 1:48 PM #


    A story in Barbados Today has DD shaking his head.

    Another charge
    Scotiabank robbery accused back in court
    Added by Barbados Today on February 17, 2015.
    Saved under Court cases

    The young man who appeared in a Bridgetown Court last week accused of robbing the Black Rock branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia on January 27, went before the District ‘B’ Magistrates Court today.

    Malcolm Marlon Archer, 20, of Lowthers Hill, Christ Church, who was earlier remanded by Magistrate Douglas Frederick for robbing the bank of BD$13 956 and US$308 while having a firearm with him, re-appeared at the District ‘B’ Court on a possession of cannabis charge.
    After pleading guilty to the offence, Acting Magistrate Anthony Blackman fined Archer $500 forthwith, with an alternative of two months in jail. The fine was not paid.

    Meanwhile, his mother and stepfather had their matters adjourned until June 3, by the same court. Adrian Athelston Pinder, a 50-year-old steel bender, is accused of dishonestly receiving stolen goods, that being BD$3 650 and US$50 belonging to Scotia Bank, between January 27 and February 8.

    Archer’s mother, 43-year-old housekeeper Mohandai Durga-Pinder, who allegedly received $500, which was the proceeds of a crime, has been charged with money laundering.

    Pinder and Durga-Pinder were granted $10 000 and $2 000 bail respectively, and must report to a police station once a week.”

    So a young (probably unemployed) man robs a bank of about BDS $15.000 and allegedly shares part of his stash with his parents, including $500,00 with his housekeeper mother, who probably used the $500.00 to purchase groceries. And his mother is charged with money laundering, within days of allegedly receiving $500.00 from the proceeds of crime.

    But, LP and his associates robbed CLICO investors and policy holders of hundreds of millions of dollars, part of which were scrubbed through his attorney’s account, and nobody has been charged with a crime years after the robbery and scrubbing.

    Something is wrong with this picture.

    Please explain


  37. old onion bags February 20, 2015 at 2:10 PM #

    Now you get the picture…..Money Laundering…when FCIB could tell Leboy to remove $6 million for fear of ML…..and a credit union tekk UP the offer…TWO BUBBADOES Dilly….a poor women tekk $500 to buy lil middle cut n a sardine….to feed a hungry destitute 20year ole fella..and she is THE ONE to get charge wid MONEY LAUNDERING….DId I also hear the Central Bank hold $8 million in a special deposit account for Leboy…since when the Central Bank of this plc…duz hold deposits on ac-cunt for Lil Boys? bout big sin…But Wait who ALL THIS MONEY REALLY CONCERN….who pay in all them premiums???????Leboy?


  38. old onion bags February 20, 2015 at 2:43 PM #

    Due Dilligence

    Some REAL AC-Cuntery gine on bout tis place here….


  39. balance February 20, 2015 at 3:58 PM #

    “This condition is not associated with the top floor of the Tom Adams Financial Centre but another place in a certain well-known street in another part of St. Michael”

    Don’t go there Beresford- Don’t go there- there is a time when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets like any other man.


  40. old onion bags February 21, 2015 at 8:50 AM #

    Yeah Dilly

    Me again…looks like annuda rainy day today…..but at least a sign of LIFE from the sky…BUT not wid these BLIGHTERs…..evating they touch STINKS….is as if they CURSED wid D Thompson curse…FOREVER…Barbados will have to endure until these BUGGERS are KICKED out….until then WE SUFFER. Imagine theifing,robbing and lieing for a livelyhood…just down right NASTY !!!!!!!!


  41. old onion bags February 21, 2015 at 11:13 AM #

    But that ent D worse Dilly…..imagine dat some people just doan know which FRIENDS to associate with….imagine dat, some like D MONEY once it get flash in DEM faces dey gone MADDY…they just don’t care bout nah leperoscy or nah,habitual THIEFING RECORD pun D Hill or Valley, is like the resta BUBBADOES cud kiss WE ROYAL and wanna cud as well drink wood dove n black bird soup…imagine dat…Ya think dat is RIGHT Duey?


  42. old onion bags February 23, 2015 at 9:22 AM #

    Well Well Well

    This article is MOST APT to describe the lethargic state of tings bout here….nowadays since the bank robber get hold…tings quiet quiet…D police solving every crime in less than 8 days so crime pun hold….so much so that the News stations et got NO NEWS…so is back to what these JOHNNY BURGERS cud spin and put out…Nuttings den, dun know dey aint yet understand on how to kick start this economy …is just Mo TAXES or Mo LAYOFFs ….dey can’t wait til Budget day to pull in Mo money. In the meanwhile D cuvnty listing and listing….3 mo years of waitin n waitin like dead men…same ole same ole..


  43. old onion bags February 23, 2015 at 6:44 PM #

    LOSE SOULS….Dark Shadows …I say Dark Shadows…..Barnabus Collins…..bare duppies walking and talking ah tell yah!


  44. Roebuck St. Economist July 23, 2015 at 1:15 PM #

    Snip> above intro

    At no time, but in Barbados’ most critical period, should a Government serious about reversing the slide to the precipice abide the knots and the long string of clowning from Worrell?

    One could not have said it better……


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