Black Barbadians Refute Bogus Mildewed Theory

Submitted by William Skinner
Everson R. Elcock a successful Black family business going strong after 50 years

”Everson R. Elcock a successful Black family business going strong after 50 years”

“In his presentation, the Prime Minister made mention of a book about the company (Everson R. Elcock and Company), which he said “refutes the bogus mildewed theory that black people are incapable of establishing businesses that grow and prosper beyond the control and by extension, the lifetime of the founder” –  Barbados Advocate Wednesday, April 20. 2011

Prime Minister Freundel Stewart was participating in the 50th anniversary celebrations of Everson R Elcock and Company. In my estimation it was one of the most interesting statements made by the Prime Minister. I, on this occasion agree with him.

This “bogus mildewed theory” believe it or not, is found in the arsenal of blacks, who are convinced that we do not support each other. N.E. Wilson, James Tudor, Ricks Supermarkets, Jordans Supermarkets, A1 and Carlton Supermarkets, Nicholls Bakery, Pearson Pharmacy, C.S. Pharmacy, Branckers, Nation Newspapers, Enids , Pink Star, Collins, Barbados Lumber Company, Youngs Sweets Parlor, the current folks at Oistins, and dozens of former and present black businesses, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have always and continue to support each other.

Sometimes we should pause before we buy into destructive propaganda that is consistent with the divide and rule approach, which continues to endanger us as we move forward. Indeed if blacks never supported each other, there will be no: seamstresses, tailors, barbers, vendors, taxi drivers, mini bus operators, private schools, hairdressers, carpenters, lawyers, electricians ,shop keepers, masons , plumbers or any level of black business. I have seen us find Shorty selling ice cream around Bridgetown in the wee hours of the morning. We have supported each other from the Rasta trading around the roundabouts to the calypsonians in the tents. We have seen small business people build homes and enjoy good standards of living form selling puddin’ and souse and sweetbread. From primary school we supported all the folks selling around our schools.

Of course we have some jealousy and bouts of envy but this is not unique to black people. I know of whites, Indians and other non-black Bajans, who have epic disagreements and who fight every day. This is more a simple human condition than any inferior trait of black people. In the field of law we often hear about dishonest black attorneys. We may be shocked to know that there are also dishonest white attorneys. However, they are usually given a one way ticket to some distant land. I think it is called circling the wagon. I am not looking for excuses –just calling it as it is!

As we move toward fifty years of the flag and anthem, we must guard against the crabs in the bucket mentality and realize that within us are our greatest strengths. Unfortunately, we have thirty elected officials, who set such poor examples, that they drive many of us to conclude that we were actually better off under the colonialists. While I cannot endorse such a view, I am quite aware, why such a position still holds some support.

Quite recently, I was perusing one of the daily newspapers, when I saw the advertisements of the dances that we used to call brams decades ago. It dawned on me that some of the organizers , keeping the dances have been doing so for thirty and more years. These dances have now, in some cases, evolved into shop limes and other entertainment packages. It represents a fantastic achievement that these grass root economic and entertainment events, are still vibrant parts of our economic and cultural activities. I asked myself how many hoteliers tell their guests about these gatherings. It then struck me that I did not see whites, Indians or other non-blacks being advertised as organizers of these events. Enough said!

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    I am wondering if this story is true and if it is I have a suspicion this practice may have been routine …. perhaps it still is.

    It sounds like what I have heard of out of Haiti or India.

    There is actually a word for it in Haiti but I can’t remember it at the moment.

    If it happens today somewhere it could happen here.

  2. @John
    Certainly could be true. Remember that the 3 young ladies found in Cleveland last year who were abducted as teenagers and held for 10yrs in the same house. It is Psychological control that makes this work, just like the Pimps who locate runaway teens at bthe Bus Terminal.

    Many pun here like to argue about slavery etc BUT forget it is happening today in the Cbean, Sudan and globally. In the Dominican Republic they have Slaves working the canefields from Haiti. They bring them over the mountains OR capture illegals who have managed to get into DR. Many Black Slaves today are “owned ” by Black Masters.

    If only Slavery and life in general was as SIMPLISTIC as many pun here attempt to describe!

    The UNMITIGATED REALITY is that life is very complex and DEMENTED, AGGRESSIVE, Domineering “humans” come in all colours, classes and creeds. Some here think that going to Africa would solve everything, NOT necessarily true.
    Try the Central African Republic, Sudan,Zimbabwe, Rwanda et al. Same for Whiteys in Russia, Ukraine, Greece—–I have NO plans to relocate or advice peeps to do so!

    Bim has problems currently BUT it has been one of the BEST places on Earth, to live and grow up

    Why not treasure that? Then let’s fix what isnt working. Start with INTEGRITY Legislation.

  3. @ac

    I did not intend to infer that it was meant as a racist slur. Even if it was it would not make the slightest difference to me. I have lived long enough to realise that here in Barbados that most, if not all, Bajans have been intermixing with each other over the past 400 years or more. So I doubt very much whether one would find any 100% pure “white” or “black” bajans. We all have a mixture of each other. Best of luck to those who may think otherwise!

  4. @ John
    ….you NEVER cease to amaze Bushie…..

    Who in their right mind can compare a situation where some individual, unscrupulous person takes unfair (and likely ILLEGAL) advantage of another – who happens to be less powerful …….with a LEGALIZED, INSTITUTIONALIZED, travesty like the 300 year plantation system?

    Shiite man, many normal married women, (and some married men) can lay similar claims to being un-faired, humiliated, impregnated, overworked and even beaten by their associates….

    The stupid newspaper referring to this as a “SLAVE” is pure sensationalism to impress simple minds…..any child could see that….

    You think that if that woman had gone to the police any of the many times she ran away, that they would have taken her back to her “owner”?
    Such cases occur wherever the STRONG take advantage of the WEAK… it where the rich shaft the poor, or the armed humiliate the unarmed….
    What is the real difference between what happened to her …and what has been happening to PLANTATION DEEDS?

    “Slavery” was about a particular RACE enacting and enforcing LAWS that subjugated another race vi et armis…..for generations….on the false basis that they were inherently superior.

    What happened here was just plain shiite….

    Wait MoneyB
    Bushie thought you said John was bright….?

  5. @Bushie
    I also said to be careful of your own tendency to underate others!
    Slavery is NOT just RACIAL!

    Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work
    This is exactly what was happening in the case quoted! The girl saw the man putting away his wallet after the negotiation with the 2 ladies!

    Are you saying that a black Pimp who beats the shit out of a black female, takes her $$$$$ earned from “back breaking” enterprise on her part and prevents her from plying her trade elsewhere and is in full control of her life is NOT a SlaveMaster? PLEEEZ!

    I dont believe that the black slave with a black SlaveMaster would be any happier!

  6. Gotta agree MB, slavery is slavery regardless of the color of the slave master(s), that is par for the course in places around the world, Bim included, sell the little girls/boys for grocery money etc, adults watch/help in the exploitation of these powerless, innocent boys and girls, what police what, they would also take their cut, particularly back in the 60’s….scum all, if not for te larger countries putting their foot down on these enterprises it would be also more prevalent in the Caribbean and still is in countries/islands where women and children are still seen as possessions.

    I knew something was odd about that threat..

  7. OK MoneyB… may be right about Bushie’s unfortunate tendencies…and perhaps Bushie jumped too many steps at once too…

    John said”
    I am wondering if this story is true and if it is I have a suspicion this practice may have been routine …. perhaps it still is.
    R O U T I N E ???!!!?!

    ….so let us see if we can follow John’s line of argument…..
    If the story is true that some unscrupulous man gave money to a set of retarded parents and in return was aided and abetted in taking a lifetime of advantage over some poor helpless girl…
    This “slavery” thing is just routine ‘everyday’ business as usual, so what the hell is it exactly that wunna foolish black people complaining about again…..? Everybody does it don’t they…?

    Therefore, the Quakers, who were ‘very nice’ slave masters (perhaps they said prayers before whippings, and asked permission before taking the sexy young slaves to the great house…) are to be HIGHLY commended for being so damn nice after all…..we should be grateful….

    ….can you see where John is (“was”) headed??? – before Bushie stepped on his brakes?

    It is totally INSULTING to Bush Tea for John to compare this event with this girl – OR INDEED ANY OTHER SIMILAR ATROCITY – to the historically unprecedented disgrace of the THREE HUNDRED YEAR enslavement, dehumanizations and degradation that MILLIONS of Bushie’s ancestors endured….. BUSHIE’S FLESH AND BLOOD…!!

    Respect due!!!

    Slavery is slavery, and fruit is fruit
    …but mammy apples are NOT dunks…..

  8. Bushie:

    Why are you letting Money Brain and John burst your blood vessels.

    May be they are of the opinion that when the Europeans took over the all systems in South Africa and acquire the Africans lands through this land tax thing that that was to assist these Africans in bringing out the best in them while generations languished in poverty in the slums created by the Europeans. I am dead sure that Money brain shall find some goodness and right in these acts of Apartheid in South Africa!!

  9. Bushie:

    Given their thesis, even hard bosses is a form a slavery equivalent to the rape of young African boys and men by Frenchmen in the French colonies. And we wonder where this bullying thing come from in Barbados!!

  10. The Bushman…….and you have all right to be incensed, it was crude, brutal, ugly, greedy and the epitome of evil, i don’t care how many empires were built, we now just need to instill in the black population that it’s really not cool to sell each other, children, old people etc into modern day slavery, e.g, sex slaves, etc, even though so many around the world are still doing it.

  11. @Bushie and Lemmy
    I have never in anyway supported the African Slave Trade and its impact on the New World. I certainly dont support SLAVERY period! BUT we have had Slavery for thousands of years in every part of the World and Intra -Racially as well as Inter-Racially, no good in any form!

    While it is true that Christians et al faiths/ derivatives have historically permitted slavery and justified because it was bringing Godliness to ” savages” or “heathens” etc, from my perspective that is ridiculous nonsense. Hundreds of years ago or even 100yrs back life, and people were operating at a rather primitive level.

    The horror is that Slavery exists today and so many on here argue, BUT what are we doing about it? Surely the Govts of the Cbean,Africa etc should be insisting that the Slavery in Sudan, DR etc is Solved immediately. Why has the UN tolerated this madness? Why have’nt they, lead by the most recently offended ie Cbean, Nth American Black peeps et al insisted on ACTION! Yet we spend time and energy on Reparations instead, for people alive today who were never Slaves, when there are Nations with large numbers of current Slaves which logically should be the TOP PRIORITY.

    We should never deny nor forget the African Slave system and its effects on Black people! However, the damage is mainly historical and those involved are long dead and buried. We should certainly be taking action to stop discrimination, like is in place in many Nations.

    One very interesting situation is the murder of Albinos in Tanzania and Lake Victoria region, where their bones are used by WitchDoctors.

  12. Money Brain:

    I do not waste time on the reparation talk. The Jews got nuff reparation because they position themselves with backing to demand it. Caribbean people are not in that position.

  13. I actually don’t believe the Nation story.

    I have heard of a Hatian practice called restavec which seems to resemble what the Nation described. It is almost as if they molded the story around the Hatian custom.

    I have never heard of the restavec practice here in Barbados and would be surprised if it ever existed.

    I raised it to see what reaction it would bring ….. sorry, I shouldn’t do these things without saying something as I realize some people may go and burst blood vessels misinterpreting what I say and putting words in my mouth.

    Here is a story I relate to Bajan custom of that period, carried in the same paper where an older man decided to have a relationship with a much younger woman … girl.

    Barbados is too small and Bajans too gipsy for something like what is described in the Nation (akin to restavec) to have gone on …… but …..anything is possible in this world I suppose.

  14. I think this recent Nation story is written from a modern perspective of how people live.

    No way a mother would part with her girl child just for money back in the 50’s …. today it is accepted.

    It was a far more complicated transaction then.

    …. but then, if you go back to the 50’s and 60’s a totally different class of person walked the land in Barbados.

    We can learn from them.

  15. Breaking News
    CIBC writting off CND$123mn after tax losses related to Cbean operations. FCIB or WORST Cbean probably will even be more reluctant to lend now.Wuhloss.

  16. Although Canada’s banks have long operated in the region, a number of them doubled down on their Caribbean operations when the global economy was on fire leading up to the financial crisis. Since the market meltdown in 2008 and 2009, however, tourism levels have suffered, and loans made to develop new resorts and to fund business expansions have been suffered.

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