Cahill Energy Transparency and Taxpayers RIGHT to Know

Who or what is Cahill Energy? Barbadians taxpayers want to know!

Who or what is Cahill Energy? Barbadians taxpayers want to know!

The following was submitted as a comment to the blog Cahill Energy: The Race to Waste Energy. BU along with other Barbadians taxpayers intend to exact our right to know by calling for transparency in all public sector transactions. We have an ineffective Auditor General, a defunct Public Accounts Committee therefore it is up to conscientious Barbadians to use other means available to demand what it right. The irony is that this government promised a new way of governance, more transparent by proclaiming integrity and freedom of information legislation, six years later we continue to wait – David (BU)

The website for this company [Cahhill Energy] can be found by following the LINK. The website does not give confidence in that it was constructed only recently in 2013 and appears to be currently under construction. No financial information or company profile is given on the website. A search was conducted on the company using the following link to the Guernsey companies registry:

It showed that Blenheim Management Services is the owner of Cahill Energy see the link below:

Blenheim has directors:

  • Alasdair Andrew Milroy
  • Linda Theresa Le Roux

From this search I was able to down load a number of company documents being the Memorandum of Incorporation which lists Lambeth Nominees Limited as the majority shareholder or beneficial owner of Blenheim.

The Directors of this company are listed as:

• Michael Underdown
• Peter Craggs Howe
• Linda Theresa Le Roux
• Judith Mary Lovell
• John Adam Robilliard
• Martyn Paul Gordon
These names will have to be screened to check that there is no negative media such as sanctions, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement, Politically Exposed Person, Bribery and corruption claims against them.

A major red flag is that the company Cahill Energy Limited is registered in Guernsey one of the offshore jurisdictions offers little transparency. In addition the complex ownership structure should be questioned to find out why there are so many layers.

We will need to verify where the physical place of business is located and verify that there is an operation there.

Full transparency is required in a deal of this nature.

We need to know:

  1. Who the beneficial owners and ultimate beneficial owners (the people) are behind this company so that all potential conflicts of interest can be assessed and ruled out etc.
  2. We must confirm that the beneficial owners/entities involved are not sanctioned individuals and are not Politically Exposed Persons who generally have a vulnerability to bribery and corruption.
  3. Ensure that there are no criminal connections.
  4. They must be able to demonstrate that they have examined and evidenced the management experience/track record of the directors and senior management of this company.
  5. What is their record of success in this sector? Where is the evidence?
  6. Evidence of (concrete) projects that have been successfully completed
  7. Most importantly where is the $240M coming from have we gained adequate assurance and examined the documentary evidence that the source of these funds is legitimate?
  8. Are we comfortable that there is no reputational/legal risk for Barbados from the acceptance of these funds and what did we do to gain this assurance?
  9. Who are the directors? Have they been screened as well as the beneficial owners for sanctions and illicit criminal connections?
  10. Have we visited Cahill Energy’s premises in Guernsey to ensure that it is really a physical office and not just a front?

AlterNRG owns 100% of Westinghouse Plasma Corporation, a world leader in plasma gasification technology, which is expected to supply the plasma gasification technology

It would be interesting to find out if AlterNRG has actually done business with Cahill Energy before and who AlterNRG is and the same for Westinghouse Plasma Corporation. 7th Heaven Properties appointed to source site for Caribbean Clean Energy Plant. Who are they who are their beneficial owners?

We need to screen them for conflicts and inappropriate connections with Cahill Energy as they both seem to endorse each other.

Does the company really have a physical presence in London?

7th Heaven properties

51 Clarendon Walk

Notting Hill


W11 1SN

Do see the directors of 7th Heaven Real Estate at the below who were contracted by Cahill to find a Caribbean island to invest US$300M

124 thoughts on “Cahill Energy Transparency and Taxpayers RIGHT to Know

  1. Random points:
    1) These sites are informative: and
    2) I think it’s right to question the deal, but not to get your undies in a bunch simply because large sums are involved. It’s called business.
    3) Nobody seems particularly impressed by the fact that the plant will significantly reduce waste that goes into landfill, which is a huge problem.
    4) No, I’m not an apologist for Cahill or the whole deal, just trying to take a balanced look.
    5) It’s a BOLT deal–Buy, Operate, Lease, Transfer. For 30 years. What happens then?
    6) The plant is expected to reduce waste fed into it by 85-90%, leaving 10-15% of material. Some of this is said to be “inert” gritty dust that can be used in construction. If it is truly harmless, doesn’t this present entrepreneurial opportunities for people here? (If they can get capitalised. Might Cahill be convinced that this would be a way to demonstrate the corporate citizenship they spoke of at the meeting?
    7) Not all of the remainder consists of this dust, but is highly toxic. It must be shipped out for “safe” disposal or containment somewhere. How will that be managed and paid for?

    • The other key key concern for BU is the capacity of the plant. Cahill has advised it is currently gathering information to determine the quantum of waste generated by Barbados, one suspects the info will be used to determine the operating capacity of the plant, will Barbados be forced to import waste in the medium term?

  2. thirty or forty years from now if this project does not get off the ground,,there would still be the NAYSAYERS mouthing off asking the same rehash questions,,will the rest of the world move past us in savings of their engery bill while the govt (of that day) have to ask bajan taxpayers again) to foot a plant which would have quad triple in price …we often hear the mention of “thinking outside of the box” but for barbadians staying inside a closed box is all the y seem to know,, the rest of the world seems to understand that such a principle always work for the better,,, we are where we are because of a stale and stagnant mentality that dictates that we are better ,,and that we know it all..

    • Ignorance surely knows no bounds.

      Barbadians are asking questions in an environment where the JA for a minister of the environment and others in government are silent and we the citizens are condemned for speaking out. In a healthy democracy it is the right of citizens to ask questions. Many of us ask similar questions when the Greenland landfill was being prepared and what?

      Bush Tea your Brass Bowls label is gaining currency for sure.

      On Saturday, 12 July 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  3. and i repeat will remain in the same holding pattern fifty years from now asking the same questions unafraid to move forward and relying on outdated antiquated methods of keeping a system efficient and workable. the mistakes of the past should have made us wiser but instead a mentality of pondering and wishful thinking continues to permeate the minds of those who call themselves intelligent…

    • The government comprised of 16 makes a decision to build a WTE plant in Barbados, a technology with is 10 years old and guess what the public should do, shut the hell up.

      JAs abound.

      On Saturday, 12 July 2014, Barbados Underground wrote:


  4. David re “what the public should do, shut the hell up?”

    Hell no. The worst thing we could do is be silent.

    The people of Barbados elected REPRESENTATIVES not tin pot Dictators.

  5. David WTE plants are viable solutions to Waste disposal management.

    The problem with every project in Barbados in the last 20 years is lack of transparency and the apparently “excessive cost of commissions/ finder’s fees/consultations.”.

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