Mentoring Women and Girls: Inspiring Change

Felicia Browne, Human and Gender Justice Advisor, Caribbean Mentorship Institute

Felicia Browne,
Human and Gender Justice Advisor, Caribbean Mentorship Institute

Mentoring is arguably one of the best solutions for social transformation. It is said that mentoring develops the character, self esteem, civic and social responsibilities, and spiritual growth of young persons. Mentoring of young girls and women has positively shaped their lives and their communities. The profound values of mentoring have created life-changing legacies by which our youth can gain knowledge and practical skills towards their development.

Our mentoring roles as educators, nurturers, providers, and leaders are major contributing factors of our social and economical livelihoods. We, as mentors in our society, have been influential in our civic and humanitarian responsibilities. We have the innate ability to rise against the various forms of structural barriers that has continued to hinder our progress as women. As we celebrate today, may we also be mindful of other women and girls that face these hindrances on a daily bases through the global. Gender-based challenges like poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment, human and child trafficking, child abuse and adequate access to health care are too often overlooked within many societies. Our experiences, hopes and aspirations have provided consistent and effective solutions for our youth.

Today, we celebrate our identities as women- we are mindful that we have been strategically placed to foster growth and wellness for our future generations. We are prepared as inspirations for our young women and men; by we setting the best examples and standards for their young contemporaries. Our youth are our leaders who will shape our futures for us. They are the ones that will one day guide and protect us during our final days on earth. We must continue to encourage them to seek the best within themselves- and their communities.

As women, we are natural advocates and leaders – and believe that justice, equality and fairness should to be given to every living being. We believe that a vision of unity and peace for homes and communities. As a peaceful society- we encourage our women and youth to aspire to their highest potentials- within their homes, communities and country. We embrace peace and compassion because we believe that every human beings- as well as living things- have the ability to suffer.

Today, as we inspire each other- we pledge to provide guidance, peace and unity to each other as women and girls. May we as a people, continue to mentor, provide good counsel to one another, and become successful leaders in society. We are indeed a proud Country and Nation.

Happy International Women’s Day

30 thoughts on “Mentoring Women and Girls: Inspiring Change

  1. still there is much more work to be done the everyday social issues like domestic violence and child abuse that wrecked homes and lives must still be the main theme and focus and remain relevant … .a call for more education and funding is needed as too many woman and children lives are lost needlessly .,,,,,,,,,needless to say that although woman have reached and accomplished great gains in the professional world a great amount of the blame is still attributed to them in such dire circumstances……….as another Woman’s international day approaches ,,the hope and desire would be a greater awareness and more effort be given to the issues of domestic violence and child abuse

  2. U men on BU ought to be ashamed .. on the Eve of international woman,s day..not one of u guys even as much have the pen a few words of moral support for woman……many of whom has the awesome task of being dual heads of households….

  3. Well … Welll. i am really offended by this kind of response it is highly offensive and smells of the kind of backward mentality only known … to sexist especially those who still believes that woman’s place should be in the home and taking care of children ….. no why would i say that…….well how hard is it for one of the male species that patrol bu day and night,,,,, to compliment woman for their hard work in child rearing especially those woman who have to do so solo..whatever the reason for the male distancing from such an important and universal topic to do with womanhood and mentoring …….it sure does leave a sour note resulting in my response direct to men…………….

  4. AC and Well Well you all are aware of a serious gender bias that is evident on this rock so don’t expect any of the mannys to respond to this. As I have said before this is something we women have to do ourselves by mentoring our children both girls and boys. Teaching them about the book of virtues by William J Bennett, about life and its consequences.

  5. island gal………..but that is no excuse for this kind of superior attitude,,,,,,,,ranging from i don’t give two ”f,..cks about woman……to woman need to shu;;t the fuck up…or maybe in this case,……woman got too much power,,,,,,,,,,,,all of the above is totally in line with ( this) kind of dismissive response coming from the bu male……… btw if mia or mara names were injected in this article,,,,,,there wouldn’t be enough pages for the comments made here by the men these bu men are closet sexist,,,,but this article have brought them out the closet with their non responsive attitude,,,,,,,,,

  6. AC not many are closet sexist dem got nuff wimmen haters out in de open. One name Bush Tea is the biggest one. Ah gor mu 2×4 waiting fuh he to surface bout hey!

  7. Yeah ladies, the Bushman heads the pack, if it was to tell off the ladies on BU, they would have all kind of fancy $50 words to describe females, but now it’s time to give kudos to females who had to give birth to the wretches or they would never see the light of day on this earth or in any other realm, they have all ran for the hills……..gutless so and so’s.

  8. well seriously doah…..this is a disgrace,,,,,,,,,,,uh meaning not one comment……….i am dumfounded………whatever it maybe…….one thing i will say that i am proud of my womanhood and had the pleasure of being bestowed with two beautiful girls all whom are well mannered and have achieved admirably in this male dominated world…………i am hoping some of the males on bu would be proud to share their experience of having a hand no matter how small or large in the rearing of their females……guys don;t be bashful come out of the sexist closet .its all about sharing,,,,,,and being proud of the women (be) it wives or daughters in your lives…… i gone…..

  9. hi guys,,,,,,,,be nice and share some of the stories that you remember about your girls and rearing them in their childhood years,,,,,,,,,,,,,i bet there are plenty stories that make you smile in your older years as you reminisce. i have loads but will share them later i am going out to dinner with the two ladies in my life just to celebrate women international day…..maybe i will share one or two when i return……..luv u guys but i am disappointed,,,,,,,,.

  10. To all the BU ladies:

    Many happy returns on your special day of observance!
    You are the crucible of human life and the hands that mould civilization.
    So on behalf of all the sexists and male chauvinists on BU (especially the Bushman) the miller apologizes sincerely and wishes to dedicate the song “Woman” written and performed by Adonijah with Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman” as a special double tribute to Islandgal, Well, Well, and the indomitable ac.

    Thanks for the intellectual stimulation; even if ac has not yet adjusted to the miller’s occasional foot in her ready mouth (speaking figuratively of course, and to be politically correct). LOL!!

  11. Miller…………thanks for being a leader and teaching the less knowledgeable how it’s done, I am sure others will take your lead.

  12. Thanks miller and my sincerest apoligies to u if i ever said anything which were derogatory to your masculinty.for Sure u Have proven that deep within your soul there is a real man in every sense of the word….phooie to All the BU men who have kept what could be inspirational stories to other men hidden deep within their hurting or heavy hearts

  13. @ ac | March 7, 2014 at 9:56 PM |

    No sweat, ac!

    Just needs some “Hai Karate” to splash on to enhance my masculinity.
    Problem is whether it should be on the head of the foot or the lips.
    I will ask our own Wild Man Steve aka Bushman for advice on that one.

  14. Miller u think the cave man bush man knows any thing about masculinity..needless to say he wont know a head if he saw one..cause the one he once had is dried up and swibbly…t causing him to be mad as hell at woman

  15. Speaking only for myself I thought it would be unfortunate in terms of the spirit of the post to offer any comment. The post speaks for itself. It is well intentioned and its broadest purposes are incontrovertible. But as usual from this writer it really isn’t very well written and much of it is froth. ‘Mentoring’, like the idea of ‘icons’, and ‘excelling’ are contemporary ideas which spell conditioning, competition and political correctness and, sorry, I won’t go there. ‘Values’ simply means ‘my values’ or ‘what I take to be society’s values’ or any number of other value systems to which I happen to adhere – and we are none of us robots.

    Nevertheless, I AM happy to join with Miler and wish all ladies here and women everywhere my heartfelt gratitude for life and millions of other things which have shaped our world. Every one is a Mary ‘full of grace’ and part of a creativity principle which knows no gender.

    Erica Jong lives.

  16. today our focus should also be on woman whose strengths have made it possible to be a source of inspiration… like the Gloria steinmans,,, bettyFriedan ”coretta scott king susan b anthony…..woman who forced their way on to the front lines of history fighting for equality for woman,.woman who have made an indelible mark in the transformation of woman lives giving woman the strength needed and hoped ..helping woman to find a place in a society that believed that women’s role was limited,,,for them we see ,,the likes of a michele obama a hilary clinton …a margaret Thacher …….mia mottley,,,,,,,,woman who now stand tall in leadership positions making change and fighting for the goals and aspirations that were not afforded an older generation of woman….to them all woman and men should be thankful ….

  17. ac

    Yes (and Golda Meir)…and, of course, it shows that women are just as ambitious as men and just as nasty at times. Romantics like me tend to forget that. In that sense BU is a salutary corrective.

  18. Even as we celebrate a day of recognition for woman goals and achievement.. there is still a small level of resentment amongst our male counterparts internalized and embedded in their minds through years of being conditioning out of ignorance with an attitude of unrecognizable and unconscienable pattern one of simply not wanting to see woman as their equals …but rather prefered to see US as sexual objects.

  19. @ robert…as woman roles became increasingly promient… leadership .their no nosense approach stlye and delivery was meat with political and physchological force unprecedant to that of their male couter parts .terms like WITCH ! and NASTY! BITCHES became a norm to reduce their importance and relavancy an intimidation meant to supress hurt and denegrade these powerful woman .hoping such messages would keep women subverant and docile and scurrying back into the home

  20. as we come to the close of this important occasion a celebration of womanhood,,,,,, it is hard not to be impressed and reflect on the important woman of the bible whose legacy has left a profound change in the lives of many,,a change for goodness and redemption. one . such woman is MARY a woman whose was known for her perfection and reason enough to have been chosen to produce one of earth’s great teachers and philosophers ,,, or queeen Esther whose unselfishness was a source of commitment ,,a commitment that forced her to put her life on the line to saves others,,,then there is deborah by today;s standard she would be known as a standard bearer one who was able to break the ceiling of dominance and made her place in history to become a female judge of israel
    woman have endured in spite of all the negatives and criticism… woman have chosen the power to celebrate,,,,,,to celebrate with a reasonableness with gladness and a sense of maturity proudly standing tall and saying’ yes we did’ with pride and boldness ,,,,,knowing the race is not only for the swift but those who endure to the end,,,, happy international women’s day………

  21. Steupssss @ the BU powder puff gang…

    So why the hell wunna pelting rocks at Bushie? …at least wunna could give the bushman a chance to get in a few lashes first….
    Shiite man! Yuh would think Bushie is some kinda centipede or snake….evabody looking to mash he….

    Bah humbug
    …and Miller and Ross are two traitors fuh real…. Looking to curry favors, …but ac ain’t able with nothing so, Well Well is centuries too old… and Island gal is already destined to “favor’ Bushie… 🙂

  22. I got muh 2×4 to slam pon dat centipede call Bushie…..KRATTAX oh shoite ah miss he! He run under de bed. Well I gine spray wid sum BOP and sleep in de guest room tonite! I ent tekking nuh chances fuh dat soucounya tah bite muh!

  23. Et tu Vincent?
    …you like this anti-bush campaign nuh?

    When Bushie crank up the whacker um going be a different story…. You watch!!!

  24. The Bushman…..i hope you are not Ralph Boyce of MESA, he really put his foot in it this time associating some females with witchcraft, promptly forgetting his stud days of practicing lothario wizardry on multiple females simultaneously while thinking it’s ‘cute’ and manly, now that he resembles the Godd Year Blimp, he seems to have had a change of heart and transferring his guilt to females, thing is Boyce should show some fairness and realize that there is more than enough blame to go around when assessing damaged relationships and broken families.

    While he is at it, Boyce should have some dame respect for Women’s Internation Day.

  25. Should read:

    Boyce now resembles the Good Year Blimp


    While he is at it, Boyce should have some damn respect for Women’s International Day.

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