Sinckler Plan to Send Home Workers Given Cabinet Green Light

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, responsible for the Civil Service

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, responsible for the Civil Service

Now that Minister of Finance has spoken to confirm the Sinckler Plan to retrench 3,000 workers, we are left to ponder where do we go from here as a country. The DLP now has the unenviable reputation of having sent home public workers twice in the last 25 years. History will pay very close attention the price the DLP will have to pay.

The decision to send home workers has come as no surprise to BU. The government has shown an inability since taking up office to effectively manage the current account deficit. Instead of intelligently managing how it hires, encourage early retirement, pressuring department heads to adhere to budget plan numbers, avoid political interference in the hiring process (something both political parties have engaged) the DLP continued business as usual. There is a view gaining currency this is a government comprised of incompetents led by a prime minister who is uncomfortable in the role.

Whether the final number is 3,000, 4,000 or even 6,000 the Sinckler Plan to retrench will not  solve our economic problem. As a nation we have to discover growth strategies. The government has to encourage our people to be more productive citizens. Our people must feel the vision emanating from the leadership of the country which will unleash their potential. The culture of mendicancy and entitlement which has taken root in Barbados has become a blocker for success. Our neighbours who have historically looked to Barbados for leadership and have held deep admiration for the way we have managed our country have become perplexed at our inability to manage the current crisis.

If BU were involved in the decision to cut public workers we would go about it in a different way. Here are two examples to illustrate. Indiscipline on our roads is a big problem. A culture has emerged where we park anywhere at any time. Let some of the displaced workers form a company or companies and assist them in purchasing 3 or 4 trucks. The trucks will be responsible for working 24 hours a day. Their main job will be to insert clamps on vehicles parked illegally. People will be employed and revenue generated, the result q win win and more respect for our laws.

In the build up to the last general election there was heated public debate about the need for government to privatize. Whether we agree or not there are opportunities for the government to get out of activities which it has no business. The roadside gangs we observe lounging across Barbados should be outsourced. There is no reason why the country cannot  be divided into sectors and the NCC workers be given an opportunity to bid for the work under a private arrangement.

The time has come for change. The time has come for Barbadian workers to become more involved and empowered to move to the next level. Never let a good crisis go to waste they say. Ordinary Barbadians have a chance given the opportunity offered by this crisis to push their way to the table. These politicians who have been allowed to ignore the rights of citizens for years must appreciate that it will not be tolerated any longer.

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  1. There is a view gaining currency this is a government comprised of incompetents led by a prime minister who is uncomfortable in the role…………….

    There you have it, the root cause of our troubles! And in the midst of all this incompetency he gets to be called “right honourable”. Good article!

  2. Are you saying this decision has now been given the Cabinet greenlight? Are they real? This incompetence is making us the laughing stock of the Caribbean.

  3. “As a nation we have to discover growth strategies” You are 100% correct. Two of our major FX earners, tourism and offshore banking are under pressure. There is vast competition in tourism that has come about in the last 10 years. As well, offshore banking is coming under greater scrutiny by tax authorities in the homelands of these organizations. New growth strategies are desperately needed. Consider the trickle down effect on the economy of 3000 people not having money to spend on things that are mostly imported. The government loses the import duties and VAT, Stores and businesses lose sales. It becomes a viscous cycle. Just look at the car industry on the island. and real estate sales. We need to export things. If we cant develop foreign exchange earnings then there is no light at the end of the tunnel and our exports will become human capital. People will begin to leave the island for better economic opportunity. FX preservation is critical to our long term standard of living Each of us should commit to buying local made goods whenever possible. We need to cut way back on the import bill.

  4. Welcome to another thread taken over by the same 4 BLP bloggers posting pure shite and filling up the place with their depressing lies,half truths and sheer exaggeration.

    No wonder we get little or no comment anymore form BAFBFP,AMUSED,jEFF,yARDBROOM AND THE LIKES.

    I couldn’t believe what I am reading in Barbados Today that Adrian Loveridge was part of or attending the BLP meetings.I well recall how he was treated some time back by the said BLP and how he felt then.

    BU has the potential to be a great blog but the BLP spin doctors are a complete turn off.With AC now being the lone DLP spin doctor and the occasional post by Fractured BLP you can easily scroll past, but shite man the likes of enuff,prodigal,miller,asking,tell me why,balance and all the other name changes over and over makes it difiicult and frustrating to scroll past the constant jobby.They are hijacking the blogs and it is no use saying BLP/DLP same thing because this is now a BLP bees hive.

  5. Another suggestion is to liberalize transportation
    In addition to the PSVs, people should be able to use their private vehicles for hire. Pay a nominal fee for the right to carry passengers and with the number of vehicles in Barbados , there would be no need to subsidize a transport board to the tune of millions per year. There is enough transportation in Barbados to move Barbados at anytime.

    Move to 24 hours;

    How can Barbados progress where most businesses open and close at the same time ? It is time that a 24 hour system is implemented where more persons will be employed as a result.

  6. I was listening to the Trinidad owners of Trimart this week and I was very concerned about what I was hearing.

    I was thinking.wait, why all he is talking about is selling……..cant they bring some of the manufacturing business here? They are manufacturing all that they could in Trinidad and bringing the items here for us to buy. This concerns me. Maybe in the future, the powers that be can think about making it a condition that investors who are buying into the supermarket business should bring some of their manufacturing business….just an idea. We could them create some jobs.

  7. I wonder then why you come on BU? You know why the Dems cannot come on BU? They are ashamed at the condition their party has this country in. They are ashamed that their party has deceived the people and that their nasty lies have been uncovered.
    Some of them still have a conscience and can no longer defend the indefensible. How can a Dem defend…….not one person will lose their job if they vote for the DLP………..the country is stable and on a growth path….. and a few months later we are in the hands of the IMF and laying off 3000 plus of the very poor who voted to keep their jobs. And you expect those Dems with a conscience to defend this? No wonder they are absent from BU. Why? not even a hardcore like CCC can defend the Dems. ac is on a league by herself…..delusional!

    If BU offends, you stay away……………..yardfowl!

  8. When are you people going to realize that you cannot trust anything that this Government says.

    The number of people to be made redundant is 6,000. It was only whittled down to 3,000 because the Government was shedding temporary workers from June last year under the guise of not renewing contracts. Do you remember when they were caught red handed, the newly Right Honourable Gentleman attributed the problem to a glitch on Smart Stream, which was an absolute lie.

    Cabinet agreed to the numbers long ago or Sinckler would not have been able to make the figure known in his Ministerial Statement in the House. It was a done deal back then. All the proposals by NUPW were merely a ruse to deceive its membership into believing that the union was really on their side.

    Again for those who want to understand, the lay-offs have nothing to do with balancing any budget. It is simple, the IMF mandates that the public service should not be more than a certain percentage of the population: Barbados had 6,000 more persons employed in the public service than the required number. It is as simple as that.

    When Sir Leroy gets the BWA to agree no to send home 300, the shortfall will have to be made up from elsewhere, and Sir Leroy is hoping that they would come from among NUPW’s membership.

  9. Adrian made the mistake of attending DLP political meetings in situ in 1999 and 2003,having been seen on TV and in the print media at these events.Big mistake Adrian.That type of thing is for yard fowls and rabble rousers.Stay away but support your beliefs using more informed, enlightened and refined methods.Watch on line.
    The Dems are lost without Errol Barrow,but don’t tell that to Fumble Stuart.You have only to look at the manner in which they have handled the current situation of reducing the public sector.Even with a hand up by the two major unions they are still lying and bungling at every opportunity.Inniss lying to Trinidadians when Trinidadians are on the ground in Barbados and prominent in bajan businesses.Suckoo lying to workers about the math of human resource adjustment in the public service.Blackett lying,the Lashleys lying,Fumble lying,Sealy lying,Boyce lying,
    Kellman lying,Quisling Boyce and the list goes on.
    Maybe Ryan Straughan is a B.Ask Dennis Johnson next time he’s on air.

  10. David

    At this juncture it would be good if you could reblog an article that I wrote, “Are Public Workers Being Sold Out?” that was posted on BU on February 28, 2011. Maybe then readers would have some appreciation how the major unions are operating.

  11. Leaving aside the moral issues (which are very real) let me ask: If 3000 workers are sent home will the nation grind to a halt? If so, then the proposal is absurd. If not, then were they necessary in the first place? And if they weren’t, who was responsible for their non-necessary employment?

    Cf the ‘graduate in every household’ policy (too many graduates to fill jobs that are not there).

    • Robert Ross

      In an article in the Barbados Advocate on September 5, 1976, Errol Barrow attributed the DLP’s election loss to the 10,000 unemployed youth, so whenever the DEMS are in charge and an election is in the offing, they make sure that the unemployed youth get jobs before the vote. This happened the last time around with 3,000 persons being employed. There was no money to pay the existing workforce before the 3,000 were added. That was a recipe for the disaster that is happening now.


    • The next debate will be who should have been sent home or not. BU wished to ask any public spirited person out there to provide us with a listing of how posts are distributed across the statutory bodies. Let us have informed positions as this mess unravels.

  12. Caswell

    That is what I sensed but the question is still intended as a serious one and it WOULD be nice if a pro-Government person answered it if at all possible. Common sense is not??

  13. @ Common sense is not common | January 25, 2014 at 11:51 AM |

    Could you do us a favour and stop reading our contributions?
    In that way you would not have to mention names you find so offensively difficult to regurgitate from your foul mouth.
    Much appreciated, thank you!

    PS: Could you, please, also stop reading the blog (in its entirety) since it seems to be offensive to your commonsense and sensibilities.


    Prodigal Son | January 25, 2014 at 10:52 AM |
    We are glad that our words are here , but the root problem is fraud and coverup, The BLP made this mess and let the fraud to go on so long , Someone have to pay with PAIN, and it seem to be the workers , It need to be the DBLP government,
    More will have to happen before others see what we have been talking about at PLANTATION DEEDS, AND WILL NEVER STOP until the crooks, liars and scumbags are sent home or to jail for the crimes against the Nation,
    Looking for the root cause is that BLP did it and DLP try to coverup. , But DLP had, have the power to make things right , They agree for the 2nd time to go with the Massive Land Fraud, elections,and added to this fraud
    Local Ministers and Lawyers with title all in this shit.
    Exclude no one for then you may have to eat your words,The Rabbit hole goes much deeper.stay tuned.

  15. @David. ..While I would whole heartedly support a system of placing a boot on any and all illegally parked vehicles, you know just as well as everyone else that the problem arises when the time comes to enforcement of same. We have to get past the point where a call to big brother negates any transgression. That is one of the biggest problems confronting our country.

    according to Common Sense is not Common

    as he/she writes below




    If everybody agrees with Common Sense, I will stop because I do not want to be called a BLP whatever when I am not. The fact of the matter is that the DLP has not done well as a Government. Do I have to be a BLP member to see that or a DLP member to stifle my conscience. If my mother chastises me – Is she a Devil for doing so ??
    I want the best for Barbados and Barbadians. I am well off financially and I dont have to care but I care about Barbados and I care about people






    Common Sense said

    BU has the potential to be a great blog but the BLP spin doctors are a complete turn off.With AC now being the lone DLP spin doctor and the occasional post by Fractured BLP you can easily scroll past, but shite man the likes of enuff,prodigal,miller,asking,tell me why,balance and all the other name changes over and over makes it difiicult and frustrating to scroll past the constant jobby.They are hijacking the blogs and it is no use saying BLP/DLP same thing

    • Just Asking

      Don’t let them run you. If you give up: they have won. No one is more vilified than me by yard fowls from both parties but you don’t see me going anywhere. I measure how effective by the amount of abuse that my postings generate. Do the same.


  17. @JUST ASKING | January 25, 2014 at 1:39 PM |

    My friend, I empathize with you. I also feel the pain. That’s the price we pay for fighting folly and ignorance.

    But please don’t give up and let incompetence mediocrity, idiocy and most of all Lies rule supreme over Truth.
    Please stay don’t go! What will the miller, prodigal son, are-we-we-there-yet et al do without you?
    You are the miller’s flak jacket to absorb some of the missiles from the likes of Fractured BLP.
    BTW, where is CCC? Is he blogging under another moniker from the cesspool in George St where there are given away for a devalued cent a hundred?

  18. @common sense is not common. …Look at it this way. It was this same shite written by the same Miller and Prodigal that reinvigorated a totally turned off DLP base , and along with other factors secured a second term for this government .While common sense may not be so common, lets assume that it is practical and ask ourselves this question. If we really care about the welfare of poor bajans, how the ef do we continue to support this bunch? Answer me dat!

  19. @ Just asking. a flack jacket you dutifully absorb some of the missiles intended for the Miller.Question is will you share in the spoils for which the Miller so diligently work to RECAPTURE?

  20. Common sense

    Having just read my friend Miller’s seduction of Just Asking I have to say much the same to you………for the sake of fairness. It is surely also fair to say that Just Asking has been making a lot of noise of late and quite understandable that you might conclude as you did. If you made a mistake I don’t quite see it warrants Just Asking’s tantrum nor Miller and Caswell’s over-the-top concern. A simple denial would have been enough. But then, this is BU and ‘rough and smooth’ are the common lot of all of us. So do please stay too.

  21. HH,

    Get real. You dont live here so dont come on BU talking sheeete. You very well know that the DLP bought this election…………….they raked up the boys
    from off the block, the druggies, the poor gullible people for whom $100 is like a $1000 to you and me and got them to the polling stations to vote.

    Dems cannot help but to blames others…………blame everybody but yourselves for the mess you have this country in. After the election, after the Fumbler and the worst AG EVER declared that they saw vote buying, many people came on BU to say that they saw vote buying. So dont come blaming me or miller.

    By the way, I thought you Dems blamed Peter Wickham’s polls for the election victory. A man called VOB one day to say that he took people to the polls because they wanted to prove Peter Wickham wrong.

    Get loss!

    @Just asking, stick with the miller, Caswell and I. We are getting under the skin of these Dems.



  23. These Dems had no problem using BU for their own political gains prior to 2008. Why even David Thompson used to blog on BU according to David.

    The Dems bragged how they infiltrated VOB’s call in programme as moderators to influence public opinion prior to 2008 and the evidence is there for all to see.

    What hypocrites!

  24. JUST ASKING wrote | January 25, 2014 at 1:39 PM |


    Not fuh brassbowl. This blog is the closest you will come to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. so stay here an tek licks an share some too.
    I Just asking (pun intended lol) that yuh try to stay within the limits that will not cause you to get ban or David to get sue.

    You have to tek licks,share licks an even tek a horn.MIA would probably agree wid me.

  25. The situation is indeed serious . I don’t believe that in the short term it will be possible for most Barbadian’s to maintain their present standard of living .
    It may be cold comfort , but Barbados has lots of company . Just about every county in the Western world is somewhere along the line to a full blown financial crisis , fueled by enormous Public & private Debt burdens
    that are butting up against the limits imposed by the ability to pay down the debt or in some cases even the interest on this debt . Early casualties were the PIIGs countries ( Portugal , Ireland , Iceland? , Greece & Spain, followed quickly by Cyprus with France , Italy the U.S.A., and just about any Western county you care to mention lined up waiting their turn . The crisis will resolve in one of two ways Debt relief through printing money with associated devaluation (currency collapse ) or by austerity shedding government jobs & cutting back on consumption of imports that require foreign exchange . Barbados must also maintain & expand the economic sectors that bring in foreign exchange . I wish you well , think that whatever
    transpires ways must be found to ensure that all those most affected continue to have full bellies & other essentials , until this world wide crisis has run its course.
    For those who don’t get depressed easily & want to follow this story as it unfolds over a wider than the local area you may wish to read
    All the best , these things come & go , but the world ahead may not be like the one we grew up in

  26. @ Prodigal. do you not understand that the core support base of the DLP was totally uninspired and turned off until the hardcore BLP support started counting chickens before they were hatched. That my friend and Peter Wickham’s suspicious second poll lighted a fire.Yes there was the sale of votes, and though this is news to you that occurred on both sides of the fence, and in the event that either side’s support base had stayed away, that my friend would have been inconsequential .Where I live does not in the slightest bit influence my love for country. Tell us Mr Prodigal exactly what justifies the allegiance you have for the party of your choice? Then tell us what makes your loyalty any different from that of anyone on the other side since in the grand scheme of things both parties have plundered this country?

  27. @Eric
    You have presented without a doubt the best post on this thread. I like people who can keep it real and objective. These BLP and DLP yardfowls who come here to promote their parties would wish to ignore such realities cause fuh them it is bout party. This is why calls for changing this government, as bad a government as it is, make no sense to me since the alternative ent no better and will adopt the same model of development that is outdated and useless given the current global trajectory.

    • @Oilman

      Many don’t get it when we say the system us broken. What you don’t get is that letting a government alone by default does not cut it either. Dirty socks anyone?

  28. @David
    You are about short term solace. I am about long term and sustainable change for the betterment of Barbados.

  29. @David
    Baby steps is encouraging this two party scam by voting every five years fuh do do in de form of de DLP or jobby in de form of de BLP. You can keep yeah Baby steps. I want no part of it until I see a credible alternative. I have had enough.

  30. @David
    I am no soothsayer but I do know that supporting shite does not bring change, and does only mek yeah smell like a billy goat.

    • @Oilman

      You think searching for change is supporting shite?

      Like they say, you are with us or against us.

      One thing for sure, your DLP in a macabre way has done the country a favour. Let us see how it plays out.

  31. Those of you calling for change have not yet spelt out a viable alternative to the current system.

    It is extremely difficult to change a political system like ours where there are 2 viable political parties and no third political party has been able to replace either the DLP or BLP.

    The masses align themselves to the party that they perceive will benefit them personally. There is no deep “analysis and conclusion” a la Hal Austin.

    The words Nation building,for love of your country and sacrifice for the good of your fellow Bajans do not mean one shiiiite to the average Bajan.

    Then you have the middle and upper class who follow the party that will get them big jobs,legal work, business concessions. etc.

    I am willing to bet that any third political party that arises before the next general election will not gain a single seat. AS USUAL.

    3000 people getting laid off and the other 27,000 continuing to get their full pay.Think on that.

    Every day on BU there is the relentless call to change the government.MIA wants to march and Owen wants her to get marching orders and some where betwix these two the people are supposed to find a few good men to “rescue” Barbados.

  32. I read online Barbados newspapers where I read the good and the bad.

    I read that Jet Blue is increasing their seats to Barbados.Seems really good for tourism.

  33. David said “You are with us or against us”.

    Are Miller, Prodigal and Gabriel with us or against us? And how?

    Why would Oilman, expressing caution, be considered “against us”? Is being “with us” singing in unison?

    BTW…is there anyone out there (apart from Caswell) who, from a Government perspective or any other for that matter, will tell me whether the 3000 govt workers were necessary or non-necessary and if non-necessary the basis upon which they were employed?

    (Oilman – yes. Eric’s post was first rate)

  34. @robert ross
    Thanks for de lil support. I does only come hay to share my opinion. Too many come hay to continue de political platform speeches.

  35. Talk,talk,talk and more talk……that is what we bajans(under anons)are best suited for…..jabber,jabber,jabber….

    Why not not like MAM set up meetings and unlike MAM arrive at a conclusion and move the country forward.

    The solutions are well documented……will we hear……..sigh….

  36. let me tell wunna sumthing ac comes here to express my god given right of freedom of speech,, it is only in barbados that people with political views are given derogatory labels like “yardfowls: whatever dat suppose to mean… every where in world people have exercise their political views…. some have even died for such views …Turn on international TV and the political views by well know political analyst are heard over and over again ,,yes they are called analyst / commentators whatever but never Yardfowls,, however in barbados . LOL ;;they will be called ;Yardfowls,, Yes barbadians seem to be the only people on this planet that have an intolerant obsession with political disagreements and responds accordingly by use of adjectives meant to muzzle or discourage differing political point of views,,,, from Hyde Park to the Washington monument people have had their voices heard around the world, .But NO Barbadians being the exception has turned to maligning and demeaning as an effort to curtail ,weaken and diffuse differing views, attaching labels such as “yardfowls” with highly offensive intent to hurt or injure one sensitivities weakening and frightening others to a paralysis of “stage one” fright ,,and forever forcing them into a place of silence’ .. to those who bite the bait ,i say shame on YOU,,, Barbados can only get stronger when ALL views BLP DLP or PDC are heard,, don’t be cowards say what u have to say and let the chips fall where they may ,,,,,,,Yardfowl bull shit….,,but a COWARD ac will never BE,,,

  37. @Just Asking
    Everyday you Sam Poochie and de Duppy attacking AC ( I gotta admit that AC writes some crapola sometimes) but she isn’t talking about withdrawing in fact she gives as good as she gets now somebody call your name as part of an effort to destabilize the blog and you get all defensive and Caswell and Miller jumping in to wipe your nose. It is reputed that some women in Barbados got bigger balls than some men are you a part of the ball less brigade?

    If you can’t stand the heat Just leave.

  38. but to tell the trute ac would be glad if jac assin the cockroach is finally BE GONE,,,,,,,, ALL DAY ALLNITE flying allova de blog…talking crap;bout she LOVE AFFTA ,,,,,makes me wonder if she got all the marbles align in the right place ……LOL wuh kinda a soldier would desert the calvary when the battle lines are drawn and the fighting get fierce de woman is a Fraud,,,,,and a gutless one too,,,,,,

  39. Whosoever it is that goes by the handle – Oilman – on this BU network, what you have been writing under this thread is exactly correct.

    Respect due.

    Furthermore, we continue to say it on here and elsewhere that the time for both these older ramshackled stupid parties to go IS NOW.

    They are profound and elaborate disgraces to this country.

    They have been for years committing innumerable fundamental wrongs and transgressions to many people and sectors in this country.

    The time for the broad masses and middle classes to permanently remove these dirty disorganizations from the political governmental landscape of this country IS NOW more than ever before.

    These segments of people have less than five years within which to replace them with the “right” people, or not within the next 8 to 13 years Barbados will in many regards become like Jamaica was in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even right up to this point where Jamaica has reached a point of no return on this present Westernist oligarchist dependency exploitative trajectory.

    So, Remove the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP now!


  40. so my question to PDC,,,, So let’s say No more BLP or DLP…NOW the govt is being run by PDC ,Your first order is business is to generate or source Capital to bring the debt down… How does PDC go about reducing the debt,?

  41. @ ac | January 25, 2014 at 9:21 PM |
    “ let me tell wunna sumthing ac comes here to express my god given right of freedom of speech,, it is only in barbados that people with political views are given derogatory labels like “yardfowls: whatever dat suppose to mean… every where in world people have exercise their political views…. some have even died for such views …Turn on international TV and the political views by well know political analyst are heard over and over again…”

    Ac you have the miller in your corner on this one. You know if Bushie had his way you would have no say and be banished to the political penitentiary on Bush Mountain. But don’t worry the miller, even with his ‘crippled middle’ foot, would climb that outback mountain of misery to rescue “Old Onions’” dearest sweetheart even if the “island gal” gets jealous.

    But you have us a little confused about this yard fowl labeling. How does one know the difference between a political analyst and a yard fowl? Isn’t a partisan political analyst aka spin doctor the same thing as a yard fowl wearing either red feathers or parading in a yellow and blue plumage?
    What would you call the ducking cocks and hens who appear on your local DLPTV passing off as political analysts and commentators; eminently informed persons?

  42. millertheanunnaki | January 26, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    But you have us a little confused about this yard fowl labeling. How does one know the difference between a political analyst and a yard fowl? Isn’t a partisan political analyst aka spin doctor the same thing as a yard fowl wearing either red feathers or parading in a yellow and blue plumage?
    What would you call the ducking cocks and hens who appear on your local DLPTV passing off as political analysts and commentators; eminently informed persons?
    miller i check the dictionary for the term”yardfowl” in order to give u a clear informed and reliable answer ,,unfortunately their is no such word . so in essence my answer to your questions lies in my comment……….which states that the term and its association is directly to temper ones views Also remember that many politicians who became well known leaders of Govt.. at some point and time would have been called “yardfowls”” according to bajan parlance ..some of these …leaders have had their political say from both sides of the fence and have made great and giant strides in the improvement of their country well being… some like John,F. Kennedy Ronald Reagan all well known partisan politician.have had their political views before becoming World Leaders… u think that such terms would have been correctly applied to them .. now just think that among these “yardfowls” in barbados there just might be a Ronald Reagen or JFk,,but ;;;just because of the fear of being stigmatize they have kept silent,,, the term is like a loose cannon….meant to do psychological harm which inhibiting or preventing a great leader from emerging amongst us…..this term is chidlish and in the end hurt not help to bring the best and maybe a John F; Kennedy or Ronald Reagean to the forefront of our nation a nation now that is earnestly and eagerly looking for answers and desiring ””strong leadership”i……

  43. As soothing to the soul as listening to Private Collections on VOB was last evening, mine is still an unsettled countenance this morning. For it pains me deeply that persons like Millertheformerneutral and Prodigal Son who by the way constantly invokes his participation in church, come here and seek to sell a bag of goods that not so long ago did tremendous damage to our Barbados. For their own selfish gain they have sought to have anyone who begs to differ from their skewered support for their BLP banished from BU.Must we all forget the money the Barbados government gave to Carnival Cruise Lines? Should we forget the Vecho shenanigans? Must I go on? We as a country for the fourteen years under the BLP manufactured more millionaires than any other time in our existence. David Thompson promised to bring this nonsense to a halt,but to this day the sweat of the poor still paves the way for the selected few and that is why Barbados needs to rid itself of both the DLP and the BLP. Forget these baby steps. Radical change must come and very soon. Let the likes of Prodigal Son and Millertheformerneutral wait on line and make their bids in an orderly, but most of all honest process.

  44. @ Hamilton Hill | January 26, 2014 at 9:03 AM |
    “Forget these baby steps. Radical change must come and very soon. Let the likes of Prodigal Son and Millertheformerneutral wait on line and make their bids in an orderly, but most of all honest process.”

    Pray tell us how you intend to bring about the “Radical change” without getting your head cracked open or your bowels busted with projectiles?

    Or do you intend to lead the Eminent Persons Group which has no other members and soundly, but rightfully, dismissed by the PM?
    We are even confident that your Quaker Road movement would be cut down in a flash should Sealy get wind of any rebellious thoughts from you.

    BTW, I know nothing about those shenanigans of which you speak and which took place during some 14 years of millionaires prosperity. However I am prepared to be enlightened about them.
    But why end at the 14 year period? Why not talk also about those who became rich during the last 5 years? You ought to discuss the Families First Account and the millions in kickbacks that the lowedown and lashes are accused of stashing away for rainy day when both the D & B are no longer there at the behest of the great leveler HH the man with the highest hindsight and perfect solution to the governance problem in Bim.

  45. Frankly, I see no alternative to a Government rooted in a party system and I have no doubt that whichever party is in power its ministers will be essentially men of goodwill trying to do their incompetent best as we all do. But therein lies the problem. The level of incompetence of this Government does rather stretch the imagination and it is right that a forum like BU holds up a glass to them.

    That does not justify what has been termed ‘yardfowling’. IF my friend Miller is right that we are really talking ‘political analyst’ then fine; but if so one would expect that said analyst would not always slavishly say repeatedly ‘It’s all their fault’. Sometimes ‘we’ get it wrong too or did and the honest ‘analyst’ would say so. I suppose it begins with identifying what precisely IS the philosophy upon which the two parties are predicated. As of now, I only see pragmatic but unprincipled responses to issues.

    My difficulty with the Government is that it’s policy ‘decisions’ are a series of reserved judgments which are to be delivered at some broadly unspecified later date; that it has no clear economic policy that has been explained to our people; and what I have previously referred to as its ‘mean spirit’ witnessed by its antics in Garcia and Myrie – a spirit which resolutely refuses to recognize when it is wrong and which clings, like the Pharisee, to form rather than substance, rules rather than conscience, ego rather than what is demonstrably right. I wish it were other than I perceive it to be.

    Whichever party I would actually vote for, I am glad that the PDC is around and wish that there were others big enough and bold enough to capture, even though in a limited way, the popular imagination – which may be another way of saying ‘BAF bring on the T shirt’ . In any event the work needs to start in earnest now. Somewhere out there, there must surely be a ‘Robin Hood’ who will confront the ignoble and lead us in the way of principle rather than mere party.

  46. @HH, sadly you know as well as I do, the DLP or BLP will form the government of the day in Bim for years to come once the ballot box is the system used. American citizens are as disillusioned with the GOP and Democrats as Bajans are with the DLP and BLP, but they too have no alternative in the foreseeable future. Campaign financing along with nonsensical proposals like abolishing taxation by the PDC has made third party politics a lost cause at the present time. Maybe Comrade William Skinner can tell us about the challenges alternative parties in Bim have to face, so that we can try to formulate strategies to come up with a 10-15 year plan to break political headlock of the DLP/BLP.

  47. @Bajan in NY….Your point is taken. Nonetheless I feel that the time is right for a push by a group of independent candidates. Some of these Parliamentary squatters (on both sides) need to be made to understand that th longest road has an end, and the people they claim to represent deserve better. We need persons who are willing to vote based on conscience without regard to party affiliation. Three or four mavericks seated in as tight a setting as today’s parliament may well swing the balance of power away from the constant corruption that continues to cripple this country. The fight has to start somewhere. How do we not see that some numbered amongst the privileged few have developed such a sense of entitlement that they are no longer prepared to wait the required five years to resume their underhand shenanigans, of which they claim ignorance? See them in their reemergence back from hiatus, forming a line behind their political masters, for here comes their turn in the continuance of Raping Barbados.

  48. Of course one would not find the term yardfowl in any dictionary AC, the term is relegated to pissy little yardfowls who believes politics is the end all and be all of their existence and their only form of survival…………I will contact Websters and make sure it’s added.

  49. any person or persons or groups wanting to make change can better believe that going up against the power and the powerful’ is not going to be a cake walk.influence and corruption has already taken root and lies within the political landscape as part of the system.. what we would have in the process of making change would more likely than not a push by the powerful to take this country in economic hell forcing the masses to withdraw and having the status quo remain,,,,,the question then would the people be willing to undertake such a huge fight or lay still and let the power and powerful continue to rule,

    @welll Welll

    it takes a yardfowl to know the definition and from your definition it fits you need to contacr WEBSTER……….

  50. ac………too bad an affiliated yardfowl like yourself now has so many fires to put out, got your ass busy, and they have only just started to flare up, I bet you there will not be enough water, just give it a couple.

  51. By the way, your definition of power and powerful as it relates to Barbados does not mean shit to people who understands what real power is in the real world in real time, small island power only impresses small island, small minded people.

  52. @ac….as per your 4:26pm post that is exactly how the powers that be, and as you call them the powerful would have us think. Should we continue in that vein nothing changes, hence the status quo shall obtain. All the while the selected few on both sides of the political devide continue to prosper at the expense of the masses. My dear AC surely you are aware of the fact that every last worker to be made redundant Is coming from the very bottom of the totem pole.Ask yourself why is it that misfortune always seem to start with us?

  53. Hamilton…..that is another thing that got me really baffled, I have seen downsizing, redundancy, layoffs or whatever fancy name you want to put on firing people, but NEVER have i seen it started from the cut from the TOP because that is where the HUGE SALARIES are and therefore the HUGE SAVINGS to the economy, but naturally the governments of Barbados would have it ass backwards and chop the bottom voters on demand, then again, the guys at the top with huge salaries know all the politicians nasty secrets and would talk.

    AC is mentally challenged, she would never fathom what it means to have real power, she believes,jada, simpson, seales, cow, bizzy, the PM, Donville, Harris, Parris and all the other small shit stains are it. lol

    • Well Well

      You have a point, no one is talking about the whole host of consultants that have been hired by this administration. They have jobs but no work. How about sending home those fatted calf consultants?


  54. Caswell……again we see the bullshit practised by governments in Barbados, they hire foreign consultants at exorbitant monthly salaries, some i understand are paid up to 80,000 a month, yet there are blacks on the island born in Barbados or the Caribbean who are just as qualified and have a higher level of intelligence and education, years after the consultant from over and away leaves the island, nothing is done, no progress has been made………..they don’t want their own in these well paid positions, so the foreign consultant does not produce shit but gets paid from the taxpayer’s purse, something is very wrong with the mentality of those with power over the majority.

    When their scholarship and exhibition winners return to the island with massive amounts of skills, expertise, experience and intelligence to share, paid for by the taxpayers of Barbados, they are rejected by the Barbados government who once again give preference to foreign consultants, these island scholars then have to leave and return to North America or Europe where they are sought after and more than appreciated……….it’s not hard to see why Barbados is now swimming in shit, not hard at all.

  55. @ well well. …though in agreement I must tell you that you guys are much too hard on ac based on her political leanings.There really is no bigger yardfowl on this site than. ….well you can take your pick.

  56. Caswell…I forgot to mention the local consultants, who are not qualified for anything above being lodge members, old scholars from some minister’s old school, friend, family or sex partner/business partner. In other words, they are not worth shit, but suck the taxpayer’s purse.

    • In addition we have a category of consultant – failed election candidate. We have one in the Ministry of Education who was a teacher and resigned to contest the St.Joseph seat. He failed and now he is a consultant in the Ministry of Education. Ask them if he has produced anything yet.


    • The PM is quoted as saying that the only eminent people he needs are the ones elected by the people to run the country. BU reminds him that he has agreed to accept technical assistance from the IMF, when last we checked this entity was not elected by Barbadians.

  57. @well well
    Sorry have to disagree.
    Small Island mentality is reality.
    We live here
    Maybe small to you and in truth as a geographic area qualifies as small.
    But as the saying goes”when in Rome do as Romans do”.

    Barbados is doomed to boom and bust forever.The two political parties are no more than orchestrated agencies,for theft and corruption.
    What would you have?A rapacious bisexual or a rampant repressed homosexual.
    The choices in BIM today for leadership..
    If your basic thinking is SICK then all you are and do is SICK.
    Barbados I venture to suggest, ,is nothing but a representation of the whole World
    .But we must not worry as breeding follows generations and what is now abnormal after a generation bred to accept, all becomes normal.
    For us the transition is painful.
    But in the scheme of things is fleeting.
    Soon assaulting your children will be regarded as “normal” ,women selling their bodies as “their right as individuals”
    ” Gays adopting boy children Lesbians with adoption of girls.
    Unfortunately todays dictum is that the will of the masses is the truth.
    I simply put it to you is it more likely that 1 person is right or 1 million people are right.
    Therefore Democracy ,lies at the root of our problems.
    Like Capitalism it has become expanded to its ultimate degree. and as you know ,that at the edges of any “teaching” are the areas where the teaching is subject to distortion. Reinterpretation.
    Maybe it is also that with all matters they “run their course” and events overcome the previous objectives and what WERE the truths of these dictats no longer are such.
    To you maybe all stays as was, but we are a “Democracy” and the masses have stated otherwise ,in word or action.
    You doubt what i say??
    Look around you”when if ever you are in Bim”.
    See the “normality”
    Police corruption, Courts of Law which are ANYTHING but.
    An elected officer of the highest office; THE DPP ,a Totally Corrupt Individual, engaged in commerced,altering evidence,colluding with others to distort or negate justice.
    Judges allowing “favours” to criminals who are “of their class.
    Political Parties that rape and pillage more than an alien invader.,
    We have accepted it as normality.
    If it were not that the thieving and corruption has accelerated to the degree that is has interrupted the flow of DOLLARS, all would be peace in the land of the Blind and the one eyed rulers would still be supreme.
    Greed and corruption reigns supreme as always in Barbados.
    New parties , new ideas, new people,Same shit Different Day.

  58. What de hell is Caswell Franklin talking about? Just hours ago on brasstacks I would swear that I heard an honourable minister spoke to the contrary. Honourable men don’t lie, do they?

  59. Doctor……I got your drift, but the likes of AC, even if they travel every week to large metropolises or live in these multi-cultural, multi-ethnic diverse societies that produce world class super minds, will still view the above shit stains in Barbados as all powerful and continue to fear said shit stains…………that lot on the island does not impress me and never will.

  60. @ ac
    You and all those who enable the Dlp to win in 2008 and 2013 , by not voting,(like David Ellis of VOB ) all that sold their votes are the power and powerful that we the masses have to fight ,you said the corruption in the political landscape has roots, yes the root belong to the DLP and their kind , the ones that thief clico money and buy votes for the Dlp MPs the BWU, NUPW bosses that sellout the workers for
    personal gain and people like you who don’t / can’t recognized the truth ,which is we are being lead by a Dlp government that is in power because of clico blood MONEY

  61. @well well.
    I was sitting on a friday evenin,just chillin, tekkin a bite en a ESAF.
    A car come alongside mah and two brothers alight ,one wid a gun en nudda wid a blade
    .” Gimmee yuh Fukkin money, man”
    Now I was not impressed.
    But I was afraid. .
    dem was all powerful.
    Jus various sizes of shit stain.
    But if yuh dead yuh dead
    Dont come more powerful den dat.!!

    Work your thinking back up the food chain.

  62. very well said hamilton,,,,now ask yourself why the poor always have to take the hottest licks when things go bad then look at those at the top outside a few they continue the very affluent lifestyle ,,,,the truth is a small carribbean country wanting to make change would have to make heavy sacrifices in order to do so….the reality is that govts needs these heavy rollers ..and another reality it does not come free….. “IF” bajans are really wanting change they will also have to pay a least the kind of change where all elements of influence is uprooted and not ever relied upon for building a country,,,,


    @ well ! wellll

    look woman………you are irrelevant……..and furthermore a brown nosed ..always trying to score brownie points ….kissy kissy people arse,,,,,,,, steupse…..


  63. i hear all this talk about consultants from BLP Pimps like CASWELL who work as one to MIA Mottley who gave him a desk and a telephone directory , nothing to do. dont let us forget we had consultants falling down on eachother under the BLP so much so one was hired Trevor Prescod to investigate why hammie lass fired Obrian trotman..
    one in health a reject david gill. one in parliament Esra alleyne, too many to mention .

    • Limitone

      I can always tell when I hit a raw nerve. So can you tell us who are the present set of consultant that are making the Treasury’s nipples sore.


  64. Hamilton…AC is the only yardfowl on the blog who cusses everyone and believes she can take on everyone, that’s why she gets such an ass whopping.

  65. Dr. Love..have you heard the news recently about where those submachine guns and ammunition were found, it was at the bottom of the food chain in the city of Bridgetown, not at the top of the food chain, so maybe you can explain to me why since both the bottom and top of the food chain in Barbados are so well armed the bottom of the food chain AKA AC are still afraid of the top of the food chain, makes no sense unless AC is is a fcking

  66. Woman am i stopping u or telling uWELL WELL not to put on u army fatigues strap uh AK 47 across uh shoulder arm uhself wid a couple os skud missels and get on the front line….. talk ischeap billygoat ..but the action required u ain.t got none of… steupse.

  67. AC..just my body language alone would be enough to deter the likes of Stuart, Inniss, Harris, Parris, Cow, Bizzy, all Stuart’s eminent group, jada, simpson, Seale et al….body language ac not body armour, if you continually act like a slave when you see those shit stains, they will treat you like one…I know blacks on the island love to act like they are slave masters to each other but morph into slaves when they see other races and rich shit stains…..body language, AC, body language, if you see mine you would NEVER approach me, much less think you can fcuk with my mind.

  68. @well,well. …….woman GET LOST……..pack u army boots……BARBADos i waiting fuh U and the other BLP jerks to rescuev it.wuh u waiting fuh….no sense fighting me cause u fighting a losing battle…..hury Hurry time running out……

  69. AC……I would bet my last dollar that 5 years from now you will be on this same blog, regurgitating the same nonsense, and all will be about political affiliation, this body is d this body is b,, BLP or DLP yardfowlism ad nauseam cause that is all you know….if there are no longer political parties in Barbados, you will cease to exist, hopefully they will all implode soon enough and put you out of your misery. lol

  70. And that’s exactly what is said about people who try to change the nasty lowlife practices and tactics used for decades by both DLP/BLP parties and politicians on the island, only a true yardfowl like our friend could have proved it…….ac…girl at least you have been of some use to me, YOU JUST PROVED MY POINT TO THE WORLD….lol

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