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London-based Executive & Legislative Leadership Specialist –

To many the Caribbean is synonymous with a life of ease and relaxation. So it comes as something of a revelation to read the New Year’s Message issued by Branville McCartney, the Leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA). Few outside the Bahamas will be familiar with Mr McCartney, and yet the content of his message elucidates much of the mood that is abroad in the seemingly idyllic islands. The country would appear to be riddled with “crime and the fear of crime” a fact that according McCartney is exacerbated by institutional corruption and the apparent impotence of the ruling party. For all the catalogue of woes McCartney appears quite happy to vent his spleen and certainly any tourist reading this communiqué would have second thoughts about visiting The Bahamas. Did this party leader really intend his press release to further undermine confidence in the country’s economy?

For a document that has been produced by a qualified and practicing barrister this makes fascinating reading. If for a moment one puts to one side the excessive and inaccurate use of the exclamation mark the language deployed is both colourful and at times redolent of some bygone age. McCartney does not hold back in what he sees as the remedies required to cure the country’s apparent ills; “Enforcement and administration of the cat-o-nine-tail – in Rawson Square, no less – must be reintroduced.” A firm advocate of capital punishment and here is a fully paid up member of the ‘hang’em and flog’em’ brigade. His message to “My Beloved Bahamians” censures the current administration for being reactive as opposed to proactive, but in advocating a portfolio of draconian and in some cases simplistic and discredited solutions the Leader of the DNA is in real danger as coming across as a reactionary of the first order. Some will always rally to the vengeful and judgemental, but such sentiments tend to sit more easily with the followers of demagogues as opposed to those who are true adherents of parliamentary democracy for all its weaknesses and imperfections.

The nature of the political arena is such that there will always be those who are intent on playing to popular prejudices and irrational fears, which makes the call for curfews and the carrying of handguns all the more alarming. The Bahamas whilst no stranger to the influence of the United States of America, with approximately 80% of all its tourists coming from there, the last thing it needs is to emulate the likes of the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the deeply flawed American penal system, a system that at times more concerned with the colour of a person’s skin as opposed to their supposed innocence or guilt.

The Bahamas in common with nearly all Caribbean countries is facing significant challenges ranging from drug smuggling and illegal immigration to white collar crime and institutional corruption. All these problems are complex and whilst there are some who will always claim to have instant solutions, the fact is that those not in power rarely understand the limitations of what can be achieved. Whilst some will rail against illegal immigration it is noteworthy that they rarely chastise those who are happy to exploit those working in the country illegally. Popularism and playing to the gallery is all very well, but many of the most intractable problems require an ability to go to the root cause. Issues such as violent crime, unemployment and the inability to fully deliver on manifesto commitments are legitimate matters of public concern, debate and discussion, but it behoves serious and responsible politicians to use temperate language that seeks to be constructive rather than destructive. Lawyers know better than most the power of words, hence why it is that one often sees lawyers who enter politics engaging in sophistry and semantics.

The current government in The Bahamas still has much to do and needs to be mindful of the importance of serving all the people not just an established elite. Growing disparities of wealth and the corrosion of core values are issues that warrant immediate attention. If nothing else Mr McCartney has reminded all his fellow countrymen and women that there is no room for complacency and yet for all the undoubted passion of his convictions I doubt there is that much that any government can really learn from a man who feels the need to speak of “testicular fortitude”.

42 thoughts on “It is Time for Temperate Language and Practical Solutions

  1. David we should not comment on the murder rates in Trinidad or other Caribbean countries.It may negatively affect their image.

    let us be “nice”.

    Expect more rich trinis to spend weekends in Barbados and that will help us.

    Note I am using my real name to satisfy Carl More.

    It is a Capitals offence to try to fool BU

  2. Is it true that MIA is calling for non violent protests?

    I think I prefer her eminent persons group idea but with a Hants twist.

    Call on the Eminent persons to use their business accumen and some of their “savings” to create businesses and jobs to help save Barbados.

    Barbados needs the Eminent persons ideas and investment. Nuh lotta long talk.
    Invest and stimulate the economy.

    Mia and her team can continue to put licks in the DLP backside in and out of parliament.That is their job.

  3. At least Frederick Smith is now coming clean since no one can do anything to him at 90 years old, kudos to him for still having all his marbles and speaking out…he should call names, the young females in Inniss’ constituency can I am sure tell anyone who asks, that he has voluntarily told more than one of them over the last 6 years that he was a millionaire by the age of 30, now why the hell would he even need taxpayers money, if he cared so much about Barbados, as he pretends, why not volunteer his parliamentary services, let’s not even mention Mara Thompson, they do not even care that their salaries, which they do not need will help the treasury…..and i am quite sure there are at least another 3-4 ministers who have other successful professions and who can perform a public service by giving up their salaries…….but will they?? Now we will see the ones who are pretending to love Barbados and not just love their salaries and perks more..

  4. I remember in the 80’s in Trinidad the murder rate was just about the same as it is now due to the drug trade, there was less international coverage, no internet etc…..but now it’s really cause for concern, usually it rarely bothers me, but it’s kinda outta control.

  5. IS THERE ONE HONEST AND TRUST WORTHY MAN IN THE ISLAND OF BARBADOS????????????that is my question ,one that will take no bribes.
    no unfair justice,no preference to friends .and so on
    you see what i mean.
    where is this person?
    can anyone suggest such a person to lead barbados back to its roots and be honest?as we are too late the economic assassins have already hit.
    i was looking at LinkedIn yesterday and the professionals at the top of
    tourism and construction and real estate and barbados.ARE ALL WHITE

  6. Let me Trinidad it may be necessary (the blood part), but in Barbados maybe not, maybe with the exception of Parris and Harris and those leeches and pests to whom you allude..

  7. @everybody
    Finally some of those with some semblance of integrity are standing up and being counted.
    But it is not just enough to say what must be said in private behind closed doors annonomusly in whispered voice. It needs to be said clearly and angrily and with all the disgust that must accompany the despicable and unacceptable behaviors attitudes and positions postured by our “elected” leaders.
    I am ashamed to call myself a Bajan associated with that particular group of Bajans who are prepared to rape and plunder their own for the sake of THEIR own and a personal pension.
    Is THIS what decades of free education has produced? Lazy men with lazier minds?
    The integrity legislation! The domestic violence legislation? Noise legislation for kites and bikes? The transport authority to control the ZR ‘s ? Per dial larceny legislation to allow video evidence submission?
    Why is NO ONE in jail for Al Barrak? Or Clico? Or Hardwood?
    Why did ALL that money vanish from the foreign reserves last year? And where are all the reports and audits to SHOW us and the world WHY???
    And the finance minister and the governor of the central bank STILL HAVE THEIR JOBS.???

    Cyprian LaTouche

    • @Sargeant

      There is a lawlessness taking root which our leaders including the politicians seem helpless. A couple weeks ago our Attorney General opined that Barbados is not considering decriminalizing marijuana because things are not yet out of control. Not sure about the optimism at all.

      On 18 January 2014 22:56, Barbados Underground

  8. Sir Frederick, in what he said would be his last public speech on Fridsy, Made some interested comments. Among them was that the P.M should reduce his cabinet by al least one. He also made the comment that he made the same surgestion to the former DLP P.M in the early 90’s and he did not accept the idea and it could have caused him to lose the government.Normally a report on the lecture on Fridays by the DLP would be made either that same night or the following night, to date nothing has been said about that DLP statesman. Neither have we heard anything from the foirmer Dep P.M Philip Greaves.

  9. @David
    “What is happening in the Caribbean

    The inevitable. Like him or not, Sir Roy’s statements on Thursday were instructive.


  10. @Well Well
    “there are at least another 3-4 ministers who have other successful professions and who can perform a public service by giving up their salaries…….but will they?? Now we will see the ones who are pretending to love Barbados and not just love their salaries and perks more.”

    Mia Mottley’s salary as opposition leader is as high as a Minister of Government. She was born with a gold spoon in her mouth and is making loads of money as the attorney for the Four Seasons project , she has already qualified when the time comes for a pension and does not have any biological children to support, surely if anyone can afford to give up their salary for love of country , Mottley can volunteer, don’t you think?

  11. @everybody
    This whole conversation of who should or could give up their ministers or portfolio is really misguided in my opinion. The real questions are. EXACTLY how many people are REQUIRED to 1. Manage and 2. Operate an economy of this size in today’s Barbados?
    How many ministries MUST we have? How many departments doing WHAT and WHERE and WHY? Especially given today’s technology of computers and instant communication and on line access etc. what are the REAL reasons behind the excesses and excuses?
    People are deliberately avoiding answering these questions directly for (obvious) reasons other than in the interest of this our country.
    We NEED to focus and get away from questions of individuals ‘sacrificing’ for the good of their country. It must be about putting the SYSTEMS in place that are bigger than the individual that quickly and definitively PUNISH that individual in whatever way appropriate and EFFECTIVE for breach of those obligations and responsibilities.

    Cyprian La Touche

  12. BajunforLife:

    I do agree, Mottley is greedy as hell, she has not seen a government contract yet that she does not want to make millions of dollars from, that can also be said for Inniss and a few of the other ministers, I am sure the BLP also has a few other greedy pigs within their ranks (have you seen their sizes lately)…Payne we all know is not hand-to-mouth, so we can honestly ask…..Why the hell are they even accepting the salaries from the taxpayer’s purse??

  13. Cyprian…….I concur with what you said.but that will change nothing given the mentality of the politicians involved, it’s about how rich they can get, the head needs to be cut off first so the poison can no longer spread, first we have to out them, let everyone know who is making millions using the said same ministries as a blind, if these bitches are not continually exposed, it will continually be business in the millions as usual, that will continue to go into their own pockets and not the treasury…..I know you mean well but you have to understand the nastiness and greed at play on the island.

  14. I notice that
    The BIG MOUTH Ronald Jones has been quite silent recently and seem to be keeping his mout or snout out of other people’s business.
    Does it have anything to do with money irregularities at BFA ???

    I notice

    Also that the Pitbull not barking at all. Could the Pitbull be sick ? Rumours were that he had some health issue sometime back . Could someone spread some information about the situation and make a correction if there has been misinformation.

    Barbados needs the energy and dynamism of a Mia at this time. If OWEN aint in there for the leadership, give it to Mia. Who cares if Mia want or is greedy for money ? We the people have to police these politicians and see that they do the correct things.. WE HAVE TO STOP BEING MENDICANTS and put the politicians under pressure when necessary. We give them a job to do and as long as they do the job we keep them employed. Nobody is perfect, nobody in political circles is a saint . We want Barbados to move out of this hole that we are in so lets give those who can do the job that responsibility. They might have their desires but we are here to reign them in BUT WE HAVE FAILED JUST AS MUCH AS WE ARE ACCUSING THE POLITICIANS OF FAILING. WE TOO IGNORANT THOUGH !!.

    Somebody else deserves a chance to bring a difference to the Government. The DLP have had their time . Six years is long enough. Time for a change !




  15. The problem in Barbados since 2010 is that the Prime Minister is not an action man. Too slow; Not Visible enough. Not heard enough. Not Decisive enough. Not Dynamic enough. Just there !

    Maybe the Prime Minister should be the Governor General or the Chief Justice or something like that.

    I dont want him to micro-manage and I recognize that the economy is the hottest subject for debate , that he is not the Minister of Finance and that he would not be heard as much as the MOF because of that.

    However, this seems to be the problem, the lack of high visibility by the Prime Minister. Maybe the PM is preserving his health and conserving his energies, taking into the consideration what has happened to previous PMs. Maybe those who want to suck on the nipples are too many.

    It is clear that a more dynamic individual is desired and that within the DLP, Donville Inniss fits the bill right about now. Donville Inniss possesses the energy being much younger but what else does he bring to the table? Is the PM a more stable figure despite seeming lethargic . Is he someone with whom Barbadians are more comfortable as PM ?

    I am unsure about these things. Could someone please help me ?


  16. Maybe Professor Howard can tell us since ‘there is no need to worry about the dollar being devalued, just yet” …..when would be the appropriate time to start worrying, since the ‘just yet’ suggests in the future such time will arrive.

    was this not the same ecooonooomist who said there was no need to worry about the island’s foreign reserves, high debt, or low credit rating, sometimes i wonder about these people.

    • These many political commentators espousing on the radio today don’t get it. OSA and cohorts do not want MAM to lead the party. He will do all to be disruptivewhen the opportunity presents.

  17. @ David
    You are right. OSA has promised his friends that he will never leave the BLP in the hands MAM. That he could remove her once, as though that was not more than enough, he is signaling his intentions to do so again. It has been inconceivable that that horse and pony show could be displayed more than once, let alone many times arguably. He is now promising to do it as many times as necessary to achieve his overarching or generational goal.

    • @Pacha

      What Joseph et al on the show have not admitted is that the members of the parliamentary group are probably aware of the issue which OSA remains silent about MAM.

  18. @Just A
    If OWEN aint in there for the leadership, give it to Mia.


    Owen and the Dems agree on one thing, they both don’t want Mia.

  19. @ David | January 19, 2014 at 11:46 AM |

    OSA will not win this round. He will be knocked down and out.
    he is a spent force and as Harold Hoyte said must she himself in that light since that is how the majority of the electorate see him vis-à-vis MAM.

    He must also take Reudon Eversley’s advice, and as the miler suggested, ride off into the political sunset with his frail body and strained intellectual still together.
    The only thing OSA and his agent saboteurs in Parliament can use against MAM is rumoured MAM’s sexual orientation and its side effects which Kerrie would do best to sidestep.

    Words of advice to the BLP Parliamentary group who believe they can undermine MAM and back a person OSA approves of but who has no standing or affect on the general populace political attraction capable of galvanizing sufficient and magnetic appeal to replace the ruling administration in any electoral race in which 80% of really concerned BLP supporters will not turn out to vote:

    You will be backing a dead horse. It’s better to stick with MAM at this point in time if you genuinely want to win back the government and as you say save Bim from the present destructing lying administration.

    • @Miller

      We need to establish the objective of OSA to be disruptive. Bear in mind it does not have to be a power grab for him to achieve his objective.

      On 19 January 2014 16:29, Barbados Underground

  20. Wunna ever considered that as a new grandfather, OSA may now have a renewed interest in the future of Barbados? One that goes beyond his personal financial circumstances…..and that this fact may be motivating his concerns…?
    Bushie said here some years ago, that when all the facts are in, it may well be his role in this Mottley issue that warrants us awarding him our highest national honor
    ….it certainly won’t be for CSME, CCJ, Public Sector Reform or restructuring the economy…..

    That Bajans could actually want another Mottley in political power after ELton D. speaks volumes for our capacity for self-inflicted punishment…..
    Those old Plantations Owners must have had laughing fits at our jackass behaviors – just like the fellows down Cattlewash and Bath are doing as we blog…..

  21. As a sometimes critic of Owen who scoffed at his dictatorial mien (a necessary asset as a leader) and as one who waxed indignant when he called the opposition DLP “a pack of wild boys” – a summation which his current detractors welcomed- If he was accurate in his assessment of the DLP the question they should be asking themselves is why is he not precise about the capabilities of the current leader of the BLP?

    I am a proud proponent of the “give jack e jacket” and for good measure “jane she drawers” analogies so will grudgingly accept that if he may be right about the DLP I will then extend his political acuity to encompass his theory on the merits of the LOO.

    Owen was her Cabinet colleague for many years and would have seen first hand how she performed in the various Ministries under her direction. He would have also received verbatim reports on her relationship with her Parliamentary associates on her side of the fence.

    On this subject “I going wid Owen”.

  22. @ Vincent
    Why don’t you come (oops …uh mean GO) down and find out…?
    …look for the lotta vehicles that park and come and knock on the house…. Ask for Bushie…. 🙂

  23. @ Sargeant | January 19, 2014 at 2:52 PM |

    We don’t really care how much you and Bushie malign MAM.
    OSA is a spent force in electoral politics in Bim. MAM can never do more damage to the Barbados economy that what has already been inflicted by the current set of morons running things now.

    The current crop of johnnies have fucked up the economy so bad that any jack or jenny ass would look like a Houdini after them.

    So, yes, try to disparage and deprecate MAM as much as you wish but there is no one else in both camps capable of getting confidence back into the governance of the country. Not even Vicious Kerrie or Dying Estwick can raise the country off its very sick bed and back to some semblance of vitality.

  24. @Miller etc.
    We don’t really care how much you and Bushie malign MAM.

    Who is this “We” that you speak of kemosabe? My submission was not to praise nor bury the formidable Mia but to provide my insight on the gulf between her and Owen; it is not because I love Owen or the Dems more it is because I like Mia less.

    On the subject of getting “confidence back into the country” you might do well to consult the “Wickhamleaks” from the US Embassy where the opinion of one of the US Representatives of her ability was shared with the State Dept.

    I know this won’t dissuade you from pressing the button marked “M” for panacea but I can foresee a time a few years from now where the BU intelligentsia (or its successor) say with a collective voice “haven’t we been down this road before”?

  25. @ Sargeant | January 20, 2014 at 9:25 AM |

    The “We” in this instance stands for those who see MAM as the only viable alternative to lead this country out of its ‘failing’ state position. Not OSA; not Kerrie; not Pornville with his suspect international business dealings that should be making contributions to the tax coffers; not Sinckler who contributed greatly to the current mess, not Lashley the launderer; not Sealy; not even Lowe or the gunslinger David.

    As for the “Wickhamleaks” implications the same people relying on such information are also relying on information held on some of the above persons ‘suspected’ to be inextricably associated with Leroy Greenverbs who should be in the same place as Madoff or Stanford.

  26. @everybody
    MAM has to show US now who and what she is all about and not just the BLP party faithful but the country. Especially the haters and the people on the fence. This is her opportunity to shine and step out of the pack.
    I don’t get all this criticism of OSA from people outside of the party honestly. It is PARTY politics we are talking about and being distracted from the issue of what type of leader would MAM be and would she be GREAT for Barbados.
    We want to ascribe all sorts of nefarious reasons for OSA and a desire for power, but I can’t believe that those are his only reasons especially given the depth of his animosity and absolute reversal from staunch mentor for years to where it is now.
    Why are so many so ready to “protect” Mia? Is it because she is seen as young and a woman and someone whose turn has come around? Are these enough reasons to hand over leadership of this country to somebody and “conveniently” ignore all the other issues surrounding and expectations of the leader?
    Did we ever seek to protect other prospective leaders in this way and do we WANT a leader that needs such protection or doesn’t know how to deal with such simple obvious or potential threats?
    The leaders we get are the leaders we deserve. If we do not expect and DEMAND more from our leaders we get exactly what we settle for. Nobody DEMANDS that F. speaks so he doesn’t. Nobody DEMANDS accurate and timely reports from the Fin. Minister or CBG. so we don’t get them. Hey, if the only penalty is some fool talking on a radio program for all of 3 min. Then WTF!
    But we are so desperate for a viable option to the current set of failures that we may all too easily be turning a blind eye to the other truths we choose not to see with just as damning consequences.
    I have listened also to many who are also so ready to put this mantle of protection around the shoulders of the Finance Min. as well. The puff pieces that pass for serious interviews. The lets all come together and “help” the government. The lets say nothing that could damage reputations or turn investor confidence. The idea that you are a traitor if you present alternative opinion.
    Well I guess they are just going to have to hang me for treason.

    Cyprian La Touche

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