AUDIO: Heritage Radio Interview: Public Procurement, etc. – 04 December 2013

When will the Bajan Afr(o) stand up?

JCC President Afra Raymond interviewed on Heritage Radio 101.7FM by Hans Hanoomansingh to discuss JCC matters such as Public Procurement, Invader’s Bay and G2G Arrangements. 04 December 2013. Audio courtesy Heritage Radio 101.7 FM

  • Programme Date: Wednesday, 04 December 2013
  • Programme Length: 1:23:27

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  • Seems that everywhere in the Caribbean people are fighting against all odds to find space for the best forms of self expression. We wish Afra Raymond and his JCC well and note that his work has been rightly recognized by the Mahogany Coconut Blog as one of its persons of the year – 2013.


  • @Pachae

    One wonders why made stream Barbados media has failed to carry news about the man. They can continue to embargo BU’s offering but surely Afra Raymond’s efforts deserves greater coverage.


  • @ David
    The main stream media is part of the problem. Some of the issues Raymond is talking about are counter to their interests. For example, the Nation is well known to have actively supported political parties, the same for the Advocate but yet present themselves as independent arbiters of reality.


  • @Pacha

    So true, and the almighty advertising dollar has done the rest.


  • Pachamama, I do not see anything particularly immoral with either media outlets giving they support to a specific political party. Now, is there anything wrong with these two media entities appearing disingenuous? Well, that obviously a matter of opinion; its a common practice in the U. S. But of course, I am not saying that it’s okay because it is common to the America way of life.


  • My work is featured in T&T’s most popular newspaper The Express, so I am grateful for their support…thank you for your appreciation…


  • @Afra

    All the reason to ask why mainstream Barbados media refuses to pick up your column and invite you to the multiplicy of talk shows.


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