3 thoughts on “Workers Misrepresentation, Who Benefits?

  1. The workers of this country should recognize by now that the current unions are not in any way representing their interest. Therefore, they should immediately stop payment of union dues. The “shadow boxing” plain “Anancyism” that has been going on since Friday December 13, 2013 after that Ministerial statement by Stinkliar is frightening. The poor vulnerable workers really and truly believe that these nincompoops are seriously working on their behalf based on some of the anonymous interviews given to certain sections of the media. But alas, they are going to be disappointed. It is a sad state of affair.

  2. @Bag Judice
    There is only so much a Union can do for its membership. And as far as I am concern, there is anything in law to prevent an employer from laying off its employees to suit needs and operation of a company. What the Union should have done, is to negotiate a 4 or 5 year none lay off clause with management. But, of course, I am speaking in hindsight! But there is very little the Union can do for these 3000 public employees. Striking may seem to be a viable course of action for the Union to take, but to what avail one may ask, because it appears as though the government had already put plans in place for the removal of these 3000 public workers.

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