International Human Rights Day

Human and Gender Justice Advocate - Felicia Browne

Felicia Browne
Human and Gender Rights
Peace Ambassador – Caribbean

Every day, we are confronted with some of the most inhumane acts of injustices and wonder what role Human Rights plays in our society. We are taught that every human being including children have fundamental rights that are unique primarily due to the fact that they are part of the Human species. Our human race is like any other species, have been given rationality as a means to separate us from other empirical beings. The purpose of rational thought and understanding has afforded us to have external knowledge of our existence, as well have techniques to manipulate our natural ecologies. However, our responsibilities to uphold sacred laws of human sanity and peace have continued to remain our great challenges.

Today, as we honour the human nature of each other, we should to reflect on our duty as brothers and sisters to encourage the good nature within us. We should also remember great leaders who have inspired our humanities- and the injustices that they too endured. How often do we think of someone who become a world leader for human rights and the unjust acts that he/she suffered, yet in the end, we recognize what their efforts were and the differences that they made. Our triumphs and histories are different but we are always able to connect with each other as human beings. We are human by our very nature to feel happiness, joy, disappointed, disgust, grief, love and peace. We are bonded by our human family and our destinies, though diverse many lead to a common cause, mainly peace, within our shared experiences.

May, we continue to live as good men, women and children and practice our right to equal freedom, knowledge and tolerance. International Human Rights Day is a day that we recognize that the human family exists in us all. Human rights are fundamental rights- a right to be honoured for one’s existence in this great universe- with a present, past and future.

Happy International Human Rights Day.

14 thoughts on “International Human Rights Day

  1. I commend your articale to ALL gender of persons, too often here in Barbados, when we talk about gender violence, it’s always women as the victims. Time we stop the division and concentrate on equal rights for both genders. This man vs. woman mentality must stop as this will only escalate the problem.

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  3. “Our human race is like any other species, having been given rationality…”

    I read this post to my dog Rusty who declared that he was delighted to learn he was a rational and not merely a sentient being. He said he would discuss it with my cat, Socrates, but also said he drew the line when it came to earthworms and mosquitoes. I reminded him that mosquitoes really did want to know us better and that the concept of hospitality extended even to them. Rusty told me to “bog off” – but then he’s a back-street canine so what can you expect? Oh but he did say it was possible that a horse might have an embryo soul.

  4. There is little or no emphasis placed upon INTELLECTUAL – FREEDOM, which by all intents and purposes is a fundamental human right.

  5. INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM….now that’s something to think about .i do believe everyone has that guarantee right , however the right to express that freedom can be suppressed by those who opposed using any method or calculated reasoning or rationale

  6. “Our human race is like any other species, having been given rationality…”

    I don’t know about mosquitoes and earthworms, but the dolphin in the video below seems to act rationally. It persistently hangs around a bunch of divers on a night dive off Hawaii and they eventually noticed it has a tangled fishing line wrapped around a pectoral fin which appeared to be restricting its ability to swim freely. They also noticed along with the fishing line a fishhook embedded in the same fin. The dolphin allowed the divers to approach it and actually seems to work cooperatively with a diver as it remains calm and positions itself so the human can untangle and cut away the fishing line and remove the hook from its fin,.

  7. Green Monkey

    Rusty says thankyou for reading him, a very happy Christ-Mass and that he agrees with you that dolphins are tops in the created order.

  8. @ Green Monkey | December 12, 2013 at 12:08 AM |

    A most movingly inspiring video especially to those who are keenly concerned not so much about the natural environment but more so for mankind’s future on this planet. The planet has been around billions of years before humans started to prepare their own self-extermination or Gaia rids herself of that recently-evolved (or more genetically engineered) potentially self-destructive pest.

    This planet will continue with or without human beings who can easily be replaced by a higher or more intellectually advanced species which would be less of a burden on the planet. The Sun created this planet and only that Light by an adjustment of Earth’s perihelion or its perigee to some other planetary entity can determine it’s future existence as a habitable biosphere.

    It is this kind of information and the genuinely moving human behaviour shown in the video that modern IT can easily make available to children in schools via their tablets in the preparation of assignments and projects for formal assessment and in the dissemination of knowledge relevant to their lives as lessons to enhance their lifelong learning skills to counteract the negative influence of smut and filth as was witnessed recently.

    The video helps to reinforce the fact that life on this planet is just one interdependent cycle and humans are no bigger or smaller than the other cogs in the wheel of life with each having its day in the Sun and can be readily replaced in the grander scheme of things.

  9. Yes miller agree but in the mean time while our existence hinges on “father time” whilev we wait for the inevitable what should we do as a civilised people about man,s inhumanity towards each other. should we just ignore ! adjust and shelved these right readily accepting it as the norm.

  10. Rusty has read you, notes that you took up the baton where he left it and that the wonders of Dolphins were being remarked when he was a puppy which is why they will always be “tops” for him. He notes that beloved Miller has said in prose what he was trying to say in poetry. He points out that the home I call my home is his home too which we share with wall lizards and that we should all go out and hug a tree and sing to rainbows. He also suggests that since he and his friend, Socrates the cat, sleep and eat together we should begin, as “civilized people”, to try to be nicer to each other on BU and thinks that David should lead the way.

  11. @robert ross,

    Might be best to limit Rusty and Socrates’ web surfing for now, for once this news (below) gets out, you might be surprised to find that they are not treating you with quite as much dignity and respect as you have become accustomed to. 🙂

    Scientists say: Humans are not smarter than animals – we just don’t understand them

    For many years, humans have believed we are the most intelligent beings on the planet. However, evolutionary biologists are now claiming that some members of the animal kingdom may in fact have superior brains – we just don’t recognise their intelligence.

    Scientists at the University of Adelaide argue that evidence is emerging to suggest some animals actually have cognitive faculties that are superior to those possessed by human beings

    “For millennia, all kinds of authorities – from religion to eminent scholars – have been repeating the same idea ad nauseam, that humans are exceptional by virtue and that they are the smartest in the animal kingdom,” says Dr Arthur Saniotis, Visiting Research Fellow with the University’s School of Medical Sciences.

    “The belief of human cognitive superiority became entrenched in human philosophy and sciences. Even Aristotle, probably the most influential of all thinkers, argued that humans were superior to other animals due to our exclusive ability to reason.

    “However, science tells us that animals can have cognitive faculties that are superior to human beings.”
    Continued here:–we-just-dont-understand-them-9003196.html

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