159 thoughts on “CIBC First Caribbean International Bank Instructs Leroy Parris to Take a Hike

  1. @ ac
    yuh doan mineMorris leading any kind uh charge , but how he could publish such a “MESS” in two editions uh de same paper on de same day? Now ddah is what yuh call a lack uh integrity an i doan care how David try tuh get rond it .

  2. @ are we there yet
    It means you can read . de online paper said several HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ; de Sunday Su said EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS . if de two uh dem mean de same ting to you well den it would be a waste uh time arguing wid you..

  3. Ac do mind the messenger when the messenger has been involved inillegal actiity of his own.. however the “”MESS” is another gaffe the nation has committed on many other occassion. like the PW double polll…..i meaning gettin facts straight is first and foremost on the journalism scale of ethics. however for the nation it is O.K. to shootfirst andask questions later.

  4. Leroy Parris
    I overheard a fella in Oistins saying that
    Leroy Parris should be in Dodds
    bending down /-picking up soap

    –What does this mean ???

  5. @ Someting fishy | December 9, 2013 at 1:52 PM |

    Listen fishy man, here is something you should put your nose up “into” to see if it stinks to high heavens.
    Instead of splitting hairs over if Greenverbs stole hundreds of thousands or 8 million of policyholders’ money why not ask Pornville (instead of Roy Morris) how come he is promoting the serious reduction aka restructuring of the public sector workforce.
    Is this the same King of Porn who last year accused the BLP of planning in a secret meeting to send home thousands of public sector workers whereas the DLP had no such plans if returned to power?

    Is this the same damn lying prick who today said he is all for the significant reduction of the public sector (and has held this view for a long time) and is on a campaign to see many of the functions currently done by the public sector divested/outsourced to an expanding private sector?

    You should ask the King of Porn if the amount of vulnerable workers- which his party used for electoral purposes and now about to abuse- to go from the public sector is in the hundreds or thousands.
    When you are able to hook that answer from the twisted mouth of the lying porn king ask him if he is able to tell us if the Kingsland hospital will be Government operated or would it be a private sector project that would be charging private sector fees for services provided.

    “You do not wake up one morning a bad person. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest. ~Robert Brault.

  6. @MoneyBrain Bajans voted in February 2013 to keep their government jobs because Owen and the BLP was going to go on a mass lay-off exercise. It would be interesting to see how a lot of these same people is going to react when the hammer comes down between now and the end of the financial year in March 2014.

  7. @ Bag of Juice
    I not going call you a BIG NASTY LIAR.but a waffless stranger to the truths.DEM have no shame at all …..NO LAY OFFS, NO LAY OFFS was the mantra and main reason people voted for DEM. You bet Moneybains they would vote for them again cuz they just down right STUPID.Remember the pensioner ad? That is adequate proof. Stupid people duz do igrunt tings, once, twice three times even. Now they going bite their nails hoping “it ent ME”

  8. you know there is nothing basically wrong with Barbados. the cause of almost ALL our problems are our so called “leaders”. the wicked plantocracy has been replaced by people even more avariced wicked and immoral. now adays wherever and whenever there is big wrongs there is a cover up. it all starts at the so called “top”. it is time for Barbadians to say “no more” enough. for the last 20 years we have had corruption on a scale we just cant afford. Politicians of low no morals . thieves. supported at every turn by attorneys. politics and the legalized criminals, are our biggest nightmare. the Bar Association is a national disgrace. the court system is 80 years outdated. politicised. relationships. there is no justice.
    learn from at Clico / Parris / Thompson / Haynes QC / ELLIS / Stuart. . what happened to the criminal charges against the Directors……nuthin!! and nothing WILL continue.
    floating on top of us; supported by our taxes and fees is the scum. corruption. big money. Clico / Parris sucked in so many attorneys / politicians / business people in to its web of money laundering and corruption. the authorities that should move and take action cant. wont….because the Civil Service and the watchdogs are all roads leading to Ministers…politics. look at the cheques written to politicians. the loans handed out by CLICO the tax dodging all helped by big up accountants and attorneys . you want a lot of names and details….easy. check those who flew the private plane. look at all the attorneys involved . all friends . look at the relationships. an attorney learns to lie and cheat in as a junior. there boss becomes a judge!! influence; connections. is the Inland revenue investigating Parris? or Thompson? Haynes? Leslie Haynes was in the middle of all that. knows all. Haynes is now caught up in the middle of a $40 million fraud with a well known hotel in Christchurch with his business associate Clyde Turney .
    consider the back ground of our judges. horrors of horrors . one is ex partner of Turney. the Bar assoc looks after their own. hows about the cocaine set?

  9. @Robocop
    Oh no, I realize that you misinterpreted what I wrote in my posting. The gist of my argument was that the DEMS fooled the people in making them believe that their jobs were so secured and that if they voted for the BLP, they were going to lose their jobs. The idiots went and vote for ‘dem’ and the end for many of them is very NEAR.

  10. Steupssss
    Perhaps the people are not as stupid as wunna want to suggest…
    Perhaps they were smart enough to know that layoffs were INEVITABLE …no matter who won the damn elections…

    Perhaps they did not so much vote for the DLP as much as the voted AGAINST the lotta shiite that the BLP did for 15 LONGGGG years …and which remains fresh in their minds…

    The people are brass bowls but ther are not complete idiots….
    BLP / DLP ….same shiite….same result.

  11. @ Bush Tea | December 9, 2013 at 6:55 PM |
    “Perhaps they did not so much vote for the DLP as much as the voted AGAINST the lotta shiite that the BLP did for 15 LONGGGG years …and which remains fresh in their minds…”

    How does that explain the loss of 4 or 5 seats to the Opposition?

    We shall see if you will be putting up a similar defence for the privatization of the Transport Board and other State-owned entities. You will then be able to state:
    ‘Perhaps they (the brass bowls including you) were {NOT} smart enough to know that PRIVATIZATION was INEVITABLE …no matter who won the damn elections…’
    Attack the IMF “lotta Shiite” for that one, not the miller!

  12. .Bushie “BLP / DLP ….same shiite….same result.”

    The one thing they have in common is that they did not diversify the Barbados economy and they failed to provide food security.

    Too much of the economy of Barbados depends on Foreign investment.

  13. Bajans have mostly had good political sense for 50 yrs or more.

    The major problem today is that the calibre of far too many of the leading political personalities leaves much to be desired.

  14. “I was always of the view that the public service is too big and needs to be reduced”….so says Donville Inniss.

    Well, well, well. What nasty liars the Dems are! Glad for the idiots who voted for dem who thought the BLP was going to send them home en masse.

    The DLP’s chickens have come home to roost!

  15. @Prodigal
    It seems like a higher power displeased with the DLP. They can’t catch a break at all. What is the saying about retribution?

  16. Prodigal;

    Do you see the beginning of “the staking out and differentiating” of territory here? Note that Donville Inniss, arguably the brightest and busiest of the DLP lot, also indicated that he would be meeting with Mia sometime to share info on his projects and programmes.

    His statements re. job right sizing in the public service and privatization and private sector growth are strong and actually insightful but one wonders if the “in your face and volte face” attitude is best at this time for a member of a Government that was forced by its PM (In order to win the last election) to lie transparently about layoffs and eschew privatization which its MoF had earlier championed.

    Of course those positions he took today are diametrically opposed to everything that he has been quoted as strongly representing in the past 5 years.

    Could this be the opening salvo in the possible formation of a coalition and the possible ultimate jettisoning of an inept PM? It will be very interesting to see if any of the other DLP parliamentarians adopt a similar tone, particularly re. collaborating with the Opposition.

    The game seems to be well and truly afoot.

  17. But Prodigal…
    “Glad for the idiots who voted for dem ….”
    This is what wunna BLP think about the people wunna want to lead…?
    LOL…and we thought that, wunna cared about our welfare and success…

    So when we eventually get around voting BLP again…we will still be idiots?
    …the voice of the people is no longer the voice of God?

    Do you think that ANY blame belongs to YOUR party for not presenting a united, constructive, viable alternative plan for the country?
    Do you think that presenting the SAME candidates who had been REJECTED in 2007 was a bit of an INSULT to Barbados?
    ….or wunna can’t find any alternatives….?

    Man ease up off the brass bowl people of Barbados do…..we may be brass bowls …not we are not complete idiots.

  18. @ Bush Tea | December 9, 2013 at 8:56 PM |

    Well, if the BLP is that uncaring about the Bajan Brass bowls why is Donville looking to join forces with LOTO to evict the biggest brass bowl and idiot of them all from helm of the sinking ship called SS Fumbling Barbados?

    Why is the Don the biggest champion of “Layoffs and Greater privatization; even making the miller and PW look like Marxian diehards?

    Don’t you see this move by the Don of Porn to be the biggest betrayal of the people and a hard slap in your Fumble-like face of ‘No Privatization’ under St. Jerome’s vigil?

    How can you get on this blog and talk all over your face about BBE while quoting scriptures but with greater vehemence back a man who sees “Greenverbs” as one of the greatest sons from the Land of Brass Bowls and is doing every thing in his power to protect the same brass bowl son from justice? Yes, from JUSTICE. A moral principle you like to parade up and down on this blog except when it comes to your high friends in thieving corrupt places.

    Call out your Fumbling mate for the crap he is doing and we would see you not so much as a bloody brass bowl hypocrite but as a man for the people and for justice worthy of being called the Bajan Warrior for Justice in the mould of Mandela.

  19. Perhaps Donville Inniss is sending a clear message to his inept colleagues he will not allow their poor public relations and interpersonal skills to sink his political ship. What Donville Inniss is mouthing is what the citizenry of the country should be hearing from the Prime Minister. Donville Inniss I know you and Michael Lashley read the blog so please ask Denis Kellman to speak to the $800M Plasma Gasifcation plant he is pushing on the people of Barbados for his friends and he knows who I mean.

  20. @ Kammie Holder | December 9, 2013 at 9:45 PM |
    “…ask Denis Kellman to speak to the $800M Plasma Gasifcation plant he is pushing on the people of Barbados for his friends and he knows who I mean.”

    Man get real Kammie! What kind of “kellmonomics” going on here?

    Where is this money going to come from? The only person holding that sort of “blenza” to invest in Bim because there is no way for him to go is Leroy Parris. Where is the government going to be able to borrow that sort of money from? The same source as that for the new hospital up Kingsland to be called the Asylum for those suffering from Inniss Imaginary Erections?

  21. Donville is positioning himself in the event of a coup d’etat. His strategy is to be the first and only one who has the balls to publicly say what BU bloggers have been saying all along. He is the only brave MAN in the crowd. His statement tonight shows that he is distancing himself from his political peers. The others are hiding behind the curtains peeping out to see who is going to be next. Donville make your move NOW, pull the rug and shake it out then ring the bell. LOLL You can also make a statement about the CIBC and LP affair. Show the world what an upright citizen you are and the leadership qualities you possess. BUT if you have any skeletons in the closet then I will have to beg you to keep quiet.

  22. ac December 9, 2013 at 1:58 PM “Ac do mind the messenger when the messenger has been involved inillegal actiity of his own.. however the “”MESS” is another gaffe the nation has committed on many other occassion. like the PW double polll…..i meaning gettin facts straight is first and foremost on the journalism scale of ethics. however for the nation it is O.K. to shootfirst andask questions later.”

    Dear ac: I don’t normally agree with Bush Tea, but I have to now.

    Hush do!!!

  23. Shite, man ah meant sweet talking Dr Denis Lowe and not Dennis Kellman. Sorry Dennis Kellman although you need to take some lashes on your level of representation to your constituents on the Fly ash issue, who are now seeking legal representation to bring a class action suit.

  24. i WANT ALL YOU TALKERS TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Do any of you have any proof that politicians are thieves as well as Thieving Leroy Parris?

    • @avincent

      Where human beings are involved there is always a dark side but as Pacha has stated we have to create tension to ensure some of it is funneled to do good.

  25. @ David
    Pacha is of course correct, however it takes high levels of intelligence AND common sense to be able to MANAGE the misguided greed of mankind in such a manner as to produce desired results.
    It is even more difficult to succeed in this,… in an environment where there are MASSIVE FORCES (as AMON recently documented) that are FOCUSED on promoting EVIL and CHAOS.

    Given these two constraints, ….and our well documented brass bowlery, what would you give as our chances of ANY positive progress….?

    Bushie challenges ANYONE to suggest a better approach than that proposed by Bushie&Baffy (2012) LLC.

    Wuh shiite then…..Bushie even outlines the methodology of implementation, the structure, …..even potential personalities…..!!
    Not a word from the brass bowls who continue to argue back and forth about two shiite parties comprised of jackasses completely devoid of ANY kind of vision for the future,…. of any plan of action to move us forward….OR of any indication of the ABILITY to implement ANY shiite…..

    …talk about DESIGNED TO FAIL……

  26. @Sunshine

    Are you a eminent Jurist looking for some more material before deciding to confront the very powerful entities ( possibly senior political “friends”) involved, who are somewhat densely intertwined? If so yes some have proof!

  27. The Government of Barbados should relieve Mr Parris of his 8 million dollars,almost similar to how we relieved Al Barrack of 5 times that amount.

  28. I hold no water for Leroy Parris but wrong is wrong. It does not matter if you believe what you think. This is one story that will come to light in the end and Leroy Parris will be a richer man for it and will be simpling all the way to the other banks.

  29. David (not BU)

    You sure? I have it on good grounds that the banks are just getting out ahead of what about to unfold with that gentleman. Not the PM, not the MOF, not the GOCB, not the COP can help now?

  30. WHY… would …if the Nation report is correct, after the Minister of Finance and PM consider the issue (apparently as disclosed by the attorneys) would the Governor of the Central Bank, be asked to ‘use his good office to seek an amicable solution’…??

    To the uninformed that would seem like exerting political pressure? But I am sure that is not the case, so we aint so bright, so maybe someone else can explain it?

  31. @ colonel buggy “would seem like exerting political pressure”

    I think that you hit the nail on the head.

    To de ressa we out hay, it seems like exerting political pressure too.

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