Goodness Gracious CBC, Time to Get Doug Some New Suits

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte
Doug Hoyte, CBC Morning Barbados host

Doug Hoyte, CBC Morning Barbados host

Don’t say it, and we are not being picky, but one cannot help but notice Morning Barbados’ lead anchor Doug Hoyte is in need of a couple of new suits. Good grief man, hasn’t the Board noticed Doug’s futile attempt at hiding the fact that he has out grown his current wardrobe and now has resorted to hiding this embarrassment ?

Viewers cannot help but notice the first button is unduly stressed and barely able to maintain its confines. Doug on the other hand, being a true professional, has resorted  to placing his coffee mug (snugly in front of him) to camouflage the obvious.

We the viewers have begun to wonder why Doug would always be seen hands crisscrossed on his coffee mug positioned strategically, in a rather perplexing position. Much to our dismay, on closer examination, it has become most obvious that the good man, like many Bajans,  has been caught at the counter of overly indulgence once, twice, too often.

Come on CBC, you can do better than that for one of our USA trained and most competent own. Get the man a new wardrobe and quick. While you are at it please do not forget our amiable Kimberly, his dearly beloved co-host.

Times may be hard we can agree, but it is now becoming a common place embarrassment watching your resident contortionist. Mr. Chairman, let’s not allow Trevor ‘Dynamite’ Eastmond and others, to continually have the last laugh, get Doug some suits.

66 thoughts on “Goodness Gracious CBC, Time to Get Doug Some New Suits

  1. Rather than introduce Doug to Raj Paul…how about Doug to Surfside?…Not only would it be better and healthier but cheaper too.Chrissy Donville and a good few too could go patronize George and Livy and lower the countrys QEH future bill

  2. The last time we all saw the Barbados Labour Party representative for ST. MICHAEL NORTH RONALD TOPPIN, we all noticed his ill fitting, baggy, old suit.

    The people of St. Michael North deserve a better dressing MP.

    I take it that Napolean Bonaparte has not seen him lately otherwise he would have written about him.

  3. OI am not in the business of criticising journalists, but what CBC badly needs of good journalism training.
    Surely this must be a priority for the manager. I have just spent ten days watching the 7pm ‘news’ and it was awful – even worse was the CNN output with Richard Quest. Whose decision was that?

  4. The next thing we’ll be told is that an ill fitting suit is an indication of a twisted character or, as here mildly, that a man is letting the side down. OK then, back to church clothes.

  5. Suits -No
    Polo Shirts/Tasteful Tees–Yes
    Suits not necessary—

    Yaaaaaaaaaaagga -Pon top –WI can beat EI

  6. What is he matter with these idiots at CBC? Why dem wearing suits in this climate? What happen to the Dashiki? Um ded? Not one ounce of originality pon dis island all dem trying to mock dem peoples from ova an away. stupse. Poor black people dem ent know where dem from and where dem going.

  7. First things first.How is it that in an enlightened country so called,as Barbados that there is one TV station and it is controlled 100% by the government of the day.Even lopsided racist Trinidad and Guyana have several TV stations.Barbados has one and the DLP and BLP refuse to give a license to private enterprise to offer an alternate view and opinion.What are they afraid of?What freedom of choice do we have?Are we really intelligent people?
    Secondly,I watch the DLPTV news up to the weather presentation however I skip to channel MSNBC if the DLPTV is featuring one of their actors especially Stephen Lashley,Michael Lashley and a few others,but they are the worse.Stephen Lashley probably knows every cliche in the English Language and keeps repeating them ad nauseam.
    Thirdly,the ladies anchoring the news look like they are the biggest busted and biggest girth CBC can find to put before the cameras.Unhealthy women!
    Steve Blackett should be removed from politics and returned to share the anchor role with Pearson Bowen.They are a fine team and read well.Doug should also consider returning to the weekend anchor role for the evening news.
    Fourthly,as a purveyor of Caribbean news,CBC has fallen woefully short in presenting Caribbean news.Caribbean news for CBC is like the Nation newspaper.Who got arrested/Who got imprisoned/who got the worse house/which politician is a paragon of virtue etc.My idea of Caribbean news is coverage of news items with video footage of items of regional interest and covering from Cayenne to Belize and all in between including Venezuela and Colombia.
    Lastly,its time we dress tropical and wear long sleeved white/coloured shirtjac styled shirts for news presentation and also as a standard of dress generally.One sees it more often done by David Commissiong and some other bajan men.How colonial we are and we speak of independence!
    Btw,while listening to the election coverage in Trinidad on Monday night,the FM station went on to air lots of Xmas music.We in Barbados are robbed of this seasonal feeling of joy and goodwill because some politicians felt that bajans should stop the old, like the annual Agricultural Exhibition,Guy Fawkes day and allowing the Xmas event to be too great a part of our lives.That’s the legacy of the framers of our independence day of Nov 30th.Its a stupid thing to have done and it affects and dampens the spirit of the season which is dearly loved by almost all bajans especially the little ones.November 30th should be the last day of November period.Independence day should be moved to the day after Kadooment Day is celebrated.

  8. @ islandgal246 | November 7, 2013 at 9:13 AM |

    Couldn’t agree with you more!
    All of this long talk put down by politicians about promoting and stimulating entrepreneurship and an indigenous cultural industry is a lot of pure hot air and poppycock. Just like the long talk (NATO) about eating what is grown locally to improve the health of the people and cut down on the country’s high food import bill.

    Some of the worst dressed men in Barbados and even in the World can be found in the local Parliament with their ill-fitting European-style business suit projecting an image of bloated buffoons of gorilla proportions and inflated mannequins.

    Don’t these people realize how stupid they really look? They are really impressing no one of intelligence; not even themselves.
    Can’t they vary their dress style? Why wear clothes designed and made for a temperate climate on every occasion in hot tropical Barbados. These guys personal hygiene and body odours probably smell to high heavens at the end of the day.
    Can’t these stupid people understand that the same white people who they are trying to ape are just laughing at them and see these black idiots as a pack of jokers dressed up like monkeys in ill-fitting European suits pretending to conduct ‘real real’ business?

    Why can’t these politicians set the trend and dress, even if occasionally, in locally designed and made clothing to help stimulate the development of a local and regional design and fabrication clothing cottage industry? Why not encourage the young designers and clothing makers?

  9. Miller

    I really don’t think anyone is laughing at anyone else. But of course a “local and regional design…clothing cottage industry”. And definitely a home-grown deodorant centre purveying all the perfumes of Arabia (just about African enough) but without aluminium.

    If it’s honest sweat you’re worried about, women really will have to stop wearing the utterly unoriginal tight jeans – can’t be healthy odour-wise. No more ‘whites’ for cricket of course, or tennis – far too Western. No more vestments in church – gee how a priest must stink. Nor extra white coats for doctors. In fact shorts and T shirts all round I guess – no sorry why not fig leaves bearing nakedness? If you know of a gorilla in a suit who’s having a crisis, do tell him I have a spare west-African something-or-other.

  10. David
    I wrote that both DLP and BLP have the same intent.No competition for TV transmission and broadcast in Barbados.I would have to rely on external support for this from the US Embassy!
    While on a stint in the isle of spice in the late 70’s early 80’s I noted that the banks and government institutions male employees wore the cotton open necked shirtjacs both short and long sleeved.Looked very tropical and comfortable and I did the same.

    • @Ross

      Obviously our culture and norms are heavily influenced by our eurocentric given our history. However this does not mean that our leaders should not be encouraged to be advocates of customs which promote our Africenity and common sense given the climatic conditions.

  11. “And I did the same”

    That’s the point isn’t it – we do what the ‘game’ seems to dictate because we all wish to conform presuming there must be sense in conforming and, yes, maybe there is? But then if it MUST be suits then, sure, let it be a baggy suit or a comfortable suit. Why not? Otherwise, don’t conform – do as you will unless someone is going to ‘smack’ you and you can’t, in safety, smack back. Hence ‘NO’ to ‘church clothes’; ‘NO’ to those who say I must wear a natty little something from Saville Row. Yes, give me a ‘Rumpole’ hat, an old friend – assured and with a mind of it’s own and ‘F…..’ the frowns of ‘superior’ people who say I must look like them or how they would like to look given the chance.

  12. David

    ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’. The rest is superstition and prejudice. This has nothing to do with continent of origin.

  13. Competition to CBC … Fah what … so as to allow some lazy ass private sector operative to run to the States with forex taken from the Central Bank to purchase the latest in made in America programs …? What foolishness …

    Sure guys, focus on Doug in the monkey suit, and ignore the elephant in the room, dressed in African traditional attire. It is not that the women is Black, very dark skinned and pretty I might add, or that advocates Africanism by her wardrobe, but that she is HUGE and she chooses to accentuate that by wearing the most extravagant (in both size and colour) of apparel, in order to completely fill the screen with her presence. And to add insult to injury, the egomaniac refuses to correct her brawling style of delivery after decades of practice, one of most garish of all announcers in the history of TV anywhere …

  14. Miller and Islandgal;

    Essentially agree with you. Why can’t the dress code in places like Parliament and CBC follow what seems to be the evolving non-temperate inspired dress code in the Catholic and other Churches and civil society in general in Barbados?

    The legal professional dress might constitute a challenge for tropicalization (sic) but Robert Ross might have some ideas to replace the wigs and black suits there.

    Suggest that one reason for Parliament might be that the PM usually sets the tone for that body. If the PM wears comfortable, elegantly casual clothes to work and on official functions in Barbados and desists from mandating a European dress code for the others, there would be a problem only with those few parliamentarians with anachronistic minds insisting on wearing European clothes.

    Of course, for official functions in temperate countries, a European type suit might not be out of order for parliamentarians and others.

    Also note that the problem is primarily with the males. It does not necessarily exist with the females.

    Changing to a sensible dress code should help in our parlous financial situation also.

  15. Baf

    Of SHE – you got that right


    No wigs here. Otherwise the dress code varies with the days of the week – absurdly.

    Of the Catholic (Roman) church, you will see white people wearing shorts and jeans; black people invariably in church clothes. Now what do you make of that?. Is it a primitive perception of what God ‘demands’? In the Pentecostal churches still church clothes but the females have prettier and lower-cut dresses. Carrying a Bible is part of the code just about.

  16. even a poor island such as Haiti has much more TV stations than Barbados. i totally agree with Islandgal246, imagine a tropical paradise and buffoons are in 3-piece hot, hot suits. i thought the days of wanting tobe like assa’ who lived in the cold countries were over…obviously not

  17. Robert Ross;

    I’m not a Catholic, but from my relatively few attendances at the Catholic Cathedral and the Black Rock church, it seemed to me that the dress code for all members of the congregation (black and white) wore comfortable short or long sleeve shirts and everyday pants of sober or even non-sober cut and colours and no jackets. The few suits that I saw (worn by people looking like locals) might have been visitors. But you can correct me where I’m wrong.

    Actually, compared with say 15 years ago, there appears to have been significant improvements in the general dress code in the work place in Barbados (trending to discarding the traditional heavy suits). The holdouts appear to be those professionals who maintain a Temperate First World dress code presumably because of reasons related to relative status, even if local conditions indicates such traditions make no sense.

    So you all don’t wear wigs again (the judges I mean)? and is there really a different dress code for different days of the week in the legal profession? Have there been developments re. the status of the code for the New Courts of Justice and the Immigration Departments?

    • @Ross

      What are those things which define a people?

      We are definitely in the throes of an identity crisis.

  18. Are-we

    I was being a bit flippant; but yes – there is a different dress code for Saturdays as compared with other days of the week. You will see attorneys in flip-flops and jeans at the District A magistrates’ court on a Saturday.

    For the rest, I guess we are talking about jackets only when we speak of ‘suits’. At the risk of being overly anecdotal – last Saturday I went to a function to celibrate someone’s 50th. The dress code was ‘elegantly casual’ whatever that means precisely. I wore a cream linen jacket – the only jacket in the place. The rest were certainly ‘casual’ but utterly devoid of ‘elegance’. They all, male and female, seemed to be dressed in turgid greys and browns, roughly the colour of the floor covering – well, except one – lo and behold a male attorney who was dishy in a cream two piece ‘bush’ suit. What to do? Maybe we should explore David’s “identity crisis” point a little more.

  19. But aren’t we considered Western culture and the suit is the formal wear of choice? Isn’t the suit a part of our culture? Do the people in cold countries put away their ‘hot’ suits during summer or simply wear summer suits i.e. those made of fabrics suitable to summer? Well Rosemary wears african styles and she too must be hot with her head wrap up with 4 metres of claat…lmao

  20. DAVID

    I have just received an email saying that someone is suing the BA in defamation following publication of a list of non-payers. Have the usual suspects any info on this – I’m sure it warrants a TalesFTC? All very yummy.

  21. LOL – not my style David – besides I have no insider friends and very few outsider ones actually. Posts are for big boys.

  22. Backward ignoramus politicians wearing nonsensical inappropriate gear are setting bad examples. How backward can they be . When this is coupled with the massa mentality, its no wonder Barbados has the problems it does with attitudes and bad behaviour

  23. @ Enuff | November 7, 2013 at 3:21 PM |
    “Do the people in cold countries put away their ‘hot’ suits during summer or simply wear summer suits i.e. those made of fabrics suitable to summer?”

    Yes they do! People living in temperate climates dress to suit the weather.

    There is nothing wrong with wearing Western-style suits for formal or business occasions or events. But the suit should be made of material and designed to suit the climatic environment.
    The suits should also be tailored to fit the physical shape of the person. Buying pin stripe suits made of wool lining bought off the peg at M&S to fit an extremely overweight person like Sinckler or an oddity like Stephen Lashley is not the option recommended.

    Let them get their suits made of cotton or a linen blend suited to the tropics well tailored to suit their peculiar physical appearances.

  24. @ are-we-there-yet? | November 7, 2013 at 4:27 PM |

    EWB and his colleagues wore shirt jacs while on the job (carrying out their ministerial duties). Tom Adams also did the same. There is nothing wrong with varying the type of formal wear from shirt jac-type appearance to well tailored comfortable Western style business suit.
    However, the present lot of idiots running the show have little or no dress sense and variety is not in their sartorial portfolio. They are just plain old boring and drably looking in their ill-fitting ugly dark coloured suits which do nothing for the beautifully dark complexion with which nature has endowed them.

  25. The first thing people from Over ‘ n’ way do when they arrive in Barbados is to demonstrate that they are relieved to get out of their many pieces of clothing and you see them dress accordingly. Barbados see this example and ignore it.

    The worst thing one can see is a black man in a suit in the hot sun in Barbados, fire coming through the back of his jacket and he bathed in perspiration. The most annoying thing is to see them at particular functions that happen during the day in the open air with the sun beaming down. Graduations ; Renaming of Buildings and weddings are some of these events.

    Bajans get some pride and commonsense nuh !

  26. I despise bitterly the foolishness called Wake up Barbados. It is total rubbish. Imagine A birdman held centre stage for weeks! LOL.It is a perverted, distorted, stranger to what Dennis Johnson and Carol Roberts began. It is boring, dull, uninformative, And a show hog place for the likes of Junior Jordan. Can anyone please tell us why that baby was centre spot on Tuesday? What is worse sometimes that type writer Jewel Forde hatches up some silly programme with Nalita Gajadar and those likes. CBC please stop wasting tax payers money. The day another channel arrives CBC will be dead. CBC think they are fine but it is the monopoly position that fools them. Their best TV persons are Pearson Bowen and Sherwood Mckaskie

  27. @Miiler
    Some of the worst dressed men in Barbados and even in the World can be found in the local Parliament with their ill-fitting European-style business suit projecting an image of bloated buffoons of gorilla proportions and inflated mannequins.
    Initially when our MP’s enters parliament for the first time, most of them , to use Mr Arthur’s phrase, are Poor Rackie, but the sweetness and good living, thanks to the tax payers of this country, not only swells their heads, but their guts and arses as well.

  28. Even the very traditional British Army, who not long ago got rid of the thick Great Coat, more suitable for service in Siberia,has always re-issue soldiers with a lighter and more tropical friendly clothing. The material which we commonly refer to as Khaki, was for many years the tropical material of choice.

  29. @ Miller

    We on the same wavelength–appropriate fabric and well fitted. As for the ties…well that is another story.

  30. It must be a slow news day when wunna people only interest is men in suits……LOL! butcome to think of it ac would rather see Doug in his tack suits than MIa in her Emperor suit….

  31. Whats so schocking. even the thought of MIA running up and down broad street in her Birhday suit is enough to give one the hebejeBEES..

  32. islandgal246 | November 7, 2013 at 9:13 AM |
    What is he matter with these idiots at CBC? Why dem wearing suits in this climate? What happen to the Dashiki? Um ded? Not one ounce of originality pon dis island all dem trying to mock dem peoples from ova an away. stupse. Poor black people dem ent know where dem from and where dem going.
    Many years ago,somebody got it right. The plantation chauffeur, the Bridgetown messenger,the bus driver,conductor, and the Lumber yard supervisor, all wore jacketed suits, not the usual worsted business suit material,but rather more comfortable and appropriate tropical khaki drill.

  33. Word on the street is that many undertakers are now demanding new suits for burial .
    So if you are too cheap to buy a new suit while living, when ya dead you have to share a new one with the termites.

  34. Think you all missing a very important point…..inside CBC cold cold cold….where peoples like Michelle A, Rosemary,John and that odder ugly idiot duz reside….add to that the AC….Now you see why some opt for suits.

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  36. BAFBFP | November 7, 2013 at 11:54 AM |

    Sure guys, focus on Doug in the monkey suit, and ignore the elephant in the room, dressed in African traditional attire.

    Careful …… it used to be alleged she was connected with the owners!!

    Who knows, it might be true.

    Long ago I was told about the interviewer who dared ask Erroll Barrow a question he did not like on TV…… to which he replied ….. How dare you come in my TV Station and ask me that question?!!

  37. with our tourism product down with all the British tourists now trekking to Dubai, the Maldives and, Macau and St Lucia and with no economic growth expected within two years and with the hospital short of supplies and with people unable to access any of the numerous houses that have been built over seven years and with barrack still to be paid and with the university debt still to be cleared and with a report in the public domain accusing out top police officer of wiretapping and with people inferring saying that the Leader of her Majesty’s loyal opposition is involved as well and with no salary increases for public servants for the past five years and with prices overall up by over 36% and with the cost of living expected to be pushed up further even with a revised municipal tax bill and with no light seemingly at the end of the tunnel be it resolved that we put the discussion of Doug Hoyte’s suit on hold and put these important and serious issues impacting negatively on the good governance on our country back on the front burner of discussion.

  38. @ balance | November 8, 2013 at 5:43 AM |

    A very impressively phrased resolution, balance! Your well-honed ‘Secretarial’ skills are coming through.

    The ‘Ayes’ have it this time. But you can expect more and more distractions in the coming weeks acting as red herrings to lead the focus away from the gravamen of the challenges facing Barbados.

  39. @ sgt peters
    I refer to a guy who is always on the show talking about birds. He was on again this morning. I remember when Dennis and Carol used to take that show on the road. It was a bomb.

  40. And with the BLP yardfowls bad mouthing the economy. and with the inept leadership and ill advised no confident Mia stripping away at investors confidence . and with a band of BLP losers who are hell bent on driving barbados into economic dolldrums. not to mention load of debt left behind by the BLP which now has become a hangmans noose around each taxpayer neck like a ticking time bomb.given that scenario and the cries of DOOM and GLOOM . the country is stillb Standing.

  41. ac …
    we in solution mode nowadays in case you have’nt noticed….we all have hands to the plough nowadays…..We ent in party mode no mo, site?…. so either contribute or bug out….

  42. All Doug needs to do is get his fat ass off the chair and on the road walking. Stop eating and drinking so much before he pop the blasted suit button. Stupseee. And why should CBC be interested in his suits. He gets paid…handsomely. Let him buy his own. Wunna tink he aint notice that he getting too blasted fat? Or he like dem that like to say that the clothes getting too small. Stupseee. Only mekking me vex

  43. Is the onus not on the TV station to outfit its anchors? Dun know Doug aint going to no gym so Leroy & Co. better outfit D man…..

  44. It’s not just Doug Hoyte. Have you taken a look at Cassandra lately? Sheesh. She is way too loud, too disrespectful to her co-anchors and ALWAYS interrupts when someone is talking. We won’t even talk about Kimberley who wears what look s like pyjamas on TV. So where do we go from here? A major overhaul is definitely needed on Good Morning Barbados.

  45. Oops, almost forgot. Can you also please buy Cassandra some new shoes and tell her to stop that silly dancing. She is just way too big and overbearling without the dancing.

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