Barbados Sports In Crisis

Submitted by Wayne Cadogan (unedited)

Five years ago, I wanted to write this article giving an in depth analysis of the various sports programs on the island and my opinion on why I thought that we were being stagnated and not going forward, and this goes for most things in Barbados. Barbados sports has been going through a metamorphosis for more than thirty years now and there is clearly no evidence of it not been stymied.

I left the island in the late sixties and Barbados had a very strong sports program where they did well at the international level. I do not have to speak about the cricket, because that speaks for its self. A Barbados football team of the 50’s and 60’s was a power house against the likes of Trinidad, Jamaica, Air France team and visiting teams from England. None of the other islands in the Caribbean were capable of beating Barbados in any sport, whether it was Netball, Athletics, Football, Cricket or even pitching marbles. I returned to live in Barbados in the early 80’s and the very week of my arrival, I ventured to the what is called the National Stadium (I always refer to it as a cow pen, because I have seen high school stadiums far superior, furthermore Universities and International Stadiums, it is disgraceful.) to watch Barbados and St. Lucia play a football match. Barbados lost to St. Lucia 1-0 and tears came to my eyes, as a result of that defeat I have never watched any form of football on the island since then. I could not believe that some twenty years later that the standard of Barbados football had deteriorated so badly that St. Lucia could have beaten them. Since then, I hear or read in the press of some of the smaller islands defeating them from time to time. We were once a football power house against the likes of Trinidad and Jamaica, but now no more. Further into the article, I will state my thoughts and the reasons why Barbados is at cross roads in all sports.

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  1. @Wayne

    You are correct that the governance system for Sports in Barbados is built on greed and not on a willingness to serve. In athletics the ‘small’ islands like St. Kitts, Grenada to name two have been outperforming Barbados in recent years. There must be something inherently wrong.

  2. Wayne Cadogan is considered by many to be a jackass but he is on point here. His one man boycott of Pollard was ludicrous even though his heart was in the right place.
    He must be commended on an article that’s goes to the heart of the matter of the stagnation in local sports. Barbados sports administrators must rank among the worse on earth.
    Be it cricket ,football, boxing, cycling whatever the absolute most disgusting, selfish and opinionated retards form the leadership and executive of the sport.
    The BOA represents the zenith of the garbage that passes for sports administration.
    In sports Barbados spinning top in mud.

  3. @ baller | September 12, 2013 at 11:07 PM |

    You are rather acerbic but I like what you say and admire your guts in saying it. The major problem in this country of too many “mis-educated” people lacking in commonsense is one of Leadership and Management.
    Bush Tea and the miller are at one with this L&M prerequisite for national performance and success.

    The focus on academics in the local education system has contributed to a rather narrow mindset in measuring and valuing achievement and success in this society. It’s time to widen the vista of what Bajans consider to be avenues to success other than through academics and an over-emphasis of the traditional professions where ICT would soon dictate their direction, attraction and relevance to human existence and socio-economic development.

    Given the smallness, inbred and nepotistic nature of the society based more on “who” you know rather than ‘what’ you know or can do, it would be very difficult to bring about major radical changes in the local mindset. But Technology has a way of handing out opportunities to those who are willing and prepared to grab hold and make a difference.
    We should be prepared to put our trust in technology (especially ICT) and science rather than in politicians and priests.

  4. @ David
    Bushie has to agree with Cadogan….
    Only Bajans would accept the kind of results that we see in sports without complaint. Does anyone think that Jamaicans or Trinis would continue to tolerate the results we have …without protests?
    Can you imagine we have not hosted an international or even regional athletic meet now for eons?
    Can you imagine we cannot maintain an AstroTurf….even with a Lottery providing money (is it $20m per year) FREE to support sport?…..we apparently begging for funds to fix it….

    Can you imagine the stadium looks like a rat trap?
    Most athletes have very limited facilities for training…

    But they have a STATE OF THE ART MUSEUM for the PM to tour????
    They have a FANCY OFFICE BUILDING to breeze out in????
    Can we get a report on the total money spent on travel by sport administrators? …is this why these administrators are always fighting so?

    No wonder our politicians and business leaders are so hapless…..
    it seems to be our way….
    …the brass bowl way….

  5. I was told there is an unfinished running track behind the Lazaretto near the new UWI below the university hill, 3 years to start and stop the project, it has seats and everything and going nowhere fast, still largely unfinished. If it’s true the PM is putting a lift at taxpayers expense in his residence, he needs to rethink climbing those stairs, the exercise will be good for him in his condition, and instead re-direct the taxpayers funds to the new running track, move forward the sports, he should see what Jamaica is doing for their athletes, let’s not talk about Trinidad.

  6. Typical Carson, blame the athletes, not surprised you do not know that athletes need specialized training equipment and training areas to excel, i saw the way Obadele Thompson and Ryan Brathwaite were treated even though they put the island on the map, no wonder the young people view the old asses like yourself as counterproductive to their progress…….yall need to do the young a huge favor and die out, move on and make way for better ideas and a new perspective.

  7. Interesting article

    Barbados international wins race case against Gillingham

    Mark McCammon awarded £68,000 compensation after being unfairly treated

    Written by Jermaine Haughton
    17/09/2013 12:15 PM

    FORMER BARBADOS international Mark McCammon has become the first professional footballer to successfully sue a club for racism in Europe after winning a case against Gillingham FC.

    The Gills challenged a tribunal ruling made in August 2012, which found them guilty of racially discriminating against McCammon, and the striker was subsequently awarded £68,000.

    At the original tribunal, the 35-year-old claimed he was fined for not attending training during a period of heavy snow and was left frustrated by Gillingham’s refusal to pay for his medical treatment when he was injured.

    McCammon, who started playing for the Kent-based club in 2008, was eventually sacked in 2011.

    Last week the Employment Appeal Tribunal unanimously ruled in McCammon’s favour, and upheld the previous court decision.

    Despite being relieved by the decision, the striker said he believed the case has tarnished his future in the sport.

    “It was traumatising and it sort of sabotaged my career in the football world, my progress,” he said.

    “I had football clubs after me and that just deteriorated. It’s very, very unfortunate”.

    Anti-racism campaign group Race for Sport (FRS), who supported McCammon during the case, believes the footballing authorities should take a hard line with Gillingham.

    A spokesman said: “RFS now calls upon the FA to take effective sanctions against Gillingham FC and impose a significant fine, and set clear guidelines for the club with equality training requirements.

    “The Professional Footballers’ Association are urged to review their previous failure to support McCammon and to ensure his legal fees for the original hearing and the appeal.

    “The FA, and all other football authorities, are urged to examine and publicise the lessons to be learnt from the judgment as a matter of urgency.”

    Race for Sport will be hosting its inaugural international conference on September 25 and 26 in central London.

    It will bring together representations from the NBA, the NFL, Kick It Out and the Welsh FA.

    For more information, visit

    Posted on: 17/09/2013 12:15 PM

  8. Sub-par athletes? Take a seat. All this talking and I don’t see any efforts by you to help the situation. Or is this lil article your way of doing it? Have you ever been to competition above Carifta? Do you dedicate your everyday life to training and becoming better? I don’t think so. Calling the athletes taken to these game sub-par is a stupid and ridiculous comment. Unless you are Oba, I don’t see any right you would have talking about anything pertaining to how these athletes should be competing because he knows what it takes.

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