Are We There Yet?

Submitted by The Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Good governance is required!

Good governance is required!

In a movie, involving a family trip, one of the children kept asking: Are we there yet? We see the Caribbean as one nation but we are aware of the deep idiosyncrasies of our individual island states. We recognize the void of leadership; the betrayal by our intellectuals; the current attempts to marginalize the trade union movement. We suggest that the current hopelessness that is enveloping the region can be traced to our collective failure to engineer and embrace models of development designed to propel us into a new era of prosperity.

However, it is obvious that as the current economic crisis deepens, the underlying mental realities of our past and the injection of self doubt and mistrust that were the results of slavery and colonialism remain psychological threats to our true independence. Unless we find ways to arrest these negatives within our psyche, we are afraid that the Caribbean is some distance from being a vibrant entity on the global stage.

Our research confirms that many of our most brilliant minds opt to remain in anonymity inside the region or self imposed exile in what is called the Diaspora. The half century of considerable brain drain has effectively robbed the region of much needed intellectual capacity. We are engaging ourselves in pseudo intellectualism hoping that the magic of words and the regurgitating of eighteenth century economics theory will save us. We are turning a blind eye as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Apologists are identifying our progress in terms of gains made via independence and generic development in health, education and housing. They are refusing to admit that most of those gains were before the information highway and the current international monetary crisis engineered by greed and graft in Washington, London and other so-called developed countries.

We are aware that we stand to hit reverse gear unless we confront the truth about unpopular positions on wealth distribution. Our region is now monopolized by no more than a dozen corporate entities that are pulling the strings of our politicians, who are nothing more, than mouth pieces and professionals seeking perks. In the midst of concrete evidence of racism and ethnic favouritism, they are those who brutally prey on the poor citizens brandishing them as lazy and inefficient. The dastardly intellectuals are joining forces with the corporate monopolists to further make our most vulnerable citizens become marginalized and irrelevant to the rapacious political corporate complex that has emerged since independence in the region.

Once this avaricious group gains momentum, the road trip would be longer with more obstacles. Fifty years from now , our children may still be asking : Are we there Yet? We cannot allow this to happen.

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  1. But we wont, it just requires the meaningful corporation of those with the loudest voices and the ear of the public, the members of the broadcast media, who up to this point, have represented the most classic examples of fraud ever to be foisted on the public of Barbados, at a sustained level.

    BTW, a fraud is someone who makes himself out to be that which he most certainly is not …! (When you think of it, it could include all of us)

    • @Baf

      The media like most entities today have compromised core values at the altar of the almighty dollar. Why do you think social media has taken root?

  2. We must not forget that the workers movement of the pre- independence era contributed significantly to the improvement of the masses and the groundwork was put in place by some very great grassroots workers and social activists.There were many progressive and educated citizens who threw their enormous weight behind the workers movement often at great professional sacrifice.

    • @William

      Labour can only be successful in a climate where capital is active. We tend to isolate too much.

  3. David

    Look at your “active” audience … a quarter of ’em live in over and away and see your site as a means to keep touch; a third of ’em are well past due date, even wheel chair bound and the rest are just pregnant with opinions and grateful for an opportunity of shed. They will influence no one.

    Facebook is a demographic thing where broad groupings are determined by social norms … race, age, religion … and invariable it is a LOL campaign … every third comment is LOL or RTMOL or some other shit. No influence there either. There are face book pages dedicated to specific issues, but having a marginal participation at best.

    No .. it’s the obsequious Jackasses that continuously mouth off on everything under the sun. None other than the women, have any claim to academic certification, but are at the core defensive of the status quo to the point where they shut down or smooth over, even make light of meaningful opposing comment, and introduce campaigns like “presenting balance” and the use of the word “we” to nullify any chance of a thumbs down response from the listening public. They know their target audience, as do their advertisers … and yet it all rests on the shoulders of these spineless sycophants to instigate meaningful change… There is still the possibility of continuing in the Eric Fly tradition of course

  4. Labour/Capital is as old as slavery itself, and Capital always wins …! I am more interested in the opportunities to self actualize while NOT being part of the Labour/Capital discourse. Political Parties are comfortable with keeping the focus on this ageless tug-of -war campaign alone to the extent that they are prepared to only pay lip service to other areas of human endeavor, eg: Product Based entrepreneurial activity (which includes creatives).

  5. @ David
    I was only putting it in an historical context ,how the region has evolved. That whole relationship has changed. I also agree with @ BAFBFP that new relationships are necessary in relation to labour and capital.

  6. ‘We recognize the void of leadership; the betrayal by our intellectuals; the current attempts to marginalize the trade union movement.’

    The broad masses and middle classes of people of Barbados must not also permanently remove those two intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited pre-independence formed DLP/BLP from the political governmental landscape of this country, but must also permanently remove the ideologically and politically sterile and paralytic pre-independence formed trade union movement from the social political landscape of this country.

    It is these kinds of organizations that have been doing severe, and in some cases irreversible, harm damage to the prospects for the greatest development possible of our country at this stage.

    As a matter of fact, too, it is these very backward and moribund social species, among some others, that are and have been substantially causing this country to enter, and very exponentially so, deeper and deeper stages of unprecedented unparalleled post-independence dedevelopment and decay, collapse and ruin, and of greater and greater, very expanding, ever-growing proportions scales at every carnate, perceivable level possible of the Barbadian human society.

    So, we say to the broad masses and middle classes: finish them to hell off and bury them, before they finish take us home!!


  7. I am not advocating an avoidance of the labour/capitol thing, I am saying that true societal development, the kind that will see Barbados stand as a self sustained entity that trades globally requires policy focus to be placed in other areas as well, with an equal degree of import, and my preference is of course the design and development of salable products.

  8. BAF is correct in pointing out that Gov’t continues to depend and totally trust the labour/Capital concept whilst ignoring the rapidly increasing ‘creative’ entrepreneur. There is money in that sector but we want to be in charge andretain an 8-hour day shift, cocktails for considered high profile acquaintances and when finished not one contract nor cent passed on. Money out investment loss.

    Rosemary Parkinson spoke about this at length and her struggle to encourage the change of concept of Gov’t to become modern day thinkers is admirable. I wish her good success.

  9. I would replace the word “capital” and say that it would take “resources” to finance. The money thing is of paramount importance but a combination of support skills are required as well.

    Take for example a player that is good at assembling piece parts who passes on his product to someone who is expert at packaging only to have the items warehoused, as was the case with the cotton during the Sandiford Dynasty.

    Barbados’ sole resource is its people (shite, heard that enough times) but not just people who are confined to roles of “providers of capital” and “providers of labour”, but people who are also capable of providing market research, technology (materials and processes) research, business services support, design support, production capability, any and every other thing under the sun that is necessary to avoid the dreaded WAREHOUSE.

    Warehouse is just another word for stagnate ..!

    • @Baf

      We are on the same page BUT the resources of which you refer there must be capital mobilization to achieve that end.

  10. @baffy

    Of late I note a new element in your tone

    You language carries a new sagacity and profoundity and euphemism and is full of politically correct statements

    The old Baffy would not have called it warehouse of stagnation but what it really is whorehouse of sycophants who, intent on the bacchanalial pleasures, the perpetual wuk up mindset that permeates BIM and which leads ole farts like me to answer that question with a resounding yes.

    Yes we have arrived at the precipice of the seventh ring of hell, wukking up wid our hands pun we ankles, greased to the hilt

  11. Enuff

    The University of the West Indies spends an awful lot of energy on research efforts, so too does the CDB and the CBoB and the Government on behalf of the people of Barbados. There is no shortage of people who are seized with the discipline required to do research work. But to my knowledge this focus has traditionally been in areas that affect domestic social policy and economic indicators. (I do not know what happens in the tourism arena … ). And these people are well paid, just to facilitate the tinkering with Government spend without any radical shift in the way we do business with the rest of the world.


    The word Capital when referring to money in the local context refers to private investment, which suggests a return in monetary terms. Input that I am referring to comes from more than one TYPE of source, for which the returns are measured from a “nation wide” perspective. Private Barbados cares NOTHING about national indicators that mean little to the bottom line IN THE SHORT TERM.


    Yah crack mah up man … Still ketchin’ mah bref … But let’s face it. Adversarial is dramatic, but ultimately not a very effective approach now is it …

    • How does one compare a society which combine social and economic systems to a business which is geared only to create shareholder value? Will Kyffin put the poor and indigent on a boat to nowhere?

  12. It’s not surprising that there is a “brain drain” , the brainies obviously go elsewhere to exercise their brains in a larger demographic, since we are here, a small island, in the Caribbean sea, with little opportunity for those individuals to exploit their talents. That’s not unusual, is it? Can be seen all over the world.

    Political structures in an environment such as ours, just tend to stagnate naturally because there are few strivers who would like to change the political map who choose to remain on the island after they leave university. They go off to more fertile and lucrative fields, where they can make a difference either politically or monetarily.

    What could galvanize the population of Barbados to take a keener interest in their Government? Everyone has a vote from the poorest to the richest. Each person must realise that their vote counts and NOT just vote for local/family issues alone. Just because your local representative gets elected as Prime Minister, should NOT mean that automatically all your local roads get upgraded etc.

    Why is this mindset so prevalent in Barbados? It is so much a given that you cannot argue with any individual that it’s not normal in a democracy. The very concept of democratic voting has just turned tail and turned into totally tribal which is a laugh when you consider size of the island and the small number of voters.

    We are living in a Democracy! People should get a grip and really look at issues. How? Not easy when the two main newspapers deliver drivel big time. Yet almost everyone on the island has family away and many can access political discussions on the internet, seeing how politics happens in other countries. So ignorance is really no excuse.

    Our education system is fantastic so if parents cannot inculcate the idea of democracy into their children, maybe the education system can.

    Should there be a politics class in schools which gives students a wider view to help them make judgements relevant to Barbados which might encourage them to take up politics for reasons other than personal gain?

    Individuals like Obama and Thatcher have gone beyond their own little parochial remit to make huge changes, One a black guy, the other a woman, both unlikely candidates to rule.

    Obviously the brain drain will continue because a big fish in a small pond will feel the urge to migrate to a larger environment but there should exist an environment for budding politicians to make a difference outside the two stagnated political parties.

    It wouldn’t be hard to entice young intellectuals to abandon ideas of emigration in favour of staying here to change things.

  13. Friend, your idea of “brain drain” means little to me as what you may refer to as brainy may not be that attractive to others. The brother of a Prime Minister of St Vincent is a rocket scientist that worked for NASA, and Barbados can claim to have produced the first female transplant surgeon and a couple highly respected medical researches that are now living across the Atlantic. How does this sort of brain drain affect the region …? We just brought back one of those “brains” and changed the laws of Barbados so that he could take up a senior position that is supported by the taxpayers purse. How does that help. Hmmm still can’t come up with a reason, but I haven’t given up hope yet.

  14. Part of Barbados’ problem is a tendency to discuss things too much. You can intellectualise everything but end up doing do nothing.
    I don’t believe that Barbados has a “collective failure to engineer and embrace models of development”.
    What it needs is some hard-nosed economic management.
    Prosperity does not come from studies at UWI, it comes from living within our means, cutting borrowing, cutting waste (so yes public jobs as we cannot afford them). It means having a plan, having a programme for executing that plan and choosing people who can make it work.
    We should make Kiffin Simpson Prime Minister; he could sort out the country. [Tongue in cheek but he could do the job].

  15. Dragon
    “We should make Kiffin Simpson Prime Minister” …Wah you smokin’ … ? Simpson SELLS Japanese technology and Trinidadian minerals … What the hell are you smokin’ man….? Stupse ..

  16. man baffy
    the man right
    we have a brain drain
    thats why the politicians are dysfunctional
    they are experiencing brain drain

  17. @ BAFBFP
    He knows how to run a company.
    Its about:
    – seeing where you can make a margin on business
    – looking for and getting that business
    – getting people to do the work and keeping them happy and efficient
    – looking at what your competitors are doing and keeping one step ahead
    – developing and diversifying
    – keeping your customers happy and coming back for more
    Applies just as much to a country as a business and on the basis that KS is the best businessman in Barbados – make him PM. Its the only way to “do a Singapore”.

  18. Dragon

    I gun lef David to deal with you. You got my head boiling and dah can’ be good at my age.


    So brain drain is a diagnosable disorder then … characterized by dysfunctional behavior and wayward spending … I learnin’ all the time, thnx …! HA HA HA

  19. Expand your minds. Business is about running an enterprise in which yes, you have to make a profit, but you cannot do so without balancing everything. You have to charge a reasonable price to your customers or you will frighten them away; you have to earn enough to make it worth you running the business or you wouldn’t do it; you can’t underpay your staff or they won’t work properly and efficiently.
    Too many people still think about business along the lines of “labour and capital”. That is from a Marxist essay written in the mid-19th Century and things have moved on since then – well they have in certain areas.
    The private sector is to be embraced.
    What about the poor? Deal with them in a business-like way as part of the overall “company”/country. Both have to make a “profit”. Maybe the social security net to support the poor and the sick in a country is the equivalent of profit for a company. So only if you “make a profit” as a country can you continue to support those who need to be supported.

    • @St.Georges Dragon

      How ever you want to swing it your scenario is not practical, wishful thinking. There are structures which have been established in a democratic system of government to separate powers. In a private company the head honcho has no similar condition to prevent how decisions are mobilized.

  20. Sorry that last bit reads wrong. I absolutely believe that it is the role of society to look after the poor and sick. Countries have to run themselves in such a way that they do not run up huge debts to external funders so they can afford to do this and the economy is sustainable.

  21. Every time somebody remarks on a blindingly obvious situation in Barbados which might have a negative impact on a Bajan’s sense of self-worth such as brain drain, corruption, or why tourists may prefer St Lucia, etc.,you get people leaping up and down pointing out instances where there are famous intellectuals from the islands etc. and examples of how rotten St Lucia really is and so on, accusations of disloyalty abound. When the worryingly high rate of violent crime is highlighted, the leapers leap again, pointing out New York, London, etc. yet proportionately Barbados is so much worse. Any adverse criticism is greeted with a flurry of denial by the leapers. If you must leap, please leap to a new conclusion.

    Things have to change, big time in Barbados, Pirate, dream on it is too late to rewind and return the island to its once laid back and happy state in the current political environment. In order to do that huge issues need to be addressed and the current political parties just don’t have that on their agenda. Raise awareness.

    All over the world people think their politicians are failing them and in a properly functioning democracy they take a stand and vote to change things. See France with its socialist government and all the issues with farming, see the UK and EU membership. Look at the US attitude towards getting involved in the Syrian or Egyptian conflicts. People just do not want to go in and politicians are taking notice, not like last time.

    When you see your political situation and media stagnate it’s time to think afresh. Why do you think this blog is so successful? Real politics is not happening in Barbados, one Government is as bad as the alternative; self-interest plays a huge part and corruption and laissez faire attitude are seen as the norm.

    No! they are NOT the norm. Do something to prevent the despoilation and over-development of the island. Keep an eye on the police. Watch with an eagle eye how elected politicians get richer than rich, These things are not just pudding and souse issues, they involve our lives and well-being. Transparency legislation? An idle dream in the present climate. Do something!

    Children at school need to be educated on how a well-functioning democratic political society works, they need to know that they have a real say, alternatives DO exist and that as adult voters they are a force to be reckoned with. They need to be inspired and encouraged to involve themselves in the government of their home.

    There are ways, other than selling off your family land or emigrating, where you could continue to live on this beautiful island, one which, for so many foreigners, is a longed-for dream. I say, let them dream, don’t let them take over and be the be all and end all of prosperity. I mean who would bring up their child with a prospect of tourist-milking as a career choice? That’s a poor mindset to inculcate into any child.

    So wake up and take the reins of government into your own hands.

  22. We have previously argued on BU and elsewhere that there is no such thing as PROFIT (LOSS) in the commercial business arena in Barbados or anywhere else.

    Whilst we acknowledge that this concept has been for years seen by millions upon millions of people world over as one of the cornerstones of capitalism, and that it has been reinforced as that and more in some accounting economic texts and academic institutions world over too, we know of no persons that have hitherto challenged – and with great purpose – the intellectual ideoilogical bases upon which PROFIT (LOSS) has been founded and furthermore mythologized and ritualized.

    Well, what we have long done is to have critically examined researched the said bases of and the notions themselves of PROFIT (LOSS) – largely represented by the equation income/revenue – costs/expenditure equals PROFIT/LOSS – and have concluded that there is the ILLUSION OF PROFIT (LOSS) pervading these particular capitalist academic pedagogic spheres.

    Therefore, what we have found – by carrying out a serious historical and logical positivistic analysis of the underlying false assumptions and principles of this ruse called PROFIT – is that it is cloaked in false ideology and abnormal psychology.

    Fundamentally speaking, this joke notion does not even have its basis in actual human behaviour and interaction.

    Hence, it is a very crude ideological psychological invention that has been perpetuated on the basis of social academic pedagogy.

    It is nothing that can be tested for, experimented with, and replicated based on a formulae, in the scientific world, in view of confirmation/disconfirmation of its existence and its different behaviours.

    The factology being that money is NOT a UNIT OF ACCOUNT (contrary to the what is falsely expounded in certain aspects of economic theory), primarily because goods and services do NOT carry inherent money costs/numbers, and the factology being that the nature of money’s circulation in the business financial society of Barbados often coincides with accounting people preparing and recording reporting data information in line with those false assumptions of PROFIT (LOSS), such as to form the source of business accounting and reporting at various alloted times, also help to prove that income/revenues, costs/expenditures, debits/credits are only written conceptual accounts of the countless incidences of the possible/potential/actual use/non-use of MONEY by whomsoever, for whatsoever purposes in the commercial business world.

    Sadly, it is these false fictitious fraudulent premises (e.g Money is a unit of account) that accountants, economists, and the like, use very deliberately, but without their applying serious critical thought to such circumstances involving those same countless incidences of the possible/potential actual use/non-use of MONEY , to help perpetuate this foolishness called PROFIT (LOSS) – which like income/revenues, costs/expenditures, debits/credits, IS NOT MONEY!!!

    Hence, the deeper philosophical axiom is that the USE OF MONEY IS NOT MONEY.

    It is this very cardinal axiomatic basis upon which the PDC has gone about repudiating discrediting and denying the existence of PROFIT (LOSS).

    Anyhow, here are four reasons why PROFIT( LOSS) does NOT exist:

    1) The money flows into and out of businesses per whatever time periods speak correctly to the fact that money pre-existed such flows and how logically eminent it is therefore to realize that PROFIT (LOSS) cannot be or could never have been made (sic).

    2) There are no correlationships between the money (individual bills and coins) that flows from persons/businesses (1) to other persons/ businesses (2), on one hand, and that flow to the same persons/businesses (1) from the same other persons/businesses (2), on the other hand. None whatsoever! Therefore, anything mathematical that suggests that money (individual bills and coins) can be added to money, taken away from money, can be multiplied by money, or can be divided by money such as to bring about more or less money, when the amount of money is the same amount at any given time, is dysfunctional dangerous mathematics. Thus, that there are no correlationships between money flows as in (1) and (2), must mean then whenever money is taken by many persons to represent income – expenditure equals profit/loss, there must certainly follow the illogic absurdity of that equation.

    3) There are no measurements of PROFIT (LOSS) itself, just false, fictitious, fraudulent calculations/juxtapositions based on earlier personal data recollections of money used by different persons within and without particular businesses.

    4) There are no objective criteria/standards in place any where to support this false notion of PROFIT (LOSS). Hence, income must compare with income over time, and expenditure must compare with expenditure over time, and NOT expenditure being taken from income over time, to arrive at this thing called PROFIT (LOSS) as that it is illogical to do so.

    Finally, we hereby posit that the primary reasons why most individuals and groups of individuals seek to maximize the amount of money they have in their possession, but alternatively to minimize their use of it, is to make sure that their financial obligations are properly efficiently met.


  23. @ David
    You are still missing my wider point.
    We need proper financial management in this country. We need a conviction politician in charge who has a view of where we need to go and how to get there.
    An example of how bad the situation is? Mr Sinckler says in the budget that there will be no more Supplementaries voted through.
    What happens next? They vote through a Supplementary for $3 million.
    What chance do we have of sticking to the budget if that is how dedicated the Government is to its own policy.

  24. St. George said:

    St George’s Dragon | August 21, 2013 at 6:52 PM |

    @ BAFBFP
    He knows how to run a company.
    Its about:
    – seeing where you can make a margin on business
    – looking for and getting that business
    – getting people to do the work and keeping them happy and efficient
    – looking at what your competitors are doing and keeping one step ahead
    – developing and diversifying
    – keeping your customers happy and coming back for more
    Applies just as much to a country as a business and on the basis that KS is the best businessman in Barbados – make him PM. Its the only way to “do a Singapore”.

    So what is preventing the black males and females on the island from doing the same thing???……….. i also ask the same question of the government leaders, there must be a problem that there seems to be this consistent dependency on others to achieve certain goals, everyone has the same brain structure and can achieve anything as long as you are focused.

  25. Another great contribution in the Nation today from one of our leaders, Maxine McClean.
    What Barbados needs is “to move beyond its heavy reliance on tourism and make some root and branch change”. What is needed is “innovation from the private sector and for Barbadians to pull their own weight”.
    How do these people get away with platitudes like this?
    The real questions are (1) how is Government going to take practical steps to create an environment where the private sector is incentivised to do innovative things and (2) how Government is going to take the lead in getting people to “pull their weight”.
    Government has to take some responsibility for what goes on. If they want innovation, make it happen. What about giving greater tax relief on research and investment, for example?
    What about Government leading by example by introducing mandatory staff reviews for the public sector, with those who are not up to the job being sent home.

  26. The government has – at various times in the past – been telling many people in Barbados that the foreign reserves of the said government of Barbados if not BDS $ 1.2 billion, it is BDS $ 1.3 billion, or it is BDS $1.4 billion.

    Our research revealed to us, around the times they were saying so, that the government had less than US $ 200 million in reserves.

    The fact that the government is seeking a US $ 500 million loan on the international capital market and is contracting imports substantially further tell the PDC that the government is totally misrepresenting the amount of foreign reserves is really has.

    That Mr. Sinckler has said that the BDS $ 300 million slide is so far inexplicable points to some more evidence of government continuing to deliberately – untruthfully – overstate the amount in foreign reserves at different times in the recent past.

    The very politically conscious of the broad masses and middle classes must join us in calling for the wider members of the public of Barbados in demanding a Commission of Enquiry into the operational data collection research department of the Central Bank of this country.


  27. David, yes. Exactly right, Stakeholders must robustly rail! That’s why I keep saying raise awareness and particularly in schools where the success rate of teaching not to litter, for example has had amazing effect over the past decade, compared to the unaware attitude before. Kids need to be taught how to think about their role as future voters, that there is another seat to be taken apart from the back one where you just sit and grumble along with the bus engine until you get to the bus station and it’s your party in power again with very little change and the same old corruption etc.

    It’s been said that ideally you always have to have three political parties; the main one, the opposition and a third party to kick the other two up the backside to galvanise them and make them think afresh!

    Sometimes the media can be that third party but media in Barbados is totally sectarian and uninformative. Unions can also play the third party role but…well need I elaborate on that!?

    The only group that can make real changes is the stakeholders.

  28. @ St George’s Dragon | August 22, 2013 at 9:46 AM |

    “Another great contribution in the Nation today from one of our leaders, Maxine McClean.”

    I love Maxime McClean.

    She and Richard Sealy are the epitome of why Barbados is where we are today. On the road to perdition, driving at 120 mph!!!

    Persons who are tasked with the two key forex attraction portfolios doing nothing, while flying about the world!!!

    Give me five FDIs which Maxime has been responsible for implementing during her time as Minister of Foreign Affairs, just like Sandiford in China, another sleeping giant, but he got dropsy

    Fumble, Ambassador Sandiford , Richard Sealy and Maxine McClean all sleeping at the helm

  29. @ David [BU]

    De grandson come tuh de house en ketch me getting ready to post some comments pun de BLP and DLP sites today and he nearly had a fit.

    He tell me dat if i really want dem wiretappers to send dem extrajudicial executioners to my house dat dis was one sure way to do it

    Looka dis David

    ” This privacy policy explains how Mollom BVBA (“we”) processes your personal data. Please read it carefully, as it specifies which rights you have and how you can exercise your rights.

    Our web service – We operate a web service that tries to determine the quality of messages posted to a website, and particularly tries to determine whether these messages are ….blah ti blah.

    HOW IT WORKS – When you post a message on a website that uses our service (called “the website” in the remainder of this text), the website’s server will first send your message – as well as some information about your identity (such as your IP address, name or nickname, e-mail address and OpenID) – to our server. Our server will then compare your message and your identity details with all elements in our database, and perform several complex statistical computations in order to assess the quality of your message (e.g., spam, abuse, etc.).

    In short me granson, de one it tell wunna dat does wuk at **** Bank, he say dat de BLP site keeping track uh who mekking comments deah!!!

    Fuh de Night uh de Long Knives maybe??

    Man i get so frighten David [BU] dat i turn off de cuntputer immediately!!

    He say dat dat is why nuhbody in dem right ming would psot a comment pun de BLP or DLP Gobbels We Are Watching YOU & Tekking your names website.

    Whu dis place coming to doah??

    David[BU] befo dem get to you server, you gots to promise me dat you gine purge me, Hants, Bush Tea, Well Well, SImple Simon and Onions real identity from de servers.

    Man if dem find out who i is i gine way fuh life and at my age dat is over de -10+ life expectancy mark (i is 10 + years ovah de 3 score and ten years allotted to this incarnation) dat ent gine be too good.

    De only cuntputer up de in Dodds is de backdoor cuntputer, if you get my drift

    I cyan tek on de bulling up dey in Dodds, yes i said it, i tekking de bulling heah by Sinckliar like a man causing i got a bottle uh vaseline from Collins pun de 12 August but up deah, wid dem menses, I ent gine got nuh grease and if de pup does mek me sweat so, (i need mo fibre in my food) man dem irons gine mek me go mad(der).

    Oh and promise me dat you gine lef AC and Cocky Locky name dey fuh dem to see and get tings do to dem……

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