Barbados Sea Island Cotton- Kyto Biopharma Inc

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Barbados sea island cotton stated to be the best in the world

Barbados sea island cotton stated to be the best in the world

The article OVER TO KYTO, CANADIAN COMPANY TO ACQUIRE BARBADOS SEA ISLAND COTTON BUSINESS reminded me about an article about Barbados Sea Island Cotton back in June.

Excerpted from the 63 page of the offering memorandum – The Barbados Ministry of Agriculture has granted Jonathan Bryant, under the trading name of BSC Inc. to be an International Barbados Company, the rights exclusively to produce a brand to rebrand Barbados Sea Island Cotton for export and delivery to the World Cotton market, a $32BN per annum opportunity. (NOTE: Password is now required to access above site)


Barbados has become a focal point of an American government investigation into the business dealings of a British investor living here.

The alleged failure by Jonathan Bryant to follow through on promised multi-million business ventures here and public statements about the same are part of an unlawful securities scheme, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has claimed.

Bryant, who has lived in Barbados for the past three years, and in that time has become known for his involvement in sponsorship of athletics, football, cricket and other sports, is facing several charges for what the US SEC said was his involvement in “a scheme to inflate the volume of trading” of 8000 Inc., a company he became involved in three years ago…………………”

SEC Charges Jonathan Bryant, Thomas Kelly, Carl Duncan and 8000, Inc. In Market Manipulation Scam

SEC v. 8000, Inc., Jonathan E. Bryant, Thomas J. Kelly, and Carl N. Duncan, Esq., Case No. 12-CV-7261 (S.D.N.Y.).  On September 27, 2012, the SEC announced charges against 8000, Inc., Jonathan E. Bryant, Thomas J. Kelly, and Carl N. Duncan, Esq. for their roles in a scheme to manipulate 8000, Inc.’s (“EIGH”) stock price…

U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Litigation Release No. 22495 / September 27, 2012


“Securities of 8000, Inc., a Virginia-based company, were quoted on OTC Pink operated by OTC Markets Group LLC (OTC Markets). The complaint alleges that Bryant and Kelly disseminated financial reports and press releases falsely representing that 8000, Inc. had millions of dollars in capital financing and revenues when, in fact, the company had neither. The complaint further alleges that, as they drove 8000, Inc.’s stock price higher with the false information, Bryant, of Hole Town, Barbados, sold 56.8 million shares of 8000, Inc. into the market, reaping substantial profits. The shares that Bryant sold were allegedly “restricted” shares that he should not have sold into the market at that time.” (For more Google Jonathan Bryant or Jonathan E Bryant)

If there is truth to the claims on the BSC Inc website that The Barbados Ministry of Agriculture has granted Jonathan Bryant, under the trading name of BSC Inc. to be an International Barbados Company, the rights exclusively to produce a brand to rebrand Barbados Sea Island Cotton for export and delivery to the World Cotton market, how desperate can the Government be, that The Barbados Ministry of Agriculture has granted control over Barbados’ treasured sea island cotton sector to an individual, Jonathan Bryant, alleged by the SEC to have committed a complex market manipulation scam.

$32BN per annum market? The entire 2012 GDP of Barbados is less than US$5BN. Has no one in the at Government Headquarters heard of the concept of due diligence? Has no one in the at Government Headquarters heard of Google? How is it possible for Government to get into bed with this guy Jonathan Bryant without checking him out?

I now read the article titled OVER TO KYTO, CANADIAN COMPANY TO ACQUIRE BARBADOS SEA ISLAND COTTON BUSINESS in Barbados Today. So, Due Diligence did some more Googling, about Kyto Biopharma Inc, and its CEO Georges Benarroch.

Here are a couple interesting websites –

Excerpt from Form 10-K for KYTO BIOPHARMA INC (28-Jun-2013 Annual Report)



The Company had not been profitable and had no revenues from operations since its inception in March 1999. As reflected in the accompanying audited consolidated financial statements, in 2013 the company had, a net loss of $274,540 a working capital deficiency of $258,612, a stockholders’ deficiency of $258,612, and Accumulated deficit of $18,077,370 at March 31, 2013. These factors raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern. The ability of the Company to continue as a going concern is dependent on the Company’s ability to further implement its business plan, raise capital, and generate revenues. The consolidated financial statements do not include any adjustments that might be necessary if the Company is unable to continue as a going concern. Research and development expense was $0 for the years ended March 31, 2013 and 2012.

Effective May 31, 2012, the Corporation entered into an agreement with Kyto IP Inc., a private company incorporated in the State of Delaware, to transfer, assign and sell all of the Corporation’s intellectual property, including Patents, Patent Applications and related Intellectual Property for the purchase consideration amounts to US$1,367,135 to Kyto IP Inc .

Further, the purchase price is paid and satisfied by the Kyto IP Inc. assuming the debt of the company to Credifinance Capital Corp (CFCC) and other liabilities.

In November 2012,Kyto closed its Canadian Subsidiary and recognized a loss on dissolution of foreign subsidiary of $173,623 during the year ended March 31, 2013.


The Company had working capital deficit of $258,612 and $1,539,075 as of March 31, 2013 and 2012 respectively. Cash were $117 and $1,467 as of March 31, 2013 and 2012 respectively.

Cash from operating activities:

The company’s cash outflow from operations of $13,160 for the year ended March 31, 2013 was $79,836 below cash flow from operating activities as of March 31, 2012 which was $92,996.

Cash from financing activities :

The company’s net cash flow from financing activities of $8,250 for the year ended March 31, 2013 was $85,350 below the cash flow from financing activities for the year ended March 31, 2012, which was $93,600.

To meet the projected cash requirements as stated above, the Company intends to obtain cash loans from one or more of its stockholders. As the date of filing of this Form 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Company did not receive any commitments of any of its stockholders to provide operating loan funds for the Company. We are also looking at merger opportunities or to acquire companies and products to raise capital. We expect to form strategic alliances for product development and to out-license the commercial rights to development partners. By forming strategic alliances with third parties, we believe that our technologies and related products can be more rapidly developed and successfully introduced into the marketplace.

The Company’s plan of operation for the next twelve months is to continue to focus its efforts on finding new sources of capital and on research activities and the development of its drug candidates which maximize the utility and application of its platform technologies. Management expects the Company to incur additional operating losses over the next several years as research and development efforts, preclinical and clinical testing activities and manufacturing scale-up efforts expand. To date, we have not had any material product sales and do not anticipate receiving any revenue from the sale of products in the upcoming year. Our sources of working capital have been equity financings and interest earned on investments.

The Company operates in a rapidly changing environment that involves a number of factors, some of which are beyond management’s control, such as financial market trends and investors’ appetite for new financings. It should also be emphasized that, should the Company not be successful in completing its own financing (either by debt or by the issuance of securities from treasury), the Company may be unable to continue to operate as a going concern.

The report of our Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm on our March 31, 2012 financial statements includes an explanatory paragraph indicating that there is substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern due to substantial recurring losses from operations, cash used in operations, stockholders’ deficit and significant accumulated deficit and working capital deficit. Our ability to continue as a going concern will be determined by our ability to obtain additional funding and maintain successful operations. Our financial statements do not include any adjustments that might result from the outcome of this uncertainty

Details of IIROC penalty of $250,000.00 and 15 year ban on Georges Benarroch from being registered under IIROC, for conduct unbecoming and detrimental to the public interest.

“Georges Benarroch was banned for 15 years, a reduction of the lifetime suspension imposed by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) last year that was overturned by the Ontario Securities Commission.”

It appears that Bryant intends to merge the International Barbados Company, Barbados Sea Island Cotton Inc.(BSC Inc.) with Kyto. This should be a marriage made in heaven, with both companies being controlled by scammers/manipulators. Neither appears to have any cash, but they apparently control Barbados’ treasured sea island cotton sector

Based on the press release Kyto BioPharma Inc. (“Kyto”) (OTCQB: KBPH) has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Barbados Sea Island Cotton Inc. (“BSC”) through the issuance of 10 million common shares of Kyto to the shareholders of BSC and BSC satisfying Kyto’s outstanding debt on closing

Press release also includes the following:

In conjunction with closing the business combination, all of the directors and officers of Kyto will resign and will be replaced by nominees of BSC. The officers of BSC at closing of the share exchange will be as follows:

Name, Position(s)

Jonathan Bryant

Founder, CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Board. He has worked with leading International Healthcare and Telecommunications Companies and has run projects with Governments in Europe and the Caribbean. He has extensive experience of project management and has a published medical research background as well as corporate experience at management level.

Conrad Wall

Leading Brand development professional with 15 years experience of Global Brand Management. Conrad Wall will run the projects marketing and branding efforts including the online presence. Conrad has significant contacts and reach in Asia one of the key target areas.”

I guess Conrad Wall will be using his significant contacts and reach in Asia to raise funds from China, which now seems to be a trend to finance business ventures in Barbados. It looks like Bryant, in cahoots with Benarroch, is taking control of a public company (Kyto) so it can raise funds in public markets.  Sounds like 8000 Inc. all over again.

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  2. @David. Shaades of CARSICOTT and Nitin Amersey and Sandiford et al. Let us see how it plays out this time. But Barbados does not seem to know what due diligence actually is. The number of people with a “past” that government ministers rish to climb into bed with is………..extremely worrying. Also the old adage, “You are known by the company you keep” cannot but resonate with the electorate.

  3. Is the cotton deal with Bryant still on? Who was Minister of Agriculture when the deal with Bryant was being worked out and possibly consummated? I recall that it was bruited about in reliable circles that the Carsicott affair was a closed shop deal between the then Minister and the then PS (now deceased) in that Ministry who kept all the files on the matter between themselves and securely locked away from Ministry staff, with one exception to whom technical (not financial) matters were shared. Could History be repeating itself?

    • Let us hope that the Minister is given a few minutes to respond to this matter on Sunday morning.

    • The Day the BDF Seized Nitin Amersey’s Company
      Posted in February 4th, 2008
      by admin in World News, Government, Politics and Development, West Indies News, Canada, Barbados
      An international intrigue involving the Cotton Industry in Barbados
      Nitin AmerseyWho is Nitin Amersey? Nitin Amersey comes from a prominent family of cotton merchants in India. He is an outstanding businessman in his own right, as witnessed by this report from Forbes. Mr. Amersey knows cotton, and is highly regarded as an international businessman.
      Amersey and CarsicotIn 1988, Mr. Amersey formed Caribbean Sea Island Cotton Company Ltd., or Carsicot.The two major shareholders were: Mr. Amersey – 51%, and the Barbados Government – 33%.
      Barbados Government Short-Lived Delight with External InvestmentInitially the Government was delighted that Mr. Amersey was investing millions in Barbados, but at some point the local cotton growers and politicians grew envious of Mr. Amersey. They accused him of wrongdoing, but a forensic audit revealed no evidence to support this. Despite this, the Government changed the locks on Amersey’s office without notifying him.
      Caught Someone Trying to Burn Down his HouseMr. Amersey had said that he had caught someone trying to burn down his house. This was around 1990! Oh, how history repeats itself! No one was charged with arson.
      Winning in Barbadian courts, but defeated by the BDF!This rough treatment did not scare off Mr. Amersey. He filed and won a court order in Barbados entitling him to $2 million worth of Carsicot equipment. The Chief Justice at this time was Sir Denys Williams. While Amersey was sorting his assets, three hundred gun-toting Barbados Defense Force soldiers seized the equipment! The BDF would not say where they were taking it.
      Keltruth Corp. calls for an explanationAmersey appealed to the Bajan court system, but he got an unpleasant surprise. A judge threw out his case saying he could not interfere with Government policy! If this report is true, Keltruth Corp. would like an explanation of the apparent reversal of the Barbadian Courts’ opinion. Citizens of Barbados need to be assured that the Legislative Branch of Government does not exercise undue influence over the Judicial Branch. Citizens need to know three things:

      Who ordered the BDF to seize these assets?
      Why was this order given?
      Was this order authorized by the courts?
      Bajan Detectives sent to Montreal to Investigate Amersey
      The National Post reported that two Barbados detectives flew from Barbados to Miami to investigate Amersey. The Globe and Mail said that Barbadian police attempted to search his Canadian bank records without government approval.
      Canada-Barbados TreatyMr. Amersey took his dispute before a World Bank arbitration board under an investment treaty between Canada and Barbados.
      Amersey sought US$10 million damages“ IF THE CARSICOT dispute does wind up before an arbitrator Scothalls will seek the following relief:   – US$10 million in damages for what the company claims was theillegal expropriation of the assets of Carsicot;….”From:  The Broad Street Journal’s edition of October 6, 1999
      Cotton TodayBarbados is still struggling to make cotton farming viable. Even Mia Mottley is considering Sea Island Cotton again even though pesticides alone are not enough. I wonder if she will be calling Mr. Amersey?
      Let’s hear your opinion!

      This post is based on articles in the following Canadian Newspapers:

      National Post (Cotton deal turns rotten for offshore business)
      The Globe and Mail (Cotton merchant takes on Barbados)

  4. Seems 8000 inc and Jonathan Bryant were involved in some sponsorship in Barbados.
    See loink below with photo of Jonathan Bryant (c) of 8000 Inc with BFA’s Sherlock Yarde (l), and Pro Shottas head coach Greg Castagne (r) at a Press briefing(Kenmore Bynoe)

    Wonder how that sponsorship worked out? Were the sponsorship obligations fulfilled? Anyone form BFA or Pro care to comment?

  5. David

    Thank you for the link to the background of the saga of CARISCOT.

    How interesting that a successful Canadian investor with extensive connections to the cotton trade (and with a reasonable chance to revive the cotton industry) had his assets seized, was locked out of his office, and his business destroyed by government contrary to a court order; and now they award the business to a British footballer who, along with his company 8000 Inc., is charged by the SEC with market manipulation.


  6. @Due Dilligence

    Carcicot was a big deal back in the day. Perhaps Warrick Franklyn will include this chapter of our history in his biography.

  7. @ Due diligence
    “….and now they award the business to a British footballer ….” Google him and see what you can find about him as a footballer.

  8. @ Nostradamus

    Don’t see much about him as a footballer, looks like his football career was short-lived – most Google finds are about him as a scammer.

    What I did find interesting, was the glowing comments attached to the Oct. 1, 2010 Nation article at the link you posted at 8:20.

    There are two sayings, sometime attributed to P. T. Barnum that come to mind.

    “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    Seems he fooled the Minister of Agriculture this time

  9. If you check the link below which was taken from above it says the Barbados Government have agreed in principle to several points. Just a couple excerpts:

    “To provide at a deferred pepper corn rent a 650 acre plantation for the purposes of growing our own cotton and having accommodation.”
    “The Company has agreed to cultivate 6500 acres of agricultural land delivering 5000 bales of cotton”
    “Time frame is to secure funding May 2013, to plant August 2013 and to achieve positive return on investment through a 30% advance payment at point of seeding based on prospective orders of $10,890,000 USD.”

    Maybe Carson Cadogan can check with the Minister of Agriculture and let us know if they already secured the funding in May and if they are ready to start planting in August 2013. Is Bryant already living on the 650 acre plantation?

  10. Carson Cadogan or any DLP supporter or anyone from the Ministry of Agriculture can you get BU an update on this project.

    Is Jonathan Bryant all set up in his accommodation on the 650 acre plantation? Did he get the May 2013 funding? Is he ready to start planting in August?

  11. So not one single one of you DLP supporters wants to touch this one? I am really surprised that CCC hasn’t jumped in here to give his comment. Maybe he is waiting for the Minister to get back to him.

    • @Nostradamus

      Yardfowl s do not make their parties look bad. Therefore your unanswered questions serves as the ideal litmus test to answer the question-what is a yardfowl?

  12. David

    Is someone at the FSC reading BU?

    This from:

    FSC issues warning


    BARBADIANS are being cautioned against investing their funds in an entity known as Barbados Sea Island Cotton Limited/BSC Limited/BSC Incorporated.

    The warning has come from CEO of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), Warrick Ward. It comes against the background of reported information that the entity is inviting the public to invest in the cotton industry in Barbados, by purchasing shares in its company.

    The promotion, the FSC official said, is being done through the Internet.

    Ward has advised that the entity known as Barbados Sea Island Cotton Limited/BSC Limited/BSC Incorporated is not registered with the FSC, hence local investors are not afforded the protection of the legislation.

    “Prior to registration, FSC would ensure fitness and propriety and the legitimacy of the person offering the investment,” he said.

    “We would also ensure that full and proper disclosure of the risks related to the investment is made to the public so they can make an informed decision,” he remarked.

    “This entity’s failure to register with us means that these checks were not conducted,” Ward explained.

    He said it had also been drawn to the FSC’s attention that there are a number of misrepresentations in the Internet advertisement, including one that the alleged project had been approved by the Government of Barbados.

    According to him, “We want the public to be informed and to be mindful that if they are approached or otherwise invited by individuals or entities for the purpose of dealing in securities or offering investment advice, they should first find out whether those individuals or entities are registered with FSC.” (JB)

  13. Where is mr Carstarphen we need him back to fix our cotton industry once and for all he is a man of integrity and he loved the country of Barbados and he got things done

  14. We had and eager and hands- on agronomist at Graeme Hall, who was dedicated to the cotton industry. He got so frustrated and overlooked by the Ministry,that he opted to go to New York and teach.And now we are calling for an expert from over and away to come to our rescue? Typical.

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