Barbados Prison Officers Under Fire!

 Submitted by Equal Rights & Justice
John Nurse

Superintendent John Nurse

I for one believe, if the government of Barbados has something to do concerning the workers of the public service they should do so for the with full transparency, and not this cloak and dagger style we have become accustomed to. I for one do not know which set of workers are next but the Barbados Prison Service is first out of de box as it seems to be.

Today the 23rd of July a meeting was held at H.M.P Doods for 158 temporary workers who were employed between 2005-2009. They were told they all have to re-apply for the post of prison officer by the 9th of August, mind you they are at least two bank holidays before that deadline. They were informed that they are 37 appointments, 47 temporary positions and all the rest would have to be subs; when did goverment know this?

At the end of the meeting people had to seek medical attention, the shock was too much to bear for some when told by the superintendent and his deputy that they could not fight for them. If this plan is to bear fruit we could see a grossly undermanned H.M.P and a breach of security seeing that it takes X amount of staff to efficiently run H.M.P. It can be said as times get harder for Bim that the prison population is expected to rise, can the days of an understaffed Glendairy be seen to be about to happen at Dodds?

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  1. Yagga Rowe

    I’m glad that the poetry idea is catching on. It might just make people think before they scribble….and it does make a change.

    AC might try it since you don’t need conventional punctuation. Well Well too – in the name of verbal control when ‘substance’ is left to the imaginative intellect. It would be a wonderful medium for Bush Tea in his role as seer and oracle. BAF too of course -in the name of ‘Art’. Also Amused – to enable him to write ‘axed’ whenever he likes.

    Indeed, we might even get something published to show what serious, generous and authentic people we really are and so far above the ordinary round of ordinary folk.


    United States House of Representative, Republican, Michelle Bachmann (Minnesota) like the Barbados ex-prime minister, Owen Arthur says she had done nothing wrong. Alike Arthur, Bachmann says she will not seek re-election. The United State House Ethics Committee, never-the-less is continuing an investigation of Bachman.

    It’s a wonderful life in Barbados. Corrupt lawyers and politicians are not investigated, persecuted or convicted.

  3. Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler in September 2012 commissioned a special audit at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA). Auditing at the Town & County Development Planning Office, the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and the Barbados Water Authority BWA should be continuous. Massive theft and corruption in Barbados has going on far too long. Time to stop the music.


    Changes need to be made on that dot down there in the Caribbean (Barbados). It, Barbados is still THIRD WORLD, still too far behind. All should be persecuted and convicted: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, George Payne, Gline Clark, Sir Richard Cheltenham, Sir Charles O. Williams, Mark Cummings, Samantha Cummings, Leroy Parris too. Their properties (homes, cars, banking accounts, etc) should be confiscated. David Thompson is now deceased. His estate, never-the-less should be confiscated.

  5. Well Well

    You are a hoot. When you started on this blog no one gave you any mind and indeed you were told to be respectful. Now you are, as you suppose, ‘in’ – and this by cowtowing the standard views on this and that. What happened? Are you so desperate to be liked?

  6. Adriel Brathwaite, the current Attorney General, is not the brightest tool in the shed.

    In fact some have sworn that the position of “dumbest of the AGs Barbados ever had” is tied between him, Fumble and Dale Smiley Teets Marshall. and he looking like the first of de last.

    But “Slit Eyes Adriel” during a visit to our church, was fascinated by the sermon t Pastor *** give, some weeks ago, about Haman and the gallows.

    That story for those of you who doan go church nor read de Bible, speaks of a man who builds a gallows for his enemies but in the end he is hung on the very gallows that he built. We Pastor is a very powerful man with The Word and people did notice dat during the question session, slit eyes was asking alot of questiona and did pensive and ting.

    Well i get to hear dat all this hullabuloo about the prison officers under fire aint bout nuh layoffs, but in the fact that the obeah woman that Sincliar hire (and that Sealy also does use) speak to Adriel one night at at 8:18 pm some time las month.

    After she did trow some salt in boiling water, and it all dissolve, all two uh them idiots amazement (apparently de salt was supposed to mex a pattern and spell some words uh power) but de salt disappear and de woman say dat it mean “tings to come and people getting into hot water and disappearing”.

    Well Adriel BadWits get a epiphany and deduce dat, since it was 8:18 when dis ting happen, becausing he did a cadet at school, convert de time to military time, which mek it 2018.

    Battywits den come to de (incredible) conclusion dat “de hot water” de obeah umman vision is de trouble dat he (en de res uh dem gine be in) when dem term dun in 2018.

    He “oversight” dat de Integrity Legislation dat he gine pass in Parliament gine cause he to get “loss way” in prison (wid de rest uh dem idjits) like Haman and dat is why he did so tek up wid de gallows sermon de Pastor preach bout.

    So Adriel decide dat, de bessest ting fuh he to do is, to mek sure and choose de Prison guards correctly so dat dem would (a) treat he good when he in he call and doan let nuhbody “unfair” he (if you get my drift) (b) gi he liberties to lef de prison pun a night like dem Winston Hall used to do and (c) gi he mo food dan Buffalo Sinckliar and Fumble when Mia and Smiley teeth lock dem up in 2018.

    Please share dis article wid dem officers and let dem know dat Adriel Badwits did get a revelation en he acting pun it and dat he doan mean nuffing by axing dem to reapply fuh de positions

    Sis Headley tell my Madam dis story and what my madam tell me is de onliest truff dere is

    She sleeping now en i gine and get a few winks muself.

  7. @ Piece

    Adriel Braithwaite you say is not the brightest tool in the shed. Mottley, though is not the best flower pick in the BLP flower garden. Owen Arthur sensed this, offered her to the DLP.

  8. Ross…………you have become such a waste of space i nearly missed that dumb comment…………….if you have noticed on this blog, everyone who deserves it takes a hit from me including you, if you were not so puffed up with lawyerly dishonest arrogance you would have noticed, i am like this on any blog, any part of the world.

  9. LOL – sunshine you are swelling, toad like, with self-importance. I can’t imagine that anyone actually cares very much how you are or where you are. But if it gives you comfort to imagine it otherwise – rest in peace.

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