Time to Act…Transport Board Again

Submitted by Old Onions Bag
Sandra Forde, General Manager of the Transport Board

Sandra Forde, General Manager of the Transport Board

The days of the Transport Board operating as a quasi Governmental institution are numbered. We have tried our best for years now to make it break even, and or make profit but to no avail. One of the reasons, (which there are many) by nature Government institutions operate intending to give social benefits and not to make profit paramount at the expense of societal benefits. Obviously there lies the reoccurring problem with  our Transport Board. Before, the organization was operating with a management whose training and thought was not to maximize the bottom line.

We cannot eat the cake and have it too…either we want to operate profitably or we want to provide solely social benefits? Profitability could mean, leasing to a private concern, whose management will want to make profits for its shareholders.

Transport Board as it stands sucks up good bucks that could help reduce a deficit lending institutions like the IMF see as hazardous to our country’s health. When will a decision be made? We could use the mega bucks as with BNB (now Republic Bank) which has had a complete turn around placing more in our Treasury and employing even more staff?

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  1. Onions

    The Transport Board provides employment for political operatives most of whom do not add value to the board. They are only there to draw a salary.

  2. Caswell…………that is called chickens coming home to roost, years of nepotism, cronyism and favoritism along with lodgism has brought them down. Shame and disgrace.

  3. When will Bajans realize that we cannot continue to be divisive?? Our government, administration, and economy is ruled by silent orders of brotherhoods that would rather steal from their own than beat the global oppressors at their own game! TO what extant should Bajans and Black people the world over put up with such self destructive mentalities? If the Bajan government and other caribbean islands don’t clean up there acts; there will soon be a “Caribbean Summer” to go along with the “Arab Spring”

  4. The Transport Board is a place that a lot of people would not understand. There are a few qualified and hard working people there. But, there are also some lazy, persons who prefer to gossip, Sad thing is most of our managers love gossip. Imagine over the past few years to get a promotion you had to have gone to Combermere. We had about to of our worst workers promoted by the Chairman just because they went there.

    Our current GM has aligned herself with persons who are hell bent on helping themselves and not the organisation. Again, loving too much gossip. Imagine last election a worker was sent home for wearing a BLP Tee shirt to work, but there are two workers who wear DLP Tee shirts daily and no problem. If fact it is working for them. One has now been made gardener.

    Simpson motors, TransTech, killing the TB and no one will speak out on this. Some managers and supervisors are also getting rich from deals being made at the tax payer’s expense. Do you really believe that the cheapest things are being bought? But then again, ministers as well as board members get rich from making these deals too. Too much money is still being stolen from canisters and from the revenue dept. still.

    The TB will be better if it has proper management, proper internal controls. .No greedy minister. No. greedy board members. The minister said it will be rebranded. If he does the above then that is a step in the right direction.

    Look at the routes, look at the scheduling, look closely at the qualifications of top management and supervisors, Look at HR and Accounts. Look closely this place can be better.

    So many persons close to retirement are killing this place.

  5. That’s part of the problem, they will gossip all day about other people’s bedroom business instead of what they can do to make things better on the island………….it is more titillating to discuss gays and what they should and should not do than to discuss an impending disaster that will soon take over the Caribbean. Bim stands to be more affected than most because of their chronic dependency imported on food and tourism. If this government had any commonsense they would start by getting rid of the leeches like simpson from state owned entities (taxpayers). A small minority continue to suck the blood of the island like vampires while ministers act like it is okay, it is not okay, cause these people bank their money outside and can pick up and leave at anytime.

  6. @ Well Well. | May 29, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    I agree with you. No political party will be rid of simpson motors since it has such a huge impact on all state entities across Barbados. Car, jeeps, sanitation trucks, mercedes buses, diesel, fuel. All over Barbados simpson motors has an impact into the finances of Barbados. If they ever call in their debt we are in terrible trouble.

    Do you remember that in 2008 after winning the election Former Prime Minister David Thompson was given a new Suzuki Vitara? Which he also took. That is a $100,000.00 gift. No politician or political party has ever seen anything wrong with that. Because when their time comes, they was one too. Or maybe two like Minister Marshall received. (1) mercedes, (1) mitsubishi suv. All of this is what is sinking Barbados.

  7. Driver………….i am familiar with politicians and their petty greed and since there are no laws in place to discipline them for receiving all manner of bribes to the detriment of the people, they have over the years done exactly as they pleased………..problem is they have now arrived at a place where they will have to make choices, they will either have to choice between unrest and riots or appeasing the minority of leeches and vampires they have on the island…….it’s up to them, i really never thought that they would be so visionless to allow it to reach this point.

  8. Driver……..it’s more simple than we think, if they have any balls they have to put a cap on importing anymore vehicles into Barbados, that is a start, if they have balls.

  9. @ Well-Well

    I concur.
    So what will it be Bimshire? Do we remain like the complacent sheeple that we are and wait to see how the stupidity of our “elected officials” plays out to our nation’s detriment? Or do we take action by going to the streets and DEMAND reform as loudly and cohesively as possible? The choice is yours…

    I know that I am dreaming of a better Bimshire! The same goes for David (B.U.); Miller The Annunaki, and Well-Well. What about you????

    • It is unfortunate that in these harsh economic times and government preaching cost management etc we have heads of statutory bodies whO have not improved the performance of the entities they have responsibility, still they remain in position. Is this what we call patrimony? And yes, both parties do it!

  10. Bruddah…………….i would really hate to see all that money spent by taxpayers over the years in education wasted if they let the island sink any further.

  11. @ Brother Well-Well
    You and I both would hate such a fate; while Grantley Adams and Errol Barrow would be groaning in their graves right about now.

  12. There was a study done some time around 2005/6 to have some buses fueled by natural gas (as done over in away) I believe Mangrove Depot where I previously worked was going to be the start with 10 – 20 buses. After gov’t changed all that study etc. just turned into hot air, That would have made transportation cost about 50 – 60% cheaper, considering how high it is. I know the NPC has some vehicles that currently use the natural gas. Trinidad uses it for its public transportation as well as private vehicles.

  13. Bruddah……………..i have a feeling it’s for this same very reason Barrow preferred to be buried far off the island’s coast, he did not want to have to groan.

  14. David
    Is it just my computer or are there some loose end question marks in the above that needs the claw hammer…kindly oblige
    ….We cannot eat the cake and have it too…either we want to operate profitably or we want to provide solely social benefits.(FULL STOP)..also
    …..We could use the mega bucks as with BNB (now Republic Bank) which has had a complete turn around placing more in our Treasury and employing even more staff?(FULLSTOP)

  15. sell the buses to the drivers at nominal costs
    allow ordinary vehicle owners h to transport people in their cars and private vehicles at nominal licence fees if any at all
    Issue more Taxi permits
    Remove the ban on cars over 4 years old so that more poor people can buy a good cheap vehicle from Japan. 9You can control it however you want to
    Introduce Zoning in schools
    Abolish the 11 plus exam

    then you will neeed NO TRANSPORT BOARD

  16. @ WELL WELL

  17. The PDC holds the unshakeable position that the Barbados Transport Board must be closed down and in the process of that taking place there shall be the evolution of a partnership entity within the context of the establishment of a wider larger state partnership enterprise that shall be charged with managing the entire state apparatus ( drawn from the SMFD/PDC 2006 pre-election manifesto)

    Indeed, the legislation that shall give effect to this state partnership enterprise shall most clearly state that such an entity will altogether replace the crown, the ministry, departments, statutory corporations, government run companies, and other entities of the present governmental dispensation.

    This particular legislation shall also state that in respect of the statuses of workers, ministers, etc within the government sector, that upon the taking of effect of it itself, that such statuses shall be abolished and with that, the creation instead of the statuses of partners within this state partnership enterprise.

    This legislation shall also state that such partners shall be part-owners of this enterprise and the only owners of it too.

    Such legislation shall make sure too that there is spelt out the principle that there shall be an elected executive coalitional cabinet for Barbados and which, according to the number of party positions vied for; according to the number of non-party positions vied for; and according to the number of independent positions vied for within the cabinet respectively, shall see the formation of this Cabinet based on the highest to the next highest pluralities of votes that shall go to the particular candidates in the respective positions from the voters massive in Barbados, under such a variant of a proportional representational system.

    What must be hereby said too that is that this executive coalitional cabinet will be at the helm of the said state partnership enterprise.

    With regard to the partnership business that will run the affairs of the commercial transport arm of state partnership, this entity will also mirror, to some extent, what shall take place in the wider larger state partnership enterprise, in that, the statuses of workers will be no be possible to bring about, as that the statuses of partners will be carried on in it. With regard to the statutory board format, this will not be even a remote slight possibility in regard of running the day to day affairs of this partnership business as that there shall be a partnership board that shall be elected by the said partners of the particular arm to run the day to day affairs of the partnership.

    Such organizational changes will also take place in the context of the entire rerationalization and reorganization of the mass transit public transportation sector in Barbados and the creation of a stage based fare system in this land.


  18. From David Greenwood International Transport Consultant.
    There is nothing wrong with the Transport Board that could not be cured quickly by effective, professional management. In 1999 I produced a Business Plan for the Board. Had it been implemented today’s problems would not exist.

  19. stupse, we all know what needs to be done, we just skirting around the issues, every day, every month, every year, every election. We as Barbadians need to show both the DLP and BLP that they have been doing SHITE for years and are the reason why we are in this position today. The refusal of both parties to bring effective laws,and enforcement, is the main reason why greedy politicians, and the ticks that accompany them can get away with all the ‘tiefing’. We need a new governance structure, and or a new party, along with new laws. We supposed to be an independent nation? Why the hell cant we think for ourselves, when these distasteful politicians are done wrecking the country, they can fly out to Miami or where ever. Im not saying that all are the same, but the overwhelming majority, and on both sides of the house.

  20. Funny how nobody has mentioned UCAL as part of the TB problems. That is a real can of worms.

  21. @ David
    I am not sure what you are seeing.

    Could it be then be a visonary parrallax invading my computer original, or has the country got more Questions than Answer….hence the invasion of ????????????????????????????????? all ova my piece…

    LOL could remove them…I dont see them on my

  22. Hope you guys see that…Onions computer ###@under attack by spies///////\\8833## futr…utr….pis;;;;;;\\4@#$%%9

  23. onions,

    Look how the Stinkliar exposed himself! Caswell never called a figure last Monday about how many persons were to be sent home………….he said that he heard that there was a meeting out of which recommendations were made which the minister had to sign off…….Caswell never gave a number. Out came the buffoon yesterday and exposed himself.

    I hope has a hole to hide in when all the things he said will not happen, happens! Time will tell!

  24. It is a given that political parties reward their supporters with jobs when they are victorious. I have no problem with this if the persons are qualified and suited for the positions they are put into.

    This GM of the TB is a clear case of a square peg in a round hole. Not only is she incompetent, she is out of her depth and she must know that. Has she no conscience drawing a salary knowing that she is not doing her job? But that is what Dems are like. She wears her Dem tee shirts to work without shame!

  25. Hey Check-it
    No messing here breds……someone messin wid my piece….recently too I barley3\–+-\\ get–88ttinin……David what @@@@@2222222222is hap\ening…..call Wor444d preeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss

  26. @ Prodigal Son | May 30, 2013 at 1:24 PM |

    Prodigal Son, you have to bring me up to speed on what the lying idiot Stinkliar is now up to.
    Has he made public the number of people he must send home?

    It’s just about 100 days since making an unbreakable pledge to the gullible voters of Bim that the DLP administration headed by the deceitful lying fumbler will never under any circumstances engage in any programme of layoffs or privatization of any functions under his administration’s control.

    Those ads about the DLP being totally against laying off public sector workers (unlike the BLP which would have sent home 10,000) or the privatization of any functions (remember the Transport Board ad with the old lady politically used and abused and soon to be refused) must be thrown back in the face of that dangerous lying deceitful party.

    The Opposition must stop giving this lying administration an easy time.
    MAM must put aside her personal association with both Stinkliar and Fumble and expose these lying bastards for what they are.
    Five more years is too long a period to allow this arrogant incompetent lying deceitful administration to continue to destroy this country that our fore parents work so unthankfully hard to build up to make it a place worth living in.

    Don’t be surprised if the PM recedes further into the background because he cannot appear to contradict the MoF who appears to be running the government.
    The hypocrite Fumble selfishly got want he wanted and the devil can now take the hindmost as far as saving the country from further economic meltdown

    “Where there is no vision the people perish”. And suffer will poor Bajans do in the coming months.
    All we got is sea water and sand. The day those tourists don’t come to Bim, crapaud eat sea crab shite and Baje begin to starve.
    The miller’s apologies to Hollis U.L Liverpool aka Mighty Chalkdust.

  27. miller,

    Last week Caswell revealed on Brasstacks that a decision was made in a meeting held on the previous Friday to lay off workers. In the 12.30 VOB newscast, the President and the General Secretary strongly denied the charge. The minister also denied the charge from St Lucia where he was attending a CDB meeting.

    Yesterday he addressed the Chamber’s monthly luncheon. He basically dissed the private sector. He told them:
    “Let me make it clear, this government is not fighting an election over again until the time is right, those suffering from post election stress syndrome..my advice to you -get over it and move on. For the record where I sit and from what I know there will be no IMF programme in Barbados.. not now, not June, not this year and if we have to act as we are supposed to act, not in the foreseeable future and there will absolutely no devaluation of the Barbados dollar”

    He also told the business men that they had better be prepared for the impact on their business any spending cuts and that it is as if the private sector is really an extension of government.

    Best one miller, he said that government would be taking action to consolidate agencies such as Kensington Oval, Invest Barbados, Urban and Rural Commissions among others.

    The minister is an idiot…….and whom does the government rely on for taxes? Not the same business men? It is a cycle…………government awards contracts, people are employed, people pay taxes and government gets revenue, jackass. He behaved yesterday like a bully and like if the contracts belong to him.

    We will wait and see!

  28. miller,

    Here’s a joke for you.

    In today’s Nation, an old lady is featured who had her electricity cut off. Guess what a Carson Cadogan came to her house during election along with Steve Blackett, asked her if she had any bills she wanted paid, took the old lady’s bill, did not pay it and now the lady whose utilities were never cut off before according to her son is without electricity. When the son contacted the Carson Cadogan, he told him the grant run out. Steve Blackett’s secretary told the son to pay the current charges.

    But we all knew and now we know for sure that Carson Cadogan is a real political pimp. He tricked the poor old lady! And the DLP is for the poor black man!

  29. David & Prodigal Son

    A temporary officer who had been employed for five years has just brought his dismissal letter from the Rural Development Commission to my door. I can’t believe that that foolish Minister would even suggest that I am a liar.


    I will send you a copy of the letter under separate cover and you can satisfy yourself who is the bold-faced liar.

  30. We will have to wait to see how the minister digs himself out of this dark hole he is digging. He has to know what is going on more than us, why is it that no one believes the dribble he is shovelling?

    Even his friend Peter Wickham said today that “we all know that something is happening”. We will wait for the shoe to drop!

    Caswell, you should post the letter on line (blocking out the personal details, of course) for everybody to see as the minister called you a liar twice ….in St Lucia and yesterday! Show him up for the liar he is. We have never in the history of Barbados had a minister of finance whose words could not be trusted and in whom no one had any confidence. We hear the same story all the time……..Chris Sincklar is a liar. We cannot trust him nor the governor of the Central Bank.

    This is not good for our country!

  31. Would somebody please save Barbados from these incompetent Dems.
    When you have a combination of ignorami made up of Deelilse’Bluffer’ Worrell,Chris ‘DeeLiar’ Sinckler,Jepter ‘Physical Deeficit’Ince and D’arcy ‘DeeQuisling’Boyce,I say we need the fervent prayers of John Walter Dunlop DeeArchee,Frank Bert DeeDean and Harold Edmund DeeEmeritus to deliver us from these evil,lying Dems,none of whom knows what good governance means to a country.Amen.Dunlop,Bert and Edmund should forego the hope of a night in sin andrew and speak out like good christian men as Thomas Becket did.

  32. @David Greenwood | May 30, 2013 at 12:40 AM

    The Greenwood report is still mentioned till this day at the Transport Board, I understand that nothing in it was really used. The managers etc had too much political connections for them to go. I also heard that a certain Operations Manager wanted to put some licks in you for telling the truth. (Sadly he is still there)

  33. @David
    It’s the same question I have for Bank mortgage lenders who have their own list of valuers who give a valuation on a finished property which the mortgagee pays for but a copy of which valuation is never and will not be given when requested,to the property owner.

  34. The transport Board will continue to lose money because of people like the General Manager who is Treasurwr of the Democratic Labour Party allows the Democratic Labour Party to take up the buses and use them as they like. Remember the ad in the elections with the bus? Can anyone say how much was paid to use the bus? Also the DLP meeting in West Terrace where buses where sent to each DLP campaign office to collect people to transport to West Terrace?

  35. I remember Ronald Jones saying in Parliament that ‘in order for the Transport Board to make a profit, bus fares would have to be around $5 to $7 dollars. But the loving and caring government of the DLP will not impose that fare on Barbadians.’

    And as I remember when the BLP was in government, the Transport minister Anthony Wood wanted to increase bus fares but former PM Aurthur did not allow it.

    If busfares are increased it will really affect the poor and middle of this country. I would get downsize some of those in management that drawing big bucks because its really the payment of salaries and benefits that are running up the cost of the TB.

  36. @David | May 31, 2013 at 12:51 AM

    One just has to ask, where can the public see this report? It was paid for with taxpayer money right?
    I believe it was done in the late nineties subject to correction. It is sitting somewhere in the ministry of transport maybe (I would think) I don’t think that any gov’t is really serious about making certain areas in Barbados function correctly.


    Bruddah-Bim@ Welcome to BU.
    All the headings is all part of the same PIE.
    Fraud and if this Forde,, is like any of the others, then she is no dam good. I have not met a Forde as yet that is not in some she-it. If she is the same Blood line as Sir Crook Henry Forde , You then will know why things are they way they are.
    Do a name tree of who in office and in head government departments and you will see a clear picture.
    Forde land tax
    Name them and then see them ,,,,

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