Insurance Companies Lickin Cork…

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Sagicor based in Barbados

Sagicor based in Barbados

What’s with these insurance companies in Barbados making such exorbitant profits? Sagicor and Insurance Corporation of Barbados are the latest to inform of their killings, reaping hefty profits from suffering Bajans.

Sagicor also informed that some of their investments in Europe had bottomed out and to be discontinued and put up for sale. Bajan markets like they still are good grazing grounds when you looking for the green. Why if I recall right sometime back, big able Cable and Wireless was reporting their setup down here was out-performing others all over the world. Why was this? Anything to do with the costing and marking up when it comes to Bajan customers, that these companies are “lickin cork” from our distress? Like we Luv-a-bull or like true Bajan Syrup. Fa real though, how come these companies do so well in our backdoor? Why can’t  they now  have a lil feeling for us down here seeing we totterin….Help a fella nah ! Help out now we need it.

We were never ones for complaining in days of plenty.

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  1. On returning to this BU blog site some weeks ago, after having taken some time away from it, we had said that we had deepened and broadened our understanding over many fundamental matters. For instance, it must be said that we were able to evolve 12 fundamental principles concerning money and its uses in Barbados, and we were able to produce 6 fundamental reasons why money is NOT a medium of exchange.

    There is also another fundamental matter that was revealed to us, and which we find appropriate to deal with now, since the subject of it has been referred to in the above thread. This subject touches and concerns some thing that many millions of people have been calling PROFIT.

    You see many millions of people across the world have over the centuries been paying dearly with their incomes, payments, transfers, properties and even with their lives and other things, on account of their following blindly and without the necessary critical thought applied to them, many false, fictitious and fraudulent ideologies, philosophies and psychologies that have been popularized, invented, or built upon at given times by a few hundred people, esp social studies philosophers and theorists.

    PROFIT(LOSS) is one such ideology, philosophy and psychology that such multitudes of people have been programmed into metriciously believing in it, consequent upon it having been indoctrinated into the minds of these millions upon millions of peoples by many of those same philosophers and theorists, and to mention it too by many of the relevant lecturers and teachers in the various so-called educational settings across the world.

    And using many technological technical aids and devices and programs, such relevant chatterboxes wordslingers have over the times so far been able to realize it replicated and reinforced throughout multifarious social spheres and innumerable places across the globe whenever, such that it has become at the centre of the intellectual academic discipline of economics and at the centre of this ideological political system of capitalism of this world.

    Anyhow the truth had to come to light!!! IT MUST BE STATED THAT PROFIT (LOSS) IS AN ILLUSION AND HAS BEEN FOR CENTURIES. Profit is one of those same false, fictitious and fraudulent ideologies, philosophies and psychologies that have led to millions upon millions of people worldwide paying dearly in many ways and through various means for simply misbelieving in it.

    And we are not writing here in this way about the same PROFIT that has been fictionalized fantasized by Marx, Engels and the relevant others as being the result of capitalists having been able – through ideological industrial financial means – to oligarchically politically exploit the masses and middle classes!! We are here writing about the acceptance by millions upon millions of the false beliefs of a few others and their being in the mental states of being reckless as to whether they are true or false, or whether they are helping produce good or bad effects upon them!!

    We, too, used to believe that PROFIT (LOSS) really existed and that it has really been existing in commercial business spheres across the world, until quite recently. In many of our previous publications we wrote about it. In many of our previous discussions with others we wrote and argued about it.


    So, rather than being in harmony with higher consciousness and entering into certain cosmic energy fields, and too painstakingly doing the critical researches, the indepth analyses, and the logical synthesizing related to the false, unrational and improper bases upon which PROFIT has been mythologized and melodramatized, and thus thereafter these pursuits denying its existence and stating the reasons why, multitudes of self-styled capitalists, socialists, communists, imperialists and Pan-Africanists and to mention social and business studies academics and practitioners too, continue to propagate and promulgate this false fraudulent fictitious notion of PROFIT. To be continued……..


  2. Case in point…
    When Cable and Wireless ruled the roose….starting way back in the 1950’s ..there was not a fella to stop the reapin of hefty profits on telephone users in BIM. I recall $20 was the monthly charge and Bajans were lining up like Dorthy.. just to chat about Doug n Julie and Days of Our Lives….a real monopoly…Hundreds of Millions…Billions even were being repatriated to the motherland…I also recall the Giles Strike …it went on for months…when workers ask for a lil mo money….real capitalist to the bone..
    From all understanding there were minimum operational cost….talking on a land line…..hefty revenues to be had

    Nowadays…C&W now LIME….meet Digicel… 60 years of monopoly rule dun….them REAL VEXX DEN…don’t want to fix your phone…firing people left n right…So what about the days when tings were sweet…dont they count? Like it is all Take….


    Nothing New but about time this was posted. On the Home front its back to the Lawyers as We see it , Jeniffer King, What can we say , Nothing good as she will make up cases on paper, go to a mock court with out letting you know,Then give you a phone call and tell you that you lost , Same as Ralph Thorne QC, King also make sure you loose the case so her and others may live off the land.
    Hanson Plantation is where the Rastas are We also have the deed for that ,But they have been there from 1983 , as other look to claim it SAGICO, ? Ask them for a deed, As they move land tax number to their name with Mr Ford at Land tax. Beatrice Henry was still alive then till Dec13-1985, When you look you will see wide open lands with companies moving land tax numbers to their names now looking to harvest the Fraud.Easy money for all , Remember where ever you find a crook lawyer in a company you will find more with them, Take a look at the 22?? or so lawyer Ministers , Land and deeds is where you will find them .

  4. I think this is relevant, does anyone know how the fair trading thingy works? does one have to complain to them first for them to do something or do they actively work to produce better conditions for the customer. eg. when digi cell change there internet rate up by about 20% with out saying nutting, no one did anything and it remains so to this date.

    Or how come courts can take a bill to them in put on intris of %400 percent then send you court for it. for substandard shit at that.

    or how all companies buy things in packages for one price, brake down the package and then charge you extra for what they get free, EG. buying a whole cell phone then taking it out the box and selling you the charger and head phones separate.

    Note to PDC these are the kinda fights you need to take up NOW if you wanna get teck serious and now is the time cause the people dun wid DLP/BLP. and it may sound stupid but if wanna get see doing these things now wanna could win bout 3 seats next round.

    • @readydone

      The FTC is suppose to champion what is just both both sides; the legislation equips it to do so.

  5. @ Ready Done

    Man why you out to provoke PDC man so early this morning?….No taxes…now nothing called profits….why he went to a different school from the resta we….

  6. The factology being that money is NOT a unit of account ( goods and services do not carry any money costs – inherent or otherwise – the nature of money’s circulation leaves it for data and information about such to be the source of accounting in businesses and families and other social institutions (not money)) helps make irrefutably strong the argument that nominal remunerations/revenues/costs/expenditures/debts/debits/credits are only a reflection of the extent of potential possible use of money by whomsoever, for whatsoever purposes in the commercial business social world.

    Sad to say though, it is these false premises ( eg Money is a unit of account) that those same very philosophers, theorists, economists, accountists have over the years been using to help perpetrate this false, fictitious, fraudulent ideology, philosophy and psychology of PROFIT (LOSS) – which just like remunerations, revenues, costs, expenditures, debts, debits, credits – is NOT money.

    However because of the lack of space and time we will only write, for now, another fundamental part of our thesis: why PROFIT is an illusion, and there are 4 reasons why:

    1) However one uses money in relationship to income, revenues, ncosts, expenditures, etc and vice-a-versa, these money denominations were already in existence. Therefore, NO PROFIT or LOSS was (sic) made or could ever have been (sic) made during whatever commercial business transactions;

    2) There is NO correlationship between, say, a twenty dollar bill that was used by a person to ultimately get use of, say, a textbook from another person, and the money 2 twenty dollar bills or 1 ten dollar bill that the person who had had the textbook but later used it to get the same 2 twenty dollar bills or 1 ten dollar bill from another who ended up with the text book. So there is no PROFIT OR LOSS involved as some persons may erroneously wrongly think!! Anything very logical mathematical that suggests otherwise is dysfunctional dangerous truth reasoning mathematics!!

    3) There was no measurement of this mythical PROFIT at all – just false fictitious fraudulent calculations juxtapositions based on a person’s corporate’s use of money to ultimately get ownership or possession/use of some commodities services to serve whatsoever purposes, or the use of commodities or services to ultimately get use of money from the respective others who wish use of money.

    4) There is no objective standard in place in any known place in the world that supports the notion of PROFIT/LOSS – like a properly functioning scale measuring the weight of potatoes. Moreover, income must always for a long time past, present, future compare or contrast with income, and expenditure must also in a similar manner compare or contrast with expenditure on a similarly mentally intellectually structured basis – per day, per week, per month, per year, etc. – not by expenditure being taken from income, etc.

    Anyhow, we will conclude by saying that this crazy notion of PROFIT/LOSS has been established, esp unintentionally unwittingly by many peoples across many parts of this world to get, to influence many other people, and themselves included, into pursuing these illusory non-existent profits via the carrying out of business and commerce in their respective societies, and to therefrom contribute to the social cultural development or dedevelopment of their own and other societies and in very direct and indirect ways.

    What is very ironic about this though, is that, it is money that these people greatly use, along with the other commodities and resources they greatly use too in the commercial business arena, to help bring about such social developments or dedevelopments – the former of which is primarily a result of the proper uses of money by esp the productive sectors of people of those societies and in spite of the latter at some times – and the latter of which is primarily a result of the limitations of the use of money by esp governments and financial institutions, which inevitably through the use of those very backward financial and monetary policies ( interest rate policies, the putting into the relevant financial institutions equivalent amounts of money to what they would have got originally, or have been able to access originally spasmodically for others doing things for them from these institutions) see greater and greater amounts of monies being taken out of circulation (Barbados, many countries of Europe).


  7. GO TO YOUTUBE ,, LOOK UP MONEY MASTERS AND SEE FOR SELF , MAYBE THE COMMENTS WILL GET BETTER .To see all things clear we must go to root title , Plantation no different ,

  8. Old Onions, you killing me………the only insurance Bajans need is to go back to hiding their few dollars by whatever means necessary so they can pick it up when they need it, instead of giving the insurance companies and banks free rein over their financially future and when there is economic distress world wide the large countries freeze, swoop in and scoop up to aid in economic recovery……………the people paying in all this insurance premium money every month for money they will never get back have the power to crash these greedy and utterly dishonest monopolies.

  9. Ready Done,

    Thanks for your inspiration and motivation.

    Maybe if you come on board in time for the next election it would of help to you, to us and the broad masses and middle classes and the country tremendously soon from now in so many ways..

    You know, perhaps we can arrange a meeting with you in a couple weeks from now.

    Stay tuned.


  10. the new world order is upon us .if mohammed can.t go to the mountain the moutain gonna come to moutain…with one exception there is a wolf sitting on top of that mountain.

  11. And what about this “thing” called golbalisation … suppose to help the third world countries now what we have are the third and fourth generations of the greedy and selfish whoremongers in continuing what their parents left off by robbing the gullible poor………..Globalisation in every home across the contintent the rich get richer and the poor …well who cares

  12. PDC –is too esoteric
    maybe slightly mad
    Sure case of delusion
    probably believes that life is a dream, a matrix or exists in the mind but is not real
    Does God exist ?
    what existed before God
    If there was a beginning , will there be end
    If yuh have paper ; you must have a pen
    If yuh have a rooster/yuh must have a hen

  13. Words of Stinkliar! He is borrowing one BILLION dollars before Barbados grinds to a halt. Superior management of the foreign reserves by this government has saved Barbados.

    Jackass Kellman ranting right now. Tell them Mia, we will not support this excessive borrowing unless the government comes clean. Tell them Mia, 1991, all over again!

  14. The two personalities behind the pseudonyms, Yagga Rowe and St. George’s Dragon, would have to be the stupidest, most duncy of dolts and the foolishest, most dim-witted of intellectual vagrants that could ever possibly be found confusing, creating mischief and devaluing an otherwise essentially progressive blogsite like BU, with the miasmatic foolishness they individually sought to respond to our posts with .

    And not only such but also they would have to be most virulent most demented and raving mad of persons to have ever contributed to this blogsite in the entire history of our posting and blogging on this website.

    So, rather than deal with the very substantial cosmological ontological issues and matters that we would have put forward in our contribution – and which point to current and historical social and developmental problems affecting all people in Barbados – including they themselves – they preferred to expose the worst typology of ignorance and atrophying of the brain that are only known to imbeciles and morons in the context of one of the most serious and progressive discourses that the PDC has ever attempted on this blogsite.

    In other cases we would not have been minded to respond to such inconsequential characters, but as we write this piece in response to this pair of incorrigble deceits, our country stands to loose more and more intellectually politically developmentally, when idiots like these seek to and do ape the reckless childish behaviour of those who they intellectually politically support in Barbados, and at such a time when the country remains faced with stark total decay and ruin in many of its social political material and financial affairs, the same persons that they are aping seek to down play obfuscate the otherwise sustainable properly thought out well rendered intellectual social political efforts of more solid and serious individuals in Barbados and to the worsening peril of the broad masses and middle classes of the country.

    Surely these two people’s ploys will fail on this blog site as well as those of the people that they are following in Barbados, eventually.

    What is also very reproachable about those two little typists is that it can be seen that none of the two of them have been among those few people over the years in Barbados that have been promoting the right type of root and branch ideological political material and financial change for this country and for the better, and now that the time has come for Barbadians to have a better more precise understanding of the underlying subterranean ideological political material and financial bases and compositions of many of this country’s problems, they – these two numbskills – are ostensibly failing to seize the moment and to easily connect the dots as any serious student schooled in post-modernist principles would so do.

    What a flagrant wasting of the opportunities for greater education and enlightenment that the Right Excellent Errol Barrow and so many others did so much years ago to provide for the underprivileged and the marginalized in this country then on the assumption that when many of them reached the stage of grown ups like those two jack o lanterns they would have proven that they would have made the most of them and as Marx was reported to have said not just to interpret history but to change it.

    But what a most shocking and terrible waste of time too!!!


  15. Prodigal……………….uh, who is going to lend Sinckler that one billion, i hope he explained to them, if that is not one of his fantasies, that he will be singularly and directly responsible for it’s repayment, not the taxpayers on the island.

  16. Well PDC one thing you missing is the fact that no one cares, or will care until the shit hits the fan, Money represents time. or a better explanation would be labor-hours, in that if i work for a week doing labor work and get $300 and pay $300 for a shirt, i believe it would of take me a week to make that shirt my self from scratch,(witch isn’t the case btw, it would take 2+ weeks to pick and process the cotton) this is not Cambodia and you cant make people live how you want and even though the truth is out there the masses just don’t care, social transformation is the way forward.

    How would you replace money? its been around a long time you know, civilization is based on it.

  17. Well you know i does hit google before i talk, i check the ftc site but all i see is them deal wid telecommunications, dont seem like that make a very big impact on what is going on in my empty pocket.

  18. Prodigal…………….i heard the 1 billion dollar talk will have something to do with bonds, but i don’t know exactly how that works, maybe someone who is skilled in that field can explain…………

  19. Ok so i want a 400x digital microscope to look at the bacteria in my soil and aerated compost teas, but they are only sold overseas/through the internet, i don’t have a credit card (hate banks) now i went scotia ask if i could get a debit card and was told ok. I can have a card with a limit of min $2000 but i have to put said amount on the account as a “in case i don’t pay” i said no problem, pull out the money, the teller said, nope, i also have to got 2 sureties, WTF!!. I don’t think this is right i think its a big hindrance to the people of Barbados. Am i being unreasonable? and these banks is charge ya for everything, sooooo that being said, you think that the FTC would deal wid something from that point.

    I mean its the bank and them could do what they like with there own business, but from a ethical stand point that is stupid backwards covetious thinking. But would/could the FTC do something about that?

  20. Most people will have to start easing themselves out of the system, banking included, it is getting claustrophobic, which will lead to more stress, which will lead to high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks and deaths…………not worth the stress.


    Admonitions of Maát

    (Concepts for Living in Balance)

    I have not committed sin

    I have not committed robbery with violence

    I have not stolen

    I have not slain men and women

    I have not stolen food

    I have not swindled offerings

    I have not stolen from God

    I have not told lies

    I have not carried away food

    I have not cursed

    I have not closed my ears to truth

    I have not committed adultery

    I have not made anyone cry

    I have not felt sorrow without reason

    I have not assaulted anyone

    I am not deceitful

    I have not stolen anyone’s land

    I have not been an eavesdropper

    I have not falsely accused anyone

    I have not been angry without reason

    I have not seduced anyone’s wife

    I have not polluted myself

    I have not terrorized anyone

    I have not disobeyed the law

    I have not been excessively angry

    I have not cursed God

    I have not behaved with violence

    I have not caused disruption of peace

    I have not acted hastily or without thought

    I have not overstepped my boundaries of concern

    I have not exaggerated my words when speaking

    I have not worked evil

    I have not used evil thoughts, words or deeds

    I have not polluted the water

    I have not spoken angrily or arrogantly

    I have not cursed anyone in thought, word or deed

    I have not placed myself on a pedestal

    I have not stolen that which belongs to God

    I have not stolen from or disrespected the deceased

    I have not taken food from a child

    I have not acted with insolence

    I have not destroyed property belonging to God

  22. I have a few questions.
    1., why is there Third Party Insurance on vehicles
    2. Why is it that after a vehicle is 10yrs or older third party insurance is your only option,
    3. Why is the value of your vehicle dropped by $5000. but your insurance decreases by only $50.
    4. What other countries use this third party insurance policy


    If you all VIEW ,,, money masters ,,on youtube it will help most to see where so call money comes from , its about 3 hours long , but a short time in the your life we running in the dark.
    After viewing ” Money Masters” on youtube we will see who adjust there comments ,or views ,, Please it will take you from then to now
    I hope DAVID find time to view.

  24. All that economic turmoil that is happening right now is part of a plan for the new world order dismantiling the old and bring in a new form in the disguise of World globalisation in effect which makes it easierfor the rich to get richer……….the only way out would be for the majority who are being trampled upon is to become united and ignite a world wide revoultion cause in their effort to reach the top the bar is constanly raised higher with no end in sight.

  25. I have to agree with the leader of the opposition’s, Mottley, comments in today’s, as some of us have been saying since the boasting and bragging after the buy election, both parties need to sit together and put all their plans on paper together, come up with the most viable and original ideas that can move the country forward, clearly the DLP are unable for one reason or another to do it alone, they are way out of their depth; instead of Sinckler calling for the opposition to put their ideas on paper and hand it over to him so he in his childish manner can take the credit, why not put all your heads together and develop one paper that would move the country forward……………they still don’t get it, the majority, which are their own people are the ones who will suffer the most, why is it so hard for them to understand??, this is elementary deductions.

  26. In addition, i am glad to see the DLP belatedly, but finally admitting that the country is in dire financial straits and they are unable to come up with the final solution by themselves…………….

  27. I need to explain further, showing us that they need all the help they can get from everyone including the opposition to get things moving again on the island will present the DLP in a more favorably light and show us the maturity that is seriously lacking in both parties. Only a mature individual can reach out to the opposition for the good of the country.

  28. This false, fictitious, fraudulent ideology, philosophy and psychology of PROFIT has been – to a great extent – used by many of those within the core combinations and ideological biases of those so-called western industrialized countries to project onto the sensibilities of as many of the other citizens of their own countries and of as many of those citizens of other countries as possible, their own false senses of social political cultural material and financial superiorities over the corresponding provinces of those people of other classes within and without these western industrialized countries.

    So false fictional ideas of these huge multinational corporations (IBM, GM, Exxon Mobil, BP, Coke, Mac Donald’s, Apple, AT and T, C and W, Nestle and other Wall Street London based multinational enterprises ) making these enormous amounts of profits that are bigger than the so-called GDPs of some so-called less developing countries are of the type of socio-cultural psychological branding that is exported from these so-called western countries to most of countries of this world, as a means of attracting greater and greater attention of people, people based skills, assets, to them from various parts of this world and in turn as a means of justifying supporting their imperialist tendencies .

    By the PDC properly refusing any longer to buy into that type of Hollywood type representational branding, we have been able to find that these corporations have been making the greatest use possible of money – in this sense NOT this mythical notion of PROFIT – and other commodities, resources and other psychologies in their own and other spaces, and with some of them having been even thinking about greater space exploration.

    We have been able to find too that they have been creating whole enterprises development out of “risk taking” in the pursuit of the greatest use of money possible – in this sense NOT this mythical notion of PROFIT.

    Indeed, there has to be substantial paradigmatic change across much of Barbados at various levels socially, politically, materially, financially speaking, and in such ways that, under a future governing coalitional arrangement of which the PDC would be part of, partnership businesses would be given as much political financial wherewithal as possible then to see them making the greatest use of money possible and their being able too to take the greatest enterprise risks possible in using money other commodities, resources, assets, markets etc to help achieve their greatest potential.


  29. @ Well Well | May 15, 2013 at 8:53 AM |
    In addition, i am glad to see the DLP belatedly, but finally admitting that the country is in dire financial straits and they are unable to come up with the final solution by themselves..”

    Are you that sure the DLP and its MoF are doing what you are claiming they have done?
    Listening to the debate in Parliament yesterday that impression was not conveyed at all. What we got from the buffoon was a gorilla portion of arrogance, lies and veiled threats of serious restructuring needed because of the Opposition BLP’s failure to offer alternatives and proposals to cut expenditure.

    We can dismiss Kellman the clown but the serious idiot calling himself the MoF seems incapable of appreciating that the people re-elected the DLP to “GOVERN” and not to moan. The ideas and techniques to govern to pull this country out of its current situation were clearly outlined in the DLP’s manifesto which were swallowed by a ‘bought’ electorate and endorsed in the Throne speech.
    Stop finding excuses for this lying arrogant lot. When they genuinely and remorsefully confess and tell the truth we should then be prepared to assist and facilitate them on the journey geared at putting this country back to economic recovery and social stability.

    Despite the perilous situation this country faces this Parliament can still find time to abuse the luxury of going on long periods of recess. They have just returned on May 7th from an extended 6 week break just after general elections and the Estimates. But just only after 2 sittings these parasitic abusers of the electorate have the unmitigated gall to go on another extended 4 weeks break with serious legislation affecting the economic survival of the country being once again postponed and delayed.
    When is this parliament going to deal with the BL&P Amendment Bill to facilitate the advancement of the alternative energy movement? What about the Cultural Industries Bill?
    How about the concomitant pieces of legislation (FoI) needed to make Integrity Legislation a really effective pillar of our democracy?
    Or are we dealing with an unsafe weakly poised administration so afraid of its own shadow that any time ministers are expected to go overseas of their scheduled annual jaunts and big living excursions Parliament has to go in recess to accommodate their absence?

  30. Rather that cussing Yagga and Prodigal
    seek to tolerate and educate
    you would do with
    recalcitrant individuals
    what you would do to taxes and money
    you exposed your hand PDC
    when you show that level of intolerance
    and vitriol
    glad we could draw you out

  31. one of greatest myth of all time isThat if we all live within our means our chances for financial success is better. what does that mean ? and how can that be possible if the Underclass in society is only allowed a certain amount of financial freedom shaped and designed by a captalist system…

  32. Miller……….one can look into Sinckler’s face and see that he likes to strut around and poster………….if people start starving to death on the island, he will run, they can live in delusion and behind a facade all they want, but it is very clear to see that they are clueless and need help, they really do need to start acting like responsible, mature adults and understand they have responsibilities to the taxpayers.


    WHEN THE SON OF God was Born they gave Him Gold
    When He was betray, Silver was used,
    The standard used today. After that came Money Masters.

  34. They were cluseless before the last BUY election
    This Government committed a Big Sin when they stole/bought out the last BUY election
    They did not think that they would win it but sought to steal it

    • BU remains very concern that our parliament is not meeting regularly to do the people’s business. Might this have to do with meeting quorum?

  35. Well Well | May 15, 2013 at 8:37 AM | I have to agree with the leader of the opposition’s, Mottley, comments in today’s, as some of us have been saying since the boasting and bragging after the buy election, both parties need to sit together and put all their plans on paper together, come up with the most viable and original ideas that can move the country forward, clearly the DLP are unable for one reason or another to do it alone, they are way out of their depth; instead of Sinckler calling for the opposition to put their ideas on paper and hand it over to him so he in his childish manner can take the credit, why not put all your heads together and develop one paper that would move the country forward……………they still don’t get it, the majority, which are their own people are the ones who will suffer the most, why is it so hard for them to understand??, this is elementary deductions.
    Do you ever believe that the DLP will rub heads with anybody ..incld. themselves on any mattter? How long have we been like town criers in the wind….since 2008…asking for that open parachute 2.5% VAT, as well as other commerce inhibitors (that the IMF has on us thru MTFS) retard commercial activities….be removed? Those allowances (travell entertn) were like extra money to pay the gardener, the cosmetoligist, barber,veggie hawker, coconut vendor..NOW ALL THAT STOPPED… better now be careful they don’t further increase it to 20% or even 30 % since taxes is all they can see as the way fwd….showing how outta sinc they are with proactive economic strategies….Kellman as the sayin is better to keep ones mouth close and let people think you are an..i

    The latest big laugh…..on sick leave….now that shows up spurious arrogants to the….how can a county go forward with these kinda attacks from men who should kno better? ….

  36. @ David
    Excld. Kellman and the latest Dr.Dolittle…”it is better to keep ones mouth close and let people think you an “.. Why if B’Town is burning , will the arsonist be eager to say….here see I supplied the matches n kerosene or hide n try and catch the first bus to Connell Town?

  37. Old Onions……………….i bet you Sinckler and Mottley being the good pals that they are, rub heads pretty often when they are trading war stories, as do all the other politicians who are friends and whatever buddies, why is it so hard for them to be seen by taxpayers asrubbing heads when doing the people’s business and in the best interest of the country?……………they are all friends in private, but continue to put up a front (facade) to the taxpayers of being enemies just to retain seats and garner (buy) votes………..They have reached a point where that slick little trick will not work anymore.

  38. I would rather invest in govt bonds than get nothing from the bank or credit union on my return on investment. Cant wait for the next issue of bonds.


    David | May 16, 2013 at 4:33 AM |

    BU remains very concern that our parliament is not meeting regularly to do the people’s business. Might this have to do with meeting quorum?@
    Stop and think for a sec, Until they deal with the Land of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles ,, All they do will be for nothing.

    To Build further on the Land Fraud , all things deal with land . COW near done , more will fall.
    All them in the House ;looking at the land issue looking for a way out with 22 lawyer none dont want to deal with the truth,
    So they all look and know each other knows about this and no one wants to let go of whats not theirs,
    Well Well @ Mia and Sindkler 2 good crooks and the PM and AG right there stuck , looking to build on fraud lololol , the World is reading and watching.

    Its All about the land , to much long talk , They need to be in Jail . All this talk is talking around the Land Land Land which is Barbados Problem with the crook ministers.
    They all packing their bags to go to Hell.

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